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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  December 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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led parishes on roosevelt island and more recently in the throgs neck section of the bronx. marcus solis in throgs neck with our lead story. >> he is still the pastor. the lawsuit was filed yesterday but it comes after months and months of frustration by parishioners who say their pastor is stealing from them and that the archdiocese has turned a blind eye. >> every worst thought that we thought came to light. it was sad. >> these are only a handful of disgruntled parishioners but there are many more. yesterday a lawsuit was filed against father peter mcquellly and the archdiocese of new york. the allegations a wrongdoing are shocking, chief among them over a million dollars skimmed from church coffers over the years. >> it would be envelopes without the money in there and, you know, with amounts written on there. it's just things -- people who did work and seeing money lying around on the floor in his room. there was a lot of things that just didn't add up.
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pastor since 2012 and to say parishioners don't like him is an understatement. there's an online petition calling for his ouster and a website with a long list overgreens. >> he's supposed to be the leader of this parish, he's supposed to be the shepherd. how can you do that. how can you put somebody here that has these terrible accusations. >> the lawsuit goes even further, alleging mcquellly used church fund to buy this house in brick new jersey and that the money has fueled a lavish lifestyle for the 53- year-old priest and his alleged boyfriend. father mcquellly wasn't around today but the office manager at the rectory came to his defense. >> whatever they say is up to them, it's their choice to say whatever they choose to say. people who do not know facts can be ignorant. >> and the archdiocese says it has investigated many of these allegations and says if there's any wrongdoing they have found no proof of it. we'll have much more on that in another live report coming up at 5:30.
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eyewitness news. thanks a lot. weather. 60 degrees out there and it is exactly two weeks before christmas, and forget hot cocoa and sitting by the fire, it feels more like mid-october right now. >> oh, yeah. some people spent the day in the bronx botanical garden. look at that, you do not see that here in december. no need for hats, scarves, heavy coats, even a sweatshirt, even the ice skating rink at bryant park had some spots that were melting in all this warm weather. >> we have two reports, anthony johnson checks in with skiers and golfers. we're going to start with meteorologist lee goldberg who's outside our studios on the upper west side. he's wearing a suit. last time this year i think you were wearing something much worse. >> had the big rocky jacket on last year. not this year. i mean i got a little extra layer as we go into the evening hours. it's fantastic out here. i missed mid-october. it's nice to be reunited.
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international. pretty good moves. let's look at lower manhattan where we have clouds. the clouds are starting to thin out, a lot of people walking by saying it's going to rain. this is what happens. when the clouds come in it can little mild. we're going to go through that through the upcoming weekend. the high so far is 60. normal high is 45. these normals. last year it was 38 and we had a trace of snowfall. upper 50s across the five boroughs outside the city generally in the mid-50s. look at the weekend outlook, 64 forecasting a record to be broken even though we have cloud cover. here's the lowdown. you get 11 straight above normal days to start december. we're on pace for the warmest december, a third of the way through. 60s the next three days. record highs on sunday, and even after we get some rain on cooldown midweek.
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i'll have more on that in a moment. anthony johnson has been in hamburg new jersey where the effective mode of lift. itst a golf cart. anthony over to you. coming. i've got to tell you, i've been out here on the golf course. i've seen some guys out there playing in sorts today. it's been a beautiful day out here on the golf course, some of the last golfers are now starting to come in. hey guys how are you doing? how was it? i got to tell you lee, up the street just a few miles away from here at the ski courses they are still waiting for that snow to come but this is going to be absolutely a beautiful time to get outside, so folks make sure you do it because the weather is absolutely perfect. this nice weather so far this december has been good news on the golf course, places where you would normally have limited
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the temperatures are so mild golfers say this is glorious. and hamburg, warm weather is driving business during a time slowing down. now just up the street 4 miles away at mountain creek in vernon, the ski slopes are still green because the nearly 60-degree temperatures out here means no snow and snow making machines aren't going to help when things aren't so warm. they always love those winter seasons once we get around thanksgiving. this year they're staying optimistic once they had a late start to winter last year and ended up with a record number of skiers hitting the slopes. >> no panic at all, we're taking advantage of this weather as i'm sure everybody else is making sure we clean up and finish products. christmas week holiday week is starts. before that. >> saturday and sunday amongst the four golf courses we have about a thousand rounds, which is great. this time of year, the period to play is a little bit more
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really from 8:00 to 1:00 is where your tee times are. we're pretty much filled up. >> reporter: and the golf director out here in crystal springs says there's only a few more slots for this weekend. lee, i'm going to go get some putting green. we'll see you a little bit later. hey, lee don't be jealous. live out in crystal springs, hey we're going down the hill. anthony johnson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i'll be there in 18 hours, not that i'm counting. i cannot wait. it is going to weekend for that, we will tell you about a cold blast in our future finally on the weather map, even though it may not last too long. more on that. >> liz and i are going to finish out your foursome it's >> you can caddy liz. >> remember, you can get -- we'll get the accuweather
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just go to abc7ny or download our eyewitness news weather app. we are following a developing story and another powerful new york politician has been convicted of corruption. former state senate leader dean skelos and his son were found guilty in a bribery scheme that unraveled when investigators began recording their phone calls. the government says the elder skelos used his influence to strong arm businesses into doing business with his son. this is the second high ranking and high profile political conviction in the last two weeks. former assembly speaker sheldon silver was convicted offend bribery. governor cuomo said the conviction should be a wake-up call for the state legislature. we have new information following the collapse of the facade of a building that rained bricks on to the upper east side. it happened at 1st avenue between east 62nd and east 64th. the street there remains closed since monday. the building's department says it now hopes to have the street reopened by rush hour on monday morning. officials say the bricks on the
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have to be taken down one by one. >> the last thing we wanted was another sheet the size of that bear spot to be coming down. when you have brick in that kind of precarious position you have to proceed very deliberately. >> despite the concern, fortunately no one was hurt when the bricks fell from the high-rise building. we're following other developing stories right now. this one is on long island where suffolk county police are currently in gilgo beach right now where the first remains of a possible serial killer were suffolk county police vowed to take a fresh look at the cold case and said the fbi is being asked to take part. back on december 11th, 2010 the remains of 24-year-old melissa discovered. nine more victims were found in the days and months that followed. a judge denied bail to the former suffolk county police chief two days after police arrested james burke.
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handcuffed suspect and trying to cover it up. burke who resigned in october has been held in protective custody since wednesday. charges. one count of deprivation of civil rights and one count of conspiracy. 89 people including 15 people are homeless following a fast moving fire in the bronx. flames tore through an entire row of homes on valentine avenue in the tremont section just before midnight. residents watched as about 200 firefighters spent nearly three hours battling that fire. >> i'm all right. i'm lucky to be alive. >> just heard a bunch of breaking glass, people yelling. i looked out my back window, everything was red. i stepped out into the hallway, it was full of smoke and there of the stairs. he said you need to get out. >> three residents and six firefighters were hurt in the fire. all of them are expected to be okay.
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were damaged by the flames will likely have to be demolished. new york city mayor de blasio undergoing outpatient surgery for a hernia. de blasio has cleared his schedule until sunday. he developed a hernia recently, and we will keep you posted on the mayor's recovery. an fbi dive team is once again searching a lake in san bernardino county california for evidence in last week's mass shooting. divers are said to be looking for a computer hard drive that syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik may have dumped in the lake after the shooting. authorities believe the couple came to the lake soon after that shooting. meanwhile a wake and funeral are being held today for two of the 14 shooting victims. a dismal end to the trading week on wall street as stocks plummeted more than 250 points. energy and material stock prices slid amid growing concern about the strength of the global economy. in the meantime the
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between dow chemical and the dupont company negatively exacted both stocks. here's a live look at the big board. the dow closed moments ago down 309 points. ouch to close at 17265. >> still to come on eyewitness news first at four, santa con coming to town and the commissioner, the police commissioner has a very partly sunny message for all those revelers. >> plus a police officer on long island caught on camera punching and kicking a man during a traffic stop cleared of all charges. we'll tell you what happened when the verdict was read. >> and later a hospital slapped with a lawsuit by a mother who says her newborn baby was dropped by a nurse. >> and taking a live look outside it is warm enough for a
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time for a check of traffic on this get away friday. looking live at the long island expressway at 99th street. everybody trying to get someplace, busy on both sides there. a check of the delays at the hudson river crossings, not bad though. at the holland tunnel 10 minutes inbound, 15 minutes outbound. and at the lincoln tunnel that's worse. 40 minutes inbound, 10 minutes outbound and the great news is that there are no delays at this point at the george washington bridge. you can be naughty, but you have to be nice. those words today from police commissioner bill bratton ahead of this weekend's annual santa con event. the annual march of people dressed in santa outfits will kick off tomorrow with revelers traveling from bars in brooklyn to ones in downtown manhattan. police logged a total of two arrests and 85 summons for disorderly conduct, open alcohol containers and other offenses during santa con back in 2012 ask in 2013.
4:15 pm
year, and police are hoping for the same this year. >> we're in trying times throughout the world and to have to expend more resources on an event like this at times it's frustrating. we have an expectation that if you're going to participate this this event, if you're going to address up as santa claus you better behave or you'll end up in jail. >> some businesses in the east village have posted anti- santaconsigns and metro north. islamic and community leaders standing together against violent extremism. they gathered at the islamic center of passaic county in paterson. they emphasized the importance of dialogue between people with different backgrounds. >> we are all americans regardless of our religions, ethnicities colors. >> the group called for unity. the meeting ended with a prayer.
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massachusetts looking into whether operator error was boston. they say they have found several violations of safety past. the six-car train carrying about 50 passengers traveled about 6 miles through four stations without stopping and withouts an operator. the 9 minute ride ended when workers cut power to the train. officials say the operator had gotten out of a train at a station to deal with a signal issue when the train without him. i can't even imagine that happening but fortunately they got it to stop. >> thankfully so. the driver was slightly injured. good thing he's okay. well lee is outside, beautiful weather out there doesn't look like what lee looked like last year. >> hang on lee. take a look alt this. that's the lee we expect to see on this kind of a date here in december. you know, december 11th, lee. >> even my hair was frosty apparently. >> i was going to say that's
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>> the hair's blowing. you got the scarf working. he's got the full gloves, not the fingerless gloves. it was serious stuff there, liz. >> and now look. he's got like a honey glow. >> that's it. that's kind. 38 degrees, last year on this day. a trace of snow. this year it's not even a one- hit wonder of 60 degrees. yeah, you get your once or twice you hit 60 in december but five days in a row and we're just getting started. very mild out tonight. here's a look looking down to lower manhattan. a couple of thin spots in the clouds. one thing over the weekend. of course we're portraying a mild nice weekend. occasionally it is going to look a little gloomy, especially in the morning hours and the low clouds move in. the sun angle is very low. we're not counting on the sun this early to get these temperatures to the mid-60s. it's all these mild breezes coming in. 59 degrees right now. the high today is 60. when you put that in perspective, the normal is 44 over 33, so we're just nowhere near that. we're closer to these records
4:18 pm
60 in point pleasant, 59 in old bridge new jersey right now. upper 50s in the hudson valley, mid-50s on the island across the sound. partly to mostly cloudy. through the overnight slowly dropping temperatures in the 50s. a launching pad in the low 50s tomorrow, clouds mixing with sunshine during the day and probably more clouds, especially later in the day as well. notice we have this patch of cloudiness over us now and the clouds are thinning out as we approach sunset in a few minutes. it will be partly cloudy for a while this evening, and then more clouds will move in. it's kind of the nature of this warmup because a warm front's approaching is that we'll have just sorts of waves and mid and high level clouds. no rain from them. that front is going to slide through sunday morning, and this is definitely key in terms of our record warmth forecast on sunday effort we're not going to do it via a lot of sunshine. there will be a fair amount of clouds, especially early. even with all those clouds look at what's going on to the south and west. upper 60s, lower 70s.
4:19 pm
that record of 64 on sunday. call it a mild mix of sun and clouds tomorrow, maybe more sun on saturday than sunday. 66 on sunday, and by the way, there is a very slight threat of a morning shower north of i- 84 on sunday morning as that warm front tries to lift to our north. partly cloudy and mild, there's some fog late tonight. similar to what we had last night. 64 tomorrow, unseasonably warm with a mix of clouds and sun and tomorrow night mostly cloudy. look at that low temperature. that's actually 10 degrees above our normal daytime high. that's for your nighttime temperatures. all right, what we're working on for 4:30, the timing of the rain on monday. the whole day is by no means a washout. we'll give you the timing on that, and in about a week's time, we will talk about a cold blast. are we going to spend a couple days in the 30s. we'll tell you about in our accuweather forecast seven-day. dave and liz back to you. >> we're due for cold blast. not complaining. >> thanks lee. it has happened again, another
4:20 pm
something interesting happened when this one was toppled. we're going to explain. >> a major blow to fantasy sports websites. we're going to tell you what is changing for gamblers in new york. >> sandy says it is one of his favorite films of the entire year. his review of the big short is coming up next. >> before we go away, here is a message from a service member from our area who couldn't make it home for the holidays. >> hello, i'm c. wallace regional medical center in
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drinkers after a dangerous material discovered inside the product more than 1 million bottles of sweet leaf tea are being pulled off store shelves. the stanford connecticut based company says it has received reports of glass fragments in its drinks. there have been four cases so far. sweet leaf says no one has been injured. the recall affects six flavors of teas all in 16-ounce bottles. a river flooded ticketing websites for bruce springsteen's return to his home state of new jersey. tickets for springsteen's show sold out within minutes this morning. the river tour brings the band back to new jersey for the first time since 2012. fans who missed out can sign up to join an alert list in case more tickets just happened to become available. >> let me throw some big names at you, brad pitt, ryan gosling, marissa toe may. all part of an all star cast in the movie the big short. the film taking us inside the financial crisis during the 2000s.
4:24 pm
selling book, and there is a whole lot of buzz around this movie, so is it just hype. sandy kenyon is here now with his review. >> liz, david, no it is not, michael lewis the guy who wrote the big short never believed his non-fiction book could be made into a movie. adam mccay the guy behind anchor man and so many other comedies has figured out a way that is informative, entertaining and yes, very funny. >> it's a time bomb. >> the big short is a horror story without any blood, but there's no shortage of guts. >> do you have any idea what you're up against. >> a stellar cast is here to explain how the great recession was caused and there's plenty of blame to go around. >> the banks, the government, they're all asleep at the wheel. >> wall street and washington come under fire of course, but all sorts of americans participated in a housing
4:25 pm
>> not going to be able to refinance. >> on all your loans. >> what do you mean on all your loans? >> i have five houses and a condo. >> steve carell has proven he is equally good at comedy and drama. here he does a bit of both. >> and i am getting madder and madder. >> his character plus other traders played by brad pitt, ryan gosling and christian bale come to believe the economy is about to tank. >> mike berry who doesn't wear shoes knows more than the federal government. >> yes, he does. >> so they find a way to bet against what they realize is a phony prosperity built on a quick sand of lies and deception. their bet comes to be called the big short. american economy. >> what could have been a dry subject is instead thoroughly entertaining. this is the best movie about shenanigans on wall street since the movie wall street
4:26 pm
>> greed for lack of a better word is good. >> apparently it's never been better. >> some of the most complex financial principles in this film are explained by the likes of selena gomez and celebrity chef anthony boar dane. it's a bizarre touch, my list of the ten best movies of the year won't be out for another couple of weeks but i guarantee top five. >> wow. >> dave. >> can't wait to see this one. >> it sounds like a movie where i'll laugh and learn something in the process. >> and laugh to keep from crying. >> there were a lot of tears to be had with that. >> a local religious display becomes a target of vandals. next details on the menorah that was found knocked to the ground. >> plus a local police officer accused of assaulting a suspect is acquitted. we've got new reaction from the judge's decision.
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now new york's number one news channel 7 eyewitness news.
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long island who was caught on camera punching and kicking a man during a traffic stop is cleared of all charges. >> nassau county police officer vincent logiudice was accused of beating a man while trying to arrest him. supporters of that man kyle howell walked out of court with their hands up in protest after the verdict was read. eyewitness news reporter n. j. burkett in minneola now with more on today's verdict. >> reporter: and that's right, dave. the verdict here came as an absolute shock to the alleged victim, his family and many supporters in the community. the attorney for the officer said that that verdict was the case. that is exactly the verdict morning, not guilty. supporters of kyle howell his friends and family walked out of the courthouse with their hands raised in protest, furious over the verdict. they simply couldn't believe what they had just heard in that courtroom, but the officer vincent logiudice claimed all
4:30 pm
use of force because howell lunged for the glove compartment of his car moments of 2014. now the judge agreed with the officer and his supporters who claim that there was a reasonable fear that howell was reaching for a gun and that howell had resisted arrest. to be clear, no weapon was ever recovered. >> he's looking forward to continuing his career and doing what he does best, protecting people in nassau county. he was and is a great police officer. >> when you blame the victim in a situation where it is clear that there was a beating going on. there was force that didn't need to be used and you beat this man with a flashlight and then say the video tape doesn't show, well, they say it on the evening news go to the videotape. >> in the words of judge it can come as no surprise to mr. howell that his actions would be perceived as threatening to
4:31 pm
the officer waved his right to a jury trial again. the verdict this morning not guilty. we'll hear from the alleged victim's mother, and we'll have photos from the case. all of that coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00 tonight. for now we're live in minneola long island n. j. burkett. a bit of good news for new yorkers who use daily fantasy sports sites, draft kings and fanduel. late this afternoon an appeals court issued a stay of a judge's order that barred both companies from doing business in new york city. that means they can keep operating until there is another ruling. attorney general eric snyderman sued to block the companies from taking bets claiming the games are illegal because they're based on chance and not skill. a possible bias crime targeting a jewish symbol in brooklyn, a menorah was vandalized in bay ridge yesterday. it was knocked over and damaged and the happy hanukkah sign above it was stolen. shabad of bay ridge says the
4:32 pm
and it has been repaired. close call for two pilots at the westchester county airport. a small plane overran the runway at the airport in white plains this morning. investigators blame fog for the mishap. the pilot and co-pilot were the only ones on board. fortunately neither one hurt. the airport temporarily closed while the plane was towed. as he continues his campaign for president new jersey governor chris christie is facing tougher views. the governor's job approval has new poll. jersey's registered voters approve of the job that christie is doing while 62% disapprove. october. meanwhile voters in new jersey will decide whether money from the state's gas taxes should be dedicated to transportation state assembly speaker announced that a measure would constitutionally dedicate the tax revenue to those projects.
4:33 pm
christie and the democrat controlled legislature argue over how to shore up the state's transportation trust fund. an nypd detective killed in the line of duty received an honor today in queens. the street in front of the 105th precinct in queens village renamed in his memory, the memory of brian moore. 222nd street between 92nd and 93rd now called detective 1st grade brian moore way. moore's father spoke at today's ceremony. >> today is a very tough day for me because it just opens up old wounds, but the renaming of the street today shows how much appreciate brian. >> the 25-year-old made more than 150 arrests and earned service medals in less than five years on the job. he was shot and killed by a suspect in may. nightmare.
4:34 pm
all. and now we're going to tell you next. >> and it is something many of us do every day. park our cars. but now we're hearing many of us are doing it wrong. we're going to have a how to guide coming up. and dolphins are on monday night football.
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an nfl fan who drove seven hours to see his favorite team play say he and his friend were initially denied entry to the wearing turbines. they say security guards did not want to let them through the gate until they removed the head wear. >> three of my buddies did have turbines on. the security goes my religion,
4:38 pm
take them off. >> the man says they were eventually allowed in but a supervisor told them next time turbines would not be tolerated in the stands. the city of san diego says it is investigating the incident. a mother is suing a hospital in north carolina claiming a nurse dropped her newborn. jessica roman says she went to the neonatal intensive care unit to visit her premature baby and noticed bruising on her daughter's hip and head. when she asked a nurse what had happened, roman says the nurse admitted dropping the baby on the floor. that caused the bruises and a fractured skull. roman spoke to a doctor about the incident and claims that that doctor didn't care. >> his reaction was, you know, well, you know, parents drop their babies all the time. babies are very resilient. it would be fine. >> she did not get a phone call when this happened, and she only found out when she came to the hospital and noticed something was wrong.
4:39 pm
months old and roman wonders if julie will suffer from future health issues. now to an unusual hollywood divorce battle. singer actress mandy moore asking for spousal ryan adams for their pets. the couple have a total of eight cats and dogs, and she says she's struggling to support them. in addition to support for their pets, moore is also seeking traditional spousal support since filing for divorce almost a years ago. speaking of pets, we've got puppies. they represent a major cute aren't they? they just happen to be the vitro fertilization. this litter was produced by scientists from cornell institute. dogs, their complex reproductive systems have made it difficult to use ivf in canines until now. scientists use what they have learned to help preserve
4:40 pm
african painted dogs. >> cool. >> there's a reason behind it. >> i was wondering why it took so long, and now it makes sense. >> and next we'll explain how a school bus full of kids turned to a quick thinking band of crime stoppers. >> and actor shia labeouf wants to hear from you. we're going to tell you how you can get the actor on the phone. >> and let's give you another live look outside on this mild december day. >> wow. >> wow, all right, meteorologist lee goldberg back with the accuwea it's the holidays.
4:41 pm
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ec here is a different use for those hoverboards, a man in england proving he's actually a pretty smooth criminal. he's running a business on one, glides around the aisle until he picks up a crate of energy drinks. he glides right out. takes them out and then doesn't look back. police still searching for the guy. >> very calm, very nonchalant. >> hoverboards are now illegal on public roads and footpaths in england. a three person crew of the international space station safely returned back earth. the crew landed in kazakhstan after 141 days in space. astronauts from the u.s., russia and japan were on board.
4:44 pm
mates who remain at the space station. and nasa is giving us a cool look at the surface of pluto. the images snapped within 9500 miles of the dwarf planet were taken by the new horizon spacecraft over the summer. if you look closely you can see the intricate pattern of pits across pluto's heart-shaped region. the pits may have been formed through ice fracturing and some evaporation. meanwhile back down here on earth, a school bus full of kids and their bus driver turned into crime stoppers when they came upon a burglary in progress. when 7th grader elizabeth castle and her brother were dropped off at their bus stop after school the other day she noticed two crooks breaking into their house. she snapped a photo. there it is. the strange white van in her driveway and told her bus driver who then called police. >> i seen two guys, and i was nervous, and i i didn't want to get off the bus because i didn't know who they were.
4:45 pm
that the kids were safe and that nobody was going to get hurt. >> teamwork. minutes later police showed up and arrested the two burglary suspects. >> that is one sharp 7th grader, probably had a good talk from their parents on how to handle situations and this is how it paid off. fantastic. >> new inspiration for nancy drew and encyclopedia brown. >> exactly. >> good awareness. >> no question about it. >> hey, lee you okay out there? it's not too rough on you. usually when we sent you out there we hold you on with a scarf. the sun is down, though. >> i'm sorry? >> the sun is down. >> yeah, and like you said before i had this restaurant. you see more and more folks coming down the street with their overcoats. there's enough of a breeze that it's a little cool. by december standards super mild, have the light jacket on tonight. you're just fine. that's the rule you should follow throughout the upcoming weekend. let's take a look at lower
4:46 pm
another from pretty sunset at 4:28 today. nice mild evening. we're at 59. mostly cloudy sky and a southwest wind at 7. look at the five-day stretch and all the way through monday. five straight days in the 50s. we have not had that consecutive days in the 60s like that in december since 1998 when the first seven days of the month were in the 60s. we're going to do that if we can keep it in the 60s through monday. then you look at last year, and it was dropping into the 30s and mid-40s, a little snow in the mix, so a lot different. well, here's the planner as we go through the evening hours, a very pleasant, mild friday evening in the mid-50s with partly to mostly cloudy skies, and during the day tomorrow, it's just like today. of sunshine. we should hit a high of 60. maybe a gust up to 10 miles an hour. so you notice the futurecast and on saturday, what i think this is coming up a little bit short on probably is a little bit more cloud cover. we're in the 40s and low 50s. to time during the day.
4:47 pm
these numbers, 64 belmar, 64 morristown, 60 on the island. one thing about sunday, you know, we're not going to get the record high because of a lot of sunshine. there might even be a shower north of i-84 in the catskills into the early morning hours. we'll start out the day at 55 in new york city. that's why we're going to be able to get well into the 60s. our larging pad is so high. the cloud cover could be pretty extensive. look at the kickoff temperatures for titans, jets, 64 degrees. that's december football. here's your seven day accuweather forecast. 64 tomorrow, here's a sampling of afternoon temperatures on sunday. look at the 67 over newark. enough sun over central new jersey, and 70 wouldn't be out of the question. we have a fair amount of cloud cover around. monday it's windy. it is not a soaking rain in the morning. look at that futurecast how the rain is still waves off.
4:48 pm
steady rain is coming in in the early afternoon and evening. tuesday cooler but not 59. in about a week there should be a rainstorm on thursday into friday and behind that, look at friday night's low. we may struggle to get out of the 30s next weekend. right now the only blast we're getting is a southwest wind keeping us in the mid and upper 50s. enjoy your mild weekend. liz, david, i think we're trending up in terms of the temperature. >> thank you, lee. that's a great forecast for may. thanks a lot. let me tell you what's trending on this friday, and facebook is launching yet another version of itself, this one for companies. the new service basically a facebook at work option, and will be virtually identical to the individual version with feeds, likes, chat services, however, users can set up a distinct work profile. companies have to first set up the accounts for their workers and facebook will charge companies to participate. sadly liz, you cannot play
4:49 pm
work, not that you ever did. >> yeah, no, yeah. it was a joke, she hates the game. >> shia labeouf is at it again. this time he's doing a performance art piece that relies on your input. the actor along with two artists fielding calls in liverpool inside an office space. there he is right there. the project called hashtag touch my soul, really? you touch his soul will you. hey, all you've got to do is call him. the number's on the website. you don't want to talk to him you can read some of the touch soul conversations. he's waiting for you to call and you can until sunday night at 6 p.m. >> i don't know what to say to that. >> you'll find something i'm sure. the first trailer for x men apocalypse is out and jennifer lawrence is back. >> oh, god, he's in control of all of us. >> charles
4:50 pm
to fight. >> all of us can control our powers. >> then don't. this is war. >> oh, we are in trouble. >> come on. >> jennifer is pretty kick, you know what. >> she's fierce. >> i love her. jennifer lawrence, james mcilluvial returning. the film released next year. from fantasy to real life action adventure. check out this daredevil's bike ride on the roof of a town in the canary islands. yes right on the roof, right on the edge. it's from building to building, he has no fear, a little bit of a lunatic, but this is what he does for a living. his name is danny macaskill. >> doesn't that put a pit in your stomach watching that? >> yes, it does. >> you know what, god bless him. a guy in australia hates having to wrap gift, for the holidays. he barely likes the holidays to begin with.
4:51 pm
after a long trip this was the >> oh, my god. >> how long do you think it apartment? all of it. that beautiful red gift wrapping i think. >> that reminds me when we tinfoiled your entire desk and computer stuff for april fool's day a couple years ago. >> right up there with the great pranks liz and lee. right up there with the great ones. >> because we're so mature. >> yeah, we are. we can't help ourselves. send us your trend ideas using the hashtag the trend. >> lot of fun. >> a mysterious donor dubbed the queen crusader has a county in florida buzzing. someone dropped a total of five gold coins between two salvation army kettles. the 1947 mexican coins are worth an estimated $1400 each. each coin is wrapped inside a
4:52 pm
the county salvation army says will help cover a $20,000 shortfall. >> coming up next on eyewitness news looking for parking this season, going to have an expert's take on how to find the perfect spot. >> and a quick check right now of the delays. oh, we don't have them. sorry about that.
4:53 pm
we all know this time of year can be especially difficult to find parking at the mall. >> we have tips on how to hedge your bet and also how to park safely. abc has a lesson in parking 101. >> reporter: 'tis the season of
4:54 pm
which can be dangerous. cars backing out. aaa says most of us are parking the wrong way, 75% of us pulling into a spot. the problem, we have to back out, and that can be dangerous for pedestrians. every year drivers backing out of a space kill more than 200 people and injure 15,000. >> i'm going to try and back into this space, and this you're telling me is the right way. >> this is the right way to park. >> backup cameras and sensors can help drivers, but aaa says its tests showed that the technology doesn't always work. in its test, systems failed to detect passing bicyclists 40% of the time. >> i see someone here backing in just like you want them to do. >> it's great. see, we can do that. >> that was marie backing in. >> so you do this all the time? >> i do
4:55 pm
it's just a good idea. >> reporter: of course, this time of year finding a parking spot can be the challenge. experts say the best tip is to take the first open spot you see, and look near less popular stores, or use this mathematician's theory. pick an aisle with at least ten cars on each side and wait. within nine minutes, he says, someone will come out and leave. >> this model, it works like sure-fire. >> reporter: for channel 7 eyewitness news, david curly, abc news. >> liz has the best tip. bring a friend who drives around until you finish shopping. they pick you up, they take you home. >> teamwork. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. a former police chief caught up in a scandal involving assault, pornography, and sex toys.
4:56 pm
and a frightening encounter for a mom when a stranger grabbed her son's arm and yelled give me the baby. >> right now police are trying to track down that stranger. the toddler is okay but the mother is shaken. >> she was at a kohl's store on long island. tim fleischer spoke with her. >> reporter: nassau county police are telling us they are taking this case seriously. store because it's not very crowded but she normally says that she's always aware of her surroundings. but this time she says she never thought this would happen. >> the feeling that i got in my chest and my stomach told me that something was wrong, that i was in danger or he was in danger. >> reporter: instinct that told this long island mother to be concerned. she asked her identity not be revealed.
4:57 pm
kohl's with her 18-month-old son when she had to change his diaper. but in the rest room she encountered a woman. >> with a lot of layers of clothing on, a hat. >> reporter: she said to the mother, what a cute baby. literally she scooped up her baby. >> she had come close, very close to me, and i kind of put my hand up to stop her from getting too close, and she said give me the baby. >> she says give me the baby. >> give me the baby. >> give me the baby. >> she took his forearm and i felt him pull back towards me. i didn't hit her or anything. i pushed her arm away, and i said no. she touched my child. i felt like i'm in a dangerous situation, and if i don't get out of this bathroom, then she's -- i'm afraid she is
4:58 pm
>> reporter: she raced from the
4:59 pm


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