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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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down to 12 degrees in new york city. our high temperature was about 22. that is after midnight. it's been falling ever since down to 2 below zero right now in monticello. you have winds gusting between 30 and 40 miles per hour. this is how it feels. this is the wind chill down to 5 below zero in new york city. it feels like 25 below. already dangerously cold. across much of the area now. these are conditions where frostbite can occur within 20 minutes on exposed skin surfaces so keep that in mind outside heading out tonight. better action, stay indoors. we are going down to lot of
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about, keep pets indoors, frostbite which can occur weather. in terms of your home, run water, add a little trickle to avoid pipes freezing and, of course, never use an oven to heat your home. that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and also fires. from you heading out, make it so you can barely see your face like yours truly. because it's going to be brutalout there. we'll have the full accuweather forecast including another chance at accumulating back to you guys. you heard jeff say preparations are under way across the new york city to make sure that everyone has a warm place to stay through this bitterly cold weekend. our coverage continues now with eyewitness news reporter bill clinton. >> reporter: the mayor and city leaders met here at the office of emergency management this morning as they would with any major weather event be it a blizzard or hurricane. this cold weather is just as serious so they are making
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in order to keep everyone safe. first off mayor de blasio just started off with the basics reminding all new yorkers to bundle up in layers when they go out and that's still just for a short period of time there's an increased risk of frostbite when you have these below zero temperatures like we're having next few days. and so that -- because of that, they are asking to you limit your exposure outdoors. now, let's talk about the nycha properties. the city is making sure the housing developments have heat over the weekend. they have winterized 2,000 them. they have extra staff on hand this weekend, about 150 people, to respond to no heat completes. and then as for the homeless, blue. now, what this code blue does is it allows anyone wants
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shelter, they entrar y du because we are having a cold weather emergency. that's why we expanded the outreach program. unlike almost any other city in the nation, there is a shelter bed for every, single person who needs one. >> reporter: again, outreach teams will be out again tonight making sure that the homeless have a place to stay. and for new yorkers one of the biggest tips that we can give you right now is to make sure that you cover your head. that's where most of the heat escapes first. that's why i have on two hats right now just to make sure you keep heat. but the other thing that's also important about this is not just frostbite with these cold temperatures. it's hypothermia and that prolonged exposure can have make people have blurred speech or blurry vision. so if you see someone with
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reporting live in downtown brooklyn, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. eyewitness news reporter manhattan. >> reporter: when you get down things unbearable and turas fr been the most painful way to go about it today with the winds whipping across the river. it made for a choppy ride. it wasn't much better inland. in times square, in the heart of the con lo moving to keep the blood flowing and it was the punishing wind that makes you want to give in. >> it's whipping you in the back of the head. it hurts. it's like being on a roller coaster. >> it feels like a razor. its sharp.
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square we did find a bunch of hat and glove vendors to say while the sales are hot, the weather is not so despite this being a good day to earn a living, they say they are packing it up and heading home as soon as the sun goes down. we are reporting live in lower manhattan. channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. remember, you can see keep track of the bitter cold temperatures in your area anytime with the free ak u track weather alert
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o de]looking into whether that may have caused a crash. the anthem of the seas heading back out to sea this afternoon. it left bayonne today for an eight-day trip to the bahamas. won't that feel good for the thousands of people on board. the voyage comes just day after it returned to new jersey after it was damaged during a storm last week. eyewitness news reporter aj ross is in bayonne with the details. aj. >> reporter: all patched up like new and cleared by the coast guard. the anthem oe
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storm off the carolinas. a lot of anxious passengers we talked with weren't concerned with recent repairs and a thorough inspection by the coast guard allaying fears. part of the propulsion system was replaced and that didn't sit well with some passengers to decided to skip this voyage. >> propeller's broken. they need to -- there's a lot of lives on that ship. there's 5,000 people on the ship. and hard working people. they need to check it a little bit better. that's my opinion. and i'm not going. >> i don't think that they would send us out if there was any trouble. i'm hoping that everything is going to be fine and thinking that if there was any sort of reservation, they would not be sending us out. >> reporter: this is an eight- day seven-night cruise set to sail to orlando and then to the bahamas before returning here to bayonne next sunday. we'll have much more with passengers coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00. for now i'm live in bayonne. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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the fatal shooting of a bodega owner paterson. officers responded to a call of shots fired just after 9:00 last night at the ellison mini market. they found its owner 64-year- old jose tavares with a gunshot wound. he was rushed to the hospital, where he died. so far no suspects and no motive. police in brooklyn have released a new video in their search for two kidnapped a man and forced him into a minivan at gunpoint. percent is responded to a call section. an eyewitness said he saw two men wearing masks kidnap the stab him. after the victim was robbed, he was dumped, injured, on a corner a couple of miles away. a long island man is in jail tonight after a strange case and an arrest for dwi. suffolk police say he wouldn't pull over after running a red
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officers spotted his car smashing through a fenc year-old man. police say this man and an accomplice mugged a victim at gunpoint, punching him in the his pocket. it happened on january 31st in ozone park. officers tracked down one of the suspects nearby and arrested him. but the other suspect seen in these images remains on the loose. coming up on eyewitness news, despite the call, people
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plan your trip at there's something for everyone. the man wanted for stabbing and killing his girlfriend and two children has been caught. the capture happened about an hour ago. the nypd took michael sykes into custody in queens. video shows the 23-year-old sykes at a deli wednesday an hour before police say he used a kitchen knife to kill 26- year-old rebecca cutler, her 1- year-old daughter and 4-month- old daughter, who was sykes' child. a 2-year-old girl was also stabbed but survived.
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in the bronx, the heat is on during this cold streak but tenants say the air isn't fit to breathe because of mold. residents of the paterson houses in mott haven say the new york city housing authority has exposed them to health risks by failing to repair broken plumbing and failing to remedy the mole problems that follow -- mold problems that follow. indoor ex-exposure to mold has been linked to upper respiratory tract problems in otherwise healthy people. >> i have had mold in my years. instead of actually address the issue of the mold, they mold. >> tenants say they are calling on health official to investigate their claims. the housing authority spokesman says the agency does not have the funding for major repairs but it is making, quote, meaningful changes in how it operates. firefighters in new jersey battled flames this morning at
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frigid temperatures worked against firefighters as they tried to put out the flames. the red cross responded to the scene to help people forced out of their homes and into the cold. yes. this is some cold that nobody around here is quite used to dealing with but you have to take it seriously. >> just being out there a couple of minutes bundled up and i'm frigid now. this shows you this will cut through the layers. so stay indoors if you can overnight tonight. that's really the best course of action. this camera has been rocking back and forth because of the wind and that wind can gousse 40 and 45 miles per hour through much of the night. right now it's coming in sustained at 17. temperatures down to 12 degrees.
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1 below zero seizrow is the record from 1914. tomorrow morning's record in jeopardy 2 degrees coldest valentine's day day in central park was 2. we may go below that. the last 0-degree day in central park was january 19, 1994. so it's been over 20 years since we got down to the goose egg in central park. it may happen overnight. record told tonight, cold tomorrow dangerous tonight. overnight tonight wind chills down to 20 degrees below zero. then all eyes turn toward monday afternoon with snow affecting the monday evening commute. right now, though, the cold is the big story. 2 below zero is your actual temperature at monticello. four at middletown. you have temperatures which have fallen to 16 at belmar and 12 on the island at islip, 11 bridgeport, connecticut where it feels like 10 degrees below zero. it already feels like 25 below at monticello and already
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five boroughs of new york city. check out the futurecast overnight tonight. predicting that low to get down to a solid 2 degrees. a lot of negative numbers outside of the city especially north and west and 11 below by 6:00 in the morning in monticello. again, these are actual temperatures. this doesn't even include the wind chill. during the afternoon, up to about 17 in the city. up to 15 in newburgh despite all the sunshine. we wake up to another cold morning monday morning. increasing cloudiness. it won't be as cold as it gets overnight tonight into tomorrow morning but still down to 15. it's so cold at the onset of the storm that even though the atmosphere is going to try to warm up in a hurry, i think it comes in quickly enough that it comes in as snowfall especially from the city and points north and west and that would be right in time for the monday evening commute. here's our wind chill. futurecast overnight tonight down to 14 below zero is what it will feel like in the city by midnight. look at these wind chills well north and west. this is almost unheard of in this area. minus 32 for a wind chill at
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so needless to say a frigid breeze out there tonight. that record low getting down to 2 degrees. bitterly cold despite sunshine tomorrow high up to 17 increasing clouds very cold tomorrow night. we are down to about 12. again, that's setting the stage for our next storm system to come in during the day on monday. monday afternoon into monday evening we get some snowfall. looks like a coating to an inch around new york city. more like one to three areas north and west. that quickly goes over to rain, though, as warmer air moves in late monday night and especially into tuesday. there could actually be enough rain for some localized flooding. that rain should taper tuesday afternoon. and then we're quiet and fairly mild for this time of the year as we round out the week wednesday about 44 back down into the upper thursday by thursday after a lot of sunshine and back up near 50 by next weekend. that's a roller coaster ride of a forecast but really the next 12 hours are crucial, just stay indoors if you can of we hardly ever see it get this cold in new york city. >> take it seriously. thank you very much, jeff. a young boy is safe with
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quick actions of a police officer in new jersey. >> 5-year-old david was choking on a quarter. that officer performed the heimlich and saved his life. eyewitness news reporter lucy yang was there when the boy and the policeman were reunited this week. >> reporter: big hugs between 5-year-old david samuel and the officer who saved his life. >> the policeman helped you? >> yes! >> say thank you, policeman. >> thank you, policeman! >> reporter: saturday night david found a quarter in his room and put it in his mouth. he spun out into a panic when he realized he couldn't get it out. >> were you scared? >> yes. >> how about grandpa? >> grandpa was terrified. >> reporter: the grandparents were babysitting and immediately called 911. within seconds officer sanchez with the garfield police department pulled up and grabbed the distressed child. >> i was going to do the heimlich maneuver but he was,
5:19 pm
so he leaned him over my knee and i tapped him about four times. >> as we saw him throwing up the quarter just thanked jesus just popped out. >> reporter: officer sanchez awarded young david with a junior badge and coloring book while the grateful family gave the officer a card, a basket of david's favorite candies, and their eternal gratitude. >> it's a blessing. i'm really thankful for him saving my son. >> reporter: lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. a chance to meet the breeze as the westminster dog show kicks off. as handlers groomed, spectators and fans greeted the pamper pooches. look at this on manhattan's west side some of the more athletic and agile dogs showed off on the obstacle course during the third annual masters agility championship. that's one way to stay warm. >> yeah. my little dog might be able to do that.
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laura behnke is next with >> if you think it's cold here, try toronto where it's well below zero outside. luckily for them though the inside. also, our all star weekend kristaps
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cold here but colder in toronto. but they are indoors. >> basketball is an indoor sport. all star weekend is in full swing in canada this weekend but with the best of the nba putting on the show in toronto t began last night with a look into the future as the knicks kristaps porzingis played for the world against the united states in the rising stars challenge. he was putting on a show leading the way for the world team with 30 points. what an experience for the knicks rookie. >> not great defense but it's about having fun and i think second half. we got more competitive. it never feels good to lose.
5:24 pm
night with the all star game. tonight an appetize with the skills of dunk competition. anthony the lone representative. he is expected to play despite knee sore necessary. speaking of carmelo anthony, it wouldn't be trade deadline time without plenty of rumors. the knicks star at the center of a big one new york could be part of a three team trade that would send anthony to cleveland, kevin love to boston and give the knicks draft picks? >> those talks are preliminary. today anthony downplayed the rumors saying he is not going anywhere. what a week for the knicks who found out they have a new head coach. derek fisher was abruptly fired leaving new york to continue its building process without phil jackson's hand- picked leader. 136 games, that is how long it took for the knicks to decide derek fisher isn't the long-
5:25 pm
>> it's time for to us make a change. turn this team around and move forward and get wins and keep going down the road we started here at the beginning of the year. >> reporter: the knicks lost nine of the last 10 games dropping fisher's overall record as head coach to 40-96. second worst in franchise history. >> we still play better and we think that there's a way for them to play better that we should see. >> reporter: kurt rambis will take over for the rest of the year and for now phil jackson isn't looking for any other head coaching candidates but he is looking for improvement from the team. >> we are looking for our players to play together in the way in which it brings out the best attributes. we have a lot of what i consider standing around one- on-one kind of situational stuff. >> reporter: so what's to be expected for the rest of this season? the knicks post-season hopes took a hit over the last 10 games and while fisher downplayed the play-offs, the new head coach has a new take. >> i'm going to do the best
5:26 pm
year and get into the play- offs, that's my goal. >> reporter: the islanders hit the isolator tonight as they meet the hurricanes in carolina while the rangers are off until tomorrow. and their highly anticipated rematch with the rivals flyers. the same flyers who were the devils problem today as new jersey visited philly this afternoon. first period, new jersey with the power play. joseph with the fourth of the season. that made it 1-0 devils. it would stay that way until the third. now it's the flyers with the man advantage. shane tying it at one. over time we go and adam henrique is going to send everybody home. 2-1. the devils get the win. >> and we will see you again, joe and sandra, coming up at 6:00. >> see you then. in the meantime, coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, pope francis greets thousands of catholics in mexico before a meeting with the president there. and he has a big challenge for mexican bishops. >> the remaining six republican presidential candidates prepare to square off at another debate in south
5:27 pm
>> and secretary of state john kerry has some harsh words for russia in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. report. justice scalia was appointed by president ronald reagan in 1986. abc's chief correspondent covers the court for us. you us. you knew just scalia's presence on the court very well. talk to us about his legacy.
5:30 pm
anthony scalia was a towering figure in the united states and on the court. through the sheer force of his personality he for three decades led the conservative movement in american law to roll back the era of liberal activism on the courts. he didn't win much. he didn't pass down -- -- it was in those rulings and his dissents which could be scathing, sarcastic, loud and clear that he demonstrated a way forward for conservatives who had almost given up on the supreme court after the warren era, the era of liberal activism. and you couldn't say that there was a scalia era. he didn't win that much. there's a scalia influence. it runs through the supreme court and american courts in general. he showed the way for conservatives to be on the court to fight that liberal
5:31 pm
constitution in the light current circumstances. scalia was the champion of saying the constitution should mean what it meant for the people who wrote it and ratified. his loss is just incalculable to the conservative movement in american law and beyond because he was such a champion. he became a kind of political figure and a controversial one, as well. he was close to ruth bader ginsberg. they were close. they went to the opera together. they appear in an opera together in washington and more recently, justice alana kagan and obama appointee had been converted to quail hunting by justice scalia. he was a character but more than that, as i say, a towering intellectual and personal figure on the court.
5:32 pm
clear, scathing, and in some ways really a leader like few our justices have been for the conservatives on the supreme court. >> and terry, one of his in 2000. talk to me about the arguments there and this was something he was not afraid to almost boast about at times. >> no. of that case. that case which awarded the election to george w. bush on the basis that the florida recount was violating the equal protection rights of voters because they were counting ballots in such a variety of ways if you recall. and as you know it was a hugely controversial ruling and yet scalia was the kind of die, okay, i would see him from time to time, at events in washington. he was charming but he liked to mix it up. he liked a good argument. and usually got the better of them. >> terry moran reporting from mexico city. terry is covering pope francis' visit over there to
5:33 pm
i want to bring in our senior white house correspondent. jonathan as many in the nation mourn the loss of justice scalia, there is now the question of the vacancy on the supreme court. what is the next step? will president obama now search for another candidate to bring up to congress and does he have enough time to get that person ratified before the presidency ends? >> that's going to be incredibly difficult realistically. he has less than a year left. the idea of a confirmation hearing for a lame duck president facing a congress controlled by the republicans, on such a short time frame i think is going to be nearly impossible. i have spoken to congressional leaders already since this news has hit and that is, know, firstly the -- what everybody is saying is that the idea of a confirmation will almost certainly wait for the next president to appoint scalia's replacement. it's interesting, tom. scalia was confirmed, he -- he
5:34 pm
symbolic in many ways of how divided the court is because of his acerbic dissents and the way he has become such a hero to conservatives. but when he was nominated by reagan in '86, he was confirmed 98-0. there was not a single vote against him. we are in a different era now. the idea that a republican senate in the last year of president obama's presidency would confirm a replacement appointed by president obama seems remote. >> now, jonathan, you said recently as of just a couple of months ago you actually heard him speak and you were in court a couple of times for arguments while he was -- he was currently arguing speaking, correct? >> yeah. ironically he spoke at my graduation just this past he was in the courtroom for the -- i was in the courtroom for the two landmark decisions that came down one on the
5:35 pm
both of which went the way that -- the opposite way of what scalia wanted. his voice in that courtroom, he could be funny, biting, intimidating to opposition counsel with his rapid fire questions and his decisions as terry mentioned. just his turn of phrase. now i'm sure you see this, tom, out on the campaign trail, you ask any republican candidate for president who they would put on the supreme court, what kind of a justice they would like to see on the supreme court, and the answer is always, somebody like justice scalia or somebody like justice scalia or thomas, alito. scalia is always the first name mentioned. he is the ideal supreme court justice for -- for the conservative republicans and
5:36 pm
idea that republicans in the senate would -- would allow president obama to replace scalia's -- scalia on the court seems quite remote. but yeah, a powerful voice. a rather -- for the conservative as he was and acerbic and cutting as he could be, also could be an incredibly funny man in his humor. >> on your earlier point senator ted cruz out with a statement calling justice scalia one of the greatest justice this is history. jonathan, thank you very much. we have been reporting. justice antonin scalia died of 79. tonight. programming. we'll have full coverage coming up on world news tonight. >> you have been watching a special report there on the sudden death of associate supreme court justice antonin
5:37 pm
>> the justice found dead in texas. he was on a quail hunting trip, he was found dead in his room. the longest serving current justice on the supreme court. appointed in 1986 by president reagan 30 years on the court, justice scalia a story we'll follow and have another update for you at the top of the hour. we want to head outside right now talk to meteorologist >> brutal weather. it's an understatement. temperatures are tumbling right now down to 12 degrees in central park. wind chills well below zero. areas north of the city it's a wind chill advisory, much of new jersey, all of long tomorrow. park. 8 right now in white plains. check out these temperatures
5:38 pm
of the city of the these are actual air temperatures not wind chills. it's already 2 degrees below zero i monticello. it's dangerously cold wind chills. down to 2 degrees overnight that would tie a 100-year-old record, down to 11 below zero north and west recovering into the teens tomorrow. we talk about snow in the accuweather forecast in your full forecast coming up later in the half-hour. thank you very much, jeff. remember, you can keep track of the bitter cold temperatures in your area at any time. all you have to do is down download the accutrack weather app. throngs of catholics greeted the pope in mexico. he started his trip with speeches to the political leaders and in a hard hitting speeches he called on mexican bishops to challenge the
5:39 pm
the catholic faithful gathered outside the papal nuncio resident to see the pope. we have a reporter in mexico city. >> reporter: joe, sandra, just a few hours ago, we were standing alongside this route pope francis drove by. now, it was a bit confusing but we got some great shots of him and a lot of reaction from the crowd. >> so much preparation and even more anticipation has led [ yelling ] >> whoo! >> reporter: keep in mind these folks are folks that were not able to get into the mass. they don't have any credentials. they don't have a pass. they don't have any other way to see the pope or to get a glimpse of the pope but just to stand here. many of these folks have been out here since 3:00 this morning. >> it's a little confused but it's enough because, eh, we know -- >> reporter: confused why? >> because we were waiting for him in the papa mobile but he was in the fiat but it's okay.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: so what she is saying basically that this is an important moment for the pope to be here because there is a message. the people feel that they need to renew their religion, they need for him to be here, to establish peace, to make -- feel -- to bring everything back to normal. right now, pope francis is beginning to say mass at the basilica of our lady of guadalupe which will run for a few hours. channel 7 eyewitness news. secretary of state john kerry today taking aim at russia. while addressing the munich security conference he sharply criticized action taken by the kremlin in ukraine and syria. he says that moscow has shown aggression. but a new international agreement could change russia's strategy. >> we think that it's critical that russia's targeting change. and the entire issg including
5:41 pm
>> reporter: russia's foreign minister responded at the conference by saying that all sides in syria's civil war are violating humanitarian law and
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pr the campaign trail is getting heated in the race for the white house. the democrats out west while the republicans are getting ready to debate tonight in south carolina. just one week ahead of the gop primary there. abc's lana zack has more. >> reporter: from the rally stage. >> we lead the world when we have a shared identity. >> reporter: to the debate state jeb bush and kasich courting voters in south carolina. >> give me a chance to take this message to america. give me the votes that you have and call three people and get them to vote. >> reporter: the first showdown in the south will feature the remaining six republican candidates and some contenders are expecting the tone will shift. >> as it gets closer it will get nastier. >> reporter: after his big win in new hampshire, donald trump
5:45 pm
but not anymore taking aim at senator ted cruz tweeting, if at ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop running negative ads i can sue him for not being a u.s. citizen. >> trump uses power for personal gain. imagine the damage as president. >> reporter: for marco rubio is a chance to redeem himself after the last debate. >> wow! >> reporter: democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are facing off on the campaign trail. in the next battleground state, nevada. >> we surprised them in iowa. we surprised them in new hampshire. we're gonna surprise them here in nevada! >> reporter: sanders is working to capitalize on his momentum after trouncing clinton in new hampshire and clinton rallying supporters for a comeback. >> i am not new to this fight, my friends. i know you're here because we have work to do.
5:46 pm
left to woo voters ahead of their next causes. channel 7 eyewitness news. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for coverage of the race for president. you can get the latest on the campaigns at our website, just click on politics. much more ahead on eyewitness news. the first big freeze of the season and it's about to get colder.
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up
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new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. i think we all kind of think 9 degrees is cold enough. we don't need to get colder. >> we can just stop there! [ laughter ] >> unfortunately we're not going to. we are going lower tonight in many areas from the city and points north and west will get to zero and below. it's so cold.
5:49 pm
temperature down to 12 degrees in central park. can't wait to see that 6 p.m. update. it will probably be down to about 9 degrees like we saw in the camera looking toward cadman plaza in brooklyn a little earlier. clear skies the wind chill down to minus 5. next seven hours we are down to 5 degrees above zero for an actual temperature. winds between 15 and 25 miles per hour sustained driving wind chills way down. 2 below zero is the air temperature in monticello. you're already down to 4 in middletown. of these areas well north and west will get super cold overnight tonight down into the teens, below zero in some cases. west orange, new jersey right now 13, 12 at islip. you and in the wind this is how it feels outside. it feels like 5 below zero in central park. already feels like 25 below zero in monticello. when you get these cold values, exposed flesh can literally freeze within
5:50 pm
so you want to stay in if possible and if you are heading outside make sure to bundle up in layers. by 6:00 in the morning temperature in the city down to 2. that would tie a record. that was set 100 years ago on valentine's day back in 1916. minus 11 in monticello. we may get up to 17 during the afternoon as we'll have a lot of sunshine out there. temperatures. clouds increase by early monday and check this out. we got some snow moving into wind chills again in the meantime getting down to 15 below zero by around midnight in the park. getting down to 17 below by sunrise, down to 32 below for a wind chill north and west. quick look at the snowfall totals monday afternoon. this would be during the monday evening commute. coating to an inch in and around new york city. that could provide slippery rain by monday night. accuweather forecast tonight partly cloudy a frigid breeze,
5:51 pm
tomorrow, bitterly cold despite a lot of sunshine. the high up to 17. it's very cold again tomorrow night increasing clouds down to 12. and it's so cold that even though the atmosphere is going to be desperately trying to warm things up during the day monday, it will be cold enough for the system to initially come in as snowfall. it goes over to rain though monday night and that can last into tuesday maybe heavier downpours. 50 for a high on tuesday. and then back down to normal by wednesday and thursday. but there's a pretty quick turnaround from 2 degrees tomorrow morning to 50 tuesday afternoon. >> in and out. that's good. >> quick. >> thank you. coming up on eyewitness
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5:53 pm
hawaii has declared a state of emergency because of dengue fever outbreak with more than 250 confirmed cases. hawaii does not have any recorded cases of the zika virus being transmitted but it is concerned. mosquitos that carry dengue also carry zika.
5:54 pm
get hawaii more federal funding to control outbreaks. rapper flow rider is using his star power to help out the people of flint, michigan. the hip-hop star announced yesterday he is helping collect bottled water for the city after lead contaminants infiltrated flint's water supply. he says his mother inspired his call to action. >> grown up in a single parent home. my mom she always been a person who always was a giver and the fact that i'm fortunate to have my own water company, i thought it was only right that i go out there and support everyone in flint. >> he is holding a water drive at various locations in indiana for people to donate to flint. he says he will help distribute more than 7,000 one liter bottles throughout the city. new york's stop dwi initiative on super bowl weekend kept troopers busy. during 34 hours they increased patrols and conducted sobriety checkpoints. it began at 2 p.m.
5:55 pm
midnight on super bowl sunday. troop's rested 92 people for dwi and investigated 157 accidents which resulted in 29 injuries, but no fatalities. we are following breaking news. >> coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, the nation
5:56 pm
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. seriously. >> the big chill! bitter temperatures and biting winds put the tri-state in a deep freeze and everyone on alert for some of the most but first this evening, breaking news. antonin scalia the influential conservative justice of the supreme court has died. i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm joe torres. news. the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia.
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