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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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back in 1916. that was a 100-year-old record for the coldest valentine's day on record. this is now the coldest valentine's day on record and another little superlative. the last time we got below zero in central park was way back on january 19th, 1994. so it's been over 22 years since we've gotten down to those levels in new york city. just to show you how rare this type of cold is. like i said right now not quite as bad as it was at this time yesterday. 15 degrees in central park and 12 at white plains and you're 7 in monticello. 16 down the shore at belmar. the big difference is the wind. wind a whole lot calmer than it was so the windchill instead of being close to 10 or 15 below is more like 8 degrees now in central park. still pretty dangerous if you're spending any type of prolonged period outdoors overnight tonight as that low eventually goats down to -- gets down the about 12. some negative numbers north and west of the city. then all eyes turn towards the wintry weather on the way for tomorrow.
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already hoisted for new york city and points north and west. right through midnight tomorrow night. i think snow begins here in earnest around midday or just thereafter. we'll talk amounts and we'll tell you when it's all going to change over to rain and get washed away in the full accuweather forecast later in the half hour, sandra? all right see you then. wild the cold may have eased up a bit. efforts continue across new york city to make sure everyone has a warm place to go. but that part of the story, eyewitness news reporter kemberly? >> reporter: well, one success story but on the flip side, one man refused help and tonight did not end up in a shelter. just a few hours ago mayor de blasio teamed up with city outreach workers and tried to convince the homeless to let them help them. we were the only tv camera who tagged along with the mayor today and those very highly trained outreach workers. we headed into the subway at street.
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of the situation we hung back a bit. the major and the teams approached two men. the first who was well- known@outreach team -- to the outreach teams declined help today. but a second gentleman did willingly go. now this is all part of the mayor's plan called home stat this weekend because of the potentially deadly temperatures twice as many outreach workers are canvassing city streets and subways. now during this code blue, 160 people are working from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. of course the coldest part of the day. the last night 105 people voluntarily went to shelters. one was involuntary taken in. and about 300 people entered -- either walked into or were brought into hospitals. now mayor de blasio tells me this is a long-range plan. >> we're triting to get them -- trying to get them off the streets and into someplace safe permanently. sometimes you have to think very carefully about what's
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and the dialogue going in a way we can win the bigger battle to get them in. a lot of the workers will tell you much better is getting a long-term solution for them. that's always a bit of a balancing act. >> reporter: now coming up at 6:00, more from the subway. that second gentleman, what the mayor and the outreach workers said to him to convince him it would be okay. for now we're live in union square, kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. cefaan kim is live in jersey city tonight where the cold weather made conditions difficult for firefighters. cefaan? >> reporter: well, joe, just to give you a sense of those difficult challenges those firefighters had to face today, take a look at the wires and tree limbs out in front of this building. covered in ice from the frozen ice from the water that those firefighters threw on to this blaze today. fire officials say the water was freezing as it was coming on their hoses but luckily, several other fire companies showed up and they were able to get this fire under control.
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this morning here on marion place, the fire started in a first floor bathroom and the back of the building then spread quickly because of the high wind gusts in the building next door and upstairs. it took 70 firefighters to get it under control and three of them were injured but they will be okay. no residents were injured but four families are now displaced. among them, several young children. >> our friend -- she's more like -- [ inaudible ] >> you can see the house. it's totally messed up. it's like -- all the documents and i don't know, they were crying in the morning. but thank god all the lives are okay. >> i mean the smoke -- it was crazy. the whole place was smoke and couldn't even get anywhere, close to it. >> reporter: physically they're okay. the other families is being azested by the red cross.
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the fire is still -- of the fire is still under investigation. receive can anymore, eyewitness news. -- cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> keep track of the cold temperatures in urinary anytime with the free -- your area anytime with the free accuweather alert. post your photos on social media using the hashtag howthecold. in new jersey, a phone call from a now accused murderer led to his arrest. prosecutors have charged 20- year-old egra simon daniels with two counts of first degree murder. they say he called 911 just before 6:00 saturday morning. police found him covered with blood but not hurt himself. other officers went to his home and found the bodies of a man and a woman both with blunt force trauma to the head. no word yet on their identities. well, the nation mourns the loss of supreme court justice antonin scalia, lawmakers are acting fast to find his replacement. and many wonder how the court will keep doing business in his absence.
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with more on the battle brewing in washington. elizabeth? >> reporter: well joe it's indeed the end of the era and yes replacing him has sparked a battle president obama vowing to nominate a replacement before he leaves office. the battle for the bench has already started. >> barack obama would ram down our throat a liberal justice. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> reporter: from fighting words in the gop debate last night to challenges issued this morning. >> does that mean that you're going to filibuster anyone, anyone that president obama nominates? >> absolutely. this should be a decision for the people. >> of course i would send somebody. but the divisions are real. so let's just wait for an election. >> the sudden death of supreme court justice antonin scalia adding a new bitter divide in the election year. >> it is the job of the president of the united states to appoint, nominate members to the supreme court. and the senate confirms. >> barack obama is president of the united states until january
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that is a fact my friends. whether the republicans like it or not. >> left hand on the bible. >> reporter: scalia served on the high court for three decades and died in his sleep saturday at a texas ranch during a quail hunting trip. so what happens now? president obama has already pledged action. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> but senate republicans quickly threatened to block any of his potential candidates. >> reporter: the short list likely includes circuit court judge largely considered the front runner and someone republicans like. in the meantime, the court will continue to deliberate and rule with just eight justices. >> a year, 18 months. of 4-4 decisions by a divided court. is completely unprecedented. >> reporter: the court is said to adjust some major issues including abortion and unions. a 4-4 tie decision by the way would mean any lower court
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>> thank you elizabeth. a developing story right now involving the nassau county executive and sexually explicit text messages allegedly sent from his cell phone number. nassau county police say they are investigating a complaint if filed by county -- filed by county executive ed mangano who says he is the victim of social media impersonation. mangano says he and a female public relations specialist are victims of what he calls spoofing with lurid texts and tweets appearing to be between him and the woman. now in a statement today mangano said quote i am outraged at this smear attempt and will take legal action against the sick individual who has sought to assassinate my character and hurt my family. now the woman identified by police as karen caro also issued a statement saying the conversation never happened. police say their investigation has so far failed to turn up any record of the alleged conversations.
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that call tonight if one local law make -- from one local lawmaker following a proposal by the white house that cuts funding nearly in half for a terrorism program. >> we're here to tell the bureaucrats in washington it shall not stand. go back to the drawing board. >> senator charles volumer want -- schumer wants president barack obama to reconsider the cuts. the recently released budget proposal redeeses the urban -- reduces the urban area security initiative to $330 million from $600 million. the initiative helps cities nationwide including new york city with programs designed to prevent, respond to, and recover from extremist attacks. new york governor andrew fair housing enforcement program to crack down on discrimination. >> we're cracking down on housing discrimination in the state of new york.
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it's not just immoral. it's also illegal. landlords cannot discriminate. brokers cannot discriminate. and if people believe that they have been a vehicle -- a victim of discrimination, they should come forward. >> now the governor says the undercover program will ensure the most vulnerable of new yorkers get a fair chance at housing. now cuomo says the move comes on heels of the state's successfully resolving more than 120 complaints about housing. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, there's more than city's waterways. levels of one dangerous pollutant. >> one way to stay warm is to head inside. but sometimes keeping the cold
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snow hilt parts of the -- hit parts of the upper midwest today. north dakota, much of north dakota experienced low visibility as the heavy snow came down on the frozen prairie there. some of that snow melted today. why? because the temperature in bismarck got up into the 40s. we'd like that. >> yeah. we would. but when they say it's warmer in bismarck than it is in new york city, i think there's something wrong with that. >> that means something is going to be changing here pretty soon. it is actually going to get up to 55 by tuesday. >> that's a big change. >> just an incredible roller coaster ride we're going to be going on. this is february for you i mean
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active times of the year, that comes a lot of big temperature swings. outside right now it's just frigid out there as we look to darkness descending at central park. that temperature 15 degrees and that's really the high on the day. the wind is nearly calm, variable actually around 5 miles per hour. that might be a little erroneous but it's basically calm compared to what we had yesterday. the pressure 30.51 and rising and again that minus 1 we got down to this morning, smashed the record by three degrees temperature old record 2 1916. so here's what to expect. the bitter cold to continue right through tonight. and then all eyes turn towards some snow arriving during the day tomorrow especially in the afternoon. this will make were a slick evening -- for a slick evening commute. not much of a commute because it's presidents' day thankfully but some slick roads out there frame. then over to rain later tomorrow night and the rain on tuesday may actually be heavy
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13 right now in middletown. 7 in monticello. it never got out of the single digits well north and west of the city today. 15 at poughkeepsie and 13 on the island at islip and 16 down the shore at belmar. clear skies in the tristate area but clouds increasing through the middle atlantic states and that leads to some snowfall moving through the lower h ohio valley and that tomorrow. in the meantime, by 7:00 not morning, when you -- in the morning, when you wake untemperatures around 13 or so in the park and some negative numbers or at least single digits north and west of the city. by 1:00 p.m., we probably get our first flakes arriving into new york city. probably begins late morning. areas of central new jersey. now here's the monday evening commute. we're getting some pretty steady snow city right down the i-95 corridor here. it's starting switching over to rain right along the coast at that point. south shore of long island and that jersey shore and that gradually comes north by 10:00 p.m. probably raining here in the city. still snowing well north and west but even areas well to the north will change over to rain by early tuesday morning.
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some of the -- left over in some of the valleys. and during the day on tuesday, highs are well swipe the 50s. -- up into the 50s. coating to an inch from city points east. one to three inches north and west of new york city. before that changeover. here's the accuweather forecast for tonight. very cold and increasing clouds and we're it's cloudy tomorrow a little bit of snowfall developing in the afternoon, accumulating a coating to an inch. by sunset highs in the middle 30s. the wintry mix in the evening and then that switching over to periods of rain late tomorrow night. 35 early can then rising into the 40s by late at night. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. heading into the day on tuesday, it's a milder day out there. there will be some rain around some of it could be heavy at times you got to watch for some localized flooding just because we'll have a little bit of snow melt. might be clocking up the -- clogging up the drains with heavier downpours in here and then mainly cloudy on wednesday. 48 a little disturbance moving on by.
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colder thursday but colder is all relative. 41 not bads the going to feel like a -- it's going to feel like a heat wave and 50s by next saturday. so far no real big arctic blast in sight. after tonight. >> keep it that way. thanks jeff. >> all right. staying warm inside your home is not always a breeze if your home isn't insulated properly. nina pineda reports. >> it was drafty and it was cold. >> yes it was. >> reporter: it's toasty now. but that wasn't the case back in 2014 when you could feel the wind inside the house literally. >> it blows it out. >> reporter: flames flickered out near poorly insulated light ficktures and -- fixtures and smoke got sucked out through cracks. but now mo more breeze, no more money blowing out the window. >> you can see feel the warmth, i mean there's no draft from
5:18 pm
and see it through the infrared camera this bedroom wall used to be freezing. yet after? >> oh my gosh. >> 72 degrees. >> what big difference. almost. >> reporter: after a $49 heat audit showed the trouble spots like no insulation in the exterior walls, and gaping cavities in the roof line. they pumped in cellulose newspaper. >> it took us five days and we had a crew of about five, six people every day in here. >> reporter: if you qualify new jersey offers a $5,000 rebate then a ten year, 0% interest roan. on -- loan. on this job the bill is just $83 a month. >> the energy bills went down. >> reporter: the proof is in the paper. a savings of nearly $700 on the next pse and g bill. >> the cost of the lane is actually offset by the -- loan is actually offset by the reduction in their annual utilities. >> reporter: in the long-term paying for itself. in maplewood, nina pineda, eyewitness news.
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widespread plastic pollution throughout the waterways surrounding new york city. the group nynj bay keeper collected samples from several waterways including the east river, the passaic river and raritan bay last year. the study estimates that there are at least 165 million plastic particles floating in the harborrest chair at any give --est area at any given time. the bragging rights belongs to the girls' swimming can diving -- and diving team for carmel high school team in indiana. the team won its 30th consecutive state sham ship. the coach -- championship. the coach said the key is continuing improvement. >> you know the girls here are -- this is only their fourth one with and while it's 30 for the program, every year you know there's hay i need to do it. and honestly no one wants to be the team that loses. so there's a little bit of positive pressure there too.
5:20 pm
the team won nine of 12 events at the state meet last night. >> that is pretty impressive. >> my oh my. stay are you happy with your bathroom? i wasn't. but for years, i didn't do anything about it. i thought i didn't have the money, until i learned about bath fitter. bath fitter puts a new bathtub right over your old one. isn't that amazing? bath fitter will measure and make you a new custom bathtub that they install right over your existing one, with beautiful matching walls. that means you don't have to rip out your old tub. so there's no demolition or ridiculous costs. and they do it all in just one day. that's my favourite part. plus, you get to choose everything here's a before and after photo. this is a gorgeous acrylic tub that fit right over the old one. and only bath fitter has seamless walls,
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a look at tonight's top stories, the nation mourns the loss of supreme court justice antonin scalia, a battle brews in washington over his replacement. prosecutors have charged a 20-year-old man in new jersey with two counts of first degree murder. good evening, once again, i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. here we go. more than more than urged -- pope francis said the catholics of mexico have the opportunity to turn their country into a hasn't of rotund. he's been -- land of opportunity. he's been greeting the faithful there following sunday mass at a church there. mati gomez from our sister station kabc is there.
5:24 pm
the motorcade should be here any second and we can already hear the crowds, that means he's right there. there's the pope. pope francis, driving right next to the national auditorium. which of course he'll be taking a helicopter catching a helicopter and flying out to ithaca. as you heard, the crowd here was just excited and folks are running to catch a glimpse of the helicopter. and just see more of pope francis. were you able to catch aglimmers of the pope when he drive by in the pope mobile? >> i did. i did. >> reporter: what did you see and tell me -- what were those moments like? walking through that. >> he just passed by and testifies just giving blessings to -- he was just giving blessing to every. it's amazing. >> reporter: at this point we can hear? the helicopters and we have one -- one helicopter already on its way. there you have it. we're not sure if he's on that one. that's one helicopter. actually out of four that are
5:25 pm
here's a second one at this point no -- nobody saw pope francis get on a helicopter. so we're not sure which one he is on. but it's the exact same excitement from the crowd just being able to see these helicopters fly off from the pad here. pope francis will be back here at the national auditorium later on this afternoon. in mexico city, madi gomez, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> lots of excitement there for >> yeah. let's head up stairs and check in with laura behnke to look at sports. >> joe and sandra, ready for some completely defense free basketball? tonight is your lucky night. the east meets the west tonight in toronto later this evening everyone though is still talking about last night and most exciting dunk contest in a very long time. that can right we said -- that's right we saiding and dunk contest together. zach lavigne and aaron gordon battled through tie breakers but lavine won for the second year in a row. >> i was prepared for four and
5:26 pm
something that no one else ever did. he did two dunks that were just you know crazy. list lost for words -- i'm lost for words man. >> it's awesome. i had so much fun win or lose. >> afterward levine dedicated the win and trophy to flip saunders. his former coach who passed away back in october at the age of 60 after battling hodgkin's lymphoma. he wrote in part quote he's the one that always believed in me and drafted me. his memory will live on forever. just a matter of days away with spring training. on thursday, but tanaka has a bit of a head start. today the potential ace got through the first mound session since surgery back in october without incident. he reported no issues with the elbow and after a bone spur removed back in the fall. another mound sex in a couple of day -- session in a couple of days. tonight it's the rematch as
5:27 pm
week after -- hosts the flyers a week after ryan mcdonagh suffered a sucker punch. this one will be tense. as for this afternoon, the devils in the second after the back-to-back -- of the back to book hosting the kings. this one about luck. off the face-off and off the king and in to make it 1-0 devils. caves taking care of the rest, he had 28 saves frustrating los angeles all afternoon and also got some help ear from the post -- here from the post. this is in the third with under two to go. that would have been the tying shot but it deflects out. 1 of 0. the devils with the win. and it's the first sunday without football since back in august. time for us to find another way to occupy our time. but for the former giants' head coach tom coughlin that's not a problem. tom coughlin is still committed to the giants' community. >> this idea that we can there to help and to serve you know. that's what it's all about. >> today cough lynn and his wife judy were visiting their friends at st. joseph's children's hospital in paterson
5:28 pm
>> he has good kicking ability. huh let's put it that way. i've been sitting around for myself feeling sorry for myself and something like this, know. we're all blessed. you know. we're all blessed. and let's hope that some of the bless, will be shared with the -- blessings listen shared with the -- will be shared with the families. >> he has no intentions of giving up his work in the community. as for football well let's not call it retirement. >> try this word "transition." transitioning into what? i don't know. but i'm not certainly not going to retire. >> cough lynn says the coaching days are not over but it must be the right opportunity. the same goes for the consultant position he's been offered to stay with the giants. >> i need to know what the role is you know because i want to do the best i can in the role but i'm not going to look over somebody's shoulder. if it can be defined and something i can do and help with it would be a consideration certainly. >> tom and his wife judy no strangers to helping out in the community with wonderful to spend morning with them. joe? >> something tells me he'll
5:29 pm
thank you laura. >> still full of fire. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, the man accused of fatally stabbing a woman and her children on staten island faces a judge. >> tensions mount in the middle east a i always heard fios was a lot faster. but, i thought it would be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop, my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better.
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good evening once again, >> and i'm -- torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. meteorologist jeff smith. it may not feel much like it right now jeff, but the temperatures are inching upward right? >> they are. i mean, this is not nearly as bad as it was this time last wright in terms of -- night in
5:32 pm
but any little breeze right now still makes it feel pretty unbearable. check out the lows that we got down to this morning. this is incredible got down to 1 below zero in central park. all negative numbers north of the city. way below zero at monticello down to 13 below there. most of the major reporting -- all of the major sites broke park. getting down to minus 1 just beat that old record out of the water, that was set back in 1916. that was 2 degrees. so it was our coldest valentine's day on record. today not only that, this was our first time believe it or not, since 1994, o 22 years ago -- so 22 years ago that we got below zero in central park. just to show you how rare this type of cold is in the tristate area, 14 right now morristown and 7 monticello and we're 15 at central park. that's basically been our high temperature for the day. windchills aren't as dangerous as they were earlier today and especially last night. but they're still pretty bad.
5:33 pm
you're going to want to bundle up in a big way. winter weather advisories in effect until midnight tomorrow night for new york city and points north and west. for our next snow situation come into the picture. i think first flakes arrive around midday tomorrow and we could be talking about a coating to an inch by the evening commute. many more details on that plus a big warmup which will change that snow over to rain eventually in your full accuweather forecast upcoming up in -- coming up in just a few minutes. sandra, joe? >> all right jeff thank you. remember you can keep track of the bitter cold temperatures in the area anytime with the free accutrack weather alert app. the former fugitive accused of stabbing a mother and her small children on staten island faced a judge today. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is live in st. george with the details. mallory? >> reporter: well, joe, good evening, that 25-year-old entered a not guilty plea tonight. he was expressionless
5:34 pm
belaugh. michael sykes entered a staten island courtroom. his face expressionless and he was arraigned on three counts of first degree murder and one count of first degree attempted murder among other charges. sykes did not speak. his appointed attorney entered a plea. >> he denies the allegations set forth by the district attorney. and i -- a plea of not guilty on defendant's behalf. >> not guilty please noted. >> reporter: throughout the arraign. he stared blankly listening to the allegations against him. >> the defendant went to the room where rebecca cutler was staying with her three baby girls, he viciously stabbed her over 40 times and also stabbed the little girls and his own child malia multiple times. >> only survivor of the wednesday killing spree on staten island, a 2-year-old named miracle. who's being hospitalized for stab wounds to the abdomen. yesterday, sykes was seen being escorted by police from the
5:35 pm
queens after a four day manhunt. detectives had been tracking his possible whereabout since his attack. his attorney made a request for bail. >> this defendant has never been involved with a criminal justice system. this is his first arrest as such, i'm going to and the court to set some sort of bail defendant. >> reporter: the judge said he would remain in custody on rikers island. the district attorney's office says because of the nature of this crime, it is a top priority he is due back in court on tuesday. life on staten island, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. growing and now deadly tensions between the israelis and palestinians. a palestinian teenager was shot and killed by an israeli officer after he ran at check point guards near bethlehem with a knife. two other teenagers were shot and killed hours earlier after one of them opened fire
5:36 pm
no soldiers were hurt. meanwhile, a major step in the peace process in syria. president obama today called russian president vladimir putin. now according to the kremlin, both leaders expressed support for the cease fair in syria. -- fire in syria. the kremlin said putin stressed the need to build a solid working relationship between the defense ministries of both the u.s. and russia to fight terrorism. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is pushing for reforms in albania. kerry stopped in the country's capital today. the u.s. wants reforms that include the creation of an anticorruption court and a prosecutor's office as well as an investigative body to the fbi. at the same time, kerry thanked albania for its support of u.s. policies in the middle east. >> albania has been there from the beginning. willing to stand by all countries in opposition to dash and it is standing up with
5:37 pm
it is standing up with us in support of afghanistan. >> kerry now coming back to the united states and he'll join president obama in california for a summit of leaders from southeast asian countries. still to come on eyewitness news at 5:00, fierce flames force dozens of people out of their homes in california.
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>> reporter: chris harrison is celebrating 20 seasons of "the bachelor" by looking back with some of your favorites from prior seasons. and by performing another wedding. >> your hands are shaking. >> reporter: not every proposal ends at the altar. but through the years, the producers have learned how to nurture the relationships which do develop between couples. >> yes of course. >> we stay involved in their lives whether giving them you -- you know taking them on trips and having get aways while is show is waiting to go
5:41 pm
>> reporter: much happens off- camera between the last day of filming and the series premiere many months later. >> we keep them in touch with each other. we try to foster that relationship and -- and mediate if we need to. and make sure that they're communicating and i think we just do a better job now of staying involved and trying to help them. >> reporter: back when he began, hopes were not high for what became a big hit. >> abc ordered six one hour episodes of alex, michelle and the spring of 2002. i was hoping we'd get through three. that was my dream. and i might meet somebody at abc that could then lead to a real job. >> reporter: for chris, this is certainly a real and very lucrative job. the chance to sit down with him was a good opportunity to ask how he keeps interested season after season, listening to contestants repeat the exact same thing. >> it's amazing, it's amazing it's amazing. >> reporter: the challenge
5:42 pm
variety within the formula. >> there's nothing better than when you crack an interview. and get really -- really get into somebody and you realize they're just having a conversation and talking to you. and not getting you a soundbyte. so that's -- i guess that's what drives me. >> reporter: i'm sandy channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and "the bachelor" at 20 a celebration of love airs tonight at 8:00 right here on channel 7. well, if you think roses are valentine's day are just too conventional. here's an alternative. >> what an alternative it is. a company in washington state called mystery potato sends spuds to people. workers write your message on a potato and then send it to the recipient. it started small but then the concept went viral and is a actually big business. >> we have ten contractors in the united states and ten internationally who create them for us and shim them all over
5:43 pm
>> nothing says i love you like a potato according to the company's website. okay. >> people will buy anything. >> yeah. the cold prompted audiences to pile into movie theaters this weekend. >> and coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, one new movie
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all of those little dots you see there on the left hand side of the screen? those are sharks. they arrived in southeast florida as part of their annual migration and they are expected to stick around until the end of next month. the sharks number in the thousands and are called black tips. the professor who shot this video is studying why they are attracted to this specific area. and earthquake in new
5:47 pm
cliff into the sea. the same quake knocked items off store shelves as well but authorities report no major damage in the city of christchurch. however the quake rattled nerves and next week marks five years since a major quake killed 185 people and leveled buildings there. and eerie view from the cold temperatures. this is called sea smoke in boston. it's actually steam that forms when exceptionally cold air moves over warmer water. you see that? jeff? >> you know if you thought it was cold here, boston got down to 9 below this morning. it was their coldest in nearly 60 years. >> my my. >> since 1956 so just incredible. and yeah that forms because you have that really, really cold air over the relatively warm water and i don't want to call it warm water. because i'm sure you wouldn't want to take a dip in boston harbor at this time of the year, but head outside right now and show you the picture over across the east river
5:48 pm
to lower manhattan. that's as warm as we've gotten all day with 15 degrees. the windchill sitting at 8 and windchills have come up a little bit from the depths of what they had this morning. got down to minus 19 windchill at one point in central park. next seven hours we'll have increasing clouds later on tonight. temperatures plateauing or -- or falling just a little bit down to about 13 by midnight. so not nearly as cold as it was last night. weapon we got down to minus 3 -- when we got down to minus 1. 5 monticello and 13 islip and still windchills below zero areas north of the city. so if you're spending any type of prolonged time outdoors tonight definitely bundle up because it's still dangerous if you're spending a long time in this stuff. radar satellite not showing much here in the tristate area but here's the next storm system right now moving through the lower ohio valley. the leading edge of the snow from that will approach during the day tomorrow. we'll track it all for you on the futurecast. 7:00 in the morning, clouds have already increased at least high clouds have already
5:49 pm
city. we're down to about 13. you do have some single numbers even below zero well north and west of the city. so don't get me wrong it's going to be a very cold night again tonight. but not nearly as harsh as it was last night because we'll have less in the way of wind. during the day here comes the first snow flakes moving in right around midday into the city. 29 degrees by 1:00 in the afternoon and that means because temperatures are below freezing when the snow starts coming down it will be able to accumulate on streets and sidewalks. and any surface really until very late in the afternoon into the early evening when temperatures along the coast actually rise above the freezing mark. that's when you get switchover to rangers shore and parts of -- jersey shore and parts of long island. but temperatures in the 20s north and west. there goes the rain/snow line pretty quickly through the city during the early to mid evening hours and by 10:00 p.m. just north of i-8 are 4. get -- 84. getting rain pretty much south of there. but it's all about warmer
5:50 pm
heavier downpours during the day on tuesday. before the changeover maybe a coating to an inch of snow to the city and points south and east. west. but still could cause a mess for the monday evening commute. very cold and increasing clouds tonight. we're down to 12 a little bit of snow in the afternoon and accumlating a coating to an inch by dark. up into the mid 30s it's a wintry are mix in the evening and then just changing over to plain old rain late tomorrow night. 35 early. rising into the 40s by morning. by tuesday morning. milder tuesday could be some heavier downpours and 55 for a high. mostly cloudy on wednesday. [ laughter ] you can just laugh right? 48 degrees and then we're closer to normal thursday, friday before we're back in the 50s by saturday. >> talk about a boomerang effect. >> yes i know. >> almost golf weather. >> right. >> thanks jeff. well, in spite of the bitter cold or maybe because of
5:51 pm
one movie set a record at the box office. "dead pool" brought in $135 million domesticically. that's a new record for an r. rated film. the matrix reloaded previously held that record. id features a sarcastic marvel superhero with a kind of dirty mouth. more movie news. spotlight and the big short won big. both films are oscar contenders. spotlight won for best original screenplay. the big short won for best adapted screenplay. it is big momentum for the anymore. s that are not nominated -- films that are nominated for the best picture oscar. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00 investigators believe they know what sparked a deadly pile-up on interstate 78 in pennsylvania.
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naevoid know of a -- new video of a row house fire that left about 50 people in san francisco without homes. fiere respected last night and the flames spread and fortunately no one was hurt.
5:55 pm
and up and coming indie band vie owe la beach and their manager killed in a car crash. the five were in a car that went off the road and into a creek in sweden. viola beach from the uk played a gig at a music festival the day before the accident. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a mangled mess of vehicles cleared. and that highway is open again. three people were killed during yesterday's pile-up in central pennsylvania. dozens more were sent to the hospital. police now say that blinding snow squalls played a role in that megacrash. by now you've likely received your w-2 and are gathering everything you need to file your taxes. >> now the irs is already accepting electronic returns and while the deadline to file isn't until april. "consumer reports" found some advantages to filing early. eyewitness news anchor david novarro runs them down. >> reporter: peggy and her husband were victims of a tax
5:56 pm
>> last year, when we filed our taxes, the irs had flagged our account because someone had filed a phony return under our -- my husband's social security number. >> reporter: it was an attempt to steal their refund. >> filing your tax return early is a great way to thwart this kind of a scam. you get your paperwork in early before a criminal can file in your name. >> reporter: filing early has other advantages, for one you'll get the refund sooner. about two-thirds of americans do get a refund. which averaged apt $2,700 last year -- about $2,700 last year. it's also beneficial if you owe taxes. >> that way, you'll have plenty of time to figure out where the money is going to come from. or to set up a payment schedule. this year, you have to pay by april 18th. and you don't want to be late and incur any penalties or fines. >> reporter: another belt of preparing your taxes early, you may be able to get a better deal on college financial aid. early applications often get more money. if you file early, don't rush
5:57 pm
you still need to be accurate. that avoids having to amend return later. and if you've been the victim of identity theft, you can get a special pin number from the irs that will protect you against future tax fraud. david novarro, channel 7 eyewitness news. and victims of identity theft can request that special pin by going to and filling o out the identity theft affidavit. remembering a proud son of queens.
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remembering a great son of queens. political leaders and neighbors reflect on the passing of supreme court justice and elmhurst native antonin scalia. cold hearted. mother nature gives us the most frigid valentine's day on record as firefighters battle a fire and ice in the bone chilling cold. the record-breaking and dangerous cold make it an accuweather alert day. good evening, i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. we're going to begin with the arctic blast that's plunged the


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