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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 12, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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>> new images i just want the most wonderful holiday ever. you should get holiday scratch-offs from the new york lottery. you can talk? come on, brian. there's more chances to win than ever. like 4 new holiday games. with a second chance sweepstakes to win $500 a week for life. you're're talking. you could buy a huge flatscreen. or a huge turkey. and eat it! words are... two words: speed boat. (wife) who are you talking to? nobody! new holiday scratch-off games from the new york lottery. more ways to make life wonderful. is it really two weeks until christmas? record breaking high temperatures, and the warm-up is not over yet. but first, new at 11:00, extra police on patrol now at rutgers university at three armed robberies. good evening.
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>> i'm ken rosato in for joe torres. breaking news. firefighters on the scene of a big fire in westchester county next to the briarcliff manor village pool on pleasantville road. no injuries reported. now to the armed robberies near the campus of rutgers. the incidents have left students on edge. >> all three robberies happened early this morning in new brunswick but it is unclear if they are related. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross is in new brunswick with new details. a.j. >> reporter: sandra, ken, three robberies in just a couple of hours now has students and police on heightened alert. the university of devoting additional patrols to different areas while they're encouraging students to take precautions. >> it's kind of scary when you're living off campus. >> kind of freaky. doesn't make you feel that safe.
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series of crimes targeting victims around the university campus that now have police on the lookout. according to investigators, three armed robberies occurred around the outskirts of campus in a span of just two hours early saturday. and now detectives are trying to determine if these crimes are connected. >> it seems kind of like a trend, especially for one night. i don't know if the robberies are related but it's definitely really freaky. >> reporter: police say the first incident occurred just after 1:00 where the victim was walking alone. he says he was con troptd by two suspect, one armed with a gun who demanded everything he had before fleeing on foot. the second reported robbery happened around 2:45 near mine and easton avenue. two victims say they were approached by a suspect who punched them several times before stealing their valuables and running off. >> most people who live here know this is a college area so they understand that these are kids, and they could be preying on them an waiting on them. >> reporter: investigators say
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around 3:00 a.m. near nichols and handy street. the victim said the suspect offered to sell marijuana, and when he refused, he was robbed. >> i think we should definitely have more patrol men. >> i think we need to have more squad cars roaming around, late at nice as well. >> reporter: police only have a vague description of the suspects involved. if you know anything that can help, please give new brunswick police a call. a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. there's new information in a hit and run that killed a teen aimer in queens. police are releasing surveillance images of a man they want to question. police say this man was caught on camera getting out of the passenger's side of the hit-and- run vehicle. detectives would like to interview him.
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killed a 17-year-old on tuesday night at an intersection in corona. turning now to the weather it was a record-breaking day for warm temperatures. and people loved every minute of it. tonight people in hoboken, lots of people, were out and about, many without a coat. this trend continues tomorrow. jeff smith here. >> temperatures twhiew more typically see in late april into early may. there were several records including islip at 68. the park got up to a pair of 6s. those weren't even the warmest. that was reserved for belmar and toms river getting up to 70 and 72. unbelievable. even at this hour the temperature 163 in central park. you have fallen off to the 50s in the suburbs. during the day tomorrow there will be a back door cool front sink in from new england.
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areas north and east of the city might not get as warm tomorrow. but before that front moves through we get up to 66, which would break a record set back in 1923. and yes you could be near 70 again down towards toms river. that's not the end of the warmth. we'll talk about that in your full seven-day forecast. ken. >> jeff, thank you. this unseasonably warm weather is giving many people a summertime feeling. in brooklyn people spent time outdoors. i like it, hope you do, too. the long island folks hit the waves at jones beach. for recreational boaters, the season should be over by now, but not so much this year. >> a lot more people are still in the water. you normally couldn't do that in december. >> you don't to have dress too warm, and you can catch some suntan in the process.
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day in t-shirts but some are cautious of mother nature's teasing that she mate just pay us back with extra snow later in the winter j. an arrest in a double murder in new jersey. two bodies were discovered yesterday afternoon in a home in raritan. police have not released the identities of the victims, nor have they said how they died. officers arrested a 51-year-old as he slept in his car outside an apartment complex in north brunswick. he is now charged with murder, and he is being held on $2 million bail. new details in an attempted kidnapping inside a store in island. police released pictures of the woman whom they are trying to find. they say she approached a mother and her small child thursday at a kohl's. the woman allegedly said give me the baby. the mother was able to fight off the woman.
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kohl's in a black live rei vehicle. in new jersey a security scare at a mall packed with holiday shoppers. the shops at riverside in hackensack was evacuated for several hours as police searched that property for anything suspicious, this after a security officer found a threatening graffiti message in a rest room that suggested a bomb threat. shoppers were asked to leave the mall. >> it was surreal because everybody was just casually walking out. shocked. not too much panicking at that point but i was one of the few that got out really quickly. >> the bomb squad and canine units didn't find anything shoppers were allowed back into the mall a few hours later. the white house tonight is calling the climate contract approved in paris today the most ambitious climate change agreement unhistory. leaders from nearly 200 countries adopted an agreement to slow global warming by
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greenhouse gas pollution. the paris agreement aims to keep temperatures from rising another degree celsius by the end of the century. president obama says the problem is not solved by today's agreement but says establishes the framework the world needs to combat the climate crisis. >> no nation, not even one as powerful as ours, can solve this challenge alone. and no country, no matter how small, cab sit on the sidelines. >> world leaders have been negotiating this for four years. the deal now needs to be ratified by individual governments before taking effect. many say this climate deal is not good enough. thousands demonstrated across paris today. protesters held hands and formed a human chain that stretched around the eiffel tower. activists called for more immediate action than what the plan proposes. environmentalists acknowledge the positive aspects of the plan but they say the emission target on the table just aren't big enough.
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as well to call on the governments to take bolder action on the climate crisis. demonstrators gathered in battery park in sol dare tea with those protesters in paris. the group chose the statue of liberty because it is one of the country's most iconic symbols at risk from rising tide. detectives have found items in a lake in san bernardino but no word if they are related to the mass shooting. they're hoping to find evidence linked to the mass shooting on december 2nd that killed 14 people. in particular a computer hard drive that the shooting suspects may have tossed into the water. well, authorities have arrested a man on suspicion of seating fair at a mosque in southern california. police in coachella arrested carl james dial. they said yesterday's fire was an intentional act. the fire was contained to the
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everybody got out safely. worshipers were forced to pray outside. heren new york a billboard is aiming to dispel myths and fears about islam. the billboard reads, muhammad always taught love, not hate. peace, not violence. a suspect shot by police in brooklyn tonight. the video showing the events that led to the officer firing his weapon. hundreds of newborns possibly exposed to tuberculosis. how it happened and what the hospital is doing to protect the babies tonight. an unexpected delivery on
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breaking news in chelsea where two postal service trucks are reportedly on fire. this fire started around 10:30 inside a garage on west 24th street at 11th avenue. we're told the fire has now grown to a third alarm, and the fdny says it is not contained. it is still unclear how that fire started. we are told there are no injuries reported. we will, of course, stay on top of this and bring you details as we get them. the vatican confirmed the pope is headed to mexico.
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trip. pope francis will begin the vifnt mexico city february 12th. the five-day trip will include a visit to the nation's poor southern region. he will also celebrate an open- air mass near the u.s. border across from el paso, texas. it seems the nypd got its wish from santa con revelers. there are no reports so far of any arrests. hundreds of people dressed as st. nick kicked off the celebrations and headed to bars. par ties 357b9s say they don't understand why santa con has gotten a bad rap. >> wavy great year. it's a good time to get together with friends and get in the spirit. we all sing along, the christmas careless while we're walking everywhere. it's a really good time. >> if people continue to oppose santa congress, i have to
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in new york who are anti- >> organizers started planning with police more than a month ago. they got a permit to assemble in the park, and they sent out reminders to participants about safety. the day was far from over for a new jersey state police sergeant what was on his way home from work. he helped with an unexpected delivery. two expecting lakewood parents were on their way to a hospital. they pulled over on the garden state parkway near redbank yesterday. turns out the little girl right there couldn't wait to be born. he was able to get there in minutes. >> it's good to bring life in. that's the way i look at it. the baby being born, and everybody is happy and healthy. and to see the mother smiling with the baby, that's great. that's the best feeling right there. >> the sergeant says this was his first time delivering a baby himself, but does he have
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just fine. >> congratulations to everybody. a scare for plane passengers at j.t. k. a jet slams on its brakes during take-off. it is all caught on camera. side by side on the battlefield and in recovery. the story behind this photo taking the over the internet. >> talk about a winter warm-up. near record highs in store for tomorrow. meteorologist jeff smith is back with details in his accuweather forecast. now, though, a message from a member of the military from our area who can't be home for the holidays. my name is dawn palmer.
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a night to celebrate a legendary singer in the very city in which he was born. today would have been frank sinatra's 100th birthday. the city of hoboken celebrated with a gala. the event was sold out. it helped raise money for the david webster memorial fund, and the city of hoboken's cultural event series. >> 100 years, amazing. what an artist. >> yep, and there's? other sinatra. >> no way. and there's no other jeff
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is the way i like it. >> as long as we have record warmth, right, well into the winter. those are the stiff requirements, by sandra bookman. we head out right now. this is just incredible. the temperature went down to 61 at 9:00. now it's back up to 63. >> what? >> it actually went back up. ken, you were talking about this earlier, about the cloud cover actually acting as a blanket, keeping it so warm especially in the urban areas. check out the temperature. 63 degrees is our 11:00 temperature at central park, the west wind around 5 miles per hour. look at the high getting up to 66 two, degrees short of a record in the city but other areas did set new record highs. 55 was our morning low. so both high and low were basically 22 degrees above average. 68 was your record back in 1931. areas south of the city getting into the low 70s this.
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developing after midnight. actually, there's some developing right now well north and west of the city. the record warmth tomorrow, despite a lot of cloud cover, we had a lot of cloud cover today and we had areas get up to record numbers. right now we're going for 66 for a high test. rain returning on monday, mainly in the afternoon, but it's another warm day out there with temperatures well into the 60s. 50 right now in middletown, 48 at monticello. right in the urban areas that's where we stay the warmest with that urban heat island, an effect we see pronounced during the summer. 63 in the park, 57 down the shore in belmar. visibility down to a half mile at monticello. some areas well outside of the city already getting some forks and that can expand overnight. this front will sink off to the south tomorrow, maybe keeping areas north and east of the city a touch cooler than they were today. but from the city and points
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at least as warm as we were today. maybe near 70 at toms river. maybe a shower or two in the morning. i think steadier rain tends to develop in the afternoon and evening hours. temperatures well into the sick. mostly cloudy, mild out there. that patchy fog developing, 54 for a low it. patchy morning fog, mainly cloudy, still very warm. 66 would break that record set back in 1923. it's mainly cloudy, mild, maybe some spotty drizzle late. down to 5 4. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. on mandate's warm out there. it starts getting wet, maybe a shower in the morning, then steadier rain in the afternoon. that record monday was 67. that was set back in 188 1. we get within four degrees of that potentially. then clearing out quickly on tuesday and wednesday. still mild, maybe some rain coming back into the picture on thursday, 57. and then cooler, but cooler is still above average for friday
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upper 40s on friday, mid-40s on saturday. saturday will have the most winter-like feel that we've sod far this season. mostly cloudy out there, mid- 40s, 30s at night, but that's nothing for this time of year. >> we'll take it. >> yep. >> thank you, sir. laura behnke is up next with sports. >> the west has certainly been wild for the knicks and the rangers. and we do not mean in a good way. the knicks were in portland losing streak. the blue shirts have not fared dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way,
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that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. how about them knicks, laura behnke? >> how about them knicks. well, let's see. under a month to go the knicks won four straight, and they were starting to make people believe. but as of tonight new york was the owner of a second four- game losing streak in its last 10 games. the knicks trying to help that skid meeting the trailblazers out west. portland had the fast start. robin lopez against his former team gets the floater. the blazers built a lane off the miss. lillard flying in for the put- back. the knicks would make a charge before the half.
11:23 pm
perimeter for the three. the blazers lead by one 56-55 at the half. a little closer to home tonight the nets trying to keep up their home success hosting the clippers. deandre jordan, we know he'sg powerful. there you see it, the dunk. the nets keeping it close in the first. brooklyn taking a one-point lead. paul pierce feels he can play that game. the knicks trailing by 13 at the break. they made it a game in the second half. a floater in the lane. the lead down to two, but blake griffin just too much. he led the way with 21 points to put this one away. 105-100. the nets fall. and one day after their double overtime thrilling wynn boston, the warriors trying to stay perfect facing the bucks. golden state just off its game all night. the bucks took advantage, like they always do. it's the sixth win streak of
11:24 pm
snapped. 108-95. the warriors' 28-game regular game win streak is now over. they're now 24-1. the rangers' stretch of nine straight wins seems like another season ago. they headed west as the three- game canadian tour wrapped up. tonight facing cal calgary, first period. 8-0 rangers. that was the score after one. that's where things remain in the second period. the islanders also on the road as they visited the blue jackets in columbus. they had the lead in the third until atkinson evened the game with his ninth of the year so we go to overtime. it's josh bailey on the break- away to kyle oposo. much more ahead in sports. when we return, what was rumored yesterday became official today.
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veteran leader. why michael cuddyer decided to retire. plus, the best player in
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adding players to the roster. today though they lost one as michael cuddyer officially announced he is retiring. the 36-year-old spent last season in new york and had one more year and $12.5 million left on his contract but he is calling it quits announcing it on the players tribune website saying, quote, it goes against every grain in my body to consider a future without the game, but after 15 years the toll on my body has finally caught up to me. cuddyer may not be alone. karlos beltran is now hinting that 2016 will be his last year in the bigs. ultimately he says his performance on the field will be the determining factor once this season is over. and let's forget about retirement for a moment. jason heyward is about to become an even richer man. according to reports the outfielder has been won over by the cubs who signed the free agent to an eight-year $184 million deal. however, he reportedly turned
11:29 pm
million range, from the cardinals and the nationals. week 15 in the national football league resuming tomorrow with an important game for the jets. gangrene will be looking for a third straight win. as for the giants they will be in miami for monday night football. 8:00. tonight one college football player's life was about to change forever because after this evening he will always have the title of heisman trophy winner attached to his name. the man joining that elite club this year is alabama running back derricke henry who beat out stanford running back christian mccaffrey and clemson quarterback de sean watson. he won five of the six voting regions, and he is the first running back to win the honor since 2009. the uconn men's basketball team has been the victim of a slow start resulting in losses of three of their last four.
11:30 pm
things around by hosting ohio statement uconn jumped out fast and never looked back. their first possession, the slam. more in the second half. rodney purvis, the steal. column. rutgers meeting george washington. this one got ugly in a hurry. tyler cavanaugh, a big reason why. point. second half, cavanaugh having himself a game. they were running away at that point 93-49. george washington getting a big win. that's rough. that's a tough score to say. >> ouch. >> yeah. >> thank you. an historic climate agreement reached leaders. tonight, details about what's included in the pact and why some say it isn't tough enough. caught on camera, a plane slamming on the brakes during
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i just want the most wonderful holiday ever. you should get holiday scratch-offs from the new york lottery. you can talk? come on, brian. there's more chances to win than ever. with a sweepstakes to win $500 a week for life. (wife) who are you talking to? nobody! new holiday scratch-off games from the new york lottery. we're following two breaking stories. a third postal service truck is now on fire inside a garage in chelsea. the fire started around 10:30 with just two trucks on fire. it has now grown to a third alarm. no injuries have been reported.
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battled a big fire near the briarcliff manor village pool. firefighters have contained those flames. we are told there are no injuries there. topping our news this half- hour the world uniting to combat climate change. >> leaders from nearly every nation today adopted the first global pact to cut and pollution. the agreement is certain to impact people for generations to come. >> abc has details. >> reporter: a standing ovation and tears tonight as almost every country in the world agreed to the landmark deal aimed at preventing catastrophic climate change. tonight the white house called it the most ambitious climate change agreement in history. >> this agreement represents the best chance we've had to save the one planet that we've got. >> reporter: 195 countries signing on, the culmination of two decades of negotiation that had failed until now. in the end, two weeks of
11:33 pm
including several all-nighters for the delegates led to the deal that goes into effect in 2020, whose goal is limiting the warming of the earth to less than 3.6 degrees fahrenheit. each country came up with a plan to reduce their greenhouse gassy missions and will be required to publicly report them. >> we've reached an agreement that is the strongest, most ambitious global climate change agreement ever negotiated. >> reporter: but much of the agreement is voluntary and not legally binding. developing countries like china which has seen tremendous smoke won't be required to report as much about their emissions. the daily doesn't have a way to punish countries that don't live up to their agreements. scientists agree that global warming won't end. while some are saying it falls short, it's being celebrated as a momentous breakthrough. swiss authorities say they
11:34 pm
proceedings against two syrian citizens yesterday. the arrests come after authorities heighten security in geneva thursday and said police were searching for at least four suspects believed to be plotting a attack in the city. prosecutors say the two sches not been clearly linked to the four wanted men. one man is under arrest after a gunfight. security cameras recorded several people attacking a man after he walked out of the night. eyewitnesses say several shots were fired. one man was hit in the leg. a responding police officer shot another suspect in the shoulder. both injured men were taken to the hospital. dozens of demonstrators gault erred to protest the acquittal of a nassau county police officer in the beating of a driver. protesters rallied in
11:35 pm
what they say was excessive force by officer vincent logiudice. the officer was accused of beating kyle howell during a traffic stop. defense attorneys said the use of force was reasonable because howell reached for his glove box, making the officer fearful for his some scary moments at jfk airport. a qatar airways flight was forced to abandon a take-off as passengers watched live on tv screens. the passenger who captured this video said the aircraft self-aborted bringing the jetliner from more than 100 miles per hour to a screeching halt in roughly 15 seconds. no one was hurt. the passengers admit they were shaken up. airline officials say an indicator signaled the runway was too short. it might be mid-december but it does not feel like it. people are taking advantage,
11:36 pm
the waves off of long island. here's more on how people are enjoying this mild almost winter weather. >> reporter: this is not file footage. it's mid-december, and spring is in the air in port hamilton. fishermen by the ocean and bikers and runners ointed t- shirts. >> to be honest with you, i really like it. >> reporter: i mean, who doesn't. it was so warm out golfers were hitting the links in marine park, and it was literally beach weather with surfers riding the waves at robert moses beach. for recreational boaters the boating season should be over for now but not this year. >> a lot more people are still on the water. their boats aren't winterized. they like to go out and fish or cruise around. you normally couldn't do that in december. >> reporter: at this basin, still plenty of boats not stored away for winter yet. >> you don't have to dress too warm, and you can catch some
11:37 pm
>> reporter: but with this toasty weather in december, some say it's just an iou from mother nature because she will make us all pay for it dealer on the back end of winter. >> we're going to get a blizzard soon. that's what's going to happen. that's what always happens. when the weather is warm like in this the winter, with it's the wintertime, normally what follows is a lot of snow. a lot of bad weather. >> reporter: but others don't seem to care what's in store. >> we go back to florida. >> reporter: don't we all wish we were them. for now all we can do is soak it in because it definitely will not last forever. >> got that right. hundreds of newborns possibly exposed to tuberculosis. what a hospital is doing tonight. new video shows the chaos during a deadly shoot-out between biker gangs. and an injured soldier and
11:38 pm
hospital together. the photo going viral tonight. and we'll take a live look outside now. meteorologist jeff smith returns with it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things.
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for the first time we are
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showdown between rival biker gangs in waco, texas, that ended with nine people dead. you see the moments leading to this bloody shoot-out back on may 17th. the video starts with an argument after someone is nearly hit by a motorcycle. chaos follows with some bikers ducking for cover and others running away what. really started the violence still up for debate. some say it was money. others say it was about respect. a scare for some new parents in california's bay area. a nurse who worked at a newborn nursery diagnosed with tuberculosis mid-november. hundreds of infants and their parents possibly exposed to that woman. abc's ron claiborne has details. >> reporter: the news was stung. 350 newborn babies at this san jose, california hospital possibly exposed to a nurse who tested positive for tuberculosis. those infants will now undergo daily treatment with antibiotics for the next six
11:42 pm
>> we have to assume they might be infected and start them on medications until we can show for sure that they're not infected. >> reporter: in addition to the babies, 368 mothers and 338 hospital employees who came into contact with that nurse between september and november will be monitored but not treated unless they test positive for tb. according to officials at santa clara valley medical center the nurse's annual tb checkup in september was negative, but in november she saw her doctor for an unspecified complaint, and that doctor ordered a chest x- ray which led to the diagnosis. the nurse has been paid on paid leave of absence. tb is transmitted through the air by a person coughing or sneezing. >> she was not coughing up tuberculosis during the period of time that she was working. >> reporter: but the hospital decided to act just the same. >> that was abc's ron claiborne reporting. a soldier and his canine
11:43 pm
across the country while recovering from injuries suffered in afghanistan. army specialist andrew brown and his military dog rocky were hurt the two are now being treated tin same room at a hospital in washington, d.c. pictures of the two on facebook have been shared nearly 100,000 times. rocky and his handler are doing fine, and they both earned purple hearts. >> what a nice story. a warning for holiday shoppers. >> the number one scam this holiday season?
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on-line waiting for you. shopping for her daughter, mindy hayes clicked on this site for bets over 80% off. >> oh, great deal. >> reporter: too great. those boots never arrived. the on-line retailer apparently a fake. >> when i got the confirmation e-mail it didn't look legitimate. >> reporter: mindy, an avid on- line shopper, who works in it, was out $83. experts warn it could have been worse. >> clicking that link puts you in danger. it also puts your family and friends in danger. >> reporter: so what should you be looking for? safe sites have an s with a lock in the url. fake sites often have typos and grammatical errors. real retailers have facebook policies. as for mindy hayes, she's
11:47 pm
>> it's hard to know really on-line. >> that was gloria riviera reporting. we can trust what you say, though. >> you can buy this forecast. you can take it right to the bank. we've got temperatures again in the middle to upper 60s in day tomorrow. let's head outside now. it's just remarkably mild considering it is the middle of the night, in the middle of the month of december. 62 degrees in central park. cloudy skies. wind coming in light from the west at 5 miles per hour. highs today, yeah, you got records at islip and bridgeport. up to 66 in central park. temperatures got into the low 70s down the shore at belmar and toms river. everywhere within the viewing area is getting to 60 or above. i don't think we'll quite repeat that tomorrow. areas north and east of the city might be a little cooler
11:48 pm
but not cold, nonetheless. airport. you still have temperatures in at belmar. low to mid-50s on the island into southwestern connecticut. visibilities have fallen down to three miles at monticello. there's patchy fog well outside of new york city. that can tend to expand overnight so don't be surprised if you do run into some fog tonight into tomorrow morning. now, there's a different situation setting up for tomorrow. there's a back door cold front heading in from new england. i think this passes on around 2:00, 3:00. before that happens we're still going to be getting up into the 60s in new york city and points south. north and east will you probably be stuck in the 50s for much of the day, he is new england. 70s probably limited tomorrow virginia. but as close as toms river may be getting up to about 69 before the front comes all the way in. 56 in the park.
11:49 pm
high that was set back in 1923. that was 64 degrees. so we're predicting to beat that high by two. new york city. a lot of people looking ahead to christmas week. and it looks like after a brief kind of transient cold shot next weekend, where it actually feels kind of like winter for a day, maybe on saturday, we start warming things up yet again. the general storm track would favor a track from texas up to the great lakes. that means we're on the mild side of these system, and that means probably temperatures above average as we head into christmas week with the chilly shots being relegated to the northern tier of statements mostly cloudy, late night fog expanding from those areas north and west of the city, perhaps even into the city by early tomorrow morning, then day. 66 for a high. mild tomorrow night. spotty drizzle. down to 54. your accuweather seven-day forecast. on monday there can be a
11:50 pm
63. that's only four degrees off a 1881. then we clear things out tuesday and wednesday. upper 50s, maybe some rain on thursday before it feels a little bit more like late fall, early winter. >> around winter is not officially here. >> it's not official yet. >> 21st? >> 22nd.
11:51 pm
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