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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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area and there's a potential for flooding in some spots. >> right now, you can't see the top of one world trade. this is the long island expressway. >> however, this wet weather could wash away the last bits of evidence of the big snowstorm still at citi field. meteorologist lee goldberg timing out the storm for us. he's outside of the studios and has the umbrella ready to go. >> boy, do i need it. we're getting drenched as we lead into the evening drive and as you said, those big piles of snow are being replaced by big puddles. look at the george washington bridge, slow go there. visibility not good. can barely see over to washington heights. we're at 57. temperature is not the problem, it's a super mild, making a run at 60 this evening. winds are gusting near 30 miles per hour. rainfall amounts are pushing a
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flood watch for parts of central new jersey, that coincides where we still have a lot of snow pack and all the yellows over us right now, it's the heaviest of the day. i think the heaviest downpours are probably through about 7:30. there will still be rain after that, even when it looks like that we see at eyewitness news at 11 with rain moving offshore, there's another couple pulses that come up from the city's south and east and that could prolong the rainfall even into easterly commuters tomorrow morning. here's what you need to know, the heaviest rain and gusty winds will be the next few hours. there's more rain overnight, though, especially from the city south and east, and on average you're looking at an inch of rain that will cause ponding and minor street flooding. here's something new, david and liz, that's developed during the afternoon. we have a close call overnight. this front isn't getting far
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coming in tomorrow night, we'll have a chance of snow. i'll have it all on the seven-day forecast. >> lee, we'll check in with you later. now to the gang arrests. police say the men were out on a hunting compel digs to -- expedition to kill their rivals without regarding to anyone else. i. >> reporter: outside of an apartment building here in flat bush where prosecutors say one of the alleged gang members ran through a courtyard and sprayed it with bullets. an innocent bip stander was struck in the chest and killed here. that was last summer. tonight, prosecutors say that gang member and a number of others are under arrest. >> this violent gang caused a wave of terror and enormous blood shed on the streets of brooklyn.
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risk to residents was real. reputed members of a violent street gang said to be responsible for at least 30 shootings and an untold number of armed robberies in the past 18 months. >> our streets don't belong to violent street gangs or armed thugs, they belong to the people of brooklyn. >> reporter: this series of surveillance videos is so disturbing, we can't show all of it on television. a gang member shoots up a crowded courtyard on coney island avenue in broad daylight as children and their parents are sent running for cover. two adult buy standers will be struck -- bystanders will be struck and narrowly miss others. >> innocent bystanders have nothing to do with the gang culture. >> that is probably one of the most vivid i have ever seen to indicate what we, law enforcement, criminal justice
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no concern at all for human life. >> reporter: six reputed gang members under arrest at this hour. prosecutors say they could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted of these very serious crimes. we have more on the kinds of crimes they allegedly committed, as well as the impact on the communities, coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00 tonight. live in flatbush, brooklyn. three more people were slashed in new york city this week. first incident took place in williamsburg. police say four young men repeatedly punched a teenage buy, then one of them slashed him in his face. seven hours later a businessman was walking to his car in the park chester section of bronx when a suspect put a knife to his throat and demanded money. he was cut in the hand and the neck. and then last night, six men tried to rob a man near 110th street in harlem.
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despite the rash of slashings, new york city's police commissioner said overall, crime is down, however on the subways, stabbings have doubled from this time last year. officers will be waking up strap hangers who sleep while riding on the subway. >> subways are not for sleeping and a lot of people are tired, but our offices are going to be instructed to start waking people up because, seriously, by sleeping, you make yourself as reflected in our crime stats a very easy victim to lose your phone, your wallet, your clothing items. >> the crime story above ground much better. there were 22 murders last month 2015. that's a decrease of 45%. now, shootings in the city for
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commissioner bratton has gone on record to say january of 2016 was the safest january in city history. liz. well, a judge could decide later this afternoon whether to dismiss a sexual assault case against comedian bill cosby. cosby's top legal advisors said he never would have let the comedian testify in a lawsuit in give if he thought the comedian could still face sexual assault charges. the judge must decide if cosby had a valid promise he wouldn't be charged back in 2004. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is in the courthouse in pennsylvania. she'll have a report coming up at 5:00. two families filing a lawsuit against metro north after a crash in west chester county that killed six people and injured dozens of others. the accident happened when a suv became boxed inside the railroad crossing. and on this one-year anniversary of this tragedy, brody's husband
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what this year has been like for him and his family. live. >> reporter: they will read the names of the six victims killed in that crash. here it will be at mount pleasant town hall. the memorial will be moved indoors because of the inclement weather. but yes, it was a year ago that five passengers on the metro north train were killed when it crashed into a car that was on the tracks. the driver of the vehicle, ellen brody, was unfamiliar with the crossing and didn't realize she was on the tracks when the gates came down. brody was killed in the the crash and subsequent fire also injured 15 others. families of the victims have filed lawsuits against metro north and the town of mount pleasant. today brody's husband filed a
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ignored safety improvements at by congress. >> it's only natural for people to want to find a villain, want understand that. >> reporter: brody says it's become his mission to implement this crash. we'll have much more on that at 6:00, including what, if anything has been done at that crash. again, that vigil also taking place here tonight at 6:00. virus. the governor of florida declared a health emergency in four cases. nine cases have been detected in florida. the centers for disease control are expected to release new guidelines in response to a case
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as a result of this new case, the red cross now asking donors to wait 28 days after visiting zika-affected countries before giving blood. now, to the race for president, with five days until the new hampshire primary, the republican race is getting heated. donald trump went after rival ted cruz today on twitter accusing the senator of, quote, stealing the iowa caucus. cruz came in first ahead of trump, based on the fraud committed by senator ted cruz, either a new election take place or the results nullified. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or if trumper tantrum. i understand that donald finds
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>> polls show trump had a sizeable lead over the other republican candidates going into the caucus. meanwhile, senator rand paul has suspended his campaign. he's the second major republican candidate to drop out. on the democratic side, bernie sanders has decided to cancel his campaign events in new hampshire and will concentrate on the debate. hillary clinton campaigned with congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband astronaut, mark kelly. even though sanders is leading in the new hampshire polls, clinton said she's not giving up easily. >> i have to tell you, i just could not ever skip new hampshire. i cannot even imagine not being here. >> clinton and sanders will participate in a debate tomorrow night. david. stocks on wall street bouncing back after big losses yesterday, despite ongoing
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however, among the losers today, chipotle. stocks dropped after the chain said sales dropped after the outbreak of e. coli. the dow rose 180 points. it's supposed to be a safe space for children, but parents say one upper west side day care is overrun with rodents and their dropings and pictures to prove it. what the day care workers are saying about the concerns of the parents. plus an incredible end of a high speed chase. the driver launched from his
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it is 4:13, time for a check on the wet roads. a lot of stop and go traffic around the area because of the rain. right now you're looking at the southbound lanes on the van wick and queens near the long island sxres way. the hudson river crossings, 20 minutes and for now no delays at the george washington bridge. well, president obama used his first visit to a mosque in the united states to try to correct what he called a hugely distorted impression of muslim americans. the president talked about the growing bias that's on the rise following recent terrorist attacks. he said muslims are often blamed as a group for the violent acts of a few.
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portray themselves as religious leaders and holy warriors to speak for islam. i refuse to give them legitimacy. >> mr. obama said the idea that islam is at the root of the problem only is terrorist propaganda. a judge handed down the mex mum sentence to the convicted killer that escaped from a new york prison. david sweat sentenced today to 3-1/2 to 7 years for escaping from the clinton correctional facility. he also has to pay $80,000 in fines. he apologized to the community. stunning new video to show you, a man flying out of a truck during a police pursuit and he amazingly survived. the trooper in idaho started chasing the driver after he ran into another officer's car
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during the chase, the truck rolled over. you can see the driver fly into the air. if that wasn't incredible enough, the guy gets up and starts it run off. look at that. the trooper two people jumped in to help the trooper detain the suspect. >> could you imagine the trooper's probably thinking, are you kidding me? >> to i have my virtual gear on? >> people don't understand what some of these officers have to -- people can walk away from that. >> endure. >> it's unbelievable. >> that high up in the air. today. >> this is one of those things, listen, mom and dad have to go get the kid from practice, you have to go out but if you can stagger in a few hours, it will be different. the ponding on the roads, it's really pouring out there right now. going to be a rough getting around.
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outside we go, it's pouring on the west side now and only imagine how it's slowing down on the fdr. umbrellas are out, people are in a hurry to get out of the rain. 57 degrees right now. one thing that has not been coming with these heavy downpours are the gusty winds. still wouldn't rule out a 30 or 40 mile-per-hour wound gust but it's not common place. the high is 57. the flood watches are out because that coincides with leftover snowfall here across parts of new jersey and that's why we have the flood watches there. temperatures are doing really well. we'll continue to climb into the upper 50s around 60 degrees. 58 poughkeepsie. if you're to the northwest, you're not going to see a lot of rain.
4:18 pm
so first half of the night, would he have got some heavy rainfall that gets lighter in a couple of hours, but additional hours of rain, it could be at 5:00 in the morning from new york city south and east. still cloudy early and some roads are wet for the morning commute and some brightening comes in later on. bridge port, down to nor walk, heavy rain, stanford, i-95, across the sound to oyster bay and hunting ton long island. another heavy rain near patterson and fort lee. the heaviest there near burnsville and going over to parts of union county and essex county. summit, livingston, berkeley heights heavy rain. also into monmouth and ocean, it's pouring as well. you see the core of this rainfall is right over us right now. it's even getting lighter near the delaware water gap already but see this area here? after
4:19 pm
bows up into the area and continues the rainfall through the overnight and into the morning hours. heavy rain shifting south and east by 7:00, but later on in the night, look how the rain flares up again, so still could be wet for easterly commuters. watch happens as the day goes on. this front doesn't get far enough offshore. this particular commuter model is not bringing the -- computer model is not bringing the rain back in tomorrow night but there are indications some rain could change to wet snow tomorrow night into part of friday. so the rain is going through this evening, will taper to showers, remaining breezy overnight. mild tomorrow, 54. some brightening midday. then the clouds come back. tomorrow night, chillier with a period of rain that may actually go over to wet snow late. there's a coating to an inch or two at worst case scenario. coming up at 4:30, we'll look at the new information coming in to see if we have to deal with
4:20 pm
out and cools off. of course we're looking at the long range to see what type of threats we have. >> our director andy was desperately looking for examples of what you were talking about. here's a picture of the west side highway by columbia and the roads are wet. you can see a lot of traffic as a result of it. >> this is actually 57th street. >> not even close to columbia. i take that back. the other side of the west side highway. >> good try. but more importantly, you can see how wet the roads are. >> just show it, don't tell us what we're looking at. >> i bet they're still wet at columbia, too. >> it will be the same thing. >> it's raining all across new york city. >> thanks a lot. >> glad you're here to support me. >> nice job, andy. all right, well, still to come on eyewitness news first at four, he was thrust back into the spotlight when he appeared
4:21 pm
how the trial in new orleans is changing the murder plea on the other side of the country. we're going to show you a
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it was a record-setting year at the airport. more people than ever are flying area. port authority says airport travel hit a record high in 2015.
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increase over 2014. kennedy airport saw the most travelers, nearly 57 million. 37 million traveled through newark airport and 28 million used laguardia. he was the mastermind behind a ponzi scheme that is considered the biggest in history, a scandal that made headlines for months. >> the story of bernie madoff is being told in a tv mini series. it's based on a book by brian ross. with actor richard dreyfuss playing the role. >> his scheme, the one that lost more than $50 billion wiped out the savings of plenty of middle class americans and starting tonight, madoff shows us how one man came to symbolize what was wrong with wall street. it begins before the financial meltdown that led to the great recession. >> madoff securities is the world's largest ponzi scheme.
4:25 pm
his con worked but it also demonstrates why bernie madoff was able to fool so many people for so long. >> it presented as an exclusive thing. >> look, it's a closed fund. >> everyone wants to get into the club. they're not allowed into. and if you tell people, no, i'm sorry, you're not allowed into this club, they want in and they all did. >> new offices look terrific. >> thank you. >> reporter: his offices had been recreted down to the small -- recreated down to the smallest detail as i found outo when i visit id the set of "madoff" in the middle of production. >> i'm a rainmaker. i make it rain. >> he actually went out and painting a picture of bernie that's untrue, he makes bernie very human and relatable and at the same time, one of the biggest s.o.b.s you'll ever met.
4:26 pm
he grew up near his cracker in queens. >> i had lived in bay side at 218th. i was ten streets away, and i remember more than vividly my childhood in bayside. and i immediately understood a lot about him. >> reporter: when dreyfuss was a kid, it was a community where some cut corners to get ahead and therein lay the key. >> a dirty little fish swimming around in great big dirty pond. >> reporter: he began as a middle class man from queens, his family and business was built on lies. it is a compelling and very interesting four hours and it starts tonight right here on abc 7. you can see "madoff" tonight at 8 p.m., followed by another great show, "american crime" at 10 and then eyewitness news at 11. dave and liz, i urge you to watch this one. it's really good.
4:27 pm
still to come on eyewitness news first at 4, parents horrified, rodent dropings found at a day care in our area. why in the world is that day care still open? congress tackling the water [text message alert] [texting] [crashing]
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it's a live look outside right now from brooklyn heading over to manhattan. our brooklyn cam shows heavy rain moving across the area and it's bringing with it the potential for flooding tonight. >> meteorologist lee goldberg is in the accuweather center with the latest. >> we're watching a heavy line coming through new jersey. it's pouring on the west side of manhattan. very mild out there but the lighter rainfall and the big umbrella, because look at this line of rain tomont claire, that is heavy downpours. wind gusts around 30 miles per hour.
4:31 pm
280 and that will end up moving into new york city. the next few hours the roughest and then the rain starts to shift east. we have flood watches over parts of new jersey. we have to talk about more rain overnight, even the potential of some snow. we don't want this to sneak up on you. we'll have the latest on the 7-day accuweather forecast. a disgusting find inside a day care center innen manhattan. parents horrified to find rat dropings on the cots where they nap and toys they play with. >> the goddard day care center at 194 -- >> reporter: well, liz, the managers at this site promise that this problem is being addressed. but here's something really disturbing.
4:32 pm
department, over the past three years, every single health inspection at this site has yielded violations. and there is a day care center here and a universal pre-k. and now, parents are telling us they are sick and tired and so they started snapping pictures of all the rodent dropings. other rodents and continues. conditions. the parents, especially with those with kids who have asthma say they can't believe it come to this. >> he started to wheeze again on friday night. so i know the problem is the school that causing him to be sick a lot. >> reporter: were there dropings on the cots that the kids sleep on? >> i didn't see the dropings on the cots. i have no reason to not believe the parents.
4:33 pm
cots, we need to make sure the furniture is clean. we have to do everything we can. this is a neighborhood day care center that serviced families for this community going back 50 years. and you know, we're as concerned as the parents are. >> reporter: the building is owned by the new york city housing authority and they've released this statement saying night show will continue our extensive program. the health and safety of our residents particularly children, are our top priority. meanwhile, the people who manage this site from goddard, they say they brought in a private exterminator today. is it enough? we're going to hear a lot more from parents. we're going to hear a lot more what management hopes to do about this coming up in another live report at 5:30. live on the upper west side, stacy sager, eyewitness news.
4:34 pm
action plan to cut down on crime. the plan will bring in police for 45 days. the mayor wants the residents to shift their energy from complaining about the snow plowing to reporting about crime. >> i just want us to turn that now that same energy and mobilization we had, i want us to turn that into reporting some of these criminals that are out here making our community unbearable. >> one month into the new year, authorities in newark have already reported 11 homicides. the notorious subject of an hbo documentary, robert durst pleaded guilty to a weapons charge and agreed to an 85-month prison sentence. if convicted the 72-year-old new york real estate heir, faces up to 10 years in prison. more importantly, durst now faces extradition to california. he was charged there with
4:35 pm
berman, after he mumbled "kill them all" during the documentary. the governor of connecticut has laid out a revised budget that would slash the state's work force by more than a thousand employees. governor dan malloy said the 19.8 billion dollar plan has $569 million in cuts that reflect the new economic reality the state faces. the changes are in response to a predicted $500 million budget deficit. pounding fists part of the dramatic scene in a blame game. this as congress held its first hearing on the flint michigan water crisis. one key player was notably absent, the former city manager who is declining to testify. >> the truth, the whole truth and nothing by the truth. >> reporter: frustration boiling over in d.c. >> this is not a third world country! >> it's absolutely fundamentally and totally wrong.
4:36 pm
the congressional hearing, but also outside. >> we want a new water system. >> reporter: that's where dozens of residents made the trip, league lee ann walters, among the first to raise concerns in flint. >> >> now my home is noun as ground zero. >> reporter: now pleading for help from congress. >> my home used to be a place of comfort and safety for my family. >> reporter: the city's water has been contaminated with toxic levels of lead leaving thousands of residents exposed. with statement and environmental officials blaming each other, at least three lawsuits have been filed. >> we can't get the governor of michigan at this hearing, that's a shame. >> reporter: some lawmakers are angry. governor rick snyder didn't testify and the former flint emergency manager he appointed ignored a subpoena from congress. as the hearing was going on, the
4:37 pm
wants to spend $30 million to help the affected residents and pay their water bills. i'm elizabeth herr for channel 7, eyewitness news. amtrak is making it easier for you to travel with your pets but not everyone is on board with the new idea. a controversial plan at uconn. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital
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let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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wh the u.s. coast guard came to the rescue of two firefighters who fell off a cliff and into the ocean while searching for a missing girl. rescue crews pulled the two firefighters from the ocean off the coast of oregon. during the rescue, one of the coast guard swimmers had to detach from his rope and swim into a sea cave in order to find one of the firefighters. one of the men saved from the ocean was taken to a hospital. the coast guard sadly had to suspend the search for the 17-year-old missing girl who reportedly fell off the cliff while hiking. good news for pet owners, amtrak expanding its pet programs. amtrak said the pilot program has done very well so it is allowing customers to travel with their small pets on many east coast trains. according to amtrak, 2700 pets
4:40 pm
corridor since the pilot program launched in october. the search is on for the person who pointed at a laser at the cockpit of a plane flying over long island. the pilot reported seeing the green laser around 11:30 last night on the north shore of suffolk county. the jet was 11,000 feet in the air. university of connecticut setting aside new campus housing specifically for black students. it will be part of a dorm that will be set to open in the fall. black males graduate at a lower rate than other uconn students but the program getting backlash on social media, some calling it racist and discrimination. still some fear it could lead to a racial divide on campus. leaking roof at a high
4:41 pm
going to be repaired. a million dollars in emergency funding has been secured to fix the damaged roof at ramapo high school. pictures on social media showed water leaking into classrooms and hallways. several classes were unable and unusable for students and the foul odors >> our children in high school have enough to worry about. they shouldn't have to worry about a roof collapsing on them. >> well, the school will have to put the project out to bid, pay for the work and apply for reimbursement. armed with only a pencil, a piece of paper and his imagination, a fifth grader in upstate new york found a way to raise money to help out a classmate whose family was devastated by a fire. >> when 10-year-old kyle zakowitz heard his friend's home was damaged, he decided to do something.
4:42 pm
crime-fighting hero that is half man and half pig. kyle then convinced his neighbors to buy copies of it. >> would literally flag people down. come on, and he would point at the sign and people would stop. >> the time i sold my first comic, it would be $1 but for the rest of the time it was everybody they gave me at least $3. >> every dollar counts. that's awesome. so far kyle has raised about $80 for his friend. >> kyle, you're awesome. first at 4, not the typical shopper. can you see it? there's a seal, folks, inside the store. how they dealt with seal on aisle no. 4. a live look outside, it is dark, it is cloudy, it is wet, it is soggy.
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is about half that of a smoker. but right now...'re one cigarette closer to cancer. every cigarette makes you sick. [ siren wailing ] attention shoppers, attention shoppers, we have a seal spill in aisle 12. well, less than a spill. it's just a sea lion out for the sales. can you see it there on president ground just under the -- on the ground just under the seal items. this is the thing, to get inside the sea lion had to climb 145-step staircase that was
4:45 pm
it came right out of the ocean. store owners coached it outside using canned salmon. >> excuse me, could i get some service? >> it's a long wait for a little help. sea lion and its full belly, because they used it to bait the salmon, they got it back out to sea so it's all good. >> so cute. you're ready to say i do? two cities in our area rank among the most expensive places to tie the knot. the personal finance website rates cities. the cheapest place to tie the knot in the country is orlando, followed by las vegas, atlanta, tampa and springfield, missouri. on the other side, yonkers and newark are the -- among the five most expensive places, joined by moreno valley, california, worcester, massachusetts, and an corage alaska. >> yonkers and newark?
4:46 pm
makes it to expensive. >> manhattan is right here, where you can't afford to live but get married in yonkers and newark is even higher. >> cheap waiting in orlando? head over to disney world for the honeymoon. >> were you reading with glasses the last half hour? >> i was. thank you for noticing. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm the one who's tired. >> i like those. >> thanks. it's raining. they help me see. >> raining very heavily out there. i can see that. it's pouring. the drops are hitting the pavement pretty hard. at least we're washing a lot of salt away. the temperature is at 57 but do we have to use salt tomorrow night? heavy rainfall in new york city, heaviest of the day, south wind around 7. showing rainfall throughout here, though i think it's the next few hours it's heaviest. then it gets lighter and there's a resurgence after 11:00.
4:47 pm
it's a mile and a half at bridgeport, 2-1/2 miles in morristown and the area airports are showing big time delays, two hours in newark with the low visibilities and heavy rain. during the day tomorrow, rain will have left the scene during the predawn hours. probably mostly cloudy, and then some brightening during the midday, though clouds will start to increase later again in the day because the front that's leaving us tonight pays a second visit to us. we can't get rid of it. look at that area of heavy rainfall over lower west chester from purchase to greenburg and hastings. that extends into bergen county. and there's a heavy little line there, probably gusty winds, too, and that's due in new york city within the hour. this is a futurecast for the next 45 minutes to an hour, it's getting into new york city just after 5:00. maybe we'll go outside and start the show at five. the rain is really going to consolidate every listening
4:48 pm
and the jersey shore by 1110:00. then there's a -- by 11:00. some brightening midday. here comes the clouds. this particular model has the rainfall offshore and has us dry tomorrow night but it's a very close you will ka and i think at least connecticut and long island have to worry about rain going to wet snow tomorrow night. maybe even back to new york city. more on that in the 7-day. clouds are increasing late tomorrow. look at this futurecast based on the european model. it leaves a coating to even a couple of inches of snow in new york city. i think it's overdone but we have to watch out for wet snow friday morning. the weekend is fine. as we go into next week, we're highlighting tuesday with snowfall on the coast. lots of winter showing up on that seven-day accuweather forecast, david and liz. >> you'll be iz about the next couple of -- you'll be busy the
4:49 pm
lots of reaction from reported leak of the candidates for the 2016 nobel peace prize. reportedly they include a woman who champions the rights of women in isis. the insider that said he received a nomination for trump received it from a person who is in position to make a nomination. someone like that would be a u.s. republican lawmaker. however, many give trump a very low chance. reportedly u.s. surveillance whistle blower edward snowden is also on the list of nominations, so we're far away off before that happens. she appeared on the red carpet of the sag awards with visible scars from the surgery and when people asked them, they
4:50 pm
want to cover up her scars because they're part of her. her response has generated a lot of support. 49ers quarterback colin copper neck is being reported that he's going to be a jet. now, no official word from any of the parties in a deal like this, but you can imagine, fans are buzzing about it all over social media. >> um-hmm. finally a police officer in utah is a viral hit after he showed off his babysitting skills. utah police officer kevin norris was waiting to testify at traffic court when he spotted a dad desperate for someone who look after his child as he took care of his own traffic complaint. norris didn't hesitate. he offered to help and as the dad was before a judge, this 6'6" officer, mountain of a man, played babysitter in the hallway, walking up and down with the little girl, playing
4:51 pm
eventually playing videos on the cell phone and by the time dad came out, she was full out asleep in his arms. >> that's amazing. >> isn't that great? check out the trend on line, send us your trend ideas. >> that's super cute. >> good stuff. paying for metered parking, it's about to get a whole lot easier. no more digging for coins and running back and forth to feed the meter. we have the new way to pay. here's a quick check on the delays at the hudson river crossings. 15 minutes out bou i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture.
4:52 pm
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is about to get a whole lot easier. soon you'll just be able to use your smart phone to pay for parking across new york city. >> as mallory hoff posted on twitter, mobile pay will soon be an option at all the city's 85,000 meters. more now on how it all works. >> pay by phone. >> i do everything on my phone. >> the future is here. >> reporter: an upgrade for parking in new york city, eliminating meter anxiety with technology. >> if you don't get to the meter, it's like ahh. >> an app will allow drivers to pay for parking and add time to the meter all on their cell phones. >> if you can just reload from your phone, thumbs up. >> reporter: parking will be monitored via the nypd's new devices. traffic enforcement agents will know immediately whether a parked car is paid up.
4:55 pm
announce the plan at his state of the city this thursday. >> so you're going to test this one out with us. let's see how it goes. how long you going to be here? >> i'm probably going to be here for about an hour. then i'm going to run back. >> reporter: a pilot program in the belmont seck of the bronx was successful and de blasio says by the end of 2016, mobile parking will be implemented for all 85,000 metered parking spaces citywide. >> love it. don't think it's going to happen. >> not by the end of the year? >> not >> reporter: un til then, keep running back to the meter. eyewitness news. >> got a lot of potential. >> still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. a star middle school
4:56 pm
walking home in newark roughed up by police. that frightened teen is talking exclusively to eyewitness news. >> i didn't know what to do. can i call my mom? can i get an ambulance? >> the subway is no place to catch up on your zs. the nypd good evening. i'm sade baderinwa. we're in the thick of the heavy rain and it's not letting up. downpours could lead to some flooding. meteorologist lee goldberg is in our studio on the upper west side. >> just washing out the remaining snow pack. getting drenched in the evening commute tonight. heaviest rain of the day coming in right now. looks like we'll be pretty soaked during the evening hours. you can't even see the bridge anymore, visibility has continued to go down with the heavy rain. going to be a slow
4:57 pm
temperatures, pushing an inch of rainfall in somerville, new jersey. we'll be playing catchup during the evening hours. got healthy rain over the hudson valley. the hudson valley and northern most new jersey. flood watches are out for central new jersey. that coincides with remaining snow pack. look at the line of heavy downpours that goes from yonkers back to paterson, west orange, right along i-78, i-280. that's the heaviest rain and that band should be in new york city i'd say within the next half hour or so. the back edge is trying to get toward the delaware water gap but there's more down the coast. i think we have the heaviest rain over the next couple of hours. that rain will shift to new jersey and the jersey shore basically and eastern long island by the early evening. it comes back on us, especially along the coast and
4:58 pm
morning commute, long island to
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