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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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still slippery on i-84. a coat of snow to the west, and a coating to the george washington bridge and extreme northern new jersey, but the temperatures are close to freezing, so that poses a problem through the overnight hour, and even into the early morning hours well north and west, we can have icy travel, otherwise just a few degrees makes all the difference south and east, so rain and wet snow is getting lightser. we had a clotter -- lighter. we had a coating in some areas, but we have a break with rain fall overnight, but storm two brings soaking winds and rain tomorrow afternoon. it will be a lot worse for the evening commute in terms of travel widespread tomorrow. the detail ons that coming up in a few minutes. bill and liz back to you. thank you. as lee said, some snow beginning to accumulate far north of new york city, jeff smith in orange county with
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>> reporter: and bill it really does look like a whole different world up here in monroe, driving up with manhattan, crossed over the bridge and mixed with snow, into new york and parts of orange county it started coming down good, and let me set the scene, we have about an inch to an inch and a half of snow, the school district here actually dismissed early, probably a prudent measure, considering some of the side roads are snow covered, sidewalks outside of where i am snow covered as well. one thing we're concerned about overnight tonight is temperature on the car, showing 31, probably going to flat line there. as we get warmer air moving in, you get rain falling, but the rain falling down to the sub- freezing surface can cause
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create slippery surfaces. jeff smith, eyewitness eyewitness news. >> and lee will be tracking the system all night preparing for the heavy rain, and he'll be doing that on facebook live, and download our weather alert app to keep up as well. turning now to the other news of the night, and a suspect in custody in the brutal slashing of a restaurant worker in manhattan. the suspect is just 16 years old. the victim a busboy that needed more than 130 to close the gash on his face. sandra bookman has the details tonight. >> reporter: liz, that teenage suspect has been here at the 6th precinct all day. he was arrested this morning in manhattan. police now say a crime stoppers tip led to the arrest of this suspected in the slashing attack on a restaurant worker nearly a week ago.
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questioned at the 6th precinct. at the diner where the assault happened, news of the arrest was welcome. >> i'm happy. i hope bobby gets justice. >> i hope they throw the back at the individual. >> reporter: on february 17th, a diner employee asked a panhandler hitting up customers for money to leave the restaurant. he did, but came back later and slashed the employee across the left cheek. the bound. investigators released video and photos in an effort to capture the suspect and finally this morning in manhattan. the teen was taken into custody. still, some say the attack on the worker and other recent slashings have left them concerned. >> i don't feel safe anymore, and if someone gets too close scared. >> reporter: today these words of assurance from the mayor. >> what has really grandmotherred new yorkers is
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it be random and happen to me? thankfully the answer is it's very, rare, and in the few cases it's happened, most of those people have already been caught. >> reporter: back here live in the west village. we expect the suspect to be transferred shortly, and no official charges yet against him, but we can tell you we expect he'll be charged as an adult. live in the vest village, i'm sandra bookman, eyewitness news. from manhattan to brooklyn, investigators trying to figure out whether a toddler found dead today after a fire was left home alone. the two-year-old's body discovered under a bed after the fire was put out at a home this morning. police say it was nearly three hours later when her 20-year- old mother showed up at the scene. the father says the child's mother told him she was being watched by a babysitter. >> that's what she said, but who's to say it was really a sitter?
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convinced she even had a sitter? >> i'm not 100 percent convinced she had a sitter. >> police are questioning the mother. the cause of the fire is under investigation. well a daring rescue playing out high above the streets of manhattan today after two workers were trapped on a disabled scaffold an a high-rise in midtown. the scaffolding malfunctioned as they were repairing to replace panes of glass. during an delicate rescue, firefighters cut a hole in a inside. >> reporter: do you consider >> absolutely. >> reporter: how so? >> the fact the weather get worse. when the scaffolding stalled it stayed in a level position, didn't tilt or bend which would have put them in a very dangerous situation. >> thankfully the workers were not hurt. the nypd officers hit in
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a shoot out in brooklyn is now out of the hospital. the officer is recovering atkins county hospital since the saturday morning shooting. fellow officers and well wishers today applauded and whistled as he was let out of the hospital. another officer also shot walked alongside him. now to vote 2016. stop donald trump, that rallying cry tonight in the nevada caucuses from the remaining republican candidates. cruz, carson, marco rubio, and kasich calling for that. polls show trump meanwhile with a comfortable lead, dave evans previewing the caucuses for us. he's in the news room. >> as you mentioned, marco rubio is getting a lot of support from elected officials,
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the front runner with voters. it's expected he'll win tonight in nevada, super tuesday, 12 states voting, including massachusetts, texas, and minnesota, and trump is just about ready to lock up the race according to polls. >> reporter: he enjoys a double digit lead in nevada, but donald trump is still hammering ted cruz. >> this guy cruz is the single biggest liar i've ever dealt with in my life. i've never seen, he'll lie about anything. >> reporter: cruz yesterday was forced to fire his communications director after circulating a video by a student newspaper that incorrectly claimed marco rubio was disparaging the bible, and this after circulating a photo shopped picture of marco rubio and president obama together. in iowa the cruz campaign also spread rumors that carson was dropping out even though he wasn't. today cruz tried to hit back at trump as someone with no core principles. >> i frankly don't care what
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support today, tomorrow, or the next day. they change every day. >> reporter: marco rubio pushed himself as the alternative to trump, and racked up tons of endorsement from the republican establishment, terrified of trump this fall. >> if we nominate someone half the republican party hates we'll fight against each other all the way to november. we'll never win that way. >> reporter: and kasich says consider him as the alternative, predicting he could win his home state of ohio, but trump is still taking down cruz. >> >. i've met much tougher people than cruz, he's like a little baby compared to some people. soft, weak little baby. but for lying he's the best i've ever seen. he's the best. >> as for democrats it's a town hall tonight and their next vote is set for the saturday in south carolina where polls show hillary clinton has a big lead. on super tuesday for democrats, clinton leading in most of the
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now on minnesota, colorado, and massachusetts. david, thank you. and the results come in for nevada, they'll be on the website, also have results and reaction tonight at 11:00. taking a quick look at wall street right now where it was a rough day for investors. the dow losing 188 points. as we continue with the news at 6:00 on tuesday night, charges just filed in a horrific crash on the gentlemen of the jury gentlemen of the jury turn -- new jersey turnpike, and we take a closer look at the victims, a popular high school teacher and his 6- year-old daughter. and help for new mothers
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>. charges have been filed against a driver that caused a deadly accident on the new jersey turnpike. his name is scott hahn, he's 35 and lives in hamilton. >> >. the crash took the lives of a high school science teacher and his 5-year-old daughter, and now a community is in mourning. here's new jersey reporter toni yates. >> reporter: hudson county technical school students and staff are reeling after the tragic loss of their seasons teacher timny -- science
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yesterday along with his daughter. >> everybody knew everybody, and tim was a beautiful, beautiful man and beautiful teacher. >> reporter: state police say a 1998 mercedes slammed into the back of his chevrolet malibu on the turnpike. the force pushed the teacher's car through the toll and into oncoming traffic where it was hit again. the district is in mourning. >> i said to him monday tim, what can i do to make things right for you? he said what do you mean this is a great place to work. he had that way about him. unassuming, didn't expect anything from anybody. i knew him well, but we don't have a lot to talk about, he went about his job, the kids lovered him. >> reporter: the driver of the first car that hit him is charged with two counts of manslaughter and vehicle homicide. he's in the hudson a tragic incident that left a
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year-old sibling in agony. the students and staff are trying to figure out how they'll remember this popular teach were for decades -- teacher for decades to come. toni yates. a business in long island is helping moms that can't bruce their on breast milk. the milk depot is offering mother toss buy milk from other mothers. it's the first in new york to be licensed by the department of health. it will help connect women with more milk than they need to the mothers that are in need. >> it's amazing to see the sense of when women have more milk than they need for their own infant. they're totally thrilled and excited to help out another mother and baby in need. >> moms who want to donate breast milk go through a screening process, including several blood tests. the milk is also tested once it's been donated. >> great idea.
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one of the biggest credit card companies in the world now wants customers to take selfie toss help prevent fraud. mastercard launching new technologies to use selfies for online. s. they say -- purchases. they say it's safer than typed passwords. download their app and take a selfie every time you buy something. >> every time? >> some people's hair gets grayer every week. >> i totally get that, you know? >> there you go. >> that's too much trouble. [ laughter ] >> >. too much trouble. this weather is too much trouble. >> it really is, and figure we have to go through this through tomorrow night. i mean tomorrow this is sort of practice, yeah, icy roads and a
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tomorrow it's widespread torrential rains during the evening hours. outside right now. just raw conditions. these camera has been bouncing around. low ceiling, delays at the airports. in the mid-30s right now. gusting to near 30 miles per hour with the winds. much of the day in the 30s. record high 70 in 1985, we have a shot at 60 tomorrow night ahead of this system. with freezing temperatures in newberg, i-84 and points west slippery, and morris county, warren counties, but above freezing in long island, new york city and the jersey shore, and wet roads here, although we've had some dustings north of gwb in the bronx and yonkers. so winds back off a little overnight, thanksfully lighter rain for the morning commute. maybe to the north a couple of slick spots, and tomorrow in the midday the rain starts
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-- picking as well as the winds. stanford to washington to dover, still a little steady rain in monroe, but it's shifting out, just drizzle left, and you have some light rain over long island and down the shore, and off to the west it's fairly light. lighter. the winds still strong because we're pinned between that high minor coastal flooding. this will move away. the winds get lighter, the rain lighter overnight, and then picks up again ahead of the storm. 11 tornado reports in louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. very spring-like dynamic, and overnight the snow and rain lighter. still waves of rain and icety conditions to the -- icy conditions to the north. lighter for the morning commute, then the skies open up again midday to the afternoon, and look at the evening commute. temperatures spiking, winds cranking up to 40 miles per hour, and heavy rain fall and
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with a squaw line around midnight, so that could be damaging wind gust, leaving by thursday morning, just standing water could still be a problem for the morning commute. this is probably top end, but this particular model printing out between two and three inches of rain fall, so not out of the question. occasional rain mixing and rain inland, but still icy spots well to the north. 50 late day, rains getting heavier med day. temperatures continued top spike tomorrow night. -- continue to spike tomorrow night up to 60, winding down around midnight. quiet down thursday. 56 and dropping temperatures. on friday, 40 and partly sunny doesn't look too bad, but it's going to feel like 30 with the wind. nice into the weekend. in the 0s on saturday. -- 40s saturday, partial sunshine and sunday we burn the temperatures -- butch the temperatures up. 54 saturday and 55 monday. spring underway. you saw a little today, and tomorrow all spring-like by
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>> fierce battle. >> thanks lee. >> sports is next. >> by thursday back in florida. more on spring training, the mets and yankees ready for everyone to report, and hockey,
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breaking news in the news room, that 16 month old toddler that died on staten island, that death has just now been ruled a homicide. the medical examiner moments ago says the baby died from blunt force injuries to his head and torso. the grandmother of the child found him unconscious sunday night in his family's home in park hill. the parents had left him with a babysitter. cops are questions the sitter
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both with long criminal records. >> so sad. rob is here now, we begin with a limb spring training. >> baseball in florida. chapman was back at spring training camp today after attending to a family matter, but still hasn't heard about discipline under the domestic violence policy. he's under investigation for an off season incident at his home. said today he never hurt anybody in his life. the commissioner expects announcement soon. he'll appeal any suspension he says. less than an hour ago, reyes placed on leave until his domestic violence case is solved. the mets now, the focus there the pitchers, everybody so impressed with that starting staff. archean. guys is ready to -- everyone out guys is ready to pitch in big games.
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that's why i don't like to go to the bull pen. matz today, saw him, goodness gracious, it's thrilling to think what can happen if we keep them all healthy. >> hockey tonight t islanders at minnesota, the devils and rangers play at the rock. played three times so far this season, the devils won twice. hard at work this morning to get ready for the next battle. the devils would like a repeat performance from scneider. and it will likely come down to him and lundquist. >> it's important to get back to our identity. >> we have a lot of fanners supports -- fans supporting us, so it's an important game.
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in portland, the start of a nine-game road trip. no home game until march 13th. the knicks wiped out last night with the raptors, losing 12 of the last 14. things are going from bad to worse it seems. also the fifth anniversary of the trade that bought anthony to the knicks. >> a lot of coaches. we're just losing. accepting that. it's hard to accept that. you can't be satisfied with losing basketball games. >> finally, the mets slugger cespedes signed his contract and is starting to spend his money. this is a $68,000 slingshot rebuilt to customize it for him. there he goes. turns heads in the parking lot today. the mets hope his offense is as
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the number 5 -- vehicle. the number 52 there on the hood. >> an investment? nice rims. >> i love the two guys walking to their cars. >> i wonder what happens if you hit a pothole. >> you're out several hundred thousand dollars. >> here's some of the stories for 11:00. sade baderinwa has more. a teen from our area dies on a missionary trip in africa. we're gathering details about what happened and how she's being remembered. and flying for free, the trips that could make your next airline trip easier and cheaper, but staying on top of republican caucus. that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. >> world news is up next.
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great night. ? breaking news tonight. the state of emergency this hour. multiple tornadoes reported already. the devastating damage. we're on the scene. about to power right up the east coast, 45 million in the path. also breaking, the new surveillance images of the alleged where he was in the hours before the rampage. the race for the white house, and tonight, the showdown in nevada. donald trump lashing out at ted cruz. and what trump said when asked why he's not taking on marco rube roe. breaking news on the zika outbreak, right here in the u.s. tonight. authorities now confirming more than a dozen new cases of the disease sexually transmitted. late details coming in now. and the reporter on the field, the "dancing with the stars" favorite, tonight, suing a major hotel. did they allow an alleged stalker to get the room next door to spy on her?


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