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tv   Eyewitness News 5  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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12 is your wind chill at right now. wind gust last hour, gusting over 40 miles per hour in monticello. winds cranking in early evening then they'll slowly start to subside. you're not going to notice that till you head out the door tomorrow wind advisory will expire in a couple hours in ulster county. futurecast wind 15-mile-per-hour range will actually be a little higher tomorrow morning but noticeably higher in the afternoon hours as we get above freezing for the first time in a couple days and doesn't feel so bad in the afternoon with increasing clouds. on to the weekend storm threat. the actual building block for that is a storm that's coming in in the pacific northwest and it's finally coming ashore. we leave that window of fantasy forecasting to more reality because now our computer model should be able to handle what this storm is doing. in two days this storm should be in the deep south. then it starts to move up the appalachians and probably
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question is does it take that northern track and we get belted with many inches if not feet of snow, or is it going to slide farther east then there's less snow for us? both scenarios still on the table as of this here's what you need to know. the bitter wind is backing off later tonight. it's then it's tranquil tomorrow night. descriptions of possibilities and potential because some of the new information this afternoon is definitely more of a close call than a direct hit on the area. so we'll start to get in to potential snowfall amounts based on all the information that we've accumulated. i'll see new information in the next 10 minutes when i come inside and we'll add that to the forecast. possible potential, even so a lot of people are getting prepared early and stocking up on supplies. >> for others it's getting temperatures. burkett
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folks waiting at the bus stop. these are definitely the kind of days where you hope the bus is on time. >> you don't want to be outside in this weather any longer than you have to be but if you're waiting a bus, you have to be. you have no choice. as you can see behind me, despite the weather, people are being very polite about lining up. it finally came. what are you going to do? you can't a void it. >> reporter: after weeks of above average temperatures, new yorkers are paying the price. lining up for buses on queens boulevard. braving the wicked wind chills walking on the boulevard. trying to escape the cold deep beneath queens boulevard with somewhat mixed results. >> it's very cold. when the wind blows i'm glad it's at my back pushing me along. >> reporter: we met maria kennedy on her way to her second job. >> you just finished the day job. and now you're going to? >> the
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>> so a hot shower is a long way away. >> yes, i'll be running home later on. >> reporter: some of the coldest people in new york today were riders waiting for buses on windy street corners. >> i have on like five layers of clothing on. i'm still freezing. sometimes we have to wait for the bus for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes and that's crazy in this weather. >> reporter: but the arrival of winter is good news for the third generation family that owns bardy's hardware in longmont, long island where the snow melt has been collecting dust for two months and the preseason sale on snow blowers ended today. >> with the storm coming it's been picking up considerably. last year it was a late start also and once it started it kept going. >> you want to thank lee goldberg? >> thank you very much, lee goldberg. >> oh, yes, thank you very much, lee goldberg. and i say that tonight on behalf of everybody waiting for buses here
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live tonight, q gardens, queens, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. suffolk county is preparing for the first potentially significant snowfall of the year. >> after a number of natural disasters, we have been extraordinarily lucky this winter season. it appears that that luck may be running out. >> county executive steve malone says the county temporary housing assistance unit will make sure no one spends a night out in the cold. he says heavy equipment is also at the ready to clear the roads to make sure they're safe. tonight on facebook live between 6:30 and 11:00 tonight, lee goldberg will be answering your questions about the possible storm. he held one last night and you can watch it now to get an alert when tonight's starts, follow our abc7ny facebook page. new details involving charges against a doctor at mount sinai hospital tonight. we've now learned two women say he molested them.
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told police the doctor gave her a double dose of morphine before he assaulted her. stacey sager is live in east harlem with more. >> this doctor is now facing multiple counts because as you said, another alleged victim has come forward. dr. david newman left here a short time ago saying nothing to reporters but what he's accused of doing has patients at a hospital known for its reputation cringing. 45-year-old e.r. doctor was taken away in handcuffs, patients at mount sinai hospital hearing today. >> oh, my god. disgusting. >> reporter: dr. david newman accused of masturbating then performing a lewd act on a patient who came to the emergency room for shoulder pain back on january 11th. law enforcement sources tell
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allegedly gave her an extra shot of morphine prior to the incident so he's also now facing a charge of assault in addition to sexual abuse. >> it's crazy. it's crazy. i don't know. i think he's sick. >> reporter: now authorities confirm a second alleged victim has come forward saying dr. newman fondled her breast when she came here for a cold in september. the hospital issued this statement saying, quote, he's not provided care to patients at mount sinai since the investigation began. we take the nature of these allegations very seriously and continue to conduct our own extensive internal inquiry. end quote. meanwhile, dr. newman, well known for clinical research, ironically the author of this book, professing to tell readers what doctors don't know and won't tell you about misdeeds in modern medicine. >> the doctor is now facing an
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alleged morphine shot. he's also facing two counts of sexual abuse at this point because of that other patient who has now come forward. as for the patient on january 11th who had the morphine, investigators say she was alert enough to come forward and file a complaint and they're asking anyone else who has had contact with this doctor who had a similar experience to please come forward. live outside the precinct in east harlem, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. police now have charged two teenagers accused of trying to rob an off duty nypd sergeant in the bronx. investigators say the sergeant shot one of the teens during the robbery attempt yesterday morning. 18-year-old michael monserrate is in the hospital and now faces several charms. 17-year-old lucas javier also is charged. a third suspect is still on the run. police say they were armed with a gun and two knives. police hope new video will help them track down the man who
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surveillance video shows the suspect walking down the street. he's accused of slashing anthony christopher smith needed 150 stitches to close the gash. doctors also had to do a nerve surgery. police investigating a slew of bomb threats called in to 30 schools today and 10 of those schools in new jersey. the schools were either evacuated or locked down. threats were also made to schools in massachusetts, pennsylvania, new jersey reporter anthony johnson has more on how it impacted students in new jersey. he's live for us in hackensack. >> hackensack high school being one of the schools that was targeted early this morning. this could not have come for a worse time. a lot of the students are either preparing for midterms or already starting to take their midterm exam and of course this happened right at the beginning of the 2nd period. they got the call and a lot of schools were evacuated. we
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and they tell us while the evacuation was taking place, there was a lot of chaos. >> i get out of my classroom and i expect everybody to be calm and everybody is running down the halls. i'm getting pushed. >> reporter: students are scrambling in the hallways of fairway high school, trying to evacuate after the school received a bomb threat. >> we haven't had to evacuate the school yet. we've had to take precautions. >> reporter: the students came out in to the bitter cold and stood outside before they were moved over to the middle school. they were allowed back in to the high school building parents rushed to the school to take their children home for the rest of the day. >> had to walk from here to the other school in the freezing well. >> i'm taking both of them, two kids out. it's just too much. it's not the first time either at fair lawn. >> reporter: authorities had to call in extra bomb dogs to investigate and officers were recalled to handle the large number of schools targeted including every school building in garfield.
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calls were made last night and school systems came in this morning and retrieved the voice messages. >> reporter: it took several hours for schools to be cleared and classes to resume but fake bomb threats put everyone in danger according to officials, including responding officers, motorists, and of course students and cool staff. investigators want to find the person responsible. >> these crimes leave a digital fingerprint. it's just a matter of chasing that to its logical conclusion. >> authorities say the fbi has volunteered to help in their investigation. while officials didn't want to put a final number on how much something like this costs to investigate, they did say it is in the neighborhood of $100,000. that's the latest live from hackensack, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. happening tonight, a candlelight vigil on the columbia university campus for those three students who were
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america. premed student abigail flanagan, columbia college student olivia earhart died last wednesday in a bus accident in honduras. all three were headed to the airport in order to return home from a volunteer mission. tonight for the first time we're hearing from a u.s. marine who's now a free man after spending years as a prisoner in iran. amir spent four years. the 32 years -- 32-year-old spoke to reporters expressing his relief and gratitude for finally being free. >> i feel extremely lucky, alive for the first time in a long time, and very humbled at everybody's support from the president to congress to my fellow marines and especially my family who have really gone through so much throughout this time.
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first look tonight at washington post reporter jason rezian who was also released from iran. the freed men are undergoing medical treatment in germany before heading home to the u.s. the u.s. supreme court will hear a legal challenge. the president wants it to allow certain undocumented immigrants to apply for work in the u.s. but lower federal courts blocked the orders, agreeing with a lawsuit by a coalition of 26 states. the justices will hear arguments in april then rule in may or june. a pro immigration attorney from our area says he thinks they will uphold presidential power. >> dating back to the 50s, presidents both democratic and republican have exercised this. congress has clearly delegated that to the president and i think there are scholars on both sides of the aisle who agree with that. >> you can see more about what the court ruling means for
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on tiempo with joe torres this sunday morning. republican candidate ben carson has canceled the rest of his events today after four campaign workers were injured in a car crash. carson, who was campaigning in south carolina, will fly to nebraska where a volunteer with the worst injuries is being treated. a van carrying him and three other workers flipped on its side in an icy road in iowa and was hit by another vehicle. the three other workers were treated and released. some of the world's best tennis players are responding tonight to a match fixing scandal. >> what they want to see happen now, plus a tearful mother in court pleads guilty to her role in her 6-year-old daughter's death. hear why the judge says she shouldn't go to prison. >> and a baby drinks almond milk and gets sick with a disease you haven't heard about in a long time. we've got an important warning for parents.
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bayonne, new jersey. an apartment is on fire. we know firefighters are fighting from the outside of the building. we do have a crew headed to the scene. people are surprised at how easy and affordable it is to get insurance through new york state of health. we help them to find the best insurance plan that suits their needs. working with so many consumers, you begin to develop a kind of kinship or friendship, a bond and you see them on a consistent basis, so it becomes almost like a big family, it's fulfilling and it gives me, you know, hope that there is a better future
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now that there's a deal in the horse carriage debate, they're coming out strong. park advocates now questioning the price tag for a new stable. even petty cab drivers are talk about the proposal. dave evans has the story. >> reporter: the mayor has grappled with the issue for two years now but anger and protests yesterday from drivers, they doubt a stable within central park will ever get built. it would keep horses out of busy midtown traffic. >> why should we trust mayor de blasio with this beautiful business?
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hammered out by the mayor cuts 220 horses down to just 95. also only in the park, peti cabs would be banned. >> reporter: today drivers marched around city hall furiously asking why are they being punished? >> what would it do to your business? >> wipe it out pretty much. >> it's not fair. they're trying to destroy our business. we have families that we have to feed also. >> reporter: and lawyers are now hinting at a lawsuit. out of 95 horses in the stable, only 75 could work in the park at one time. >> obviously if you verdict -- if you restrict it to 75 horses, 75 horses are doing the work that 120 used to do. it makes no sense. it lacks horse sense, so the lawyers say whoa.
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don't belong on the streets in the middle of midtown traffic. >> reporter: this agreement on the horses goes to a vote in city council. so many people upset about this agreement that it might not be so much of a done deal after all. a mixed day for stocks on wall street. energy stocks took another hit after the price of oil fell below the $30 a barrel mark for the first time since 2003. the dow rose 27 points, closing at 16, 016. dow fell 11 and s&p 500 gained one point. we've got lee back inside. this is a week that makes you work extra hard because you've got to keep an eye on things. >> the northeast is going to get nailed and i knew between now and the end of the week it's not going to remain like that so we're going to have our
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days, and there's stuff that reared their head this afternoon that we'll address here. first of all we look outside and we deal with the cold here for tonight and in to tomorrow and then things will ease a little bit. we're at 28. the air is really dry. the barometer is starting to rise. camera still shivering a little bit and the high, 28 degrees. running 10 degrees below average. sunset was at 4:57. it was a pretty one last year. mostly cloudy skies and low 40s. 25, stanhope. 27 in clifton. we feel about 15 here. same thing 27 in brentwood. lake. and 27 in poughkeepsie right now. it's 24 in white plains. wind chills will fall out of the single digits and teens first part of the night then the winds will begin to back off. if you notice, we have these gusty winds here but closer to this high pressure the winds get lighter and numbers have moderated closer tophoresising -- closer to freezing.
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only 6 to 12 tomorrow. partial sunshine and a dry day. a few clouds passing over long island. the trend will be to clear out over the overnight hours. we're watching this little area of snowfall. looks pretty deliver right now but the bulk is going to slide to our south. can't rule out a couple flurries tomorrow night. meanwhile, there it is. storm coming on the pacific coast right now. big time snows from the cascades. this is a storm that's going to dive down in to the south, pick up gulf moisture and start coming up the appalachians. the one trend we've noticed with today's modeling is the storm track may that's going to take more mixing out of the equation with the storm but also going to put us near the northern flank of the storm meaning the farther north we go, we may start to get to lighter snowfall amounts. i still think we're looking at accumulating snow. the way we've start would
5:20 pm
early to put a snow map out. in terms of a clear miss up to a few inches of snow, that's a 1 in 5 shot. i have 80% chance of good accumulating snowfall with the heart of the accumulation potential in the 6 to inch amounts. i think maybe based on some of the new information we may be outside of the jackpot amounts but still a 1 in 5 shot of that. significant snowfall that would start friday night and go all the way through saturday with the peak of the storm and wind down sunday morning. less wind late. for tomorrow, 37 . sun gives way to clouds. here's what we'll try to add to the forecast at 5:30, confirm we'll be dry through the friday evening commute. could this be a miss for the mountains? then coastal flooding is something we really have to pay attention to with the full moon. more on that in
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to take action on a bill that could have impacted the smoking age in new jersey. we'll take a look at what happens now. >> show of support for a victim of a hate crime in the bronx as police release a new clue in the search for his attackers. >> jamie foxx jumps in to action in real life.
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we now know tonight what may have led to a deadly greyhound bus crash in california. the bus rolled in to the center divider during a rainstorm on highway 101 in san jose this morning. two women were killed. eight other people ended up in the hospital. highway patrol officers say the driver admitted to being fatigued. the driver's blood is now being tested for drugs and alcohol. new information about the water crisis in flint, michigan. president obama scheduled to meet with the mayor of flint to talk about a fix for the water woes. the problem, not just the water but the lead pipes that disperse it. those pipes corroded when the city made the switch to river water. elizabeth hur has details. >> you made the mess. you clean it up. you fix the problem. >> reporter: claiming they are taking emergency action for emergency relief -- >> we're talking to desperate people every day. it's sad. it's trag ck
5:24 pm
>> reporter: lawyers representing families from flint, michigan confirm they've now filed three class action lawsuits, seeking damages and injunction to help families billed for water they could not use. >> we need financial aid now. >> reporter: this announcement comes as angry residents continue to rally, some even demanding the governor be arrested. the state is now under investigation after it changed its water source from lake huron to the flint river to save money. exposing residents to toxic levels of lead but allegedly waiting five months to warn the public. >> my baby and i, we're breaking out and itching from bathing in the water. i don't like the idea my baby can't drink. >> reporter: national guard troops are passing out water and filters. president obama has declared a state of emergency and white house officials say more federal aid is possible. the epa meanwhile is defending
5:25 pm
while the system has been switched back to lake huron, the pipe system is still badly damaged. water is still not safe to drink. >> as for governor rick snyder, he maintains he didn't initially know the severity of the situation and he is expected to discuss this matter in greater detail at his state of the state address tonight. elizabeth hur, channel 7 eyewitness news. a mother in tears as she pleads guilty for her role in her daughter's death. hear her explanation about what happened hat easter sunday and why the judge doesn't think she should go to prison. another milestone at the world trade center as the transportation hub prepares to open. we'll tell you when. >> and talk about a surprising diagnosis.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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a tearful mother in westchester as she pleaded guilty in the death of her daughter. >> lacey died of an overdose after she was found unconscious in a room full of drugs and alcohol. >> mark magazine -- marcus solis inside the courtroom. he's in white plains with the story. >> kathleen dymes insisted it was all an accident. she could have received jail time. prosecutors were asking for jail time. she could have got up to four years in prison. instead the judge said she had, quote, suffered enough, and instead will sentence the mother to probation. >> reporter: there were tears as kathleen dymes pled guilty. avoiding cameras, hiding behind her lawyer in court and
5:28 pm
back to the hospital where she's being treated. >> not that i didn't get help for her. she was gone already. >> ma'am , you did not call 911 or attempt to get medical aid in any way to resuscitate your child. >> no because she was gone already. >> reporter: last easter sunday lacey carr was found dead. today the 51-year-old admitted she had given her sick child benadryl but left her in the locked room with other prescription drugs morphine and diazapam which the girl ingested. prosecutors said the reckless behavior as well as dymes' history of drug addiction warrants jail time. >> this has resulted in the death of a little 6 jeerld girl. -- 6-year-old girl. >> reporter: the judge disagreed, sentencing her to probation.
5:29 pm
dead today than not living without her daughter. i think it's punishment enough. >> the judge acknowledged she was a devoted mother to lacey and this tragedy has left emotional and physical scars she'll carry for the rest of her life. >> reporter: dymes will receive five years probation when she was formally sentenced. that will take place in april. she's free on bail and treated in the hospital for an unspecified condition. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. we've got more on the breaking news we told you about a moment ago. that 3-alarm fire in bayonne has gone to a 4-alarm fire. >> aj ross has arrived with the latest. >> we can see the smoke from the fire for several miles away. you can see firefighters are still attacking this blaze from every direction at this hour.
5:30 pm
trucks right now as well as several firefighters on top of the roof of the building. the heaviest clouds of smoke seem to be coming from the roof. it's unclear right now if anyone was inside when this blaze first broke out around 4:40 this afternoon. it started as a three-alarm fire and within the last half hour or so increased to four alarms. several channel 7 viewers have been tweeting us photos and videos and we'll certainly be bringing you updates throughout the evening newscast. at this point it's still a very active scene. from what i've been able to tell there are several surrounding areas. jersey city fire department also here on scene. dozens of firefighters. a very active blaze. it's unclear at this hour if anyone was inside or if there are any injuries involved but we'll be certainly tweeting and bringing you updates to come. for now i'm
5:31 pm
channel 7 eyewitness news. police in nassau county are hoping tips from the public will help them track down suspects. police have released sketches of the suspects that came to the home in west hempstead january 8th supposedly to fix a garage door. but when one of the men went inside to use the bathroom, the other suspect robbed the resident at gunpoint. after stealing cash, jewelry, and a cell phone, they fled in an older model chevrolet. a call for action after a muslim man was attacked in the bronx. people rallied near the scene of the attack in parkchester, calling for peace and tolerance. all this comes as police release new video of the suspects who are wanted in this bias attack. mallory hoff has the story. >> the rally took place at 9:00 this morning. the goal was simple, to say hate will not be tall related here. >> reporter: a demand for justice, a rally for peace.
5:32 pm
victim of what's believe to be a hate crime now surrounded by community leaders on the same sidewalk where he was attacked friday. through a translator he spoke with us. >> i have pain all over my body. i couldn't walk. >> reporter: it happened at 5:30, early evening, right in front of the elementary school in pugsley avenue. mujibur rahman had just picked up his niece from an after school program. that's when he said two attackers yelled the words isis and muslim, then beat him and left him unconscious. >> what have you said to your niece about what she saw? >> she's in fear. >> reporter: community leaders say they are determined to see peace overcome hatred. >> we're all here in unison to demonstrate our outrage, our anger, and our compassion. >> silence is acceptance. so everyone should
5:33 pm
against these atrocities so that they will not continue. >> reporter: detectives say this newly released surveillance video shows two teens suspected in friday's attack. police are asking for help identifying them. wanted posters are being put up in the area as the search for the suspects continues. >> anyone who was responsible for this will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. you will be hunted down, captured, arrested. >> that surveillance video is grainy but it's what investigators have to work with right now. if you have any information about the two suspects in that video, you are asked to call police immediately. in the parkchester section of the bronx, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> if you want to get a closer look at the video, we have posted it online. check it out at abc7ny on our facebook page. the smoking age in new jersey will remain at 19 after governor christie decided not to act on a bill that would have
5:34 pm
governor's office avoided specific mention of the spoking bill but blamed the legislature for hastily sending him bills. newly renovated police academy and crime lab, $9 million was spent upgrading the building in valhalla. all of the police departments in westchester county used the facilities to train their police recruits. and the new lab has the latest high tech crime scene investigation equipment which they showed us today. firing guns at the lab allows investigators to match guns with bullet casings found at crime scenes. the crime lab used to be at police headquarters in hog orn but the new space at the academy is larger and brand new. security upgrade at jfk. the new tech nology also includes facial recognition. >> actor jamie foxx saves a driver from a burning car. how
5:35 pm
accident. >> former oscar host whoopi goldberg weighing in on the proposed boycott. why she thinks it's a bad idea. >> getting closer to 5:00. i know tough to feel but we're heading in the right direction. 5 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. our temperature at 5:00, ours at 28. feels like reading about 19. where's our weekend storm? this is the one that's getting so much attention. just came on shore in the pacific northwest. right there. so we'll track that, let you know what weaver learned in the last hour about this storm track. >> we continue to follow breaking news in bayonne. you can see the flames at a three-story building, a mix of commercial space and apartments. flames are roaring right now. this fire has gone up now to four alarms.
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today the port authority revealed when the world trade center transportation hub will open. the agency says the grand space called the oculous will open the first week of march. path train riders have been going through parts of the station but not the soaring space designed by the architect. officers at jfk are now equipped with new technology. new inspection booths have been outfitted with facial comparison technology. officers will also be able to use mobile devices to gather other biometric information including fingerprints and eye scans. officials say travelers should experience little or no additional time at the inspection booths. actor jamie foxx often plays an action hero on film but tonight he's being hailed as a real life hero. the academy award winner was one of two men who burned a driver from a l.a. the car flipped over and
5:40 pm
another witness to the crash managed to break the window, cut the man out of his seatbelt and pull him to safety. an 11-month-old baby has been diagnose would the vitamin deficiency known as scurvy. doctors in spain the baby would cry any time they tried to move his legs. the baby drank almond milk exclusively. doctors think that called the deficiency. he was given vitamins c and d and his symptoms improved. the biggest stars in tennis speaking out against a match fixing scandal. now what pros including andy murray and roger federer want >> fewer teenagers are getting their driver's license. we'll explain why. >> that fire in bayonne continues to grow. this is a four-alarm fire. they're working hard to fight it in the
5:41 pm
for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?!
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which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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right now we're following breaking news involving the evening commute. because of a disabled train, right now westbound long island railroad service is suspended from woodside to penn station. the disabled lirr train is stuck in one of the east river tubes. the firefighters are on the scene to get the train back in to penn station. of course we're going to keep you posted. used to be a rite of passage for teenagers but now more millennials are passing on getting their driver's licenses. there's a new ew survey that found from 1993 to 2014 the number of 16-year-olds with their license dropped 47%. the decline was less severe for older people.
5:44 pm
also the cost of owning and maintaining a car has gone up and they say it's easy to get a ride from somebody else. come friday or saturday if we get the snow, i'd like to leave the driving to someone else too. >> no question. i do think we're going to have snow around the area. we've been talking about this potential of how close this storm will be. we did facebook live last night. >> a lot of people watched that. >> and at the end one viewer summed it up and said so we should just chill till wednesday. i said that's a great take on it. >> because those models are always changing. >> definitely. and not that we're going to totally be tethered to computer models but they're our guidance and they give us an idea to how the storm track may vary. let's check out a cold dry night right now. will columbus and 66th street be snow covered by the time we get to saturday? we'll check it out. 28 degrees. clear sky. northwest wind 9 to 25 miles per hour. the wind chills will still drop in to the single
5:45 pm
feels-like reading in monticello is still at 2. a planner for long island through the evening hours holding in the mid 20s. gusty winds don't back off until after midnight. i think you'll like 17 miles per hour at 8:00 in the morning rather than 20 to 40. increasing clouds during the day. freezing for the first time in a couple days. should feel pretty nice during the afternoon hours. this little area of snow and low pressure over the ohio valley, this will come eastward and for the most part slide to our south. there may be a little link with jet stream energy and the great lakes that we get a couple flurries or at least some clouds tomorrow night, thursday morning. then that will leave the scene. we'll be watching our storm system develop. there will be a low pressure probably not too far from little rock. maybe thunderstorms in the deep south. gulf moisture coming in and snow on the northern side. then it's going to ride up the spine of the appalachian. snow could arrive at the nation's capitol by afternoon hours.
5:46 pm
evening commute on the dry side. wouldn't probably come in until friday night. some cases could wait till late at night. look at the futurecast. not as harsh tomorrow. a little brisk. we're 34. then clouds are increasing on friday. and the heart of the storm would be on saturday. i still think we're getting accumulating snow. the one theme that we're trying to see today is is this storm going to be a little farther south than east that would put our far northern suburbs on the edge of the accumulating snow. we're still in a belt of significant snowfall. coastal flooding a big concern. a lot of wind with this storm out of the east and niece. we're at a full moon. so astronomical tides will be very high. worried about coastal flooding and beach erosion. a plowable snow looking very likely. that would leave the scene sunday morning. still snow showers early. finish the weekend on a quiet note. then start warming and maybe melting in to early next week so we'll still look at new
5:47 pm
i'll have an update at 6:00. right now the only thing is some of the northern suburbs may be out of reach of some of the heaviest totals. something we're starting to see creep out of the forecast. on a cold day like this we all can be thankful for the new york cares winter coat drive. today our cameras were at coat drive headquarters in midtown as thousands of donated coats were processed. new york cares says more than 90,000 coats were given this year. they'll go to men, women, and children in need. most drop-off locations are closed but until january 29th you can drop off a coat at 31st street and 7th avenue. professional tennis players are responding to allegations that tennis officials knew about match fixing and didn't do anything about it. the bbc and buzzfeed news have published reports alleging they ignored evidence of match fixing involving top players. some of the players are competing in this year's australian open but the report did not name any specific players. >> i'd love to hear names.
5:48 pm
it's concrete debate about it. >> it's bad, obviously. you want to be made aware of the people that are potentially involved in this. >> some players say they were offered money to throw a match but declined. tennis officials have denied ignoring or covering up any evidence. more voices joining the call to boycott the oscars. >> today we hear from a former
5:49 pm
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a boycott and a tuneout. an actress and prominent black director have already called for a boycott of this year's academy awards. >> now reverend al sharpton is asking people not to watch the oscars to show the academy the lack of diversity is no longer acceptable. >> reporter: the host thinks a boycott is a bad idea. >> chris rock is the host of the academy awards.
5:51 pm
boycott him seems just as bad as what everybody is saying. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. >> reporter: jada pinkett smith took a stand and so did spike lee, just as he did when the academy gave him an honorary oscar this past november. >> we need to have some serious discussion about diversity and get some flavor up in this. >> reporter: outrage because once again this year all of the performers nominated are white. >> how do you two years in a row just have no one >> reporter: the reverend al sharpton is urging viewers to boycott this year's oscar show, just tune it out. >> they've excluded us so on that night should we not exclude them from what we watch. >> reporter: jada pinkett smith's husband will wasn't nominated for concussion, neither was beasts of no nation, and he'd been a favorite as
5:52 pm
as last year he was snubbed for playing the reverend martin luther king, jr. in selma. >> for that to happen again this year is unforgivable. >> reporter: sylvester stallone got an odd for creed but there was no mention of michael b. jordan who played the title role. academy present sheryl boone isaacs says she's working hard to bring diversity. >> we need to take action. >> reporter: action throughout the industry says an expert. >> the lack of diversity is an industry-wide problem. no one disputes it. the academy is just of mirror to that. >> spike lee has just spoken publically for the first time on the michael k show about not going to the oscars and he expressed his continued frustration with the lack of diversity. let's take a listen. >> mike , two years in a row. i
5:53 pm
speech, when i receive my oscar, i said it's easier for african americans to be president of the united states than president of the studio. >> look at any film crew around town and stunning lack of diversity behind the scenes in hollywood and in the executive suites of the major studios but perhaps a single ray of hope lies in the fact the movie with the most nominations, the revenant, was cowritten and directed by a hispanic director, inattitu. happening right now, a large gathering in manhattan to remember three columbia students who were killed in a bus accident over winter break. >> we're at that vigil on campus for eyewitness news at
5:54 pm
we're following breaking news. firefighters are right now battling a four-alarm fire in new jersey in this bitter and dangerous cold. >> and for all those who wondered where winter is, oh, it's here. with a vengeance. another cold night on top and then later this week lee is tracking the potential for a major winter storm. good evening at 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> and i'm bill ritter. we'll get to lee's accuweather forecast in a moment. first breaking news. a brutal fire and a bitter night to be fighting it. >> crews battling a four-alarm fire in an apartment building and doing it in this bitter cold. >> aj ross at the scene with the breaking news. >> it's inundated with smoke as firefighters continue to battle these vicious flames on the roof of the residential and
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