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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. have a great night. tonight, breaking news from belgium. the urgent manhunt, right now. and a major new discovery here. the all-out search at this hour. police in masks and full body armor, searching for the man the hat in that surveillance image from the brussels airport. there is also news tonight about two suspects, one at the airport, the other in the subway. authorities say both brothers and both blowing themselves up. and the startling reveal. how many times did authorities send warnings about these two men. also tonight, the computer discovered in the trash. the revealing message from one of the suspects. and the faces of the missing. americans among them. the families still hoping to find their loved ones. the brother and sister, the kentucky couple, and we go to find the young american who
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help so many escape after that bomb. the race for president turns personal. donald trump's wife used in a new ad for ted cruz. trump lashing out, warning he would spill the beans about ted cruz's wife. tonight, what cruz told our team. and the denver airport, shut down. the blizzard hitting several states with warnings and watching. the national guard called in, and it's headed east. from abc news, this is a special edition of "world news tonight with david muir" reporting tonight from brussels. and good evening tonight from brussels. and as we come on the air here, this city remains on its highest alert. security everywhere we went today, after the devastating attacks, there are fears here there could be more. the u.s. state department tonight with an extraordinary warning, telling american travelers that terror groups are planning attacks all across europe, warning americans to be vigilant. also tonight, we are learning some of the identities of the
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one of them, authorities now confirm, was the master bomb maker here and in paris. another man in this photo, a suicide bomber at the airport, had a brother who walked into that subway here and did the same thing. and now the urgent manhunt tonight for the man on the right, with the hat, who got away. tonight, what investigators have also found in this building, where the suspects were believed to be hiding. and the message on the computer that was found in the trash. abc's alex marquardt leads us off here in belgium tonight. >> reporter: tonight, police in masks and full body armor searching the streets of brussels, an all-out manhunt to capture a terrorist before he strikes again. this is the man they're looking for, in the dark hat and tan coat. his name not known. the two men with him pushing heavy carts at the airport, suicide bombers. their black gloves possibly concealing detonators. now sources in brussels telling abc news, the man on the left is the master bomb maker,
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the man in the middle, 29-year-old inbrahim elle back bakraoui. and we know his brother, 27-year-old khalid, carried out the deadly subway attack later that day. this morning, prosecutors revealing both brothers, born in belgium, had extensive criminal histories. but also this -- "not tied to terrorism," he said. this afternoon, we are learning that is not true, that both brothers had terror connections. in fact, last june, interpol the world police organization, sent a worldwide alert about khalid el bakraoui, saying he was wanted in belgium. the charge? terrorism. and today, turkey's president said the other brother, ibrahim, was caught on the syrian border, that belgian authorities were warned that he was, quote, a foreign fighter. tuesday, the three suspected airport attackers headed out on their mission from this non-descript building in a brussels suburb. this is where the attackers were right outside this apartment building.
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explosionves into the car. but they reportedly couldn't fit all the bags in, meaning it was too small. they couldn't fit in all the bags they wanted and had to leave some behind. meaning the carnage could have been even worse. they drove five miles to the airport, that infamous surveillance image captured at 7:55 a.m. less than five minutes later, the first explosion, then another. the blasts fewer than ten seconds apart, turning this bustling terminal into the burned-out shell you see here. today, these new images of the aftermath. a soldier carrying a victim on his back to safety. a mass of people desperate to escape. somewhere among them, the man in the black hat. an hour later, just seven miles away at the metro station, another suicide bomber prepares to strike. the second brother, khalid el bakraoui, came here to carry out his suicide attack, in the shadow of the offices of the european union, making his way through commuters to detonate his explosives. he stepped into this subway car,
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metal. surviving passengers climbing out into the darkness. hours later, police teams descend on the terrorists' safehouse. forensics investigators in white suits dusting for fingerprints, carrying out evidence. and in a garbage can on the same street, a dramatic discovery -- the discarded computer of airport bomber ibrahim elle bakraoui. and on it, a final, desperate message. the terrorists writing about, quote, being in a rush. no longer knowing what to do, being sought everywhere, no longer being safe. and worrying about spending the rest of his life in a jail cell. so, david, it appears from this message that the attackers believed that the net was tightening around them. that the authorities were closing in, and that they had to act now to pull off these horrific attacks. david? >> alex marquardt leading us off. alex, thank you. and with that discovery, that message found on a computer, and that connection tonight between the master bomb maker here in brussels to paris, the big
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people are in that terror cell and how many are still alive tonight, perhaps planning the next attack? here's our chief investigative correspondent brian ross now. >> reporter: it's increasingly clear tonight to u.s. authorities that the deadly terror attacks, this week in brussels, and last november in paris, were the work of one interconnected isis cell based in belgium, made up of at least 16 terror recruits, mostly european. 13 of them now dead. one under arrest. and two still being sought. >> it's got more moving parts. it's got people attacking in different ways. it's a more resilient kind of terror cell, i think. >> reporter: the culmination of more than a year of careful planning by isis central command in syria, that allowed the cell to avoid detection for so long. >> they do train their people in the fundamentals of being a spy, fundamentals of secure communications. >> reporter: among those with documented ties to both paris
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bomb maker, 24-year old najim laachraoui, whose remains were discovered today in the rubble of the brussels airport. authorities say they have found his dna and fingerprints at bomb factories that produced explosives for paris and brussels. and david, officials tell us that even with those two men on the loose, they believe the brussels terror cell has already carried out its mission. now, out of people and out of bombs. the concern now is that there are other terror cells across europe, still covert and still actively plotting. david? >> brian, thank you. and as you know, authorities remain on the scene in that neighborhood where they discovered that computer, but they also discovered something else in that apartment building. a cache of explosives. tonight, terry moran inside that building, knocking on the apartment next door, asking the man who lives there if he had any idea on what was happening on the other side of that wall.
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>> reporter: overnight, that apartment in the brussels suburb, a virtual bomb factory, was scoured by investigators into the early morning. this shaky video of the search shot by a shocked neighbor. and inside, a grim find. investigators recovering about 33 pounds of tatp, the so-called mother of satan explosive, used in the paris attacks last november. almost 40 gallons of acetone, used to make tatp. detonators. a suitcased filled with nails and screws and ventilators. a bomb factory in the middle of and people have a lot of questions. how could the landlord not know? checks every rental, not follow up? it seems almost incredible that no one saw anything. while we were on the scene -- you didn't know? >> no. >> reporter: a neighbor arrived. he lives in the apartment next door to the suspected attackers, but saw only a bearded man come in and out. greeted him once.
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the neighbors tell us the suspected attackers were only up in that apartment for a few weeks. they moved in, they built their bombs, and they killed. and the urgent question now is, how many more hideouts like that are there here? david? >> terry moran here in brussels with me tonight. terry, thank you. and next, to the heartbreak of the families of the americans hurt or still missing tonight. the state department saying they don't have names or an official list of the missing, but there are many families still waiting, still hoping. tonight here, the stories behind those faces, and the american survivors tonight, including the young man from washington, d.c. who was in the subway during the explosion, and who helped pry open that door so everyone could escape. tonight, we found him right here in brussels, taking us back into the subway, where they searched our coats. he told me he has never seen security like this here before. ashley running straight into her family's arms in new york, still wearing the same clothes she had
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airport. the powells from houston, texas, getting word that her 21-year-old stepson has been found. he woke up in a hotel lobby, turned triage center, with no memory of the subway attack. >> yes, it's over, it's like -- >> reporter: heroic stories of survival emerging. at the airport, american physician laura triaging the injured. >> with my pair of scissors that i found, i cut off so many pairs of pants to find, you know, just massive shrapnel wounds. >> reporter: former oakland university player sebastian ballin going into surgery for his left leg after the blast reportedly threw him 65 feet. >> his first words were, "dad," and then he paused, and then he said, "you have no idea what i saw around me. the carnage." >> reporter: and there was nba hall of fame star dikembe mutombo. he was asleep in the passenger
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he fled to safety, posting on facebook now, "god is good." more than 100 others wounded there. some 1 americans, including three mormon missionaries. richard norby, mason wells, and joseph empey. joseph's family grateful he's alive. the camera rolling when mason spoke to his parents for the first time after the blast. >> the burns aren't too bad, so they're pretty sure they're not going to scar. >> where are the burns? >> on the right side of my head, kind of by my ear. >> by your ear? by your eyes are okay? >> yeah. but my right hand is also kind of badly burped. >> how long will be in the hospital? >> couple weeks. >> oh. >> reporter: while so many others still search tonight. new york city natives alexander and sascha pinkczowskipinczowski, missing.
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his fiance's father, on his way to brussels to search. >> you live for those scenarios, you think about those, but you can never imagine that something like this would happen to your own daughter, your own family. and it's -- it's horrible beyond imagination. >> reporter: and tonight, the first face of the confirmed dead here. adelma tapia ruiz, on her way to new york to visit family. her husband and twin daughters at the airport to see her off. an hour later, after that say port attack, the other explosions, seven miles away on that crowded subway. we went to find the young american, brian carroll, from washington, d.c., who pried open the door on that subway after the explosion. he told us he knew about the airport attack that morning, and even debated whether or not to get on that subway. he did. >> as we were arriving to the platform, there was a massive explosion. we heard it, we felt it in the train. to me, immediately, i knew it was a terrorist attack.
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like. it's crazy to believe that i was just a few cars down and i'm very, very thankful and lucky to have gotten out alive. >> reporter: you and some of the other people on the train pried the door open. >> that's right. >> reporter: we went down into that subway today before it closed early. armed guards making us open our colts before we could board. and on the subway, brian shows us where he was standing, just a couple of cars away from the bomb. brian saying he's thankful he and the others in that train car had the instincts to pry the door open to get everybody out. the terror attacks here in brussels, of course, a major campaign issue back home tonight. hillary clinton with a major speech late today, painting herself the experienced and steady candidate, and blasting the republicans. donald trump repeating tonight, he was right all along, about shutting the borders to muslims and about waterboarding. but also tonight, on the political front, the new battle between donald trump and ted
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here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton firing hard at donald trump and senator ted cruz, calling their plan to stop terrorism by patrolling muslim communities blanket bigotry. >> racially profiling predominantly muslim neighborhoods, it's wrong, it's counterproductive, it's dangerous. >> reporter: trump even saying today he'd be open to using nuclear weapons against isis. >> isis is an enemy, i don't rule out anything. i would say definitely nuclear weapons are a last resort. >> reporter: and tonight, trump and cruz locked in a nuclear war of words over their wives. it started with this anti-trump super-pac ad we had to blur. trump lashing out on twitter, posting, "lyin ted cruz just used a picture of melania from a "gq" shoot in his ad. be careful, lyin ted, or i will
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when you read that what did you think? >> now i will say even for donald, though, he reached a new low. it's one thing to try and attack another candidate, it's another thing to come after my wife. >> reporter: and in a rare move, heidi cruz also firing back against trump. >> you probably know by now that most of the things that donald trump says have no basis in reality. >> reporter: david, today senator ted cruz received the endorsement of jeb bush, and donald trump reacted on twitter, saying, honestly, i can't blame jeb if that i drove him into oblivion. david? >> tom llamas on the campaign trail again tonight. tom, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the major storm back home. the denver airport, shut down tonight. the blizzard hitting at this hour. watches. and where that storm is headed next. also tonight, the controversial nfl owner making headlines at this hour. what he's now saying about concussions, about football and the link to braun disease. and america strong tonight. the little girl making a giant rescue in the pool. the dramatic moment, helping to
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next tonight here, to the severe weather crossing the country tonight. winter storm warnings in eight states and dangerous high winds. a blizzard blowing across colorado, 50-mile-an-hour gusts shutting down the denver airport. heavy snow on i-25. traffic grinding to a halt on some rides. drivers sitting for hours. tonight, that storm on the move. part of it moving east. 30 million americans on alert. and chief meteorologist ginger zee is at the weather wall for us tonight. ginger? >> reporter: david, this is a powerful, yet quick-moving storm that has everything from high wind in the southern plains to a blizzard warning in denver. winter storm watches, all the way to western new york. this low pressure system, as we time it out, goes through your wednesday night into early thursday morning, parks itself in northeastern missouri and leaves a cold front with severe storms on the front end and then wraparound cold air and snow on the back side.
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dangerous for our tonight time period. lincoln, nebraska, with a tornado watch, all the way down to dallas, texas. then, up to bowling green, kentucky, have the potential for damaging winds, tornadoes and large hail. david? >> ginger, thank you. when we come back here, celebrating a legendary sports broadcaster tonight. also, the concussion controversy. you knew about the hard hits, but you won't believe what one nfl owner said about football and cte. and then, that little girl to the rescue in the swimming pool. the life-saving moment, and her mother, awfully proud tonight.nic pain got badmy doctor prescribed medication-an opioid. it really helped! but it came with some baggage: opioid-induced constipation-oic. sooo awkward... you sound like you're ready for the movantalk! opioids block pain signals. but they can also block activity in the bowel, causing constipation. movantik can help reduce constipation caused by opioid pain medications. do not take movantik
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it was his decades as a play by play man that made him a legend. most recently, the voice of the arizona diamondbacks. he was 90 years old. he made so many of us smile. to the nfl, and one owner's controversial comment about football and concussions tonight. dallas cowboys owner. jerry jones telling "the washington post" that a concrete connection between football and ct cte is, quote, absurd. jones now attempting to clarify his remarks, but said he still believes the data linking football and head injuries is inconclusive. and to a very brave 5-year-old girl tonight, and the mother lucky to be alive. the dramatic rescue captured on video. tracy and her daughter swimming in their backyard pool. the mother suffering a seizure, blacking out in the water. that girl pulling her mother to the side of the pool, lifting her out of the water, calling for help. that mom, okay tonight. when we come back, we're going to take you right into this audience behind us. we will show you some of the
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itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. you ready to fight it? ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. finally tonight here, from brussels, the light in the darkness. the parents determined to bring their children right here behind me, to help them heal, to help this city heal. tonight, the number of candles growing in this city, in honor parents trying to explain it to their children.
6:58 pm
we met ingebor gg. tell me why it was important to bring your children here. >> because we live in brussels. and what happened yesterday made a very big impact on all of us. and i found it very important to bring them here to think about it, and make them reflect on it. >> reporter: kneeling, they show me their candles. her oldest daughter, valentine, is 10. and did you light a candle? >> yes. >> people of all ages here all day long lighting the candles in honor of those lost. these boys right here, these two brothers. and can you see the colors of the belgian flag all over this city, all over the world. this hash tag, pray for brussels. and standing beside the candles, we meet cora. she was in paris for the attacks there, and now lives here in brussels. so, you are here to honor the victims. >> yeah, and because i consider myself very lucky to be alive. for the second time. >> that memorial growing by the hour here. thank you for watching here on a wednesday night. i'm david muir in brussels.
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