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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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attack on a restaurant worker in manhattan. police hope you can help track down the teens who may know the suspect. >> an emotional day in court for the family of a little girl killed by a hit and run driver. >> first it was new york's values. now christian values are the latest war of words for donald trump now involving the pump. good morning, i'm lore roy stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. it is friday, february 19. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. here's meteorologist bill evans in the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> the show is flying by. here we go. we have a temperature of 25 degrees. 15 around poughkeepsie. 19 monmouth ocean county down to the shore areas all the way down to cape may. 22, 26 on long island. cold morning, dress warmly, but by afternoon, we get into the upper 30s.
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we'll also talk about temperatures in the 50s for the weekend. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. heather's looking at the trains what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, there is a new jersey transit, metro- north, they are doing just fine. our subway service is also running on or close to schedule. this is a look at the fdr drive doing very well. we had an earlier accident right here. we also had construction as you go southbound. that construction vehicle is still blocking the right lane, but it's really not causing major delays as a result. we're also taking a look at the new england throughway as you go southbound right near exit 18. that is an accident. you have two lanes closed off as you go through this spot. this deegan accident has been cleared away. this is the george washington bridge. you can see the bridge is doing just fine coming into the city. leaving the city, no major issues there. you have a minor delay coming into the tolls of the george washington bridge.
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delays as you come inbound at this point. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori, ken, over to you. new details now in a slashing attack inside of a popular greenwich village diner. >> within the past hour, we received new photos of several teenagers that police want to talk with as they were seen wednesday night with the suspect who left a restaurant and bus boy needing more than 100 stitches. >> dray clark is live in the village with more information. >> reporter: good morning. detectives say they have a picture of the 15-year-old suspect they are looking for and say it's only a matter of down. they are hoping by releasing the new image, it will bring them one step closer to finding the suspect. here is a picture just released from the nypd. it is believed these teenagers, one boy and two girls, were with the 15-year-old suspect wanted for slashing bobby barbeau across the face. he was a bus boy at the silver
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village who was slashed across the face wednesday night after he asked the 15-year-old suspect to please leave the restaurant because he was soliciting customers for money. >> this was unexpected, you know? he didn't expect the guy to, you know, to slice him. it kind of happened very quickly. i'm just distraught. i just hope that, you know, something good comes out of it, and they catch whoever did this. >> reporter: that was bobby barbeau's girlfriend who we spoke with last night. a deliveryman encounters the same group of teenagers nearby on huston street and says the teenagers were asking to support a basketball team and kept asking over and over again. when people would tell them no, they became very aggressive. again this morning, police are looking for that one boy and two girls pictured in that image there.
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closer to finding the 15-year- old suspect. we're live in greenwich village, dray clark, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> dray, thank you. within the past 15 minutes, new video in connection with one of the other attacks we've been telling you about this morning. police say this is the person who stabbed a 33-year-old man in the back in the upper west side last night. it happened at 88th and columbus. the suspect stole the victim's kindle and head phones and was last seen headed west on west 89th street. the victim is recovering at the hospital. the time is 6:04. the man convicted of killing a 4-year-old girl when he crashed onto a manhattan sidewalk. he is expected to be sentenced today. franklin reyes, jr. faces up to nine years behind bars after taking a plea deal a year ago. he was being chased by police in 2013 when he crashed on the upper west side killing a girl and injuring her grandmother as
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burglaries are on the rise in kips bay. the number of burglaries has more than doubled compared the same time last year. there's now an increased police presence allock east 25th street as officer -- along east 25th street as officers investigate the rash of break- ins. there were seven burglaries in that area in the past week and now people living there are on alert. >> my roommate and i have been locking the windows and being really careful, even if we leave for a little bit. >> the police, i do see them on the street a lot. i typically see a police car parked outside of this building. >> police also put up fliers in buildings warning people to take precautions. it is 6:05. in the race for president, donald trump is backing off slightly from his criticism of pope francis. the pope is on his return trip
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position is not christian. trump fired back saying the pontiff's remarks are disgraceful. mallory hoff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these are fighting words, to say the least. bold statements on either side. the big question now, though, what impact, if any, will this carolina? >> i don't like fighting with the pope actually. >> reporter: donald trump is softening his attack on pope francis after the pontiff was critical of building a wall along the mexican border. >> about building walls, wherever they may be located, and not building bridges is not a christian. >> reporter: trump erupted when he first heard the news but now says he believes the pope's remarks were probably a little nicer than first reported, but he then took a dig at the pope. >> he also talked about having a wall is not christian. he's got an awfully big wall at the vatican, i will tell you. >> people do come and go through the vatican.
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through the wall, you know? but they will come and go legally. >> reporter: trump says he respects pope francis, but after fist hearing the pope's -- first hearing the pope's remarks, he said it was disgraceful for a religious leader to question his christianity. in south carolina, 78% of adults identify themselves as christian. now, of that grouping, 10% identify as catholic. so what will this mean in south carolina? we will soon find out. live in manhattan, mallory hoff, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you very much. a new poll shows bernie sanders has cut hillary clinton's national lead in half. still 53% of democratic primaries backed the former secretary of state while 42% of them support the senator from vermont.
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after sanders' blowout heat in new hampshire and statistical loss in iowa. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. here we go. it's like the news copters are up this morning. we've got lights in the sky and we've got a beautiful morning and clear skies. ooh, it's on the chilly side. it's 24 degrees now. 25 at 6:00. so we normally have a temperature of 28, 29, 30. we've got clear skies and a light wind that allows the temperature to drop off. see the cloud from the west? those are coming in later today. with them will be much warmer air. we'll get to 37 by 2:00. 39 will be our high. tonight we'll have a few clouds and will be a sprinkle tonight. we're going to be looking at really warm air coming in across the area. the huckleberries will be at the bus stop for the kids who have school. heather's kids will be getting
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>> what are your kids, giving away savings bonds in school today? >> that was yesterday. today it's just tootsie rolls. i don't know, that's their choice. >> sweet kids. >> reporter: this is not a sweet ride on the new england thruway. you are bumper to bumper here. we'll tell what you's -- tell you what's happening. that accident two lanes are closed down as you go through that spot. long island railroad is on or closed. new jersey transit is doing okay. metro-north is no major problems. n and r signal problems at prince street. expect downtown delays as a result. the deegan heading south at 138th street, an accident has been cleared away. the george washington bridge is in good shape. no major problems as you come into the city about five minutes into the lincoln and holland tunnels. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. i believe we have news copter 7 up over the east side of town. this is the fdr drive. john, how are things looking there?
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better than a few minutes ago. heather, good morning, live pictures here from the fdr drive. we have two issues here. one was other was late running construction. the accident's been cleared. we pulled up the construction workers put the last of the barrels into the right lane. i think the accident caused the construction to be cleared a few minutes later than usual. that looks like it's just about wrapped up so we should have all lanes reopened at northbound 79th street and traffic moving well. channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. still to come, new information on an earthquake that rattled parts of new jersey. >> cops and robbers out of southern california. what prompted police to open
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6:13. welcome back. an investigation after police shoot and kill two burglary suspects. the officers say they were confronted by the suspects while responding to a burglary in progress. investigators say at least one of the suspects did have a gun.
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suspects fired shots at the officers. this comes one day after police officers and a gang member were injured in a shoot-out. 6:14 now. federal authorities have yet to comment on their raid of a home in southern california in connection to last year's terror shooting. fbi agents search the home belonging to a brother of a gunman, but there is no evidence that that brother is connected to the shootings or to terrorism. agents carried out papers, envelopes, and a computer from the home in corona. meanwhile, investigators are looking into the possibility that a third militant was at the scene of the massacre. a judge will decide today whether to transfer the so- called affluenza teen case from juvenile to adult court. ethan couch was transferred to a maximum security adult jail earlier this month. the 18-year-old was arrested in mexico after police say that he fled the count with his mother when twitter video allegedly showed him violating his probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people.
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adult court, his adult probation will go into effect on his 19th birthday. some people living in northern new jersey got a jolt last night from a small earthquake. that quake struck at about 8:15 last night a half mile from butler in morris county. originally came across as a magnitude 1.6 but has since been downgraded to 1.1. we're also told the 911 center did receive phone calls but no reports of any damage. the emergency management also posted on twitter that they had no reports of any injuries. 6:15, time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's check in with bill who stepped outside. bill? >> i have a guest with me this morning. little girl, what's your name? come, come, come, how are you? this is "pick me up." this is my dog sandy. so if you want to join us, sandy is here to wish maximus a happy birthday.
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max is turning 8, so we'll give you a little birthday party and weather for the it's calm, quiet, and temperatures are starting out right around 24 degrees. we're looking for the camera here with the roads and bridges. it's really nice. the winds are light, which allowed the temperatures to drop off with a clear sky. all of the heating we had a high yesterday of 36. normal is 42. normal high is 20 and around 30. so we're at 25. we're a little cooler than normal, and temperatures are in the mid-20s right now around brooklyn and queens. we're looking at temperatures up to the north in the teens. really today, we'll get just a light wind with a lot of sunshine and blue skies with the warm air coming in tonight. windchills are going to be around 8 and 17 over toward la guardia. , flushing, astoria. we have clear skies, sunshine, a view of a sunrise. you see the clouds north and
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up the cold air creating the clouds and sprinkles. the afternoon features clouds. we get into the upper 30s near 40. overnight, we have a sprinkle. by the time we get to tomorrow morning, temperatures are in the low 40s to start the day. we'll be in the mid and upper 50s. the showers are screeching across dutchess county by afternoon. we have mid-50s and 39 today. clouds and sun. tonight we're down to 34 with a shower or two. tomorrow, we've got clouds and sun, breezy and warmer. we're at 57 degrees. day forecast. we'll have sunshine on saturday, 57. 54 on sunday. we're looking at sunshine sunday afternoon and a few clouds might come in. monday we're at 48. tuesday into wednesday, we'll be watching possibly, you know, sunday into a couple of different rain, snow, slop- fest. so sandy and max, it's your
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sandy brought you a present. come sandy, it's your favorite, max. >> sprinkles for doggies. >> my goodness. >> look at that. [ laughter ] >> such good behavior. it's not jumping or anything. >> trying to impress sandy. >> very quiet. >> very quiet. >> a gentleman around a lady. >> that is something else. >> i don't care how much of a jaw are, you are still not dating her. father knows best. [ laughter ] >> that's right. very protective. >> that is too cute. >> you guys have a great weekend. over to heather now with another check of the commute. >> we have this mess behind me on the new england thruway. because of this accident on the new england thruway, you can see that jam packed parkway. we go back over to our maps.
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exit 18. we have an accident blocking at least two lanes on the new england thruway. long island railroad is doing okay. new jersey transit is fine. we have buses being detoured in queens because of construction. the q101 and q02 is doing just fine. until problems at prince street so you can expect downtown delays. you can see traffic moving left to right. no major problems there. 10 at the lincoln, 10 at the holland. lori, over to you. here is a story we can really relate to on this early street. according to a new study, more than a third of american adults don't get enough sleep. the study says adults need at least seven hours each night to promote peak health. sleeping less can lead to chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, lie blood
6:20 am
this is the first study to document sleep patterns in all 50 states and the nation's capital. the long island priest known as half of the god squad has passed away. in 2003, hartman announced that he had parkinson's disease. he died tuesday night from complications related to the disease. monsignor hartman was 69 years old. i got to know him over the years. a very, very nice, nice man. >> so young. a heart tour takes a horrifying turn and the crash is caught on camera. we'll also have an update on the condition of a teenager who's on board. >> a comic book collectible on
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on the money this morning, wall street starts date lower,
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dow jones starts lower at 16,413. >> markets in asia finished the week lower. nikkei was down 1 .5%. you are looking at what turned into a very good investment for a comic book fan from suffolk county. monday, we told about you this 1962 marvel comic, which featured spider-man's debut. walter of calvertton bought it for $1200. last night, he sold it at auction in dallas for $454,000. that is a record for a publicly auctioned spider-man comic. >> that's a lot of money. 6:24. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. let's say you are taking the ferry over from staten island over to jersey city. a little light and northerly wind coming down here, so dress warmly. it is a little on the chilly side.
6:25 am
coming back and forth across from long island over towards the connecticut coast, bridgeport, port jeff here. you'll be looking at a 9 mile- per-hour wind here with the windchill. 13 and 15 here at old field. so with a little light wind, the temperatures have dropped off. the real feel's in the teens this morning. so dress warmly. we're into the 50s over the weekend. it's weather then heather every seven minutes. what have you got going on. >> you can expect downtown delays. we've been telling you about an thruway. we have news copter 7 up above the accident now. we'll get an update now from john del giorno. good morning once again, john. >> reporter: good morning to you, heather, yes. we've got a big problem here. this is southbound i-95 just before exit 18b which is right here with another vehicle on the right shoulder.
6:26 am
livery cab that's sideways tow truck. that's the issue. he's blocking two lanes, and other lane blocked. as you travel southbound, all lanes are shut down and we've got big delays already. it looks like standstill volume with route 287. for now, we're live over the new england thruway. john del giorno, channel 7 "eyewitness news." thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, a restaurant bus boy slashed in the face of the village. we're seeing new images of several people spotted with the suspect. >> court documents revealing about the assault allegations involving eliot spitzer.
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new this morning, surveillance photos just released as police look for the suspect in a slashing attack in
6:30 am
>> health officials on long island announcing a strategy to get ahead of the zika virus. the new england thruway shut down in mamaroneck shut down. john? >> reporter: thankfully, ken, we're not getting word of any serious injuries so the accident is being cleared up. we start with a commuter alert coming southbound to west chester county. we have a three-car accident in the new england thruway just before exit 18b in mamaroneck. you can see them taking care of the fuel spill in the left lane. right now, all lanes are shut down. i'll put this shot out and you will see standstill delays that begin all the way back to the interchange of 287 just south of the connecticut border. you can see off on the right side of the screen, the delay begins all the way up here. that traffic continues all the way down the new england thruway and right down to the accident site.
6:31 am
we'll stay overhead and bring you an update. john del giorno, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you, john. good morning. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. it is friday, february 19th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. >> reporter: you are looking at a beautiful sunrise, but it is chilly, too. grab your warm gear. you will need that. the coat, the jacket, the scarf, the hat and gloves and all of that stuff. hopatcong is 13. montclair 20. cold morning here 15 around poughkeepsie. today we're looking at 27. by 9:00, we get into the upper 30s this afternoon with some clouds. then the temperatures just crank it on up into the 50s for tomorrow. it'll start overnight tonight and we'll talk about that next. dress warmly for today. one more chilly day. weather then heather every seven minutes. you already saw john del giorno. got your hands full with that. what else is going on?
6:32 am
from up above. here is a look at the new england thruway back by boston post road. john showed us those delays. you can see them here back by boston post road taking you all the way down into the area of play land parkway. that is because of this serious accident that's in the process of being cleared away. you see traffic is not even moving. it looks like a still shot, but believe it or not, these people are sitting here waiting to get through the accident scene. we'll pinpoint where it is southbound mamaroneck with signal problems at prince street. long island railroad doing okay. new jersey transit no major problems. the q101 and 102 buses are construction. this is the george washington bridge starting to pick up inbound side. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori, over to you. >> all right, heather. thank you.
6:33 am
now to a developing story in greenwich village. a restaurant worker was slashed in the face and we posted the pictures on facebook showing the suspect and his friends. dray clark is live in the village with the latest in a string of slashings. dray? >> reporter: good morning, lori. it is a string that police haven't tied to any arrests so far, but in this case involving the silver star restaurant behind me, police know they are looking for a 15-year-old suspect. they hope by releasing this new image, it will bring them one step closer to finding him. it is believed the teenagers seen in the picture were with the 15-year-old wanted for slashing 25-year-old bobby barbeau across the face, who is
6:34 am
who was slashed severely across the face on wednesday night after he askedded 15-year-old suspect to please leave the restaurant because he was soliciting customers for money. >> it was unexpected, you know? he didn't expect the guy to slice him that way. it happened quickly. i'm just distraught. i just hope that something good comes out of it, and they catch whoever did this. >> reporter: that was bobby barbeau's girlfriend talking about the severe of his -- severity of the wound on his face. a deliveryman told police that they also encountered the teens who were asking for money to support their basketball program. when people told them no, the teens became very aggressive and it left him concerned. it happened right before the
6:35 am
if you have any idea on who the teenagers are or if you know where the 15-year-old is, give the police a call. we're live in greenwich village, dray clark, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. within the past hour, we've seen new video in connection with one of the other attacks we've been telling you about. police say this is the person who stabbed a 33-year-old man in the back in the upper west side last night at 88th and columbus. the suspect stole the victim's kindle and head phones. the victim is recovering in the hospital. family and friends gather to say a final good-bye to the mother and two young daughters killed inside of a staten island hotel. a wake was held last night for 26-year-old rebecca cutler along with her 19-year-old daughter sienna. michael sykes who is the father of the youngest victim has pleaded not guilty to murder charges.
6:36 am
has been an arrest in the attack on a mets fan during last year's playoff series against los angeles. the 50-year-old was knocked unconscious when he was punched after game one of the national league division steeries. a 27-year-old california man is charged with felony assault and facings seven years in prison if convicted. health officials on long island are taking precautions for people who think they might have contracted zika. nassau county announced testing stations set up in nassau university medical center. officials are worried about people who traveled to latin america over the presidents day holiday. the zika virus is urging the pope to ease up on artificial could be electric exception. he says the crisis in brazil and elsewhere was a grave danger.
6:37 am
control could be considered a lesser evil when dealing with the virus. he made it clear, however, that the church's stance against abortion would not change. more details in the assault case involving eliot spitzer. there's word his one-time accuser tried to extort money from him. he was under investigation for possibly choking a woman at the plaza hotel. she recanted and left the country. according to the "new york post," the woman texted spitzer to try to get money from him before leaving the u.s. some neighbors wanting a 71% pay hike but mayor de blasio will give city council members a raise of 32%. the salary will soar from $112,000 to $148,000. the mayor says the extra money comes with a package of reforms.
6:38 am
the counsel will a ban on full- time income. flags in new jersey are flying at half staff in honor of the new jersey native supreme court justice antonin scalia. there will be a private viewing before the public is allowed in to pay their respects. his body will lie in repose until this evening. president and mrs. obama will president and mrs. obama will attend. he will be funerallized in the largest roman catholic church in all of the americas. bill evans has your accuweather forecast. >> we've got a beautiful morning. we've got a gorgeous sunrise as we look to the east. it's going to be a chilly morning, though. make sure you dress warmly. here's what's happening as we look at our camera here on the upper west side west 66th street looking over toward
6:39 am
folks coming from right there. that cold air will hit you at 25 degrees. clouds are back to our west with warm air. that comes in tonight. temperatures will be right around 28 degrees by the time you goat to 8:00. 31 by 11:00. 37 this afternoon warming to 39. that will be our high, but it gets warmer. kids at the bus stop, you have school today and will dress warmer. i give it a c, heather, for sunny. >> okay. that doesn't work. [ laughter ] here we go. this is news copter 7's picture as john's showing us a bit of relief here for new england thruway commuters as you come southbound into 18b. the accident activity has been pushed off to the shoulder but that does not mean the delay has dissipated at all. the traffic is bumper to bumper back to the connecticut line.
6:40 am
pinpoint where the accident is being cleared southbound at 18b in mamaroneck. you have the 4 and 5 trains with signal problems at bowling green. q101 and 102 buses being detoured with construction. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. 6:40 and students find themselves inches from a speeding train. thankfully they are okay, but the bus driver is in hot more than app water. an mta worker punched in the face near kennedy airport.
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? dozens of homes are destroyed as wildfires tear through communities in rural oklahoma. there were evacuation orders in place. firefighters work to get the upper hand on the flames. the oklahoma forestry service is using an aerial tanker to drop water on the flames from above. the fire has burned through more than 5 miles of land so far. 6:43 and caught on camera. a tornado of fire outside
6:44 am
this all started after a lawn mower burst into flames. the grass fire burned about 2 1/2 square miles and was fueled by 40 mile-per-hour winds. crews worked well into the night to bring it under control. no injuries have been reported. also, new overnight -- >> police are searching for a man who attacked and robbed an station. this man approached the 61- year-old maintenance worker sunday in jamaica. he told the victim to give back his cell phone, which the victim did not have. the suspect punched the worker in the face and took his two- way radio before running off. we're waiting to learn the names of two construction workers killed in a tragic accident in new jersey. both workers were crushed by a 5 ton generator which came loose when a strap broke on a crane. federal safety officials are now investigating.
6:45 am
morning about the condition of america's bridges. tens of thousands of them are in need of repair, including some here in the area. the american road and transportation builders association found more than 11% of bridges in new york state are structurally deficient as well as nearly 9% in new jersey. one construction expert we spoke with says that there is no reason to panic. he says a bridge being structurally deficient doesn't mean it's unsafe. stop what you are doing and take a look at this dramatic video. a helicopter crash caught in hawaii. five people are wounded including a teenage boy who is in critical condition. "good morning america" is covering this story. robin roberts joins us in times square with the latest. good morning, robin. >> good morning. yes it was terrifying when the helicopter crashed into the ocean. this morning, we'll hear from the heroic witness who rushed to rescue the five passengers.
6:46 am
but we'll talk to one of the witnesses. the gloves have come off between donald trump and the pope exchanging words on the eve of the south carolina primary. george is going to talk to trump live this morning. >> a los angeles hospital falls victim to ransom-ware attacks. they can happen to anyone. tips for protecting yourself just ahead. that and a whole lot more. happy friday to all. >> nicer words have never been uttered. thank you, robin. have a great show. it is 6:46. let's check in and get your accuweather forecast. >> bill? >> this morning, we have clear skies and a calm wind. it's quiet on the upper west side this morning. i hope you have a quiet friday going. you know what? dress warmly. it's cold outside. looking from our camera aboard news copter 7 with john del giorno showing us that beautiful sunrise.
6:47 am
really beautiful there across long island sound. we'll have a great day. this will be a little bit cold to start. other than that, a really nice day outside. temperature 25 degrees. humidity is dry. the winds are north at 6. pressure rising. look at that 30.59. that's really strong, dense high pressure over us. yesterday, it was 36. normal is 42. our normal high is 30 and we're a little below that to start out our day. here's what you expect. chilly sunshine today. the weekend in the 50s. then we're going to be watching a storm tuesday into wednesday. we'll see if that right now, 7 around monticello. 13 around putnam county and right around caramel. then it's around 20, long island coastal connecticut. just a light wint out of the north. the wind is not so harsh so when the wind is light and clear skies, the temperature drops off. so the real feel is 17 brooklyn queens.
6:48 am
by afternoon, we've got a few clouds, mix of sun, temperature in the upper 30s. tomorrow morning, the temperatures start. saturday afternoon, we're looking at low and mid-50s. the area. 40s. at the bus stop, kiddos, the puckle berries will -- the huckleberries will be there. we'll go to 39 by afternoon. tonight, we'll have cloudy skies. there might be a spritz or sprinkle around, wet snowflakes possible with the warm air surging up and over. tomorrow's high 57 with sun and clouds on saturday. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. sunshine and clouds sunday 54. sunday night there might be a shower, cooler air comes over the front so we still have a warm day on monday 48 and tuesday clouds increase in the afternoon tuesday into wednesday. we'll be watching a coastal storm to see if we get some rain or snow or ice mix out of that. notice how warm the temperatures are. you are looking at low 40s.
6:49 am
we'll keep an eye on it for you. otherwise, a beautiful weekend coming up so get outside and enjoy it. >> sounds like a plan. >> thanks, bill. let's go over to heather. >> reporter: so this is the accident delay on the new england thruway. we have another problem working, and this one is in northern new jersey as you head into route 80 and you go onto the eastbound side right near the area of exit 43. so getting into route 287. let's go over to our maps. 80 eastbound approaching exit 43. that accident is still being cleared away. this accident on the new england thruway, everything was pushed off onto the shoulder. all lanes are open. we have news copter 7 on the scene. john del giorno showing us that everything was off on the shoulder. as i was showing you earlier, there were still serious delays as you come onto the southbound side of the new england thruway
6:50 am
we can go back to our maps now, the n&r train signal problems so expect downtown delays. 4 and 5 trains signal problems. fire department activity and our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori, ken, over to you. >> all right, heather. thank you. take a look at this video from texas. a school bus filled with students comes within inches of disaster. cell phone video shows a freight train barreling by the rear of a school bus in houston last week. the driver stopped on the tracks as the train was approaching then pulled forward slightly as the train came through. the driver has been fired. >> oh, man. >> can you imagine watching that as a child? >> that is terrifying. good news if you have a flight this morning. big news for another price drop for uber riders. also, here's why you should never cross the train tracks without looking both ways.
6:51 am
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as of 6:00 a.m., uber riders are getting a discount on their ride between manhattan and jfk. it'll now just cost $35. that's a flat rate to kennedy airport to passengers who select the uber share ride. $35 is significantly less than a yellow cab's flat rate of $52, which does not include
6:54 am
6:54. a man in australia survives a close call with an oncoming train. you can see the guy jump off the platform right into the path of the train. he jumps out of the way at the very last second to avoid getting hit. it is not clear why the guy jumped onto the tracks to begin with. not a good idea. it is 6:54 and your top stories plus a final check on the delays on the threw way and the accuweather forecast when you come back. >> take a good look at these
6:55 am
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developing this morning, we have new video to show you as police try to track down suspects in a number of slashings in manhattan. >> dray clark is standing by in greenwich village. >> we just got these pictures in. the first group shows a group of teenagers that police would like to speak with. it's believed these teenagers, one boy and two girls were with the 15-year-old wanted for slashing 25-year-old bobby barbeau across the face. the suspect was attacked here in greenwich village on wednesday night after he askedded 15-year-old suspect to leave because he'd been soliciting customers for money. now, also this morning, within the past hour, we received this video in connection with one of the attacks that happened yesterday. police say this is the person
6:58 am
in the back on the upper west side. during a late afternoon robbery, both victims are now recovering. so again, police just releasing these images in hopes of finding the suspect involved with the most recent round of slashings. we're live this morning in greenwich village, dray clark, channel 7 "eyewitness news." the man convicted of killing a 4-year-old girl when he crashed onto a manhattan sidewalk is expected to be sentenced today. franklin reyes, jr. faces up to nine years behind bars after taking a plea deal nearly a year ago. reyes crashed on the upper east side killing the child and her grandmother as they walked to school. it has been one busy traffic-y morning. >> i like that. you can see that delay that is bumper to bumper.
6:59 am
and talk about the n&r trains signal problems at prince street. expect downtown delays. 4 and 5 delays. a&c trains fire department activity at j street. the van wyck north right near the white stone bridge, an accident. >> thank you, heather. we take a look outside. it's chilly. dress warmly. we've got sunshine looking at 25 degrees. 24 around jfk. 17 white plains. hardly any wind out there so the temperatures dropped down out of the teens to the north and south. we'll be looking at just that. temperatures into the upper 30s with just some clouds. we'll be looking at sunshine. 38 degrees and by the time we get into the weekend, we'll look at 50s for tomorrow and sunday. have a great weekend. >> thank you. that's the news for now. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. we're back in 25 minutes with another update.
7:00 am
have a great weekend. good morning, america. heart-stopping crash caught on tape. a helicopter with five tourists on board plummeting harbor. new video of witnesses diving in to rescue the victims. cutting a 15-year-old free from the wreckage. those heroes are going to join us live only on "gma." donald trump versus the pope. those stunning remarks saying the gop front-runner is not christian. trump fires back all through the night. >> no leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. >> and donald trump joining us live this morning. record heat. building across much of the country for the weekend. blazes sparking firenados. the wind warnings and advisories spread from california to new york. that big warm-up right now


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