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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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contrails at noontime with a temperature of 25 degrees. we have a 3, 7, 8, 10 mile-per- hour wind and that's not too bad. you say it feels about 22, 17 degrees from riverdale down to manhattan, 16 long island and around dutchess county. that will feel warm compared to what's coming. we have a windchill watch. it looks like a little half circle. that is the arctic air that sweeps in. by noon, it will be 20, 25 miles per hour. some places 45 mile-per-hour gust in the afternoon. so windchills just drop like a rock tomorrow.
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tomorrow is going to be at 3 below to 19 below by the time we get to 1:00 on saturday. we're looking at windchills generally overall as we go into saturday afternoon, saturday night and into sunday. 10 to 20 below, coastal connecticut and rochester county. 10 to 20 below into sunday morning as we get farther out to the north and west suburbs. we will probably set, you know, a new record high. so some of these factors are sunday. that will tie a 100-year-old record. like last year in february, the temperature was 2 degrees on the 20th. the last time we had a zero degree day is way back in '94. you need to wear a lot of layers and know the signs of
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we'll talk about more of it coming up. >> thank you, bill. come back inside. darla miles is live with ways people are coping with the bitter cold. >> reporter: people are bundled up. the concern isn't as great because the temperatures drop at night. we're finding people who wouldn't to come inside and take in the sunshine. >> i will go sit in the starbucks inside. >> reporter: believe it or not, today's temperatures are not that cold for some people. >> i'm actually talking to my parents in russia, and it's been chillier weather. yeah. >> reporter: coming from jersey city to russia, mom and little brother are likely just as cold as she is. [ laughter ] >> reporter: what did she say
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>> she's saying do you want to marry my brother? [ laughter ] >> reporter: still a good spot for some to take in the sun and a good view of new york city. this family that operates a mexican food truck is working to keep both the food and himself hot. >> he's very cold. he's frozen. right inside, not too much. when we come out here, it's very cold. >> right here, we feel the cold on the face. >> reporter: they are opening warming centers and for a complete list, check out reporting live in jersey city, darla miles, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> as temperatures plunge, remember you can get the latest any time with our accutrack alert app.
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iphone or android. blasio. we speak. he says. turning now to the breaking news in orange county and an explosion inside of a factory. two men seriously hurt in a blast and facility that "eyewitness news" reporter marcus is at the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: residents say this explosion shook their homes. amazingly, the two victims of the blast were conscious and alert despite suffering gruesome injuries. this happened around 9:30 this morning at the fire and safety equipment in the town of wallkill. this company manufactures fire extinguishers. it is believed they were filling a tank in what's called
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for reasons that are still not known, the tank exploded. the victims are 23 and 35 years old and suffered instant amputations. one man lost both legs, another lost one. as it happens, the fire department is right around the corner and applied turn any tourniquets to stop the bleeding. >> we stopped the bleeding and we transported. >> reporter: they were taken to west chester medical center by helicopter. their conditions unknown. again, they were conscious and alert. here at the scene, state police remain here. they are investigating. osha is on its way as well as they try and determine the cause of this morning's explosion.
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a warehouse fire in central new jersey is still burning at this hour. as we take a look, a live look at the scene in hillsboro, the flame broke out yesterday afternoon in anastral area off of -- an industrial area off of route 6. at one point, the fire reached 7 alarms and hundreds of firefighters were on the scene to help. schools in hillsborough are closed because of air quality. there has been only one minor injury so far. the smoke from the fire can be seen for miles. this is what it looks like from news copter 7. route 206 is open now. coming up at 12:30, we'll have more on the difficulty fighting the fire in this cold. >> a pro seat plane crashed at
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the plane took off from mcarthur airport. the faa and ntsb are investigating. the new york city medical examiner has confirmed remains found in a park in hollis queens are human. a parks department employee found bones and a skull inside of a garbage bag yesterday afternoon next to a tree. neighbors heard park workers screaming after they made the discovery. the medical examiner's office says forensic anthropologists are in the early stages of the analysis. we're following breaking news out of arizona where police are responding to a double shooting inside of a high school at independence high school in glendale this morning. two teenagers shot. the condition of the victims are still not known. school officials say, however there is no active shooter, and no one is in danger at this time. nevertheless, the school remains on lockdown as we learn any now information, and we'll
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new details on the royal caribbean ship that was battered and damaged. the coast guard inspecting the anthem of the seas and paying special attention to the new propeller. the ship's left propeller stopped working and needed to be replaced. if it passes inspection, the ship will leave bayonne on a seven-day cruise tomorrow. mayor de blasio says he hopes the conviction of former nypd officer peter liang provides a family of akai gurley with some comfort. he was found guilty of manslaughter after little more than two days of deliberations. liang says he accidentally fired the shot at a high-crime housing project in east new york. the bullet ricocheted off the wall and killed gurley last year. liang faces up to 15 years in prison. liang's attorney is vowing to appeal.
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accused of sexually abusing two school. the 51-year-old assaulted two students in port washington last month. he will be arraigned today in hampstead on forcible touching and sexual abuse charges. turning to vote 2016 and the sparks were flying during last night's democratic debate. bernie sanders, hillary clinton squaring off for the sixth time. bazi kanani is live in washington with all of the highlights. bazi? >> reporter: good afternoon, david. a high stakes ahead of the next round of voting in states with very different demographics. still smarting from her double- digit defeat in new hillary clinton sounded a hard- line against the man who beat her. >> the kind of criticism that
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expect from republicans. low blow. one of us ran against barack obama. i >> reporter: clinton hoping for a boost from minorities. discrimination. >> reporter: sanders hit clinton again on her finances. >> secretary clinton's super pac, as i understand it, receives $25 million last reporting period, $15 million from wall street. why in god's name would wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it, around. >> reporter: donald trump threw his landslide victory in louisiana as the campaign trail winds south. >> here's your next president, donald trump! >> reporter: he made this bold boast in south carolina.
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so big in new hampshire, all of these characters are going to give it up. we're going to run the table! >> reporter: some of those "characters" have other ideas. chief? >> reporter: the republican presidential candidates faced off again in a south carolina debate saturday night. and the democrats will meet again when they both attend a dinner in minnesota tonight. the republicans next face off tomorrow night in south carolina. in washington, bazi kanani, channel 7 "eyewitness news." david, shirleen? >> thank you, bazi. new information in the zika virus. find out what charles schumer is calling for and are we closer to a vaccine? >> and a champion in a coma
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now the latest on the zika virus. new york senator charles schumer will call for a federal this afternoon. health officials say so far, there have been 16 zika cases in new york state. meanwhile, the president of the international olympic committee says no countries intend to pull out of the olympics in brazil over concerns about the zika virus. brazil has been the epicenter of the outbreak. the world health organization says any testing on a possible vaccine is at least a year and a half away. in two hours, pope francis will sit down for historic meetings as he greets the leader of the russian orthodox church in cuba.
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bridge a gap has been ten centuries in the making. both find themselves fighting the same battle to denounce the persecution of christians. the vatican hopes the signing of the joint declaration on the issue will also foster a reconciliation between the churches that split nearly 1,000 years ago. losing lottery players gathered this morning in new jersey for a second chance with lady luck, and now one of them is a million dollars richer. >> the winner of new jersey's new million dollar replay grand prize drawing. >> i love the title. >> it was announced a half hour ago in trenton. the grand prize winner picks up $1 million. the year long million dollar replay program offers players with nonwinning instant tickets a chance to win again. so it sounds like they have a winner there. i need to know who that person is so i can introduce myself as your new best friend. panic on a basketball
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about the cold and wanted to remind new yorkers to stay indoors if possible and stressed that the city is taking steps to protect the homeless. >> we have the code blue plan in effect. we are reaching out all across the city for anyone homeless to get them in and get them to safety. last night, our outreach teams helped 63 people find shelter, and 232 additional individuals walked in to our health and hospital facilities to escape the cold. so altogether, almost 300 people came in last night. >> a very important message. indeed it is dangerously cold out there. let's get a check on the accuweather forecast. hey, bill. >> reporter: you've got to have everything, the gloves, scarf, hat, everything. it is a cold day. it's only going to get colder, and it's going to get windier. in and around the buildings, you'll be seeing a lot of gusty winds coming up tomorrow.
12:20 pm
everywhere across the area. that may knock power out. if it knocks down tree limbs and power lines, you can see our little corner of the world. bundle up with the coats, the scarves and gloves. you will need that right through the afternoon and into the evening. as we go into the evening and into the afternoon hours, we're looking at these temperatures that will continue and just be quite warm. we'll be quite cold, rather, i should say. as we are looking at 33% as far as the humidity goes with temperatures running 25. today will feel warm is my point. yesterday's high is 31, which felt nice. now we'll be looking at temperatures way below normal this time of year. 24 degrees massa peek with a all the way up to the river valley. it is about 23 degrees. winds are 5, 7, 8 miles per hour. we'll continue to see what's going to be a wind that builds into tomorrow afternoon. it will be rather gusty and heavy.
12:21 pm
teens, and they will be in the single digits overnight and way below zero tomorrow. the wind thrill chills are 17 to 21 degrees. we're looking at temperatures to start plummeting tonight. we've got clear skies and all the way back to the great lakes. we've got a front that is right there across the lakes. that is a polar front that is diving down that will give us the cold air that comes in tonight. you'll see with our futurecast, here comes the cold air that comes right into the area. the cold air will be pouring in here. tonight and tomorrow morning with that, too. so the roadways tonight could be a little treacherous and dangerous. you'll want to make sure that you travel safely and maybe you limit your travel tonight and tomorrow morning. we get the blasts of snow that are going to be coming in. we will see a temperature that drops tonight down into the teens, and we'll just continue to see these temperatures falling through the afternoon into the evening hours, into the nighttime. we'll see you are into the teens tomorrow morning and into
12:22 pm
then below zero north and west tomorrow through the afternoon. so they are the windchills, too, we've been talking about. 15, 18, looking at 15 to 20 degrees below zero as we head into tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, and sunday morning. that's just going to be brutally cold with 10 to 20 degrees below temperatures. we're looking at this cold with temperatures 20 to 30 degrees colder than normal. we're 28 for the afternoon. tonight we'll be down to 15. tomorrow is just blasts of snow in the morning. the temperature will be falling. 18 we hit in the morning. then we'll see the temperature falling all day. we'll have sunshine and 19 on sunday. snow comes in monday night, changing over to a mix of rain, ice, and snow. on tuesday, we're back in the 40s. be careful this weekend, you guys. >> thanks. >> it's really going to be
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caught on camera. frightening accident during a competition in south africa that ended with a surfer in a medical crisis. he's on the left. you see him take off fine at
12:26 pm
pulls off what's called a megaloop trick, he loses control and crashes into the waves. he is now in a medically induced coma. a senior prank went the school suspended 33 students including many who said they weren't involved. the incident is under investigation. the students involved can appeal the suspension. a reminder that some pranks are just not funny. shirleen? much more news ahead in our next half hour. an update on the massive fire at an industrial park.
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12:28 pm
our top stories this afternoon. the deep freeze. temperatures will plummet this weekend, and we may hit zero degrees for the first time since 1994. >> mayor de blasio just spoke about how the city's preparing for the dangerously cold temperatures and what new yorkers should do. >> all new yorkers need to understand to take all of the appropriate precautions. take this weather very, very seriously. >> meteorologist bill evans will have another update on the accuweather forecast in a few minutes.
12:29 pm
injured in an explosion in a factory in wallkill making fire extinguishers. the men were filling up a fire extinguisher tank when it exploded. we begin with a developing story. news copter 7 is over a massive fire still burning in an industrial park in new jersey. nearby schools are closed today because of the fire. hello again, i'm shirleen allicot. >> the fire broke out yesterday afternoon township. 21 hours later, the fire is still burning. so far, there has been one minor injury. >> tony yates is live with the latest on this. toni? >> reporter: good afternoon, contained but not under control. not even close. one good thing about this fire is that it is not spreading. not even to two other buildings that are on that site. the fire, the cold, the wind,
12:30 pm
conditions for firefighters. it's just that massive of a fire, two old buildings more than 240,000 square feet. every bit of them in flames. >> we're looking at probably three to five days minimum of putting water on this until's out-out. >> reporter: mutual aid has made it possible to have firefighters on site around the clock since the fire began at the old military depot that's been used as storage facilities. it's not just the fire, the weather is brutal. >> the sprinkler systems are old and not fit for what's in the buildings now. >> reporter: traffic has been horrific to p. with cars trying to get a closer look. it's the last thing local leaders want or need right now. >> we ask that you keep yourselves sheltered inside. there is still smoke out there. >> reporter: here they come.
12:31 pm
they are monitoring air quality. so far, no serious concerns other than the fact that just take a look at it. that is very thick smoke. they are telling people not to be downwind and stay inside if you can and avoid the area. toni yates. police say a woman was pronounced dead at the scene at 11th avenue and west 37th street. they say the investigation is ongoing. no other details were released. new at noon, another person is recovering following a disturbing slashing incident. this one was in the bronx. police say the 20-year-old woman was walking at 12:15 this morning when a man grabbed her. the suspect tried to take the victim's cell phone. when he didn't get it, the suspect slashed the woman across her face. the victim says she fell to the ground and was kicked. the suspect run away with the victim's purse.
12:32 pm
the shooting death of a teenage boy around 10:00 last night inside of a home in east new york. authorities are speaking with two other teens who were there when the 16-year-old was shot. police are also interviewing a shooting. -- witnessed the shooting. issuing a warning about influenza, declaring it prevalent in the state. flu cases have been reported in 44 new york counties, including all five new york city boroughs. the flu season has seen more than 800 hospitalizations but no deaths at this time. with the declaration, any health care professionals must wear masks. ex-olympian and downhill skier picabo street is claiming self-defense after she pushed her father down a staircase and
12:33 pm
abc's clayton sandel has the latest. >> reporter: she's preparing now for a fight in court charged with assault and domestic violence, accused of throwing her 76-year-old father down the stairs of her utah home and locking him in the basement. >> my father just tried to attack me in my own house in front of my children. >> reporter: the former olympian claiming self-defense. overnight, her lawyer telling abc news she takes care of both of her elderly parents and that times. he had his hands on me, and i put him down the stairs. >> did he fall down the stairs? >> reporter: street admits she pushed her father after he pulled her hair in a fight after he accidentally bumped her car. >> oh, my god, are you kidding me? he slashed me on my face. >> reporter: the mother of three students say was the primary aggressive. street's attorney says she is a
12:34 pm
picabo street deserves our respect and admiration for taking care of her elderly parents even when it has not been easy to do so. clayton sandel. lamar odom was spotted at kanye west's show for fashion week. west is odom's brother-in-law. odom sat with his estranged wife chloe kardashian and her family. this is the first time he's been out in public since being found unconscious at a nevada brothel last year. >> that got a lot of attention. bill evans has the after- school accuweather forecast. washingtoning the 20s -- hugging the 20s for the next few hours. then the fun begins with snow squalls and we'll be looking at what will be periods of snow that could be making the roads wet and slippery. overnight tonight, and then
12:35 pm
after school today, kiddos, it is chilly. it's 28 degrees with sunshine breaking into a mostly cloudy sky. so be very careful. we'll be looking at very brutal, dangerous cold coming up. i'll explain more of that in the accuweather forecast for the weekend in a moment. a potential boost of federal funding may result in more subway trains on the l- line. the budget proposal for 2017 proposes to build threw new station as louing two more trains per hour along the l- line. the funding also calls for improving the bedford and first avenue stations. coming up, nearly 17 years after the columbine school shootings, the mother of one of the killers is opening up. >> i keep thinking constantly how i would feel if it were the other way around and one of their children had shot mine. >> more of diane swayer's exclusive interview and why the
12:36 pm
talking about the massacre now. >> and barry manilow having emergency surgery. we'll have an update i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common.
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12:39 pm
broke out just after midnight and spread to the basement and first floor the apartment did not have a smoke alarm. a $10,000 reward being oftenned to help catch the attacker of a possible hate crime in brooklyn in police releasing the new surveillance image of the suspect accused of stabbing a jewish man in the back of crown heights. the victim was dressed in full hasidic garb and suffered a collapsed lung but is expected to survive. new at noon, barry manilow's tour is on hold after the singer had complications from dental surgery. a post on manilow's facebook page said the cop indications developed following emergency oral surgery on monday. it says after a concert in memphis, the 72-year-old rushed back to los angeles. math lope's publicist -- manilow's publicist says he's not hospitalized and is otherwise perfectly healthy.
12:40 pm
ohio with a machete. authorities say he randomly attacked two people sitting on the front. when officers found him, he was holding a machete and knife. police shot him when they say he lunged at them. one person is in critical condition and several others treat ted hospital. now -- treated at the hospital. now the mother of one of the columbine massacre killers opening up for the first time about her son and shooting that left 13 people dead. sue klebold sat down with diane sawyer nearly 17 years after her son dylan and his friend eric harris opened fire inside of their high school. the mother candidly reveals details of the relationship with her son and her feelings about the victims. >> it is very hard to live with the fact that someone you loved and raised has brutally killed people in such a horrific way.
12:41 pm
our love and our understanding is protective and that if anything were wrong with my kid, i would know. i didn't know. >> klebold wrote a memoir titled "a mother's reckoning, living in the after-math of tragedy." it will be released february 15th. she's donating all of her profits of the book to charitable foundations with a focus on mental health issues. you can hear more right here on channel 7. you can also watch it on the abc it begins at 10:00 p.m. coming up on "eyewitness news," a bizarre request from former pharmaceutical ceo martin carelli.
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kelly ripa celebrating a milestone.
12:44 pm
anniversary as co-host of "live." >> we have a look at the behind the scenes. sandy? >> reporter: that's right, shirleen and dave. i was there for the party of the year in the "live" studio. in more ways than one, it was a family affair. >> cheers to 15 years! >> thank you. >> reporter: friends and family gathered to pay tribute to kelly ripa who achieved a milestone that's rare in the fickle world of tv. >> it doesn't seem like 15 years. it seems much shorter than that. >> reporter: kelly's time on "live" became clear as the hours progressed. punctuated by congratulations of the famous. some dropped by in person, others sent messages on tape. cher called in. >> cher, where are you some. >> i'm in my bed. >> reporter: even more moving were the tributes from co- workers. co-host michael strahan
12:45 pm
many. >> i don't think i could see anything because i was crying at that point, so it was through tears. >> reporter: tears flowed, too, along husband mark con swaying los as they watched children grow up and parents in the audience. >> reporter: what does it mean to have them here today some. >> it, it, it means a lot. >> reporter: alongside them, yankee great willie randolph all watching one of her favorites, rocker briian adams bryan adams. that voice was underlined by the head of "live's" parent company when disney chairman bob iger honored kelly with a statue of tinker bell. >> you remind me of tinker bell, short, sweet, and really sassy. >> reporter: the last word on her 15th anniversary belonged to kelly herself. >> it's an honor that i don't take for granted even for a second.
12:46 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> kelly ripa thanking fans. i'm here to tell you that she is the same person off clean those fans have come to know and love. she's been my friend since long before i worked here and has helped me professionally in so many ways. so it's sweet justice that i tell you one day her son joaquin will likely take over here as movie critic. [ laughter ] >> dave, shirleen, you know, it was a possibility when i was taking him to the disney pictures. now that he's older and handsomer, it is a probability. >> oh, my goodness. i'm glad you said that about kelly because, you know, really what you see on tv is what she is behind the screens. it's great to see. classy, smart, and we love her very much. >> so moved by that. >> we watched her grow up. >> in a way. >> "all my children" when she
12:47 pm
>> and on abc family for a long time. so true. >> congratulations, kelly. >> did i say we watched her grow up? [ laughter ] >> you. >> you're getting old. looking outside at noontime. we're seeing clouds, sun, and cold temperatures. it's going to be even colder and more windy. pressure 30.20 and it's fueling. today probably will not get above 25. 23 around poughkeepsie. let's tack on a little wind, shall we? 7 around long island, 7 along poughkeepsie. makes the real feel in the teens. so in the afternoon that will feel nice considering the cold air is just poised to come in right here. that will start diving down south and east with the really cold arctic air. the futurecast squeezes out
12:48 pm
so there will be these bursts of snow showers overnight. there will be some tomorrow morning prior to sunrise. you'll see a good batch of snow showers coming through 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. that could coat roadways i-95 in connecticut, up 684, the thruway, all of that. temperatures are dropping into the 20s. as the cold air filters in, watch the temperatures drop during the day to 3:00 by 9:00 in monticello. we're looking at temperatures in the single digits and below zero. brisk and cold, high of 28. snow squallsnd maybe poor travel conditions tonight and tomorrow morning will be snow showers. the temperature will be 18 in the morning and falling all day. your accuweather seven-day forecast with that break of
12:49 pm
the temperature drops down to 202 overnight. sunday is valentine's day. snuggle up with somebody. it's best to be in a heart shaped hot tub, you know? it's one of those weekends for a spa and a movie. it warms back up next week on tuesday. >> indoor activities. >> lots of movies i'm going to catch up on. >> oh, yeah. good opportunity. we have an update on the breaking news at the top of the hour. the double shooting at a glendale, arizona high school. police are saying two students both 15-year-old young ladies were killed in the shooting. there is no active shooter, and there's no one in danger at this time. however, the school remains on lockdown. we'll continue to follow the latest and update you on abc 7 online as that comes in. fist, a look at what's
12:50 pm
>> we're getting ready for valentine's day. serving up a delicious dip.
12:51 pm
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. >> hi, everybody, i'm diana williams and here's what's coming up later. we'll stay on top of the dangerously cold temperatures. we'll look at how quickly frostbite can kick in. these are frostbite temperatures we'll have tomorrow. also, we'll warm things up in neighborhood eats with traditional ecuadorian food. a taste from the equator right here in new york city. that looks good. those stories and more beginning at first at 4:00 and at 5:00 and 6:00, we'll have it all for you. >> listen, we're hanging out in the studio and if we help you guys eat that dish, don't be surprised. >> we'll share. >> thanks, guys. and now we all know martin shkreli, right? the infamous former executive.
12:54 pm
the new kanye west album. in a series of tweets, he says he'll give west $10 million if he agrees to make just one copy of his new album and give it only to shkreli. the tweet was sent less than an hour after the kickoff of an album debut event for the life of pablo. we know shkreli owns one solitary wu tang clan album and is the embattled shkreli who is facing a federal trial on fraud chargesp. >> there's so much more involved with that. now taylor swift is mad at khanee. the art institute of chicago turned van go's i the bedroom "a new bedroom and offering it to customers.
12:55 pm
the charge of living in a post impressionist room is only $10 a night. >> oh. >> okay? >> that's better than airbnb. this valentine's day, put your paws around the one you love. that's julie and blake. they are best friends and are not afraid to show it. they posted this to remind everyone to have a special happy valentine's day. ha we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
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