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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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pellet, but decent snows if orange county and bridge port and we have the coatings north and west on surfaces. additional snow fall over the next hour or two, then really winding down in terms of intensity, but the numbers dropping close to freezing, and we could have some icy travel off to the north. it's comfortably above freezing seeth and east, but raw. the slushy coating north and west, and slippery travel north and west, then a break overnight before storm two rolls in tomorrow afternoon with a soaking rain and strong winds. more about the timing on that and the latest on this storm and snow totals coming up in the forecast in just a few minutes. back to you for now. now we want to take a look at live pictures from monroe and orange county.
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there, and remember keep track of the rain and snow coming down in the neighborhood, just app. tonight the man who was operating that scaffold that malfunctioned with two workers ponsst sponge. the men were -- response. the men were rescued after spending more than an hour 62 stories high with the wind and rain around them. it played out on live television, and shirleen allicot saw it all from the ground and joins us now live. >> reporter: what a scary scene to watch unfold, so hip in the sky, all of it unfolding right here at 1717 broadway. we spoke to several people. the workers supervisor and the fire chief, and a man who claims he was operating the scaffold at the time and said what the fdny did was unnecessary. >> there was no need for the fire department at all.
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>> reporter: harsh words from the operator of the scaffold that criticized the fire department for acting too quickly. he claims he already had the rig operating after a breaker caused it to stall 62 stories in the air. two glass replacers still on it. >> they were not in danger, it was not like the scaffold was falling. nothing happened, no problem where they were in danger. >> reporter: but the fire department says the two men were stuck for about an hour, 16 rescuers worked secure the rig in the driving wind and rain. >> everything's okay. >> reporter: emergency crews had to cut a hole in the glass and pull the workers to safety. >> >. do you consider these guys lucky? >> oh, absolutely. >> how so? >> just the fact the weather didn't get worse. when the scaffold stalled it stayed in a level position, didn't tilt or bend which would have put them in a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: both men worked for a company replacing glass panels when the weather turned rough and called it quits for
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wouldn't budge and they were stuck. >> what were they telling you about how they were? >> oh, they were fine. they were fine. no panic. you know, they're well-trained, and they have their certifications, so these things happen. it's part of nature of the beast. >> reporter: nature of the beast. the weather not helping the situation at all, no words yet if the conditions out here played a factor in way the scaffolding stopped working, but we do know both of men are safe and sound, and that's all that really matters n -- in midtown, shirleen allicot. thank you. new details in the death of a toddler killed in a fire in brooklyn, investigators now say it was nearly three hours after the two-year-old was found dead hiding under a bed that her mother showed up at the scene. cops want to know tonight was
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stacey sager is live with more. >> reporter: well, was she left home alone or was she somehow left behind when this fire started is what investigators are trying to figure out here on monroe street. it's a very active fire scene still. investigators combing through the wreckage here on the second floor of this building as police now question the toddler's mother. >> i'm just here just like a dream, it's like a nightmare to me. >> reporter: her father stood outside in the pouring rain in disbelief as fire and police tried to figure out what happened to the little two-year- old, her lifeless body found her on the second floor of her home, nearly three hours after a fire here was put out. so who, if anyone, was watching her? the toddler's foreside he asked
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20-year-old mother before she was taken away by police. she said there was a sitter. >> but who's to say she was telling the truth. convinced? >> i don't know. >> reporter: it's clear the fire was devastating, the fire department still trying to figure out the cause as relatives remember a beautiful toddler. >> all she knew was to play and be happy. >> reporter: and wonder how she was somehow left to die. >> nobody burned but her? think about it. how would you leave someone like that? a house alone? >> reporter: and we are back here live now. just a grim scene here on monroe street as investigators try to figure out what happened. once again, we're talk agent a fire that started just -- about a fire that started before 7:00 this morning, and then the toddler's mother showed up just
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telling investigators her child is missing. police still questioning the toddler's mother tonight. live, i'm stacey sager. we expect charges within the hour against a suspect in custody for a slashing at a restaurant inparent. a 20 -- in manhattan. a 20-year-old was slashed, and police released surveillance video of the slasher and a friend. they picked him up this morning after a tip. police have arrested the man they were looking for in connection with a rape on staten island. 28-year-old maurice scott is charged after attacking a woman at her office building friday. he also stole cash, jewelry and a cell phone from the victim. an entire class of former nypd recruits is now under review in the wake of an officer's conviction for manslaughter.
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convicted last week in the shooting death of burley. in the -- gurley. he said he didn't perform cpr because he felt he wasn't qualified which raises the question why not. several officers stated they received minimal cpr training and were given the answers about cpr on the exam. >> we don't tolerate any officer short circuiting the process whether it's the instructions or the testing to evaluate if they have the city. >> and within 30 minutes of testimony an internal affairs investigation was launched. the nypd officer shot over the weekend was all smiles today as he left the hospital. he was wheeled out as his partner, also shot, walked alongside him.
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>> a very important day for the nybd, not one d -- nypd, not one but two officers coming out of the hospital after going through a dangerous ordeal. he was surrounded by family and cheered on by fellow officers, and walking alongside his partner andrew, both men survived a wild shoot out as they tried to arrest a suspect. >> it's a great day, a blessed day. >> day. >> >> reporter: the assistant chief and other officials were there to send the two officers home. early saturday morning the men were among seven officers that converged an a suspect, and during an exchange of fire one was hit in the bullet vest, the other hit in the hip with bullet fragments. >> it's been my absolute honor and privilege to work alongside him.
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a bullet from the suspect's gun struck the officer, his vest stopping it. it's unknown where the fragments came from that hit the other. >> it's t charging him second shot will >> reporter: 27 years ago the officers father paul was saved by a bullet resistant vest. >> i'm glad to have them, the community is glad to have them, and we want him back out there working and he'll be back. >> reporter: both men seen here were able to come together again with their commanding officers, and their fellow officers tweeted this video as they lined the halls inside the hospital as the officers worked out together to praise and applaud their bravery. >> and we're also told that officer redden will soon be promoted to detective.
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a high tech upgrade tonight that hopefully will help new yorkers feel safer in communities. they announced changes including new technology to help report crimes and help new yorkers know exactly what's going on in their neighborhoods. the experience will allow users to conduct a search for crime down to the nearest intersection. >> the ability of someone in their neighborhood to go on a computer, to bring up the crime stat information and see what's happening in their neighborhood in literally real time. >> the mayor says the changes will make the police department more transparent and accessible. and a gas leak closed a school in new jersey. after evacuated today after teachers and students smelled gas. the gas and heating companies are investigating what went wrong. the marijuana children and staff -- children and staff were sent home. it was a major unfulfilled
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digits, today president obama -- presidency. today president obama proposed a plan he hopes will finally grow guantano -- close guantanamo bay. >> keeping this facility open is contrary to our values, it undermines our standing in the world, it's viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law. >> republican leaders say they will consider the plan, but moving detainers is currently illegal. still ahead an mta bus stolen by a passenger. tonight new information about the woman that got behind the wheel, and how she knew how to drive a bus. plus here from a firefighter that survived the
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and what he hopes happens next. and fans really
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a jury today handing out a record $183 million to the families of five fires stemming from a fire from five years ago. several were killed and others severely injured. marcus solis talked with one of the firefighters who survive that had day. >> the scars run deep. >> reporter: physical scars on jeffery's body as well as mental anguish.
5:15 pm
day -- guilt over the darkest day in the fdny since 9/11. they jumped from a window, the only option to get a way from a wall of frames. >> the thermal imaging camera melted into the gear, by grace of god i'm here today. >> reporter: curtis and john did not make it. joseph died six years later from complications suffered in the fall. coole, a decorated firefighter broke virtually every bone in his body. yesterday a jury awarded the families $183 million. >> there's no dollar figure you're ever going to tell me it's the value of joey's life or john's life, you know, or to make me whole again. >> reporter: what saved him was likely his rope, not sanctioned by the fire department.
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there's not a nicer way to say it. they took the ropes away on a knee jerk reaction, not thought through. >> reporter: the city is considering an appeal. coole is hoping otherwise for the sake of closure. >> the book will always be open, but close that chapter if you will. >> reporter: he started a foundation to improve firefighter safety and served an a task force fighting illegal housing, advocacy work that he says he'll continue to do. politics on the road to the white house, the republican candidates preparing for the presidential caucuses in nevada. the caucuses will be a critical test for the remaining gop contenders. donald trump holding a commanding lead in the polls as cruz and ruben fight for the undecided -- marco rubio fight for the undecided voters, and an endorsement tonight on the
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>> that's why i'm officially endorsing my brother bernie sanders. >> >. that's movie director spike lee who endorsed sanders ahead of south carolina's democratic primary on saturday. both sanders and clinton have been courting the critical black vote. clinton holds a large lead going into the polls. governor cuomo is rallying to raise the minimum wage saying new york needs to stands up for working families. >> we have lost the respect for the working families in this nation, and that's what this is about. paying a minimum wage that actually respects the dignity of work, allows them to take care of their family is the first step. >> the governor is touring the state pushing for $15 minimum wage, he says the next step is respecting the working family
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drop in oil price, and a dip in commodity prices. china remains another concern after they cut the value of their currency again. the dow fell 188 points the nasdaq last 67. today the mets announced a first, an lgbt pride night taking place when the mets meet the padres in august. the mets are the first major local sports team to sponsor an lgbt event. >> hopefully not the last. it's great. >> so no visible snow from this window in manhattan but certainly to the north. >> yes, slippery, we're near freezing, and that's the biggest concern into the evening hours, this is of course not a major storm, more of a nuisance, but road cam 7,
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precipitation intensity getting lighter, but that's the orange turnpike in monroe, there's some secondary roads. this little slush on the roads, there's a coating there. just be careful. rainy central park. a lot of clouds. cold and raw 36, and the wind, strong out of the east. the high today 40, much another day in the upper 30s. rain fall amounts light so far. that's the rouncies and -- sun rise and sunset times. not a lot of snow, but definitely wet roadways with slippery spots. more snow in the hudson valley and fairfield. so rain this evening, gusty
5:20 pm
or drizzle, even nothing, just cloudy skies overnight, and that will also go into the morning commute, so good news there. any precipitation light, and icy spots to the north and then the rain cranks up in intensity in the midday and early afternoon. about where jeff smith is right there. see how it's getting lighter. near phillips and jefferson valley, see into fairfield, still snow, but even rain from the city south and east, and mainly wet roads, so the intensity this is starting to wane a little as this storm, which is an incredible satin and radar picture with lightning, this will begin to mover away and get us into a lull. it doesn't totally shut off, but it's lighter, ending at times, and storm too many towered arrives 2348 afternoon -- two, arriving in the afternoon hours tomorrow, watch what happens with futurecast,
5:21 pm
definitely tapers in the evening hour, still a few more bands of rain, cold and raw, slippery spots to the north. nice and quiet for the morning commute. just scattered rain and drizzle, icy spotteds well to the north. things change after lunchtime, limit travel as waves of heavy rain come in, and this is the evening commute. heavy rain fall, really drenching rains. temperatures coming up, spike, but he have rain throughout the -- heavy rain throughout the night, and leaving late wednesday night into thursday morning, and things quieting down for thursday, mix to rain inland, icy spots to the north. tomorrow 50, but continuing to climb late dayment rain heavier at times from midday on, and torrential rains into the evening hours, even gusty damaging winds rising into the 50s tomorrow night. by thursday morning, could parts of area have two to three inches of rain fall? flooding even for the thursday morning commute. 60 in spots tomorrow night.
5:22 pm
that may come with damaging winds and thunderstorms, so more on that in the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. back to you for now. okay, thank you. across the country people are rallying at apple stores. the message iphone owners want to send to the fbi. >> plus the city's plan to help heroine addicts use the drug. and a new tool in diagnosing the zika virus leading to patients getting treated sooner. >> and a boxing champ that's just 9 years old, i always heard fios was a lot faster. but i thought it'd be a hassle to switch.
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authorities in arizona say five family members and a gunman are dead after a shooting and fire. police officers were shot at when they arrived. police shot and killed the gunman, and firefighters put out the fire. they found four adults dead. a six-year-old girl was found alive and rush to the hospital, unfortunately she died there later. western michigan university is changing how the university communicates in a shooting after the school filed to issue an alert after a shooting spree saturday night in michigan.
5:26 pm
open its doors for a memorial for the victims of that shooting. opening statements began today in a $75 million lawsuit filed by erin andrews against marriott saying they made it easy for a stalker to film videos of her. the stalker pled guilty to filming andrews by altering a peephole in the door to see here. bad news nor chocolate -- for chocolate lovers. mars is recalling bars after a piece of plastic was found in one. the recall effects 55 countries, though mars hasn't said specifically which countries. still ahead, learning new details about the death of a baby on staten island. what police have learned about the last days of this little boy's life. and the search tonight for two women accused of slashing
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thank you details tonight following the death of a baby on staten island. >> police are still holding the babysitter and boyfriend as they put together what happened to the 16 month old during the 48 hours he was in their car. >> here's more. >> reporter: well, police tonight are learning more about the babysitter. we know more about her relationship with the family and where she may have taken the toddler the last weekend he was alive, but we don't know how he died. as police try to piece together the last moments of his young life, they believe the babysitter and her boyfriend took anthony into manhattan at
5:30 pm
they were caring for him. >> we put together a time line and found the babysitter took the baby with her boyfriend to manhattan, and we're getting video there of her whereabouts. >> reporter: meanwhile neighbors continue to mourn for the 16 month old toddler who's beautiful smile is no more. >> i have grandkids, i have kids raised here, so i mean, i just feel bad for the family. >> reporter: he lives here in the park hills section of manhattan, and police believe a neighbor downstairs of supposed to baby sit him this evening, but when the grandmother found him sunday night he was unresponsive and later pronounced dead at the hospital. doctors reported suspicious injuries inconsistent with the clumsiness of a toddler. while the community mourns, the 31-year-old babysitter and her 53-year-old boyfriend are being
5:31 pm
the babysitter that has nine prior arrest, the boyfriend 25. >> very bad person. to be honest with you, i have to comments on her, but no good. >> >> reporter: would have you have trusted a baby with them? >> no way. >> reporter: the mother has used the sitter at least six not strangers. to be clear the babysitter and her boyfriend have not been charged, we're awaiting the results of autopsy. live in staten island tonight, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. the search is on for two women after a slashing attack and robbery in harlem. the two women were armed with razor blades in the attack just after 6:00 yesterday. the 32-year-old victim was slashed across the face and treated at the hospital. she knows her attackers according to police. one woman is dead and two
5:32 pm
fire tore through a building in new jersey. the fire department says the fire at the sandra circle complex is likely ignited by a cigarette and an accident. an elderly woman died. the red cross is assisting four other people. a connecticut judge will decide whether the man convicted in a deadly home invasion will get a new trial. the man was quicked of killing a -- convicted of killing a woman and her daughters back in 2007 inside their home. he says his lawyers during the trial were not given police recordings that were destroyed by a lightning strike before his trial. back ups of recordings though were found in 2014. prosecutors say though there's nothing in the recordings that warrant a new trial. residents of one apartment building in queens say enough is enough when it comes to water leaks and mold. the people that live there are calling on silver shore management to make repair, saying water leaks have led to mold in many of the 39 units.
5:33 pm
says there's a reason the building hasn't been repairs. >> the buy a property, lets it fall into complete dices repair -- disrepair, and makes it so people lose section 8 housing, then they can remove them from their apartments. >> tenants say the landlord wants to take the building out of rent stabilization. coaches at a major university came together to address a title 9 lawsuit. more than a dozen coaches at the university of tennessee attended a rare news conference this morning, they feel that an unfair picture of the athletic department is being portrayed after a group of women sued the school for its handling of sexual assault complaint, oneover them involving peyton manning. >> we have better facilities and female athletes have greater access to those resources than they've ever had and as a coach's group we're
5:34 pm
>> they want the school to know they can count on their support. and now the fight against the zika virus, the cdc is investigating more than a dozen possible infections spread through sex. meanwhile a hospital in texas says it has developed a rapid test for the zika virus. researchers at the texas children's hospital and houston methodist hospital developed the test to test the genetic material of the zika virus, and says it helps speed up diagnosis and treatment. and tomorrow the new york state supreme court will hear arguments challenging a new rule requiring salt warnings on some new york city menus. the national restaurant association filed a complaint. starting march 1st restaurant windshield 15 or more locations has to warn members about dishes that carry more sodium then the daily recommended limit. we've gotten a lot of angry comments about this story on
5:35 pm
the mayor who want toss open a center for heroine injections. now a local lawmaker is launching a campaign to stop it. and new video of a woman that stole a bus. and fans starting a go fund me page to help kesha get of a recording contract. how much have they raised in just a couple of days. orange county, still snowing across the hudson valley, but getting lighter. the bands getting smaller, and the rain and snow lighter. still snow over partsover connecticut, but icy conditions prevail overnight, but just wed roads here, and -- wet roads here, and it's 36 right now. still wet around the city, but
5:36 pm
soaking rain coming tomorrow, this is the face of addiction. addiction doesn't discriminate. alcohol smoking weed pills crack k2, spice acid cocaine crystal meth heroin this is also the face of hope. addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism
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lawmakers and helling officials on long island -- health officials on long island
5:39 pm
facility in western new york to allow heroine users to legally use the drug. it would alaw ailed deaths to shoot up -- addicts shoot up being watched by a nurse, but they say it doesn't address the actual problems of heroine addiction. >> having people legally be able to use heroine is the wrong message. it's a toxic substance. >> officials on long island stay the focus shouldn't be on getting more drugs to users, but instead on needle exchange program, drug abstinence programs, and getting more addicts into rehab. a cluster of bald eagles found dead on a farm on long island has led to an investigation.
5:40 pm
poisoned but not sure if it's accidental. a growing number of fans are donating to a new go fund me account set up for kesha. she's fighting to get out of her sony contracted with a producer she says sexually assaulted her. >> a fan started a page to raise $2 million to buy the singer out of the contract. in just four days more than $17,000 has been raised action coming just days after taylor swift donated $250,000 to her. bravo is planning -- and getting rid of keys, using your cell phone to start your car. a blue tooth enabled smart phone will start the car and unlock the trees and trunk. if someone wants to barrow your car you can send them a key electronically. >> it's cool unless you lose your phone. a police officer in new jersey cause on camera
5:41 pm
with local kids. the officer stopped by the game while patrolling on saturday. a resident captured the moment on cell phone video and shared it on facebook. the neptune police department say it's a great example of positive police interaction. >> nice to see. rain and snow showers hitting our area today. we're gobbing to take a live look outside right now. lee goldberg has a check of the forecast in just a minute. and a young girl in new jersey making a name for herself in boxing. how she got into the sport and the challenges she's faced with now. a state of emergency at this hour, multiple tornadoes, a major storm in the south up the east coast. new surveillance of the alleged uber gunman, and a dancing with
5:42 pm
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i'm joe torres at the live desk here in the news room. we're following breaking news involving a deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike, a crash he told you about shortly after it happened yesterday. police just announced they charged a 36-year-old man with two counts of manslaughter and two counts of vehicle homicide. they took the man into custody this afternoon. a teacher in jersey city and his 6-year-old daughter were
5:46 pm
police say hahn was driving a mercedes-benz that rear ended the teacher's car. more on the victims coming up oneyewitness news at 6:00. thank you joe. >> yes. >> you do? >> i do because i feel like through all of this spring is almost here. >> this is true. >> listen, i cannot deny you that positive, but i can tell you a rough 24 hours is coming. >> trying to put a nice spin on it. >> i can't sugar coat it the next day or so, but we have hope for the upcoming weekend. outside we go. we have what's a nasty evening, visibility really tough across george washington bridge, you can even sigh into upper -- see into upper manhattan, but the winds are what we're dealing with right now in new york city, where it's been raining, it's tough to hold on to that umbrella. 36, light rain, wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour, and gusts
5:47 pm
and back off a little. breezy overnight with occasional rain and dryable, but the good news -- drizzle, but the good news is the rain is light tomorrow, winds picking up in the afternoon tomorrow, rain intensity picking up after lunchtime. really challenging to get around after lunchtime, so if you need to get things done, the first half aof the day is a good idea. heavy rain, even a rumble of thunder gusty winds. losing the reds and pins, that means the -- pinks, that means the heavier snow bands are winding down. you see near washington, dover, over to pat everybody son, things -- patterson, things really winding down ion the rain intensity -- even the rain intensity getting righter. still some slight icing problems into the evening hours to the north, but the rain and snow is winding down, little to
5:48 pm
lighter into the evening hour, but still need the umbrella, and hold on tight, and the icing continuing to the north and west, lighter rain showers for the morning commute, and note the temperatures in the early evening hours tomorrow. temperatures start spiking into the 50s, winds start picking up, you get torrential rain fall, that'll tie in with the evening commute, and then the caboose comes in around midnight with a squaw line, winds gusting over 50 miles per hour in spot, then things quiet down for the thursday morning commute, but standing water could be a problem. windy and wet day tomorrow. by the time we get to thursday morning not surprised if we have two to three inches of rain in areas. the 56 is probably an early high, and we could speak to 60 tomorrow night.
5:49 pm
by friday it's 40, but feels like freezing with wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour, and heading into the upcoming weekend it's getting much better. 43 on saturday, but now we've climbed to the mid-50s sunday. nice mild afternoon, 50s on monday, and in the end i support what you're saying. [ laughter ] >> in the 50s by the end. >> okay, thank you. >> always the optimist. i know when you think of boxing you think of big macular tough guy -- muscular tough guy, not necessarily someone like this young lady, she's only 9 years old, but working harder than fighters twice her age. she has big, big plans for herself and the sport, but there are a few challenges in her way. michelle charlesworth explains. >> reporter: meet 76 pounds of 4th i do not care if this hasn't been done before. jessalyn is 9 years old and box
5:50 pm
>> i like that you get to hit people without getting in trouble for it. you have to have a big heart to be a good boxer. if you don't have a heart you won't be that good. >> reporter: this is her trophy and her belt and this is her boxing coach. don summerville, about six- five. that's who she's in the ring with now, and he says she has it all. >> she's more disciplined than some of my teen boxers. >> reporter: they could use a dose of her. >> they could. >> reporter: look at her go, the problem is not that many girls or boys in the entire country or the world for her to compete with. what do you say to kids out there? >> keep working and you'll make it, you just have to like believe in yourselves or you won't get to that point in life. >> reporter: for now, her dad is just happy to see his daughter happy, and excelling. >> she just fell in love with the sport.
5:51 pm
members are not thrilled. grandma doesn't like it? >> no, she's old fashioned. >> reporter: meantime discipline and excellence have contagious rewards. >> so far i've got as and a pluses in my tests, so i'm doing well in school. >> reporter: and she has a message for you little girls out there. >> girls come out and box with me! >> reporter: in hackensack, michelle charlesworth. >> >. i'm ready. well the zoo in new england celebrating, actually in england, celebrating the arrival of a newborn baby gorilla delivered section. the mother shows signs of a life threatening condition. the birth marks one of only a handful of times a baby gorilla has been delivered by c- section. the doctor is a gynecologist and never performed a cesarean on an animal.
5:52 pm
tonight about a stolen mta bus. >> a passenger took control of the whole wheel. now -- wheel. now we know who she is and how she operated the bus. and i'm bill ritter, more on the that slashing of the a person at a diner in the village. the suspect only 16 years old and how he got caught. and charges filed in the crash on the new jersey all across america families are coming back to time warner cable
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new details at 5:00 about an mta bus stolen by a passenger. we learned the suspect a former mta driver. >> it started when she refused to stop smoking on the bus. she took control of the wheel. >> here's the story. >> reporter: we still don't know why she did it, but we at
5:56 pm
she's a former driver for the mta who was fired last year, so yes, when she slipped behind the wheel, she knew exactly what to do. it began with the driver confronted the woman who refused to put out a cigarette. moments later he took the bus out of service, and evacuated the passengers. but before he realized what was happening the bus began to pull away. with no one else on board and the driver left helplessly on the curb, the woman took off heading north on 3rd aver. she made it -- avenue. she made it three blocks, then an alert dispatcher reached in and disabled the voice. tiny jackson watches it happen and shot this video. >> she wasn't trying to stop the bus, and i really like commend the dispatcher because if it wasn't for him opening in
5:57 pm
bus probably would have crashed into another bus. >> reporter: the woman was arrested on the spot. identified by sources close to the investigation as a former mta bus driver fired in july for excessive absences. >> she was resisting at first, but then got her into the hand cuff, and you know, they just walked her to the police car and put her in the police car. >> reporter: how did she look? >> she looked really bad like she was on something. her eyes were really red. >> reporter: she was taken to a nearby hospital for a psychoyacht rack hospitalization. the charge will be unauthorized use of a vehicle. no one was hurt, but the mta will be investigating how she slipped behind the wheel in the first place. all right, thank you. a community in shock mourning a high school teacher and his young dour.
5:58 pm
starts right now. this is new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz cho, rob powers with sports and lee goldberg with the exclusive weather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. the suspect police say randomly slashed a restaurant worker in the face, a wound that took 130 stitches to close, tonight is under arrest, and just 16 years old, only a kid. plus a high-rise drama, 62 floors up two workers standed on scaffolding until new york firefighters rushed into action. good evening, 6:00, i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. more on those stories in a minute, but we begin with the weather, and the tri-state area hit with a mix of everything, rain to sleet and snow. >> mostly a cold rain right now in manhattan. road cam 7 driving on the
5:59 pm
>> we have a team of meteorologists covering the storm. jeff smith in monroe, and lee goldberg outside of the studio, and we'll begin with lee. >> reporter: it's very much like a march storm liz and bill where in order to get the snow you need to be fact north and higher in -- farther north and higher in elevation or on the empire state building, above 1200 feet you see more flake, but towards the ground too warm to support the snow fall, so wet flakes especially in the bronx and near the gwb and in the city rain and wet roads. gusty winds, tough to hold on to the umbrella. we're at 35 degrees, and it feels like 26. winter weather advisories continue to the north and west. if you look at the radar you can see the intensity of rain and snow winding down. you have snows in dutch chess
6:00 pm
still slippery on i-84. a coat of snow to the west, and a coating to the george washington bridge and extreme northern new jersey, but the temperatures are close to freezing, so that poses a problem through the overnight hour, and even into the early morning hours well north and west, we can have icy travel, otherwise just a few degrees makes all the difference south and east, so rain and wet snow is getting lightser. we had a clotter -- lighter. we had a coating in some areas, but we have a break with rain fall overnight, but storm two brings soaking winds and rain tomorrow afternoon. it will be a lot worse for the evening commute in terms of travel widespread tomorrow. the detail ons that coming up in a few minutes. bill and liz back to you. thank you. as lee said, some snow beginning to accumulate far north of new york city, jeff smith in orange county with


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