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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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be the same. by all accounts, howell suffered his injuries at the hands of a nassau county police officer after a traffic stop in 2014. on friday, the officer, vincent logiudice, was acquitted of assault charges. >> they have a civil rights division. that's what they're there for, and they should be looking at these cases. >> reporter: amy marion says it's essential no different from the case of christopher loeb who claims he was beaten in police custody by none other than james burke, the chief of the suffolk county police department. burke was arrested on federal charges and is being held without bail. >> if the police can beat me and kyle, they can beat anyone. >> reporter: loeb insists that his case and the case of kyle howell are examples of police brutality that local prosecutors are unable to
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attorney william petrillo who defended officer logiudice says a federal investigation of his client is unlikely because of kyle howell's own admissions at trial. >> he knew the entire time that what he was doing would cause them to believe that he had a weapon or had reached for a weapon and concealed one and despite that, and despite continued commands to stop, continued in that conduct. >> reporter: he says a federal prosecution, even if it were mounted, would be unsuccessful. a spokesman for the u.s. attorney's office for the eastern district of new york which has jurisdiction here declined to comment tonight. live in mineola, long island, n.j. news. turning now to weather, showers are on the way as we normal temperatures. meteorologist lee goldberg outside our studio on the upper west side with the timing of the rain and how much of it we can expect. lee. >> sade, october, the sequel,
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60 degrees here, another warm night, not much wind out. it feels great. but i will need the umbrella in a couple hours. let's look at lower manhattan. clouds thickened. at least the fog has lifted. an even 60 at 5:00. the visibility is still low in connecticut and long island. they have improved from the city in south and west. numbers over parts of interior new jersey got up to 60 degrees. to the east of new york city, upper 50s. valley. a couple of the first sprinkles trying to get into the delaware water gap, pike county and sullivan county. not a big daily. the steadiest rain hasn't even gotten to philly yet. i think those showers west of philly, 100 miles away, are two or three hours away. futurecast timing. by 7:00 or 9:00 rain moving
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there will probably be off and on rain throughout the evening. a couple of pockets will be moderate. then a squall line moving through overnight with the actual told front, and that won't bring very chilly air. it will just dry us out and pick up the winds. no problems bithe commute. december is now 10.5 degrees above average. a third of an inch to maybe half an inch in spots that get a rumble of thunder. it's gusty but still 60 tomorrow. for. we haven't been cold yet. so when it's in the 30s to around 40, it's going to feel chilly. more on that in the seven-day accuweather forecast and the latest timing on the rain. bill, sade, back to you. >> lee, thank you. you can check the radar with our app. bill. we have chilling new details about a double murder in new jersey. a 51-year-old is now charged with the murders of his girlfriend and her daughter.
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sel beaten and killed with a hammer. he allegedly spray painted accusations on the blanket claiming the victim stole from him. bail. a young woman in critical condition, the victim of a hit and run in queens. that driver chased and caught by good samaritans. the family of the 21-year-old best. here's eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne. >> she doesn't look g. she's in the doing good. she's barely even blinking an eye. >> reporter: barbara nelson says it is hard to look at her young, vibrant daughter in the hospital suffering from a severe head injury and broken leg. this white mustang struck 21- year-old nelson as she crossed beach 19th street in far rockaway. nelson was going to grab lunch with her friend, sister, and her sister's five-year-old daughter before going to her shift as a cashier at nearby
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>> i heard, boom! i turned around and see my friend 10 feet in the air. >> i seen my sister laying on the floor. at first i think she's just covering herself, but she's not moving. i get across the street and my sister is bleeding through her mouth. >> reporter: police say the driver fled the scene but close behind in another car were a man and a woman who apparently followed watson for several blocks, gig police directions to where he was. for that nelson's mother says she's extremely grateful. >> he deserves the ultimate punishment, the max, whatever they can give him. >> watson is being charged with leaving the scene of the accident with serious injuries and aggravated unlicensed
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thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. (audio difficulties) there was no official commemoration although flags are flying at half-staff in
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dozens of protesters are a stretch of first avenue on the upper east side of manhattan now back open for the first time in a week since bricks came raining down. all local businesses to you reopen. crews worked to remove the remaining bricks at the corner of east 63rd street. right now the giants are getting ready for a game with the dolphins. laura behnke is live tonight. >> reporter: hey, sade, the giants have four games
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just how good this team really. the players know that their work really begins tonight here in miami where they can't clinch a playoff spot but they could certainly start to lose one. the giants entered this monday night football match-up with the dolphins on a three-game losing streak. losing streaks take their toll on a team, but because the nfc east is so wide open this group still has plenty of confidence because their goals still attainable. only, though, if they start showing it on the field to prove that they should be in the playoffs but that they can make some noise come january. >> i eve talked an awful lot about improvement on an individual basis. it i've talked about deserving the right to win and that every one of us has to improve in order to raise that level and be deserving of a win. but i have also mentioned that what's in the past is in the past, and we really do have to go forward. >> reporter: here is the
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yesterday both the eagles and redskins won so they are now -- so they now remain tied. the giants must win tonight in order to keep hopes alive. if they lose they will be a full game back with just three games to play. that welcome back a pretty tough hole to dig out v. we will have more at 6:00. for now live at sun life stadium in miami, laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> tune in tonight at 8:00 for our countdown to kickoff special, then watch the giants and dolphins on monday night football right here on channel 7. a police-involved shooting unnew jersey at the center of the investigation a bb gun that had been altered to look like a real weapon. coming up, wait until you hear what tipped off police. plus, an eyewitness news investigator's exclusive. new evidence that could clear a man that spent two years behind bars for murder. so where was this evidence all this time? and we're just hours from
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$39.99 per month. call now. you could get free installation, no data cap, and access to over 400,000 twc wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. the gun certainly looks real. >> but it turns out this was a bb gun, and the orange tip
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this wasn't a real gun was for some reason painted over. >> it happened in the bergen county town of rochelle park. johnson. >> it's just scary that it back door basically. >> reporter: the dark green camry was pulled from the scene after authorities spent hours collecting evidence. the back window of that vehicle had been blown out when police fired several shots. yes. row. that was all i heard. i didn't hear any car screeching, nothing. no yelling, nothing. >> reporter: the man in the car was identified as 46-year- old matthew chaseman who lives in this garden apartment building. police say he was carrying this bb gun in his car when he was driving around 3:30 this morning. chaseman apparently drove off route 17, losing control of his car, and crashing into a
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he kept going a few more feet, stopping his car in the parking slot the bergen county board of social services building. a security guard alerted police who confronted chaseman, sitting in his car. >> it's something that we never thought would happen in our town. >> reporter: authorities aren't swhaig prompted the two rochelle park officers to fire. they were not injured, and chaseman was hit in the legs and lower back but is expected to recover. authorities did go over to chaseman's apartment in nearby maywood to collect evidence in this case. from rochelle park, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. jurors deliberating in baltimore over the fate of one of the officers charged in the death of freddie gray. jurors are asking for radio transmission transcripts. the judge denied the request telling jurors those
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new at 5:00, bill cosby firing back at more than a half-dozen of his accusers. in a counter lawsuit he accuses seven men of making, quoting now, false and defamatory accusations. cosby alleges the claims were made for financial gain. cosby's lawyer says the comedian never drugged or assaulted the women named in that lawsuit. mayor de blasio says the municipal id cards will continue to be free next year. and now the guggenheim is offering a free year of membership. it was offered with hopes of giving piece of identification. but partnerships with museums and that's right have made the cards more appealing to many city residents. this was mayor de blasio's first day back on the job since undergoing surgery last week for a double hernia. the surgery was originally for a single hernia. de blasio said he is in a bit of pain but is working through
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a quick check on wall street. natural gas prices sinking to their lowest levels in 14 years thanks primarily to the unusually warm weather. last week the market suffered significant losses. today stocks regained some ground even as investors waited for word about an interest rate hike, a possible one expected later this weak. the dow up 103 points, the nasdaq up 18, and the s & p climbing nine points. >> boy was it gorgeous this weekend. actually, i turned on the ac just this morning to dry things out a little bit. it got a little humid in the house. >> a de humidifier in december, exactly. >> so now we've got rain on the way. >> it will take us through the evening hours, sparing much of the commute. outside we look at the buildings in midtown which look fantastic. visibility is still fine. you see the skating rink in central park. it's just sweating through the
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the humidity is higher and the barometer on the fall. the high reached 65. that was a couple of degrees shy viewer record high of 67. broke a lot of records. look at the normals. 43 over 32, so we're really two months back with october highs. we will get back to normal over the weekend. 40 on saturday. it will feel like the 30s. less wind on sunday. but still a chilly typical december weekend. but we're still not looking at snow. next seven hours clear. 7:00, 8:00, some rain coming in, but the numbers remaining mild overnight. it's in the upper 50s. you still after few hours before first raindrops. over new jersey, a sprinkle. 45 in monticello, so rain through the overnight. i would say the window is probably from 6:00, 7:00, all the way to 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, maybe even 4:00 in the morning, east end of long island. but by the time we get up and
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we've dried out and the sun is coming out and note the gusts. some gusts over 30 miles per hour. but it's in the gusts with 40- degree temperatures. we're still around 60. so the first showers getting into the catskills, the heaviest is bypassing us on i- 81. there's some steady rain near philly, but really our steady rain is coming right here from the baltimore and washington rainfall. so the initial drops can be a couple of hours away but the steard rain is through the overnight hours until this cold front passes through. the swirling over the great lakes has cold and snow, but that's all going into canada. 7:00, 8:00, first rainfall getting into hudson valley, still holding off for long island. when we see you after the game it will be light and periodic in terms of rain showers, then one steady batch through 2:00 in the morning before things dry out. gusty and mild tomorrow at 62 degrees. the wind gusts with partly sunny skies. wednesday argue an what he the best day of the week. a little cooler than the last
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sunshine, very little wind. tonight balmy, periods of rainfall, maybe a rumble of thunder. 62 tomorrow, but a gusty wind. then tomorrow night mainly clear and brisk early. at 5:30 here is what we're work on. the rain taming for thursday. even though steady rapes late, i am concerned this storm holds up and we have to watch out for coastal rains that continue on friday. right now we have a dry forecast. more on that, and will it feel like freezing on saturday? that will be a shocking change. it's what we should feel. >> i don't remember how to spell freezing. in the market for a drone this holiday season? the feds reveal what you have to do before you can fly it. plus, no santa, no pledge of allegiance, no thanksgiving. we'll tell you why a principal says she wants to ban it all. cash out those unwanted gift cards but don't lose money on the deal. 7 on your side has seven ways to make those unwanted gift cards a holiday win-win.
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we'll tell you why nasa says now is your chance. but before we go to break, a message from a member of the military from our area who cannot be home for the holidays. >> hi, i'm sergeant matthew hagan iii in rumania. merry christmas to my mother in long island, new york.
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li running out of ideas for holiday presents? >> for you, always, yes. >> gift cards can be a great present when you aren't sure. >> think about it. do you have unused gift cards at home sitting around with money sitting on them? 7 on your side's nina pineda is here. >> nothing says i love you like a thoughtful gift card but it is the ninth straight year that gift cards topped the list as the most popular gift. this holiday alone we're going to be stuffing stockings with nearly $26 billion ingift cards. so here are the seven do's and don'ts. >> people forgot about them, they couldn't find anything they wanted, or they lost them. >> reporter: consumer reports
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cards going unused every year -- >> run, don't walk. get in the car, go to the mall, and use them immediately. >> reporter: when you receive a gift card todd says take time to register it, although you will have to provide some personal information to do. so if you are giving gift cards, buying them directly from the merchant will save you any third-party fees, and also watch out for those pesky purchase fees. >> those typically come with a nominal fee attached. maybe $3 to $5. but you need to be aware of that. >> reporter: todd recommends selecting gift cards from behind the register. if you buy one that's out in the open, inspect it first. >> anywhere where there's a scratch-off or where there would reveal a code number or pin number or verification number, you want to make sure it isn't tampered w. >> reporter: thieves can steal pin numbers and drain cards of value before you even get them. what to do if you get a gift card you don't want? resell. >> they all offer different
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find the best payout. >> reporter: this expert says websites lake gift card granny shows what you adds 50 wal- mart card will fetch, from a high of $46.51, to a low of $41 and change. remember, the more popular the store, the high tear value. but $100 from bass pro shops? >> when we did our study it was around $67. >> reporter: lastly, if you are buying a merchant specific card, try to get it from m where the recipient >> i knew someone who got a gift card from outback steakhouse. guess what, they had become vegan in the past year. well, how many bloomin' onion rings can you buy? >> reporter: two more. first, don't buy from a restaurant or retailer that may seem shaky. if they go out of business your card is worthless. and do attach the receipt to the card. your recipient is going to want paragraph of purchase in case they have any trouble
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and bill and sade, i like itunes. next, imprisoned for murder but the suspect says he didn't do it. now the eyewitness news investigator jim hoffer uncovers crucial evidence, an eyewitness news exclusive. also ahead, the army sergeant accused of desertion may now face time in prison.
5:26 pm
tonight an eyewitness news exclusive. video that seems to prove an
5:27 pm
have it. >> they have videos for three years, and they've been saying all these three years that they didn't have no videos. >> and now the disturbing question. why has this man, accused of a deadly stabbing in the bronx and insisting this video exonerates him not been to trial after spending two years behind bars? the accused killer insists he didn't do it. >> our exclusive video appears to support that so why is he still facing charges? and if he is not the killer, then who murdered a 22-year- old who was getting ready to go to college? our investigative reporter jim hoff ser here. >> reporter: more than three years since the stabbing death, still one of the young men charged has yet to stand trial despite being in court 25 times. and now video from the crime scene held by the district attorney was finally released to the accused man's attorney. as you are about to seat raises serious questions about
5:28 pm
the first place. the video picks up seconds after the stack and shows the victim trying to run away. standing off to the side is javier with a white soda cup. he's not part of the crowd chasing the victim who plater collapses and dines a parking lot. >> reporter: did you participate? >> no. to do with it. it. >> reporter: but javier is detained for the killing. the next day police obtained the video from a nearby auto shop's security cameras. a police report state's the video yields positive results. but in court when the assistant d.a. is asked by the judge, do police have the tape, the pros caw tore >> six, seven weeks ago, finally they say they have videos. now you see a lot of stuff in those videos, you know that should have been shown since the beginning. >> reporter: crucial video that shows the victim fleeing.
5:29 pm
he's not running but hanging on the sidewalk in the same striped shirt's wearing hours later at the precinct. >> they got the videos the day after the murder. they had the evidence to exonerate javier the day after the murder. >> reporter: also detained at that time 44th that night, this man what witnessed the stack. >> they was milking me pressured so i was really scared. >> reporter: he says police held him for three days pressuring him to identify javier as the killer. >> if i don't say he did it, they was making me pressured, 20 years inside, in jail. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: on the third day of questioning he signed an immediately released. javier was then arrested and sent to rikers where he was held for two years. he was released on a gps angle bracelet only after dna from
5:30 pm
proved javier was not the so meaning no dna match. >> there was dna evidence since the beginning, and they decided to do dna on me two years after, and the dna came out negative. >> more than three years since javier has been charged with murder, and still no trial. >> the district attorney's office has constantly delayed it and delayed it. >> reporter: what does tell you? >> it tells me they weren't prepared and that they didn't have the evidence. >> reporter: both the district attorney's office and the nypd declined to comment on this case. we should note that javier isn't a boy scout. he served time for possession of an illegal weapon, but does he not have any violent criminal record. he is back in court for the 26th time next month when the judge will consider whether charges against javier should be dismissed. sade. >> what a story. jim, thank you. some of new york's largest religious groups are standing together against anti-muslim rhetoric.
5:31 pm
and the interfaith center came together to condemn what they call islamophobic and unamerican comments made by some republican presidential candidates. specifically, donald trump. >> new yorkers are not representative of donald trump. >> the groups called on mr. trump and the other gop candidates to meet with them to discuss any issues they have with muslim-americans. the army sergeant held for years captive by the taliban will now face a court-martial. sergeant bowe bergdahl released last year in exchange for five taliban detainees from guantanamo bay. he had spent five years in captivity. now under this general court- martial bergdahl could face five years. chaos following
5:32 pm
suburbs near damascus were targeted causing widespread destruction and casualties. troops seized an air base. the syrian fighters and the hezbollah allies are fighting undercover. meanwhile tear gas sent lawmakers scrambling. they were in an effort to pressure the government. they later released the tear gas in another area. no one was seriously hurt. a teacher claiming he was attacked by a masked isis supporter set off a massive manhunt in a suburb of paris, but it turns out he made the whole thing up. investigators say the kindergartner teacher lied and stabbed himself. his motive for lying not yet clear. not guilty, that plea tonight from a woman in new jersey accused of making fake
5:33 pm
at cane university. the student faces up to five years. prosecutors say she participated in a rally about racial issues on campus in november, then went to a library to post anonymous threats on twitter against black students on campus. well, bad news for bears in new jersey. the hunt has been extended by four days. the number of bears harvested during last week's hunt fell short of goal. 472 bears were taken. an estimated 1% of the state's bear population. wildlife officials say the hunt is necessary to manage the number of black bears in the state. any owner of a remote controlled drone now legally and officially required to register the devices with the government. the faa announcing new rules today, this in response to increasing safety concerns about drones. there have been hundreds of reports of drones flying too close to airplanes and crashing in populated areas including close calls here in the tristatement owners of a
5:34 pm
half a pound now have to register the drone. two men busted for shoplifting. but police say after their arrest they still didn't learn their lesson. what one of them did right after their release in the middle of a police station that landed him back in handcuffs. also, looking for a new job that's out of this world? we know one place that's hiring, but be prepared for a hefty commute. talking about our commute right now george washington bridge dry for the time being but if you are heading farther west, i-80, some showers could approach rock away over the next hour or two. so showers. there's a cold front to the west. that's going to be here later,
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come get health insurance, it's easy. i can help you. i just love helping people. i don't want anybody to be without health insurance. enrollment for 2016 is happening now. i two men busted in new jersey for shoplifting but police say after their arrest
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what one of them did right after their release that landed him back in handcuffs. looking for a new job that's out of this world this we know one place that's hefty commute. but again that is -- that was something we were teasing ahead. but police in new jersey say a shoplifting suspect also swiped some toys that were donated for children in the community. police in wayne arrested two people for allegedly stealing clothes from the lord & taylor store. officers say when the pair was leaving the station house lewis stole two items from a toys for tots donation bin in the lobby. additional charges were filed against him. a new poll shows most new york voters believe that daily fantasy sports games constitute gambling and are illegal in the state. the poll found 66% agree with the attorney general while others believe they are legal.
5:39 pm
first city to let uber and lyft drivers unionize. the vote is tonight. it will decide if drivers can collectively bargain over pay and working conditions. the drivers are independent contractors meaning they're not covered by the national labor relations act forrians. are you looking for a new career? nasa is take applications from aspiring astronauts. to qualify you must be a u.s. citizen with a bachelor's degree in science, math, or engineering. only eight people were picked from more than 6,000 who applied for the last class. nasa says this next group will help blaze the trail to mars. just ask my six-year-old daughter, she's probably watching now, this time of year santa is usually getting things ready in the north pole so he can deliver toys to boys and girls, if they behave. but over the weekend santa and mrs. claus were at the living planet aquarium in utah where a fire broke out in the
5:40 pm
the two of them began walking around the upper floors, started escorting people out of the building. >> locked everybody down and cleared the upper floor with all the employees and getting everybody out safe. >> i run the north pole fire department, and i'm the chief up there so i have a little bit of fire background in me. >> they're awesome, rate? the fire was put out in 15 minutes no. animals were hurt but the aquarium was closed the rest of the day. it was back open today. the 2015 best musical tony award winner set in a funeral home is now appropriately in the black. producers say the show has recouped its $5.25 million investment in eight months. graphic novel memoir. straight ahead at 5:00 the countdown nearly over for the latest film in the star wars franchise, and star wars fans hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite stars tonight.
5:41 pm
unseasonably warm weather in our area. in kansas, heavy snow causing dangerous conditions on the road. california, high winds and heavy rain bringing down trees. this is in san francisco. and in texas at least four tornadoes destroyed dozens of homes. nothing like that here at all. >> to put things in perspective, we've had it easy. >> a barrage of storms out west. they get to the middle of the country and they almost take a left-hand turn and go into canada so we get sort of the leftovers like tonight. this is an el nio pattern. it's classic. it does change as the season goes on, and we get ours late. everybody is asking is this the way it is going to be. listen, we don't have any extended cold, but once we get to the latter part of the winter, that's probably when we get our worst. mild weather, east river is
5:42 pm
rain moving into parts of western new jersey. every single day in december way above average. we're on pace for a warmest december on record. central park planner. and 8:00. off and on rain through part of the overnight. probably around 2:00 or 3*eu7bg the morning. bed minister, new jersey, it is going to happen early. winding down before dawn. tomorrow should be a mix of sun and clouds. a little bit more cloudiness north and west of new york city. we still get into the low 60s. here is what the futurecast looks like. rain between 7:00 and 8:00. i think it is a little earlier than this time stamp is depicting. through the evening hours it's off and on.
5:43 pm
there is the actual cold front. don't be surprised if you are woken up by a rumble of thunder as that front moves through. there's not much cooling behind it. we wake up to partial sunshine. the role thing you will notice is that wind tomorrow. a few patchy clouds to the north. this is the wind futurecast. if you look at these numbers that's a pretty constant wind. then the shading in blues and yellows, there are some gusts approaching 30 miles per hour, and the winds are always around 15 to 20 miles per hour during the day. seven-day accuweather forecast. 52 tomorrow, beautiful wednesday. the story with thursday, just like today, probably not more than drizzle, but look how the steady rain is getting in here. friday brisk and cooler. that's an early morning high. temperatures level off for fall. it feels like we're in the low to mid-30s despite a high of
5:44 pm
so that's our first wintry weekend. but it's transient. it's very brief. it lasts a few days, then by monday we're approaching 50 again. as we get close to christmas eve i wouldn't be surprised to see another run at record warmth before we cool off the weekend after christmas but it does not look like we have any snow >> thanks, lee. "the force awakens" in the first star wars movie in more than a decade, and fans are ready. >> including lee goldberg. the 7th installment premiers tonight in hollywood. reporter chelsea edwards from our sister station kabc in los angeles spoke with fans. >> reporter: this is the supreme epi center. >> reporter: there's nowhere in the world that jason thomas would rather be. >> this is the on place to be. this is something else good. this is the trinity test site, man. >> reporter: he and a few
5:45 pm
wind, and chilly temperatures camping in front of the chinese theater. >> i am your father. >> getting to camp on famous hand prints is pretty epic, but we've been waiting a pretty long time. >> we've got 30 to 40 different light sabres in our house so we're pretty dedicated. >> reporter: these fans flew here from australia. they're getting married in true fan stale on thursday. shawn crosby is officiating organizers. he's been to every star wars premier since 1999. >> it's amazing that everybody is really just bonded. every film, every time we do this it's a new crowd, a new community, and a new phenomenon. >> reporter: high security is even tighter than the oscars.
5:46 pm
the chinese, the el capitan, and doll bea, and -- and dolby. this could be the biggest movie premier in history. with some of the most truly dedicated fans. a lot of those dedicated fans are expected to descend on this stretch of hollywood boulevard a little later on. between those three theaters about 4,000 attendees are expected to show up. chelsea edwards, channel 7 eyewitness news. controversy brewing at a school in brooklyn. next, one principal's attempt to make sure every student feels included has some questioning why there is no sign of the holiday season at all. a stunning development in the arrest of a man in the murders of a mother and daughter. turns out he was released from prison after serving time for killing someone else.
5:47 pm
a principal's goodwill is backfiring. she banned all signs of the holiday season at a school inbrooklyn so students of different religions and cultures wouldn't feel left out. now teachers and parents are very upset. eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman has the story. >> reporter: christmas in new york. the signs of the season are just about everywhere you look, except, apparently, at ps 169 in sunset park, brooklyn. the principal has allegedly banned all things holiday, even santa claus. >> santa is not a religious figure. santa is a foot, red, jolly old guy who brings presents to our children. >> reporter: principal kim reportedly made the changes in the interest of diversity and inclusion. she did fought respond to our request for comment today, but parents and students had plenty to say after school. >> i don't agree with it
5:48 pm
know, for the children. >> it made the school feel more like a second home, but now it just feels like a normal school. it doesn't have much life to the. >> reporter: late this afternoon a department of education statement said the school originally misinterpreted the guidance for holiday displays that santa claus could in the be used. the school has sent new guidance to. >> principal kim apologized for any confusion in an e- mail, explaining santa is a secular figure and is allowed. >> she read it wrong, or maybe she was misguided by the department of education. that's another question that i'm asking for a response. >> reporter: ortiz has visited ps 169 as santa in years past, and he says he will do it again. as for reports that the principal here also banned thanksgiving and the pledge of
5:49 pm
today that is simply not true. in sunset park, brooklyn, sandra back man, channel 7 eyewitness news. and still ahead, a retired nurse jumps into action to help a man at an atm having a heart attack. tonight they're reunited. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. we stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy by proposing a ban on all muslim integration, but the political stink bomb has not hurt donald trump. turns out more republicans like him now. but first, he's accused of brutally murdering a mother and daughter, and now disturbing revelations about his past. and why this convicted killer was released early from prison.
5:50 pm
i'm bill ritter. liz is off tonight. it's an horrific case of murder. the mother and daughter, one hit repeatedly with a hammer, the other with a mallet. it happened in the borough of raritan. toni yates is there with our lead story. >> reporter: and bill, raymond cadiz apparently kept his violent criminal past very much under wraps because a lot of people here said they knew him as a very nice man who recently treated a lot of his friends to dinner. now, court papers show what police are saying, the violent way in which he killed that mother and daughter. 51-year-old ramon cadiz appeared before a judge. he was captured saturday morning after police spotted him sleeping in a car in a dark parking lot. he's charged with murdering a woman and her teenage daughter. inside the home he was renting on first street in raritan.
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