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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  December 13, 2015 6:00am-8:00am EST

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call now. good morning. 6:00 a.m. several u.s. postal trucks up in flames inside a parking garage in chelsea. eyewitness news has the latest. developing now, two rushed to the hospital, one fighting for his light after a motor scooter and delivery cab collide. we'll have the latest. good morning. beautiful sunday. taking a live look at lower manhattan on sunday, december 13th. >> feels good today.
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yesterday morning. left the jacket on the hook in the hallway, walked out, felt great. couldn't believe it was mid december. felt great. mild, love it. this mild sunday is. >> mild child. good morning. wild child. weather. a lot of men through winter wear the suit and like no overcoat when it's like 20 degrees. >> that ain't me. >> i don't know. maybe they wear the underrer armor stuff or something. >> like the thermal thing? >> maybe they have cold hearts. >> no. >> bitter party of one, your table is ready. >> just saying. >> are you okay? >> i'm just throwing it out there. >> wow. >> any way. good morning. it's 60 degrees. everything is warm starting this morning.
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go. start. could be patchy position in parts of the area. sun early as clouds take over like they did yesterday afternoon. looks like arely we'll hit a record today. 64 degrees, forecasting 65. already on the map, mid to upper 50s for long island. hampton base 54. down is shore, 7 degrees warmer in belmont. even better advantage towards getting toward the record. i think we could beat that by a degrees or two. we have an easterly wind, patchy fog early on. all of those elements, it will be hard to slow us down from getting 4 degrees late they are afternoon. rain returns monday, mainly late part of the afternoon.
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sunshine as the day goes on. 65 new york city. what about b 650s continuing into the workweek? we have a couple other records that are at risk in the seven-day forecast. i'll have details in just a few minutes. rob and michelle. >> thank you. a three alarm fire at a postal facility in manhattan. >> six trucks went up in flames. weird story. we are live in chelsea with what we know. good morning kristin. and michelle. started. thankfully no one was hurt at the facility 10:30 last night. six trucks caught fire at u.s. postal service vehicle maintenance facility off the west side highway in chelsea. the trucks were on the third floor of the building at the time. the maintenance facility how has other offices. it's unclear if there were holiday packages on those trucks at the time.
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u.s. postal service how exactly the fire started. again, trying to confirm if anyone's holiday packages were on those trucks. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you chris state -- kristin. a crash of a delivery van and scooter sent a man to the hospital. the man riding the scooter was critically injured the driver may have run a red light and slammed is into the suv at 85th street. one person inside the delivery cab suffered minor injuries no. other vehicles involved. police increased patrols following a series of robberies. three between 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning near the rutgers campus. two incident, victims were held
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man attacked two on the street punching them several times before stealing personal item temperatures. this is all in brunswick. this is a series of crimes that >> creepy. campus. area. they understand these are kids kids and they could be preying and waiting on them. >> police are trying to determine if yesterday's attacks are connected. rutgers increased security in response to those crimes. new information now in a hit and run that killed a teen in queens. police released surveillance images of a man they want to question. police say this man was caught on camera getting out of the passenger side of the hit and run vehicle a short time after the accident. detectives would like to interview him.
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killed the person in the intersection of crow corona. a double murder, two bodies discovered in a home. yesterday officers arrested 51-year-old ramon as he slept in his car outside an apartment complex. she's charged with murder and held on 2 million -- he's charged with murder and held on $2 million bail. nypd got a wish from santa con no arrests during the annual event. hundreds dressed as st. nick at a park in williamsburg and headed to bars in lower manhattan. participants do not understand why santa con has such a bad wrap. all it's about is getting together with friends and having some fun. >> we've come here the last three years and have a great time every year.
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friends and get in the the spirit of christmas. >> we all sing along to christmas carols walking everywhere. it's a good time. >> if people conclude santa con, people in new york are antifun. >> antifun, oh yes. spirit is the operative word. organizers started planning with police more than a month ago. they got a permit to assemble in the park and sent out reminders about safety. maybe they made stride this is year like improving the city. some are are antisanta con. >> it takes a few bad apple, bad situations. looks like people really took care of one another, had a nice, clean time. that was that. >> didn't get caught. >> right. coming up, 200 nations now officially adopted the first global pact to fight global
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what does it mean and what is next for all governments that have agreed to this plan? meteorologist amy freeze returns with information you may
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it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel so spring has sprung. >> mother nature. >> right? >> call me amy. >> it's nice. >> you moe, let me take this
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know, let me take this moment and point out when we're up to snow, she will be like don't shoot the messenger. i had nothing to do with this. >> if it's snowing you're like talkability. >> that's right. this morning i went by the minus 5 ice bar. i want to say they keep temperatures minus 5 to keep >> so good. >> it's all renovated. they put me on the thrown. weather is so warm, everyone wants to go to the ice bar. >> you went last night? >> yes. >> the thrown is not in the bathroom. it's the area in the bar. >> that's a great point >> was it a good crowd? >> yeah, a lot of people are coming and going. i'll show you the pictures. >> fun. >> yeah, yeah, it was good.
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it is warm. overnight our low temperature has been 60 degrees. >> what? >> that's the low temperature 60 degrees so far. across the map starting off with mild conditions. looks like this will be a record breaker today. we have to get 5 degrees of warmth in order for that to happen. really 4 degrees. 64 would tie the record, 65 beats it. looking over the east river, we're seeing good visibility in our spots. fog in inland new jersey and down the shore. lows this morning, this is the official jumping off point. 40s and 50s for everybody. bell mar 55 this morning, 6 6 newark. temperatures continue to climb. there's cloud coverage, easterly component to the wind. those suppress the temperatures just a little bit. i don't think they'll keep us out of the record books. tomorrow looking good now.
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so that's out of here. really it's just the cloudiness we have to put up with today. as far as the future cast and temperatures go, it's all about the numbers today. we'll see them climb through the early afternoon today, tomorrow into tuesday. still above average for this time of year. we'll threat models catch up to the forecast. really looking good as far as this week for continuing a pattern, very mild conditions. kink in the forecast is here a front comes through monday. we'll see heavier rain between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. heaviest rain offshore. a half inch seems possible with this system. looking at big picture. patchy fog throughout the afternoon sun setting at 4:38 today. warm conditions and forecast high of 65. mostly cloudy tonight. spotty drizzle, 54 overnight low. tomorrow a brief early morning shower. little drizzle then evening
6:14 am
brief shower, rain in the evening. i'll explain. here's the seven-day forecast. what a great day for football today at met life stadium. kickoff 1:00 p.m. temperatures in the low 60s. fantastic tailgating and pregame. can't beat playing on the east coast nfl football in december with temperature december -- temperatures in the mid-60s. >> to explain this. this is a great meteorology moment. rain versus showers. can you explain it? >> somehower is when you go in the shower. >> close. rob? >> i think rain is light. shower means heavier rainfall. >> you're wrong. rain is consistent precipitation.
6:15 am
raining is quick shower here and there. rain could occur between 5:00 or 10:00. showers are hit or miss. rain is it's raining people. >> i like it. let's get on the same level. >> i feel that. >> that was riveting. >> you should write for hallmark. >> next half hour the difference between partly cloudy and partly sunny. >> that is a tease. hah will keep people around. >> i hear people telling the television up right now. thank you. >> all right. straight after head on eyewitness news, sunday morning, specialized teams searching for a computer hard drive or anything that may be linked to san bernadino shooters. the search has ended. the question is what did they find and what could it mean?
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adopted the first global pact to cut and eliminate green house gas pollution. >> the agreement is start technology impact people from generations to come. alex has details. >> standing owe evasion and tears as almost every country agreed to the landmark deal aimed at preventing catastrophic climate change. the white house called it the most ambitious climate agreement in history. >> this is the chance to save the one planet we've got. >> 195 signing on to the agreement. two decades of negotiations
6:19 am
until now, two weeks of intense talks outside paris, several all-nighters between delegates, let to the deal that goes in effect 2020. it limits the goal less that 3.6 degrees fahrenheit. each country will be required to publicly report. >> we've reached an agreement that's the strongest, most ambitious climate change agreement ever negotiated. >> much is voluntary and not legally binding. developing countries like china which has seen smog in recent weeks, will not be required to report. there's not a way to punish those that don't live up to the agreement. some are saying it falls short, it's being celebrated around the
6:20 am
>> many say this climate deal is not good enough. thousands demonstrate add cross paris -- demonstrated across paris. environmentalists actening monthed -- environmentalists analysts called it -- chemistry or gathered this in solidarity with the protests in paris. the group chose the statue of liberty because it's one of the country's most iconic similarment -- symbols of solidarity and at risk of rising tides. divers armed with metal
6:21 am
yesterday for the third day hoping to find evidence linked to mass shooting did december 2nd that killed 14 people. they've been looking for a computer hard drive the shooting suspect may have toss into the water. authorities have arrested a man on suspension of setting a fire at a mosque many southern -- in southern california. it's an hour drive from san bernadino. bliss arrested diehl after he set a fire. that was contained in the lobby, everyone got out safely. outside. diehl is held on $150,000 bail. here in new york, a billboard is about islam. the billboard reeds quote, mohammed taught love not hate, peace not violence.
6:22 am
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patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence and quality of life is so important. welcome back everybody. it is 6:24. >> time for sports with laura. >> good morning everyone. well, just under a month ago, knicks won four straight, climbed over 500 and starting to
6:24 am
entering last night, new york was the owner of a second four game losing streak in last ten games. knicks tried to hope that last night beating the trailblazers out west. knicks trying to keep up. lopez against his former team. meanwhile blazers building a lead. off the miss, put back. knicks making a charge before the half. carmelo anthony working the perimeter for the three. knicks get the win. the clippers. powerful and good, the dunk. nets keep it first in the first. brooklyn taking the lead. paul pierce plays that well. they trailed by 13 at the break. in the lane, lead now do you think to two late. blake griffin too much down the
6:25 am
he led the way with 21 points to put this away 105-100. one day after the double overtime thrilling win, last night the warriors tried to stay perfect basing the bucs. golden state off their game. bucs took advantage. it's the sixth win streak of 12 or more milwaukee snapped in franchise history. warriors 28 game regular win streak dating back to last season now over. they're 24-1. the rangers stretch of nine straight wins seems like another season ago. blue shirts headed west hoping to get on track. last night they were trying to salvage one win as the three game canadian tour wrapped up. late last night, the rangers facing calgary. nice give and go for new york. jt miller flips it in. 1-0 rangers. flames come back and rangers
6:26 am
islanders on the road visiting blue jackets in columbus. they had the lead this the fifth until now. we go to overtime. kyle finishes 3-2. isle get the win in overtime. michael which a dire announced he's retiring. he spent -- michael cadir aree announced he's retiring. he decided to call it quits. making the announcement on derek jeter's player tribune website. writing in far part, it goes against every grain in my body to quit the game. the toll on my body says it has caught up to me. that will do it for morning sports. we'll see you later tonight at 5:00. >> all right.
6:27 am
eyewitness news on a sunday morning including live look at today's top stories. fire officials investigating how six u.s. postal service trucks caught fire last night. that's ahead. is donald finally losing steam? could the republican presidential race is a new front runner iowa? we'll find out coming up i'm amy freeze with the forecast. a large area of moisture come ago controlling cross the midwest. wet start to the workweek looks likely. if we rate this day, another
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oh welcome back everybody. eyewitness news early on a sunday morning, december 13 a live shot there of the city. sun not up just yet. it's getting there. >> cheers my love. >> indeed. you're waking up. we're all waking up to aprilish weather. it's wonderful mild if you like warm weather. it's been your weekend. >> your windows could be up now. good morning everybody. >> welcome to "eyewitness news sunday morning ." meteorologist amy freeze, you've got a lot to answer for. it's quite nice. >> customers are happy. >> yes. >> no recent refunds. everyone is in a great mood over weather. we can continue a couple more days. even down the stretch, potential for record breaking weather midweek. 60 degrees is where we begin this morning.
6:30 am
overnight lows in the 40s and 50s. central park the overnight low 60 degrees. that's where we begin the day. think we could make it to mid 60s and break the record today, 64 degrees. 24 hour temperature change 5-10 degrees. areas in yellow, warmth t san franciscos to get the past for the day cloud coverage is thin this morning as well. as the sun comes up this morning, 7:15, we should get up to record temperatures. hope we get the recommend mission to nice weather we've had. it's been fantastic. planning this day, more clouds than we like to see. high of 65 new york city. coming up in minutes in the seven-day forecast, we'll talk a wet tart to the workweek and also -- wet start to the workweek and give you a glimpse of records that could be broken late they are week.
6:31 am
a three alarm fire at a postal garage this manhattan. >> bizarre, happened last night. six trucks go up in flames. kristin is live in chelsea. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, it's unclear how these trucks caught fire. thankfully no one was hurt here. it happened 10:30 last night, ten trucks caught fire at the vehicle maintenance facility in chelsea the video was provided by a view per going by at the time. the trucks were on the third floor of the building the maintenance facility how has other offices. it's unclear if there were holiday packages on those trucks at. we're still waiting to hear from the u.s. postal service about how exactly this all started and again if there were packages on those trucks. i spoke to a gentleman that works here. he said there have been recommend are tremendous kal
6:32 am
still unclear if that caused this thing. we have to hear back about that. live in chelsea, kristin thorn, eyewitness news. kristin, thank you. politics now. turning to the race for the white house. texas senator ted cruz appears to be surging ahead of donald trump in iowa. big headline. cruz leading trump by 10 points according to the bloomburg survey of likely republican voters released yesterday it's the second poll of the week showing cruz ahead of donald. the shift may be due to cruz picking up former ben carson voters. support for carson has dropped significantly in both surveys. this morning, we're seeing video of violent show down between biker gangs in waco texas that led to nine dead on may 17th in a restaurant
6:33 am
the video starts with an argument. what really started the violence is still up for debate. some say it was money. others say some kind of issue related to respect. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the tire that destroyed a yacht club in maryland. 100 firefighters battled this fire at the yacht club yesterday afternoon. crews from the naval academy put out the flames. the water front inferno forced cancellation of holiday boat parade of lights to happen. dozens on long island gathered to protest. protestors were there to denounce what she a was excessive force. a judge handed down a not guilty investigator friday. the officer was accused of
6:34 am
stop that happened last year. defense attorney said use of force was reasonable because howell reached for his glove box his life. car. an attempted kidnapping. a store in green acres mall on long island. police released pictures of the woman they're trying to find. she approached a mother and her small child thursday many the restroom khol's. the woman said give me the baby and grabbed the woman's arm. the mother was able to fight her off. if you want to get a look or share pictures, they're posted on our facebook page. abc >> amazing how clear those are. the day was far from over if for a police sergeant on his way
6:35 am
were on their way to a hospital in new brunswick. they pulled over on the parkway yesterday. turn temperatures out the girl, this one, could not wait to be born. sergeant shaun bogue was able to arrive within minutes. >> it's good to bring life. the baby being born and everybody is happy and healthy. to see the mother smiling with the baby. that's great. that's the best feeling right there. >> he was headed home at the time. he says this was his first time delivering a baby himself. he does have some experience himself. the baby girl and her mother are doing just fine. >> i feel we see stories like that all the time. anyone can deliver a baby. do we need doctors? every time someone gets -- fire
6:36 am
every can deliver a child. >> so true. how great is that, never off duty. >> welcome to the world. >> baby girl at 9:00 on this sunday morning. elf the musical is at madison square garden. elf is stopping by this studio. >> excellent. looking forward to more of this weather. how about that. amy freeze is back with the forecast when eyewitness news sunday morning continues. first we want to give you a message from member of military from our area that can't be home for the holidays. hello. i'm stationed here in southwest asia. i'm deployed from the base back at home in long island.
6:37 am
if you're going to compare me, that's the one i want to be if there's only two choices. >> back story was i said amy looked like angela basset, all toned up. >> that was the second. first you said vin diesel. i said if it's the choice between vin diesel and the roc, i want to be vin. then you said that. we've got to think of some sort of transition to ease into the news that it could be a record breaking day today. >> today. look at that. you just said it again. >> the low is now. >> the low is now higher than moment. woke up. wait a minute.
6:38 am
you're calling for? >> 65 >> wow. >> as early as thursday, we thought this could be the day we have a record breaker. sticking with it. let's get to business. we have evidence it's possible today. 60 degrees in central park. temperatures are a handful of degrees warmer than yesterday at the same exact time. we've got a head start there. we have patchy fog. this live shot over the river, visibility looks good. it are will be in some areas we see limited visibility. show you that coming up. 60 central park, 67 humidity. problems with fog have been inland new jersey, store locations and parts of hudson valley as we go through the morning, sun comes up at 6:11. few degrees from that. already at 60. throughout the afternoon although we have cloud cover, i
6:39 am
history books. here's a look at accu track. maybe a little bringle that happened overnight. that's about it. our next real chance of rain comes in tomorrow. it will be tricky. there's a cold front coming in early part of tomorrow. a light drizzle or quick shower. rain develops 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 at night. not a lot to see here as we roll the clock. numbers in the 60s next couple days. it's nice through thursday. seeing temperatures at the above average range. on the future cast, clouds are around monday. early in the day, especially north and west, we get a quick shower. it doesn't last long. clouds around a damp feel to the day. we're still in the 60s monday. by 6:00 the front has started rain in the western counties. that will continue until 9:00 or 10:00 at night with the heaviest showers many orange and yellow here offshore.
6:40 am
back to mix of sun and clouds. looks nice. our temperatures will be cooler through the week. still potentially record breaking on couple days. mostly cloudy and watch 65 degrees. tonight mostly cloudy, spot drizzle happening late. 54 the overnight low. cooler tonight than last night. a brief morning shower tomorrow. then the evening rain. i don't think it's going to rain all day. it will be damp and cloudy. 63 degrees, very mild. tomorrow. here's your seven-day forecast. what a day for football. going to met life stadium, first kick. temperatures in the 60s light northeast wind. tomorrow, we get the damp start then rain at night. 63 the high. 53 degrees off the record that day. tuesday 62 degrees. we're getting cooler with breezy conditions on wednesday. 56, that's still 7 degrees above year. thursday, back to warm near
6:41 am
even with the high of 59. we'll get showers that day what can did we say, the front coming late next week reflected in temperatures. 50 friday and 45 45 saturday. as promised sometimes we use terminology that could be interrupted by different people. we talk about rain and showers. i promise we'll deliver on partly sunny versus partly cloud can i cloud -- cloudy. any guesses ? >> partly sunny is during the day, partly cloudy is night. >> if a forecast area -- forecaster uses partly cloudy during the day, i would say they're glass half em i the. that's what i'm talking. >> i like it. >> and the dew point in the next
6:42 am
>> let's save that. >> all right. thank you angela. >> that's going to do it for crazy talk. >> before we go to primary care physician let's look at today's channel 7 community calendar featuring a remix dedicated to amy and angela. this is a remix of what's love got to do with it? tina turner classic. roll it. farmers, bakers, brewers on tap at the bronx museum holiday market, an event not to be missed. queens museum invite i don't say to mow -- invites you to enjoy the holiday. the gingerbread house workshop at the baldwin public library invites teams with children to decade with candy and take home.
6:43 am
together hundreds of players at rockefeller center to perform season favorites. st. john's episcopal church.
6:44 am
movie? >> "star wars ." we mentioned the night to celebrate one and only legend in
6:45 am
yesterday would have been frank's 100th birthday. the city celebrated the blue eyes on the stephens institute of technology. the event as you might imagine completely sold out. it raised money for david webster memorial fund and and city's cultural events series. chairman of the board. never be another. across the river in manhattan, fans paid tribute at restaurants. you know that place. fans including danny enjoyed a menu featuring his favorite dishes listening to his music and sharing stories about frank. that's right. you know who that guy is. yes. he remembered the first time he
6:46 am
he -- time he saw sinnatra perform. >> he sings truth in his songs. therefore, one can always identify with frank sinatra's songs. >> how awesome is that? he started dining at patsy's in early 1950s. it became a spot for the singer and his famous friends. definition of cool. it was their favorite spot for decades in fact. >> my husband and i were talking about it. he hay have been the greatest # 100 years. >> still the benchmark of cool. >> true. when we come back, neighborhood eats. >> patsy's. first, big dog sunday. what's up? >> real cutie pies. first a familiar face.
6:47 am
not only the outfit is great, that's a charlie brown tree. so cute this morning. thank you for sending this in. we've got oliver. kate sent this in. love your tree. this is gravy. sent many by keith under the christmas tree. leo, you look smashing. isn't that a great costume? so good. hashtag big dog sunday. we'll be right back dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs.
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neighborhood eats. a restaurant not just because of there. mid land beach, staten island. lauren has more. >> the people are wonderful. i have to say the food is very good also. i like the idea behind the restaurant. it's really nice. >> there are a number of reasons to come to harvest cafe on staten island. >> there's the food like the sandwiches and there are the people that work here. >> i do food service area. i do the sugars, teas, give to customers. >> harvest cafe is sponsored by non profit, a special place started 40 years ago to provide services to developmentally disabled children and adults. >> we train people and then employee them here.
6:51 am
in the community and other types of places. >> the restaurant has been open four years now. it's a destination for many regulars. one of the most items is pretzel crusted chicken club. it has flour, egg and milk mixture before going into pretzel crumbs. >> gives it a saltiness and savory. >> it's placed on a pretzel bun with smokey mayonnaise and bacon. >> how could you not love this place? i've seen growth of young people and adults when they didn't make eye contact. now they shake my hand, know me a phenomenal experience. trainees. >> do you help them find a seat? >> i help them find a seat. >> how does that feel thoughing you're doing a good job? >> it's so good. >> you can feel it with people
6:52 am
they feel special participating because it's their place. >> eyewitness news. >> nothing not to love about that story >> right creative kindness. how can we make everybody a part of this? >> no matter what cards you've been dealt. we can find a purpose and mission. love that. love that. >> go spend lots of money at the cafe. >> awesome. coming up in the next hour, flames broke out at a u.s. postal service facility two weeks before christmas.
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figure out what sparked a fire inside a parking garage that strode six vehicles. new this morning, the driver of a scooter is fighting for his life after colliding with an suv outside central park. just a few weeks before voters head to polls, donald trump is facing tough competition among gop rivals. interesting. good morning. sun up early on this sunday morning. early on this sunday, december 13th, another mild, like day. >> yes. thank you mother nature for this week very nice if you like it week. some complaining like it doesn't feel like holidays, doesn't feel like christmas. >> they do. >> good morning everybody. happy sunday i'm rob nelson
6:56 am
eyewitness news sunday morning. been listening to frank sinatra. he would have been 100 yesterday. i'm going to listen to the radio all day today listening to frank. >> that's great. all day. >> i love it. >> do you have a favorite frank song? >> yesterday we did the calendar throw backs. i was there with you rob. i have the best of downloaded on itunes. the favorites, you know. 59 degrees is what we have now this in central park. off 1 degrees from where we started. 60 was on the thermometer early on. that was the overnight temperature. this morning we drop todd -- dropped off the 1 degrees. cooling at surface. could be a record breaker. patchy fog this morning. have to beat 64 to go in history books.
6:57 am
reading on this date. rain returns tomorrow, mainly late afternoon and evening. fog less than five miles. six for bridge port. looking at the track. thin layer of clouds overhead. areas of of fog that will lighten up and move on as the morning getting going. mid to upper 50s is the temperature now. can we add that handful of degrees to make a record breaker? forecasting 65. looks possible. cloud coverage and easterly wind will not allow temperatures to get too warm today. we'll talk details about record breaking days and more on rain headed our way for tomorrow. that's in the full forecast. michelle? >> thank you so much amy. details on a fast moving fire that could cause problems for busy holiday shopping season. six u.s. postal trucks are are damaged inside the parking garage. kristin thorn is live in chelsea
6:58 am
morning. kristin. >> good morning michelle. they were damaged by a fire. unclear if it was one truck that caught fire and spread is. this is the the third floor of this vehicle maintenance facility. that's where the trucks were at the time on the third floor of the building. thankfully no one was hurt. it happened 10:30 last night six truck at the vehicle maintenance facility caught fire. this is video you're seeing provided to us by a viewer going by at the time. this fire rose to three ladies' rooms. trucks on the third floor of the building. other offices. it's unclear if there were holiday packages on those trucks at the time. we're waiting to hear back about that and the cause of this fire live in chelsea, kristin thorn, channel 7, eyewitness news thank you very much. new this morning, police are
6:59 am
entrance to central park that critically injured a scooter driver. he collided with a delivery cab at 85th street at 3:30 this morning the the scooter driver may have ran a red light and hit the suv turning on to fifth after. one person in the suv did suffer minor injuries. police have increased patrols around rutgers university following a series of robberies. three between 1:00 and 3:00 avenue near the rutgers -- 3:00 a.m. campus. a man attacked two people on the street punching them several items. it's the latest in a series of community pretty worried. >> kind of freaky. doesn't make it feel that safe on campus. >> most that live here know this is a college area.
7:00 am
waiting on them. >> police are trying to are connected. rutgers university increased crimes. the nypd has released an image of a man they want to question in connection to a deadly hit and run in queens. police say he was caught on camera getting out of the passenger side of the vehicle a short time after the incident. detectives would like to video him. a toyota person tuesday night in corona. divers armed with metal detectors searched a nearby lake saturday for a third straight day hoping to find a computer hard drive and anything else linked to husband and wife behind the attack that killed 14 people in san bernardino. investigators believe the couple tried to cover their tracks destroying cell phones and
7:01 am
items in the lake. i 23-year-old man is under arrest on suspension of torching a mosque. james diehl facing hate crime charges. he set a mosque on fire friday. the fire was contained to the lobby. he's held on $150,000 bail. and turning now to race for the white house. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders challenged republican front runner donald trump's proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. >> to force or try to get the american people to hate somebody because of their religion or because of their country of birth. that is is disgusting, inacceptable. as a nation, we must reject it.
7:02 am
clinton has called his ideas dangerous and even paranoid. the big headline is texas senator ted cruz now taking the lead in the key early voting state of iowa cruz is leading the donald now by 10 points according to the bloomberg survey of likely republican voters. it's the second poll of the vehicle showing cruz ahead of trump in the hawk eye state. analysts say the shift may be cruz picking up voters that defected from ben car son he'll join george later this morning if for an exclusive interview. i'm sure george will ask why he thinks he's slipping in the polls. >> next week will be ant trump and cruz going at it. >> interesting coming up, historic agreement to fight climate change. every nation in the world almost coming together. environmentalists are not
7:03 am
country's south, one mayor declaring disaster overnight.
7:04 am
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7:05 am
80 miles east of dallas, two afternoon. 35 building were damaged, trees uprooted across that town. red cross set up a shelter for displaced residents the city's mayor issued a declaration of disaster. fortunately no injuries have been reported. makes us feel guilty about the
7:06 am
other part of the country sitting pretty. >> what did you do yesterday? >> went down the shore. >> of course. >> michelle will go to the shore in a blizzard. what's the discussion? >> i respect that. there. >> what about you? >> what did we do? >> you saw santa con happening. >> i was in midtown. where did we go? i'm blank. >> were you in santa con? >> i was not in santa con. getting too old. >> what did we do yesterday? >> we had brunch and went out with friends to watch the carolina game. that was the day. walked around in to coat. it was great. outdoor cafes loaded up. >> exactly. it was beautiful. my friend kelly ford that works
7:07 am
she's got a promotion in the mornings across the country. she's moving to nashville. she invited know go down. we checked out this new country music artist. she's fan taste. -- fantastic. i loved her. i heard her song on the road "burning house ." in the middle is cam. isn't she cute? i loved her. "burning house" is name of the single. just today you can download the whole album on itunes. she was so cute. she's going to be on nashfm. the one thing darling about her, she always wears yellow. that's kind of her signature thing. i had my yellow sparkle bracelet on yesterday. i had to give it to her. she wears the yellow because it's sunny and bright. it was fun. >> i have a question when you come back. >> i'll save time on the other end.
7:08 am
for whatever you did outside getting around town, going to enjoy whatever over the weekend. it's been fantastic. we've had three cases we hit mark of 60s. we had one before that. a nice string going here. if we compare this year and the forecast highs over the next two days to what we had last year at the same time, running 10-15 to 20 degrees above average. 59 the current temperature humidity 69%. winds are calm. we can be extremely cold this time of year. the record low is just 8 degrees. back in 1960. both end of the stream. potentially taking out this record high, but a record low of 8 degrees is pretty far apart. then the normals, nowhere near those 44 and 43. we're closer to extremes more than anything else. the reason is jet stream is out
7:09 am
winds to come up, mild air from the south. that's affecting the east coast back to the tennessee and ohio river valleys and parts of midwest are getting chilly shots of air. storm tracker to the north of us until tomorrow. we could see a change. light clouds today and really an easterly components to winds. few sprinkles orange county, newburg this morning. not a lot. just a little drizzle. tomorrow it will be rain-like across the area. temperatures continue into 60. it's going to feel really warm just won't look great with clouds in place on the future cast. mostly cloudy day. rain starting after 5:00. rain will continue in the evening hours. orange, yellows showing heaviest rain offshore. one thing that says ability the computer mod -- says about the
7:10 am
should get indense rainfall more than anything else. tuesday looks great. patchy fog, mainly cloudy and warp. tonight mostly cloudy with spot drizzle developing overnight. tomorrow, here's how it goes down. brief morning shower. could be damp in the morning. the bulk of the rain is coming at night half inch to inch possible. eastern locations like the jersey shore and long island could get the most of that rain. then we look at a nice tuesday. the temperatures in the low 60s. wednesday, cooler and breezy, 56. thursday we're right back flirting with the records which are in the upper 50s. then friday and saturday temperatures are cooler. just 50 friday and 45 saturday. great day for kick off in the 60s. >> 45 is not bad for week of christmas. >> beautiful.
7:11 am
you're not exactly a pop culture con sore. you're committed to country music. what about country music speaks to you? you seem to be into it. i'm curious. i like to pick the brain. >> i think country music comes from the heart. for example, cam has written all of her own music. >> i respect that >> one of the greatest songs i think on her album is called "village ." it was written for her best friend because her brother passed away. it's a beautiful song. i think country music, you know -- >> comes with something personal. >> i like cowboy beets. i'm just saying. >> that's a great song. she was playing that for me. >> i love it. >> what's the name again? >> "village" by cam. i'm going to download that today.
7:12 am
>> it's the message, heart strings. >> thank you. straight ahead, it's one of the most popular gifts under the tree. it could pose a significant danger. now one of the biggest online retailers is yanking the particular brand of these hover boards off its digital shelves. we'll tell you which ones and why.
7:13 am
president obama says the sweeping climate agreement reached in paris offers the best chance to say the one planet we have. leaders from nearly 200 countries adopted the plan to
7:14 am
and in some cases eliminating green house gas pollution. the paris agreement ims to keep temperatures from rising -- agreement aims to keep temperatures from rising 2 degrees celsius. it says this establishes the frame work the world needs to combat the climate crisis. >> no nation, not even one as powerful as ours, can solve this challenge alone. no country no matter how small can sit on sidelines. >> world leaders had been negotiating this four years the deal needs to be ratified by individual governments before taking effect as the world's leaders debated the agreement, thousands of activists demonstrated across paris. protestors held hands and formed a human chain that stretched around the eiffel tower. they called for more action. they say the emission targets on
7:15 am
safety concerns are causing amazon to stop selling one of this year's hottest holiday toys. the online retailer has removed swag way hover boards from the website. the move comes after several fires linked to devices including a fire at a house in new york. swag way says amazon told them the company is pulling the boards pending a safety review of the product. that footage you see there from a story i shot a few weeks ago. i want to take this chance to remind people, hover boards are illegal on public streets and sidewalks in new york. the fine, $500. >> that's no joke. >> that's serious money. just put it out there again. >> illegal. sports coming up next. first, a holiday message from a member of our forces. >> hey, it's sergeant carde.
7:16 am
happy holiday. it's my fiance tracey, mom and dad in florida, daughter in new york.
7:17 am
i wish you there is a place... ...where the cold melts away, the hustle and bustle dies down, and the only thing left... what's truly important. the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit
7:18 am
welcome back. big sports news this morning. warriors have fallen. >> basketball's only unbeaten team is unbeaten no more. laura has that and more in sports headlines. >> good morning everyone. just under a month a knicks had won four straight, climbed over 500 and starting to make people believe in them. entering last night, new york was the owner of a second losing
7:19 am
trailblazers out west, portland with the fast start. robin lopez against his former team. floater in the lane. blazers were building a lead. they led 22-11 at that appoint. micks making a charge before the -- knicks making a charge before the half. making the perimeter before the three. knicks get the win closer to home, knicks trying to keep up home success. gordon is good and powerful. keeping it close many the first. the triple. brooklyn taking one point lead. paul pearce can play that game and play it well mets trailed by 13 at the break. they made it interesting in the second half. floater in the lane. lead down to two late. blake griffin too much down the stretch. he led 21 points to put this away. 105-100. one day after the double
7:20 am
facing bucs. golden state off the game. bucs took advantage which is something they always do. sixth win streak of 12 or more milwaukee snapped in history. 28 game regular season win streak dating back to last season is over. they're 24-1. seems like another season ago, blue shirts headed west hoping to get on track. last night they were trying to salvage one win as the canadian tour wrapped up. snap. facing calgary. first period, give and go. jt miller flips it in. that made it 1-0 rangers. the flames come back and lose the third in a row. the islanders also on the road last night visiting the blue jackets in columbus. lead in the third period until now.
7:21 am
year. we go to overtime. he finishes 3-2. they get the win in overtime. mets have been adding players to their roster this hot stove season. yesterday they lost one. michael cadire officially announced he's retiring. 36-year-old spent last season in new york. one more year and $12.5 million remaining on his contract, he decided to call it quits. making the announcement on derrick jeter's website writing in part, quote, it goes against every grain many my body to consider a future without the game. after 15 years, the toll on my body has caught up to me. one other note for you. derrick henry is winner of the heisman trophy. that will do it for morning sports. we'll you later at 5:00. >> thank you laura. more ahead on this sunday morning including a look at today's top stories. fire officials are investigating how six u.s.
7:22 am
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welcome back to eyewitness news. taking a live look at little reflection on the buildings on this sunday morning. lower manhattan in the shot there. december and 13th. thanks for being with us. morning. >> sometimes we're still waking up. that's me. >> easy to wake up many kind of weather. that's for sure. hi everybody. rob nelson and michelle here. welcome to "eyewitness news sunday morning ." thanks fur being with us. we hope you get outside after the show and enjoy this weather.
7:25 am
at a record today. >> that's right. temperatures in the mids mid-60s would put us in the many books. we could tie it, break it. we started at 60 degrees. temperatures have dropped off a degrees or two in spots. 59 now in central park. mild overnight giving a head start to today real wrinkle out there is patchy fog. we get to the afternoon. we could see a little cloud coverage. there's an easterly component to the wind. those things could slow us as far as thes get to mid 60 oses. we're close. yesterday 66 for the high. rain returns monday. mainly late part of the afternoon. on this day, temperatures already running 5-10 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. mild start yesterday. even warmer today as we get going. there is visibility issues in
7:26 am
patchy fog for manicello, less than five miles ice slip. bridge port six miles. few light sprinkles overnight many orange county. other than that, decent conditions to start this day more clouds than sunshine. temperatures low to mid-60s. we'll go for high of 65 to beat the record. any way you spell it, nice stretch of weather continues a couple more days as far as temperatures. we'll talk about rain in the forecast in the seven day coming up next. rob? >> amountmy, thank -- amy, thank you. we'll talk about the fire a u.s. postal service. six large trucks were damaged in manhattan. there's no word yet on the cause. kristin is joining us from chelsea is live with the story. good morning. >> reporter: it's unclear if this was one that caught fire and several others caught fire.
7:27 am
happened, the third floor of highway. thankfully no one was hurt. 10:30 last night, six trucks at the vehicle maintenance facility in chelsea. those caught fire. this is video of the scene a viewer sent to us. this fire rose to three alarms. trucks were on the third floor of the building. the maintenance facility how has other how has -- facility how has other offices. i spoke to a gentleman that works here. he says trucks are having electrical issues, but it's unclear if that caused this thing.
7:28 am
circumstances -- we're live in chelsea is. intense flames at the complex around 9:00 last night at a pavilion next to the pool. firefighters contained the flames after an hour. they'll survey the extent of the damage later today. an attempted kidnapping inside a department store on long island. police say this is the woman that approached a mother and her young child thursday in the restroom of khol's. the woman allegedly said give me the baby and grabbed the child's arm the mother was able to fight her off. she was last seen leaving in a black vehicle. a long island man accused of stealing from a church will go before a church. rock used a rock to smash donation boxes at the lady lord church. the 39-year-old took off with money meant to help the less fortunate. he'll be arraigned on burglary charges.
7:29 am
british prime minister david cameron is proposing a wide ban on some automatic guns across the european union he said they must have a unified policy on the semiautomatic firearms to keep all citizens safe from terror and other attacks the prime minister plans to outline the plan at a summit in brussels thursday back here in local news, mayor de blasio heads back to work tomorrow after his hernia surgery. he was discharged yesterday. the surgery was set to be a success. the 54-year-old mayor developed a hernia and suffered pain as a result. we're told a doctor told the mayor it was time to deal with the issue before it worsened. the surgery procedure. best to him.
7:30 am
to reject sadness around the world. pope francis will begin the visit microphone -- visit in mexico city. it will include a visit to the poor southern region also the open air mass at the mexico board area cross the texas. getting word of a devastating fire in russia. dozens killed when flames tore through the psychiatric hospital. the horrifying scene and what cause a special delivery for a troop that went above -- a state beyond.
7:31 am
most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at welcome back. officials in russia say wiring problem may have caused a fire at a psychiatric hospital. 23 patients were killed and
7:32 am
at the facility 300 miles south of moscow yesterday. 23 did get out safely. >> hard news to hear man >> wiring problem is what they're thinking. >> indeed. we'll shift gears and get a look at the full forecast. people are loving the weather department these days. >> i know. >> 60s of on and on and on. >> it was weird walking out yesterday. i had lunch at landmark and went to watch the carolina game. any way -- >> momentary lapse when we asked earlier. we said did you do santa con. >> it was so great walking to the places i went to last night and seeing people outside like it was middle of may. they're having brunch, lunch, whatever. >> maybe nicer. >> it was great. some people don't like the warmth. 60s are too much for them in middle of december. >> right.
7:33 am
>> i've got a >> so do i. >> like you, i was in midtown, shifted a little midtown east. >> little east, yeah. >> minus 5 ice bar. i was there couple months ago and it was shut down. they were renovating. >> yes. >> they were very happy with me over at minus 5 ice bar. warmth. we have people coming in wanting to be cold. basically you have this -- it's a lighting change. thrown. that's my orange juice. made of ice. ago. that's a fun place. cold tush. doesn't freeze. it's cold. everything is made of ice. every fixture.
7:34 am
go there by the hilton on the east side. it's renovated f. you've been before, come again. i don't know why it's going to black. they've taken my live camera out of there. them out. it's a fun place. if people are coming to new york and like where is the cold weather take them there. 59 degrees in the park now. temperatures in the 40s and 50s across the area. mid-50s bell mar. 50 toms river. extremely mild out there. we're not going to stop with being comfortsable. instead going for -- comfortable. instead going for a record today. today we could take the top spot just a little drizzle and quick moving shower orange county earlier this morning. this could be north and west. manufacture --
7:35 am
we hardly cooled off. great head start. with clouds in place, should be enough sun to allow temperatures to be bumped to mid 60s. tomorrow, 63. still ahead of the cool air. it will be a little damp. showers mainly at night starting after 5:00 going to 10:00. watch future cast. starting monday morning. over cast and maybe few showers with a damp sidewalk. here we are are rain 5-10:00 p.m. expecting rain before the front clears. that's slightly cooler air. we have the potential to break records through the accu weather forecast. patchy fog throughout the afternoon. mostly cloudy and warp. 65 degrees, sunset at 4:38 this afternoon. tonight temperatures go to mid-60s in the city. upper 40s for suburbs. tomorrow is a briefer
7:36 am
morning shower then the rain. >> you'll need the raincoat when -- need the umbrella when you leave the house cool and breezy wednesday. that's the day we slide back to 50s. thursday, the record is within reach even though the forecast high is 59. as time goes on, the records of course lower themselves. with this mild pattern, we're talking potential records as long as the pattern stays in place. saturday cooler 50. that's your seven day. >> maybe one for the record books today we'll check and see i like it. thanks. >> thanks amy. a police sergeant brent saving lives to -- sergeant went from saving lives to delivering a life. >> a cup couple pulled over
7:37 am
not wait to be born. the sergeant heard dispamper asking for assistance. minutes. >> that's the way i look at it. the baby being born, everybody is happy and healthy. to see the mother smiling with the baby, that's great. there. >> well done. he was on his way home. he says this was the first time he has personal experience because he's a father of three. just fine. little sleepy face. >> love it. >> great story to tell that kid when it gets older. >> very good. coming up on this sunday morning, the elf coming off the shelf and hiding here to the -- and heading here to the studio. affair. >> a special guest today. love that. before we go to break, let's
7:38 am
i want to wish a happy 47th birthday to actor, comedian, singer jamie foxx. this is dedicated to santa controversies controversy con -- santa cons that may not be having their best morning. jamie's hit, blame it on the alcohol. >> bacon, egg, cheese. farmingers,farming -- farmers, bakers, brewers are invited. the museum encourages you to holiday. workshops for family and amazing market filled with arts and crafts the gingerbread house workshop invites children to make tasty homes and decade with candy to take them home
7:39 am
together hundreds of players at rockefeller center. st. john's episcopal church in stan ford features dramatic costumes, animals, carols, one new england. celebrate the tree and menorah
7:40 am
no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter.
7:41 am
welcome back everybody. if you know buddy the elf's favorite color, there's a musical for you. the holiday film favorite is back for an onstage production. >> it's about a young orphan that ends up at the north pole then to new york for the search for his family i don't think he's an orphan. any way. >> elf the musical moves to the stage. what you love in the movie. >> a show about family, to be working on a show about family with my amazing. >> yeah. >> dancer amanda bron and big sister is working together. >> is she bossy pants?
7:42 am
she's the old exist, best reel reel -- best role model. >> the sisters took me behind scenes to see the costumes, secret passage ways and work it takes to put on this show. >> everybody at some point has an elf costume >> beautiful. very cool. >> over here, this is our santa costume. everything is hand made including the santa beards. >> these are all the beards. it's a great number. so so fun. they'll all wear them. the entire cast em ensemble wears one. >> you have all your hair in this. >> yes. shushed around my head.
7:43 am
show. >> some costume changes happen in 30 seconds >> sometimes i change off the edge of the show and go right back on. >> "elf" musical runs through december 27th at madison square theater. i found tickets for $26. try to find the deals. i misspoke. he lost his mother so he was an orphan. >> there we go cleared up. coming up at 90:000, this is great. we'll get more inside scoop from the show's director. he will join us live here in the studio. >> very cool. buddy. it's coming. >> gets you in the holiday we like it. >> it's big dog sunday. speaking of holiday spirits, warm wish across the board in addition of this sunday. say hello to leo.
7:44 am
front of the christmas tree. oliver, love your tree. cupcake channeling charlie brown with the one ornament hanging on the tree. a cutie pie sent in by lori this morning. then we've got moe trying to sneak into the big dog sunday. don't let pit fool you. hashtag big meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games,
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or call 1-855-355-5777 enrollment ends december 15th welcome back. now 7:57. our top stories. six postal trucks went up in flames in a fire in manhattan last night. >> kristin is live in chelsea with details. >> reporter: it's unclear how this all happened. thankfully no one was hurt inside. it happened 10:30 last night at the vehicle maintenance facility off the west side highway in chelsea. this is video from a viewer going by. the maintenance facility how has other offices. it's unclear if there were holiday packages on hose trucks
7:48 am
still waiting to hear from the postal service about how this fire started and more importantly if there were any packages, holiday packages, on those trucks. we surely hope not. live in chelsea, channel 7 eyewitness news. officials are investigating a fire at a wreck senter. a -- rec center. >> serious flames there. no injuries reported. a 29-year-old man is in critical condition after his scoot herb collided -- scoot perer collided with an suv. it happened 33:00 this morning. one earn -- 3:30 this morning. one person was hurt.
7:49 am
>> this mild stretch of weather, yes, record breaking today. it doesn't end today. we have a couple days on the seven-day forecast that are actually more potentially error breaking. >> tell me more >> it's great. the pattern cools off a little bit but not extreme cold. looking over the east river. hazy, patchy fog continues for parts of the air that limits visibility. be aware of that more clouds than sunshine. a little warmth should take us to mid-60s. record is 64 in 1923, we bo could get it by a degrees or two. yesterday we had 66. on monday, we will see rain in the area. we'll start with light showers and 5:00-10 p.m. tomorrow night, we'll see heavier, more steadier rain. >> elf the musical coming up at 9:00. >> it's going to be chaos.
7:50 am
>> i'm rob nelson.
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