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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 9, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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they head to india for a week-long trip. heaving their children at home. >> it's the first time kate has been away from charlotte for any length of time. >> reporter: on tap for the royal couple, an evening with bollywood stars, an up-close look at the world's largest population of endangered rhinoceroses, and a trip to the stunning taj mahal. the trip will undoubtedly evoke memories of the lady princess diana, famously photographed in front of the taj mahal in 1992. >> william and kate going there is bringing back memories of his mother. he's looking forward to visit that place where he said in his own words his mother's memory is kept alive. >> reporter: wednesday kate gave royal watchers a preview of the sorts of designs she's expected to don throughout the trip. sporting a dress by indian designer saloni at a london
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believe. we're going to see her choose designers to pay tribute to her hosts. it's possible she may wear the emerald choker which was a popular piece of jewelry with princess diana that is originally from india. >> reporter: the royal couple are no strangers to international travel. during their five years of marriage, they've journeyed to the u.s., canada, singapore, and in 2014 they famously trekked to australia and new zealand with a young prince george in tow. this time there will be no young prince. but royal insiders say there will certainly be plenty of colorful moments to go around. for "nightline" i'm lama hasan in london. >> thanks for watching. tune into gma in the morning. as always we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page
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fierce and intense flames this morning. three buildings in new jersey, walls crumbling from the heat and several firefighters are hurt battling this blaze. but first spring, a part of our area in for some snow tomorrow. we are tracking it all tonight. wayne? >> reporter: here is what's new at 11:00. this storm track is just too far south of the widespread accumulation, plus the fact happening during the day at the time of the year as well.
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new york city to the northern suburbs, even connecticut and long island minimal to no accumulation. best chance for the steady wet snow would be in west central new jersey. a part of the problem for the snow making. it is 43 degrees right now. winter weather advisory extended through parts of new jersey in huntington county and mercer county. this is the best chance for a slushy few inches on basically non-paveed surfaces. there is also a freeze warning and watches after the storm as we would chill out tomorrow night. even if we get some rain mixed in with wet snow and that we will be slippery tomorrow night with the storm spinning near cleveland right now. it will cut underneath us. watch how the storm looks. in fact you might see the filtered sunshine. look at how it is suppressing off to the south being further to the north. the steadier band of the snow
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prepare for some rain mixed with the wet snow that will develop late in the the morning. and that there can be a ban of heavier wet snow in the afternoon. primarily across central new jersey. looking for a trace to most parts of the area. maybe a two to four-inch amount and the snow rainfall amount with warmer temperatures all coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, lee. new video of the massive fire in new jersey. the flames are so intense. in all three buildings were destroyed. eyewitness news reporter is on the scene, josh? >> reporter: the firefighters down here are all volunteers as they do not earn that paycheck to risk their lives the way that they did tonight as they were inside and around that building earlier today when a
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right on top of them. as they struggled to get ahead of the inferno a part of the building gave way. >> i would hear a crack and i see the front of the building collapse. >> it is urgent, may day. >> reporter: and then you can see them running for cover after the collapse, which would cause at least some of the six injuries to the all volunteer force here. >> you feel helpless. >> reporter: they would watch in horror as they would swallow up three buildings along the key port water front as they pumped water from the creek to the sea of flames. >> we thought it would go to the next building because they are so old. when the walls were coming down and collapsing, some of the business owners were crying and everything. >> that is their livelihood.
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reporting 3:30 in the afternoon. at one point that gas leak caused them to back off. by night fall they began demolishing what was left of the building making it safer for them to begin the search for the cause as they count their blessings. the devastation wasn't even worse. it has been a long night as they are still pouring water on the smoldering remains here. and under the debris what is left for them to knock it down. the six firefighters that were hospitalized, they would suffer their minor injuries that it could have been so much worse. how many people have been displaced both in terms of businesses and in terms of their residence in those buildings as well. that they have not released any information on how they might have started in the first place. live down the jersey shore josh dubble channel 7 eyewitness news. >> josh, thank you.
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the tables on the armed mugger. the delivery man is also the owner of the new shang restaurant. he was making a delivery last night. when he was confronted. the delivery man grabbed one of the knives stabbing the suspect. the 19-year-old was stabbed in the arm. police arrested santana and the other suspect is on the loose. getting accustomed to what it has been for the unusual site. nothing less than the campaign to be met suddenly. there are advantages from the candidate and from hamilton after the campaign rally in the native brooklyn. they paid for their tickets. trailing hillary clinton by double digits ahead of their april 19 primary. >> the truth is that this country has a lot of series
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they will not be solved by the establishment politics and the establishment economics. >> senator sanders will hold tour rallies tomorrow. the first one kicks off in manhattan. meanwhile hillary clinton is leading the campaign rally, emphasizing what they had questioned about her. her qualifications of becoming commander in chief. it's like quoting the saturday night live skid. the republican candidate john kasich is also campaigning in upstate new york tonight. hosting the talent line with the contested gop nomination. blaming the media for what they
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donald trump by the way has no events planned. new tonight the former owner now charged with running a $12 million ponzi scheme. hamlet peralta will be brought back to new york. and people that invested in the fake liquor business. they are believe today have links to at least one of the nypd officials disciplined yesterday. and big developments tonight in the child sex abuse scandal. revealing that he agreed to pay $3.5 million in hush money. he was a high school wrestling coach outside chicago where he sexually abused at least four young boys just years ago keeping it a secret throughout their political career. the family on long island desperate to find a missing teenager.
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on monday near their middle school. now police and their family are sounding the alarm. eyewitness news reporter is speaking out with their family. >> when i would come home and just to come home. >> reporter: you can understand their anguish and at 10:00 on sunday night, she would pray with her 13-year-old son, tucking them into bed. by 6:00 on monday morning, amare young was gone. >> i cannot sleep as i'm calling the missing persons, you know, posting things from facebook. >> reporter: they believe that they ran away from their home. the family says that they will be a good student who does not get in trouble.
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something and so far no answers. which will leave them through their mother and stepfather in that horrible place of not knowing. >> reporter: not knowing where they are. and that they just want to talk to you as she wants to know that you are okay. >> reporter: in long island, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and belgium authorities are trying to verify whether that man arrested tonight is the so- called man and the hat wanted for their airport bombings. he is among five people detained today wanted for the november paris attacks. that their role in that is not clear. they are also trying to confirm if he is the man shown right before last month's airport bombings. the jet blue flight attendant accused of trying to smuggle 70 pounds of cocaine
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the judge in california today said that marcia gay renoylds may be a flight risk. tsa officials say that she dropped a bag full of cocaine and ran when she was pulled -- pulled aside for the random screening. and when suddenly the pit bull would attack. the child was bitten while in her stroller. coming up next at 11:00, you'll hear from the neighbor that
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just receiving new video from the nypd in manhattan as they believe that the suspect they are searching for is a homeless man. it happened on bleaker street this morning. the citizen of israel that fell
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subway station when they woke up, it was the suspect trying to rob them. and taking them to the hospital in stable condition. we told you about it yesterday and with the convertible doing donuts, going for whiles, in just three tires that they will turn out that the burglary suspect that lead them on the chase was the trained tactical driver for the marines. and tonight we are hearing from the courageous neighbor that would pull that attacking pit bull off the girl. she needed three days of plastic surgery to repair her wounds. should the dog be put down? it has not been yet. here is eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross.
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no one knew where to go and what to do. >> reporter: panic took hold in this community. ambushed by a loose pit bull. >> i came running out. and it was terrible as we were trying to take care of them. telling them that everything is all right. the blood curdling screams brought everyone here where they discovered that she was hatched on to the little girl's leg as they quickly attended to the girl. >> everyone was there. screaming, losing all their blood. the mother was distraught as we did what we had to do. >> reporter: they were quickly rushed to the hospital receiving more than 70 stitches for her wounds.
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will be next. they paid a visit to the girl's family and says that many people in town would remain concerned. >> i have had a lot of people walking up to me, saying that the streets were not safe because of that all. we want to make sure that people, they will feel safe to come out of their homes. >> reporter: the father that is also the police officer declined to talk to us on camera. and says that he will forever be grateful for burk who he considers a hero for helping him to save his daughter. >> reporter: we reached out to the dog's owner, but did not get a response. i'm a.j. ross channel 7 eyewitness news. the view co-host whoopie goldberg wants to help women who suffer from menstrual
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pot-based products to relieve cramps. designed in part to ease cramps. tonight four legendary bands from the rock era and the group of the l.a. based rappers. chicago, deep purple, and stevie guitar miller. in 2018 the induction ceremony will begin between new york and cleveland where the hall of fame museum is located. this dog is ready to serve their country. they finished training on how to perform from that helicopter in california. all since 2008. >> yes. >> yeah. are they going to get snowed on you? >> no, they are not. you know, that they will miss
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the last couple areas of the year. that they will stay to the safe to be a nuance and it will be difficult to stick to roadways. if you look outside right now, we will not see any snow- covered roads. did i come back now? okay, good. thank you, ty. and so we will look outside. sorry about that folks. we have the temperatures of 47 degrees. the winds are calm right now and 50 degrees. we're coming into the event very mild and fighting against any snow making. i mean that we'll be into april already and a lot working around the storm. we'll begin with the higher elevations, where we have the heavier band developing, especially into the afternoon hours. we're in the mid-30s, la
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tomorrow morning early risers, the filtered sun out there. by late morning into the midday, rain mixing with the wet snow. the steadiest opportunity for the wet snow during the mid- afternoon. i mean that there might be snow along the coast. there will not be any snow on the ground. mainly clear skies, it will dive off to the south taking a lot of this precipitation with it. some of it will be into central new jersey. mainly dry across the area. starting to get into the suburbs, yes. but notice how they will be coming down more steadily in the middle of the day. the temperatures are way above freezing. bringing them suppressed to the south depicting in their mid- afternoon near the coast in
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be some coatings on the colder surfaces before pivoting out. then we'll start to clear out. so with that in mind and by the way any wet roadways that we could have the patches of the black ice as we go into sunday morning. with all that in mind you're looking for little to no accumulations. that there might be wet snow on the long island area and into new york city and maybe some coatings or inches here west of new york city and higher elevations if they could reach that far. then a few inches as we get into 100 parts of mercer county here, somerset county, parts of pennsylvania that it could be two to four inches of snow. increasing clouds for tomorrow, cloudy, windy. not much going on well to the north. wet roads. and then tomorrow night the snow could have icy spots around 28. sunday is windy in the morning and the high clouds 48 with a decent week. 58 with a lot of clouds on monday. a rainy tuesday and a nice dry stretch and pleasant spring weather around normal or so and
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spring is busting up. and they will have important updates tonight and then we'll have the update. >> thank you. >> you bet. new research about how maternity leave will benefit in the infant's health. plus caught on camera a dump truck don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase.
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a deadly high-speed crash. a dump truck barreling into traffic. that killed a passenger. wow, other vehicles for coming to a stop. not clear why the dump truck was going so darn fast.
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reduced if mothers are given paid maternity leave. researchers studied data. every month you get paid to look over your baby that the chance of the newborn dying falls by 13%. baseball and we love it. they also raised that barner
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two of th so there were a lot of people watching the mets home >> opening crowd. >> there were a lot of people. >> to sum it up. terry collins said 2015 is time to turn the page. time for the mets to put that magical run from last year behind them and focus on making another world series push this year. but first a little motivation in the home opener this afternoon a banner day.
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he was great. he left after six innings. the mets bats were quiet until the 6th inning when neil walker came through at his citi field debut. michael conforto followed that up with an rbi double. the bullpen closes and the mets win 7-2. degrom gets a win as a sore lat muscle is something they need to keep an eye on. >> it got a little tight there. i said something early on that i don't want to push too much. i had a back issue early on in the spring. i'm not really that worried about it. >> and today no fun at all in detroit at their opening day. but nobody really did much hit and they couldn't figure out detroit's jordan zimmerman with just three hits on the game. they got them started in that first inning to cap things off in the 7th with this as they
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after tonight, 2-0 any objection, then nothing, but free time on the road. they are playing against each other on this one. big brother jaren had 19 at one point. and then grant fox down that big bucket in their final minute. and charlottes clinched a playoff spot. the bronx native, his game with at least 20. they will start running away with this one as jeremy lin helped put it down the stretch. and that is seven straight losed.
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never miss a game. jordan spieth went wire to wire to win here last year looking to do it again this year and struggled a bit today. shooting a 74. but the number one player in the world did not do too much better. shooting one over for the round. and the number one player. starting the day at just one stroke behind spieth as they


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