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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a close call when a beam crashes through a windshield.
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records could be two people shot in brooklyn. a very active investigation right now. the question, was one of them shot by an nypd officer. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter. the bullets flying tonight in the fort greene section. the crime scene right now enormous. >> eyewitness news reporter josh einiger on the scene with breaking details. josh. >> reporter: it is as you say a huge seen. on the other side of the bqe is the walt whitman houses. a very large crime scene there after we are told a police officer did fire a shot and hit a suspect in the shoulder. but this scene goes much farther than that. it spans several box because there's another shooting victim found down the block. we will show you video as this has been going on the past couple of hours. police have been processing a huge section of fort greene
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because they believe this was the equivalent of a running gun battle. the man who was hit in the shoulder by a police officer, this all started, police say, when he opened fire on a rival, and they were running through the streets under the bqe here. that rival was hit in the thigh and wound up in a grocery store a block and a half away. investigators are looking into the possibility that man also had a gun and was involved in an actual gun battle, but they have in the found that gun and that's why they have the whole area blocked off at this point after police returned, police heard those shots in the area. two officers ran to the scene and found themselves confronted with that gunman. one of those officers fired shoulder. you are back to a live look. extensive scene goes in that direction. police searching for any bit of evidence and they're hoping anyone what might have seen call. neither of the men what were shot is facing life
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they are all expected to survive. the officers involved are okay. live in the fort greene section of brooklyn, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. i heard the funniest song on the radio, something about the weather outside being frightful. a seasonal son, i know, but not exactly fitting. record breaking warmth. meteorologist lee goldberg outside sans overcoat. >> it is one thing to forecast it. it is at thing to forecast it. it is incredible. our temperature at 11:00 is 57. it typically this time of night, this time of year, in the upper 30s so nowhere like that. our numbers today anywhere from 15 to even 20 degrees above average. the average high is 44 degrees. last year on this date it was 38. we had a trace of snowfall. it was a gusty wind that felt like freezing. nothing like that now.
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suburbs that dipped into the 20s are in the upper 40s now. upper 40s and low your day tomorrow. i'm forced to raise our weekend. look what's going on. valley. the 70-degree temperatures are going to get awfully close. the new weekend outlook. still going for mid-60s tomorrow, shy of a record, but raised the sunday number to 67, maybe even a 70 across interior parts of new jersey because i do think the clouds are going to thin out. so now every december day has been above average. we're on the pace for the warmest december. three more 60-degree days. that will make it five. first time in 17 years. the record high on sunday. a week from now, the first blast of winter chill. but for now it's all about late fall or spring feel, whatever you want to say, but it's just not winter at this point. seven-day accuweather forecast coming up in a few minutes. new video showing the
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robberies in central park and other spots on the upper east side. cops want to talk to the five men seen in this surveillance video about three armed robberies as well as a robbery last night in the park. cops say they pushed a 19-year- old man and stole his cell phone. fortunately no one was hurt. new video from the upper east side of manhattan where one of the feeder streets leading to the bridge closed because of falling bricks will not reopen before monday's rush high above the street crews are working around the clock to try to remove the remaining bricks one by one. first avenue between 61st and 64th closed since last monday. fortunately nobody was hurt. new details on a dangerous and deadly fall on manhattan's east side. a woman was seriously injured when another woman jumped from a building near first avenue and 51st street and landed right on her. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross joins us with more on what happened. a.j. >> reporter: people who live
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still cannot shake the disturbing images from their minds. according to police a woman who lived on the of this first avenue apartment jumped from her window and fell on top of another woman walking along the sidewalk, forever changing both their lives. >> i heard a man scream, and as soon as i turned -- >> reporter: it happened so fast. and before anyone could think or even react eyewitnesses say they were helpless. >> i was literally about 10 feet away from the woman when she hit the ground. , andre was riding his bike near east 51st street and first avenue just before 3:00 scream. what he saw next was horrifying. according to police a 56-year- old woman jumped from her third floor apartment window and fell on top of another 71- the street. eyewitnesses say the jumper's husband and several others help. >> i jumped into action. i was actually the person what called the ambulance.
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of seemed to be a little hysterical at the time. she seemed to be hurt, but she seemed to be stable. >> reporter: the 71-year-old victim was taken to a nearby hospital with serious but non life threatening injuries. authorities say the other woman was rushed to bellevue where she later passed away. >> she was a very sweet woman, very sweet. she used to come in and sit down and talk. >> reporter: ann riley has been neighbors with the woman what jumped for years but says she never thought something like this could happen. >> i was sick. i got depressed. we were all upset. we never thought of something like that, somebody jumping tout window. >> i'm very sorry to hear. that that was one of the most traumatic things i have ever seen. >> reporter: police aren't releasing the names of the women involved. as we get new information it will be posted on our website, abc7ny. live on the east side, a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a.j., thank you.
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island tonight. two cars crashing and then careening out of control. newscopter 7 over the scene in the dongan hills section. two people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. we have new details about a scary encounter between a long island mother and stranger who she says tried to take her baby. police tonight releasing a description of the. she says the suspect approached her, said, give me the baby, and grabbed his arm. it happened in a bathroom at a kohl's in valley stream. the mother pushed her away. police say the suspect is 5' 5" with long blond hair. she was wearing a multicolored skirt. another politician in new york now a federal felon. dean skelos. he and his son convicted for a bribery scheme uncovered
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of corruption in albany. the elder skelos using his influence to strong arm a $300,000 salary and other benefits for his son adam. this follows a conviction last month of sheldon silver. the hard drive of killers. one of the many things divers are searching for in the murky waters of a lake near the scene of the california massacre, the fbi receiving a tip that the small lake about three miles from the attack mild hold a computer hard drive. the tipster telling agents the shooters may have been in the area the day of the attack. the search could last several days. was this a target of hate about an hour's drive away from the massacre a mosque set on fire, its leaders saying it was ignited by a fair bomb. worshipers heard a loud boom, lobby. no one was injured. afterward worshipers prayed on the sidewalk. the fbi is investigating to determine if the mosque was
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new at 11, mayor de blasio recovering after hernia surgery rather, his office telling us the mayor has been discharged and is resting now at gracie mansion. he apparently developed the hernia just recently. his office says he will be back at work monday morning. as we continue on this friday night it may not feel like christmas, but get ready for thousands of santas to be out and about tomorrow. tonight the nypd has a warning about it.
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call, ho "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have
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of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence and quality of life is so important. you may see more than your average santa around manhattan tomorrow. it is santa cob. thousands of people dressed in
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but the nypd has a stern warning for anyone taking part. >> reporter: well, sade, this year's santa con kicks off in the park, and eventually they will make their way here. some bars say come in, some say stay away. meantime law enforcement says have a good time but behave. >> you can be naughty, but you have to be nice. >> reporter: the top cop delivering a clear message for the thousands of santas set to descend on the city tomorrow. it will not tolerate any mischief. the annual bar crawl has had its fair share of problems in the past, from brawling santas in the street to drunken st. nicks passed out in broad daylight. the nypd says problems like this are the last thing it needs so expect to see extra officers. >> we're in trying times throughout the world.
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resources on an event like this, at times it's frustrating. >> reporter: it is pointed out that santa con is a first amendment activity, and even naughty santas have rights. >> this is the first time they went to the appropriate agencies weeks before, they got a permit from the parks department. mixed reception. there are bars specifically partake in it. brother jimmy's is not officially but won't discriminate against jolly st. nicks. the headless horse plan says hat hired extra security just in case. for those who will be ho ho humming along the bar crawl, they say they get it. >> if there's not a lot of room and they don't want to deal with it, i understand. >> it's a fun time. they're celebrating the holidays. it's just the balance of people who can handle it and
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>> reporter: meanwhile the l.i.r.r. and metro north are banning alcohol. to see the full list of bars participating visit our website at abc7ny. reporting live in madison square park, stephan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> stephan, thank you. of the $10 million worth of diamonds stole in, jeweler jonathan by birnbalm says he left the safe unlocked during business hours, even though contractors were working there. new tonight, a driver very lucky to be alive after something comes crashing into his windshield. but you won't really believe how lucky he is until you check out this picture. take a look. a metal loading ramp that likely came off of a truck and smashed into the windshield of a bmw. the driver amazingly escaping
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arrest. more serious questions tonight about the safety of one of the post popular holiday gift items. this is what was left of a hoverboard aft caught fire inside a home in maryland. the most recent in a rash of fires caused by these self balancing scooters including one in westchester county. new at 11:00, america will have to wait a little longer to find out which woman will replace alexander hamilton on the $10 bill. tonight the treasury says it will be delayed until 2016 to give it time to carefully review and consider options for the currency redesign. happening tomorrow, dozens of rabbits saved from horrible conditions in brooklyn now ready to hop their way into your heart. the aspca and the animal hospital events for nearly 50 bunnies.
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rescued back in january. lee, you've got two young kids who would love to have that. >> your daughter would love to have one. >> no, i'm just talking about lee's kids right now. >> so we're going to be like this close to 70. >> it really looks that way. if we can bring the sun out for a few hours sunday, even without the sun, mid and upper 60s. the sun comes out, and there will be some 7 handles. there's no heavy coats, gloves, scarfs. we really have to recalibrate what we're thinking when we talk about this december which is on pace for the warmest december on record. we'll see how it goes. 57 degrees right now. a west wind at 6. a few people saying the wind felt a little cool but it's not that bad. barometer on the rise. 61 the high on the day. compare that to average which is 44, and we should be close to freezing at night this time of year. we haven't gone below freezing
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city. we had 32 once. there are your records. only low to mid-50s all night long. when the skies clear a little bit there will be some patchy fog in the suburbs. tribeca is at 57. near 60 in regal park. poughkeepsie at 54 degrees, and 46 sues serks 51 in islip. tomorrow morning clouds, patchy fog, then the clouds will thin out. just like today will you have periods where it looks cloudy, then all of a sudden it brightens up but it won't be rainy. temperatures get into the middle 60s. the clouds, along with this southwest wind, they're just keeping temperatures up. a little hole in the overcast near williamsport. that comes over, then some fog will start to perform, north and west overnight. then there's another warm front, and that takes our temperatures to the next level. there are a couple of sprinkles going through ohio. they could get into the mid hudson valley as this front begins to slide through. watch the futurecast here.
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low cloudiness. clouds thin out, then more high clouds. but we should easily be in the low to mid-60s during the afternoon hours. on sunday a fair amount of clouds, but enough breaks and thinning of the clouds at times that we should get into the upper 60s, especially across central new jersey. right here, down to trenton new jersey, flemington, that is where we really after shot at getting to 70 degrees. sunrise 7:11, partly cloudy, up to 64, the record 68. sunset at 4:28. tomorrow night only down to the middle 50s. that's why with that type of launching pad you're looking at getting into the upper 60s, a 67 or 68. now, monday rain is going to come back but not a washout. if you look at this latest futurecast look how the line of rain doesn't get here until the evening commute or maybe the latter part of the evening commute, and that will bring some cooler wind. but not necessarily colder temperatures. upper 50s as we midweek.
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returning wednesday, and then we will get some rain coming in on thursday and slowly the temperatures will drop. a week from now dropping down into the 30s, and next weekend 40 degrees. of winter chill. is it going to stick around? enjoy, everybody. >> we will for sure. >> thank you, lee. coming up, could a couple of drinks a day help prevent a premature death? plus, a surprise
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in tonight's health alert a couple of drinks a day may help people with early stage alzheimer's live longer. researchers found patients who
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drinks a day had a 77% lower risk of dying. that's compared to those what had one drink or none. the reason is not really clear at this point but the study's authors say moderate drinkers may have a larger social network and therefore better quality of life. new tonight a surprise performance for the greatest singers in the world. one of them at least. turns out it was a unique charitable contribution. andrea bocelli serenading the crowds in times square with an impromptu acoustic guitar performance. he raised more than $500 in cash. then he gave to the a homeless person. because he's got a big heart. rob powers up next with sports. no singing for sports, though. >> i could, if you like. >> that's all right. you ready for nfl weekend? one player ready, another not going to have the chance. big baseball news from the mets, getting some spending
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plus basketball's best streak to start an nba season. is it still alive? the warriors play a thriller p in boston next. i would like to wish happy holidays to my family in mount
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue
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from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. we start tonight with retirement news. >> 37 years old. a nice time to -- >> so young. >> think about doing something else. that is the thing about baseball's hot stove. some players come, some go. apparently michael cuddyer is going. espn is reporting he has decided to retire. he would leave a year early.
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million next year. his veteran presence was never doubted but he only hit .259, 10 home runs. nothing official. the mets wouldn't confirm, the mets wouldn't deny. the game now sunday. today finally practice for the jets darrelle revis, listed as probable to play against the tie the answer. that's as close as he has gotten in three weeks. suffered a concussion, sat out two games. but rivas is feeling better. jets say he had one more test to pass but rivas said after the workout he expects to be on the field. jets 7-5 lacking to close in on the playoffs against 3-9 tennessee. the giants waive defensive end damontre moore. big blue cut its losses. the giants head to miami for monday night football. >> growing up it was always the game and you got excited. when your parents finally let you stay up and watch it but now to play on it, to be the
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it means for this team and this organization and our playoff hunt. monday night football, the giants and miami. catch it right here on channel 7. coverage starts at 8:00. on ice now the rangers 2-5- 1, although edmonton. the rangers president helped build those strong oyler teams. game tied at 1. the oilers would reel off two goals. right now tied 3-3 in the second period. the devils at home against the red wings. detroit on a 12-game point scoring streak. went up 2-0. devils come back. they go to overtime.
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step stepniak finds the goal. we two to boston where the golden state warriors try to push their record to 23-0. the celtics kelly 0 0' lynek here. the warriors get it done, 24- 0. finally, an exhibition game at puerto rico. first action since the regular season wrapped up. game tied 1-1. in the 91st minute, nycfc the winner in a
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another big weekend coming there will be a moment, when all the wonder, excitement, and joy of christmas will be contained not on the stage, but in that little face, in the seat to your right. that can only happen... the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit
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join the conversation, facebook, twitter, instagram. the warm weather, the jets this weekend, the giants on monday night. whatever you want to talk about, we respond, generally. >> i was thinking about wearing flip-flops again. >> i love that. be sure to join us tomorrow. 18 begins at 6:00 a.m.
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