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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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abused and to herred, a -- tortured and a woman says she knows who did it.
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now, new york's number one news, channel 7 news. a knock on the door and moments later an 81-year-old woman was dead. tonight cops and the victim's family pleading for help to find her killer. good evening at 11:00, the question tonight who killed the 81-year-old woman. we have new clues in the murder mystery. >> carolina leid is in jersey city with more. >> reporter: well, police in the and prosecutors office released new surveillance video hoping it will help in the case, they have also put up this digital board hoping that someone knows something and will come forward to help solve this murder mystery. prosecutors belief you're look -- believe you're looking at a murderer just minutes before he took the life of an elderly woman saturday february 5th, around 10:30 p.m. when this man showed up at her door in jersey city.
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apparently said something that convinced my mom that she knew him, and she and then he pushed in. >> reporter: this is her son, for nearly three weeks he's been waiting for answers, as the memorial outside her home remains. >> it's been turmoil. >> reporter: she livered alone -- livered alone, and was found -- lived alone and was found dead on the living room for with multiple blunt force traumas to her body. >> we believe someone is likely to have seen the individual going to the door, might know the individual, and we need the public's health. >> reporter: family members say the woman was ready to sell her home and move back to her native ecuador because after 30 years of living in new jersey she felt her neighborhood was too dangerous. >> i think sooner or later something is going to pop up. i miss her a lot.
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you have any information to help out with this case you're urged to call the detective's working on this. prosecutors say you can call your local police department as well, and they will direct you to who you need to speak to on this. reporting in jersey city, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. also new tonight, a wait for a popular -- wake for a popular high school teacher and his daughter killed in a crash on the new jersey turnpike. many turned out to pay respects for him and his daughter at a funeral home. the car was rear ended, and the other driver is charged with manslaughter. a couple of keen-eyed cops nabbing a fugitive wanted for murder after they spotted him on the subway. he was arrested yesterday at
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stations, they recognized him as a murder suspect while questioning him for spitting. meanwhile police are investigating yet another slashing attack on the subway. it happened on the nqr line in midtown earlier today. the victim was slashinged with a pocket -- slashed with a pocket knife on his face and thumb after he burned into a man and -- bumped into a man and they exchanged words. the suspect has not been caught. and breaking news, yoko ono rushed to the hospital. >> she's being treated right now for a possible stroke. josh einiger has the latest. >> reporter: we're still piecing together the details on this here at the hospital, but
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that yoko ono was taken here shortly after 9:00 tonight, unconscious, with a possible stroke. now ono was an key con of the 70, and the -- icon of the 70, and wife of john lennon, she's hospitalized here, reportedly having a stroke, this is where john lennon was taken after he was shot in 1980 and where he died. we're still waiting for more details from hospital officials and other sources relates to the familiar -- related to the family, but ono is hospital lied here -- hospitalized here with a possible stroke, and when we have more information on this breaking story, this very large breaking story, we'll have it for you. for now live on the upper west
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thank you. now to the nypd tonight trying to track down a man that exposed himself to several students out side a school in the bronx this afternoon outside the bronx studio school for writers and artists in hunt's point. police are trying to figure out if it was the same man seen here warranted for exposing himself to kids at another school in the same neighborhood. now to vote 2016. new jersey governor christie back on the campaign trail, but this time as an stumping tonight for man he trump. tonight he's in oklahoma city pushing trump for president. christie made the decision yesterday with trump, happened yesterday morning at trump tower in new york. >> america needs a strong american strength around the
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>> christie calling him the best republican canned to run the doctor r -- candidate to run the nation and beat hillary clinton. he says he's not interested in working for trump in the white house, saying he wants to go into private business after his term is up. and if you thought last night's debate was bad, wait until you see what trump and marco rubio are saying about each other tonight. >> reporter: it was a day of discourse between two grown men. >> it's rubio. >> reporter: that felt more like junior high. >> first he had this little makeup thing applying makeup around his sweat mustaches. >> >. you had to see him backstage, he was putting on makeup with a trowel. >> he wanted a full length
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pants weren't wet, i don't know. >> reporter: the fight even more blistering than the debate last night. >> friends don't let friends vote for con artist. >> reporter: marco rubio is desperately trying to close the gap been super tuesday. >> next tweet, he meant to say light weight, but pepped it wrong -- spelled it wrong. i think he meant to sea great honor. he must have -- say great honor. he must have hired a foreign worker to do his tweets. >> reporter: for this political scientists it's more like a comedy sketch if it weren't so serious. >> it's breathtaking. >> reporter: and while this jersey trump supporter is enjoying the fight.
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own way. >> my party has gone crazy. >> reporter: senator marco rubio waited a long time before deciding to train his fire on the new yorker. now before only days to go before super tuesday, is it too late to topple trump. josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. as for the democrats, tomorrow they have their primary in south carolina, hillary clinton and her husband making stops around the state today to stump for last minute votes. sanders returned to south carolina after several days in campaigning in super tuesday state, but he leaves tomorrow morning for texas and minnesota. new at 11:00, a woman's cat viciously burned, beaten, and tortured, found by its owner with broken bone, a broken tail, and missing teeth and claws. the shocking part of story is who did it and for how long. >> >. greets me at the door, follows me around, very attached to me.
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curious cat, lucy and her owner welcomed 24-year-old declan as as i roommate into their home just three months ago. >> he said he liked cats, he's had cats in the past. >> reporter: but almost immediately lucy's owner noticed subtle changes in her behavior and injuries. >> i came home one day and there was blood on her paws, so i took her to the vet. >> reporter: then a month ago she was discovered with a broken pelvis that the roommate blamed on an iron falling on the cat, then last week lucy was found tucked in her crate with a broken foot. >> she was breathing with her mouth open, looked limp ask the not, something had happened. >> reporter: lucy was rushed to the medical center where a vet determined the cat had been brutally beaten and tortured
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ranging from missing teeth and claws to broken bones and burns all over her body. >> when you see someone do this to a cat you wonder what can they do to me. >> reporter: the roommate was arrested and charged with two aggravated animal cruelty. the owner is still in disbelief he could be so heartless. >> i want him to get the punishment he deserves. >> reporter: meanwhile as lucy endures several painful surgery, vets are hopefully she'll make a full recovery. >> she's made a lot of progress in the last few days. she's very strong. >> reporter: she's expected to have another surgery monday, and the aspca are helping with her medical bills, estimated at over $10,000. there's also a go fund me page set up. a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. so what would you do with a deer walks into your kid's school? that story is coming up
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a man chased by cops runs into/store. how a shopper helped catch him. plus the red carpet, counting down to the oscars, so what will chris rock say at the oscars sunday night? we'll tell you what to expect. and it's the final weekend
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by the end of new at 11:00, police taking a crime stopper called amonday mouse -- thanking a crime stopper they've called anonymous shopping cart guy. the man stopped the suspect with his shopping cart. an unwelcome and not invited visitor today at a school in new jersey. a deer. the animal jumping through an
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office at north arlington middle school. classes getting dismissed teated, so no -- at the time, so no kids came in contact with it. they sedated the deer and removed it. it might be next to who actually wins the awards as the unknown is what will chris rock say? >> the always edgy comedian faced with hosting a show riddled with controversy. >> sandy kenyon in hollywood with the story for us tonight. >> reporter: chris rock is giving no interview, he's saving his fire power for sunday's show, but there was a cryptic tweet from him today. a brief video of tim fleischer stat tick and a -- television stat tick and a simple message, see you sunday hashtag back out, hashtag -- black out,
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the build up to the show seems to get bigger and longer every year, and after the debate over the lack of diversity at the oscars, the crowd comes ready to laugh, even if the laughs come at their own expense. >> he's going to be blistering. this is going to be a really tough pill for the academy to swallow. >> reporter: i former writer for the show tells the hollywood reporter chris rock is in a unique position to heal wounds. >> let's do this. >> reporter: the first time rock hosted he was so controversial the comic back. it took more than a decade, but rock would seem the right guy at the right time. >> they're very fortunate given there. they'll take their pain medicine and get on with the show. >> reporter: adding to the excitement are the close races in several categories,
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the revenant is the favorite, but spotlight could win, or perhaps the big short. >> fueled by stupidity. >> that's not stupidity, that's fraud. >> reporter: there is a lot of gold along this red carpet still under wrap, that's because the set of this big oscar show is meant to recall the disco era of the 1970s. we'll have to see how it plays out sunday night. for now, i'm sandy kenyon, reporting live in oscars red news. back to you in new york. thank you. we have this reminder, sandy's special the road toed. >> airs tomorrow night at 7:00 right here on channel 7. >> and red carpet begins at 5:00 sunday, then news at 6:00, then more red carpet at 7:00. >> stay tuned for eyewitness news and a specialer addition of jimmy e -- special edition of jimmy kimmel after the show.
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out there? >> lucky. good news. >> that's right. >> and it's 60 in los angeles right now, and less than 48 hours, maybe 60 degrees here. outside tonight, beautiful look at manhattan, the rink, and it's a partly cloudy to mainly clear sky right now. 28 degree, northwest wind at 13 to 22, and high of 38, six degrees below affirming. around 60 sunday, but still a flood warning for the river and minor flooding into the day tomorrow. so it's winter chill to start the weekend, and spring warmth to end the weekend. feels nicely tomorrow afternoon. still cold in the morning, then really nice sunday. the next five days above affirming, then a shot after -- average, and then a shot of cold air and maybe some wet snow about a week away.
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and upper 20s right now. 18 in morn. the wind chills -- monticello. the wind chills in the teen, feels like 4 in monticello, the winds back off overnight. tomorrow morning, chilly, but hour. the day. there's a breeze in the afternoon about 8 to 16, helps us get into the mid-40s. mainly clear to partly cloudy, lie clouds coming in. -- high clouds coming in. we have the gusty winds here, but the streamlines more slow to the south, so this light winds eventually moves in. as the fronted gets closer the winds get lighter. there's a milder breeze over the weekend. all the cold air in the great lakes is moving to the north. futurecast tomorrow morning, very cold, but sunshine and a few clouds, low and middle 40s not as harsh in the afternoon.
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the mid-30s, some places above freezing, in fact most, and afternoon hours, anywhere from 55 to 60. patchy clouds and sun rise, very cold, less wind, closer to normal tomorrow afternoon. 35 tomorrow night and partly cloudy. on sunday looking at 60 degrees on the red carpet for the star, about 76. beautiful there. just a brief shower monday, especially in the morning hours, some places may actually stay dry, and still near 60. nice day. tuesday gorgeous, then unsettled wednesday, period of rain for a few hours, mid-50, then colder late next week, and that could be a shot of wet show on friday. so early march getting a little colder late next week, but no major storms or snowstorms in sight. >> that's good to hire. >> wow. thank you. coming up next, a new warning to women about the zika virus, leading up to the
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in tonight's health alert, the cdc is issuing a warning about the zika virus and the olympics in brazil. federal officials recommending pregnant women not travel to
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previous recommendations not to travel to any zika infected region. new tonight a woman is suing her hair salon after suffering astroke blamed on her time in the -- a stroke blamed on her time in the shampoo chair. she said two weeks after visiting the salon she suffered a massive stroke. her doctors called beauty salon chair, her head bent back it caused a stroke. >> laura behnke in for rob powers, and she's up next with sports. >> now, now it's really spring training. it's one thing to have them report for spring training, it's another to have them all on the practice field. today the first full squad work outs of the spring for the
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for the mets sit big pressure or a good challenge? i think both depending on who you ask. last year in the world series, but this year a dream to win it all. rob powers has more.
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season, the goal is make it as long as you can, and that's the mets plan again. >> i like our chances to go out and compete, and it's going to be fun to watch them this spring. >> reporter: it all starts today, the team ready, and the work starts now for everybody. >> reporter: so excited -- >> so excited this year, and there's high expectations, and we have high expectations and we have the players to do it. >> absolutely, i'm really happy to be here too, so to be a part of this team, so i'm really excited. >> reporter: these arm, a big reason the fans get excited. >> everybody feels great, everybody is pretty healthy right frau and we're excited. >> reporter: -- now and we're excited. >> reporter: whatever happens happens for the next 37 day, until opening day.
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yankees welcomed back chapman after he missed camp for a family issue. they also held the first full squad work out of the spring, and all the talk about aaron judge firing off a home run that sailed more than 450 feet. one of the top process protect -- prospects, judge gives reasons for optimism. >> we've talked about what a greet athlete he has, and -- great athlete he is, and trying to get him to reps to be a real effective player here. >> one month ago the knicks on the verge of a playoff spot, but now they're six and a half games straight, and now they're trying to win for the third time in 16 games against the magic. anthony in the first, gordon know not to be out done, dunk until the second.
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they had all five start nears double figures. knicks get themselves a pretty big win. well the devils may have lost four of their last five, but all playoff hope is not lost. new jersey still one point out of final final wild card spot, hosting the lightning tonight. stops there, but snaps it in, making it 1-0, start of the big night for tampa offensively. and here off the pass from johnson, 4-0, bishop shutting out the devils, so good for the
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updating breaking news we told you about earlier, yoko ono rushed to a hospital in manhattan. >> she was taken there about 9:00 tonight. her spokesperson released a statement saying as far as he knows she had symptoms of a serious flu. >> but sources tell us she was unconscious when taken to the hospital, and still being looked at. >> that's the news for now. i'm sade baderinwa.
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thanks for watching. jimmy kimmel is next. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's


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