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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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amounts there. rain is already resurfacing along the coastline. not north and west, but there's more heavy rain down the coast. when that rain meets up with some of the colder air we'll see a transition from snow and that happens after midnight. just the umbrella for the first part of the night. rain comes in this evening, gets heavier overnight. from 2:00 to 4:00 in the morning we've got rain going to snow. heaviest snow will be 4:00 to 9:00 or 10 :00 a.m. especially east of new york city. heavy snow on parts of long island and even new york city. big time improvement in to midday. rain redevelops this evening. rain to wet snow after midnight. heaviest from 4:00 in the morning. around 3 inches of slushy accumulation. just east 3 to 6 inches. slushy roads especially on long island. here's your latest snowfall map.
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got a coating to an inch. so even though we're 50 degrees right now, snow is that hard, we'll get slushy accumulation, even snow covered roadways especially east of new york city. totals. >> tomorrow eyewitness news this morning will start a half with the latest on the snow, traffic conditions, and any school you can get the latest on the storm any time by downloading our accutrack weather alert app. she was just waiting for a subway train like 6 million people do every day, that's when she felt a stab in her shoulder. was it a needle? did she get infected? the victim understandably scared and anxious but she's talk about all this with our stacey sager. >> she's talking about it because she got a pretty good look at her attacker and she also has some valuable advice for her fellow new yorkers.
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have been anyone. it was during rush hour around this time yesterday, a busy subway stop at frightening street and 7th avenue and she says a man punctured her arm with a needle. >> that kind of warm stingy, kind of pain feeling. >> reporter: not the feeling you ever want to get here in your arm on a subway platform but that's exactly what happened to this woman who tells us she was just on her way home from work waiting for the n train here at 49th and n when a man approached and she was too close for comfort. >> i felt this sharp pain in my right shoulder. >> reporter: when she got home her husband saw a puncture wound so the woman went right to the e.r. and doctors confirmed it. >> they told me i was punctured with something sharp, needle-like. >> reporter: like something out of a nightmare, she's now on a cocktail of antiviral medication to prevent hiv and hepatitis b.
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slashings and stabbings in the city are now double what they were last year during the same time. today on a radio show on hot 97, new york's mayor stressed that overall the numbers of these attacks are still minuscule when you look at the millions who ride the subways. >> we've had these incidents in the subway. they're obviously distressing to people. the fack related. >> reporter: the latest victim is pleading with other new yorkers to do a seemingly simple thing. just stop looking at our phones. instead, look around us here in the subways for our own safety. >> i didn't do that and i feel like maybe if i would have taken that advice, this wouldn't have happened, if i was more aware of my surroundings. >> now she was aware enough to get this description of her attacker. she got a good look at him. she says he's a white male on the tall side, about 6
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she said he has glasses, he's possibly in his 40s, and she says he wore a blue and white thick shirt or jacket and he also had a black backpack and a sturdy build. this woman putting out this description in the hope that new yorkers will take notice and stay off their cell phones in the subways. live in times square, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. some shocking video tonight of a woman who was hit by a wrong-way driver in brooklyn and we want you to know that the victim did survive. on the surveillance video you can see the woman walking her dog in the east new york section before the vehicle smashes in to another car and then in to her. she was tossed in to the air. like we said she did survive. police say just before the crash they tried to pull the driver of the suv over but he refused to stop and instead sped off driving the wrong way down one-way street. >> i was shocked. i couldn't
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on my block. you hear about this happening but not seeing it often, you know? >> a woman suffered two broken legs and is in serious condition tonight. both drivers suffered minor injuries. the driver of the suv is in custody and charges are pending. a cop in newark suspended tonight after an eyewitness news exclusive showed a teenager attacked by police. new york detective roberto ruiz, a two-year veteran, now suspended. 14-year-old jamad watkins said undercover officers broke his shoulder after a case of mistaken identity. happened on tuesday. we're told detective ruiz waited 24 hours to report what happened. other members of the unit now being reassigned and investigated. crucial testimony in the trial of nypd officer peter liang who is on trial for the death of akai gurley. in court jurors were shown that bullet right there. liang says he fired his gun accidentally
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housing project in brooklyn. today liang's partner testified there was no threat when that gun went off. n.j. burkett is at the courthouse. >> that's right, a difficult day for the defense no question about it. as you said, the officer's partner took the witness stand today and admitted he never drew his own gun and never felt threatened. >> reporter: nypd officer sean landau witnessed for the prosecution was forced to testify today against his former partner, peter liang. peter was in shock, landau told the jury. he couldn't believe he just shot someone. landau and liang were patrolling the pink houses in east new york when liang fired his weapon in a darkened stairwell. a single shot that ricocheted off the wall and in to the chest and through the heart of akai gurley. the panic captured in a neighbor's 911 call. >> you said cops are there? >> he's not breathing. >> his
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willing to do cpr? tell her to breathe in his mouth. >> reporter: liang claims he fired his weapon by accident and is on trial here for manslaughter. did you see a threat, asked the prosecutor? no, landau answered. did you hear a threat? no. did you take your gun out of your holster, he asked? no. landau described his partner as distraught but admitted today that neither to revive akai gurley, that they radioed for an ambulance and stood by as gurley's girlfriend unsuccessfully performed cpr. you don't know how to perform cpr, the prosecutor asked. i didn't feel qualified to perform cpr. he told landau after the
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fired over it. did he say i'm fired or did he say i fired, asked liang's defense attorney? no, landau hit back, he said i'm fired. >> and the prosecution rested its case today. in an unusual move, officer liang is preparing to take the witness stand in his own defense. that does not often happen in cases like these. that's expected to happen monday. the jury could get this case to begin deliberations on tuesday. live tonight in downtown brooklyn, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. mayor de blasio's deal to overhaul the city's horse carriage business has fallen apart tonight. the teamsters union backed out of the planned to so the city council scrapped a vote in the deal which was scheduled for tomorrow. the teamsters which represent the carriage drivers says the union is not confident the bill provides a viable future for it the industry. >> there's a lot of people who believe it does not make sense to have horse carriages on the streets and having them in a park was a good idea.
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and we need to have an open public debate. >> the mayor's proposal would have been carriage horses limited to central park. the mayor says he'll keep working on a compromise. now to the race for president and the two men who came in second place in this week's iowa caucuses. according to new polls, now in first place in their respected races. let's look at it. from the democrats, a 22% lead for bernie sanders over hillary clinton. new hampshire, the most sanders friendly state outside of his home state of vermont and has nearly one out of two voters as independent. that's sanders' strong suit. the republicans, donald trump has a 21% lead, marco rubio and ted cruz in a statistical tie for second. jeb bush in third. governor john kasich, 7%. governor
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5%. you can watch the next debate saturday night at 8:00 here on channel 7. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 on this
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breaking news to tell you about.
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shannon sohn over the scene in newscopter7. >> you can see where they've taped off the area but we can show you right here you can see smoke billowing up out of the ground. this is an electrical box underground. as we zoom in a little bit here you can actually see the flames underground. obviously the fire department is on the scene here at broadway and west 163rd street. you see it sparking there. but they have not yet gotten close to this. one firefighter coming over now. in the meantime they've shut down broadway completely. the north closure is at 164th and the south closure is at 162nd. reporting live over washington heights, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. a series of small proposals and one big state of the city address. that's what mayor de blasio is set to unveil in about 45 minutes now. >> proposing money for new economic development, in
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using smart phones to pay for parking meters. >> a streetcar for a 16-mile stretch between brooklyn and queens. here's eyewitness reporter rob nelson. >> reporter: it's perhaps the most ambitious proposal of the de blasio area, a 16-mile above ground streetcar line that would connect brooklyn and queens including growing areas like dumbo, grown point, astoria city. >> it's the most futuristic thing new york has done in terms of public transportation in 50, 60 years. >> reporter: the price tag is an estimated $2.5 billion and the 12-mile-per-hour streetcar might take as long as 2024 to get up and running. pointing to rapid both in both boroughs, brooklyn leaders embrace this plan big time today. >> the jobs of today and tomorrow are not happening only in manhattan and this corridor has hundreds of thousands of jobs coming online every year.
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also help about 45,000 public housing residents including alexander coles who lives in red hook and says his neighborhood has felt trapped and detached for years because of a lack of easily accessible transit. >> i feel like growth is a big potential. that's what i like. i like to see my neighborhood and my people grow together. >> reporter: the project is not expected to need a green light from the state, but huge questions rain about the funding, the exact route, and the timeframe. city officials are hoping that along the route will go up and those additional taxes would help with the hefty cost. >> the 7 train extension in manhattan, a great project creating a new neighborhood. for a similar price tag this system could serve two boroughs and unlock opportunities up and down. >> reporter: the mayor is a proud brooklynite and also said
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which is why this stretch here from brooklyn to queens could look a lot more like san francisco. reporting from brooklyn, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. just ahead, lee goldberg says yes, it's 50 degrees right now but it's going to change overnight.
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sounds like we're going to have a whole bunch of school delays and cancellations tomorrow. >> the timing is terrible. it's hitting just as the buses come in. at the very least delays. it will be kind of dicy. outside we go this evening where we have dry conditions but rain starting to move in to monmouth. melted all that snow and now probably going to cover the ground again. our temperature at 50.
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the rise and high shy of 60 after midnight. once again, well above average. because the ground has been so warm over the past 48 hours the snow is not going to stick initially but it will during the predawn hours and cause slushy roadways, especially here. ronkonkoma, merrick, roslyn. that cool air and a north wind will filter in to the storm as the rain begins. it comes in during the evening hours. i think it's not changing over to snow till 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. once it does, it's a heavy wet snow. also some gusty winds. and the heart of this is right during the morning commute. 8:00 in the morning, 34 degrees, heavy snow. that can stick. by 10:00 or 11:00, sun starting to break out and we have great improvement during the afternoon hours but damage is already done. there's lighter rains along the coastline. even sprinkles staten island, brooklyn, queens. the actual low is leaving florida and heading to the carolinas. it's almost like being in a batting cage. if the low is the ball right here it's getting pitched
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high offshore and jet stream to the west. we're on the western edge of it. that's why the forecast has changed so dramatically. the heavy snow potential was always there but now the storm is backing up a little bit more west. instead of east end of long island, much of the area. rain south and east during the evening hours. then it starts getting heavy and the changeover starts happening. that's even with snow in the morning, parts of bergen and passaic county. it will shift to the coastline between 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning. snow sticking then leaving the scene by 9:00 or 10:00 in the late morning hours. so i'm looking for 3 to 6 inches of snow. i think in this band there's going to be locally higher amounts like 8-inch amounts. i've also seen some indications that maybe there's a heavier band that goes through putnam county. maybe some of the 3 to 6 inch band is a little bit more north and west. but still snowfall for the morning commute and snow coming down. 34 degrees, rain to wet snow. slushy roads by dawn.
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then breezy with clouds breaking for sun. watch out for slippery roads tomorrow night in to saturday morning. great weekend. super bowl sunday looks beautiful. 40 on monday. we miss a big storm offshore. i don't think we miss the tuesday storm. more accumulating snow there. we'll have more totals throughout the night.
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been a tough year so far for iconic rockers and musicians, famous by the baby tonight earth wind and fire founder maurice white has died. his horn driven band sold more than 90 million albums. made hits like september, shining star, boogie, big hits. he died
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he had suffered from parkinson's for a few years. we go to sports now. super bowl main -- mania. it's almost mania. >> we're ramping up. we're getting there slowly. everybody is making a pick for the super bowl. the panthers the favorites but you'll find some people who disagree. just not many. the panthers are at san jose state university. there's question about jared allen's foot. other than that carolina is healthy, ready to roll. >> this is a team that is second to none in chemistry. it is family, family, family. it's like going to work with your best buds every day. >> the broncos are working out at stanford. demaryius thomas' mom might be in the stands. a few months ago she was in
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by president obama after serving 15 years on a 20-year drug charge. >> she did her time. she's happy to be out. she's excited about this point. giants quarterback eli manning a finalist for the man of the year award. we'll find out saturday night if he wins. could be a heck of a weekend. they had supper together this week. we're told eli picked up the check. eli with something nobody knew about peyton until now. >> peyton's nickname is peyty-pie. whenever i'm mad at him, that's what i refer to him as well. >> peyty-pie. [ laughter ] baseball around the corner. mets fans can't wait.
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these guys. pitchers and catchers due in a couple weeks. the party is already started. travis d'arnaud already in florida. missed a lot of games because of injury. came back to start. had three homers, seven rbi, getting ready for the next test. >> gave me a lot more confidence knowing that us as a team, we can make it there. definitely makes me want to work harder to not only get there this year but to win it this year. >> all three hockey locals in action tonight. nets are off, knicks in detroit. the warriors have already appeared in washington at the white house. our second president obama mentioned in the sportscast. he welcomed in the nba champs and said they are beautiful to watch. the mvp was something to watch last night. steph curry warriors, 35-4, matching the league's all time best record. curry was on
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we give you launch directional robot intelligent circuitry, ldric for short. ldric is a robot that can play golf. it took a few swings but ldric nailed this one. par 3, 16th hole. that's the same hole tiger aced back in 1997. >> does he have a copyright on that name? that was shooting like how tiger used to shoot. for a look at some of the stories we're working on for eyewitness news at 11:00, sade is here. >> tonight a woman fights off burglars who snuck in to her home. we'll tell you how three pairs of shoes could help police solve the crime. plus eyewitness news helps you find more free money, lots of it, and
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>> all that after the mini
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