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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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disabled train is on the williamsburg bridge. and we'll keep you on top of all of this on tv and at abc 7 n-y. >> we are seven hours until the crystal ball drops. the barricades are in place and they are jammed with people who have been gathering there all day long. >> some places have already welcomed the new year and others are counting down and getting ready. we have a team of reporters covering the security and the countdown forecast. and we begin with darla miles in times square. darla-- >> reporter: i am on west 41st street at 7th avenue. and i'm in a frozen zone. this is one of the few times at night where i can move my arms and legs because there's no one around me. this is a block south of where the ball will come down. and two blocks down, people
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spot to ring in the new year. >> how did you get such a great spot? >> it's all planning. >> reporter: the prime spots have already been claimed. >> we came we were like four blocks away and couldn't see anyone other than the little tiny ball. this time we got up way earlier and got here around 8:00 or 9:00. >> i'm hoping it's a good spot. we're not really familiar with what's the best spot but we're hoping it's a good spot. and we're trying to see where the entertainers are going to be. >> and all are ready to ring in the new year. >> last year it was worse than the previous year. like this is actually really nice. >> i came all the way from paris to be here. >> and luckily, welcoming 2016 will not be as frigid as years past. and some say mild or cold
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rather be on december 31st. >> would you hang it up after this year? >> no. >> why come back? >> it's fun and exciting and you meet new people. >> look how close. [ laughter ] >> that was actually a little bit fun like waving my arms and legs. that's one of the few times i get to do it tonight. i'll be in the heart of times square when the ball drops. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00. the popular question everyone the new year. eyewitness news. several street closures are in effect. streets. broadway from 47th to 48th streets. and 46th and 47th streets from 6th to 8th avenues.
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and 49th to 59th will be closed. and find more details at abc 7 ny. the security planning has been going on for months. there'll be 6000nypd officer ever watching tonight. josh einiger is in times square with more on the tight security. >> reporter: on such a celebratory night, the talk about security is a debbie downer. in a moment we'll hear from the police commissioner about the security that's underway. take a look behind me. an enormous security overlay over times square. and the nypd says this is the safest place you can possibly be. for the most visible
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has planned this largest deployment ever. 6000 are manning magna tommer thes and ready to respond in a moment. >> we'll -- everyone else is running away. and that's just what we do. >> everyone is going to get in. you have a great view no matter where you are. >> 65 pens hold upwards of a million people. a gauntlet of security. and each of them searched three separate times. no backpacks or umbrellas allowed and people's food is inspected. >> they searched every pocket on me. if anybody tries to sneak something in, they're going to find us. >> we're going to live life and not let it bother us. >> reporter: and back live with the commissioner. thank you for joining us and happy new year.
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where are we in terms of the threat picture? >> the threat picture has not changed. we have no credible threats directed against this event. that's the good news. we've haded additional security. but it's going to be a happy, cheerful event. and weather is cooperating and it's not particularly cold and the entertainment has started as you can tell. >> reporter: it's a little hard to tell and hard to talk about the issues when the party has already started. after these world events in paris and san bernardino you did have to increase the footprint here. what kinds of things did you do? >> that's effectively what we did to increase the footprint. really nothing new we're doing. just more of it. more cameras, more dogs, secondary screenings.
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pens in plainclothes. i think we have six to 800 additional personnel and all to err on the side of caution. the crowds are always well behaved and once the night gets closer to midnight. they get happier. >> and no alcohol. >> it's a sobering night here. >> commissioner, happy new year to you and your family. and we'll have more on eyewitness news at 6:00. new video of the security apparatus in effect right now across the city. and we'll have that on news news at 6:00. we now want to go back to the breaking news of the stuck train on the williamsburg bridge. you're looking at live pictures from news helicopter seven.
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is disrupted. numerous delays. we mentioned a few moments ago. again, the train is moving now. but service is still disrupted. expect delays. >> half the train went back to manhattan. >> for people headed out to times square or anywhere else. you can't ask for much better weather. what is the temperature going to be when the clock strikes midnight. amy freeze is at the weather wall with more. >> it's not going to be freezing. it's going to be cold. but if you look at the thermometer readings, it doesn't seem so bad. >> 46 degrees sounds pleasant and mild. >> the normal 30 year average is 39 degrees. the coldest is seven below back in 1917 and the most mild, 63 degrees back in 1965. we'll be closer to the average
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look at recent history. the clouds should part as the ball drops. weaver looking at 41 degrees. coming up we'll break down the numbers as we roll into the new year and the calendar changes to january. it's going to feel like it. the details are coming up. and we want to remind you coming up in a few minutes we'll go one-on-one with jenny mccarthy. and what she was surprised about when planning this year's show. a developing story out of dubai. a fire at a luxury hotel. the fire burped through the 63 story hotel sending flames shooting into the sky. and the nearby fireworks show went off as planned.
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some security analysts are calling this unusual. the government in due bay is saying 14 people slightly injured. >> the fire began just a couple of hours before midnight in dubai. it started on the outside of the 20th floor of the downtown dubai building. flames engulfed the entire building all the way up to the -- >> that's not a flame for heat. that's a fire. and all of a sudden, it started glowing. and then immediately we decided we need to get out because we saw debris falling from the building. >> the fireworks show included 1 1/2tops of fireworks and a
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the street below. explosions could be heard from inside the tressed building. >> it was quite louter than the earlier one. and the fires have erupts. it started now to increase in size. >> no one is explaining how the fire began but it's starting in touch a prominent location on new year's eve and has many people worried. >> i don't know how the fire actually started. it's spread so rapidly that it's very alarming first off just looking at this from a security standpoint i'm not clear how a fire could pretty that quickly to the entire side of a hotel. >> people were injured. that's a surprisingly low if you remembers the evacuation
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smoothery. we don't know what caused the fire. we'll keep you posted. a new year's eve terror attack plot was thwarted in western new york. he was arrested in rochester this morning. he planned to carry owl an attack using knives and a machete. the terrorists have discovered the internet. and the hatred that's been in the middle east for in years as a poor baa -- tall -- >> they provided him with weapons and he is charged with attempting to provide material support to isis. clay anthony reaching out on social media from a hospital bed. he says he's recovering from
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>> he left a strip including yesterday. arson investigators poured over the key piece of evidence. a felted -- >> someone threw a molotov cocktail at the front of a strip club. a night of celebration that ended with the basketball player being shopped and robbed. the uber car was followed and boxed in. >> the last couple of days, the two dips that did rescue. >> a photo of hymn in a hospital bed. writing i got shot but ironically i dodged a bullet. the 24-year-old trying to get
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left leg was not seerly hurt. investigators are trying to solve the sing crime. the suspects described as two men in a green nissan altima. >> i couldn't get down the block because of the police activity. i don't know what goes on in there. >> as for the 24-year-old -- it's not clear how long he'll be hospitalized. but this is 1 hell of an experience to cover from. a deadly fall. a teenager killed when trying to take pictures and climb the hotel the mom of the so called affluenza teen in court. and big issues when it comes to the subways. there was a disabled train on
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a deadly fall for a college student killed while taking pictures. the 20-year-old from new jersey was scaling the outside of the four seasons hotel when he fell. we have more on what happened. >> crime scene investigators spent the early morning hours parked in front of the four seasons hotel investigating a man who fell to his death. 20-year-old connor cummings came to the luxury hotel with his friend to take pictures. the two were claiming scaffolding when he fell nine stories down an interior shaft after 11:00 last night. the photography equipment was recovered. >> he was with one friend and the friend called his mother. i don't know how long connor was laying there at all before they even called the police. the police are inside and i
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and one said not too long. but i can't get like an absolute answer. >> his aunt said something doesn't add up. he's a photography buff but not a daredevil. >> they're saying he went on a balcony but they are not saying exactly what happened. and i know the medical examiner was up there. i mean he's a young kid. he's a good kid. they weren't drinking. they were taking a picture. >> his friend was able to climb down and call for help. but cummings was pronounced dead at the scene. he was attending college in massachusetts. channel 7 eyewitness news. historic floods are ravaging parts of the midwest. officials in missouri and illinois are helping people move to higher ground. in the suburbs of st. louis,
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hundreds of homes are underway. many homes are underwater and roadways are flooded. the dangerous flooding is caused by a very wet fall combined with 10 inches of rain that fell this past week. >> disastrous, the results of the record flooding. damage. folks. and many of them didn't see the rain in their area. it's the rivers that crested down river. >> caught them by surprise. >> that makes it so difficult to contend with. and makes us grateful for what we have in front of us as we say goodbye to 2015 and ring in the new year. empire state building looking down to one world trade. skies are clearing and great visibility. and the colors look good. we have 46 degrees in central park.
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of degrees to drop off as we see the ball drop. right now in and around the boroughs and outside in the suburbs, temperatures in the middle and upper 40s. white plains at 43. everybody else shy of the 50- degree mark. temperatures were a few degrees warmer than the last couple of days. and we can see what's happening here with the clouds starting to thin and part. and that's going to make for the beautiful sky conditions. we're expecting spectacular fireworks happening in central park. look for that at midnight tonight. overall, not only are the skies clearing but we're storm free for the next couple of days. first day of the new year, 45 degrees. slightly above average. sunny and breezy and more sunshine than we had today. today was a battle between the clouds and the sun. and the clouds sort of 11 out.
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temperatures in the low to mid- 40s and a lot more sunshine as high pressure settling over the area and clears the clouds. and then we watch for a pattern shift that will bring very chilly air in. and i started the future cast friday night. temperatures start to fall. and we'll have some sub freezing temperatures across the area. and it's really saturday morning where we've got 20s and close to the freezing point. and temperatures will struggle to get to the 40-degree mark by the afternoon. sunday we may do a little better getting into the low 40s and then it's finally cold around here. we're stuck in the 30s during the day. and sub freezing temperatures forecasted for us at night. through the weekend things are looking good. chilly winds throughout the evening tonight. 37 is the overnight low for tomorrow morning. and 45 for the first day of 2016. so as the ball drops and the
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24 hours we're in the low to mid-40s and the sun is back for tomorrow. here's the 7-day forecast. you get a peek at next week. and a freezing start on monday morning and temperatures 30s both monday and tuesday. really cold temperatures expected. much more coming up in the second half hour about the long- term trends for january. coming up. a famous architect's aid arrested in new york. what she's accused of doing to him. and decorations destroyed when vandals go on the attack with an ax. find out what someone told the homeowner afterwards. and a violent and dangerous ride on a plane. passengers suddenly slammed into the ceiling. what passengers say it was like and the simple lesson for all of us. and why governor cuomo is not opening up the governor's mansion. >> and here's a message from a member of the military who
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a bridgeport connecticut
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people are without a home for the new year. a car fire started in the garage and spread to another vehicle and then to the rest of the building. more than 120 people now without a place to stay. a temporary shelter has been set up. and only two minor injuries, one resident and one firefighter. now to vote 2016. and republican presidential contender donald trump declaring a war of words on hillary clinton. he called clinton's husband, the former president, one of the great abusers of the world. the billionaire businessman took aim at hillary clinton calling her horrible saying she gives him a headache. >> he's demonstrated a -- i demonstrated a -- for sexism. nobody respects women more than donald trump. that i can tell you. >> the competition is heating
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the state has its primary on february 20th. if your new year's resolution was to start the year with an extra $300 million in the bank, you're out of luck. nobody matched all and the power ball. the jackpot is now up to $334 million. it might make for a better resolution. the lump sum is up to $205 million. and watch the drawing just before news news at 11:00 on saturday. police in munich are warning of an imminent threat of a terror attack. two train stations have been cleared and we'll have more information as soon as we get that. and ax wielding vandals go after a holiday display with a child sleeping inside. what someone told the homeowners after the attack.
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we have breaking news affecting subway service. a j train disabled on the williamsburg bridge is moving again but causing delays. and there are major delays because of signal problems. e, m, r, seven, and j lines are affected tonight. thousands are gathered in times square 6 1/2 hours until the ball drops to ring in the new year 2016. and we have a beautiful shot
5:27 pm
can see all the folks out there. and among them 6000 nypd officers. part of the increased security. and you can take a live look. this is from -- is this from earth cam? yes. we'll hear from jenny mccarthy who talks about what she loves most about the times square celebration. and moments ago, canceled the fireworks after the terrorist we told folks about. and now to the other top story this half hour. a christmas displayed destroyed by axes. the violent vandals taking axes to the decorations, causing thousands of dollars of damage. >> all this while a child was asleep in the home in lake grove. mallory hoff spoke to the homeowner. >> reporter: the lights are on
5:28 pm
men in the video have not been identified. and the homeowners here, well, they tell us they had an unexpected visitor at their door. a man who says he knows the men in the surveillance video and friend. two men live in this neighborhood with their mother. and as you can imagine, they are mortified. two men carrying pick axes approached the home. a mother and 2-year-old child asleep inside. the men go to town on an imported palm tree in a thermal box and keep swinging. >> hacking off the palm trees. >> you're obviously trying to protect them. >> yes. >> the vandals hit the sycamore avenue home just after 5:20 wednesday morning. >> the look in their face was really, really vicious. >> they did $3000 worth of damage.
5:29 pm
inflatable bear took an ax through the heart. and then he believes the family sheep dog began to bark and kept barking. the vandals ran away. and look at this. video captured the man placing cans in the street before they got started. they were sure to go back for the cans when they were done. >> didn't even pick up the beer. >> there's my beer. and now the other one gets his beer. >> they had no idea they were on camera it appears. >> my son was traumatized the most. >> he hurt your bear? >> how do you explain this to a child? >> you don't. you can't. kids don't understand good and evil yet. they're going to learn pretty quick.
5:30 pm
child's delight this bear a resilient one despite the tear, still inflated tonight. we'll told the police report has been filed and an investigation is underway. no charges at this time. live in suffolk county, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. a home health aide is accused of assaulting a renowned architect. his aide grabbed him and twisted his arm on december 13th. his arm was bruised and bleeding after the attack. he's known for the jfk library and the java center here. this person was apparently released without bail after being arrested on a charge of felony assault. the driver is charged with road rage on the queensboro bridge.
5:31 pm
him when his suv hit a van on the bridge. the damage was minor and he pulled one of the guns on the driver before he took off. a flight to newark airport diverted because of a cracked windshield and it is now due to arrive in just a couple of hours. the united flight was headed from scotland to newark when the crew reported the crack. the boeing 757 landed in canada and everyone got on a new plane. the flight is scheduled to land at newark at 7:43 tonight. and the texas teen known for using the affluenza defense will spend time in a mexican jail while his mother is back in the u.s. she's charged with hindering the apprehension of her son. and immigration proceedings could take weeks.
5:32 pm
new yorkers will earn more money this new year's eve. the minimum wage increases from $8.75 to $9 an hour. the fast food wage goes up to $10.50 and 9:dollars 75 outside the five boroughs. democratic lawmakers are planning to push for a $15 statewide minimum wage in the upcoming legislative session. more than 5500 more pages of hillary clinton's e-mails will be released by the state department. but the state department will fall short of the goal to get 82% of them out by the end of the year. the large number of documents and the holiday schedule made them miss their target. why the annual new year's day open house at the governor's mansion is being postponed. and a car goes crashing into a
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we'll tell you what the driver
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>> we continue to follow breaking news affecting the sub ways. there are service changes. all of this because of a disabled train on the williamsburg bridge and signal problems. we have more on the passengers stuck on the train. >> reporter: this happened just before 4:00 after a northbound j train was stalled on the williamsburg bridge. if you take a look. you can see there are riders exiting the station. some of that service has been resolved. there's some service coming to manhattan. if you look around riders are still trying to find a way to
5:37 pm
the train is still on the williamsburg bridge and we have video. the mta says a rescue train was sent to get the passengers back to brooklyn and de-board the train and the buses are causing a traffic jam on the brooklyn side. this is being caused by signal problems. the e, the f, the m, the r, the seven, and the j train, let's take a listen to what the riders said. >> we got stuck right in the middle of the train. malfunction of brakes and we were not moving. we were there for about an hour until they linked another train behind us. everybody had to move through the train and back in. >> this impacted service for an hour or more. hundreds of riders stranded on the bridge.
5:38 pm
from the brooklyn side. and some of the service is resolved. there's service coming in to map but not from manhattan to the brooklyn side. channel 7 eyewitness news. and out of control suv flips as it slides into a river. good samaritans and first responders jumped in the freezing water to help. and the driver was able to escape with only minor injuries. his foot may have slipped off the brake pedal. the vehicle crashed through a 5- foot fence before going into the water. no one else was hurt. governor andrew cuomo is postponing the open house at the governor's mansion. former governor mario cuomo
5:39 pm
an easter egg hunt will be among the activities scheduled later. hawaii will raise the legal smoking teenage 21. the law goes into effect at midnight. they hope it will help young people from developing an addiction. still ahead, a harrowing flight like no other. >> the plane was just -- go down very straight. >> what happened midair that
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call now. we've got amy freeze in for lee goldberg. a lot of people are about to head out. >> it looks pretty good. especially when you consider how cold it can be in times square. people wait 8 to 10 hours for
5:43 pm
low 40s is what we're predicting for the midnight festivities. look at this beautiful shot. the empire state building is glittering and glistening like so many people leaving their homes tonight. and one world trade lit up as well. checking the numbers in central park, currently, 46. and the westerly influence to the wind has helped to bring warmer and drier air into the area. and the visibility is great all across the region. a normal high this time of year is 39. we beat that with 48 degrees. tomorrow we'll be colder. we have a downward trend with temperatures over the next couple of days. the first full day of january will feel like it. >> and we have mid- to upper 40s. and coolest spot is white plains. and really temperatures are going to hold onto their warmth as we get into the late night
5:44 pm
i don't expect many spots will drop below the 40-degree mark. clouds are really thinning quickly, especially for the northern counties, sullivan, you willster, dutches. and you're seeing it through central new jersey right now. clouds thinning and clearer skies expected as we roll into the new year. tomorrow, 45, slightly cooler than today. and more sunshine. and temperatures actually stay in the 40s for the weekend. event in we drop off to below average. the first time it's happened for a long time. chilly sunshine for saturday and sunday. and going down to the low 40s both days. we'll be back near the averages. it will be freezing to start off next week. in fact, temperatures will struggle to get out of the 30s on monday and tuesday.
5:45 pm
roll and we don't have major storms coming in. and be ready. clearing and a chilly wind and 37 for the overnight low. and then tomorrow just 45 degrees for the first day of 2016. so as we go through the next 12 to 24 hours looking at the numbers. we'll be above average as the ball drops and tomorrow, 45 will keep us above the line. and then we start to slide back to normal. and monday, not only below average temperatures and below freezing. very cold start to the week. and temperatures will remain in the mid-30s as well. coldest air yet. wednesday and thursday, temperatures will be in the low to mid-40s. the accuweather 7-day forecast also turning the page as we turn the calendar into january. december not so much. we're finishing out more than 13 degrees above average. >> not a bad way to say goodbye to 2015.
5:46 pm
the million people in times square and millions more around the world. here's live look at the area. already packed with people ready to party. >> and let's take a look at earth cam. we've got another view of the crowd tonight. of course, if you can't go to times square, if you are not there yet you probably can't be. and we have dick clark's new year's rockin' eve. and jenny mccarthy -- here's what she had to say. >> reporter: a surprising number of people stay home and watch the ball drop on dick clark's new year's rockin' eve. more than 22 and a half million people tuned in across the country to watch the ball drop last year. [ music ] >> reporter: there's nothing like the electricity generated by so many people celebrating at the same time in the same place.
5:47 pm
host something you're in the middle of the biggest party in the country. and for me it's great to be invited and count backwards. >> three, two, one! >> this marks jenny mccarthy's 6th year as cohost. >> the first year, 5 1/2 hours of live television can freak anyone out. and having ryan as my partner, we have each other's backs. i got this down. who needs ryan? just kidding. >> reporter: jenni told me she brings her 13-year-old son to share the evening with her. >> to see everyone collectively cry and love each other, it's the only time of the year you'll see that. >> what does it mean to share that moment with your son while you're working. >> looking at his face -- and
5:48 pm
he closes his eyes and he's pure blitz. >> weather is often an issue. >> this year the temperature will be at least 10 degrees above normal. >> it's great news. i got to tell you through the years dick clark would always give the advice. he'd say jenni, pray for good weather. >> security has become more of a concern. >> and i security and they said this is the safest place. >> reporter: the action will not be confined to times square. there will be performing from hollywood. >> going into the new year with a bang. >> i'm going to be enjoying the vibe at home. one direction will also appear from the west coast. jimmy buffet will be performing in brooklyn. and demi lovato in sometimes square. and luke bryan and carrie underwood. >> it's fun.
5:49 pm
>> and like you i'll be watching at home too. >> and enjoying the vibe i'm sure. >> and tuning in to eyewitness news at 11:00 right in between. [ laughter ] and just a reminder that dick clark's new year's rockin' eve kicks off at 8:00 right here on channel 7. and join us again for eyewitness news at 11:00. and then the show continues with the ball drop from times square. is it still ahead, a frightening flight that sent passengers to the hospital. >> people were tossed around on the plane and the oxygen masks deployed. and new at 6:00. they got pulled over by the cops. just one problem, they weren't
5:50 pm
drama in the skies after violent turbulence shook passengers in midair, literally
5:51 pm
and slamming them into the ceiling of the aircraft. >> what happened on the flight forcing it to make an emergency landing. two dozen passengers were hurt and several were taken off on stretchers. >> reporter: new photos from inside the air canada flight forced to divert because of severe turbulence. >> we're being told there are four serious injuries. >> oxygen masks deployed and trash and belongings littered the floor all a result of the sudden turbulence. just like a roller coaster, the plane went down very straight. and lots of screaming. >> reporter: some of the passengers were removed on stretchers with neck braces. in all, 21 passengers, including three children were
5:52 pm
>> my legs were shaking when it started. it sort of felt like you were in midair and then you fall back down. >> reporter: the 777 was carrying 351 passengers and crew on a flight from shanghai to toronto. the diversion to calgary with passengers complaining of neck, back, and rib injuries. >> none of the patients are life-threatening. >> the safety board started the investigation. none of the injuries to the passengers was life- threatening. most of them were released from the hospital. david occur lee, abc news, washington. and ending the year in sorrow. the beginning of a sad farewell to another new yorker killed in a taliban terrorist attack. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is new york's number 1 news.
5:53 pm
bill ritter and liz cho. and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. they said they were new york cops and they ordered a driver and two passengers to get out of their minivan but they were not the real police as the victims quickly realized when they watched the car get driven away. first the nypd claims it will be one of the safest spots on the planet, times square on new year's eve. tight security, tightly packed and ready to ring in another new year. i'm bill ritter. liz is off tonight. several problems to tell you about affecting subway service. a j train breaking down on the williamsburg bridge is now moving through there are residual delays. and also delays on other lines because of signal problems.
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