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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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this is new york's number 1 news. channel 7 eyewitness news with joe torres and sandra bookman. and jeff smith with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now, eyewitness news at 6:00. developing right now. out of control, a car jumps a curb in the bronx and smashes into a restaurant. a thief mugs a 103-year-old woman in the bronx and steals
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suspects have the burialy suspect in custody. those stories in and we begin with an accuweather alert about fierce winds. the new york city department of buildings is warning property owners to secure construction sites and buildings. all crane operations must stop and cranes must be secured. and they are performing random inspections across the city. >> a high wind warning is in effect from midnight to 2 p.m. for tomorrow for new york city, long island, the lower hudson valley, and parts of new jersey. and wind advisories for parts of connecticut. let's get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> that wind is really going to start cranking. the high wind warning from midnight to 2 p.m. in long island, it's in effect to 6 p.m. and in addition to the cold air coming in behind the system, a freeze watch is in effect.
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and a freeze watch for areas north and west of new york city. right now on the radar, not much going on. skies are threatening with the shower and sprinkle. the main story is this system here. winding up very energetic. you can see a swirl on the radar satellite. this is going to kind of off to the south. and that's going to instigate the high winds and rain showers changing to snow showers. by midnight here comes a squall line in western new jersey. with the line, heavier downpours and a rumble of thunder. and behind it things change over to snow. we get the wind whipping in from the west and temperatures tumbling. any snow exits the area by dawn and the wind will be howling through the early part of the afternoon. late tonight to tomorrow afternoon. and we're looking at locally damaging gusts of at least 50 to 60 miles per hour.
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snow showers overnight. and could be a coating to an inch of snow north of the city along with slick travel. another storm for opening day at yankees stadium. >> see you in a few minutes. we're following a developing story in the bronx where a car smashed into a restaurant. the crash happened just after 4:00 this afternoon at 3926 white plains road. that's in the wakefield section. a.j. ross is at the scene with new video. >> reporter: that car was just towed away. and the gates down at the restaurant. if you take a look inside the front door, you can see the remnants of this impressive damage after the car came careening through the dining area. let me show you video from the accident earlier this afternoon just after 4:00. according to eyewitnesses, the elantra was making a left-hand
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another car and lost control. the elantra plowed into the side of the restaurant bringing glass and debris down with it. two people were injured in the melee. and one man on the sidewalk was being attended to by medics. such a busy intersection and people who live and work nearby say it's fortunate that more people were not hurt. >> the lady panicked. she couldn't control the wheel any more. definitely more people could have been hurt if there were more people in there. >> reporter: no word yet on the amount of damage. it's very significant and will take time to clean up the popular restaurant. both drivers remained on scene as police conducted the investigation. and no word yet on the people injured. and live in the bronx, channel 7 eyewitness news. new tonight, a suspect is
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attack on a 103-year-old woman police say 53-year-old sharon mcneil robbed the senior of her food after knocking her off her op city. >> reporter: 103-year-old -- says there's something wrong with someone who would rob someone her age. i would. what's the sense? >> 103-year-old -- not holding a grudge against a woman police say attacked and robbed her. >> what would i say to her? what could i say? are you desperate? you must be desperate to get a woman so 3 years old.
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>> the suspect is 53-year-old sharon mcneil. she followed her in the building and rode the elevator with her. and when they got to her floor, she attacked her. >> he took my shopping cart and everything in it. my money and everything. >> she's legally blind and may not have realized the attacker is a woman who made off with the shopping cart and $35. >> i hope i get all my items back. i just got my shopping cart back. >> reporter: she says her head hurts from the attack and she is unfazed. >> reporting live, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> she's a tough lady. new at 6:00. surveillance video shows the exact moment when a thief
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the face. a man hid cereal inside his jacket. and in the video you could see a store employee stop the suspect and pull the box of cereal out. the suspect attacks and slashes the employee across the face. police are still looking for the attacker. happening right now. a community comes together to honor a young victim of gun violence, calling for change. >> someone shot him at the head in east harlem during a dispute. mallory off is at tonight's vigil. mallory-- >> reporter: joe, people in the community say they're angry but they want to put the anger to use for the good. they want to see an end to gun violence. a 16-year-old was shot here and
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>> we are out here to stop the shooting and we're tired of actually attending and coming together all the time for a tragic situation. >> a community's hope to end gun violence echoed. >> have a conversation with the children in your home. find out what's happening in the neighborhood. are they being bullied? are they in a gang. >> reporter: he was shot in the head and later died at harlem hospital. >> he was a really good kid. never started problems or nothing. >> reporter: right across from a middle school. >> the incident started as an argument between two groups. >> gun violence is rampant. >> i think we stop it by having fewer guns in people's hands
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just need to reach out and find solutions. >> community organizers are determined to see change. this is the search for a young man's killer. >> do people know who shot your friend. >> and they don't want to say anything. >> a don't snitch mentality has a tendency to get in the way of solving so many of tonight there are no suspects. live in east harlem. channel 7 eyewitness news. a long island woman has been ordered held on $1 million bond on charges she killed her newborn being. she was arraigned today on a charge of second-degree murder. doctors treated her for heavy bleeding.
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stuffed in a garbage bag. the baby was born alive and suffocated. a suspicious package forced the evacuation of a bus terminal. the item was wrapped in brown paper and was near a bar on the second level. port authority place have not said what they found. new video of a sleep walking cop accused of assault. >> the officers captured on camera in his underwear.
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new video of an nypd officer who was sleep walking when he allegedly attacked a woman in her apartment. the new york post obtained this video of eugene don lee leaving a building in the bronx. he runs out in the street and tries to get back inside and is locked out. he was drunk prosecutors say, and repeatedly punched her. he's charged with assault and
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a connecticut woman is rescued as her car is swept away in rough waters. 85-year-old marie fitzgerald's car went through the barriers at eastern point beach. a good samaritan tried to help her and more water kept gushing into the car. a lieutenant jumped into action and was able to mall a window, open a door, and rescue fitzgerald. another one in south carolina. a coast guardsman was driving to work and saw a minivan on fire. the van had driven into a tree. it wasn't until two good samaritans arrived they they
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many donna appears to be in dispute. a new co-op rule requires her to be there. madonna also owns a townhouse
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if this were april fools' day, the forecast would be a joke but it's not and it's not. >> we have wicked wind coming in tonight. and it could cause damage and power outages throughout the area. after midnight through the morning hours, and right now it's not too bad. the showers are getting longer as the sun is setting after 7:00 this evening. the temperature is 55. and the wind from the southwest at 6:00, gusting up to 16 miles per hour. that's calm compared to what we'll have later on tomorrow night. it was just aftermidnight. 53 right now brick new jersey. 49 bridgeport. and speaking or southwestern content content.
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could contain pea size hail. and we could have a wind gust of a miles per hour. this is vale the system that at the same times doing all the -- these are all the wind damage reports rev received. this is thick minutes damage. just a spotty shower or two and then by midnight. we guess aequat-on -- a wind gust of 50 miles per hour. and with that and then the wind whips in from the west and northwest after midnight. any rain showers which i think over -- >> i-84 there could be an inch of snowfall accumulation.
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morning. and the wind will continue howling and finally tailing off tomorrow night. and then we watch the next storm. this is monday new york, 7 a.m. around daybreak. show con sensing from new york not looking good for opening day at yankees stadium. we get that militia purse 1:00 in the morning. and the entire area gets involved in the 50 to 60-mile- per-hour wind gusts through the morning and early afternoon hours. here's the accuweather forecast. for today turns windy late and showers turning to snow showers. and there could be a coating of snow north of the city. windy and chillier tomorrow. and 43 and damaging winds possible with the 60-mile-per- hour gusts.
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we're down to 34. the mixed bag of precip -- snow and rain -- starting monday morning. and going to rainfall for first pitch at yankees stadium if there is a first pitch. 48degrees. isn't that nice, laura -- at the stadium on monday. and another call coming up. our warmest -- and colder again and hos. >> p there's little grade school in that forecast. >> we are just 24 hours away from a baseball game that actually counts.
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at least two buildings in elizabeth. and the flames broke out about 640 fulton street about 5:00. this is videotape we received from social media. and an eyewitness news crew is on the way to the scene. and we'll bring you an update. let's send it over to the end of spring trains the pinstripes prefer to make their presence known at a season opener. today in miami for the final spring game and the pinstripes would waste no time. jacoby ellsbury leading off the game with some flair.
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a -- two -- the entire baseball season with a rematch with the royals. the amazing eight is not speaking to the media after the way his bladder infection and health scare were reported. how does the captain think he's feeling heading in? >> you'll have to ask matt if he's talking to you. i imagine playing in the big legals, pitch opening day. should give you. the rangers meet the sabers at the garden. and today the islanders and penguins clashed. three teams supported. first period a bad play.
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no love lost. back to the goals which were all pittsburgh'smented the peps clinch a post season spot. a deal with bruce carter, reportedly a one-year contract. the former second round draft pick was released a month into a $14.7 million. >> carter will compete for an inside linebacker role. >> the national semi-files are this evening. forville and oklahoma with syracuse and oklahoma. in new york, never looked back.
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but we just haven't been playing up to standards. >> we definitely want to wait them. i'm glad we beat them. >> the warriors guest took a big -- losing the first home game of the season. they fall to 68-8 on the season. still awfully impressive. they can only afford one more loss to set the record. >> we are feeling. just got to be able to move on from it. we don't come april. >> they have no idea how to lewis. it's impressiving.
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welcome to "world news tonight." re-enforcements on the campaign trail. trump with sarah palin back at his side. tonight his newest stand on abortion. >> what i said was so good. it was so perfect. >> but can he overcome the controversy? the crucial vote days away. the arctic blasts sweeping across america. plunging temperatures. even snow. millions bracing for more to come.


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