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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 2, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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great night and enjoy the rest of your weekend. .
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now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. the nypd clears out time's square evacuating thousands of people over a security scare, tonight an eyewitness news exclusive, a photo what set off all the alarm. a major change in our weather, the winds are picking un, temperatures are dropping, and get ready for the return of snow. strong winds are expected over night, could cause some damage to the in new york city, the buildings department has told property owners to secure their sites in anticipation of high winds. utility workers personnel and equipment in the event of power line damage. this system also will bring rain and snow. yep, snow. our meteorologist is here with the details, jeff. potentially damaging winds only a couple hours away we
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lasting through 2 p.m. on sunday until 6 p.m. on eastern parts of long island. first of all on the radar, thunderstorms of rockland and west chester counties getting thunderstorms over fair field county connecticuit. it's this squall line here moving into eastern parts of pennsylvania moving off to the east at 60 to 70 miles per hour in with this line a heavy downpour and potentially some damaging wind gusts about an hour and 30 minutes away from new york city right around 12:30 to 1 a.m. as it moved on through washington d.c. they had a 66 miles per hour wind gust at dallas international airport north and west of washington d.c. this means business as it moves on in. here is our future cast around 1 a.m. right down to the jersey shore at the same time it is a long and behind that line that the wind really starts cranking over night right into tomorrow morning.
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the line maybe heavier downpours maybe rumbles of thunder and then that transitions into a brief burst of snowfall which could accumulate areas north of new york city, along and north of i- 84 out of here by 7:00 in the morning to our east, temperatures not recovering much during the day. high winds over night into early tomorrow afternoon locally damaging gusts of at least 50 to 60 miles per hour rain showers turning over to snow showers before ending by dawn could be a coating to an inch or so areas north of the city, many more details coming up. new time's square crowded and bustling now just a few hours ago it was brought to a standstill take a look several blocks the pedestrian plaza all evacuated because of a security scare. the people tweeted out pictures as the nypd pushed them away from a suspicious vehicle.
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photo of what set off that scare. he is in time's square with details. that is what caused this evacuation here in the end it was a false alarm but for about an hour time's square was full of anxiety and confusion. heavy police activity in time's square filled with counter terror teams and the bomb squad. empty on a saturday night on the most crowded areas in the world evacuated for blocks. the nymd clearing out a several avenue radius from 46th street and broadway this was eighth avenue mounted police officers directing crowds away from potential danger. this is what caused the scare. a moving truck left running and unattended a law enforcement source says two counter terror officers looked inside and saw
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eyewitness news appears to be a phone charger sources say the truck had empty gas canisters with georgia license plates and registered in brooklyn. the driver led away in handcuffs, unclear why. police say he is being questioned. for the thousands in time's square when it went into effect, it was sheer confusion. >> you don't see this all the time, so many cops out this. >> nobody knows, initially filming or happening moving or like that. yeah. nobody knew what was going on. >> to be clear there was no mass panic here in time's square what we noticed was curiosity and confusion, they were calm as they were being moved away the driver, here making deliveries. channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you very much. earlier today police evacuated part of the port authority bus
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police cleared the south building this afternoon to investigate a suspicious package there, it was wrapped in brown paper said to be near a bar on the second level. that area was reopened about 40 minutes later and port authority police still have not said what they found. >> new at 11:00 a new jersey transit train broke down as its made its way into new york city. one passenger in the disabled train sent us this picture as she waited for about 90 minutes a rescue train pushed the broken train in penn about 450 people were on board the morris and essex line train no injuries were reported. from elizabeth new jersey new video of a fire burning through two homes, the fire broke out in an unoccupied house around 4 p.m., the flames spread to a neighboring house but everyone got out safely. firefighters brought the flames under control at 7:00 no one was hurt.
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front in the bronx injured two people that car smashed into the bronx uptown seafood market at white plains road in wakefield around 4:00 this afternoon. eyewitnesses say two cars hit each other in the intersection and one ended up in the restaurant. >> the lady sealed like she panicked when the car hit her that's probably what happens. they couldn't keep control of the wheel anymore. definitely more people could have been hurt. >> both drivers did remain at the scene, a police investigation we're told is ongoing at this point no charges have been filed. no word yet on the conditions of the two people who were injured. also in the bronx, police arrested a woman after she attacked and robbed a 103-year- old woman. lewis was followed into her co- op city building, investigators say the suspect road the elevator all the way to the
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making off with a cart of food. coming up at 11:30, telling eyewitness news what she would say to her attacker if she saw her again. >> a call for action to end gun violence. people in east harlem gathered for a rally in vigil the movement comes after the shooting death of 16-year-old jawan outside the jefferson houses. . we are here to stop the shootings and we're tired of coming together all the time for a tragic situation. >> a community's hope to end gun violence echoed through east harlem. >> have a conversation with your children in your home find out what's going on with them what's happening. the plea comes after 16- year-old ja'wuan was shot in the head last friday afternoon. he later died at harlem hospital. his friend still in mourning
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>> he was a really good kid never started problems nothing. >> happened outside the jefferson houses. police say the incident started as an argument between two groups at the housing complex. >> harlem, brooklyn all around the world gun violence is rampant. >> i think we stopped it by having fewer guns in people's hands just reminding people that you know we just need to reach out and find solutions. >> community organizers are determined to see change this is the search for a young man's killer is underway. >> do people out here know who shot your friend? >> a lot of people do know. a lot of people know and they don't want to say anything. >> a don't snitch mentality has the tendency to get in the way of solving so many cases a $2,500 reward is being offered for more information in this case, tonight there are no suspects. in east harlem channel 7
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brussels airport will resume littled passenger services tomorrow for the first time since the terrorist bombings nearly two weeks ago authorities expect only 3 brussels airlines flights to take off tomorrow and tighter security measures. the airport ceo says operations will then gradually increase with the goal of reaching full service by the end of summer. >> minor clashes erupted between riot police and local youth in brussels neighborhood where a group had plan to demonstrate. they removed protesters from outside the stock exchange authorities fearing violent disorder have banned all demonstrations. donald trump looks for a rally after a tough week on the campaign trail and he brought in some back up. >> the next president of the united states, donald j trump. >> republican front runner held several rallies trump has been struggling ever since recent comments on abortions if he
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could mean the odds of a contested convention are much higher if that happens that could help the other candidates. >> the key for us is to accumulate delegates and to be able to build momentum, going into the convention. >> senator ted cruz also hopes for more delegates told supporters in wisconsin deciding this primary could mean deciding the republican party's nomination. on the democrat side of the race bernie sanders and hillary clinton are nearly tied in the polls. the two are now clashing on a date for the next debate ahead of the new york primary, clinton's campaign says sanders team has turned down the 3 dates they offered. sanders people say those dates don't make any sense. the democrats last debate was last month. >> a store owner in the bronx slashed in the face. hear the victim describe that attack, what set the suspect off. shocking video a man streaming live on facebook when
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a plane makes a crash
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. now what you are looking at is a massive crowd of fans to north carolina chapel hill to be exact and you could probably guess what they are doing, they are celebrating north
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syracuse in the final four, so far everything is calm again these probably mostly students celebrating a little bit north carolina will of course face villanova in the championship game in our own laura will have the highlights from those games in just a few minutes. back in our area a bronx storm manager slashed after he stopped a man from stealing all caught on camera in the video see the victim stop the suspect and pull a box of cereal from his jacket after what seems to be a heated argument the suspect slashes the store manager and runs off. this is not today but a little bit so when they come with me, my left hand in my right hand. that is only one second. tells eyewitness news he wasn't badly injured said he used the cereal box to protect himself. hundreds of local law
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the fbi for help getting into locked iphones, flooding in after the agency said they figured out to get in the phone of the san bernardino shooters. the fbi says it will do what it can to help apple also wants the government to reveal how it broke into that phone so it can close that security gap. protesters in washington d.c. smoked marijuana right outside the white house today. now in d.c. it is legal to carry 2-ounces of pot, but it is illegal to smoke in public. activists are calling for president obama to remove pot from the list of scheduled 1 controlled substances. that list includes heroin, other addictive drugs, the president has continued to tell advocates that they should lobby congress to reclassify the drug. caught on camera, an elderly woman crashes into the water as emergency workers move in.
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over what she said to a muslim student in class. >> and it will feel like winter again. wind, rain, and snow heading our way, our meteorologist jeff smith back with the details slow, building african-style music it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price thisgood, only fios can. . all right so we got some really rough weather rolling in over night. it is a wild night already
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in rockland county a burst of hail with the thunderstorm they got there, those will be in west chester in fair field counties right now we also have that squall line moving in from eastern pennsylvania that will provide the highest winds over night right into the day tomorrow, it is a long and behind that squall line that the winds really begin to kick up. 51 right now that wind coming in from the south at 9 gusting in to 20, rapidly switch into the west and northwest after the squall line moves through between midnight and 1 a.m. here in the city then the wind really starts to crank up you can see in the next seven hours temperatures will be tumbling as well down to 40 by 5:00 in the morning these are sustained winds nearly 30 miles per hour by that time, you might be able to double these values for gusts so we could be talking gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour by early tomorrow morning temperatures well north and west. 37 at monticello, 46 in morris town. here is that initial band of thunderstorms that has been developing over rockland county
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in west chester moving into fair field county connecticuit, one heavier shower north of the bronx not too far from yonkers across west chester county that could contain some hail. here is our squall line approaching the delaware gap. lines 50 to 60 miles per hour are possible about an hour and 10 minutes away from new york city. we're talking about 12:30 in the morning and then behind the line the wind really cranks up over night into tomorrow morning. here is our future cast by 1 a.m. the squall line has cleared new york city we get a burst of rain maybe thunder and lightning, the wind increases over night we could get a burst of snow during the pre-dawn hours, especially north of new york city where there could be accumulation talking a coating to an inch of accumulation along and north of i-84, there could be slick spots early tomorrow morning in those
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the morning clear things out and see sunshine, temperatures going nowhere. the wind continues howling during the day on sunday. then we watch our next storm system coming in during the day on monday. doesn't look great for the yankees home opener periods of rain out there off and on during the day on monday here is our wind gust the purple areas indicate wind potentially over 50 miles per hour, you have that burst with the squall line, kind of covers the entire area by 7:00 in the morning with that potential of 50 to 60 miles per hour wind gusts continuing through the early part of the afternoon this can cause damage and power outages all thankfully calms down as we head into late tomorrow into tomorrow evening. here is your accuweather forecast over night turning very windy rain showers changing over to snow showers could be a coating to an inch north of the city down to 37. it is a lingering rain or snow shower at 7:00 in the morning otherwise very windy those
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per hour at times right through the day tomorrow it is a mix of clouds and sun the high to 43 cold tomorrow night diminishing winds to 34 not looking great on monday again mix of rain and snow changing over to rain looks like temperatures in the upper 40s for first pitch at yankee stadium, colder tuesday only 43 still chilly wednesday maybe heavy rain coming in on thursday before another cold blast comes in for friday into saturday this does not look like april type of weather. >> no it does not. thank you, jeff. howling winds. >> i don't like it. i don't like it at all. i'm going to try to change the subject. one week from tonight the rangers will wrap up the regular season, time is running out to punch their ticket to the post season tonight another opportunity but instead it turned into a pretty miserable one for hendrick lundquist as they once again struggle so long florida, yankees saying
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talking to schools up close, sunday morning at 11:00. well, at least it will feel like hockey weather. >> except that is a way to look at the positive side. the first opportunity to not go so well, tonight the rangers were hoping the second time would be the charm as they once again had a chance to clench a play off spot all they had to
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as the blue shirts hosted the sabers, a rough first period for the home team. not though for o'reilly who would score twice in less than 3 minutes, got worse, seth getting a pass to hendrick lundquist. making it 4-3 in the third, the rangers lose their third straight. as for this afternoon, the islanders and the penguins clashing in brooklyn first period, this just a very bad play by new york who was on the power play but oscar, the unassisted shorthanded goal this one gets chipy, both heading to the box when they got out that happened. no love lost here. let's go back to the goals. those were all pittsburghs on the power play, making it 4-0, 5-0 is your final, the pins
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the devils in lightning before the game officially eliminated from the post season. brian struck going to the backhand for the go ahead goal. 3-1, the devils fall. the next step. new york and opening damon against the astros at the stadium. before they could start playing games for real they had to finish up the one that is don't count in miami. marlins playing final game of the spring, pinstripes decided not to waste anytime. made it 1-0 yanks. the bottom of the frame the marlins getting it back, stan ton looks like he could be going along were a blast however stays in the park, it is a sac fly that ties the game. and meanwhile, the mets are in kansas city on the eve of the major league baseball season opener. as they face the royals on sunday night baseball, casey, coming to work with the royals
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field in 5 games, the mets not forgetten. there will be no shortage of motivation. one of the more interesting off-season story lines in the nfl has taken a turn making it less likely, remaining a 49er when the new season begins. according to reports san francisco and denver have the framework of a trade in place to send the quarterback to thebroncos, they must agree to a restructured contract, something the two sides are very far apart. due to make $12 million in 2016. we have much more ahead isports when we return the national championship game is set in men's college basketball. the women's side still kind of eyeing the fourth straight title th good morning, this is your captain speaking. it's a beautiful day with sunny skies and a light tailwind out of the northeast. blue skies smiling at me
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. they may not see themselves as a cinderella, becoming the first to make it to the final four, would their luck continue? the orange facing one seed north carolina in the national semi finals the tar heels pulled away late in the first, the nice move here for the transition lay-up in the second
11:33 pm
make a move. malachi richardson dialing up the three ball that would cut the lead to seven. unc had ap answer, marcus paige, that pushes the lead back to 13. 83-66 your final. that means syracuse is done, north carolina moving onto monday's title game while the other semi featuring villanova and oklahoma, sought out dominating josh hart with the three, 23 points, nova led by 14 at the break never looked back. ryan, the own triple part of what turned into a 25 and 0 run. 95-51 the largest margin of victory. tomorrow the women will take a step in the unprecedented title as they face oregon state in the finals. awards all around. 31st year as head coach at
11:34 pm
year. while winning a third straight season. she is the first unanimous choice since the award began in 1995. finally, national championship season at every level including the high school ranks as they brought the drama to madison square garden. earlier in the dick's sporting goods, using overtime tip-in add the buzzer to clench the title topping indiana in dramatic fashion until the national title. it was at the garden. >> thank you, laura. a 103-year-old woman attacked in her own building. tonight we hear from the victim and the suspect who police have in custody. >> new video minutes after plane crashes on a california highway.
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. a look at our top stories the nypd evacuated time's square tonight due to a suspicious truck. this exclusive photo shows wires coming from that truck's dash port. >> wisconsin officers saw this and gas canisters behind the seat and called in the bomb squad to investigate. the scene was later cleared the driver of that truck was taken into custody. our top story this half hour, the weather.
11:38 pm
wicked winds as well as rain and snow over night. all set to start about half an hour from now. jeff smith has been tracking it all evening here with the latest, jeff. that squall line moving into western parts of new jersey high wind warnings in effect through 2 p.m., here is that line with it potentially 50 miles per hour wind gusts crossing over the water. thunderstorms ahead of that main line moving into fair field county connecticuit with small hail being reported over rockland and west chester. along this line that looks rather nasty here on the radar which is about an hour away from new york city a 60 miles per hour wind gust at dallas international airport northwest of washington d.c. this means business as it moves on in. the high winds will be arriving over night developing during the next hour or so here in new york city lasting right into tomorrow early afternoon locally damaging gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour not only that
11:39 pm
the squall line moving on in turning over to snow showers and even a burst of heavier snow possible north of the city maybe a coating to an inch in those areas could be slick travel very late tonight into the early hours of tomorrow morning along and north of i- 84. many more details in your accuweather forecast. thank you. a suspect in custody tonight accused of attacking a 103-year- old woman in the bronx. police arrested sharon mc neil and charged her with assault and robbery. investigators say surveillance video captured mcneil following her into her building and minutes later stealing her money and groceries. they spoke to the victim, having the story. >> reporter: 103-year-old not holding a grudge against the woman who police say attacked and robbed her yesterday.
11:40 pm
what could i say? are you desperate? you must be desperate to get a woman 103-year-olds old, i think she must be mentally insane. police say the suspect assaulted and robbed sharon seen here on this security footage, detectives say they followed her in the building, the elevator with her and got to the floor attacked her leaving her bruised. >> pushed me to the ground and took my shopping cart with everything in it. i had everything in it. my money, everything in it. >> legally blind may not have realized her attacker was actually a woman made off with her shopping cart full of food, also stole $35. >> i hope i get all my items back, i just got my shopping cart back. saying her head still hurts of the attack but unphased says she is not scared and will go
11:41 pm
channel 7 eyewitness news. a man is found dead on the side of the bronx river park way investigators trying to figure out what happened. west chester county police say a passer by discovered that body early this morning not clear whether the man died at the scene or somewhere else. the medical examiner will determine the cause of death investigators have yet to identify the man. >> investigators in new jersey charge a former charter school administrator with stealing school funds. 51-year-old kathleen over saw payroll for the community charter school of paterson where she served as chief operating officer and board secretary. prosecutors say she diverted more than $75,000 in school funds for her personal benefit. she is now free on $35,000 bail. >> a new jersey grand jury has indicted a man in a hit-and-run crash that killed a teenager on
11:42 pm
prosecutors say 34-year-old james rinehart hit a teen, died a short time later. he is charged with knowingly leaving the scene of a fatal accident, causing death while driving on a suspended license. >> in southern california tonight the crash of a small plane with an erie history, it went down on a busy highway then crashed into a car one person is dead, 5 others injured. tonight we learned this very same plane went down once before on the very same interstate. here is abc elizabeth hur. reporting an airplane down on the freeway. >> i think we got the window open, just trying to get the latch. >> this cell phone video shows the frantic moments after the crash as firemen and bystanders try to break into wrecked plane and rescue those inside.
11:43 pm
on its belly onto interstate 15 in southern california and skidded some 250 feet before slamming into the rear of this nissan altima sedan on the shoulder of the road. >> it -- the force of the impact was clear the plane smashed into the trunk and pushed the bumper almost into the rear passenger seat. a 38-year-old woman sitting in the backseat of the car was pronounced dead at the scene, emergency personnel rushed to remove the driver and passengers who were injured but expected to survive. we had to extrakate the person in the front seat, took 20 minutes to get her out of the car. the 62-year-old pilot and his passenger are hospitalized with life threatening injuries. according to the faa, the
11:44 pm
its previous owner a former new york yankees named matthew. he reportedly made an emergency landing in the same plane on the same interstate 15 in the year 2000. new video tonight of an nypd officer who says he was sleepwalking when allegedly attacked a woman in her apartment. the new york post obtained this video leaving a bronx building moments after the attack in 2014. runs out to the street tries to get back inside but locked out. prosecutors say he was drunk when broke into the apartment and repeatedly punched her. charged with assault and burglary. a man is live on facebook as he is gunned down in the street the shocking video in what captured seconds after the shots were fired. plus middle schoolteacher
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said to a muslim student in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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. . a man hunt underway in chicago tonight for a suspect who gunned down a man on the street. the entire thing captured on the victim's facebook page. the camera also captured a glimpse of the shooter we want to this video disturbing. eva has details. >> tonight chicago police searching for this shooter captured on camera on broad daylight on the street corner. brian fields was on facebook live streaming a trip back to
11:48 pm
something out of the corner of his eye. his cell phone falls to the ground but keeps rolling you hear shot, after shot. one point the gunman can be seen standing above the camera firing off multiple rounds. >> somebody snuck off from behind. looked that way. heard the shots and as i heard the shots you know, first instinct is to just run. >> it was crazy. a person can't stand on the street corner, enjoy the sunny day, simply outrageous. >> fields was found bleeding in the street hit multiple times taking at least one bullet to the face. >> shots on his camera we know anybody could have got hit. the shooting comes at a time when the violent crime rate was surging police reporting 675 shootings so far this year that's up 88% from this time last year. >> fields remains in critical
11:49 pm
targeted now they are trying to figure out why. abc news, new york. in texas, authorities removed teacher from her classroom after allegedly calling a muslim student a terrorist. 12-year-old says his class was watching a movie when his english teacher made the comment in front of everyone. >> i was just laughing at the movie and the teacher said, i wouldn't be laughing if i was you and then i said why? she said because we all think you're a terrorist. >> just because my son is a muslim doesn't mean he is a terrorist. he is an american, he is as american as anybody else, he was born here. >> says after the teacher made the comment other students started making fun of him his family wants her fired and for everyone in the school to undergo religious sensitivity training. an elderly woman rescued from her sinking car in
11:50 pm
rescue caught on camera, hear from the heroes that pulled her to safety. a live look outside. winds are about to pick up and some rain and snow now heading our way, our meteorologist jeff
11:51 pm
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become a projectile there could be whiteout conditions for a little while with that burst of snow, coinciding with that strong burst of wind. we head outside right now and there is a look towards the southern end of central park in midtown, we are about an hour away from getting some of the strong winds here in new york city. 51 for the time being coming in from the south at 8 gusting up to 20 miles per hour. watch what happens during the next 7 hours, keep in mind these are sustained wind speeds basically double the wind speeds to get your gusts which could be 50 to 60 miles per hour by early in the morning. you see that temperature tumbling down to 40 degrees by 5 a.m. already down to 36 in monticello, 41. morristown, 39. cold air infiltrating in. the high wind warning in effect until 2 p.m. for much of the area in effect until 6 p.m. for much of long island, suffolk county on long island. in addition we have severe thunderstorm warning south and
11:54 pm
philadelphia, down to extreme southern parts of new jersey through midnight because this squall line causing 50 to 60- mile per hour wind gusts as it moves into mercer county, probably only an hour away from ocean county new jersey where you'll be getting showers and thunderstorms over the southern part of the county, also thunderstorms which have been causing some hail over rockland and west chester moving through fair field county connecticuit. as the line moved through new castle in delaware. 53 miles per hour wind gusts. this means business as it moves on through over night it will be through the city by around 1 a.m. then we see that temperature falling rain showers changing over to a burst of snow especially north of new york city where we could actually see some accumulating snow on the order of a coating to an inch or so, along and north of i-84, clears out during the day, the wind will continue howling through the early part of the afternoon before storm number two gets in here on monday. with that probably a mix and
11:55 pm
so here is your accuweather forecast, 7:00 in the morning a lingering rain or snow shower after the burst of snow, winds 50 to 60 miles per hour at times and gusts 37 degrees going up to about 43 during the afternoon that mix goes to rain on monday, 49, colder tuesday 43, an active first full week of april coming up. amy has much more starting in the morning. all right. an incredible rescue caught on camera. good samaritans and emergency workers rush to pull an elderly woman from her car. >> that woman is okay thanks to quick actions, familiar faces. . >> 85-year-old resident, marie
11:56 pm
point beach thursday afternoon. >> it took awhile for help to come other than the good samaritan, he was struggling because the current was taking the car out. the good samaritan smashed the front windshield with the piece of the broken barrier. that allowed more water to pour in. >> water is in the car right now. please hurry up. >> they are on the way. this new photo captured the desperate woman's dismay, that's when a police lieutenant arrived and jumped into action smashing out another window. >> i was able to reach in unlock the door with the handle and when i opened the door she was at the very top of the roof. >> with only her chin, mouth and nose above the water line. >> i was able to just grab her by her shoulders and pulled her out the door and right over to the shore.
11:57 pm
consciousness and remained alert. >> she was in a state of shock but did well. >> went in the ambulance and talked to her happen to be a neighbor of mine. >> not just the deputy chief's neighbor for over 20 years. >> she was one of my teachers in sixth grade. >> another smile brought to his face when she immediately recognized him after he hopped into the ambulance. when you see the pictures of how close you know it was for that car to be swamped and you know, fast actions of officer jenkins and other police and firefighters you know doesn't always end that way, it was a good day. >> very close call there, very good day. that's going to do it for us thanks for staying up. >> eyewitness news returns
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