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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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beverley knocks it down. waiters, played it as hard as he could. just a better shot. ten points for beverley. durant, blocked by capela. that's his fourth rejection of the game. ibaka, back on harden. harden. rocking him, tossing him over, inside of capela. mcdaniels. harden, five to shoot. a couple of jab steps, puts up the three. beverley knocked it loose, picked up by adams. 1:30 remaining. westbrook, fouled by capela. they had a foul to give. four-point game, with 1:27
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there's what you were talking about, jeff. that really is inexplicable, for an elite team. durant wants it. ariza, denying. three to shoot. ibaka, waiters. in time. a 24-second violation. that's the 20th turnover of the game for okc. four of them here in the fourth. >> mark: we can fall in love with what james harden is doing in the fourth quarter but coach said, it's the bench guys. with their energy level on the offensive end. >> mike: 1:00 remaining. waiters, back on harden. harden, the drive. waiters pokes it away, but
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they had a foul to give. >> mark: if i'm okc, i'm not having james harden playing one-on-one with waiters. good job by waiters, but i need to find a way to get the ball out of his hands. >> mike: durant, switching out on harden. capela. inside. lays it in. >> jeff: you have to foul him. he's one of the worst free throw shooters in the league. you can't just let him lay it up. >> mike: a six-point lead, time-out, okc. >> jeff: what a great play by harden. good attack by capela. but ibaka has to take that or
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throwing up 30 points on the board, 10 of 17 from the field. and harden, with 14 of those 30 points in the period. harden, with 38 points, 8 assists. okc down to one time-out remaining. it's a 13-2 run in the last 5:00 for the rockets. both teams, no foul to give. durant, ariza on his trail. pass stolen by harden. beverley throws it down! a huge fourth-quarter comeback for houston. such an important game, as they fight for a playoff spot in the west.
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time-out. >> mark: we talked about taking the challenge defensively. that's harden reading and reacting. and to beverley, he does the rest. but it started on the defensive end. harden has been spectacular, offensively, and on that trip, defensively. >> mike: beverley, all fired up. a couple of big buckets here in the fourth. as you said earlier, mark, you look at capela. and goudelock, mcdaniels. the young guys, they were down by 12 in the third quarter, looked like they weren't ready for a comeback. the youth and energy got them
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anthony morrow will inbound. the referee checks, says, let's go. dallas on the verge of a victory this afternoon. so this win, even more important. adams, rebound. morrow, fouled by capela. on a three-point attempt. capela has just fouled out. capela, an excellent game. his stats, nine points, four rebounds. and six blocked shots. >> jeff: he was terrific. if i'm oklahoma city, i'm going to make all three, and grab howard as the third free throw is in the air, to make him shoot the free throws at the other end. >> mark: it's called taking
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>> mike: morrow, not taking advantage of the free-throw line opportunity. capela fouls out for the third time this season. capela, only 21 years old. >> jeff: he's come so far. they've done a great job here with him in houston. >> mike: capela, whose parents are from angola and the congo. but he was born in switzerland. high school years in paris and france. now, in his second year in the nba in houston. morrow hits 2 of 3. and j.b. bickerstaff is going to use one of his time-outs. six-point game, 25.1 remaining. it's usually a lot of time. but the thunder, out of time-outs.
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talked about getting the basketball. no, he's impacting the basketball game. and the ball is finding him. off the stellar play making ability of harden, but not just that. defending, finishing, crashing the defensive boards. energy, enthusiasm, and execution. he's had an impact on the basketball game, and kept his team's playoff hopes alive. >> mike: howard, getting in some foul trouble in the fourth, but capela acceptsteps in and does the job. there are stretches where they look so good, and could beat anybody. but stretches where the energy isn't there, and the body language is not right. it's been a strange season for them. >> jeff: yes. but j.b. bickerstaff going deep
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mcdaniels, goudelock, finding energy. they were just playing ball versus worrying about who has the ball. >> mark: and deserves a lot of credit. he could have stayed with the older guys, but he made the right changes, and it gave them a chance to win the ball game. >> mike: mcdaniels' defense, a stretch. michael beasley comes back in. mcdaniels now sitting down. terry is as well. getting some free throw shooters in there. ibaka will guard the inbound. thunder, going for the steal. and durant, called for the foul. >> mark: tough call. looked like james harden, using that wisdom again to grab kevin durant. >> mike: and it's away from the play foul.
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out of bounds. >> mike: yup. >> mark: really, that's harden grabbing the arm of kevin durant. >> mike: he's so good at that. that's what kevin durant was trying to say. so, it will be the one free throw, and then possession again. >> mark: the toughest guy, maybe in the history of the game, to referee. with the contact that happens, isolation, pick and roll in the seams. a lot of times, he gets fouled, no question. but there are a lot of times where he creates the contact. >> mike: harden, now with 39. gets it. and roberson, grabs him. that's after the inbound. that's why it was away from the play, because the ball hadn't been inbounded. now, harden, with a chance to get to the 40-point mark. >> mark: people say it works for him.
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i guarantee referees look at the film, and say, i missed that call. and they're going to look at the film, and say, i didn't give them that call, the same amount of times. >> jeff: i think there's no doubt that despite his high free throw attempt numbers, they could be higher. >> mike: well, he's got 40 today. 11 of 13 from the free-throw line. 9 assists. >> jeff: and some knucklehead will post on youtube when he doesn't guard one time. no, seriously. instead of posting every spectacular play the guy makes. >> mike: you admit, sometimes his defense is poor. >> mark: he's a great player, and he can play for me any day of the week. >> mike: morrow, in and out. westbrook banks in the follow. seven-point game, with 11.3
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and the thunder, still battling. more free throws to wrap it up. howard, engaging some of the fans. j.b. bickerstaff, urging his team all afternoon. play better defense. boy, he got it in the fourth. >> mark: one thing you need to look at if you're okc, it's a pattern of losing ball games when you have the lead going into the fourth quarter. you need to find a way to fix it. >> jeff: and despite the individual confidence in themselves, the team confidence, to be able to execute under pressure, it can take a hit when you continually lose leads. >> mike: westbrook trying to draw the foul. gets it to waiters.
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six-point game, 5.7 remaining. thunder not giving up. and a foul on beasley. you would think the thunder, the way they're playing, this game is meaningless to them. they're going to be the third spot in the west. but still fighting. >> jeff: but the chance to improve, the chance to grow. into being what, they're feeling good about their chances to win it all. and tonight, the turnovers, to me, are the big problem. when they play with high turnovers, they have 20 tonight so far. no team can withstand that against the great teams in the west. >> mike: beasley hits those. this is james harden. with another huge game against his former team. westbrook lost it. that will do it.
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harden and the rockets. harden, 41 points, 9 assists. continues to put up staggering numbers. and j.b. bickerstaff's team, able to get the win. kevin durant had 33. westbrook, an assist shy of a triple-double. dallas winning. and houston winning. utah, right now, 38-38. so, the rockets, right now, a half-game back of the final playoff spot in the east. harden is with lisa. >> lisa: james, you guys went on a run in the last 6:00 that really sealed it. what sparked it? >> it's win or go home. literally. we're fighting for a playoff spot, so every game and every minute and every possession counts. we need a win every game, and
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>> lisa: how were you able to keep kevin and russell from damaging you? >> well, it's a team effort and our guys did great. >> lisa: what impressed you about capela today? >> he comes off the bench, brings excitement to the game. it's his first year, all he knows is play hard. and that's what we need. a really good game tonight. >> lisa: congratulations. mike? >> mike: 41 points in 43 minutes for harden. such an important game for the houston rockets. there's the final score, rockets, 118, the thunder, 110. abc world news tonight coming up next except on the west coast. for mark jackson, jeff van gundy, lisa salters, our director and crew, mike breen
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home of the nba finals. this is new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with joe torres and sandra bookman, laura behnke with sports and jeff smith with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6. >> amtrak accident involving a train. >> tragedy on the tracks. an amtrak train collides with a backhoe outside of philadelphia. the crash kills two workers and sends dozens of passengers to the hospital.
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powerful punch across our area. tonight as the cleanup continues, another wintery mess gets ready to move in. >> i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. thousands of people remain without power after strong winds blew through the area. they knocked down trees and power lines on long island, evennen sparking small fires on the streets in belmar. >> the wind uprooted trees and tossed them on to sidewalks and homes in rutherford, but tonight the winds will make way for another storm system and the possibility of snow. meteorologist jeff smith here now with the exclusive accuweather forecast. jeff. >> and some of those wicked wind gusts that we had out there today included 64 miles per hour at jfk airport, 55 miles per hour at newark. a lot of 54 miles per hour wind gusts, laguardia, islip and lake hurst new jersey. no doubt there was damage and power outages.
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between 20 and 30 miles per hour right now. that will continue to distinguish. 28 degrees monticello, 41 at laguardia airport. we have a freeze warning in effect eastern long island, also areas north of new york city. so if you have any plants outdoors, you want to bring them in because they will die due to a hard freeze overnight. also now a winter weather advisory well north of the city, sullivan, ulster and dutchess counties. this storm is on the way after midnight tonight, snow developing areas north and west. that changes to rain after sunrise tomorrow. before that happens a coating to an inch north and west, 1 to 3 inches along i-84 and 3 to 6 inches in that winter weather advisory area. a couple of wet snowflakes before the changeover. opening day weather at yankee stadium. joe. thank you. strong winds, cold temperatures and snow early april last night and today felt more like late december. and for many new yorkers, the
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sunday into a workday. eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim has the details on the weekend cleanup. he's on manhattan's upper east side. >> reporter: joe, the high winds caused problems all across the city today from collapsed buildings in the bronx, brooklyn and queens to the this crane on the upper east side on top of that building, swaying back and forth in the wind making some residents nervous. >> 16 stories in the sky this construction crane creating anxiety among neighbors. after seeing it rock back and forth in the wind this morning, residents reported it to police. officials say it was only swaying slightly but enough to rattle some nerves. the fdny finding everything was normal on top of the building under construction on 89th street and 1st avenue. department of buildings inspectors say they fond the tower crane placed in weather vane operations allowing it to rotate safely. in the bronx strong winds believed to be behind a partial building collapse. the facade falling off the 3 story abandoned residential
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causing evacuations of the buildings next door. >> with the high winds today, we have a strong possibility of other parts of the building coming down. >> neighbors say they saw it coming. >> it sounded like thunder. >> okay. and then we looked out the window and we saw that the house, you know, the abandoned house that fell. now we had called the real estate people, okay, and told them that the wall was leaning. >> over in park slope, another partial collapse, that building under construction at 4th avenue and 14th street. then in howard beach queens this vacant home blown over. there too neighbors say it was a structure ready to give away way. >> all of these incidented happened in the morning when the wind was the strongest. all of these structures were about to fall down or under construction. all of this enough to create some concerns, live on the upper east side, cefaan kim channel 7 eyewitness news.
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weather also an issue in new jersey. rareton was one community hit hard during the wild overnight weather. along railroad avenue the wind pulled roofing and siding all multiple homes. the storm destroyed fencing either blown away by the high wind or smashed by fallen trees. one home's bedroom windows were knocked right out of the wall. >> he was on his bed, and there was actually pieces of glass on him. there was pieces of trees on him all over the bed. we cleaned that up by now by r but that was the worst part. the scariest part was for my son. >> high winds ripped off a portion of the roof at st. ann's school and pulled some street signs right out of the ground. you can head to abc7ny for a slide show of pictures of the damage across the area sent in by our viewers. you can send your own photos using the hashtag abc7 ny. a deadly crash involving an amtrak train outside of philadelphia. a train killed two amtrak
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of equipment on the tracks just south of philadelphia. >> there were more than 300 passengers and 7 crew members on that train at the time. the crash sent more than 30 people to the hospital. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is live at the scene in chester with the latest information. tim. >> reporter: and sandra that crippled train is still on the tracks here in chester tonight, but from our vantage point you can clearly see the engine itself is off the track. it derailed, but the nagging question is why this backhoe that was struck by the train ended up on the same line. >> the front of amtrak train 9 is smashed and mangled with the lead engine off the tracks after it had slammed into a backhoe killing two people. >> sir, be advised, train 89 hit a backhoe. there's multiple injuries reported. >> i woke up to the scene in front of me and the window got blown out right beside me, and
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fire ball. >> smoky, kind of nasty smelling smoke started coming in the train. people were -- it was scary. >> the train had left new york's penn station and was heading towards savannah georgia. it was just past philadelphia passing through chester when amtrak officials say it suddenly came up on the backhoe and two men operating it. senator schumer says he was told by amtrak's chairman that the two killed were the backhoe operator and a supervisor both amtrak employees. >> it seems highly likely that this was human error, that the protocols that amtrak has use in the past which is a 20 step protocol before anyone can be on a track were not followed. >> passengers were settling into the trip south on the northeast corridor, some saying they had begun to fall asleep. >> it was like a big explosion. then it was a fire, then a window isburged out. >> this picture shows some of
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as first responders came on the scene, some passengers were leaving the train. >> some people were cut up, and they were running out. then we all had to walk from the tracks to the church. >> they handled it so well. >> passengers many carrying bags and luggage made their way to a nearby church where the red cross could take care of their needs and treatment. >> most of our team has arrived on scene, and we will be looking at mechanical, operations, signal, track, human performance and survival factors. >> reporter: the ntsb investigators have also said that they have recovered the data recorder, also video from the outward and inward facing cameras. they'll be sent to washington for analysis. reporting live in chester, tim fleischer channel 7 eyewitness news. stay with eyewitness news for the very latest developments on the amtrak crash. remember, you can get breaking
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or your tablet. just download the free eyewitness news app in the google play or apple app stores. back in our area, police are investigating the death of a man reported missing after his body was found in a wooded area on long island. investigators say a woman walking her dog found the body of 26-year-old alexander anchor incorvia. he had been shot to death. authorities reported him missing this past thursday. he was last seen two days earlier leaving the comfort inn in medford where he lived. breaking news now in queens where the fdny is bringing in more firefighters and equipment to battle a smoky and very stubborn fire. now the fdny initially responded to a call from a dry cleaner in long island city. that was about 3:45 this afternoon. officials say within minutes that fire had spread to a furniture store. so far we're being told no injuries have been reported.
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candidates battle for votes in wisconsin. the focus will soon shift to new york. today democratic candidate hillary clinton sat down with eyewitness news about the road ahead.
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a wild scene in new jersey. neptune police tweeted these pictures of a car in a house.
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significant damage, but there were no serious injuries. current presidential candidate former secretary of state, future commander in chief? hillary clinton hopes to become the first woman to serve as the nation's president. >> today she spoke to eyewitness news about her bid for the white house. eyewitness news anchor shirleen allicot is here with more on what the democratic front runner had to say. >> she's going to breakthrough that glass ceiling it's going to be a hard fought hillary clinton is locked in a tight primary with bernie sanders in wisconsin and doesn't have the same huge edge she had over him here in new york just a few months ago. she told eyewitness news today before a campaign stop in east new york her credentials speak for themselves. >> clinton who is facing a tough fight ahead in the new york primary april 19th took the chance to remind voters of the work she's done while senator. >> we did a lot of great work across the state, you know, here in the city recovering
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make sure that our first responders, our construction workers, others were given the health care they needed after their exposure on the pile. >> clinton has shown some frustration with her democratic opponent, bernie sanders. the tension evident saturday as the campaigns bickered over scheduling a possible debate before the new york contest. clinton says of the possible gma debate that she'll be there. sanders who is stumping hard in wisconsin for tuesday's primary stomping. >> if you look the the those democratic debates many observers have noted they're often scheduled on days when the viewer turnout without not be particularly high. i would hope that she would agree with me, let's do it at a mutually convenient time. >> recent polls shows clinton has the edge with a 54% lead. on the gop side donald trump has a bigger edge with 56% of and kasich. if the two home state


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