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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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stay away from the alleged victim. tonight's cosby legal team said all of this is politically motivated, promising a vigorous fight. >> the man once considered a symbol of all things good today a shell stumbling, struggling to see as he walked into court. the 78-year-old is now charged with felony aggravate indecent assault for what he allegedly did in his home back in 2004. >> his accuser andrea constand who worked with the temple university women's basketball team. >> the victim came to ken rosato mr. cosby her mentor and friend. >> constand maintains cosby gave her pills and wine and in the end sexual assaulted her. >> we when go to the reaction of the victim, frozen, a
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>> the district attorney declined to prosecute and constand settled a civil suit. officials went ahead with charges just days before the statute of limitation expires. cosby's legal team said the district attorney will face a quote, vigorous defense against this unjustified charge. authorities feel other wise. >> today after examination of all the evidence we are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim. >> reporter: now andrea constand living in toronto. her attorney said it's troubling it took until the 11th hour for this day to arrive. cosby is
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if convicted he faces up to 10 years in prison. >> thank you. police are looking for the gunman who shot and robbed a new york knicks basketball player after he left a strip club. cleanthony early and a family friend just left the strip club when two or more cars boxed in their uber car. at least one armed mask man took his wallet, two gold chains and gold teeth and shot him in the knee. you can see surveillance video of the uber drive waving for help. early will survive but no word on his career going forward. >> guys are obviously sensitive to the situation and take it very seriously. >> a period of trouble for the knicks. just two weeks ago derek williams robbed of a half
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taking home two girls he met in a nightclub. cops were called to decater avenue near gun hill road early this morning. the victim had been stabbed several times. he's not been identified but believed to be in his 20s. cops now searching for as many as six suspects. he spent his entire career trying to keep the peace. he gave his life fighting a war. funeral services today for joseph lemm, the veteran new york cop killed last week by a taliban suicide bomber in afghanistan. a show of support today from cops around the state around an out pouring of grief for the young family he leaves behind. m.j. burkett was at saint patrick's cathedral for us. >> from a wind swept air base in afghanistan to 5th avenue in midtown manhattan, sergeant and nypd detective joseph lemm was mourned and honored by thousands of his fellow police officers,
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>> joe lemm was a beacon of light. he was a ridge of life, new york's success story. >> sergeant lemm was on his third tour over seas when he was killed with five other airmen in he was 45 years old and leaves behind a wife, a teenage daughter and a 4-year-old son. >> his casket arrived at the air guard base at stewart an emotional ceremony that left tears in the eyes of everyone there. >> outside the cathedral today little ryan lemm saluted his father's coffin after the city's police commissioner promoted the sergeant to first grade detective. >> from this date to every day thereafter we will be with you and never forget you. we will never forget your sacrifice and to all of us.
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superman by his friends and not just because he looked like kristopher reef but because to them he was superman. in midtown manhattan, m.j. burkett, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> so very sad. a wake will begin tomorrow for louie bonacosa, the new yorker who died in the terrorist attack. his funeral will be on long island. we have new details tonight, that nasty feud between the former and current nypd commissioners and it might seem like unnecessary bickering and in so many ways it is but there is at the root of all this animosity a fundamental difference in police strategy. dave evans is here. >> reporter: i think it's understandable why kelly and bratton don't care other. bratton was commissioner
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bloomberg. we're told the two do depiez each other. today a new reason why, maybe kelly wants to run for mayor in 2017. >> commissioner bratton was still ripping ray kelly. he's claiming police and bratton are fudging figures that says crime has hit an all time low in new york city. >> we refruit everything that commissioner kelly alleged. >> police figures show shootings are down this year by about 3%. murders are up slightly from a historic low last year. yesterday bratton unleached his attack. >> for him to claim in some fashion that we're playing with the numbers, shame on him. let him back up that allegation. >> it appears to be an effort to reduce the number of reported shootings. >> under bratton and de blasio's watch the practice of
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young men of color has dropped dramatically. many predicted if you change kelly's policy on this crime will sky rocket. this year stop and frisk reports are down 96%. major crime has dropped 2%. >> we can have it both ways. we can live in a he -- in a low crime and safe city and have a police force that does not stop and frisk. >> what's the reason for this feud? yesterday bratton said maybe kelly is just trying to sell his new book. today he said maybe kelly wants to run against his boss. >> mr. kelly is selling a book, the new york post is reporting he's thinking of running for mayor. i standby my crime sta tis -- statistics because it's truth. >> reporter: there's been speculation in the past if kelly would run for mayor.
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campaign would make sense if quality of life issues such as crime, graffiti and home lessness were out of control. it's not really not like that right now. today ray kelly and his office did not respond for comments. >> more to come to be sure. the price of crude oil dictating the direction of stocks on wall street. stocks falling today after declining in oil prices. the dow dropped 117 points, the nasdaq down 42, the s&p down 15 on the nose. as we continue a young boy attacked by chimps part of his face ripped apart. tonight the kindness and generosity from doctors in new york that will soon change his life. >> we take you to time's square. a big test run in preparation for tomorrow night's new year eve's celebration. >> it's going to be good weather as the ball drops but
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if you're heading out know that you need your umbrella. not a lot of light but the showers could last until 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. for
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the face of an 8-year-old boy so ripped apart by an angry pack of chimps is hard for him to swallow, eat or talk. tonight this native of congo is on his way to long island to rebuild his face and his life. here's long island reporter kristen thorn.
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other 8-year-old boy. he doesn't like sitting still. the trauma he's been through is almost unimaginable. 2 years ago while playing in the congo, his native country, a group of chimps attacked him and his brother. >> his younger 4-year-old brother was completely dismembered. somehow din yeah survived. >> he was left without an upper and lower lip shunned by those in his village. they contacted leon clintner. he arraigned for him to come to stony brook hospital. >> he has challenges in eating. if you have no lips you can't close off the food. >> we spoke to them via facebook in married where he's on vacation with his host family.
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>> a lot will change for dunia come january 11th when he has his first surgery here at stony brook children's hospital. he will have surgeries after that totaling about 20 hours. he will stay in the states another year to recover. >> he's a tough kid. there's a reason that he sur vived it. >> they're hoping that having the surgery will help him and his family reintegrate to life back at home. >> kristen thorn, channel 7, eyewitness news. a test run today for the time's square ball drop ahead of tomorrow's new year extravaganza. as we take a live look at time's square, less than 30 hours from the first second of 2016. it's already getting busy down there. the nearly 12,000 crystal spear raised to the top of one time square today just in practice. the ball will officially begin descending down
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>> as the ball goes out and the numbers light up with 2016 there's no other moment like it where the world truly comes together as one and celebrating the future. >> is that beautiful or what? with about a million people expect today pack into 20 blocks around time's square security is being stepped up. 6,000 cops, some heavily armed, others under cover will be deployed to monitor the crowds. police said there's no specific threats but they're not making chances. make espn and channel 7 your home on new year's eve. there's three games including the semifinals. then of course dick clark's rocking new year's eve. we will be here at 11:00 on channel 7 to help you ring in the new year. a time's scare attraction you will not find in the new year. closing time for toys r us. what's next for that giant
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the rent too high for toys r us. just moments ago 18 minutes ago to be exact closed its door for the last time. they did not renew its lease at the 110,000 square feet location. toys r us is searching for a new location in manhattan. its old store will soon be a gap and old navy. you still have a few hours to buy a ticket or two for tonight's powerball drawing. jackpot now an estimated $300 million. it's almost enough to
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cash pay out you take home more than $184 million. you can watch the drawing on channel 7 right before eyewitness news at 11:00. we won the lottery a little bit with this weather for new year's eve i think. >> what a segway that was. >> i waited all afternoon . a little rain tonight and then we dry out tomorrow. i want to know what's going to happen to the ferris wheel in toys r us. it's not a ferris wheel but a thing that goes around. >> a mini one. >> we'll find out and bring it to you at 11:00. >> if it's up for grabs -- >> maybe you can have it. let's talk about the rain that's moving in. after 8:00 tonight it will be with us and then it scoots out of here in the pre-dawn hours. we have a little bit of fog. there's a dense fog advisory inland but it's patchy fog. only a few reporting stations right now giving us these details. be
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45 in central park right now. 8 mile visibility there. less than a mile for newburgh. less than that for monticello. we have an easterly wind so the closer to the shore there's enough wind to break up that fog at the surface. here's a look at the moisture coming in. it's not a heart rainfall. it's. it's just going to be a little bit of rain that moves from the southwest to the northeast. we may end up with a few tenths of an inch and that's it. it's going to take until about 8:00 for the atmosphere to moistened up. after that the rain comes in and it's quick moving. we may get some moderate showers through central new jersey. maybe one out on long island just after 11:00. everything will move east ward and the rain is out of here before the sun comes up tomorrow morning. maybe some fog lingers but by 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. we expect some sunshine around here. just a few tenths of an
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it does allow for us to get the refreshing air mass to come in tomorrow. 51 degrees. behind the early fog some sunshine . if we get to low 50s tomorrow we expect temperatures when we ring in the new year the low 40s. new year's day sunshine and 45 degrees. once we get done with this rain we're dry for several days heading into the new year. temperatures will stay closer to the average but all in all in major storms around here for the next several days. in fact, temperatures will be a lot closer to what we would expect for late december and early january. so after 8:00 we get a little rain, 45 is the low. 51 is the high temperature tomorrow. the sunshine is back. by the time we count it down and the ball drops temperatures should be right around 40, 41 degrees in time's square. then new year's day not a lot of a warm upcoming. we'll go with 45
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saturday and sunday the low to mid 40s. look at the cool down, finally it's cold around here. 38 for the high on monday, tuesday 39. both of those days featuring sub freezing temperatures for lows. i mean, it's going to be cold for two days. then we're right back to the seasonal above average weather. >> of course we are. >> right back to the 40s. at least todays of cold. two -- two days of cold. when we come back sports. stay with us. >> hi, i'm theodore.
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presented by chase. don't wait! get your tickets today. t is a new york knicks playing career over?
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it was a frieblting this morning frightening this morning after cleanthony early was shot in the leg after a robbery outside a strip club in queens. they demanded his gold jewelry and spot him in the kneecap. the knicks now most concerned with his well being. >> i think that's the number one thing here to remember is that regardless of the circumstances the fact that it could be a lot worse. >> this is life or death. what we're dealing with is a game. it's basketball. we can come back and get after it tomorrow. i think we should just take this day and just kind of get away from it and kind of count our blessings because this situation could have been much uglier. week of game preparation today. last night philly fired its head coach leaving the giants to
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his players say their their fault for letting them down. coflin just wants to focus on the game. >> i appreciate the sentiments. understand don't worry about me or my situation, let's prepare ourselves to play an outstanding football game and try to win a game against the philadelphia eagles team. jason pier paul may have come back to play but the recovery process is not over. he revealed he will need at least one more surgery on that mangled right hand which he delayed in order to be able to play this year. >> you can see that the club is preventing me from make tack -- from making tackles. once i move away i'll be fine. whether or not the jets season goes past this sunday is up to them and possibly the
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care of business itself. that means beat the bills and be in the playoffs. thanks to those schedule makers that game just happening to be against the bills and rex ryan. >> it could have been against anybody if we need one win to get in. we have to try to win the ball game. it's not about playing against rex or buffalo or anybody else. it's about us taking care of us. >> i'll be excited if we win sunday for an hour. >> of course. as for the bills they have nothing after already being eliminated from the post season but you know rex ryan would like nothing more than to spoil his former team's playoff hopes. they expect this to be a blood bath. ryan though believe it or not taking that bait. >> i don't know why you would say that. i'm subdued. i truly thought this game uz -- was going to set up this one is in. it is but it's only one team playing
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the national football league lost a hall of famer. doug age of 85. he spent most of his career with the bears. rutgers big 10 opener greer trying to keep rutgers in it. he had 20 points including that 3-pointer. double-double. 79-72 rutgers dropped the big 10 opener. is rex ryan putting up a curtain there? >> oh, he wants to beat the jets. time to take a lock a look at -- a look at what we're working on. >> cleanthony early just tweeting out about his injury and thanked people for their support. >> also, could a dose of a vitamin cal m some of the
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