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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm sade baderinwa. >> 6 -year-old aryan is camera shy but not scared after a frightening animal attack. he showed me a picture he drew illustrating the rabid raccoon that clawed and mauled him, then thanked the good samaritan who pried the animal off his face. aryan was walking with his mom when he was attacked outside his home. >> she screamed mommy. i saw he was on the ground and something was on his back. >> reporter: fortunately neighbor and good samaritan danny walls grabbed a tool from his truck and beat the animal off aryan. >> he's like somebody help me. i seen this huge raccoon on top of the kid. instinctively i took over and knew i had to kill
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>> reporter: the first grader has deep cuts on his face and scratches on his head. he's gotten his first round of shots for rabies. because the medical bills are adding up quickly, his family created this gofundme page, seeking donations and updating people on his recovery. >> i'd just like to say thank you to danny and all the people who are praying for my son to recover. he's recovering very fast. >> reporter: aryan has made an incredible recovery, but he still needs to continue that recovery. he has another round of shots in the next few days and needs to meet with a plastic surgeon for those cuts and bruises that you saw on his face, but his parents are hopeful that he will be back in school this monday. reporting live in elmwood park, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> good to see that smile on his face.
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drenching rains tonight, there's flooding on some roads like in paterson, new jersey. there's a close call with some snow. meteorologist lee goldberg in the weather center. >> talking snow and talking near 60-degree temperatures at 11:00 at night here in early february. cloudy skies right now. the winds are calm. yes, that's what we're going to go through over the next 24 hours. we have areas of fog and i think tomorrow morning still low visibilities in the eastern end of long island and near the snow pack. otherwise just a little bit of light rain. in terms of rainfall amounts, nearly an inch and a half in white plains. that's why we saw the closure earlier. 3/fourth -- 3/4ths of an inch. snow melt, still some lingering water there. the last of the rain at least for now moving off the east end of long island. but this front is hanging back and this area of rain over the midatlantic will once again brush the coastline
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some light rain and drizzle and you can see that. even when the front starts to push away during the middle of the day and skies try to brighten, it makes a return trip tomorrow night so rain comes back then colder air is working in. worst case is as we go through tomorrow night in to friday morning this could change back to snow and i think what's depicted right there is actually trending westward. here's what you need to know right now. tomorrow morning, lingering rain south and east of new york city for the morning commute. then that front bends back and rain develops late in the day into the evening hours. then the rain goes to wet snow at night, a small slush accumulation a possibility. i'll have potential amounts coming up in the main accuweather forecast and another snow threat down the road. your 7-day in a few minutes. new tonight, a year later, remembering tragedy on the tracks. a metro north train collides with an suv killing six people in westchester county. officials in mount pleasant those killed including ellen brody, the driver of the suv
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against the town, the county, the state, the mta, metro north and the conductor. another subway slashing in new york city. the victim asleep on the train when he was attacked. police tonight on an aggressive two-track campaign, trying to convince riders to stay awake. half the subway crimes involve snoozing passengers. they want to find this man in the sketch, the latest slasher. aj ross with the story. >> yesterday that sleepy passenger was on the 4 train when he was awakened to find a man standing over him with a razor. police released a sketch of the suspect and they're asking people to stay awake and alert. >> noebd is seeking -- nobody is seeking to downplay it. >> reporter: there's a growing anxiety in the city, prompting more and more people to keep their eyes pealed both on the streets and subways where police
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involve sleeping passengers. while investigators don't believe the recent assaults with blades are connected in any way, they're aggressively pursuing each case and released this sketch of a suspect they believe is collected to two recent assaults on the c and 4 trains. in both incidents police say the suspect displayed a knife or blade and attempted to rob the victims. each fought back and the suspect got away with nothing. >> he's definitely scared. don't really want to think about it much. but it's also in the back of your mind. >> i'm definitely a little bit more aware. i minded at times. >> reporter: during a press conference wednesday commissioner bratton announced police are dedicated to patrolling the subways and will now begin waking up passengers dozing off for their own protection. >> subways are not for sleeping. i know a lot of people are tired and work very hard but our officers are going to be instructed to start waking people up. >> reporter: call it a new wake-up call but riders we talked to say they don't mind. >> if it's a police officer, it's fine. if it's somebody else it's different.
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to wake someone up when they're sleeping but it's a lot safer. >> despite these recent slashings, overall crime across the city is down with the nypd reporting their safest january to date with both shootings and homicides significantly down. live on the east side of manhattan, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. he was hoping the sexual assault case would be thrown out today. it wasn't. now bill cosby planning to appeal the judge's ruling. the judge also denying cosby's request to disqualify da kevin steele who won a hotly contested race during which he ran ads criticizing his opponent, a prosecuting the comedian. now to vote 2016. hillary clinton and bernie sanders tonight pulling no punches at hall. senator sanders the first to field questions from the audience going after clinton's consistency saying the former
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between being a moderate and progressive. secretary clinton says she isn't concerned about either label. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pact and takes $15 million from wall street. >> i'm not going to let that bother me. i know where i stand. i know who stands with me. i know what i've done. >> they'll meet face to face tomorrow night at a debate. meanwhile, former u.s. senator rick santorum tonight ending this year's bid for the republican presidential nomination. santorum saying the best way to do that and what he set out to do is not to do it. he had virtually no showing in the polls so he's endorsing u.s. senator marco rubio. frontrunners donald trump and ted cruz continue to exchange bars over possible violations in the iowa caucuses. and this saturday a reminder, the republicans debate again, this time on abc. you can watch it, channel 7 at 8:00. we're hearing tonight from an 8th grade boy from new jersey
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roughed him up for no reason and dislocated his shoulder. 14-year-old jamod watkins was leaving a bodega in newark tuesday when he says he was approached by unmarked cars with flashing lights. exclusive surveillance video shows watkins walking as the vehicles pull up. the frightened teen ran but was caught. >> he slammed me on the ground, put my arm back. my arm popped. then he picked me up, threw me on the car, had me in handcuffs. >> internal affairs is trying to determine if it was newark officers involved in the incident. a desperate plea tonight from the president of brazil for residents of that country to help fight the spread of the zika virus. the disease she says is now, quoting, a real threat. calling on brazilians to counter the mosquito that causes the virus. saying, we'll do absolutely everything to
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new at 11:00, human remains found inside a local home but that's not all they found. we'll tell you what else was discovered that has police in at least two states investigating. >> plus, problems at the irs today. could it delay your refund? >> and meteorologist lee goldberg tracking a close call for some snow. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends. plan your legendary stay at your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. new at 11:00, he calls himself the high priest of santria. cops call him something else, like a drug dealer and body snatcher.
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delgado will go from high priest to federal prisoner. here's josh einiger. >> reporter: in october you might take this for an especially life like halloween display, except what police found was all too real. two human skulls, a makeshift coffin and an altar all used in the religion known as santoria. when they decide -- descended on the street they found human remains and what looks like blood. >> they were really shocked when they walked in there. it was not what they expected. >> reporter: cops say felix delgado was a santoria high priest, not illegal in connecticut, but found a warrant for grave robbing. >> do a lot of people come in
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>> to get readings and stuff, yeah. we do it for the good, not for the bad. >> it just looks creepy, the stuff that i saw. >> reporter: police here in bridgeport aren't sure what if any laws were broken in the state of connecticut but delgado was wanted in worcestor, mass. he'll soon be extradited by to massachusetts. josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. new detail tonight in that mysterious explosion that ripped a gaping hole in the side of plane flying over africa. the u.s. government is now monitoring the situation. it's not yet clear what caused the explosion but they headed the tsa saying the agency is doing the best it can to prevent something similar from happening here. abc news learning the somali government has found the body of a missing passenger. an out of control car somehow landing on the roof of a home. it happened this afternoon near los angeles.
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speeding when it veered off the road and went down the driveway. it hit a car and was launched in to the air and that's what resulted, right on to the roof of a neighboring home. it's the height of the tax filing season and tonight an irs computer glitch has brought online filing to a halt. the irs stopped accepting electronically filed tax returns today because of a hardware failure. some systems are expected to be out of service until tomorrow. it's not yet clear how many refunds will be affected. >> now we've just made people very nervous. they'll get it fixed. close call? >> i just put an initial snowfall map together. i think it's going to be close enough that we get slushy accumulation. gets go outside right now. we talk about a much easier route on the george washington bridge. they'll be patchy fog but very light drizzle east and southeast of new york city. we're at 58 degrees right now.
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to fight against anything sticking if the wet snow can reach back to new york city tomorrow night. average high, 39 degrees. not too far from a record high of 64. it hit 63 in poughkeepsie today. 61 in sussex, new jersey. that's just unbelievable. long island, this is what we'll be looking. we could get a few inches of snow tomorrow. tomorrow still a mild day. might be brightening in the middle of the day. you see the rain leaving montauk right now but still could be drizzle and fog tomorrow morning, especially south and east. the thing with this front down to the south is it's bowing back inland and it's sort of getting pinched in between a high offshore and jet stream to the west. so there's a couple lows they have nowhere to go but to come close to us and we're just on the western edge of this one morning. i think some of the
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change to wet snow. we could have slushy accumulation. we go in to tomorrow morning and have a light rain. cooler feel to the northwest. skies try to brighten a little bit. might end up being a bright overcast with a couple holes in the clouds. then the clouds thicken up tomorrow night and rain starts backing in toward the coast. harmless at first during the evening hours but as it gets a little steadier and this particular computer model has it farther east than it will end up, you see numbers dropping to the middle 30s. that means we could transition to snowfall. the question is how far west does it go? right now i think it's going to get back in to new york city. so an initial calling for a slushy 1 to 3 inches on the east end of long island. heavier amounts to southeastern new england. we'll see at least snowflakes in the air in new york city. that would constitute a trace. maybe a slushy coating or colder surfaces. maybe parts of central and southern new jersey,
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close call and bill evans will look at that in the morning. cloudy and mile. rain or drizzle in the morning. a lot of clouds. maybe a few bright spots. rain comes back tomorrow evening and some wet snow late. so you've got that chance of snow friday morning. nice in the afternoon. weekend is nice and quiet. we'll spend that forecasting what could potentially be a very active wintery pattern as we go in to early next week with multiple snow threats. one on tuesday that could bring snow and maybe another one later in the week. first and foremost we're going to go for rain and near 60-degree temperatures. potentially wet snow tomorrow bill evans will have an update in the morning. coming up next, one college trying to make students healthier by requiring them to we'll tell you what it is. also we'll give you an inside look at some of the most luxurious hotel rooms in new york. >> first let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel who tonight tries to talk to the other side.
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hello, new york. tonight channing tatum, regina king. the long island
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it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. d in tonight's health alert, a well known u.s. college now requiring its students to wear fit bits. students at oral roberts university in oklahoma
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measure their daily exercise. it's included health in its curriculum since it opened. students used to track their activity manually. new and encouraging details about former president jimmy carter's battle with cancer. the 91-year-old clearing another hurdle on his way to becoming cancer-free. a scan of his torso conducted last week found no signs of melanoma. a previous scan found the cancer that doctors discovered last summer in his brain was also gone. carter said the results look promising but added his doctors remain very cautious. tonight eyewitness news is checking you in to the most exclusive hotels in new york to check out the priciest luxury suites in the city. sarah spagnuolo, editor at large, takes us on a tour. >> here we are at the ty warner penthouse at the four seasons new york. this is new york city's most expensive suite.
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let me tell you. unlimited spa treatments. unlimited food squ -- food and beverage. a 24-hour butler and a chauffeur driven rolls-royce. here we're looking at a $35,000 bed in a $25,000 a night room. it's all about the amenities. that's especially here where there's an 80-inch screen. it's beloved for its top bar, indoor swimming pool, and the incredible tech amenities throughout every room. check it out. we're at the st. regis new york. we right now are in the royal suite. price is $25,000 a night and it's designed to look like a european masterpiece. this hotel is home to the king cole bar where the bloody mary was invented.
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was the first skyscraper ever built in manhattan which means beautiful central park views. >> the newest met can afford to buy one of those hotels. rob powers up next with sports. the rest of us have to pitch a tent in the backyard. also ahead, how long does
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(harold) looks like australia. (rob) i'm telling you, it's a western omelette. (jeremy) fellas! (harold) hey! what you got there? (jeremy) a new york lottery scratch-off game. you know, for fun. even here. oh, look. it's carol. (harold) that is how you get to be senior associate supervisor. (avo) take a break from the excpected.
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there they go. no elevators need ed tonight. they took part in an annual tradition, running up one of new york city's most famous all 86 floors. our very own rob powers and amy freeze once again took part. how long did it take you? >> i have no idea. didn't work. >> but it was about 10 and a
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>> not me. the winner was about 10 and a half minutes. i was about double that. amy i think broke 20 minutes. >> and she wasn't feeling great. i love your tweet, they had an elevator? [ laughter ] >> where were you an hour ago? let's get to basketball. nets looking for a lot of things right now. a gm, a coach, a win. 3-14 since the start of the new year. lost 9-10 overall. don't have mature luck at home. they tried that luck again tonight against the pacer. been a rough go but you play them as they come. big numbers in this one came from indiana's cj miles. pacers opened on a 17-9 run. the nets get something going in the 3rd. thad young, joe johnson were big. but the pacers and miles roll. 114-100. miles scored 27. the nets now with a five-game losing streak. mets set to make another world series. yoenis cespedes. he signed that three-year $75 million deal with a one-year opt out last week. we had the signing.
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was at citifield in person ready to roll. >> the amount of support i've received from my fans, the teammates and mets organization made it a great place to come back. >> i think he makes us a much better team. it's been a nightmare season for st. john's. 0-9 in the big east and tonight having to go to sixth ranked xavier. the red storm would provide a major scare for the home team. st. john's on the break and duran johnson, nice bounce pass. only down 2. back and forth they go in the second half. jaylen reynolds throws it down. xavier is on top by one. miles davis would be the difference. all his 16 points came in the 2nd half. st. john's plays well. but loses 90-83. for a 13th consecutive loss. it is hump day at the super bowl. time for the teams to get serious with game plans. after
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teams return to the practice field today. there are so many game stories here. but it's 39-year-old peyton manning possibly playing his final game stealing most of the headlines, even gathering accolades from his opponents. >> still capable of greatness. i don't see anything short of that. just because of age, you get more finer. it's just like a fine wine. all the local hockey teams have this night off. calgary's wideman will be suspended for 20 games, physical abuse of an official after that. it's the second longest suspension for this kind of offense. wideman will forfeit $564,000. the players union will appeal. today was national signing day for high school football. the nation's number one recruit from paramus catholic high school, defensive tackle rashan gary announcing today on espn he's picked michigan. kids were watching back home at school. they were all happy. rashan did make his way back home this afternoon. he signed that
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>> makes me feel great. a lot of stress off my shoulders. i can get back to focusing on a student now. i feel i can excel academically and that degree will help me farther on in life. >> a lot of kids signed their letters of intent today.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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join the conversation. rob, it's all about you tonight running up the empire state building. >> i'm going to have a bath and
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>> after you drive home.
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