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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a slashing inside a mcdonald's, one of the victims an employee.
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because of the florida year. we'll see you back here saturday night. new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. bill cosby facing a judgment for the first time now facing a charge of drugging and sexual assaulting a woman. a case from more than ten years ago. >> but first a developing story, a wild scene outside a mcdonald's in manhattan. an employee and a customer both slashed by a man who right now is on the run. good evening everyone. it's 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. >> all this unfolding inside the restaurant near and third avenue. eyewitness news reporter josh
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>> this investigation has been going on for a couple hours. you can see police inside this mcdonald's as they try to search for crews and evidence. we'll show you video that we shot when we first arrived here more than an hour and a half ago. this started around 8:30 as a fight between two customers at this mcdonald's at 58th and third. a third man stepped in. that's the man police say was armed with a blade who proceeded to then attack the men who were fighting. an employee stepped in to try slashed. one of the two men who were fighting in the first place was also slashed. the man with the blade ran away and police are right now searching for him. the two slashing victims we're told have nonlife threatening perhaps superficial injuries. they're being treated at cornell medical center.
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information at this mcdonald's. they haven't given us surveillance video yet but no doubt it exists and if we get it, we'll show it to you. live in midtown, eyewitness news. josh, thank you, new at 11:00, caught on a nanny cam. a babysitter facing assault charges in brooklyn, accused of abusing a six-month-old baby. 36-year-old elana bass is charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child. police say she violently picked the baby girl out of her crib last week in the family's home and slammed her into a chair. 24 hours from now, more than a million people will be shoulder to shoulder in time square counting down the last seconds of 2015. and security there will be tighter than ever before. with the growing threat of terror attacks the nypd deploying 5,000 cops in time square alone. hundreds are armed with long guns for the first time. although there's no credible
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says it's taking no chances. paris canceling its annual fire works show. in bell jam. the capitol city of brussels canceled its public new year celebration. the news comes after terror suspects with links to isis. according to police, one of them was wanted for the attacks in paris. authorities in turkey fooling a holiday terror plot. police arrested two suspected isis militants believed to be planning a suicide bombing on new years. police say they seized a suicide vest and a backpack with a second explosive device and bomb making equipment during a raid. >> now to bill cosby, the disgraced entertainer tonight for the first time facing criminal charges that he drugged and raped a young woman. cosby who built a legacy as america's dad in a philadelphia suburb accused of sexual assaulting a woman seeking his father-in-law advice.
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exspire because of the statute of limitations. here's kimberly richardson in court for us today. >> reporter: a shell of his former self, bill cosby arrived at the courthouse clearly struggling to see and walk. once inside his arraignment the 78-year-old fidgeting and at one point biting his nails. the comedian is charged with one count of aggravated indecent assault for allegedly did to a woman here inside his mansion outside of philadelphia. a case that's been simmering just below the surface since 2004. >> the victim came to consider mr. cosby her mentor and her friend. that woman at the time she worked with temple university's women's basketball team, met cosby there, but she says one night back in january 12 years ago cosby invited her over for dinner, gave her pills and wine,n't a half hour later she felt completely out of sorts. >> we then go to the reaction
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you know frozen, paralyzed, unable to move. a person in that state cannot give consent. >> she alleges cosby sexual assaulted her. she went to police in 2005 but the district attorney at the time declined to prosecute the case. he would later win a civil suit and this past summer authorities reopened this investigation citing new evidence. cosby's attorney says the move was politically motivated charges filed just days before the statute of limitations in this case expires. >> today after examination of all the evidence, we are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim. >> andrea lives if toronto. tonight her attorney saying quote, it's troubling that it took until the eleventh hour for this day to arrive. cosby is due back in court january 14th.
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years in prison. in elkins park pennsylvania, kimberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. the attorney representing several women who say cosby sexual assaulted them tonight is talking about how her clients are feeling about this new development. >> for many of my clients who allege they're victims of bill cosby, seeing him criminally charged and having to face a trial is the best christmas present they've ever received. >> one of her clients now pursuing a civil lawsuit against cosby. she said in october she questioned cosby under oath for several hours in connection with that lawsuit. he was given the name super man for his larger than life presence. his colleagues and friends and grieving family saying a said fair well to joseph lem. his son saluted his dad's cascat after a funeral mass at
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hundreds lined the streets in a final salute. lem died last week on air national guard duty in afghan tan from a taliban suicide bomber. >> joined our unit after 9/11 knowing full well the risks. >> lem was one of six soldiers killed in that terrorist attack. in addition to his son, lem is survived by his wife and teenage daughter. lem was 45 years old. wake services will be held tomorrow for the other new yorker killed in the attack afghanistan. the wake for staff sergeant louis begins thursday afternoon at branch funeral home in miller place. his funeral will be saturday at new beginnings christian center in long island. the mother of the so called affluenza teen tonight deported back to the u.s. to face
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apprehension of a fugitive her sons remains in custody fighting extradition. he'll be held in mexico city. deportation delayed by a mexico judge. couch given probation after he killed four people in a drunk driving accident in texas when he was 16. meanwhile an indictment tonight of a friend and one time neighbor of the san bernardino terrorist gun killers. a federal grand jury holding up indictments. including charges on conspiring with syed farook. two people from our area victims in a deadly wrong way highway crash in florida. the victims from bridgeport connecticut have just been picked up at the miami airport at 12:45:00 a.m.ment the car they were in was struck by a pickup truck going the wrong direction. the other two people in that car died. the pick-up driver also died. investigators don't know how or where she got on the highway. two other people were critically hurt. as we continue on
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this wednesday night, a woman cleared of a dwi charge because of something we've never heard of, her body makes alcohol. also, the knicks player shot today after he visits a strip club. now breaking his silence. and he has a message for his fans from his hospital bed. meteorologist amy freeze here in the accuweather center tonight. there's a dense fog advisory until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. we also have rain in the area tonight. we'll see how quickly we can get it out of here for new year's eve day. also as the ball drops we're looking at temperatures in the low 40s.
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for the second time this month a new york knicks basketball player the victim of a crime after going to a nightclub. this time reserve player clay anthony early robbed and shot as he and a female friend left a strip club over night in queens. cops are looking for shooters and a basketball team is hoping a career isn't over. aj ross at new york presbyterian hospital where mr. early is being treated. >> still recovering at new york presbyterian, early is receiving an out pouring of support from his teammates, fellow athletes and fans as police continue to search for the gunman who not only sold his possessions but his ability to play the game he loves. he tweeted from his bedside a couple hours ago thanking everyone for their support during this difficult time.
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this captured clay anthony stumbling down the street wednesday. he was shot leaving
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you know it was just most importantly, just him and his family for his mom to have to wake up to that very seriously, very concerned about their teammate and their friend and their brother. >> this incident comes ten days after another knicks forward derek williams was robbed of more than $600,000 worth of jewelry by two women he met in a manhattan club. a short time ago, early tweeted
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thank you all for your thoughts so followithe fdny after another hover board fire is hoping a picture proves a point. this picture, this is what's left of a hover board that began smoking while recharging yesterday in brooklyn. the kings borrow houses. the owner unplugged it. took it out into a hallway and that's where it caught fire. urging hover board owners to use extreme caution. coming to skyrocketing rents in manhattan. the flag ship toys r us store closing for good tonight.
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its lease on broadway between 44th and 45th streets. the company is citing financial reasons for the decision. toys r us is searching for a new location in manhattan. goldberg. what's going to happen inside the ferris wheel? we don't know. it's going to be an old navy and gap store. we do know that. there were people out earlier. they're gone. because of the rain. >> some light rain is falling in the area. we also have problems with patchy dense fog. mainly inland. between the rain and the fog, it may slow down you getting home tonight. looking at the temperatures, it's not hard to see any skyline. usually we can see the east side pretty well. 46 degrees currently. we have the winds that are right now northeast. but they'll start to come out of the west. that's not going to help with the fog development. with we have this moisture at
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with that warmer air moving in, temperatures between 5 to 10 degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time. that's going to keep warm moist air at the surface. that will help reduce the visibility and create more fog formation. less than a mile for poughkeepsie and less than three for morris town. this dense fog advisory for the counties in orange until 6:00 a.m.
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10 degrees. by tomorrow we cool things back down. temperatures slightly above average at 45. we'll call it chilly sunshine. so over cast the rest of the night. the rain that started after 8:00 will be done by 3:00 a.m. for long island. tomorrow, early fog exits quickly. the sunshine is back. a high of 51 in the afternoon. counting it down in time square, tomorrow night we're expecting a few patchy clouds. most areas clear completely. we won't rule out a cloud or two. 45 for new year's day. not much of a warm up. we hold on to the cooler weekend. friday looks good for the first day of the new year. then we've got the weekend here saturday and sunday both looking with temperatures in the low to mid 40s. more sunshine on saturday.
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then early next week, monday, it's on. finally, cold around here. below normal temperatures. and below freezing low temperatures heading into monday and tuesday. both days, 25 and 30 degrees. so some real chilly air coming here. by wednesdayings we bounce back up to above average for this time of year. cold snap that doesn't last very long and really when you break it town, it's not even really a cold snap if we consider january in general. but for us, and this season that we're had, it's a cold snap. >> there you go. thank you amy. up next drunk driving charges dropped for a new york woman. why her lawyer says she's naturally drunk. plus could one vitamin help control the symptoms of multiple sclerosis? and we have a reminder to make espn and channel 7 your home on new year's eve. there are three bowl games on espn. the college football playoff semifinals and dick clark's
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a woman from upstate new york beating a drunk driving charge with a rather unique explanation, her body naturally brews alcohol. charges dropped against the woman. her blood alcohol level four times the legal limit when she was arrested. four times. the doctor diagnosed a rare condition called auto brewery syndrome. it means her digestive syndrome converts ordinary food into alcohol. she was prescribed a low carb diet and apparently now can drive again.
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>> in tonight's health alert, vitamin d might help people with ms. in a small study, 40 people took high doses of d 3 over six months. participants had few side effects and the doses seemed beneficial. there was a drop in certain immune system cells. in ms an abnormal immune system attacks the nervous system. researchers hope vitamin d will help. laura in for rob powers, she's up next with sports. >> the knicks hit the practice floor today. but basketball was the last thing on their mind after a scary night for one of their teammates. in the hospital tonight, speaking out for the first time
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are you curious? do you wonder why things work? do you look at things and say "i can make that better"? these questions, these curiosities then lead to discoveries... ...and those discoveries are going to lead to the energy solutions for the next 50 years. we have big, big challenges. one challenge is to capture the co2 before it's released into the atmosphere. we captured more than 6 million tons in 2014 alone. that's the equivalent of eliminating the annual emissions of more than one million cars.
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how to convert algae into biofuels. the ultimate objective is to be able to put it into an existing car, to not have to redo the engine. that could be one of the very important parts of the energy equation in the future. we want to drive our scientists, we want to drive our engineers, to never be satisfied with where we are today. because there are always better ways to do things. i'm vijay swarup,
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ultimate driving machine. the unknown question, is this going to hurt his career? >> well, he hasn't been playing a lot for the knicks leading in. we shall see. the knicks earned a win last night. but hours later the celebration was over as reserve player clay anthony early found himself the victim of an armed robbery. it happened outside a strip club in queens. masked men with guns demanded jewelry before shooting him in the right kneecap. there's no structural damage. he tweeted this evening thank you all for your thoughts and prayers i appreciate you all. shout out to you beautiful souls for cares. god works in mysterious ways.
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they topped the heat on monday. tonight they were trying to take that momentum to orlando. it worked in the early going. second quarter, a nice move despite the double team. they led at the half. magic trying to mount a come back nakalo with two of his 20 points. lopez finished with a jam. it's a tie game. victor in for the easy layup. orlando takes the lead. they would hold on from there. 100-93 the magic tops the nets. life has been challenging for the rangers lately. especially away from madison square garden the blue shirts lost eight in a row on the road. they're trying to snap that. they met the like in tampa. matt takes care of the tie part with his 16th of the season. tampa would then tie it again. 3rd period though all about the blue shirts.
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2. they then had a pair of empty netters. 5-2. the rangers win the final game of 2015. also tonight the devils on the road where they met the senator. 1st period on the 2 on 1 rush. he gets the first goal of the game. later in the period, the quick slap shot. 2-0 devils. 3-0 the devils win. conference season has begun in college basketball. the rutgers men dropped their big opener. tonight it was syracuse opening acc play against pit. a close one throughout. trevor helping the orange stay it in in the first half. game tied up at halftime. later in the game. pit trying to gain separation. jeter, emphatic dunk. syracuse falls.
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rodriguez led the way with 19 points. gets his own rebound for the put back and the follow. pirates trail at the half. they take care of that in a second. isaiah whitehead, the 20 point lead. 83-63.
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