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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 25, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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all by myself >> reporter: a heartbreaking moment when dion broke into tears singing "all by myself." pausing to collect herself before powerfully finishing the set. i met dion last spring and though angelil was ill, he joined us on that very stage. despite it all, encouraging his wife to perform. >> sometimes, and i think i'm used to it, don't feel what you need to feel. just do it. >> go on stage? >> i did. because i love him. and i did. and it was very hard. >> reporter: now as a tribute to that love, celine singing once again. for "nightline," i'm deborah roberts in new york. >> our thanks to deborah roberts
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a night of wild weather and it's just ramping up. strong wind knocking over trucks, knocking down trees and causing big problems on the
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good evening at 11:00. a lot happening right now because of the weather tonight. >> right now part of the george washington bridge is closed because a tractor-trailer flipped over during the high winds. crews are on the scene of a vacant house in the bronx that collapsed, trying to determine if weather played a role here. the building next door evacuated as a precaution. >> we have several reports on the weather tonight which is changing by the moment. we begin with lee goldberg. >> just heard a big rumble of thunder, flash of lightning in the distance. we'll be able to get this weather cast then run inside. hudson valley and northeastern new jersey, a watch will go until 2:00 in the morning. the weather service has kept the tornado watch for parts of new jersey till 1:00 in the morning. wind advisory as well. lower hudson valley, connecticut and coastline until 4 a.m. the wind gusts have been over 50 miles per hour in spots. the damage reports have been piling up. the most recent one in ridgewood, new jersey with roads closed because of trees and
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york city and western long island we've seen big gusts. flood warnings up across new jersey. slow moving squall line. we're going to push 2 inches across parts of new jersey. we're over an inch in many spots. look at those winds howling out of the south at close to 50 miles per hour. those winds have pushed our temperatures in to the mid 60s in the hudson valley, 58 in new york city. look at that radar. lightning lighting up connecticut, westchester, all of new jersey and the hudson valley right now. squall line moving in to new york city especially over staten within a minute or two it's going to get much heavier here on the west side. strong to severe storms through 2 a.m. look for damaging winds and heavy flooding downpours. it will be quieter by the morning commute but i'll warn you, definitely want to leave early because you'll have roadways. another flash of lightning just now to the north. a storm track, complete 7-day accuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
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mess outside and what a mess it is. we're going to start at the george washington bridge as we look at a live picture, it is a mess. right now the upper level is shut down. that's because the winds picked up a tractor-trailer and just dropped it in the opposite lanes on the upper level. eyewitness news reporter aj ross with the chaos down there. >> we're here on west 179th street where you can see the onramp to the gw bridge remains closed at this hour as crews continue to clear this overturned tractor-trailer near the center of the bridge. all upper level outbound lanes remain shut down and law enforcement sources are saying high winds are likely a factor in this truck tipping over. this all happened just before 10:00 this evening as the 18-wheeler was traveling in the midspan of the bridge. several pictures and videos of the overturned tractor-trailer were quickly posted to social media as first responders arrived on scene and began redirecting traffic. it's important to note with wind
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hour there was a tractor-trailer ban on the bridge tonight. just how this truck was able to bypass this van is still under investigation. it appears forceful winds flipped the truck from the eastbound to the westbound side. at this point the trailer appears empty but trues are dealing with the fuel spill. and back out here live, the upper level lanes that we're showing you right now, you can see they're completely backed up. there's no indication at this time as to how long this is going to take to clear this mess in the center of the bridge. if you're jersey bound this evening, you're going to have to take the lower level in lincoln. some alternatives. it's really a mess right now. live on west 179th street, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what a mess there. the weather also causing problems for commuter trains. metro north saying there are delays right now in the harlem line. that's because earlier a metro north train headed to poughkeepsie hit a tree that had fallen on the tracks.
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but able to get to irvington station where passengers got on another train. no injuries reported. the winds and wild weather are bringing trees down all over the tri-state. problems also in north brunswick. that's where reporter carolina leid is. >> right now route 27 is shut down. let me show you why. this tree came crashing down across the street at omaha road. as we're told, this is all because of the heavy winds they saw here in the area. as that massive tree ripped in half, it pulled down some power lines. we've seen a number of crews working on this, d.o.t. as well as office of emergency management working to clean this up as quickly as possible. the road is shut down in both directions. if you can avoid this this area, do that.
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sure drivers cannot go in this direction. carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. the storm has knocked out power to thousands of people in new jersey. pse&g is reporting about 17,000 outages, most of them in the southern part of the state. all these storms also causing major problems at the airports. laguardia is experiencing delays of 30 minutes. kennedy has delays of frouv minutes and -- 45 minutes and some of the biggest in the area are newark where flights are theyed. updates on any damage in the morning on commute problems. we begin with reaction to a stunning development, an alleged gang rape. the teenager who claims she was raped at gunpoint by five boys at a park in brooklyn recanting. and the new details we've learned tonight are shocking. prosecutors now say she had sex with her father in the park.
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einiger in the brownsville section. >> as distasteful and really hard to believe as all these new details are, there really is one bottom line that came out of the brooklyn da's office tonight. there's nothing this 18-year-old woman did against her will in the park behind me. and as a result, those five teens accused of rape are now free. >> reporter: they were paraded in front of cameras as the face of a crime that made national news, but five teens all of the sudden in last month for a gang rape are now free after prosecutors determined the shocking crime never even happened. abdullah green represents one of the boys. >> you can only imagine the trauma that would go along with a charge like this hanging over a young child's head. >> you cannot rape a young lady in our community and think you're going to get away with it. >> reporter: the pressure was intense as they demanded an arrest. the 18-year-old alleged victim and her father told police they had been drinking together in this brownsville playground when the five teens showed up and at
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leave then raped the daughter as both recounted at the time to eyewitness news. >> put a gun in my face, tell me to run. and all of them had their way with her. >> i was just real scared. i didn't know what to do. i was in a panic mode. >> reporter: police released video of the teens from a nearby bodega and arrested them the next day. that's when the case started to unravel. da ken thompson said the sexual conduct that night was consensual between the woman and her father. she's recounted her allegations of forcible sexual assault. that night the young woman's father and the five young men engaged in conduct that was reprehensible and wrong, but because of the lack of evidence, criminal charges simply cannot be sustained. >> we wanted some results and we wanted it immediately and whomever is arrested they get their day in court and that's what our democracy is all about. >> the woman at the center of
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police say she is refusing to cooperate at this point in any kind of charges against her father, so he's unlikely to be charged. tonight eyewitness news did reach the woman involved in this case. she told us she is doing fine and trying to move on with her life. live in the brownsville section of brooklyn, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. a stunning courtroom admission for the driver charged with manslaughter in a crash on the new jersey turnpike. 36-year-old scott hahn pleading not guilty but saying he was high on adderall and hadn't slept in more than 24 hours. his mercedes rear-ending another car, that triggered a chain reaction that killed a popular high school teacher and his 5-year-old daughter. not guilty. that plea tonight from the brooklyn mother accused of leaving her 2-year-old daughter home alone. kalenah muldrow died alone as fire swept through her home monday night. 20-year-old leila aquino returned home hours later. aquino says she left her
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the babysitter said she no longer cared for the girl after a dispute over money. now to another toddler's death. this one on staten island. and horrific new details tonight about what his babysitter allegedly did. 31-year-old gloria fields pleading not guilty in court on staten island. prosecutors say she tortured 16-month-old anthony delgado after his mother left him with her for the weekend. sexually abusing the baby and slamming his head in to the ground. she's being held without bail. the federal government tonight strongly responding to an abc news interview with apple ce other tim cook. a government official telling abc news apple has pushed to have congress resolve whether apple should be forced to unlock the iphones of terrorists would take too much time. cook talked to david muir about why his company is resisting the court order to unlock the san bernardino terrorist's phone. >> if we knew a way to get the information on the phone that we
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knew a way to do this that would not expose hundreds of millions of other people's issues, we would obviously do it. >> apple now expected to file its legal response to the judge's order by friday. a curious twist tonight in the bitter partisan battle to fill a vacant seat on the supreme court. president obama reportedly considering a republican nominee. brian sandoval, governor of nevada, is a federal judge who supports abortion rights. it may be the president's way of courting republican support. most senate republicans are refusing to support any obama nominee. now to vote 2016 and the republican men hoping to vest donald trump and become the party's nominee running out of time. mr. trump bathing in his victory in nevada and looking ahead to tomorrow night's debate in houston. nearly 46% of the caucus votes last night. more than marco rubio and ted cruz combined. trump's third straight victory heading in to super tuesday.
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an endorsement today from senate minority leader harry reid. clinton is far ahead of bernie sanders in the polls leading up to the democratic primary in south carolina. a voluntary wrestling coach under arrest in rocklin county accused of having sex with an underaged boy. 18-year-old marcus stroud has volunteered for wrestling programs in rocklin, westchester and bergen counties. police say stroud met the alleged victim through a wrestling program and lured him in with social media. investigators believe there may be other victims. a frightening encounter with a man carrying a machete. the violent and deadly ending to the scary scene when police officers were threatened. >> and a young girl fighting leukemia. how you can team up with the community to help save her life. >> and lee goldberg updating his forecast on the strong storms moving through our area right now. it is pouring outside our studios. more when we come i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! i didn't know your home wifi
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shot and killed by police. the terrifying ordeal caught on camera. you can see the man swinging the machete wildly just before police opened fire. they say the man ignored repeated orders to drop it. one officer was hit by the machete but was not seriously hurt. new jersey lawmaker proposing lowering the legal drinking age. assemblyman michael patrick carroll says it should be age 18. the republican argues if an 18-year-old american can serve his or her country in the military, they should be able to buy alcohol. the bill faces a big hurdle. federal law cuts highway funding for any state with a drinking age under 21. she is like so many other people in the tri-state, battling cancer. and it is taking a huge toll emotionally and financially on her family. but this battle with leukemia for bella bermudas is different because bella is just 5 years old. tonight her battle uniting the
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new jersey. here's carolina leid. >> reporter: a battle for bella in union city tonight. hundreds gathered to raise money for bella, the 5-year-old is leukemia. >> it's very heartbreaking. it's something that you never imagine can happen to you, especially a mother, you don't want to think about those up to of things. >> reporter: norma perez says her daughter was diagnosed with cancer last summer. the family has medical insurance, but extra costs are adding up. so neighbors touched by their story organized this coaches versus cops basketball fundraiser at the city's middle school. >> we're trying to help as much as we can from raffles, t-shirts, anything we can basically put our hands on to help them out. >> spunky. she has a great soul. she loves to dance, likes to sing. she's always happy and that's inspiring.
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everyone? wow. >> reporter: it's not just the financial support. bella's mother says this emotional support, watching the game winning shot at the buzzer, puts a smile on bella's face and is key to her recovery. in union city, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a community united. we return to the weather now. a powerful storm continuing its deadly marched to. three people died in virginia and across the midatlantic, tens of thousands of homes and businesses were without electricity. from louisiana, hit yesterday, a total of three deaths linked to the weather. meteorologist lee goldberg talked about the watches and the warnings. they were indeed warnings for all of us. it was wild out there. >> yeah, so powerful. that wind knocking down that tractor-trailer, knocking down trees. >> and people only being able to hear about a lot of this on social media because their power
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morning with all the tree limbs knocked down tomorrow morning. it's going to be dangerous. outside we go now. this was my position a little while ago. it's drenching downpours, torrential rain in new york city. still got about another hour to go through the five boroughs and we'll be looking at connecticut and long island. sort of a wide picture here and the position of that camera is actually right here outside our studios. so we're at 57 degrees right now. we started the day raw and rainy. it's almost tropical downpours to end the day. by the way, between our first weather segment, the severe thunderstorm warning was extended in to parts of somerset, middlesex counties. includes northeast new jersey, five boroughs and hudson valley. watch will go until 2:00 in the morning. the watch i can see expiring during the show because we're seeing the storms move quickly out of the
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64, wrightstown and 65 in poughkeepsie. peak wind gusts, 52 miles per hour in white plains right now. i think i saw one over 50 in wrightstown. the winds are getting lighter over western new jersey. that's good news. once the line moves through over the next couple hours, then it will start to back off. i'll add a shower to the 7 a.m. forecast north and west. a few breaks but clouds dominate tomorrow. still breezy, drop to the 40s. even though we forecast lower 50s, dress for look at all this lightning. it's incredible at this hour how it keeps up. let's look at the line from north to south. very strong right over orange county. highlands and over to cortland manner and newburg. you see the strong line, east orange lightning strikes near jersey city and over toward the bronx. you can see lightning strike right there over brooklyn as well and this part of the line near hillsborough and south
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going to tom river over the next half hour. this will go by by about 2 a.m. these showers could be north and west tomorrow morning. watch the futurecast here. again, midnight leaving new york city area, going to connecticut and western long island, quickly lifting away and diminishing toward morning, just a shower north and west in the start of the day right around 50 degrees during the afternoon, more clouds and sun. about 50. chilly breeze. feels like low to mid 40s. 51 to start. couple showers mainly north and west. variable clouds and windy tomorrow with a passing shower. 50s feeling like 40s. a shower around in the evening. a lot colder tomorrow night. about 32 degrees. your 7-day accuweather forecast. friday is the coldest day. 38 feels like 35 to 40 with the gusty breezes. weekend gets better. partly to mostly sunny saturday. 42. in to the 50s with sun and high clouds sunday. remaining mild on monday. got to get through the next few hours. take it nice and slow tomorrow morning. then it gets chilly after that.
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>> lee, we just gut other video in with these live wires now down in elmsford. really, really difficult night out there. >> the wind gusts are 50 miles per hour in the lower hudson valley. it's been knocking down tree limbs and power lines. stay away from power lines and call the authorities. >> any changes, you'll keep us updated. a new class of airline seats cheaper than economy. plus, how effective is your flu shot?
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and says it under scores the importance and benefits of flu vaccinations. cheaper prices always come at a cost for flyers but not for airlines. today american and united both said they will begin offering basic economy like their competitor delta. while the exact rules may vary, the cheaper basic economy fare won't allow passengers to pick their seat, make a change, or earn rewards. >> does it come with water maybe? rob powers up next with sports. >> see if they can get a win away from home. the knicks are struggling but had a good shot on the road tonight against the pacers. a good 3-point shot. straight ahead, the long rangers got far but would they be enough to get the knicks out of the
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knicks playing indiana tonight. >> got to get something going here soon. first meeting of the year with two teams with quite a history. knicks lost 12 of their last 14. maybe they needed to see the familiar pacer uniforms to get the blood pumping.
1:33 am
uniforms from the movie hoosiers tonight. 3-pointers, scored 19 points. jose calderone, 20. knicks hit a season high 13 3-point shots led by two at the half. langston galloway had 17. george and turner combined for 51 pacer points. the knicks just couldn't get the big shot when they need it. anthony misses at the buzzer. 108-105. so far tampa has been yankees pitchers and catchers but tomorrow everybody is on the field. alex rodriguez is there. mark teixeira ready to roll. so is carlos beltran. those three guys alone a combined 52 years of experience. >> i have to prove myself. doesn't matter what you've done in this game. every year you have to prove yourself and i'm looking forward to the challenge.
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had his suspension cut from three games to two. degrom had the green light today. no further problems expect ed. the mets just being cautious. there's always football news. the nfl is a machine. and right on cue with the scouting combine, ready to roll in indianapolis. giants and jets are thinking about established players as well. giant receiver victor cruz recently told usa today there's an 80% chance he'd be a giant the next season. coach mcadoo today. >> hopefully there's a chance to get him healthy. right now we're looking at things and he's on the roster right now. if anything changes, i'll be the first to know. >> jets have a busy offseason. combine, draft, free agency. muhammad wilkerson and david harrison are impending free agencies. fans seem to think the jets will use the franchise tag to keep one or another, but -- >> we like both mo and damon and we're going to try to figure out a way to ideally keep both of them.
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become of it but we know it's a business at the same time. finally from us, big college hoops game, number one villanova. late 2nd half. xavier is up 14. jp is next. he scored 19 points. so did sumner. and in a season of number ones falling, we have another one tonight. villanova goes down 90-83. xavier with a huge win and a big


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