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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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three people found dead in a luxury high-rise building. a local firefighter talks about
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breaking news on this christmas night. it is tragic. three people dead discovered inside a luxury high-rise building in new jersey. good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. sade is off tonight. three bodies, as far as we know that's it. was it an accident, or was this a crime? the story unfolding right now in edge water overlooking the eyewitness news reporter josh einiger on the scene with the breaking news. josh. >> reporter: in the last few minutes, bill, we heard from the bergen county prosecutor's office that they are classifying this as a murder- suicide, but the details and information about who is involved, the ages, not yet clear to us. it's an enormous scene. more than a dozen police
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right on the hudson river overlooking the george washington bridge. apartments here go for between $2,000 and more than $7,000 a month, according to the website for this particular complex. there was a report at around 8:00 tonight of bodies discovered inside one of these apartments, and in the past hour the bergen county prosecutor sent out a tweet confirming three fatalities in one of these apartments. we are expecting to hear from him here on the scene with an update in the next half-hour. when we do get more information on this situation as it continues to unfold we will bring it to you either within this newscast or tomorrow, saturday morning, starting at 6:00. josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> keep us posted josh. a developing story also in new jersey where police are investigating a hit-and-run that hurt a pedestrian.
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in the bergen county town of teaneck. police are still looking for the vehicle that hit a man. a dramatic rescue. firefighters risking their lives to save a teenage girl. firefighters in yonkers seeing black smoke pour out of an apartment about 10, and a 16- window. two firefighters crawling past the flames to reach the rear bedroom she was in. >> got back to the bedroom, she was still hanging out of the window at that point. i grabbed her, threw my mask on her and dragged her out of the apartment. brought her down to the lobby, and another unit was down there to give her medical attention. >> he saved her life. he suffered a cut to his hand. inhalation. investigators believe the fire was caused by a lit candle. another developing story tonight. a tornado touching down in
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sitting down to christmas dinner. the powerful twister sending the united states of many homes spilling out in the street. crews are searching the damaged trapped. a very different weather picture here. we can remember covering christmases past when there was snow on the ground in the tristate, and it was sometimes hard to navigate. not today. record warmth. those dreaming of spending the hole day in san diego, consider this. the high temperature there today. 59. our high, 66. the warmest christmas here ever, according to lee goldberg. thank you, el nio. the benefits are obvious. running in the outdoors, wearing shorts. we're going to begin with meteorologist lee goldberg. >> it was a white-hot christmas. merry christmas, everyone. record highs in the park, tied at laguardia, bridgeport, islip
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some low clouds stopping temperatures near the coast today. there's temperature fire state building. can't really see lower manhattan because of low clouds and fog. we're at 60 degrees tomorrow. another mild overnight. we'll hit tomorrow's high at midnight because these numbers will drop closer to 50 by morning then hang out there much of the day. in a 30-mile span from jfk tore southern westchester you go from a half mile visibility to 10 miles. amazing how a little bit inland and we've had some breaks in the clouds. but we have the low clouds hanging tough along the coast. rainfall, got soaked in ocean county. good news, heavy rainfall is now moving away. look what's off to the west tomorrow. just some spotty drizzle despite a fair amount of cloud cover. what you need to know, a lot cooler tomorrow, only 50. so a much different feel but just a touch of spotty drizzle. another run at a record on sunday.
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40s for a change next week. maybe even some wintry precip. we'll have a long-range outlook for new year's eve as well. >> all right, lee, thank you. a closer look at folks in our area braving this brutally warm weather. scarfsscarfs and gloves having an easy holiday. >> reporter: 'tis the season for giving, and mother nature is getting in on that holiday spirit. this warm weather has been the gift that keeps on giving so why stop now? after all, it is christmas. don't adjust your screen. yes, you are seeing kids playing basketball in tank tops and shorts in december. how does that saying go? christmas in july? this year feels like july on christmas. a winter wonderland it is definitely not with
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60s, gan tree state park -- gantry state park filled with the sights and sounds of springs. dogs barking, bicycle riding, and after the picture perfect night to take it all in, billy marsh barely even putting on a shirt to walk his four-legged friend. >> it makes you think, global warming and all this other stuff who knows, but i'm enjoying it. >> reporter: lawrence danielle and their dog not complaining. >> extremely strange but i could get used to the. >> reporter: not wasting a chance to soak it all in. >> super fortunate and glad that we get to go out and have spring-type weather. >> reporter: then there's this guy out eating a cold treat with his daughter. usually there's ice on the ground this time of year. cone. >> crazy.
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this time last year, it was snowing. >> reporter: believe it or not, bill, but it's past 11:00 on christmas night, and there are still people in this park enjoying the warm weather and that beautiful city skyline. but bill, it will not last forever, so enjoy it while it lasts. long island city, cefaan kim. >> cefaan seems to be having a good time as well. not everyone, of course, was out playing. thousands of catholics attending mass at the tristate's best known cathedral, st. patrick's. a police presence as people of all ages made their way inside. cardinal dolan invoke ago classic christmas moving reminding attendees, it's a wonderful life. hours earlier mon than 2,000 people attended midnight mass, cardinal dolan welcoming refugees, including a muslim
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the plight of refugees on the mind of pope francis as he delivered his message from the balcony of st. peter's basilica. he denounced the atrocities in places like syria and libya. for so many people this was day of giving, and the gift was their time, helping those who need a hand. so many good examples of folks in the tristate doing just that today. mayor de blasio was one of them helping dish out food and goodwill in harlem. our stacey sager was there. feliz navidad >> reporter: it was all about the children. hundreds with their families. >> this is not about what you get.
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>> reporter: and about feeling blessed no matter how much they've struggled. peter jones in a wheelchair. >> i'm just grateful to be alive. >> reporter: others just struggling to find a christmas meal. out here on 145th street, no shortage of people for this event. it's already the middle of the afternoon and they're still lining up. >> i just want to be more humble, treat everybody nice. you know what i'm snake. >> reporter: the mayor used this saying, the national action network, to talk about activism. >> count your blessings that change does come when people demand it. count your blessings that change does come when people stand up. >> reporter: 96-year-old florence rice considers that her unfinished business for 2016. >> i hope for people, our young
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>> reporter: speaking of young people at this toy give-away, the ones we talked to weren't too picky. >> what are you hoping to get today? >> anything. >> to spend time with your family and enjoy the holiday. >> reporter: that is the greatest gift of all. in harlem, i'm stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. as we continue with eyewitness news at 11:00 on this christmas night, a mother shot in the bronx. cops say the timing not coincidental. it was soon after asking for a divorce. tonight the search for the man who shot her. and who knew you could call
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a fire in new jersey destroying a home that one family has lived in nearly 70 years. tonight a christmas they would like to forget. three generations lived in the house. it evaporated just like that thanks to a stove that erupted in flames. it happened in secaucus. josh einiger tonight is talking to the folks who lived there. >> reporter: the fact that there are still walls on that house belies the severe damage suffered at this house. firefighters are left with no choice but to demolish what's left. but first, this is what they salvaged. one family's belongings after 62 years in one home. for hours, firefighters did battle with this stubborn blaze. the flames incinerated this old row house. joe stood dumbfounded watching
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burn, practically to the ground. he was just back from the hospital for a heart procedure. >> this is a test to see how good they did, how good it holds up to this. >> reporter: this would test anyone. the family has lived here 62 years. >> i just don't know how to express it. when i saw the flames, i cried, i was afraid. i didn't expect to the burn. the flames are horrible. >> reporter: it started early christmas afternoon when an old electric stove in the basement burst into flames. this volunteer firefighter was one of the first in. >> right away the fire got above us and pretty much took out the entire house. >> reporter: and shocked this tight knit neighborhood where everybody knows everybody, and this man stls mayor. >> it would be a tragedy any day but it's compounded on a day like this. >> reporter: after the flames were out, firefighters did manage to salvage some
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have to be demolished. six decades up in flames. >> nobody died. everything can be replaced, i guess, but it's a nightmare. >> reporter: firefighters say they're not quite sure why that stove caught fire. it was in the basement. it hadn't been used to cook anything in years but was plugged into an outlet. they may never know the arrangements because by dawn what's left of that house will be gone. in secaucus, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. new tonight, an anniversary no one is celebrating. 10 years ago two cops from new jersey killed when they drove over a bridge they had no idea was broken. tonight they remember jersey city officer sean carson and robert nguyen who on a foggy christmas night drove over the old lincoln highway drawbridge. the wooden arm blocking traffic was supposed to, but it didn't because it was broken. they had no idea as they plunged into the river.
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i'm trying to cope with it each and every day. >> the bridge later renamed in the officers' honor. new at 11:00, a father on the run after allegedly shooting his wife just feet from their sleeping children. police now looking for 37-year- old rafael herrera. the victim's family said she had asked for a divorce earlier. the 27-year-old victim shot in the arm and neck. she is expected to be okay. their children, fortunatelyings, were not injured. maybe he just spaced out. an astronaut apologizing for, get this, calling the wrong number from his phone 250 miles above the earth. british astronaut tim pique tweeting, i would like to apologize to the lady i just
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i think the tag line is it's international space station. >> he is british, not australian. >> that was not a british accent? >> half and half. it morphed into australian. i would love to be on the other side of that call. >> it's a good phone. hey, we had quite a morning, lee and lauren calls. it was quite emotional. >> it was a wonderful morning. thanks for doing. that anthony was up watching, too. he told me. >> started bright and early. >> channel 7. >> christmastime. >> so we are warm, still mild. 72 yesterday. it wasn't the tropical warmth of yesterday but it was still mild in the sick. had that low cloud ceiling, and the clouds and fog will be with us throughout the night. i think the clouds and fog will thin out during the day, maybe hang out at the coast.
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wind, the high today 66. that is your new record high for the date. for christmas, normals 40 over 29. we haven't even been below freezing in new york city this season. hovering around 50 much of the day. a spritz of spotty drizzle. a lot the day, just a lot of clouds. showers develop during teaching hours. could get heavy later. how about the thunderstorms? you can catch the live lightning strikes that went right through ocean county. look at that. there's lightning bolts going through stafford and moving offshore. so the showers are moving away. just a lot of clouds. encouraging look at the radar. not a lot of rain. so i don't think tomorrow is too wet. just a sprinkle or two. might even be a break in the clouds north and west. we are now on the keeler side of this front tomorrow, and somewhat dryer, and then this front will start lifting to the north and start pumping up the warm air. the small price we pavement this area of rain will come at us tomorrow night.
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then temperatures take o. watch this futurecast. starting tomorrow morning lots of clouds, maybe a couple of breaks to the north. clouds hang tough much of the day. nothing more than a little bit of drill. showers start to redevelop tomorrow night. it could get heavy north and west. it will be gloomy and damp on sunday morning. and then temperatures will take off midday. maybe even breaks in the clouds south and west. we could be 65 to 70 across central and southern new jersey. another round of a shower sunday evening. cloudy skies, spotty drizzle, sunrise, 49. tomorrow only 50ish or so. a little drizzle but not a lot of rain. rain does come in tomorrow night, then temperatures start to rise. record wormt on monday, then we get a lot colder -- record warmth on sunday, a lot colder on monday. check out this futurecast. haven't seen snow in the futurecast this season. there it is. monday night into very early tuesday. then we kind of hang out in the 40s.
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but 40s much of the week. a good soak on tuesday, wednesday 47. the outlook for new year's eve, rain on thursday, but then the ball drop in times square, i would say we're drying out. so that's the early call on timing there. >> will you readjust it as the week goes on. >> yeah. >> thank you lee. coming up next, a christmas
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see all the joy of christmas... the little face next to you. the radio city christmas spectacular presented by chase. don't wait! get your tickets today. new at 11:00, investigators
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fire that damaged the former childhood home of president clinton. >> it looks like it was started intentionally. >> the flames spotted by a passing driver at the home in hope, arkansas. investigators say the scene smelled of accelerant, and it was sprayed with graffiti. the comedian steve harvey tweeting out a holiday greeting that pokes fun at his gaffe at the miss universe pageant. he tweeted out this photo with the message, merry easter, y'all.
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nothing says christmas like basketball on abc. >> absolutely. hey, let's start with a question. which nba team has played the most christmas day games? the answer? the new york knicks, with 49. but when you win 17 games the year before, the league decided to dump them this year. but we did get a rematch of last year's nba finals. that means mvp steph curry, the golden state warriors hosting lebron james and the cavaliers. but currie was forced to leave the game in first half with a calf injury buoy return. first he finds draymond green for the flying slam. then currie does it himself. the great drive, the foul as the warriors begin to pull away. lebron kept the calves close. he would finish with 25 points, but in the end currie and the warriors too tough. currie finishes with 19 points
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their overall record to 28-1. earlier in miami, santa looking good for a man of his age. that's the heat and the pelicans. dwyane wade also looking young with his play. he drives to the hoop for two of his 19. we're going to overtime where chris bosh took over. miami raises their christmas day record to 10-2. that's the best in the nba. next stop, oklahoma city where at least it looked a little bit like christmas. jimmy butler lets it fly from mid court. nothing but net. the result is perfect. bulls go on to win this one 105- 96. well now, we've come to that critical weekend in the nfl, just two games to go and the jets take on the patriots, and the virtual must win sunday in the meadowlands.
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some help to make it to the post season. believe it or not, there is optimism with gang green. keeping the game close in foxborough in three-quarters before fading in the fourth earlier this year. they need to find a way to shut down brady and company down the stretch. >> it's about defense executing. i don't think it's too much to say the offense do a lot. i just think it's about defense executing and doing the things they need to do. >> we made mistakes late in the game, and they capitalized on them. so it's good that we have a second chance to hopefully change the outcome this time. >> as for the giants, they may already be out of the playoff hunt by the time they take the field sunday night versus the vikings. a washington win over philadelphia would make their game are still he alive, they will need to win over the vickings. others will have to ten up.
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responsibility falls on this receiver corps with him being out. we're ready to have a big game. >> any time an opportunity comes you want to take full advantage of it. this is a great opportunity for me. i was always told, when opportunity knocks on the door, you've got answer. so i'm answering.
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ke that's it for us. thanks for watching.
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for all of us here, have a great night.
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