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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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they're finally home. frustrated passengers right now back in new york after a long and exhausting trip home from a flight that didn't exactly go as planned. their flight landing tonight 24 hours later than it should have. >> they took off yesterday from punta cana in the dominican republic, tried to land at kennedy airport, but got diverted to new hampshire, and that's where they spent the night. >> today they took off headed for kennedy again. circled around a little bit, then got set to boston before finally making it home tonight. >> josh einiger at jfk speaking to relieved passengers as they left the airport. >> after an odyssey they thought would never end, passengers and crew got to know each other pretty well on this odyssey. one flight became three flights. now after 24 hours they're finally home. >> reporter: this was no one's idea of a pleasant layover. a plane load of vacationers air dropped in to a tiny snow
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after delta flight 944 diverted from kennedy and this was just the beginning. >> it's been 28 hours of traveling for three-and-a-half-hour flight. >> reporter: they finally staggered through the doors of jfk. >> i feel great now that my feet are on the ground. >> reporter: a flight from punta cana and the dominican republic was supposed to arrive at kennedy just after 6:00 last night. after bad weather and dwindling fuel, pilots diverted to manchester, new hampshire where there were no customs officers. >> in manchester for five hours. then they put us in a hotel. >> reporter: this morning they tried again and hit air so rough the pilot turned around. >> babies screaming, people throwing up. >> scary. you look out the window and you can't even see. >> that was the scariest part. kind of puts your life in perspective. >> reporter: back to boston. another four hours on the ground before they headed home for a third time, finally arriving at kennedy before 8:00 tonight where passengers had nothing but nice things to say about their crew. after all, they got to know them very well.
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with us even though they do it every day, they put on that stoic face and they did what today than never. >> i told the captain, thank you for keeping us safe. he was very professional and thank god he was an experienced pilot. >> delta says that first diversion to manchester, new hampshire was the safest possible option for all those passengers despite the fact it's not an international airport. they then had to wait for customs officers by the time they arrived. the crew had to spend the night in a hotel. passengers though just happy they're home. live at kennedy, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. they're mopping up after a vicious storm knocks out power, knocks down trees and morphs roadways in to rivers. like in the claremont section of the bronx. one of the many streets and highways in our area underwater today and tonight.
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county city of englewood in new jersey with the latest. >> the neighbors that live here tell me the people who live in this home are now staying with family tonight. that's because of this damage. take a look. you can see the uprooted tree here that toppled over on to this house, crushing on to this roof. a room right there that belonged to a baby. >> reporter: a heavy downpour and strong winds hit through englewood, likely causing a tree to topple on to this home on trion avenue. no one was home at the time and fortunately no one was hurt. >> it's terrible because i know that family just moved in. they haven't been here in the neighborhood not too long. >> reporter: and heavy rain shut down the bronx river parkway from yonkers to white plains because of flooding. cars were detoured off the parkway, creating quite a mess for the evening commute. the same could be said for driving along the rfk bridge, a downpour of rain made for a slow
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also a tree split in half falling on top of this group. this shows flooding on 9th avenue. the water rose above car wheel wells, shutting down roads there too. luckily the flash flooding quickly receded. englewood. that's that roof i just talked about. you can see that huge chunk taken out of the roof. the reason the family is not staying here tonight, neighbors say they're going to keep a close eye on this house. also a quick note about the bronx river parkway, it will remain closed for the next couple of hours but will be reopened according to officials for the morning commute. reporting live in englewood, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank goodness no one was injured.
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yonkers and on long island. in belmoore a tree came smashing down taking with it a car with a woman inside. the woman was trapped but rescued without injury. all is calm now, but torrential rain finally gone. lee is at the weather wall. >> it was really about big swings fueling big storms. you go back to sunday morning, it was 1 below in new york city, and a little less than 56 hours later, 55 hours later, 55 degrees warmer at 54 degrees right there. so we had almost an inch of rainfall in just a couple hours in many spots. that was enough to cause major flooding. here's the squall line making a clean sweep across the area in the afternoon hours. now things are calming down and skies are clearing out. look at all the storm reports across the area. wind gusts near 60 miles per hour. we had damage in midtown. power outages across the area. streets are dry at least in manhattan.
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it's diminishing but it feels like about freezing routh now. we still have standing water north and west but temperatures freezing. chilly and black ice around the area. 36 degrees. we'll talk about a little chill coming in then a weekend warmup in your 7-day accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. high winds blamed tonight for toppling a glass table on a balcony of a building and sending shards of glass raining on to streets below. two women were hit and cut, though not seriously. the incident happened today in midtown on 7th avenue. the building's owner has been cited for failure to secure the balcony during today's storm. time might be running out tonight for a female watch thief who's targeting men by using basic instinct. police releasing surveillance images of the woman they're looking for. they say she goes back to hotels with men then steals their watches after they fall asleep. two watches she's stolen
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$100,000 combined. trying to keep a $45 fare nearly costing a livery cab driver in new york his life. the passenger was acting odd the second he got in to his cab and he thought about pulling over and telling him to get out but he didn't because he wanted the fare. he was attacked from behind. >> when i look at him, i think wow, i'm driving the devil. >> the driver needing 60 stuchz to close the cut -- 60 stitches to close the cut on his face. the nypd searching for a pair of suspects tonight who sucker-punched a tourist, knocking him out cold. it happened in front of the staten he punched the victim in the face after refusing to buy tickets to the statue of liberty believed to be fake. the suspect and female
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say they know who they're looking for. a bloody and deadly family tragedy in connecticut. a father killed by police and the rest of his family in the hospital. victims of a vicious attack by the man who's supposed to take care of them. 51-year-old christopher andrews shot and killed by police this morning outside his home in fairfield. police say andrews attacked his entire family, bludgeoning his wife, daughter, and two sons. over eager people trying to get a little bit too close to pope francis during his trip to mexico. the pope greeting people when some of them tugged on his sleeve appeared to be close to pulling over. when it happened a second time, the pontiff said don't be selfish. pope continued to wave at people for a few minutes then left. after a brief stop in new york to court black voters, the former secretary of state met
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reverend al sharpton and other african american community leaders. a new poll in the democratic primary fell sharply to clinton over bernie sanders, 56 to 38. meanwhile sanders campaign will release a new television campaign ad tomorrow featuring the sister of eric garner. he died while be arrested on staten island after being put in an apparent chokehold. though garner's mother has chosen instead to endorse clinton. sanders' ad will appear in stations in south carolina. now to the republican presidential candidates who are in south carolina tonight as they ramp up attacks against each other. ted cruz, donald trump, and marco rubio all claiming their fellow candidates are liars. jeb bush who's apparently not wearing his glasses anymore continues campaigning with his big brother. president george w. bush back in the political arena today trying to help his brother's faltering presidential bid.
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saturday for supreme court justice antonin scalia. the controversy about who replaces him and when very much alive and cantankerous. president obama tonight insisting he will nominate a replacement for the conservative judge. he thinks senate republicans have no constitutional grounds to refuse to vote in the remaining 11 months of mr. obama's term. >> i'm going to present somebody who indisputably is qualified for the seat. this will be the opportunity for senators to do their job. >> here's a roadblock. senate republicans insisting they'll not confirm anyone the president nominates. new at 11:00, a key ruling. why apple is being told to help break in to one of its phones. >> a former miss america contestant critically injured. >> a lost wallet found. sort of. the credit cards came back but
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a groundbreaking legal ruling. a judge ordering apple to help them hack in to a phone of the gunman of the san bernardino terror attack. to bypass a self-destruct feature that erases the phone after too many unsuccessful attempts to unlock it. a former miss new jersey who once competed for the miss america crown is in critical condition tonight after a car crash. 23-year-old cara mccollum was
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spun out of control and hit several trees. mccullom was alive and not wearing a seatbelt. the extent of her injuries is not being released. ever lost your wallet? who hasn't? tonight the story of a young new yorker who lost his but then a good samaritan returned some of what was inside. some of what was inside. this anonymous sender wrote a note explaining why not everything was being returned. wait till you read it. aj ross with the note and the wallet's owner. >> reporter: a night out on the town recently caused riley flaherty more than he bargained for when he suddenly realized his wallet was gone. >> lost everything. got to go get new credit cards, new driver's license, everything. >> reporter: despite going back to the brooklyn theater where he last had it at a concert, riley came up empty but he never lost his sense of humor. >> like 2,000 to 3,000 yen in small unmarked bills. so you can understand why that would be so impactful for me.
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received this mysterious letter in the mail. >> two weeks later this envelope shows up completely unmarked. >> reporter: to surprise his license and credit cards had been returned but his wallet, cash, and metro card were gone. >> i thought everything was gone so it was kind of cool to get part of what was lost. >> reporter: the anonymous sender who found riley's wallet wrote the cash was kept for weed, the metro card was held on to because fares increased and the wallet was too cool to give back. >> it was very clear this was the work of a specialist. we've got this pot smoking modern day robin hood who's out there. >> reporter: as riley reflects on the irony of his bad deed turned good, he has a message for his new pen pal. >> the ironic thing really is we could have been good friends. we both are in to indie music, same taste in wallet. he or she tried to take what was of any value. >> aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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holidays now seeming like a distant memory, many tri-staters are likely looking for a break and now may be the time to book that weekend getaway. mark murphy says the best thing you can do in order to snag a last minute deal is to sign up for airline e-mail alert programs that way you'll be the first to know but you've got to act fast. >> if you see a good deal, grab it. what the airlines do is they limit those deals they put out. as soon as those two or three seats are gone, that price goes up. >> murphy suggests being spontaneous and considering places you might not normally getting away. >> anywhere with sun? no rain, no freezing temperatures, 0 to 55 in 48 hours, any place in mind? >> need that flexibility to get away too. want to get away? our temperatures will be getting nicer by the weekend. not tonight.
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empire state building in yellow. 39 degrees, northwest wind 9 to 17. high managed to reach 54 degrees but now we're on our way in to the 30s. a few slick spots especially in the suburbs. we have a couple chilly days wednesday and thursday, friday is a little chilly then we have a nice weekend warmup coming up. we should get in the low and middle 50s over the weekend, might be an afternoon shower saturday. no major storms. 36, stanhope. same in randolph right now. falling down to freezing and below north and west. a few slippery spots. 41, brentwood. 37 in wrightstown. storm is moving in to eastern canada. still manage to get and mid 40s. about a 6 to 12 or 8 to 16-mile-per-hour wind. bit of a breeze in the afternoon. lower and mid 40s for your highs.
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out in the wake of today's storm. patch of cloudiness, that will break during the midday hours. a clipper system moving to detroit and late in to the day and tomorrow morning, a few clouds and a flurry. no big systems though. notice the clouds are coming in tomorrow morning. early on, chilly, upper 20s and lower 30s. then we get in the mid 40s during the day. mix of sun and clouds and a few snow showers may sneak in to the western suburbs. it's partly to mostly cloudy, chilly, before sunrise. up to 45, not bad in the afternoon. a little breezy at times. there can be a snow shower north and west late in the day and evening hours. partly cloudy to clear and chilly tomorrow night. your thursday morning temperatures are only in the low and mid 20s. that's the coldest on thursday. about 40 on friday. sunshine yielding some clouds. a warm front is coming through and we're in the low and middle 50s on saturday. might be a late day shower and still in the low 50s on sunday.
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to next week. i think tuesday will feature increasing cloudiness and tuesday night in to wednesday will be the first opportunity to see a coastal storm. that may mean rain along the coast. at least we're not talking about any major storms for a week or so. bill evans will have an update in the morning. up next, why having an egg might not be such a bad thing for your heart. plus, our first chance to find out who some of the winners are from that $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. >> but first let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see who's on the show tonight. >> tonight gwen stefani, secretary of state john kerry. guillermo rubbing elbows and stomachs with the stars at the grammy. tyga is here to explain why paul
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in tonight's health alert, more encouraging news about the once maligned egg. a new study from finland found no link between dietary cholesterol from eggs and adverse heart health. the study even found no increased risk among people carrying the gene making them more sensitive to dietary cholesterol. the owners of one of the three winning tickets in last month's record breaking powerball jackpot tomorrow set to claim their prize. one of the three winning tickets bought in a public supermarket. the winners expected a news
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tallahassee to make themselves known. i suspect they can expect a lot of cousins they never knew they had to suddenly show up. rob powers up next with sports. >> the nets may be getting closer to finding a general manager. we'll have the latest there. we'll talk baseball as well. spring training coming up real quick. we talk to one fella rearing to go.
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in 3 months your lung function improves up to 30%. and ten years after you quit your risk of dying from lung cancer is about half that of a smoker. but right now...'re one cigarette closer to cancer. every cigarette makes you sick. quit smoking today. [ siren wailing ] some front office intrigue perhaps. >> word within the last hour, the one-time knick draft pick now the pick to take over the knicks front office.
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he's been offered the net gm job. the report is the gm job is his if marks wants it. baseball so close now. training camp opens this week. looks like most of the mets already there ready to roll. curtis granderson had offseason surgery on the torn thumb ligament. all is good and now time to get back to work. >> the big thing is to not believe the hype. a lot of people will have expectations to do amazing things and we got to understand people have to talk but realize that we got to go ahead and get our work done. on ice tonight, good battles to rock. the devils go for a fourth straight win. second over the flyers. 5-0-1 in their last six games. devils wanted this one too. trailed in the 3rd period. 2-2, all even. but not for long. wayne simmons and nick cousins
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flyers score four goals. 6-3 philly wins. devils were 1% on the power play. flyers converted on two four. ryan mcdonagh has missed four straight with a concussion. mcdonagh on the ice skating, getting ready to play tomorrow and that would be great to see. >> come back pretty fast here in the last few days so really not even thinking about it anymore and that's the biggest thing for me, just focus on playing the way i need to play and having fun out there. college hoops tonight. rutgers at illinois. tight last time but last time cory sanders played. he's been suspended for two weeks, violating team rules and last time malcolm hill wasn't doing that. rutgers 0-13 now in the big 10 after an 82-66 loss at illinois tonight. nfl teams can start using their franchise tags on players starting today.
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centering on pro bowl defensive end mohammed wilkerson. they don't want to let wilkerson go but thauv not -- but they've not progressed on a long-term contract either. more than $15 million. that's pretty basic there but the window is now open. wilkerson had a nice season but it ended with that broken leg. nba season on hold for a couple more days with the all star break. carmelo anthony going to rest that sore knee but today, business. anthony was in puerto rico where he is the owner of a new entry in the north american soccer league. they start play this year. prfc announced their first two players. anthony was there. he starts playing this summer. he's got interests other than basketball. >> sports entrepreneur. when you look at that picture -- >> you pick him right out. i remember when carmelo was the owner of an indy car team.
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i don't know if it lasted one lap. look that up. it was real quick. >> good to branch out. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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join the conversation on facebook. what do you want to talk about tonight? how about that wallet? >> ask us anything you want. we have no staff doing this for us. we retweet and post ourselves. ask sade anything you want. >> ask him anything you want. >> jimmy kimmel is next. eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- gwen stefani. secretary of state john kerry. and guillermo at the 2016 grammy awards. with cleto and the cletones. and now, step aside, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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