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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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there is new information about the knife that was found near o.j. simpson's old house andquestions on whether or not it was connected to the double murder investigation. plus a high-speed chase ends. the woman tried to make another getaway in the cop's car. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. i didn't mind that joke. it was okay. and that is our news for now. thank you so much for joining us, i'm liz cho. world news is next. have a tonight, the severe weather outbreak hitting right now. tornadoes already. blinding rain. millions now bracing for high winds. and across much of the east, snow on the way. also breaking, the new video tonight. the wrong target. an undercover officer shot more than a half dozen times by mistake. >> or okay? breaking developments in the shootout at a greyhound bus station. police revealing just a short time ago, the size of the arsenal.
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a state trooper killed. donald trump, and tonight, his troubling numbers among women. and hillary clinton fighting mad, and fighting off bernie sanders in new york, where she was once senator. the runaway ship. the 150-foot sightseeing boat coming in too fast. the crash, and bystanders running. and, "america strong." a woman trapped in her car. the good samaritans. and what they do to save her. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we begin tonight with the severe weather outbreak just as the weekend begins. storms blowing across the gulf coast into the deep south. that system will now reach right up the east coast.
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this, including this one in mississippi. another twister in indiana, tossing this car upside-down. rob marciano is standing by, but we begin with steve osunsami outside atlanta, where many were sheltering in place for a time as a reported tornado touched down. >> reporter: listen to that tornado siren. and take a look at how hard it was blowing today at warner robbins airforce base south of atlanta, in the middle of what many here believe was a twister. everyone had to shelter in flying sheets of metal were wrapping around road signs and power lines. the winds blew over a big rig nearby. >> when i looked out the back doors, couldn't see anything except debris going through the air. everybody is okay as far as we know. >> reporter: further north, the lightning burned this house to the ground. severe weather warnings will force millions of families across the east and south to
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the weather service is already confirming an ef-1 tornado in twiggs county, georgia. near 90-mile-an-hour winds destroyed homes. >> it was scary. i thought we were going to get blown away. >> reporter: this storm system has left heartache in 8 states, with 12 reported tornadoes. >> i can see it right here. this one was caught on a security camera in indiana. south of huntsville, alabama, the winds were strong enough to push over headstones. authorities here believe a tornado cut a four-mile path the frederick family has to clean up this. >> it came so fast, there was no time to prepare or anything. >> reporter: the city has declared a state of emergency. and this is a day care center, inside. the crew that freed them will work through the night. david? >> thank you.
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let's go to rob marciano, he's live in new york because the east coast will feel this, and soon. you're already talking about winds picking up? >> yes, and we've even had a couple of lightning strikes on the other side of the river. some of these could very well be severe, but the tornado threat continues in georgia and florida. and then our attention turns to the north. cold air pouring in behind two fronts, snow potential, and could be some damaging winds. 50 miles an hour in new york city. and windchills in april, 16 in detroit, 24 in new york city. that's certainly cold enough for snow. could see 1 to 5 inches of snow
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and 78 today, a far cry forrom that as we head to next week. >> thank you. and a bus gonet gone horribly wrong. an undercover officer accidentally shot more than a half a dozen times. you can hear the officer realize he shot the other officer. clayton sandell on the officer that was shot, who later sued, and tonight has won a major settlement. >> hands up! hands up! >> reporter: newly-released video in the heat of a drug bust takedown. an apparent suspect with a gun is shot. >> put your hands where i can see them! gun! gun! [ gunshots ] >> reporter: but what albuquerque police lieutenant greg brachle quickly realizes is he just shot a fellow cop. >> oh, [ bleep ]. that was jacob! are you okay? >> no.
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i'm sorry, man! i didn't know it was you! come here. come here, jacob. jacob's been shot! >> reporter: detective jacob grant, working undercover, is hit multiple times. >> i actually felt every round as it impacted my body. >> reporter: more than a dozen surgeries later, his career is over. >> complaining doesn't seem to make anything better. >> reporter: he sued the city, which this week settled for $6.5 million. >> both jacob and laura are extremely strong people. >> reporter: since 2010, albuquerque police shooting lawsuits have cost taxpayers more than $40 million. >> i thought you were a bad guy. >> reporter: lieutenant brachle who could not be reached today, retired just before a police board said he should be fired for numerous mistakes that day. >> where are you hit? >> he got hit a lot. >> reporter: mistakes that nearly cost one officer his life. clayton sandell, abc news, denver.
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there are new developments after the commuter nightmare, the deadly shooting at a bus station in virginia. here's david kerley, back on the scene tonight. >> reporter: a trooper's patrol car is a memorial tonight. flowers to remember chad dermyer, gunned down at richmond's greyhound bus station. it was a training exercise yesterday. the 37-year-old trooper, approaching a man who had 143 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition in his nearby bags and a pistol in his belt. which he pulls, firing multiple times at the trooper. the trooper didn't know he was dealing with a longtime criminal. james brown of aurora, illinois, served time for using a firearm in a crime, drugs, and domestic abuse. the gun, purchased by someone else a little more than a year ago. >> here's a violent offender with a weapon. as a police officer, what does that say to you? >> it's very troubling that he would have a gun.
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out, having the history that he has, and able to travel on a bus line. >> reporter: a local tv station quotes brown's aunt as saying he had anger with police, that he said he would never go back to prison again. he would fight it out with he would fight it out with them. trooper dermyer was a former marine. a local police officer before joining the state police, leaving behind a wife and two children. the head of the state police says it is unfortunate the killer had a gun, but they aren't sure whether he possessed it legally or illegally. the trooper is the 30th law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty this year. david? >> thank you. now to the race for the white house, first, the republican. all eyes on wisconsin next. ted cruz in the lead there. and donald trump in damage control after what he said about women and abortion. looking back at the moment,
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cecilia vega has the numbers tonight, where he stands with women within his own party. >> reporter: this is the face of an embattled frontrunner. donald trump with that smile and wave, tonight hoping to put a very bad week behind him. the controversy over his abortion comment engulfing his campaign. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, there has to be some form. >> reporter: now trump is delivering a mea culpa, like only trump can. >> it could be that i misspoke. but this was a long, convoluted subject. we talked about catholicism and his religion. >> reporter: but it threatens to send trump's poll numbers among women even lower. nearly three out of four female voters have an unfavorable opinion of him. and for republican women, that number, up 25 points in just a matter of months. tonight, in a new radio ad, he's begging the voters of wisconsin to give him a chance.
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people of wisconsin because there is so much misinformation that's being put out there about me. >> reporter: trump's opponents, loving the chaos. >> there's no doubt that donald trump is the kim kardashian presidential candidate. he sits on twitter and makes a lot of noise but he has no solutions to fixing the problem. >> reporter: and trump has another big problem on his hands. polls show he is one of the least popular presidential candidates in modern history. 67% of voters view him unfavorably. only former kkk grand wizard david duke fared worse. tonight, the billionaire businessman hoping wisconsin lets him turn the page. >> if we win wisconsin, it's going to be over. pretty much over. >> and cecilia vega with us live. donald trump was already trailing in wisconsin before the uproar, but he's headed back there this weekend?
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trying to manage expectations before the vote. but donald has three stops in wisconsin tomorrow alone. david? >> cecilia vega, thank you. to the democratic side tonight. hillary clinton fighting off bernie sanders, as she tries to nomination. but there is wisconsin where she trails him, and new york, where she leads. tonight, she's in syracuse, new york, where she once campaigned for senate and won. tonight, celebrating the orangemen and women, heading to the final four. here's david wright. >> reporter: tonight in syracuse, hillary clinton sought to give her bracket a boost. >> we love you! >> reporter: wearing syracuse orange at varsity pizza, as she signed basketballs for the men's and women's teams. but it's the surprises and
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victories in the presidential race that are more on her mind these days. bernie sanders has won six out of the last seven contests. he's poised to win wisconsin, too, stymieing clinton's best efforts to advance and put the primaries behind her. this week, when a greenpeace activist cornered her about the support she receives from the oil and gas industry, clinton blasted back. >> i'm so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. i'm sick of it. >> reporter: clinton has been adopting a more populist message in an effort to win over sanders voters. today on "gma," david muir showed bernie sanders a recent "snl" parody. >> i'm angry too, because the top 10% of the top 1% control 90% in this country and i've always said that. >> reporter: senator, you think being in the race, you have forced secretary clinton to evolve her message? >> i think if you look at issue
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moved very much closer to us. >> reporter: after wisconsin, the race comes here to new york. clinton's adopted home. sanders has been calling for more debates here, and tonight, clinton says she will give him one. david? >> thank you. and in chicago, the murder rate getting worse. 141 murders so far this year, 72% higher than this time last year. shootings up 88%. officers say they have been making less street stops because of more paperwork. and there are now homicide charges in india, the overpass collapsing on cars. at least 23 people killed, dozens injured. tonight, police arresting three
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company working on the overpass. and next, to people trying to cross the border illegally from mexico into the u.s. and two young men, carrying backpacks backpacks, spotting the cameras documenting the whole thing. gio benitez with what happened next. >> reporter: you're looking at video recorded from the u.s./mexico border by spanish-language journalists. watch as two men jump over the 20-foot wall from mexico into the united states. you can see those giant backpacks. one of the young men gets on the phone. they check out their surroundings, completely unaware they're being recorded. the journalists recording this say u.s. customs and border agents were nearby when it happened. but watch as the pair crosses the street and then -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: the two men spot the camera. gesture at the reporter to stop filming.
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make the decision to run back. climbing the fence and jumping back into mexico without ever being caught. abc news has reached out to kus customs and border operations and they confirm they detected them, and they were unable to make an apprehension. kbb gio benitez, abc news, new york. still much more ahead on "world news tonight." the boat coming in too fast. the bystanders fleeing. and breaking developments in the o.j. simpson case. the elusive search for the murder weapon. there's definitive word coming in. and a car into the water, a woman driver trapped.
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next tonight, to the slow motion horror playing out on a so san diego san diego dock. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: as the ship plows towards the dock, you hear a man joke. >> park it anywhere! >> reporter: those horns, sounding a mere 12 seconds before impact. watch again. the bystanders scatter as the adventure hornblower steams towards them. >> another guy starting saying, "we got to move. we got to move. it's coming in hot." >> reporter: and that elderly lady in red. her escape, painfully slow. those two men jumping in to help as the 150-foot-long whale-watching ship just misses her. the 144 people aboard jolted. >> these guys were all standing right beside the captain and they said she was -- she
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"i can't get it out of gear! i can't get it out of gear!" >> reporter: san diego fire department said seven were injured and three transported to the hospital. tonight, hornblower cruises telling abc news they're investigating and to say more would be guessing. the company also tells us its first priority is customer safety, but shockingly, david, this is the third incident in 18 months. the ship is banned indefinitely from taking on passengers. david? >> matt, thank you. when we come back, the unsettling discovery. explosives from a cia training exercise found on a school bus. and also, new word coming in on the o.j. simpson knife. and many seeing this today, they were stunned by what
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news. and the cia accidentally leaving explosive material on a school bus. students in loudoun county, virginia, riding that bus two days this week before the discovery was made under the hood of the bus. cia k9 units had been using the school bus during a training exercise. new developments in the o.j. simpson case. authorities say forensic testing now confirming a knife reportedly discovered on simpson's brentwood estate is not the weapon used to kill nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. next, presidents of the united states. uprooting your family to move to canada. now, more than ever, it's important to have a smart policy if you decide to abandon your
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all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires. right now during the big tire event, get a $120 rebate by mail on four select tires. when your ford needs service, these are the specialists. at ford. finally tonight here, "america strong." and the good samaritans who raced to help a driver in need. here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: tonight, a dramatic
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85-year-old marie fitzgerald's car, submerged, after she drove through a barrier and into the water. >> oh, jesus. >> reporter: watch, as a good samaritan smashes the windshield. but he can't get her out. the car crashing against the rocks. and beginning the to sink. water now pouring inside. firefighters arriving, and one officer smashing the window, pulling the woman to safety. tonight, the woman is home, and saying she's grateful for everyone that helped her. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> thank you for watching on a friday night. i'm david muir.
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