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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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95 right by exit 61 here in madison. the big miraculous part about this, the bus was the only vehicle involved in the accident. no other vehicles hit the bus. the bus hit no other vehicles. there were onboard 70 people heading from new york city to the mohegan sun casino after the accident. madison police, they were among the first to arrive on the scene. they quickly closed the highway and emts and paramedics started transferring passengers, injured passengers, to five area hospitals. >> when we first got the report, we heard upwards of 55 patients of which six or eight were considered critical. we got initially about seven or eight patients, none of them too critical, and a number of patients were transferred to other facilities. of those patients, a number of them are more seriously injured and are being transferred down here. we've seen to this point a lot
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more serious bony injuries but the ones being transferred down we've not yet received have much more significant injuries. >> in fact we learned one of the passengers suffered some broken bones. after learning of the accident, the mohegan sun casino issued a directive, contacted bus operators and buses that were heading from the new york city area to the casino. the directive was this -- stop where you are and turn around. start heading back to the new york city area until the weather clears up. we do not know for certain if the weather was a role in this accident. however, troopers were quite frank with us, telling us they responded to 80 accidented in this part of connecticut right around 12:25 this afternoon when the bus lost control. we drove on the highway today during the storm. bill and liz, we can corroborate, driving was a challenge. live in madison, joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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we're talking about a trifecta from mother nature in the form of more snow tonight, more flooding, and bitter cold this week. unusually high tide flooded streets in far rockaway, queens this morning. flooding was also a problem on the jersey shore where a woman had to be rescued after she was stranded in the water. other areas got snow at the eastern end of long island getting the heaviest, up to a half foot of it. we have several reports tonight. kristin thorne is in suffolk county. jeff smith is on the jersey shore. we'll begin with meteorologist lee goldberg outside our studios and he is tracking it all. >> you're not going to be digging out from the snow like we are in parts of long island earlier in the day. the next 24 hours, not talking about big accumulations, but like this, we had light snow return to new york city. a bit of a sheen on columbus avenue. that could make for slippery spots. some snowfall amounts, obviously the east end the jackpot. 5 and a half inches orian point. had a
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that melted. 2 and a half inches in norwalk, danbury close to 2 inches. new jersey totals, only a trace in newark. we're 32 degrees right now. visibility has gone down a bit with additional light snow. the winter weather advisories and warnings for the most part have expired but the new advisory for central new jersey will now go in to wednesday morning. i think it's tuesday night in to wednesday morning when we can pile up several inches across central and southern new jersey. meanwhile coastal flooding, we're getting in to the high tide cycle. jeff smith will be talking about that shortly. there's an advisory on the western end of long island. the shore we could have tides 2 to 3 feet above normal. high tides starting on the sound, closer to 10:00 or 11:00. meanwhile still snow showers on radar and slowly pulling away but the back edge you see pulsing back from time to time and we have a couple snow showers. i think this will be the way it goes through the overnight. then the next storm right on its heels. unorganized now but it's going to
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big amounts will be toward philly and dc and baltimore. if you look at the futurecast, it's encouraging after this evening with scattered snow showers in to the evening commute. that may happen tomorrow night in to wednesday morning south and west. here's what you need to know. occasional snow or snow showers will go right through wednesday morning. expect slick roads at times. a fresh 1 to 3 inches by the time it's all said and done. more south and west of new york city. more on that coastal flooding in just a moment with jeff smith. we'll have much more and we'll make sense of the 7-day accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. now to our reporters outside. lee said long island getting hit the hardest, especially on the east end.
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many schools closed because of this. >> the east end of long island seems to be the lucky one the storm, for example, friday they were the hardest hit. the kids were off from school and today the kids off from school once again. we did talk to some people who say they don't mind it. >> reporter: there are very few of us who look at all this snow and think pay day, but for plow truck drivers all this snow means good money. >> definitely. when it snows, i've got two at home who say let it snow. >> this is great. i love it. get to make some money. go plow. >> reporter: they have been busy on the east end of long island which also took the brunt of the storm just three days ago. conditions got treacherous as the full force of this storm came through in the late morning but eventually the plows were able to catch up. schools here in southampton and across the east end were closed once again today. >> i was born and raised in
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>> reporter: but all this snow does make life more difficult for people like faith robinson minton. she's homeless. >> there are a lot of people who are homeless who need help. i hope people will try to think of these people when they're out there. >> certainly something to think about. if you head out tonight, make sure to drive carefully. some of this slush could become dangerous. now to the flooding. lee said some coastal areas of long island as well as the jersey shore remain under a flood warning. the real worry, the high tide later tonight. meteorologist jeff smith continues our coverage. >> we're talking about a storm that passed hundreds of miles offshore earlier today, caused significant flooding already this morning. not only along the atlantic oceanside of seabright but also what could
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behind me the shrewsbury river will be underwater. >> any time we get this kind of wind and tide we get a little bit of flooding. >> reporter: seabright lies on a spit of land between the occasionally angry atlantic ocean and a flood prone shrewsbury river. it proved it doesn't take much to produce flooding all along the jersey shore especially with the extra pull of a new moon. >> got morning. >> we're definitely watching the high tide and we're expecting water will come in the streets during that cycle. hopefully it won't be too bad and cause any property damage. >> one thing residents are thankful for -- >> compared to sandy, this was nothing. >> reporter: in the years following the superstorm, seabright has become more prepared than ever. >> that from property damage. we've also done some things with our infrastructure like raising electrical panels boulevard the
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everything we can to try to mitigate future risk here. >> with the combination of an onside flow, the new moon, and the increased onshore flow, national weather service now going for moderate and in some cases pockets of major coastal flooding along the jersey shore which could even cause structural damage so hopefully people are prepared here in seabright. meteorologist jeff smith for channel 7 eyewitness news. you can also do that by downloading our free accutrack weather alert app to keep track of the latest you can get closings there as well. now to the race for president. former new york mayor he's indeed thinking about running. he says the current level of discourse about issues are an insult to american voters. here's one thing bloomberg is looking at. the rise of bernie sanders over his
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bloomberg's good friend. sanders with a 16-point lead in new hampshire. that's for tomorrow's primary. clinton tonight denying she's shaking up her campaign staff, all because of this rise in the polls. donald trump, republican side, leading big time over his chris christie, by he wants to get ahead of john kasich or jeb bush in the new hampshire primary, be the top ranking governor in this race. political reporter dave evans is at a christie event in new hampshire for us. >> that rally and town hall just beginning in manchester. we'll hear from governor christie in a few minutes. the focus today, assuming donald trump does win tomorrow, the big coming in in second? a lot of folks bunched up, vige for the second place finish. governor -- vying for the second
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believes he has a good shot. >> if i believe everything i'm well. >> reporter: governor christie even got down on his knees today asking for votes. >> i was going to get up, i think i'll stay on one knee. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in the battle for second place, the gloves are so much of the fire directed at marco rubio. >> when the lights get that bright, you either shine or you melt. we cannot afford to have a president who melts. >> reporter: rubio was blasted for his debate performance on abc saturday night for what many have called a scripted robotic candidate. >> when you repeat something over and over again that's basically a canned phrase, and it validates a belief that you're not ready to be president. >> reporter: yet today rubio doubled down on what he keeps saying again and again. >> why do you keep saying the same thing about obama trying to change america? i'm going to keep saying that a million times because i believe it's true. >> reporter: on the democratic side hillary clinton is closing the gap a bit with the help of
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>> the hotter this election gets, the more i wish i were just a former president, i have to be careful of what i say. >> reporter: hillary clinton accused of being too cozy with wall street tried to turn the tables on bernie sanders. >> senator sanders took about $200,000 from wall street firms. >> reporter: the socialist democratic doesn't seem worried one bit. >> new hampshire, we started 30 points behind and i think we're going to do just fine tomorrow. >> back on the republican side, another big question is not whether senator rubio was hurt by his debate performance saturday night but how much he was hurt. governor christie is going to be talking about that in a few minutes. reportb live in manchester, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 on this monday night, an emotional new york cop taking the stand in his own trial on charges of
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revealing why he fired a shot that killed akai gurley. >> the knicks losing nine out of ten games and the man who can't score because he's sitting on the coach as head coach, he
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both sides resting tonight
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>> officer peter liang took the stand today and gave emotional testimony. he said he mistakenly fired his gun when he was startled. >> eyewitness news reporter n.j. for us. >> reporter: officer peter liang needed to convince the jury that his fear was real. that when he stepped in to the dark stairwell his gun was drawn i heard sound. it was startling. the gun, he liang was a rookie with less than a year on the force. patrolling a public housing property in new york with his partner sean landau. happened? i told him, i accidentally fired a shot. i asked him if he would call it in in. you fired the shot. as the two bickered over how to report the incident, akai gurley was i heard someone crying and i said oh, my god, someone's been hit. liang
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he couldn't even tell the dispatcher where to send the paramedics and he did nothing to revive gurley. >> peter liang and left him to die in his own blood. >> reporter: he's on trial for manslaughter. were you responding to a violent crime in progress? no, said liang. startled you? it was a quick sound, liang said. it happened so quick it was a split second. >> if you're fearful whenever you go out on patrol, then being a police officer is not the job for you. >> reporter: officer liang broke down at one point and took two full minutes to regain his composure. closing arguments are expected here tomorrow. in downtown brooklyn, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. just ahead, lee returns with much more on the snow showers tomorrow and some of the coldest temperatures of the
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we're starting to get used to the snow being around. >> flakes are out the window every time you look. outside you go right now where a few snow showers have returned to the area. a little sheen on some of the roadways. visibility down a little bit. you can still see all the way down to one world trade. you can see flakes in the light of all the l.e.d.s on the empire state building for the chinese new year going. 32, northeast wind at 7. high just shy of 40. that helped us out with the snow early not sticking. average high is 40. we may stay below normal for midweek. below freezing in long island, connecticut where we got the bigger snow totals. icy roads there. north and west even a few snow showers sneaking in to new jersey this evening. snow showers early evening. i don't think it's a lot going on during the overnight. flurries or snow showers could make for slippery spots for the morning commute.
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much during the day. incredible looking storm. when the storm is 500, 600 miles away you usually don't see much impact from it. we've had 12, 15-foot waves. big totals on the east end of long island. still snow in duchess county, fairfield. whether it's over orange county, over yonkers, the bronx. meanwhile another big storm, not as strong but it's coming out of the great lakes and what happens is a reflection of it on the coast forms later tonight and tomorrow. the focus of the heavy snow is going to be to our south and west through dc, baltimore, philly but also in to southern new jersey. we're going to have resurgence of snow especially tomorrow evening. snow showers leave a story in the overnight. widely scattered snow showers during the day tomorrow. tomorrow evening especially south and west, snow comes in. light accumulations. even moderate accumulation s off to the south. i think i have
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we have a general 1 to 3 inches across the area from now to wednesday morning. prolonged event with most of it coming tomorrow night in to early wednesday morning. i think we can get amounts through southern monmouth in to ocean county. blustery and cold snow showers. it can be some coatings in spots overnight. 35 tomorrow. not much accumulation. off and on snow showers then some accumulating snows tomorrow night. flurries on thursday. bitter chill is back on friday and look at the weekend, ice cold, 20s by day, single digits at night. the wind on saturday will make it feel like 10. and by the way, as that arctic air comes friday night and early saturday, there could be some accumulating snow. the winter dungeon right now.
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he's such a nice guy but when you lose nine out of 10, they had to make a change. the only things fans were shouting yesterday as their team lost again and today that move. derek fisher fired. laura behnke picks up the story at knick practice. >> reporter: 136 games, that's how long it took for the knicks to decide derek fisher is not the long-term answer at head coach. >> it's time for us to make a change and turn this team around and move forward and get some wins and keep going down the road. >> reporter: the knicks have lost nine of their last ten games, dropping fisher's overall record as head coach to 40-96. second worst in franchise history. we still thought our players could be playing better and we think there's a way for them to play better that we should see.
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take over if the rest of the year and for now phil jackson isn't looking for any other head coaching candidates, but he is looking for improvement from the team. >> we're looking for our players to play together in a way which brings out their best attributes. we have a lot of what i consider standing around one-on-one kind of situational stuff. >> reporter: so what's to be expected for the rest of the season? the knicks' postseason hopes took a hit over the last 10 games and while fisher downplayed the playoffs, the new head coach has a new take. >> i'm going to do the best job i can to finish out this year and get in to the playoffs. that's my goal. >> reporter: with the knicks, laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. football season is over. seems three out of four people picked the panthers to beat the broncos in super bowl 50. but the broncos took it to them and they return home as champs. about a half hour ago the broncos flew back to denver with the vince lombardi trophy. peyton manning got the most of
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the denver d that really won the game. sacked carolina qb cam newton seven times, forced fumbles, setting up bronco touchdowns. the defense just ran right through the playoffs. mvp newton, nobody could top the defense. if it is his last game, manning rides off in to championship. >> i think i'll make a good decision and i think i'll be at peace with it whichever way it goes. >> we dropped balls. we turn the ball over, gave our sacks, threw errant passes, that's it. >> that was it. former met reliever tyler clippard has found a new deal with the diamondbacks. sun shining in florida. let's get this started. mets are on the field, port st. lucie one big happy family. every team is getting ready. baseball fans are getting ready as well.
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told us he was headed to disneyland. manning and his kids making the trip down main street in the parade. his future plans, nobody really knows, but today a little fun after winning a big game last night. >> a few hours away from where he won that game. you were the only one to pick the broncos. >> i think the panthers still have a shot. [ laughter ] >> i want to thank you for responding to our facebook post about this. >> prognosticator was 22-10. >> all right. what's coming up tonight at 11:00? sade is here with that. >> a woman walking on the upper east side when a man grabbed her and throws her to the ground. we have new video the nypd just released. we'll tell you what police say he made the woman do after the attack. plus, is there a connection between a good night's sleep and potentially serious health problems? those stories and more at 11:00. >> you have to watch the 11:00
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world news tonight is next.
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