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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> breaking news, an accuweather alert. another round of snow coming down tonight. more is on the way along with added concerns about flooding first we have two breaking stories. a truck gets stuck. and a woman's body found in the street in new jersey. good evening at 11:00. a murder mystery and right now police are on the scene. >> eyewitness news reporter
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the breaking news. >> we just got here on the scene about 5 minutes ago and as we're pulling up we saw the police investigators pulling the body away. there are police officers who are just now walking down the street butthey're just behind me. that body was found between two homes here on south 20th street. the bodies found a little over an hour ago. who found it? we do not know and the circumstances behind why that body was left here still under investigation. but police are calling this a suspicious death. they're gathering the evidence they need. as you can see the road is closed off and we have multiple police vehicles here on the scene. all of these officers of course investigating this. if we get any new developments, i will bring that to you tonight at 11:00. reporting live in newark, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have more breaking news, this one in harlem.
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accident causing delays along metro north. an oversized truck carrying water cooler towers lost part of its load and became stuck while passing under an overpass at 125th street. work crews are now clearing the scene. trains are being allowed through the area at reduced speeds. metro north service is expected to be back to normal for the morning commute. we're tracking more snow. yes, it snowed again tonight. this is on long island. suffolk county ham let. more snow is on the way. meteorologist lee goldberg at the weather wall with new information. >> here's updated totals. 3 and a half inches in plainview. westchester below 3 inches. just a trace in central park but more happening right now. fairfield, connecticut with 5 inches. greenwich at 3 inches. empire state building. there are just coatings being put down through the night with numbers
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to be very slippery tomorrow morning. allow for extra time. new winter storm warning . primarily for snows that will early morning hours wednesday. jersey. i think new york city and long island may be included in that. some of the new information i'm looking at. coastal flooding a concern in to tomorrow morning. advisories on the western end of the sound. moderate flooding is a possibility. very persistent band of snow showers. that's starting to weaken but the next system is coming in. there are more snow showers. these also weakening but enough to bring some coatings in. more snow showers coming in during the day tomorrow. the futurecast is showing these showers at least weakening by morning. good news for the morning commute. ocean county, still some snow showers. during the day tomorrow, not a lot going on but tomorrow night, more snow. leftover snow showers and slick roads for your morning commute. no significant snow during the daylight hours but tomorrow night, 1 to 3 inches of snow. 3 to 6 inches south and west of new york city
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maybe the 3 is likely for new york. i'll have a new snowfall map based on the information coming up in the 7-day minutes. >> lots of changes. lee and his team tracking you can get the latest on eyewitness news this morning beginning at 4:30 tomorrow for the weather and any commute. new at 11:00, we're hearing from the teenager slashed as she was out for a jog. she said someone suddenly ran up to her, sliced her leg and took off. josh einiger has the story. >> this 19-year-old victim says she was minding her own business on this sidewalk when the guy slashed her and sprinted away. >> i'm going to be paranoid for a while. >> reporter: vanessa
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her shoulder for a long time. >> i felt a sharp pain on my leg and they started sprinting past and that's when i saw the blood. >> reporter: it may not be quiet in the literal sense, but if you can bear the noise from round the clock landings at laguardia, people say it's usually pretty peaceful. this weekend's attack has rattled long-time residents like vanessa who didn't get a good look at the suspect. with little information about the suspect they can't know without help from the public. vanessa still can't believe it happened to her. >> that's why i was shocked. it's a very >> police say there's not been any known patterns, at least not at this point. because no words were spoken during this encounter, they don't know what anyone with information asked to call josh einiger, channel
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passengers hurt in a terrible bus accident in connecticut. tonight on their way back home to new york city. the bus heading to the mohegan sun casino overturned today on a slippery interstate, 95 and madison. about 30 of the 70 people onboard were hurt. none seriously. the northbound lanes were closed until the bus was moved. a sexual predator on the loose. tonight there's surveillance video. nypd releasing video of the suspect. this is from inside a store. it was recorded february 6th shortly after the attack. police say he grabbed a woman from behind on east 94th street, threw her to the ground, and assaulted her. he also stole her cash. a 3-year-old child wandering the streets in staten island possibly for hours is found by a pizza delivery driver. while making a run third around 1:00 in the morning, liana lee-chong saw the little girl on morningstar road. lee-chong took the child in to
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the child had slipped out of her house nearby. it's not clear how long she was outside. >> she was really sweet. it was so easy for me to get her in to the car. i just asked her to come over and she came. >> the girl told lee-chong her mom went to the store. police say the mother didn't contact them about her missing daughter until 10:00 the next morning. the mother is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. now to vote 2016. who comes in second and by how much? polls open in some towns in less than an hour. bernie sanders and donald trump each way ahead in their respective political parties for the vote tuesday. now a new wrinkle. former new york mayor michael bloomberg says he may enter the race. dave evans with all that and more. he's in salem, new hampshire. >> this race in new hampshire really is all about second place on the republican side, assuming the polls are correct.
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it's going to be all about who comes in second place tomorrow in new hampshire. a lot of senators and governors all kind of bunched up vying for the second place finish. much the same story over at the democratic side. bernie sanders is far out in first place on the democratic side. the question is just how bad will this defeat be for hillary clinton? >> reporter: just like 2008, hillary clinton again in new hampshire faces the political fight of her career. >> i want to thank everybody who has braved the weather, especially the last few days to get out and knock on doors. >> reporter: and the former president serving as attack dog. >> when you're making a revolution, you can't be too careful about the facts. >> reporter: frontrunner bernie sanders who promised that revolution enjoys in the latest polling here a double-digit lead. >> new hampshire, we started 30 points behind and i think we're going to do just fine tomorrow.
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side it's a fight for second place behind donald trump. marco rubio did not. >> what you saw on that stage saturday night is who's ready. who's tested, who's mature. >> reporter: the problem for rubio in that debate, he kept repeating the same line again and again, and voters noticed. >> not too good but i'm still rooting for him. >> reporter: we asked voters here about rubio and even voters not for christie said little good about the junior senator of florida. >> no, he's too young and inexperienced. he'll have his time in the future. >> does not have proven leadership experience, that's obvious. he's not ready to govern yet. >> former new york city mayor bloomberg said he's considering a possible run for the white house. he tells the financial times this evening that he finds the current level of discourse
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he says it is an insult to voters. reporting live in salem, new hampshire, david news. >> dave is in new hampshire reporting throughout the day, we'll have results and reaction tomorrow night on eyewitness news at 11:00. on this frigid night, thousands of volunteers are out canvassing the streets of new york city helping the homeless. it's part of a program called it takes place nationwide every year and is required to receive federal funding. last year the city found nearly 3200 people living on the streets. another 58,000 were living in homeless shelters. that was a record number. closing arguments in the manslaughter trial of a new york cop who shot and killed an unarmed innocent man. an emotional peter liang taking the witness stand in his own defense this afternoon and breaking down as he described the night he shot and killed akai gurley in the dark cell of a housing project.
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startled and accidentally fired his gun. prosecutors say he acted recklessly. new at 11:00, refs attacked after a hockey game turns violent. >> also eyewitness news getting this new video tonight. a man opens fire in to a deli. customers run for their lives. >> pounding waves and damage on
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dramatic and frightening new video tonight. eyewitness news getting surveillance video of a man firing in to the bodega
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workers ducked for cover. the suspect fired three shots. it's not clear what the motive was. no one was hurt. police are hoping someone recognizes the shooter in this video. happening tomorrow, a teenager wanted for throwing a brutal sucker-punch in new jersey is expected to turn himself in to police. the 17-year-old is accused of punching an elderly man in the face on a street corner in paterson. another teenaged boy, just 16 years old, allegedly recorded the attack. he's already surrendered to police. released. new at 11:00, violence interrupting at a high school hockey game in new jersey. the twisted twist here is that the victims were the referees. the attackers, parents of some of the student athletes. so what happened? here's eyewitness news reporter lucy yang. >> bump to the head, neck, shoulder pain. >> reporter: david brown and sal bianco are recovering from their injuries after refereeing a high school hockey team.
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game ended in a 1-1 tie. there were hand shakes on the ice and the refs went to their locker room to change. that's when they were attacked. >> the person then shut the door behind us and just started assaulting both of us. >> reporter: they tell me one of the dads from howell high school began assaulting both of them, worse yet i'm told another howell dad came in and began beating the refs too. >> thank god for the security personnel and the people there, we were able to get both of the parents out of the room. >> reporter: eventually police arrived and the refs were taken to the hospital. as for the first father who attacked them, i'm told his wife had to be ejected from the arena in the 3rd period. >> she began to really get disruptive, banging on the glass and screaming. >> reporter: the refs claimed her son started cursing at them and he too was tossed out. all this we're told then followed by the father in the locker room.
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ice hockey official, it was the scariest moment of my life. >> so far no one has been arrested. police tell us they are investigating. in howell, new jersey, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. royal caribbean cruise ship caught in horrible weather and tossed violently in rough seas tonight is returning to new jersey. anthem of the seas left cape liberty for the bahamas. on sunday it encountered 12 hours of hurricane force winds off the coast of the carolinas. one passenger said he was watching a show when suddenly everybody was ordered back to their cabin. >> there was no warning from the captain. it was a little bumpier than usual. we were held up in our cabin probably from about 3:00 yesterday through this morning. >> we're told the ship should arrive in bayonne wednesday morning. what stories they have to tell and try to forget. wow. >> wonder
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get back on a cruise ship again? >> why do they head in to that? >> 25 -footers forecast last wednesday for the weekend. a little curious why they would head in to that. we have issues of our own. a lot of dustings and coatings overnight mean slippery roads tomorrow morning. not big accumulations but light snows. we had a pretty big snow shower move through new york city. there will be a few snow showers overnight. we're at 28. northeast wind at 6 and we're staying below freezing for the remainder of the night. as we go through the morning hours, a coating. during the daylight hours, not a lot going on till later afternoon. then an additional 1 to 3 inches tomorrow night. higher amounts south and west. but new york city could be close to the 2 to 3 inch amount. a frigid finish through the week as we go through friday and saturday. highs over the weekend, 22 saturday and 19 on sunday. it will be a little bit of snow to start saturday.
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below freezing right now and through tomorrow, let's say during early afternoon, only a couple flurries or snow showers. gusty breeze, feels very chilly. then snow late in the day but especially tomorrow night. there's a big storm moving east of the maritimes and then there is no breathing room between that and the next storm trying snow showers weakening north and east. more snow showers over southern new jersey that do continue to weaken but especially over ocean county could be persistent and still drop another coating to an inch overnight. you've got this one here and another one forming along the coast. what happens is the two link up during the day tomorrow, form a band of snow, and they're linked, and sort of lift that band up toward us during the day tomorrow. the position of that band will just determine how much snow we get across the area. let me show how i think it plays out. we've got steadier snow to the south. a few snow showers tomorrow morning. during the daylight hours, only a couple flurries. as we go through the late day,
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south and west and over spread the area during the evening hours. a new futurecast is showing steadier snows a little farther north in to northern new jersey, making a clean sweep across long island for wednesday morning when things start to quiet down. with that in mind, i've pulled the 3-inch line a little closer to new york city. i think it's a 1 to 3-inch snowfall but the 2 to 3 inches may look a little bit more likely now over long island enter through the north, then we could have higher amounts, especially over southern new jersey but the 6s would be pretty far to the south. snow showers, especially south at sunrise in ocean county. otherwise most of us, slippery roads and mostly cloudy skies. brisk tomorrow, snow showers. a little or no accumulation during the day. 1 to 3 inches most. on your 7 -day accuweather forecast you see we've got flakes first on wednesday with the snow showers. quieter in the afternoon. couple flurries on thursday but only freezing.
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friday night in to saturday morning with the real true arctic air, we could have a few inches of snow then it's only 22 by day and 7 at night. 19 on sunday. some of the coldest. bill evans will have an update in the morning. call it the new trend in fantasy sports. bachelor? plus, the one thing you're doing wrong that could be depressed. but first let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel to see who's on the show tonight. >> thanks, bill. tonight oscar nominee bri larson. we'll recap
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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a new trend, fans of reality tv are watching shows like the bachelor with more passion than ever before. fantasy for reality is one website that lets friends form fantasy teams made up of show contest wants. the -- of show contestants. when lauren cried, that earned some teams 10 points. >> you get points for the most dramatic stuff that goes on or the rarer stuff. if you can somehow figure out who might be
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>> this year people can play the oscars, picking nominees for their teams and getting points. for instance, when a winner cries or gets a musical cut-off. any betting on the results takes place privately. in tonight's health alert, a link between anxiety and the dream phase of sleep known as rem sleep. new research shows a lack of rem sleep undermines a person's ability emotional stress. that can raise the risk for depression and anxiety. the emotional impact of memories is properly processed and resolved during rem. get your deep sleep to be sure. rob powers, always awake, is up next with sports. >> the knicks make a change, hope it changes the direction of an entire franchise. we'll get in to that coaching situation. we'll also have highlights from the nets game. the nets with
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the dark fisher era is now over. >> more changes about to come. derek fish r come -- derek fisher was hand pick somebody else. having lost nine of their last 10 and fading from nba playoff contention, the knicks went 17-65 last season. came in this season with carmelo anthony, signed some veterans, drafted chrisops porzingis. fans questioned some of fisher's moves and player rotations. then this recent bad stretch. kurt rambis named interim head coach. fisher in a statement, obviously i'm disappointed but have learned an immense amount from this experience, hope to grow from it.
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knicks say starting with jackson when asked if he gave any hirfl. >> not one second. it's time for us to make a change and turn this team around and move forward and get wins. >> i'm going to do the best job i can to finish out this year and get in to the playoffs. that's my goal. the nets on the lookout for tonight they played a thriller against nuggets. making his season debut after the torn acl. kenneth faried scored 22. he was a monster. he scored 19 off the bench. nets were ahead. look at joe johnson. tied at 102. 1.3 seconds to go. joe johnson at the buzzer for the win. oh! nets win it 105-104. johnson gets the game winner and now the boss is a happy man.
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the nets over the denver nuggets. the denver broncos won the super bowl last night, made their way back home today. they beat the carolina panthers for the nfl top prize. broncos had the trophy with them. they bus from the airport to the training complex. fans were waiting there. celebrations have only just begun. victory parade scheduled for tomorrow. super bowl champs taking this one day at a time. >> we consider ourselves a grinding type football team. we got in to another game like that yesterday, hung in there and found a way to get it done. i think it was more about who we were. such a big week for martin brodeur and fans everywhere. events celebrating his retirement have been going on for a couple days now. the big honor was the unveiling of a bronze statue. it's called the salute, capturing brodeur's farewell to fans. tomorrow his number 30 will be retired. a salute to one of the best ever. devils on the road tonight at the garden.
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the rangers. miller, nine goals in 10 games for the rangers. he did it again in this one. for a 2-0 lead. devil get on the board later. 3rd period, zajak gets shorthanded. lundqvist had 27 saves. 2-1 rangers. their first three -game winning streak since november. another big [ male announcer ] ten years after you quit smoking your risk of dying from lung cancer
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that's it for us for new. thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill ritter . >> and i'm sade baderinwa. eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great
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