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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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we're 61,000 people looking to not just raise our standard but raise the standard of health care. north shore-lij is now northwell health. look north. now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eye witness news. >> an elderly woman has been found dead inside her home. we're learning more about the victim that police found. we'll begin with an accuweather snow alert. >> salt spreaders and plows are in place ready to handle any snow that falls overnight. it still could make for a messy morning commute, especially for people on long island. >> jeff smith has been tracking the coming storm. he's outside our studio on the
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to know. >> by far the biggest impact from the storm will be over long island and eastern long island in particular. check out the warnings we have by the national weather service. a winter storm warning in effect for suffolk county. it's a winter weather advisory that extends west to new york city and a coastal flood advisory due to the fact we have a new moon and an that can be extended into tuesday. it's a well developed storm. thankfully we'll be missing the brunt of it. it'll mainly stay over the ocean. the edge of the storm will approach during tomorrow morning's commute. 40 right now in central park. that temperature has to fall quite a bit before we can see any type of accumulating snow. by 5 in the morning the future cast shows snow approaching and getting onto long island. temperature is falling as the snow comes down grabbing colder air down to 34 at islip at that point.
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morning hours the heaviest band of snow is over eastern parts of long island. the snow winds down by later in the day. the first flakes by dawn mostly melting on roads except for central and eastern long island by that time where you can get snow covered roads. that will continue all day and steadiest snow east of new york city. the back edge of the snow can make it into western new jersey. accumulations around an inch in and around manhattan. three to six inches central and eastern long island and maybe six inches or more out by montauk. this is the first of a one, two punch of winter weather. we'll talk about storm number two in your accuweather forecast coming up later in the half hour. minutes. new details on a body found inside a home in jersey city. neighbors say the victim is an revealed little.
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lexington avenue. lucy yang is at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: well, joe, flowers have now been left outside the victim's home and detectives have reopened this block after spending all day here gathering evidence trying to figure out what happened to the woman who was found dead inside her jersey city home. she lived here on lexington avenue by kennedy boulevard. police were called to her house sunday morning. sunday night still no answers. church friends tell us they became worried when she didn't show up for morning mass this sunday. she was part of the ministry team. we understand members even drove by here to see if she needed a ride. never did they imagine she had died. fellow church members described the victim as a devout catholic, a religious woman, a friendly neighbor. >> she's my sister in christ and she was a member of almost all the groups we have in the church.
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good lady and she always try to be with us for everything. she used to be praying for us when anything like that could happen. >> reporter: again, we have a woman found dead inside her jersey city home. we're waiting for more information from the prosecutor's office as to what happened. for now live in jersey city, lucy yang for channel 7 eye witness news. >> thank you, lucy. police say someone slashed a 19-year-old woman out for a run this morning. a man she didn't know slashed her thigh as she jogged around 11:15 a.m. she was taken to the hospital in stable condition. the man wore a gray hoody but investigators had no other information about him. now to the crane collapse. a couple of blocks in tribeca will remain close as the clean up continues. the wreckage is essentially gone from the streets. as the investigation moves
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making changes to make sure this doesn't happen again, including safeguards for pedestrians, more information for neighborhoods and new restrictions for cranes. eye witness news reporter stefan kim is in tribeca with details. >> reporter: traffic is flowing freely with several streets reopened. it is sunday night when traffic is light and with several blocks shut down like this one behind me, the question is what will it look like tomorrow during the monday morning commute? more than two days after a massive crane came crashing down on wirth street things are slowly returning to normal in tribeca. church street and another number of roadways reopened. subway service 2 is fully restored.
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hauled away to an undisclosed location investigators uncover key investigation. it'll take weeks and months for it to be completed. he's announcing policy changes to be made immediately. >> in any situation where they'll be a securing of a crane and pedestrians aren't supposed to pass in the affected area we'll be sending in uniform city personnel to assure pedestrians are kept safe. >> reporter: still unclear on if weather played a factor they'll be new regulations. >> crawler cranes must seize operation and go into safety mode when steady winds are forecast to exceed 20 miles per hour or gusts are forecast to exceed 30 miles per hour. >> reporter: there have been complaints they weren't properly informed of work being done. moving forward residents and businesses will be notified when the crane is being moved into a secure position.
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welcoming the changes. >> i'm sure that'll help. >> more information, the better. you can let your employees know what will happen. >> reporter: now back here live we're looking at a puddle of water on west broadway. that's coming from a ruptured working. reopened by tomorrow. they say two blocks will stay closed for one or two more days as they fix broken water and gas and water lines here. sefan kim, channel 7 eye witness news. family and friends came together today to mourn the loan death from the crane collapse. mourners remembered david wicks during a service at the synagogue where he and his wife worshipped. he came to the u.s. when he was 14. he went to yoshiva and then harvard. he and his wife planned to start a family. >> i would constantly ask myself
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man such as this? david never let me feel i was in any way inferior to him. he would remind me he was the lucky one. >> he was a math whiz who worked at a computerized trading firm. david wicks was 38 years old. they are the champions of super bowl 50. peyton manning and the denver broncos. they beat the carolina panthers in california, 24-10. the empire state building right now lit up in the bronco's colors in celebration of their big win. laura behnke is in the news room with the i lights. >> if you like defense then super bowl 50 was the game for you. they say defense wins championships. tonight in san francisco that's exactly how it went for the broncos. they returned to the super bowl this evening facing the panthers. as for the defense we mentioned, here it is. denver all over cam newton and company.
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miller again and he's the game mvp. gets to newton and the sack and the fumble. the broncos recover and that led to the insurance touchdown. 24-10 the broncos are your super bowl 50 champions. the celebration is still going on. it won't be stopping any time soon. coming up we'll have full highlights and hear from the super bowl 50 champion and mar sean lynch delivered a message during the game. more on that in sports. >> thank you very much, laura. one arrest in a vicious knockout punch and another suspect still on the loose. new details about that wanted suspect and when police will have him in custody. the new hampshire primaries two days away. candidates doubled down on issues to win over voters.
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on the united nations security counsel unanimously condemned north korea's long range rocket launch. they released a picture of kim yu signing the launch order. last month they conducted a nuclear test. north korea claims the launch was part of a peaceful space program and says more launches are planned. two days until the first primary of the presidential election and the candidates in new hampshire trying to win over voters.
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republican field by a big margin and for the democrats, it's bernie sanders over hillary clinton. >> reporter: sandra, the latest poll shows trump's lead starting to narrow a bit. the pressure is on for him and the other candidates ahead of another busy day of campaigning. candidates were out hoping to score with voters this super bowl sunday following big plays on the debate stage. >> let me talk. >> reporter: donald trump appearing on this week standing by some of his most controversial stances. >> as president you would authorize torture? >> i would behind water boarding. >> reporter: marco rubio unapologetic for this.
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this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> there it is, the memorized 25 second speech. >> reporter: brushing off criticism. >> marco should have been more prepared. >> i'm going to say this every chance that i get. barack obama is wanting to change america. >> reporter: bernie sanders back in new hampshire following his appearance on saturday night live. >> democratic socialism. >> reporter: hillary clinton here now, too, after a stop in flint, michigan, to discuss the water crisis there. >> what happened in flint is immoral. >> reporter: a new poll just out shows the gap narrowing between the democrats with sanders ahead of clinton by just 7 points here. live in manchester, new
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channel 7 eye witness news. >> dave evans is heading to new hampshire. you can watch his reports on the primary beginning tomorrow. a suffolk county police officer hailed as a hero for saving a choking woman at a home in medford last night he found a woman struggling to breathe because a pepper got lodged in her throat. she's fine. the officer says helping the woman left him with a good feeling. >> it's better to save a life than to arrest someone. that's how i feel as a police officer and yeah, there's nothing better than to know someone could be walking today and watching the super bowl with their family than to be not with us. >> he has been on the force five years. he's also a volunteer with the ambulance core. the people in the bronx
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a chronic problem with broken elevators and why residents say nothing is being done. >> boys saved after they fell through some ice. how rescuers were alerted to the emergency. we're in for some snow for the morning commute. jeff smith is backtracking it all for us. he'll have those details and what other where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at
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over long island it'll be a different story. they'll be several inches of accumulation from this along with strong gusting winds. it'll look nasty out there. we head outside and it doesn't feel that bad now. we have temperatures around the 40-degree mark. that northeast wind, though, starting to pick up. 14 gusting up to 21 miles per hour. this is after getting up to 47 degrees during the afternoon. here's what to expect. again that snow arriving by dawn from new york city and points south and east and continuing during the day tomorrow. total accumulation ranging from a slushy inch or two in and around new york city to over six inches on extreme eastern parts of long island. another batch of snow on tuesday can leave another one to three inches and a more widespread fashion. that would include inland areas as well and minor coastal flooding can be an issue as well. 36 right now morris town, 30 at
11:20 pm
upper 30s to around 40 on long island. this is a mammoth storm. had it moved to the north we would have been in trouble. that's not the case. we're on the fringe of it during the day tomorrow. first flakes arrive over parts of long island by 4:00 a.m. i think it takes until daybreak around 7:00 a.m. for that first snowfall to arrive in new york city. when it arrives temperatures are above freezing. it won't be accumulating for the morning commute in and around new york city. over long island it'll be different. they'll be snow covered roads over sussex county. eventually the back edge of the snow can make it into western new jersey during the course of tomorrow. i don't expect much accumulation in this area. temperatures are marginal and the snow is coming down lightly. it's new york city east we get the accumulation. one to three inches over much of nassau extreme western suffolk
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six inch band and maybe six inches plus over parts of the south fork of long island. peak winds could gust up to 40 miles per hour in and around the city. again, eastern long island gets the brunt. 50 miles per hour gusts possible. we watch storm number 2 coming in late monday night into tuesday and could last into wednesday. a few flakes at least. the storm moves to the south and has a wider area of snow. that's why we're expecting widespread one to three inch accumulation. and cloudy, brisk and snow from new york city south and east. city. colder on long island where you're getting the heavier snow. that's why there could be snow covered roads for the commute. windy and colder and snow steadiest will be east and 36 early and falling in the lower 30s in the day. snow redeveloping late tomorrow night. we're down to 28 and hoors the accuweather 7-day forecast.
11:22 pm
to three inches and 35 for a high. mainly on grassy surfaces. not so much on roads but the temperatures above freezing and a lingering flurry and check out later in the week. 31 for a high friday and an arctic front behind that. highs in the lower and middle 20s by next weekend. that will be the coldest air of the season so far. >> i'm kind of glad the cold, cold and snow don't coincide. >> laura behnke next with sports. >> it was nice and warm in california. super bowl 50 is in the it proves the old cliche that defense does, in deed, win championships. what a defensive performance we saw tonight on both sides. the broncos not only slowed cam newton but they pretty much snuffed them as well.
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thanks, peyton. carolina was the favorite heading in with one loss on the season and the league's mvp but very little experience. the broncos were the underdog with a fading quarterback but two years removed from the last super bowl appearance and they have a dominant defense. it was on full display as the broncos and panthers met in super bowl 50. what a start for denver. up 3-0 and von miller the strip sack and it was 10-0. carolina getting back into it. stewart with the one yard run and it's 10-6. newton is your league struggled. picked off by t.j. ford here and late in the 4th more troubles for newton. another strip sack for the linebacker. denver recovers and that led to this. c.j. anderson moving the pile. it's 24-10 and the broncos are
11:27 pm
>> this football game is exactly the way we won all year long. we kept battling. we grinded and we called ourselves the grinders and we grinded one more time. >> peyton manning is a super bowl champion. the question is whether or not he'll end his career that way. he got choked up during the team's meeting last night indicating this could be his last game. if it was it wasn't his best. he completed 13 of 23 pass attempts. no touchdowns and he does, however, become the first qb to win a super bowl with two different teams. will he now retire? >> i got some good advice from tony dungy going into the hall of fame and he said don't make an emotional decision. this has been an emotional week, an emotional night and i got a couple of priorities in order. i want to go kiss my wife and my kids and celebrate with my family and teammates and i'm
11:28 pm
tonight. >> you deserve it, peyton. while the seahawks were not playing tonight, their runningback still managed to make headlines. during the game marshawn lynch tweeted this. it's a picture of cleats and a peace sign indicating he has, in deed, decided to retire after ten years. he was plagued by injuries all enough. believe it or not today was not about football. a few other sports were allowed on the fun. that may not have been the word for the knicks. this afternoon it was no different.
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a couple weeks ago the knicks spoke about the their schedule. a heavy dose of home games and a standings. they got instead a season worst losing streak. gallinari with the half court buzzer beater to end the half. the knicks were down 13 and they would climb out of that hole. cris tov had 21. the knicks get the lead and the nuggets get it back.
11:32 pm
anthony ties it and it's off the mark. 101-96. the knicks have lost 9 of the last 10 games. carmelo anthony is still hurting but it will not keep him out of next weekend's nba all star game. the knicks' star will use the week to rehab that knee. it will not keep him from going to toronto or playing in sunday's game. last season anthony did play in the all star game and then had the season ending knee surgery. this weekend was all about the lopsided hockey score. they were on the wrong end of a blowout. the isles returning home to host the oilers in their own blowout. first period and john tavarus one of three goals for the isles. on the power play kyle oposo converts. they lead 7-1. he buries the third of the game for the hat trick. 8-1 the isles with the touchdown
11:33 pm
we had a little bit of everything on super bowl sunday with uconn providing us with the college basketball factor. they hosted east carolina this afternoon. sean miller the put back dunk for 2 of his 16 points. daniel hamilton from downtown and gave kentucky the 18 point lead. 85-67 is your final but it is uconn's 6th win in 7 games and at this point we're on peyton manning retirement watch. >> but we're done with football. >> for now. are we ever really done with football? >> you're right. new details on a vicious knock out punch in new jersey. the teenager wanted for actually throwing the punch and why people who live in the area say police should be concerned about other matters.
11:34 pm
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ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way. a winter storm will hit our area overnight. the snow could make for a messy morning commute. especially on long island, which is expected to get the worst of the winter weather. jeff smith will have more details coming up. an elderly woman was found dead in her home in jersey city. there was an active crime scene at the home. police have revealed few details about her death. a massive crane that collapsed in tribeca has been removed.
11:37 pm
one or two blocks will remain closed. topping the news this half hour, new details about that vicious knockout punch in patterson. we learned the teenager wanted for throwing the punch will surrender to police on tuesday. his attorney says he reached out to police to arrange the surrender. >> investigators say it was only a matter of time they would have caught up with him. lauren glassburg has the story. >> detectives handle third-degree with the tenacity with a homicide. >> reporter: it wasn't a homicide but an attack in broad daylight. a knockout punch captured on video and post today social media. patterson police arrested the juvenile who shot the video but they're looking for the teen who threw the punch. >> that individual knows that he's wanted. the family knows he's wanted and
11:38 pm
pursue that individual until we bring him to justice. we're not going to stop. >> the knockout punch is minor compare today the problems going on around here. >> reporter: dalia is frustrated by the constant violence in her community. she avoids going out. >> you hate to live like that. you're forced to isolate yourself. you're forced to isolate yourself. >> reporter: it's a big for the christian fellowship center a block from where it happened in december. they're aiming to turn their city into one of righteousness by tapping boo the youth. >> we're working with city officiales to change the mind set of the young people in the city. >> reporter: that's why the police director is adamant about tracking down those behind this. >> there's no reason for anybody to be standing on a corner and get sucker punched with such force. that's disgusting. we will not tolerate it and we will hunt you down.
11:39 pm
suspect is 17 years old and he'll face a number of charges including aggravated assault and conspiracy and they add that if there were others on the sidelines egging him on, they, too, will be arrested. as for the victim an elderly man he was treated at a local hospital following the attack. in patterson, lauren glassburg channel 7 eye witness news. a cab driver in the bronx baek beaten and robbed while on the job. this is a photo of that injured driver atar ramen. several of his teeth were knocked off and his face was cut when he was attacked with a battle. he was robbed with more than a thousand dollars cash and his jacket. police arrested 16-year-old randal mines. they made the arrest this morning and they charged him for the robbery. police are looking for a second suspect. late word tonight, a survivor was pulled from the wreckage of a collapsed building
11:40 pm
first responders already say more than 170 people from a 17 story residential building. they believe 100 people may be trapped beneath the wreckage. it killed 32 people. surveillance video at an airport appears to show two men handing a laptop to a suspected terrorist. government officials say at least one of the men delivering the computer was an airport employee. police arrested 20 people. they believe the man who received the laptop blew a hole in the plane after it took off and then fell out of the aircraft. no arrests yet as police in rochester investigate an overnight bar shooting that one person dead and several injured. a fight turned violent and moved outside a nightclub at 2:00 a.m. officers responded after hearing gunshots. a 29-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene and seven other people were shot. their injuries are not considered to be life threatening.
11:41 pm
york city police officer charged with shooting an unarmed black man in a brooklyn stairwell is expected to take the stand in his own defense. peter leang was patrolling the pink houses in 2014 when he fired his gun. the bullet ricochetted off a wall and struck 28-year-old gurley killing him. his attorney says the shooting was accidental. police released the names of two people arrested in the hit and run of a police officer in new jersey. the officer was checking on a jeep last night in dober when the driver put the car in gear and ran over the officer. police eventually stopped the jeep and arrested michael and his passenger colleen mcdunna. the officer suffered a concussion, a broken peopler and a broken shoulder. doctors expect him to be okay. in new jersey overnight, a driver survived getting hit by a train but is now accused of
11:42 pm
police say a freight train hit a truck on the tracks in dumont about 12:30 a.m. officers who pulled the driver from the car found an open alcohol container. 45-year-old nicholas mckay of dumont is hospitalized after surgery. he faces multiple charges including dwi and driving with a suspended license. a suspected burglar in newark is behind bars. jose diaz was taken into custody after an officer recognized him from a wanted poster. diaz broke into six churches and businesses through their rooftops. now authorities are looking into whether he may also be responsible for even more burglaries in newark. a man named as a possible suspect in a needle attack on the subway has now been cleared by the nypd. police released video of that man last week thinking he may have been involved in the attack wednesday night.
11:43 pm
wanted in the incident. a woman was waiting for the r train at time square when she felt something pinch her arm. she later noticed a puncture wound. some people feel trapped inside their apartment building because of broken elevators. the building has scores of unresolved violations and many tenants told lucy yang using the stairs is just too hard. >> reporter: laverne has five children. it is no easy task hauling her stroller up and down the stairs. >> it's hard. once i'm up these stairs that's it. i don't go back down. so sometimes i'm in the house for two or three days and i send my son to the store. >> reporter: groceries are a problem, too. >> if i go grocery shopping, i have somebody to carry my stuff. >> reporter: this is 2205 davidson avenue in the bronx. a six floor apartment building.
11:44 pm
hasn't worked in more than a year. they pay their rent but they don't get services. >> we have water and a shower to light for our whole family. it's terrible. >> reporter: we saw a refrigerator in the hallway and bags of garbage in the stairwell. residents struggle to survive and feeling like no one is listening to their complaints. >> my owner passed away and his son has it. i don't know who has the building really. the building is all messed up right now. i don't know who is in charge here. >> reporter: according to the department of buildings there are 58 open violations regarding the nonworking elevator. the owner told our station they're due back in housing court on february 28th to try and resolve this problem. in the bronx, lucy yang channel 7 eye witness news. an explosion on a famous bridge in london. it was all for a movie. why people in the city are outraged it was allowed to happen.
11:45 pm
dramatic rescue of three kids from an icy pond. taking a live look outside now, meteorologist jeff smith will return with oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share.
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canada turns tragic for a group of teenagers. two teens were killed and six others hurt after they used their personal sled to go down a bobsled track at the olympic park. it happened this morning when the park was closed. authorities say partway down the track the male teens hit a large gate that is used to separate the tracks. a scary scene in london. a bus exploded on one of the city's famous bridges. turns out the explosion was part of a movie production. the scene rattled the city and brought back memories of the terror attacks. >> reporter: a double decker bus crossing a bridge suddenly bursting into flames. debris flying into the air. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: the scene so realistic and so terrifying many
11:48 pm
>> it was quite a drama. i really thought it was a major event. >> reporter: the explosion on the bridge was just a stunt for action star jackie chan's new film. the production team sent out this flyer alerting the public saying the explosion is controlled but not everyone was informed bringing back memories of the other time a london bus was targeted. the deadly terror attacks in the summer of 2005. some finding the similarity insensitive. >> that was jennifer ekelston reporting. three boys, ages 12 to 13 fell through the ice in pennsylvania. neighbors heard their screams for help.
11:49 pm
to safety and firefighters loaded the two boys in the water onto a life raft and pulled it to shore. the boys were treated for hypothermia but are otherwise okay. chipotle restaurants will close their doors tomorrow. you may have seen this commercial tonight. how a local boy i just ordered pizza. we're out of bud light. beer run? no. minibar delivery. sfx: doorbell beer's here! i heard you ordered bud light on minibar. uh...jb smoove?? i'll take that. order bud light now on
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i just ordered pizza. we're out of bud light. beer run? no. minibar delivery. sfx: doorbell beer's here! i heard you ordered bud light on minibar. uh...jb smoove?? i'll take that. order bud light now on or download the app. chipotle will close the doors tomorrow for a company wide staff meeting about the safety. the company executives will host the meeting at the head quarters in denver and will broadcast the meeting nationwide. about 500 chipotle customers became sick last year from an e koli outbreak. >> monday morning will be an interesting commute for many of
11:52 pm
>> especially over long island. in the city we get first flakes by sunrise and temperatures above freezing the snow coming down lightly. we head outside right knew and look at the empire state building as they're lighting up to celebrate the denver broncos winning the super bowl tonight. the temperature is 40 degrees and cloudy skies out there and the wind from the northeast already at 14 and gusting up to 21. could gust up to 40 miles per hour during the day tomorrow and 50 miles on the east end of long island. temperatures overnight not falling off too much. we're down to 36 by 6 in the morning and no snow by then. it comes in around 7 or 8 in the city. 36 at morris town and 30 at sussex and 38 on the island and islip where you have a winter storm morning tomorrow through 6:00 a.m. and it's a winter weather advisory back west including the five boroughs of new york city. a coastal flood advisory for the high tide cycles. next couple of days could be a problem.
11:53 pm
new moon and the combination of the on shore flow. there's a big, big storm. if it was coming north we'd be worry bud it's not going to happen. it's moving to the east. it'll swing this band in our direction overnight into tomorrow morning. by 5 in the morning snow over parts of suffolk county on long island. takes until 7:00 for the first flakes to arrive in new york city. you see the temperatures on long island down to freezing. that's why there can be snow covered roads in suffolk county. here in the city we're well above freezing. the temperature will fall through midday with the snow coming down. they'll be some accumulation here in the city and points east onto long island. around an inch or so of slushy accumulation towards the jersey shore. one to three inches brooklyn, queens. three to six inches.
11:54 pm
storm comes to an end tomorrow evening. peak winds gusts up to 40 miles per hour and we watch this other system from late tomorrow night right into the day on tuesday. could linger into early wednesday. this promises to bring a general one to three inches of snow across the area. so at sunrise 7:00 in the morning cloudy, brisk and snow from new york city and mostly wet roads and on long island it could be different, 35. temperatures falling during the day and the steadiest snow east of new york city and snow redeveloping late tomorrow night. we're down to 28. snow at times during the day on tuesday and accumulating an inch or two. lingering flurry and the coldest air of the season late in the week and bill evans important update tomorrow morning when the snow is beginning. >> thank you very much. >> extra time. a new jersey boy becomes something of a super bowl star. >> messia campbell sings with
11:55 pm
the nfl produced the video to celebrate the 50th super bowl. >> he's so laid back. me and his dad are more anxious and excited than he is. he's walking around normal. i'm like do you know how big of a deal this is? >> he's been wanting to be on tv since he was two and he worked hard and it came true. >> the video says it features children and adults conceived after the super bowl over the years. their son is just an actor playing the part. he's not actually a super bowl baby. he became one today. i did see him in the commercial during the super bowl. >> a few people were watching that. >> that's the news for us. thanks for staying up with us
11:56 pm
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