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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ho new york knicks player derricke williams ripped off at his house. new at 11:00, video of two women he met at a nightclub and brought home. now police want to talk to them. but first, flooded roads and frustration at the airport. a real holiday headache. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa.
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weather creating problems across the country. first off mississippi. several people killed when twisters moved through. >> in our area it's not the holiday getaway anyone hoped for on one of the busiest travel days of the year. drenching rains leaving cars almost underwater in bayside. expressway. slow going. now we're getting ready for warmth. >> we have several reports. we begin with meteorologist lee goldberg outside our studios on the upper west side. >> we've been getting soaked for about eight hours now. thankfully this is the last in the train of downpours coming through. >> reporter: it is the caboose. we've had a lot of record warmth. rain. look at lower manhattan. the cloud cover down to 300 feet. so the low visibilities will be a concern.
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64 degrees right now. an inch and a half in new york city. the record for the date is 1.6 inches from 1913. you can see the back ems approaching new york city. we've had thunderstorms over the east end over the past hour. now there's heavy rain over upper manhattan, bergen county, fort lee, over into rockland and westchester and fairfield county. futurescan showing that within an hour the back edge of moving into fairfield county and suffolk county. we're going from downpours to drizzle after midnight, and the street flooding will subside. good news for your morning travel but lingering low visibility will be a problem. we are obviously still on track for 70s being at 64 now. the record high is 63. there won't be much drama there tomorrow because we will break that at midnight. the question is do we get that all-time december high of 75. we have a real shot. so we'll talk about the christmas eve and day forecast.
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on the road but always shot of chill and maybe a wintry icy mix down the road. we're talking 70-degree temperatures. it's an up and down seven-day accuweather forecast. from the roads to the airports, no matter how you were trying to get around it was anything but smooth sailing. delays stretching for hours. take a look at this misery map. lots of red. those are delayed or canceled flights. laguardia. eyewitness news reporter josh einiger is there for us. >> reporter: laguardia sure is the epicenter of that misery map with more than 130 flights canceled leaving thousands stranded. one after another jam packed airliners were landing at laguardia tonight. each flight's vapor trail still dancing in the runway lights when the next plane
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but try as they might to get back on schedule, inside the terminal the rush home for the holidays became the trip from hell. >> hopefully i will get out of here tonight. >> reporter: but a lot of people had to settle for the food court who arrived midafternoon for her trip. >> my flight was supposed to leave at 5:00. it was delayed until 6:30, then 7:45, then 8:13, then right before we're supposed to board they said it's canceled. >> if her new nature tomorrow leaves op time she will have wasted 19 hours here to spend just three in the air. >> i'm pretty fed up. this is stupid. >> it's very frustrating because i would rather be home with my family but i'm here so home. >> reporter: in tend, that's about all anyone here can say. >> there's things you can control, things you can't control. it's a good way to start the new year by trying to not get worked up about the weather and the airlines. >> reporter: at last report
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laguardia were an hour 45 minutes. that's an improvement from nearly three hours earlier today. you do to have look at the bright side. imagine the result if the temperatures were what they should be this time of year and all this rain were snow. live at la guard i can't, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> isn't that special. thank you josh. yes, we're all eyes wide open about the warm weather but for those out and about it was umbrellas wide open. the things we expect to do in san diego-like temperatures, how to holiday shop in a monsoon. >> reporter: two days from christmas and this weather is a blessing or curse depending on who you ask. yes, the warmer temperatures bring out more people, but it's really an up in the air thing. some people say this rain is putting a damper on their
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>> i didn't come out here with an umbrella so i got pretty wet. >> i don't like the rain. it's much warmer than we thought. this one was really excited about seeing snow. >> reporter: the holiday classic "let it snow" has been remixed to let it rain replacing what is traditionally snow covered sidewalks in new york city. >> it's been a struggle but we still had great crowds all season as usual. >> reporter: wednesday's downpours literally washed out the ice rink on a night that would normally have dozens of families enjoying what's become a popular tradition. >> most of the time if it's a light drizzle we stay open, but with the amount of rain, it's just a little too unsafe for our skaters to go out there. >> reporter: for some vendors the recent mild temperatures have drawn out more shoppers that would usually be hibernating in the cold. ?eefer year it gets more crowded and bids'er. this year with the weather being so warm i think people come and linger and stay awhile.
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shoppers say rain, sleet, snow, or hail, they would more or less be braving the elements no matter what to check off everyone on their christmas list. >> i'm a last minute shopper so i'm doing it all now. >> i think people need to get their shopping in regardless. >> everyone is still very festive. it's very nice to see all the activity in the major parts of this city. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: while it is not going to be the white christmas many say they were hoping forks they say they're going to be making the best of it for sure. live in soho, a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> that ice skating rink looks like a swimming pool. check out our website, abc7ny. we are keeping track up of to the minute travel information and forecasts for every part of the country. more now on the developing story we told you about earlier. the death toll rising tonight after severe storms across the south.
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after spring-like storms in mississippi and arkansas. 17 tornadoes touched down including one that destroyed 20 homes and killed at least two people. two others are missing. in arkansas a tree blew over on a house killing a teen girl. the new york giants vying for a playoff spot, but the only spot odell beckham jr. will be vague for will be a comfortable spot on his couch, being suspended for outrageous penalties at the last game. he will be watching from home. later in sports rob powers with beckham's apology. it's not clear tonight if an mta worker will be disciplined after a runaway bus triggered a chain reaction act. the mta says the driver failed to secure the city bus on the upper west side this afternoon. it rolled back hitting several parked cars on west 96th street.
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the man charged in the attempted robbery in a mall in long island held on $75,000 bail. 21-year-old oliver lee facing charges of robbery, assault, and gun possession. authorities say he brought a handgun to roosevelt field mall yesterday hoping to steal a watch worth $18,000. they say days earlier he posted a photo to facebook showing the same type of gun next to pills and alcohol. there's been an arrest in a notorious murder case from three years ago. in 2012 brandon woodward and a law student from los angeles was shot while walking along west 58th street in midtown. 37-year-old lloyd mckenzie now facing charges but the actual gunman not yet caught. woodward's murder connected to major interstate drug conspiracy. a church nativity scene damaged after becoming a homeless man's refuge. the man broke into the nativity outside the church of the good shemped monday.
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but the statues of jesus, mary, and joseph were not damaged. when police were called to investigate. officers discovered the man sleeping inside the nativity scene. he won't be charged. as we continue with eyewitness news, knicks player derricke williams robbed at home. cops releasing this video of two young women they want to talk to. they went home with mr. williams. when the sun rose, hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelry and other stuff was gone. plus, if you like full body scans you are going to through changes coming at the airport. and he's already talked about the warm temperatures and the rain.
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new at 11:00 a player for the new york knicks ripped off by two women at a nightclub in the meatpacking district of manhattan. derricke williams waking up and not findings possessions worth more than $600,000. talk about an expensive day. cops are investigating whether these two women make a living hacking up with wealthy men, then having their way with their stuff. >> reporter: police believe this may not be the first robbery for the women that they may have worked with other men, robbing them. this video shows women at the club at 5:20 in the morning on december 19th. williams brought the women home from the club and later that day noticed that more than $600,000 in jewelry and other valuables was missing from his home. >> he should have had this locked up. you shouldn't just bring any
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if you're a celebrity. you shouldn't just trust any random girl in your home. >> there's so many different types of west. some of them are genuine, looking for a good time, and some of them are unfortunately looking for -- >> reporter: something more. >> yeah, something more. >> reporter: the knicks forward earns around $5 million a year but many believe he showed poor judgment in this incident. >> honestly, he put himself in that situation, and maybe he knows, maybe he doesn't, but this is new york city. anything could happen. >> reporter: another woman we showed the video to had a slightly different reaction. she said, he can't possibly be from new york, right? he is from california. he was drafted by the minnesota timberwolves a long way from new york city. jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> learned a lesson. 15 members of the group black lives matter under arrest tonight after
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busy airport terminal. demonstrators des sended on the minneapolis/st. paul airport after protesting. the group's aim is to draw attention to the deaths of black men at the hands of police. the bodies of six u.s. soldiers killed in afghanistan, including two from new york tonight back on american soil. the flag-wrapped caskets arriving in delaware. sergeant joseph lemm was a 15- year veteran with the nypd. new at 11:00 amid heightened concerns about terrorism the tsa can now require full body scans for air travelers. until now passengers could opt for a physical pat-down instead of going through advanced imaging screening. now tsa agents can require a full body scan if security conditions call for it. the scans detect non metallic
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but also give agents a nude image of the passenger. hyatt hotels advising customers to check their credit card statements. the resort change the victim of a hacking attack, the company three weeks ago finding malicious software on its. hyatt says it has stepped up security and brought in experts to investigate. a brand-new lexus apparently a getting out of prison present for "real housewives" of new jersey star
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teresa did teresa giudice. a new lexus. doesn't need to be all- wheel-drive just yet. we go outside where the visibility is still low. look at the cloud cover over new york city making all the buildings about 300 feet high. you can see the brooklyn bridge. our temperature is 64 degrees. humidity way up there. the numbers are so high right now, it's just about christmas eve, and it's going to start the day in the mid-60s. we'll break a record once the clock strikes midnight. 64 is the high. we're not far from today's high. we could have three straight record highs here. the warmest christmas eve until we put tomorrow in the slot, 63 in 1996. so we smash that. you see the wettest over an inch of rain, snowiest 11 inches, the average high 41. but our forecast for christmas eve, 74 degrees. there's the record high, the all-time december high 75. it will be close. clouds may thin but still a
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for christmas day we break record at 66. sun gives way to clouds especially south and east. it's already 67 in old bridge and 67 in wrightstown. a shower, maybe an isolated rumble of thunder. there's the heavy rain. ridgefield connecticut, bedford, over to danbury, the back edge leaving the bronx and queens right now. still heavy rain on the east end. more light showers off to the west. this line is like toll weaken a little bit but still could pose a shower during the day tomorrow. this part of a huge storm system. 27 reports of tornadoes in this. heavy rainfall and big snows in the upper midwest. we'll watch this line for a shower tomorrow.
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heavy rain, a little drizzle and still dreary at 7:00 in the morning. the chance of a shower during the day. doesn't matter if we get limited sunshine. low and middle 70s within reach. maybe even the all-time record at 75. forecasting 74. on friday the clouds get suppressed. clouds hang tough to the south. 66 degrees. merry mild. then a few showers friday night into saturday. sunrise 7:18, dreary but balmy. up to 74 degrees, fog, a few breaks, record warmth tomorrow night. balmy down to 59 and a couple of showers. friday, this is encouraging for a dry christmas day. as you get to saturday we start our up and down forecast. we're much cooler and damp, not heavy rain but damp on saturday. sunday a shot at a record hey with sun, clouds, and a stray shower, 67. much cooler on monday. monday night and tuesday morning if rain comes in early
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bit of an icy mix. up and down we go. bill evans will have an update tomorrow morning. >> thank you. >> you got it. this friday morning, christmas morning, the 15th annual holiday tradition, reading your holiday greetings on the air. i will be here, so will lee and lauren glassberg. e-mail me and tweet us, lee's page, my page, lauren's page, all of our pages. sade will be up at 4:30 in the morning e-mailing us, i just know it. >> of course. >> bet on it. >> sure. don't hold your breath. up next, could the type of toy you give your child impact how they learn later in life?
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in tonight's health alert, toys that light up and talk and sing might be slowing language development in toddlers. researchers studied parents and children and found that children were less vocal and produced fewer content while playing with noisy electronic toys. books on the other happened produced the most verbal exchanges. a kind hearted new york cop coming to the rescue of a cat. an officer tells a driver to move forward but slowly. seconds later, an orange tabby
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fear but not hurt. the officer picks the cat up and walks to the safety because he's a new york cop. that's why. look at that. >> wow. >> that's so great. >> wonderful. >> awesome. >> rob powers up next with sports. >> you know what we're talking about. he messed up, he apologized, now he pays for it. straight ahead, odell beckham jr. hears back from the nfl. the suspension sticks. we'll run down what happened, plus no carmelo anthony for the knicks but does that translate into no chance? we'll see next. i'm command sergeant major mike reed in hon dure
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important game that's going to hurt the giants but there's a big lesson. >> important game. best player not going to be there. no contact, no meatings, no game, no paycheck this week. odell beckham jr. the giants talented sever on the receiving end of discipline as the nfl tells beckham we had it right the first time, not playing sunday. arriving at nfl headquarters beckham was asking the league to overturn a one-game suspension handed down yesterday. he was out of control sunday against the panthers. giants say they were extenuating circumstances. the league listened to everything then infolder beckham his appeal was turned down. he will not play sunday at minnesota. on his twitter page beckham did apologize writing sportsman ship and respecting the game are important as blocking, running routes, and
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josh norman two fines for a blatant face mask. just over $26,000 in fines. no suspension. by comparison, beckham's suspension cost him almost $56,000. the jets get the patriots at home sunday. heck of a game. the jets could use one. potential playoff resume. they met in foxborough in october. patriots won by seven. jets have been playing better, won four straight. the pats have split their last four so the jets walk into this game with as good a shot as anybody. >> i wish we could have won that game up in new england. of course we had some mistakes. we didn't win. but as long as we execute we should have no problems. >> whether it's the most perfect game or ugly game, we just need to win. that's the ultimate goal. basketball tonight, knicks at cleveland always special because of who is on the court. but tonight carmelo anthony, sprained age cal, couldn't
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had to handle lebron james and the rest of the team without him. game tied quarters. the knicks rally, take a two- point lead. less than five minutes to play but they only scored two points the rest of the game and lebron decided to take over down the stretch. he scored 24. the knicks losing to cleveland 91-84. they now split two games under the .500 mark. in brooklyn the nets and mavericks. williams couldn't play against his old team. j.j berea had his best game ever. watch his attempt to send the game to overtime. berea ended up with 32 points. dirk nowitzki ended up the hero. the nets did make it close but
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you know what we're doing tomorrow night? >> tell me. >> for us the 64th straight year of christmas eve, 'twas the night before christmas reading.
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