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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: the queen's district attorney is announcing the three arrests six months after the horrible attack and what's behind the alleged motive. the attack on alexandra dyer caused serious burns on her face and body as the attacker threw a gel-like chemical at her. she was approached by a man who investigators say threw the dangerous mixture at her caution the serious injury. >> she said she can't see. >> she can open her eyes? >> no, a little like nothing. >> reporter: her face? >> burned, yeah, bad, bad. gonna need some operations. >> reporter: now months after treatment, a queens grand jury
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charging them with embezzling $750,000 from the non-profit organization and seriously burning dyer who was the executive director in an effort to concealed alleged theft. the da call this is disturbing and the same individual allegedly conspired with another individual to potentially, seriously injure an innocent victim. jerry mohammed charged with assault and conspiracy. kim williams charged with assault, conspiracy, and grand theft and pi allows allen charged with assault and conspiracy. the three are under arrest for this brazen crime. and the three face very serious charges in the 65-count indictment. live from kew gardens. >> thank you, tim. another night of bitter
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but for some, there is relief in sight. lee goldberg is tracking the east side. lee? it's 1 thing to get the cold blast that we got this weekend but to have this sustained chill in april is really unusual, and when you look at last night, wait until you hear the numbers we have to go back to to replay the number this is morning. the morning lows, low to middle 20s, and the 26 in central park is significant, the first time we've seen 20s in april since 2004 and i'm sure you can hear the wind in my microphone. teens in the suburbs, a beautiful look uptown. we are at 41. the sun has gone to work but it's so dry and with the wind, it feels like we're in the upper 20s and lower 30s.
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hours. the official wind chill in the park is 35 and it feels colder than that, feels like the upper 20s. we will drop in the 30s in the evening, and the winds will drop as well. that's the difference. with clear skies and calm conditions, the temperatures will drop lower in the suburbs and the teens, but thankfully, it will not be as harsh tomorrow. a nice recovery for thursday and couple said with a good soaking rain. we'll let you know if we can hold on to that and the mets' home opener coming up in a few minutes. this is unbelievable. back to you. mic. thank you, lee. the man accused of stealing a flatbed truck and killing the truck's owner is in court. police say joshua colon phillip dellegrazia's truck.
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truck. colon was hoping to find something inside to sell for drugs. >> how would your mom feel about this? >> 24-year-old colon is facing charges of murder and robbery and grand larceny. and a robbery suspect sideswiped in queens. the man took a 13-year-old boy's cell phone and ran on the m train. he ran, and minutes later, a train operator heard a found and sound the suspect lying near the tracks. e, f, m, and r service were disrupted but is now restored. poll workers are reporting larger than unusual turnouts and long lines at locales.
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her eyes on the primary in two weeks. dave evans is there. >> reporter: i think the focus right now is on wisconsin, the primary and we should know the results around 9:00 tonight but we are inside the gymnasium here for a town hall with hillary clinton that has concluded in the last couple of minutes. the focus of this town hall was the family and issues that affect women, issues such as equal pay, paid family leave and access to abortion. hillary clinton has said that republicans including donald trump will be bad for women and bad for families. >> the fellow who is from new york, i wish he would get out of one of his towers and actually walk the streets and spend time with the people of this city because channeling prejudice and paranoia is not the new york way.
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polling in new york state shows lead. again, our primary is two weeks from today on april 19th. channel 7, eyewitness news. >> jay, thank you. republican donald trump is holding a rally on long island tomorrow and spent time in wisconsin for last-minute campaigning. he made a few stops in the milwaukee area. he was trailing ted cruz in those polls but said he is predicting a big surprise for tonight's outcome. stay with abc news. we'll bring you the latest. diana? opening day in the bronx and one of the coldest in recent memories. the yanks taking on the houston astros and we have two reports, first bundling up with the fans but first, the highlights. rob?
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opening day part 2 for the yankees, cold and wet yesterday and still cold today but it was dry. and it was the yankees and astros in game number 1. everything you get in a home opener, all the pomp and circumstance and ice. yeah. it was cold but we did have baseball and the yankees, they looked good, and kept the astros going early. starling castro, a 2-run double and the yankees have the lead but houston got to tanaka. and in the 8th. carreira, the roller here. joe girardi argued interference but to no avail. the yankees lose 5-3 after the astros score 2 more. so that's what happened inside
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more about what happened in the stands, and marcus was at the home opener. >> reporter: rob, the fans fired up. the fact that they had to wait an extra day only added to it. yankee fans, they have high expectations. opening day is about optimism, everyone is undefeated, and everyone dreams of first place. how do yankee fans real feel as the 2016 kicks off? >> i'm always confident. it's the yankees. time to get the ring back. >> reporter: with the unnamed queen from queens stealing thunder, there might be pressure. how are we going to do? >> how are we going to do? we're going to beat the in the this is year. do you understand? >> reporter: uh, yeah. >> all right.
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>> reporter: so they packed the ballpark. kids skipped schools and everyone bundled up. >> anything could happen. exciting to see what the season holds. >> reporter: you never know what you'll see on opening day or who you will run into, so i leave the last word to mr. anderson, my high school english teacher. >> oh, it will be fine. >> reporter: skipping school? >> yep. >> reporter: what kind of student was i? >> oh, you were great. honors. >> reporter: oh, mr. anderson. that's the beauty of baseball, though. you get another crack at it tomorrow. rob? >> reporter: sadly, my english teacher was not there, but try, try again. tomorrow, we'll try again.
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coming up at 6:00, inside the clubhouse with the fellas. >>thank you, rob. still ahead, exclusive video, onlookers rush to save a man who jumped into the frigid hudson river. we'll hear from one man who jumped into action to save him. >> and you have seen the dramatic video of a crashing into a car in new jersey. and now we hear from the driver who tells us it could have been
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. two cars smash into a
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police say that a limo smashed into a parked car and sent both vehicles flying through the window of a leather supplier. two people in the limo were hurt and no one in the store was hurt. flames erupted on the third floor of a home leaving firefighters to attack through the roof. no word on a cause or injuries reported. >> that was a big home. a man was rescued from the rigid hudson river and we have radio video of the good samaritans who rescued him. >> reporter: diana, we have no idea this evening how it is that the 34-year-old man ended up in the hudson river. we can tell you that he was very lucky that quite a few people rushed in to save him. >> i have to try and save him and do everything can i. >> reporter: that, said fred
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reaction when one of his employees here at pier 78 said that someone jumped or had fallen into the hudson and someone else captured it with cell phone camera, video obtained exclusively by eyewitness news. grimaldi ran there ring hand. >> i dropped the ring and i said, please, please, grab the ring. >> reporter: but the man in the water didn't make a move to grab the preserver and seemed to ignore a second life ring dangled before him on a rope despite frantic instructions from onlookers. >> all: grab it. grab it. >> reporter: within minutes, officers appeared and took over and succeed in taking the man from the frigid water, put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital.
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>> you can't sit around and wait for the next guy. that's the kind of guy i am. >> reporter: the water, about 40 degrees, and it doesn't seem very cold but it can cause hypothermia. the man never said a word to the people there on the shore or the officers. he is being evaluated at the hospital. sandra bookman, channel 7 myself. the nsb -- ntsb said that a helicopter struck the ground in the smoky mountains before it crashed and killed all 5 on board. investors are being cautious ahead of quarterly earnings reports which will
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the dow dropped 133 closing at 17603. the nasdaq lost 47 and the s&p 500 fell 20 points, and our temperatures fell, too, because it was cold. oh, you know they'll go up. >> it was cold. >> i was wondering if we would have the wind back because your hair. >> it was my hair? no. you need a lot of of spray. and it's gusting again. you normally have these outbreaks in april and you say a few days later, we'll bounce back but no, we're stuck in this for the next week or more. and i want to show you this. it's sad. the blooms are taking a beating. that was last week on the left and this morning, a lot of freezer burn, and it's tough to cover a tree but if you can cover the delicate plants you
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we'll be above freezing again, clear sky and light winds. any of the heating that we get, minimal today, but tell escape -- it will escape with the radiational cooling. the barometer is on the fall and the high today was 42. that's 15 degrees below average. the sun will set last year on this date, sunny and a nice april day, 61. montgomery and orange counties at 40 and it's now 30 monticello, definitely headed into the teens, snow on the ground and 36 in terms of the wind chills, low to middle 30s, below freezing in white plains. and the wind is busy in the early evening and then backs off, mostly clear tonight and bright sunshine tomorrow, high
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filter the sun, a dry but but temperatures in the middle to upper 40s. right now, mainly clear. if you are waiting for high pressure to work in from ontario, the winds will get lighter as it gets closer. the winds will start out tomorrow light and then breeziers tomorrow with -- breezier tomorrow afternoon with a says out -- system out of the dakotas tomorrow. 20s and low 30s tomorrow, teens in the coldest spots and high clouds, still a bright day and temperatures in the mid to perhaps upper 40s, south and west. 27, clear and cold and the outlying areas. sun will mix with the high clouds tomorrow, breezy, not quite as cold as it was today. this is the good news. the temperatures head in the
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climbing to 50 in the morning, rather windy and maybe a late shower. we'll nail down the timing on the afternoon rain. the afternoon for sure looks wet and it looks dry for the mets home opener. more on this. and will you believe this, diana and sade? more snowflakes could fry fly by on saturday. it's unbelievable. >> oh, no, no, unable unbelievable. traffic is mess due to an unstable wall bringing back memories of the collapse in the past. we have more live from the scene. aj?
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got on at 79th and are approaching 96th, and you can see this is a standstill. this is caused by a problem with a retaining wall. we haven't gotten there yet but what we are hearing is they are paying attention to the structural integrity of the wall at 126th and harlem. 1 lane is open going northbound, and that is causing all this traffic and firefighters and city officials are evaluating the wall. and it's important to mention that the wall is above some amtrak trains but the trains are not disrupted. they are running on schedule, but they want to ensure that the wall will not cause damage to trains in that area. so if you are planning oncoming, try and find a detour or pack your patience. we have the app waze here
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really, you are just going to sit here for a while as you come towards the west side approaching 126th. if you can, take riverside, bypass 125th. if not, you'll sit in it just like we have been, and for now long the westside highway, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. and we have other service disruptions. mta is saying no l train between myrtle and wycopf. coming up, new video of the tugboat sinking off the tappan zee bridge.
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long . we have new video that shows just how quickly a tugboat sank on the hudson river last month. the tug hit a construction barge before going down killing three crew members. in the video you can hear a crew member yell that the tug is going down.
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pulled from the water. a federal investigation is still ongoing. police are trying to determine if weather or driver error is to what i -- blame for a tour bus crash return progress a conference in syracuse. it went off the road 75 miles north of albany yesterday when it was snowing. despite the bus flipping overall the injuries are said to be minor. another controversial law making news. the governor of mississippi signed a new bill to let both private and public businesses refuse service to gay couples on the grounds of religious belief. >> i think it's a good deal and protects the religious freedom of people who everywhere deep religious beliefs. so we signed it into law. >> some of the state's largest employers are speaking out against the law saying it's discriminatory and nissan and
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the action to take and north carolina is looking at backlash after a new law that limits protection for gay and transgender people. paypal is million in charlotte saying the decision reflects its belief that everyone person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. abby wambach was not present in court today. the 35-year-old was arrested on saturday night after running a red light in portland, oregon where she lives and is charged with dui. hundreds may face deportation, a major sting operation and how it include a fake university. >> and a jets' receiver in court, accused of punching a woman in the face. find out what happened when the
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we are back with tonight's top stories and breaking news on the west side highway. officials have confirmed that part of a wall may be unstable. it's causing traffic issues in the northbound lanes near 123rd street. >> and we just received new pictures of the wall in question. right now, crews are evaluating the structural integrity of the wall. amtrak trains are not affected. aj ross is live at the scene with road cam 7. >> reporter: sade and diana,
5:30 pm
been in the car half an hour at 79th street and now we are less than a mile away, and crews are paying close attention to this retaining wall at 125th and westside highway trying to make sure that the structural integrity is safe. they are worried about possible debris affecting the roadway here. it's almost stand still traffic. it's bumper to bumper. everybody is converging ahead because only one lane is really functioning up ahead. we are all having to merge into the one lane. crews from the fire department as well as the city are e -- evaluating the structure. it's important to note that the wall is about some amtrak trains but they are not disrupted.
5:31 pm
for the with the community but we'll bring you updates along the west side highway. i'm aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. a three-year undercover operation leads to a fraud sting. >> the students, up to 1000 of them, will likely be deported. and the case is exposing a loophole for would-be terrorists. mj? >> reporter: diana, prosecutors say that is the concern. they say it should not be this easy to hide from immigration officials which is why federal agents launched a sting operation. the students were so proud of themselves they posted pictures on the university's facebook page, posing as satisfied graduates from the university of northern new jersey, a
5:32 pm
attended classes, never saw a professor and never wrote a term paper. it was not a real school, and the students paid up to $2,000 for a phony degree and an execute to remain in the u.s. every defendant knowingly purchased fake documents from the undercover universities with fraudulent transcripts, diplomas, attendance sheets, students id cards, sham receipts and phony parking passes but what they did not know was that unnj was homeland security operation. the building manager here had no idea. >> really? >> reporter: yeah. the investigation was intended to infiltrate a vast network of phony schools, foreign students, and the underground broker who is bring them together. 21 brokers are charged in the case.
5:33 pm
they care one wit as for the students coming in, what purpose they came into the country for and if they had any ill intent against the united states. >> reporter: 1000 students were identified in the 3-year investigation as diana pointed out, and they are all facing deportation. a background check indicated that none of them posed an obvious security risk and prosecutors say that's why this case is so troubling. mj burkett, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, mj. a civil lawsuit filed against jets receiver brandon marshal. christianmiles sobbed as she gave testimony saying that she saw tattoos on the man's forearm during the incident outside the nightclub in 2012. marshall's client -- attorney
5:34 pm
and a victim of a robbery sells jewels in manhattan but he was robbed in pittsburgh. four people ran toward the van and beat up the passenger and grabbed the suitcases filled with jewels. new at 5:00, a faceoff tomorrow between uber drivers over the proposed ban at newark airport. there will be a newark city council meeting. they will attend to oppose the ordinance that would drive uber train station. this would require that every continue working in newark. new details in the deadly amtrak crash near philadelphia. federal investigators say that the engineer to the train applied the emergency brakes five seconds before it hit a backhoe on sunday,
5:35 pm
the train was going 106 miles per hour in a 110-mile per hour zone. 30 people on the train was hurt. a move to impeach the governor of alabama saying that he has betrayed the trust of the people coming in the wake of bentley's admission that he made improper remarks to an aide but denies having an affair with her. new jersey will spend $10 million on lead testing and containment efforts as part of the 2016 budget and will address lead concerns in low and moderate income housing. families can apply to have their homes tested and cleaned
5:36 pm
governor christie praised the efforts already in place. >> the money is allocated and we want to do more. it's the right thing to do to protect children and their families. we are about to see more of first lady michelle obama, spending time in our area visiting a charter school in newark, phillips academy on thursday. this is part of a tour she is taking to promote the importance of gardens. and mrs. obama is expected to help students with their planting. she will be back in june when she will deliver the commencement address for the city college of new york and speak to more than 3000 graduates. ccny's 170th commencement will be held at the harlem campus. syracuse hopes to be the spoiler taking on uconn tonight. uconn is going for the 4th straight national title and connecticut is trying to make it 11 for 11 in championship
5:37 pm
playing for the first women's title. a driver with absolutely no time to react, incredible video that shows a tree falling on a new jersey road. see it there, the truck slamming into it. we heard from the driver's fiancee and what she told him before he left home. and a veteran kicked off the flight. the bottom said it was because she had a service animal. what she claims the flight attendant said to her. >> and live pictures from news question. officials are concerned that part of this wall may be unstable. they are, of course, checking out the structural integrity of the wall that's causing major traffic issues in the northbound lanes near 123rd street. aj ross is there on the scene.
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an accountant sentenced to 5 years in prison for stealing more than $4 million from a religious have -- center in new jersey, and 51-year-old donald gridiron was accused of siphoning money from the worship center, spending it on gambling and car and mortgage payments. an investigation of a second breach of the computer systems at the trump hotels, it is the second time in six months. a few months ago, rump hotels
5:42 pm
does a -- admitted that credit card information may have been vulnerable for up to a year. and documents leaked from a panamanian law firm shows that millions of money were moved to a business in the islands but president obama said it's a difficult case because much of there is not illegal. >> a lot of this is legal, and unless the united states and other countries lead by example in closing some of these loopholes and provisions, then in many cases, you can trace what's taking place but you can't stop it. >> the scandal has implicated some of the world's most powerful politicians. a veteran has flown with her service dog half a dozen times without a problem until she tried to return home from a trip to colorado saying that
5:43 pm
attendants kicked her off the plane for what she said is dog profiling. ziggy is a pit bull-chocolate lab mix. she said that zig keeps her calm. >> and wile she -- while she was on the phone, she said that a service animal is for someone with real disabilities. >> fowler said she flew with ziggy to colorado and did not have a problem. parents eavesdropping on their kids, the question wire tapping children climbed to the new york supreme court and now, the justices have ruled whether it's legal.
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we are back and continue to follow breaking news. this is a live look from news copter 7. what you're looking at is the retaining wall along the westside highway at 123rd street. there are concerns right now that the integrity of that wall may be damaged, jeopardized. we don't know because we don't have a good ground level look at it. from up here, it looks perfectly fine but obviously, officers on the scene and the people around there are not taking any chances. so they have closed it off or reduced it to one lane of traffic on the west side highway until they can determine whether that area is safe. obviously, they've had issues with some of the retaining walls on the west side highway in 2005, recalling that collapse there. and we'll keep an eye on this and continue to report more as we get that information.
5:48 pm
new developments in the case involving a former nypd officer. the attorney for the officer has filed a motion seeking a retrial. joe torres is in the newsroom. >> reporter: diana, the basis of the retrial is alleged juror misconduct claiming that one of the jurors failed to disclose that a close family member had been accused of a crime. juror number 9 in a published interview said that his father served more than seven years in prison for accidentally shooting a friends but the juror did not disclose this during pre-trial questioning. when asked by the judge if anyone close to him committed a crime, juror number 9 said, quote, all my friends through the years, you meet friends. they do silly things. the judge, looking for clarification went on to say i'm talking about a close family member or yourself. the juror replied, no, no. today, the district attorney replied saying that defendant's
5:49 pm
because the evidence introduced at trial was more than sufficient to establish the crime for which defendant was convicted. he faced 15 years in prison for a deadly shooting inside the pink houses in 2014. the district attorney --the sentencing is scheduled for next week. >> thank you, joe. it's windy out there? i will try and give you a finish line when we get out of the cold pattern. plenty of sunshine right now and not doing much good. we're in the low 40s right now and still a gusty wind. this is the pattern through the first part of april here with waves of cold being unlocked from the poles. the most severe shot now will probably occur through this weekend and there will be an
5:50 pm
lift up and early next week. one more cold shot next week and once we get past the 15th, we'll see the warmth unleash. even next week we have a shot at 50s and 60s. upper 30s and lower 40s. the winds will back off and we'll be in the teens and 20s tonight. winds are light tomorrow and it will tick up a bit. sunshine will say behind high clouds, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. you can see how chilly it is in the morning hours, more of filtered sun, mid to upper 40s in the afternoon and showers or drizzle may start to have develop on thursday, mid afternoon, periods of heavier rain and maybe a rumble of thunder and temperatures in the 50s that day. i like what's happening with the mets home opener, might have lingering clouds, an early morning shower and then bright
5:51 pm
at first pitch and saturday is another shot, another wave of that cold, and it looks like we could have rain or snow showers on saturday, and that's another nasty day, going down to 28 at night and 44 sunday. that's windy, feeling like 30s and there is the mild weather for next week. 50son monday, and probably in the 60s as we go into tuesday. that will be with rainfall. as i told you in the beginning of the broadcast, one more cold shot late next week and after that, we'll bust out into the real spring. unfortunately, another week of this. we'll take it? >> i guess. do we have a choice? >> good point. [laughter] >> thank you, lee. plus-sized models are part of the norm when it comes to women's fashion but what about men? >> a major modeling company is breaking down the barriers with
5:52 pm
pack abs or guns. >> kimberly richardson has more. >> 6'6", 245 pounds, 40" waist. >> reporter: not a typical fashion model but that's the point. >> there has to be something that sets it off, something that sets the change in motion. if i'm lucky enough to be that tipping point, that's amazing, and i'm very honored and humbled to be part of that. >> reporter: it's part of a bold move in an industry that is traditionally not open to change. >> somebody had to start a conversation and we'll do that. >> reporter: ing models just lunched a new division, and zach miko is the face of it. the agency will scout out men who are larger than a sample size. >> this is a liberating moment for the industry and for myself to just simply be who you are and comfortable in your own skin. >> reporter: zach has appear inside beer and sporting ads but this is his big break in
5:53 pm
>> fashion and modeling is where i found i could be confident of who i am right now in the moment and not what i want to be if i lose weight. >> reporter: but he is conned -- candid about his lifetime struggle with weight. >> husky, just the word brings back memories of mom dragging you into the husky session. >> reporter: what's next for zach? a runway show? the sky is the limit. >> as soon as the male community bands together like the women's communities has, everybody. >> reporter: kimberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> seems like a good guy. >> absolutely. frightening moments on a
5:54 pm
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if you're 50 or older
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pretty incredible video showing a tree falling on to a road in new jersey and a truck slamming into the tree. tonight, we're hearing prosecute driver who said he had no time to react. >> a police cruiser was passing by and captured the whole ordeal. joanie? >> reporter: yes, ladieses, and looking at that video can really make you think twice about being out when the wind whips that high. you never think something like that could happen to you. that man was a lucky young man. >> it all happened so fast, you know what i mean? i didn't really have time to hit the brakes. i hit the brakes but it didn't help. >> reporter: he was behind the wheel and facing this head on. a strong gust of wind took a mass i have -- massive tree down in his path.
5:58 pm
amusement ride i was ever on. >> reporter: alex conklin's incident was caught on police camera. alex told his family but what happened but it hit home when they saw the video. >> two minutes sooner or later, it could have crushed the cab. >> i didn't think it was that bad like that close. you. >> think about it after the fact but a second before or a second after, it would be life changing. >> reporter: the winds were whipping when lines of tall trees with shallow roots lined the road. >> that's just very, very dangerous, and they are a lot of older trees and small root bases. so they can come down at any time report transport so happen -- . >> reporter: it so happens that jean a the love of alex's wife had a warning.
5:59 pm
really windy, but he said he had to get stuff done. >> reporter: maybe there were guardian angels. look at how close it was. >> i was not anticipating him flying up on the tree. i think he downplayed it a bit for me. >> reporter: not a scratch on her guy. she said when the winds are up like that again, he is not going out. live in booton, toni yates, eyewitness news. >> thank you, toni. still ahead, hillary clinton at a town hall but it was a town hall with no questions. the news at 6:00 starts right now. . from long island, getting ready for a donald trump rally
6:00 pm
draw thousands of people including lots of protesters. this, as clints clint holds a -- hillary clinton holds a rally ahead. primary. but first, how to deal with weapons brought by students to schools including not only gun but a meat cleaver that you will see in this picture. we'll begin with the traffic mess on the west side highway, northbound at 123rd. crews are evaluating the facade of that retaining wall as you can see from chopper 7. two northbound lanes are closed. >> it's just a mess. aj ross is on the west side highway. hey, aj. >> reporter: it's a mess out there. we just passed the retaining wall and are trying to get back


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