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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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so suffolk county under a winter storm warning, nassau under a winter weather advisory. that extends to the five boroughs of new york city. in addition to that with the astronomically higher than normal tide due to the new moon and on shore flow, we have a coastal flood advisory during the day on monday because of this beast developing off the north carolina coast. it looks very impressive on the radar and satellite picture. thankfully the brunt will move well to the south and east. the back edge of the snowfall will get in here during the morning hours of tomorrow, and there will be some accumulation over much of the area. here's our future cast. by 5:00 a.m. you see know and rain approaching the south shore of long island, and parts of the jersey shore. by 7:00 a.m. colder air is moving in from the north. by 8:00 a.m. the snow has begun already in new york city. it can extend to the delaware water gap by 11:00 in the morning. by that time, you see the heavier bands of snow taking
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before it begins to taper off by later on in the afternoon. so this is for tomorrow's snowfall. snowfall from brooklyn and queens, points east onto central long island and 3 to 6 inches, the eastern 2/3 of suffolk county. i think the back edge reaches back to western parts of new jersey but it's probably just a slushy coating in this area from manhattan back to the west delaware water gap. this is only storm number one. we got another system on the way as well, closer to the middle part week. we're talking about that in the full accuweather forecast. new safety measures will be in place for large construction cranes operating in new york city, and for workers who don't follow the rules, they will face serious fines. >> mayor plaza announced a -- de blasio announced a new safety plan. cefaan kim has details. >> reporter: sandra for the first time since this massive crane came crashing down here in tribeca, you can see that
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to both traffic and pedestrians here. worth street meanwhile, you can still see is closed down as crews continue to work here. early this morning, the last pieces of that crane were hauled away and taken to a secure site. while it's still unclear if weather played a factor, if winds exceed 20 miles per hour, crawler cranes must cease operations. the mayor says there will also pedestrians. >> in any situation where there and pedestrians yy'nn-are not supposed to pass in the affected area, of course we require that work crews to ensure that that's not happening, and they are liable for violations if they do not do that. upon top of that -- on top of that, we'll be sending in uniform personnel to ensure
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>> reporter: meanwhile there have also been complaints from residents that they weren't properly notified of work being done here. the mayor says that's who will change. relates and businesses will be notified when cranes are being moved to a secure location. on eyewitness news at six, we'll tell you what to expect for the monday morning commute. report live in tribeca, cefaan kim channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. family friends and neighbors remembered the one victim killed in friday's crane collapse. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson on the upper west side with the story on today's funeral for david wichs. >> reporter: a remarkable human being, brilliant mathematician and io dooring husband. -- 0f%( it's where he once worshiped along his family and his wife rebecca. she gave david's eulogy. brought everyone inside and outside the building to tears.
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rebecca said her husband was a deeply religious, humble, modest man who put families first. she told mourners david's work ethic centered around guiding others to do their best. rebecca said even though david was hugely philanthropic, he preferred to give most of his money away anonymously. he was killed friday morning when that crane collapsed in tribeca. the 38-year-old, during today's &`j 5 service rebecca said david brought so much joy to her life, adding she is devastated. she now has to live life without 6l >> qjti often thought to myself that i was literally living out a fairy tale, that i was experiencing a storybook romance that you only read about in novels or see xh movies. i would constantly ask myself, what did i ever do to deserve a man such as this.
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to him. he would remind me that he was the lucky one. >> reporter: j[[vwx[now david's onnr;'ger brother also mnnn.@spoke during today today, the one thing david screamed of was starting that family with rebecca. coming up at six, you'll hear more from rebecca, and others who called david quote the best of the best. for now we're live upper east side, kemberly richardson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. stay with eyewitness news and abc7ny as we keep and follow up on the clean up, the investigation crane collapse. an overnight bar shooting in rochester left one person dead and several injured. police say a fight turned violent and moved outside the nightclub about 2:00 a.m. officers were called after hearing gunshots. a c@p pronounced dead at ac the injuries are not life threatening.
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driver survived getting hit 2 a train but is now accused ofmg::, drunk driving. police say a freight train hit a pickup truck e-nnz`on the tracks in dumont about 12:30. they also found an open alcohol container. 45-year-old nicholas dumont is hospitalized after surgery. he faces multiple charges including dwi and driving with a suspended license. police have arrested the robbery and slashing suspect with a neon red hair. officers found 20-year-old shay irving of harlem sleeping on an a train about 2:00 a.m. he had a beer in his hand, and two knives on him. he's charged in one subway slashings, one subway mugging and a robbery and slashing in a convenience store. a fourth incident thought to be connected remains under investigation. widespread condemnation and concern tonight over north
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that rocket was launched from the nation's west coast yesterday. it's path was tracked by the u.s., japan, and south korea, which called the launch another intolerable provocation. north korea claims the launch was part of a peaceful space program and promised more launches. more after a powerful earthquake in taiwan, and rescuers are pulling survivors from the rubble. rescuers sift hc**uhthe crumbled remains of a high-rise apartment building that yhc collapsed in taiwan during the 6.4 quake early saturday. more than c pulled out alive from the 17- story structure, but it's believed more than 100 people may still be trapped. at ; a possible suspect in a needle attack on the subway have been cleared by the nypd. police released video thinking he may have been involved in
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they say he is no longer wanted in connection with the incident. a woman says she was waiting for the r train c when she felt something hit arm. she later noticed a puncture wound. a famous new york developer whose company worked on the twin towers of the world trade center has died. john tishman died of respiratory failure yesterday at his home in bedford. tishman's company was also responsible for walt disney's epcot center in florida, and the century city complex in los angeles. john tishman was 90 years old. there is no rest in the race for president. candidates spent super bowl sunday trying to score more voters ahead of the primary in new hampshire. also ahead on eyewitness news at five, a new program in
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stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. a busy day for presidential candidates on the campaign trail as they try to secure more voters. >> republicans are cashing in on last night's debate here on abc, and some of those candidates, well, they're making up for lost ground. abc's marcy gonzalez is live in manchester with the push for the primary. >> reporter: voters are making their decision at the last moment. and with the count down now onto choosing the primary, the
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another big push to win them over. following a fiery night on the gop stage. donald trump moving up even more today. standing by some of his most controversial stances this week. >> as president you would authorize torture. >> i would absolutely authorize something beyond water boarding. you have to do it that way. >> reporter: another headline making moment o. debate -- of the debate. >> let's start with barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. let's dispel the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> 25 second speech. >> reporter: some mocking marco rubio for being repetitive.
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he went back to his 25-second spiel. >> as far as that message, i hope they keep running and i'm going to keep saying it. it's true. >> reporter: and bernie sanders is getting a lot of buzz after his appearance on saturday night live. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> reporter: campaigning in new hampshire today while hillary clinton visits flint, michigan, discussing the water crisis there. >> what happened in flint is immoral. >> reporter: and there hasn't been much movement in the polls on the democrats side. sanders still leads clinton by double digits, just two days to go before the primaries here. live in manchester new hampshire, marcy gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you very much, marcy. stay with eyewitness news, and abc news for the latest on the race. political reporters dave evans
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and you can watch his live reports on the primary beginning tomorrow on eyewitness news. a new program gives nonviolent offenders a chance to perform community service instead of paying fines for their crimes. project green thumb offers people charged with minor offenses a chance to work for several hours and save money. this weekend in new haven, dozens of people arrested for civil disobedience during a sit- in worked to wipe the slate clean. >> this is, i mean, both are really kind of visible, in a fun way to, you know, pay back our civil disobedience. >> police say the program holds offenders offenders accountable, while keeping them from clogging the system. are we going to have snow clogging up the streets around here tomorrow. >> probably not clogging up the streets. just wet roadstomorrow morning.
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parts of the jersey shore, during the commute, snow could start to accumulate on some of those roads. i don't expect it to be as heavy as it was this past friday. we head outside, temperatures are well into the 40s. they got up to 47 this afternoon for a high. right now sitting at 43. still that wind coming in from the east around 6 miles per hour. average high this time of year is around 40. needless to say we're still above that this afternoon. here's what to expect. again, snow developed by dawn tomorrow. lasting through much of the day. the heaviest by far will be over eastern parts of long island. snowfall will range from around an inch in manhattan of just wet slushy snow to perhaps over 6 inches on the eastern tip of long island by montauk. another batch of snow. this is storm number two, late monday night, lasting through the day on tuesday. it's on and off snow. that can leave a widespread 1 to 3 inches. between these two systems,
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snow, and also minor coastal flooding a threat right through the day on tuesday, because of a new moon and the fact that we 43 morris. 39 down the shore at belmar. 39 on the island at islip. we need those temperatures to fall before snow and threat. here's our storm looking impressive on the radar and satellite. i would be worried if this is headed straight to the north. it's heading more to the east, northeast and that's why the brunt of the storm will miss us. snowfall start time, probably around 4:00 a.m. eastern parts of long island down to parking lots of the jersey shore. probably takes about 7:00 a.m. to move into new york city, and takes longer than that. 10:00 a.m., the back edge of the snow can maybe make it to the delaware water gap. here in the city, we're talking about 1 to 3 inches across brooklyn, queens, parts of the bronx, right in manhattan along
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1 to 3 inches to western parts of suffolk county, and ramp it up to 3 to 6 inches and 6 to 12 on the eastern tip of long island out by montauk because you will be the closest to the moisture source in this storm. in addition to that, the winds can gust up to 40 miles per hour during the day tomorrow here in the city. maybe even up wards of 50 miles per hour on the east end of long island. it's going to be a nasty day even if we don't get as much snow. lately monday night through tuesday, early wednesday, another area of low pressure trying to organize just off to the south, and that's why we can see a widespread, more widespread, 1 to 3 in snowfall. accuweather forecast for tonight, rather cloudy, increasing wind late. that snow coming in before we're down to 35. tomorrow. some snow, the steadiest and heaviest east of new york city. 38 early, and then temperatures fall as the snow becomes heavier in the low 30s. that's where you could get
5:18 pm
roadways, especially east of the cities. cloudy, snow tomorrow night, late with the number 2 storm coming in. here's your accuweather forecast. could be a 1 to 3-inch snowfall. lingering flurries on wednesday. 40. 35 on thursday, and then check this out, late in the week, coldest air of the season coming in with a cold front on friday, maybe a snow squall, 31 for a high. lower and middle 20s for high temperatures by saturday and sunday, despite a whole bunch of sunshine. lows at night getting down close to 10 degrees here in the city, probably some single numbers below 0 in the suburbs. that's february for you. accuweather forecast. the naacp image awards red carpet was packed with the event honors the achievements of after can americans -- african-americans until the arts. funny man david allen greer all
5:19 pm
abc's blackish swept the comedy awards, winning outstanding actor for anthony anderson, actress, tracy ellis ross, and outstanding comedy series. will smith and wife jada pinkett smith were among the stars. actor, michael b. jordan was one of the big winners, one for entertainer of the year, and outstanding actor in creed, a role that did not earn the 28- year-old an oscar nomination. beyonce has done it again. she gets ready to perform tonight at super bowl 50. the singer dropped another surprise single. >> i go out, i go hard. say what's mine. i'm a star. >> formation is beyonce's first new song in more than a year. the image post katrina new orleans and commentary on police brutal -- commentary on police brutality. members of an exclusive
5:20 pm
has gone to every super bowl since. he's just one of three club members left alive with that bragging right. but larry's quick to admit he's not the biggest football fan. >> i don't know a dam thing about football. i know how to get tickets. that's my thing. the nfl has treated us so well for super bowl 50, i'm aiming for a hundred. >> larry looks good. larry and the other men who had never messed the super bowl and the remaining members have gotten together every year since. >> i like his honesty though. >> laura behnke is up next with sports. >> the big day is final here. the big game an hour away. we're getting you geared up for super bowl 50. we'll head out to santa clara
5:21 pm
could it be the last one of peyton manning's career. we have the the latest.
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. the heart says bronco, but the head says panthers, laura. game. is that as generic as it gets.
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at this point, nothing more can really be done. the only nothing left for the broncos and panthers except to play super bowl 50. here's a look at levy stadium. a big story line. peyton manning who could be playing his final game. the denver qb got very emotional in the team meeting last night, however he has not announced if he will retire. super bowl eve reserved for recognizing the best in the league for the season with the nfl honors and last night, among those taking home an award, chief safety eric berry. he's the nfl's come back player of the year, and rightfully so. one of the best stories of this season. berry returned to the field after battling hodgkin's lymphoma. he did return this year earning his fourth pro bowl selection. >> when i lost my hair, he shaved his head with me so i wouldn't be by myself, and i
5:25 pm
end of the day, everybody just live out your dreams, don't let anything come in between it. if you're unsure, get on your knees and prayer and take it from there, man. i love you all. thank you. >> now with so many home games, this was supposed to be a time the knicks strung together wins and moved to playoff contention. they were in danger of having their longest losing streak this season. the knicks hosting the nuggets at the garden, including former knicks, galanari are the half court buzzer beater. the knicks still down 13 but they avoid climb out. zingus with 21 points. that gave the knicks the lead. the nuggets would get it back in the 4th. knicks still had a chance. anthony, the 3. that would tie it. off the mark, though, 101-96. it's the knicks 5th straight loss. their 9th in the last ten. this last week was all about
5:26 pm
national signing day on wednesday. high school recruits officially selecting where they will play their college ball including the top player n. country who happens to be from paramus catholic. rob powers has more. >> i'll be furthering my education at the university of michigan. >> and with that, the nation's number one football recruit rashawn gary is a wolverine. back at the home of the paladins the kids at paramus well. gary's about 6-5, 290 pounds of defensive tackle. michigan wins out but a rashawn says he felt comfortable on
5:27 pm
he liked the u of m academic programs and the chance to get a degree from michigan. schools like him because he's the total package, paramus catholic likes him because he's rashawn. >> he's a gentleman, excellent student, quiet leader in the school. >> just a happy celebration. we're going to have a lot of fun. >> all right. listen up, this is the only time i'm going to say it. the panthers look like they should win on paper, but i'm going with the broncos, i think peyton's going out on top. i don't have a score but that's what you get. >> thank you, laura. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, a knock out punch captured on camera. now one teenager accused of taking part in the crime is in custody while the young man accused of knocking the man to the ground is on the loose. a deadly night out in florida. authorities are searching for several suspects after gunfire breaks out in a nightclub. three people were killed.
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you're watching new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news eyewitness news at five, with joe torres, sandra bookman, laura behnke, and meteorologist jeff smith. now, eyewitness news continues. here's a look at tonight's top stories. loved ones say good-bye to 38- year-old david wichs killed when a construction crane fell on a street in tribeca on friday.
5:31 pm
there is widespread concern over north korea's long range missile launch. a driver survived getting hit by a train in new jersey, but now he's accused of drunk driving. officers pulled the driver from the pickup truck after it was hit by a freight train early this morning in good evening once again. i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. a teenager allegedly involved in a violent attack caught on camera in new jersey has turned himself in. >> police have not arrested the young man accused of punching another man in the face. neighbors feel frustrated and scared. eyewitness news reporter, lauren glassberg in paterson tonight. lauren. >> reporter: joe and sandra, a 16-year-old is in custody right now, and police say they know who his cohort is, and they say it's just a matter of time before he is brought in. >> detectives handled this with a tenacity of a homicide. >> reporter: it wasn't a homicide but a particularly
5:32 pm
street corner in broad daylight. a knock out punch captured on video and posted to social media. yesterday, paterson police arrested the juvenile who they say shot the video but they're looking for the teen who threw the actual punch. >> that individual knows that he's wanted. the family knows he's wanted and we will continue to vigorously pursue that individual until we bring him to justice. we're not going to stop. >> the knock out punch is minor compared to the problems that's going on around here. >> reporter: dolly goodwill is frustrated by the constant violence in her community. she avoids going out. >> you hate to live like that. you're forced to isolate yourself. you're forced to isolate yourself, and it's sad. >> reporter: and it's a big concern for the christian fellowship center a block from where the knock out punch happened in december. they're aiming to turn their
5:33 pm
>> we are working with city officials to change the mind set of the young people in the city. >> reporter: that's why the police director is adamant about tracking down those behind this. >> there is no reason for anybody to be standing on a corner, and get sucker punched with such force. that's disgusting. we will not tolerate it. and we will hunt you down. >> reporter: and police say old. they say he will face a number of charges including aggravated assault, and conspiracy, and they say if there were others on the sidelines egging him on, they, too, will be arrested. as for the victim, an elderly man, he was treated at a local hospital following the attack. live in paterson, lauren glassberg channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you, lauren. a man hunt underway in florida for as many as three gunmen who opened fire inside a nightclub. the shooting killed two people, and left ten others hurt. it happened in orlando
5:34 pm
three off duty orlando police department officers were working security at the club when the shooting started. it's still not clear what sparked the violence or if the officers fired their weapons. so far, no arrests. firefighters are still on the scene of a deadly explosion at a plant in georgia. it happened overnight at a feed mill in rock mart, about 50 miles west of atlanta. a 25-year-old man was killed in the blast. 6 others were hurt. officials say the plant sustained major damage. it's still not clear what caused the explosion. the united arab emirates says it is not prepared to send ground forces into syria. it is ready to deploy ground forces if the u.s. coalition calls for it.
5:35 pm
isis will hold quote ground elements. anti-islam groups took to the votes in protest -- streets in protest rallying against syrian refugees. police used tear gas to disburse a rowdy anti migrant protest. in amsterdam, riot police clashed with demonstrators. similar protests were held in germany, iron land -- ireland, denmark and poland. a man in this country since he was 5 is one of many undocumented immigrants celebrating a victory. cesar was sworn in after a rule of judges say his undocumented status has no bearing on his status. >> reporter: cesar vargas has a four year legal journey behind him. the 32-year-old undocumented immigrant activist was sworn in as a lawyer.
5:36 pm
it felt like the day was never going to come, but it's here through the support of so many people, my family, my mother. >> reporter: now that he's finally an attorney, said his 72-year-old mother, i am so proud of him. vargas and his family arrived from mexico 28 years ago and settled on staten island. he graduated from st. francis college and the cuny school of law and passed the bar exam in 2011. but his bar admission was denied because of his immigration status. last year, a panel of five judges ruled he could be admitted to practice law. >> this is a victory as well for the judiciary branch of this state. they have said, with their exclusive determining factor of who gets to practice law. >> i'm going to dedicate my career to my family, to my community, the great nation that has opened the door to really realize the american dream. >> reporter: what lies ahead says vargas is helping others experience that very same
5:37 pm
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paying for metered parking is about to get easier. you'll soon be able to use your smart phone to pay for parking across the city. eyewitness news reporter mallory huff has more on how it works. >> reporter: pay by phone. the future is here. an upgrade for parking in new york city eliminating meter anxiety with technology. >> if you don't get to the meter, it's like agh. >> reporter: an app will allow drivers to pay for parking and add time to the meter on their cell phone. >> if you can just reload from your phone, thumbs up. >> reporter: parking will be monitored via the nypd devices. >> i think that's a wonderful idea. i really do. >> sometimes the credit cards don't work. sometimes the quarters don't work. >> reporter: so you're going to test this out with us. >> i'll try it out.
5:41 pm
goes. >> how long are you going to be here. >> probably about an hour. >> reporter: and then you're going to run back. >> it's anoising, ridiculous, i think mayor de blasio has a great idea. >> reporter: the pilot program in the belmont section of the bronx was successful, and de blasio says by the end of 2016, mobile parking will be implemented for all 85,000 metered parking spaces city wide. >> love it. don't think it's going to happen. >> not by the end of the year. >> not by the end of the year. >> maybe it will take more time. >> reporter: until then, keep running back to the meter. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. an uber driver turned into an unexpected star after what seemed like a routine ride in new orleans. that's after the driver came toot rescue of four men stranded by a different driver. >> they got in and said that's the last driver passed them up, you know, and they didn't know why. they figured it was because they were black. so i told them you all look
5:42 pm
>> turns out the men were members of hip hop group naughty by nature. they had a show that night, and invited the driver who helped them out and they gave him the vip experience. >> we pulled him up on stage, gave him a hoodie. gave him some beer. >> he said he almost shed a tear, yo. >> driver dale latino said he wants to make sure the men got a better impression of new orleans after being disappointed by the first driver of the night. >> it made his day. actor kelsey grammer is back on broadway with a show that proves everyone is a child at heart. >> coming up on eyewitness news at five, our sandy kenyon sits down with the star of finding neverland and finds out what it's like to fly back on stage. and we're watching an impressive storm getting organized here off the north carolina coast. moving overnight into the day tomorrow. that's storm number one of two
5:43 pm
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it is going to be an interesting week of weather around here. >> it will look very wintry when we get up tomorrow morning. it will take a little bit of time to accumulate, though, because temperatures initially are going to be well above freezing. temperature to fall below 30 degrees which it will do tomorrow morning. it's conceivable that parts of long island, you start getting snow covered roads during the morning commute. we head outside right now, and it's actually a pretty, pretty sunset out there with high clouds moving in. really gorgeous, and crisp looking out there. 43 right now. mostly cloudy skies. wind coming from the east at 6. temperatures barely falling down to 39 or so by midnight.
5:46 pm
the north, and northeast by that time, and eventually, that will cause some colder air to bleed in from the north as the storm gets going tomorrow morning. 43 right now, morris town. you are in the upper 30s down the jersey shore. during the day tomorrow, right through 6:00 p.m. winter weather advisories extend to the five boroughs of new york city, and we have a 11:00 a.m. on monday because the tides are astronomically higher than normal due to the new moon. in addition to that you're getting an on shore flow. and the storm right now is moving more off to the east than to the north. that's good news for us because if it was moving to the north, we would be in big trouble with a major block buster storm. i think the heaviest snow bands will stay just offshore. by 6:00 in the morning, a little bit of snow entering parts of long island, down the jersey shore. look at temperatures, above freezing at that point, by 8:00
5:47 pm
from the north, and cold air from above with the heavier precipitation in the form of snow, and that drops your temperature down to 32 in islip, and that's when you can get snow accumulating on the roadways. temperatures drop down to 33 by noontime in the city. that's when we could get snow, at least accumulating on grassy surfaces, mid to late morning, and already accumulating a few inchings over parts of long island -- inches over parts of long island. round number two comes in during the day on tuesday. this is a complicated set up depending on where this band of snow sets up. i think there could be 1 to 3 inches of additional accumulation. this is monday's storm. the back edge of the snow probably makes it back to western new jersey. the real accumulation is from the city and points east. one to three inches in new york city on western long island, 3 to 6 inches eastern long island. even the possibility of over a half foot on the tip of long island, by montauk, peak wind gusts at 40 in and around the city, 50 miles per hour on the east end of the island. after storm number two owner
5:48 pm
the bitter cold late in the week. one of the colder air masses of the season. forecast for tonight, cloudy, increasing wind lately. snow arriving before dawn from the city, and points south and east. we're down to about 35. it's cloudy. windy, colder, tomorrow. some snow, the steadiest will be east of the city. 38 early and then once that snow gets going, it will fall down to freezing. cloudy at times. especially late tomorrow night. that's when the second storm system coming in. that can be on and off. with that, a general widespread 1 to 3 inches. that can last to tuesday night. 40 degrees, a lot of flakes on the forecast. 35 on thursday. a cold front, very strong cold front moves through on friday. maybe a snow squall with that. behind it, that is bitter stuff, saturday into sunday. mid-20s, lows at night, getting down into the low teens. winter at its worst during the next week. >> thank you jeff.
5:49 pm
back on broadway reprizing his role as captain hook in the musical finding neverland. sandy kenyon caught up with the star to talk about his return to the show. >> reporter: great stars have the power to command our attention, and make a part really sing, which is why finding neverland benefits from the return of kelcie grammar. >> there's a certain electricity, so i'm really happy that he's here. >> reporter: he's just shy of 61 years old, and there's a calm about him he never had during his tv years as dr. frazier crane. when multiple marriages and drug abuse complicated his amazing success. >> i like to refer to my 40s as having gone through a powerful healing. and now i came out the other side of all that stuff, and i'm just ecstatic about being here. >> reporter: grammar plays two
5:50 pm
producer and a figment of jm berry's imagination, captain hook. >> hook becomes this inner voice of james who says you're either going to fade away or dare to be the best you've been. >> reporter: grammar left the musical to spend the summer with his young children, a son who's a-year-old and daughter age three. in terms of marriage, his fourth time has proven to be the charm. >> i'm surrounded by love in a way that i have never been before. >> reporter: and he's found there's no drug better than pure applause. >> it is the greatest high. >> that was our sandy kenyon report. kelsey grammer will be appearing in finding never land for another couple of weeks before he moves onto his next project. it's a new craze uniting people.
5:51 pm
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5:54 pm
team. lauren glassberg joins the game in harlem. >> welcome to our new york city morgue. >> reporter: the morgue isn't really on the other side of this door, but you're meant to feel like it is. this is an escape game. players are given clues to figure out how to get out, and it's a race against time. >> finders have to use their wits and intellect and critical problem skills to solve serious puzzles and clues to escape in 60 minutes. >> michelle ware loved her escape room so much, she opened hoodwink escape, located on 116 116th street through the wrought iron bars. there are four escape experiences including a hangover themed room, a military styled room, and one that celebrates harlem. as many as ten people play in a room at a time. the rooms are monitored and clues are doled out as requested. >> we need a clue. >> reporter: it's exciting.
5:55 pm
>> this is a lot harder than i thought it would be. 6 minutes feels like 6 hours already because it's hard, and i want the clues because i want to do it. >> reporter: those who don't get out in time are hoodwinked. >> we have been hoodwinked. >> reporter: but for that hour inside, away from their cell phones, is a chance to think, bond, and sometimes to work with strangers. >> you cannot escape the room without collaboration. >> reporter: only 25% manage to break out. and you can tell, they're pretty psyched. >> this is exhilarating. it's fun. it's like you meet people, and i get to know people you know, that i never saw before, and they have great talents behind them. i would come here anytime. >> reporter: hoodwinked escape is open from eleven to eleven, $28 per person. lauren glassberg channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a tradition that dates back
5:56 pm
to the small italian town. several local groups hurled tons of oranges at each other. >> so much fun. and in germany, a little bit of disappointment, when a world record was not broken. more than 2000 people painted themselves blue dressed up like smurfs, they showed up in a small little town. that's the name of it there. i can't pronounce it. the crowd was 361 smurfs short of a world record set in wales in 2009. >> they dressed up for nothing. >> i know. >> there we go. broken elevators caused big troubles in the bronx. coming up on eyewitness news, elevators out of service, violations piling up.
5:57 pm
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