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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hopefuls plan to win votes ahead of the primary. april showers are supposed to feel this cold. snow fall in parts of the area while temperatures head towards freezing. good evening, i'm joe torres. >> i'm sandra bookman. showers were rain and snow. it's about the cold as the wet weather winds down. cool temperatures sweep in. meteorologist jeff smith is here with the accu weather forecast. jeff. >> what a miserable april day we have had. we have a through 10:00 a.m. through long island and down the growing season is supposed to be here, but unfortunately freezing temperatures overnight. here's the radar. the other big story is the rain we've had today mixed with snow in spots. a couple of wet snow flakes falling over the high ridges of north western new jersey.
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to grab colder air from above and bring it to the surface. we have a burst of snow from ocean county towards stanford and atlantic county. there's an inch of snow on grassy surfaces. we can expect that while south of new york city, look at temperatures. 38 degrees in central park where you haven't had any precipitation today. it's a lot milder. 46 in -- you head down to shore, closer to the center of that stone, 36 at brick and tom's river. we watch that precipitation move towards the east during the evening hour and that will come to an end and clear things out. below breezing at 7:00 in the morning. teens in the west. a couple of spots ending early. the hard freeze with near record cold, you're going to have to protect plants or bring them in or cover them up and watch for slick spots. standing water is liable to freeze over with
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a warmup in your 7-day forecast. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. sandra. >> thanks, jeff. the race for politics descended upon our area and candidates will being looking for support out of new york on april 19th. today, front runner trump was in lower manhattan while rival kasich campaigned across the state. bernie sanders meanwhile was in washington heights as he battles for new york against clinton. clinton, she's about to speak in brooklyn. eyewitness into reporter mallory hoff is live at that clinton rally in sunset park. mallory. >>reporter: sandra, good evening. a crowd is growing and hillary clinton expected to take the stage in 45 minutes or so. this as new york is becoming a po lit cat balle ground, clearly a prize to be won. today, sanders took his campaign to washington heights for a rally there. his focus on the republicans.
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and legislatures working over time trying to suppress the vote, trying to make it harder for people to participate. and they're going to war to make sure that poor people or older people or young people will find it more difficult engage in the political process. >> trump made an unannounced trip to one world trade. john kasich was in rochester this morning. he has a stop in westchester this afternoon and he is suspected to be in rock land county. he wants to remind voters of a trump or cruz ticket. >> cruz and trump are going to get killed in the fall. they cannot win. they'll get beaten and we will lose the board house, and we'll use the unite states senate and people wake up to that, and people are going to try to decide who could be president. >> ted cruz spent time in colorado addressing the
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made a stop at a brooklyn bakery and expected to be in state next week. cruz is expected to be a meet and greet on long island. >> back out here live. the clinton camp remains positive about a new york win. the sanders camp, making a different prediction. mallory hoff. new development in the investigation into the brussel's terror attacks. belgium officials say they identified another suspect in last month's subway attack. authorities say osama is the man seen in surveillance video walking along side the suicide bomber. he's from sweden was arrested in belgium yesterday. meanwhile, belgian authorities say they can confirm another man arrested is the man in the hat suspect seen in surveillance video at the brussels airport. they say muhammad has confessed and admitted he's that man. and belgium police launched
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it's not clear if they were seeking suspects, evidence or both. secretary of state john kerry surprised visit to afghanistan came with an announcement. kerry met with officials about security, leadership and economics, and he reassured afghanistan they have the support of the u.s. and that includes financial incentives designed to promote political reforms and growth. >> we implemented our $800 million new development partnership. this initiative, i'm convinced will promote stability, accountability by linking funds to specific reforms that promote the rule of law, encourage private sector growth, and enhance women's rights. >> kerry's visit to afghanistan followed a
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the air pours deployed b-54 bombers to take part in the bombing campaign against isis. along range bombers arrived today. it's the first time they'll be based in the region since the 1991 gulf war. they joined a national coalition carrying out air strikes against isis targets in syria and iraq. authorities on long island opened an abuse investigation after a dog was -- he was duck tape it had around his muzzle and found near a business in linden hearst today. the dog seems to be in good health. a $2,000 reward is being offered leading to an arrest or lead. a pet store must remain store after accusations of animal abuse. pups has been -- "just pups" have been closed. small dogs were found at night outside the store. the owner sued to get the health
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lifted and claims the van had nothing to do with the store. the next hearing is set for next month. in nassau county, authorities are offering a $5,000 reward about a cat shot. the cat's owner says he wandered off last saturday and he came back on tuesday with gunshot wounds. the bones in one leg was shattered and another leg was broken. the cat named tommy is recovering after surgery. a followup to a story we brought to you yesterday about a 10-year-old brooklyn boy whose mom says he's so severely bullied, he's suicide. brown's mother says he gets beaten by students on a regular basis in east new york. today was a day to honor him and support him and give him lots of hugs. business leaders presented
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and his mother says school officials haven't taken her pleas for help seriously. she has his seeing a therapist for depression and suicidal thoughts. the department -- they say it's zero tolerance for anything other than a safe learning environment in every school. a cancelled concert coming up on eyewitness into at 5:00, for the first time we're hearing from a member - about why they decided to skip their north carolina appearance. investigators comb through the rubble after flames destroy businesses in new jersey in search of answers. and first at the
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we're learning about the thinking and discussion behind the discussion by bruce springsteen to cancel their concert to north carolina. yesterday's springsteen announced they would not perform in greensboro on sunday in protest of the state's new law blocking protections of transgender people. stephen says they thought about other options like speaking against the law on stage, but decided to join the boycott. >> we need to hurt them economically. you got to hurt people economically and have them do the right thing morally. it's what we felt to make a stand early in this thing before it spreads all over the place.
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companies calling for the laws repeal. new york and other states ban travel to north carolina by state employees. a walk in the park against the fight against pancreatic cancer. the walk benefits pancreatic patient support and funs will go to the pancreatic action network. wabc is a proud sponsor of the event. >> they got that event in early ahead of the nastiness. >> what a banner of leave rain -- what a banner of heavy rain. >> it has been mixed with snow flakes in the higher elevations north and west. and well south of the city where it has been coming down heavily over southern parts of new jersey, you have had a burst of heavy towards moderate snow towards atlantic city. 38 degrees.
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supposed to be in the upper 50s this time of year. the wind north at 5 miles-an-hour. only 43. normal high is around 59 . to put it in perspective, the high we had today is your normal low for this time of year. the record was 86 back in 1991. get down to 25 in 1977. overnight tonight, we could approach the record low for tomorrow morning which is 28 degrees. we're predicting a low of 30 in the city. got 38 in the park. 41, your warm spot in the five bureau at la gore deairport. 37 at tom's river and you head towards ocean park new jersey and it has changed over to a period or a burst of snow fall in that area. otherwise, light rain and
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few wet snow higher elevations west of i-80. we head along the garden state parkway from stanford to little harbor, you're getting a burst of snow and this could continue as long as the precipitation is coming down heavy enough to bring it to the surface. it can come down as wet snow fall to accumulate on grassy surfaces. some very wet snow flakes mixed with the rain over saint mount olive and head west on i-80. here's our future cast overnight. everything tending to come to an end by 8:00, 9:00 p.m. it could be wet rain over eastern parts of the island. we have temperatures down to 35 in the city, but falling below freezing in the suburbs. we had rain during the day and we have standing water and that can create icy spots as the
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freezing and even in the 20s in the suburbs and teens. tomorrow, getting up to 48. not too much of a recovery. 10 degrees below average. as we head into tomorrow night, a spotty shower maybe at midnight -- monday, it's a mainly cloudy day. there could a few showers out there. we'll have warmer temperatures accu weather forecast for tonight, little rain and snow ending early and clearing down to 30. that would approach the record low overnight tonight of 28. breezy in the morning. otherwise, sun and clouds and getting down to 40. spots at 39. a few showers and cloud s at 58. steady rain comes monday night into tuesday. 58 degrees. nice day. it's a nice of spring days shaping up wednesday, thursday, and friday. temperatures up near 60. next shot of rain is saturday night after that.
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>> nice day. >> thank you, jeff. a creative moves helps rescuers help castaways on an uninhabited island. they have their orange life vest to make themselves visible. they wrote help in palm beach leaves. it worked. the men were spotted and rescuers brought them to safety. a one-of-a-kind prom in an unusual setting gave kids who face a tough battle at a young age a chance to let loose and have fun. a hospital in roseville arizona through a prom last night for its teenage patients. a conference room decked out with a dj, photographer and lots of snacks. >> they wanted us to have fun and forget about the stuff happening. >> it was cool. >> how great is that. hospital staff and volunteers pulled this night together to make it
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care so much about. >> do you remember your prom? >> a long time ago. >> me too. >> it's a pretty misery. disney new adventure hits the screen next week in 3-d, but today the boys and girls club got a preview. >> the kids headed into time square for a preview of the children's novel. he was on hand the film to the boys and girls. there she is. the jungle book is in theaters nationwide this friday. >> i cannot wait to see that. >> me too. me and the wife are going to head to that quickly. and here's laurie. >> those kid were so excited. they enjoyed that movie. the first full weekend of the baseball season is here. and first comes -- the veteran made it in as the fifth starter for the yankees. today, he did something no other pen stripe has done this season. plus the rangers
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i solemnly swear that my kfc $20 fill up will fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed. hopefully the weather was nicy in motown than here. >> not so much. we'll get to that. it has been over six months since
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start for the yankees and he completed -- won the fifth starter world for the yanks. he made his first start of the season. it's snow. pen stripes and first inning, that's rodriguez at the plate. that's his first home run of the season. made it 1-0 yanks. the through six inning. he delivers the triple 1-0 yanks. the through six inning. he delivers the triple in the fourth inning. it's 6-0. a few extra runs never hurt anyone. carlos taking care of that getting a home one. a 2-1 blast. 8-4, cc and the yankees gets the win. the mets continue their first home stand of the season with another game against the phillies and as terry collins desperately wants, it can be about the 2016 season for new york. that's after yesterday when the mets put 2015 in the rearview mirror as they open up another year at home. it's a different
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for the first time in years, expectations are high as in world series high and the fans love it. >> let's go mets. >> very, very excited. we caught the world series last year. and it was a season to remember. and we think this year is going to be better. >> over here to the series. >> yes. >> we're prepared for this. >> [indiscernible] and you layer up. >> i think it's going to be a good year. >> the players feel it too as they play their first game in 2016 in flushing. >> a lot of emotions in the stadium, guys are pumped to be here and start playing everyday, and it should be a good atmosphere. >> certainly there's a lot of excitement around the team and there's a lot around the city, so it's good to give hope. >> the mets will raise their banner as 2015 national league champions. >> we're excited to get out there today and watch the flag go up.
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it's certainly -- we're thrilled for our fans that, you know, what we accomplished last year. >> we get to pitch in front of our fans who gave us so much support last year, and start. >> his biggest concern isn't his pitches. his wife is two days overdue with their baby. he plans to leave when she goes into we're looking forward to playing in front of our home fans and then with expecting a baby boy, it's an exciting time. >> luckily she did not go into labor yesterday. he's waiting for the first baby. the regular season is the rangers, but the postseason filled with uncertainty. they're playing pittsburgh or -- they took care of business against detroit in the regular season finale. still tied late in the third and
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assurance is good. in this case, it was necessary. oscar, the empty netter which proves to be the game winner because the wings would 3-2, the ranger win and they wait. the blue shirts fate depends on the islanders who have two games to place against buffalos and the flyers tomorrow night. in the aisles get three points in those two games they leap frog the rangers and play with the blue shirts the rangers will play pit and the islanders will go to florida. joe, do you got that. >> a piece of cake. hockey fan takes a life in a lifetime shot for cash at a fan appreciate night. >> oh, my -- >> did you see that? it happened between periods at the minor league game. the fan takes a careful shot.
5:25 pm
wins him $100,000. making it even more amazing, the lucky fan was not allowed to take practice swings and had one chance to go for the big prize. >> hey. there. well, history has often been made at the famed apollo theater and it's happening again. for the first time ever, an opera is taking center stage in the harlem landmark. it tells the story of a saxophone player who forever. we have more on the man known as bird. >>reporter: a giant of jazz was remembered in a way that charlie parker would have appreciated and at the temple where he play one of his apostles came to bear witness. >> he made it clear and his spirit is still here. >> at the age of 91, jimmy heath is the last to have
5:26 pm
helped define the style of music known as b bop. [ music ] >> his nickname was bird. short for yard bird. a nickname with origins in the south and the name of a new opera inspired by his life. [ music ] >> bird life, bird life >> lee sings the title role in the first opera ever to be performed here. >> for me to be in the apollo theater, it's a historic and important place where there's a legacy of music. it's an honor for me. >> what a size >> yard bird begins minuting after charlie parker's death in manhattan at the age of 34. and emergencies him using on his life especially the women in his life. >> it was a life full of hardship. of course, brilliance, but it was complex to the fact that he had a lot of struggles to
5:27 pm
>> what did you learn as you came to know his music? why is it still relevant today? >> his music, you can see elements of his music and brilliance everywhere. >> in harlem, i'm sandi kenyon, eyewitness news. >> you can see yard bird at the apollo sunday tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. >> should be a great show. still at 5:00, investigators work to figure out what sparked a fire that destroyed several businesses and hurt six firefighters in new jersey. >> teenagers accused of killing a university of texas student comes to the defendant's defense. they look to fema to help ease the burden, b she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own.
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we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms .
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a look at tonight's top stories. the race for president comes to new york as candidates fight for votes in the upcoming primary. clinton moments away from speaking at a rally in brooklyn while rival sanders spends time in several bureau. trump is in lower manhattan where he donated $100,000. belgium officials identifies another suspect in last month's subway attack. they confirm another man arrested in a raid. he's the so called man in the hat suspect seen in surveillance video at
5:31 pm
authorities on long island opened an abuse investigation after someone abandoned a dog on man hand highway -- good evening, everyone. i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres. police search for a cause after flames destroyed businesses and homes. >> business owners were focusing on rebuilding. eye news reporter aj ross has the latest. aj. >>reporter: sandra, this is the aftermath of that devastating fire that ripped through several homes and businesses here at key port yesterday as some came back today to pick through the debris, neighbors offered support as the journey toward rebuilding begins. >> it was scary the whole time, up on the deck you could feel the heat from the flames.
5:32 pm
was an intense blaze with flames. they battled the inferno for hours. along front street, they lost everything in addition to several homes above them. this isn't the first time they've been faced with the prospect of rebuilding. after hurricane sandy, the same strip was demolished. >> my whole life and business is here. gone. >> what's next for you ? >> i don't know. hopefully find a new location and keep going forward. do what we got to do. i love this place. loved it. >> devastated but not dis distraught. tenants say they'll survive this too. >> horrible. sad. working here, living here, and now hopefully we could recover. we beat sandy, so we could beat this. >> in the meantime, neighbors say the support throughout the this town for fire victims and firefighters has been overwhelming. >> i think it's a turning point for the town to be
5:33 pm
hoping -- the last couple of years, we have seen improvements here and i hope it continues. >> investigators are still trying to determine just what caused this blaze. live tonight in key port, i'm aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> aj, thank you. a judge set a $100,000 bond for a student -- he's charged with murdering 18-year-old wiser. police arrested him at a homeless shelter for young people. his sister says he's mentally ill, but not capable of murder. she spoke with our sister station ktrk, but did not want her named. >> as far as him having a mental break down and attacking her, i don't see that. i'm greatly deeply sorry that this happened. i'm deeply sorry. but i a sure that my brother did not do this. >> wiser was last seen sunday. her body was found
5:34 pm
the former navy seal who claims he killed osama bin laden says he's innocent of -- he refused to take a breath a lieser test. o'neal says he taken a prescribed sleep lady to help him insomnia. anthony crawled out of a window with another patient on thursday. authorities caught the other patient a day later. police say garver, police took him into custody. he's accused of torching a woman and stabbing her to death. a judge found him too mentally ill to stand trial. a man suspected in 16 armed robbery is in custody. 30 year-old
5:35 pm
stores in queens and 2 in brooklyn. the robbery spanned only 11 days. police say in each one, he told workers he had a gun and then grabbed money from the register before running off. some superstorm victims are upset with fema review process. they claim the agency cheated them out of money for repairs. 7 on your side nina spoke with one family that didn't get the money they needed. >> i don't understand why. why they would do that. >> daryl wide is dumb founded over what he calls doctored reports. they got a fraction of their claim. >> this is simple, clear fraud that matches any i've seen. >> the way attorneys say the proof in these pictures that someone alter the fema adjusters report. >> it's a sham. the review process is a sham.
5:36 pm
initial report shows damage to the wade's house. >> flood waters, damaged water heater and boiler. >> but the same picture two weeks later is written, no damage to the boiler. >> nobody came out in between. they simply changed the description to flood waters did not damage water heater and boiler. >> the floor also goes from damage in the first report. >> somebody literately typed in a u and n, so it went from damaged to undamaged. >> that's fraud. there's no accountability. that's why for the second time now, i'll called for the director of fema to resign. >> carter is calling for hearing saying that fema relied on the same fraudulent review process with homeowners being under paid. >> somebody direct it had and i want to know who. >> the wade wants answers, although they're running
5:37 pm
barbara is in stage four of lymphoma. she hopes the home will shelter her family once she's gone. >> even if my mom didn't have cancer, i feel they should do what they said they were going to do. >> fema told us they're working with the way -- to make sure barbara gets every penny she's do. -- fema has taken step to review claims and they have paid out $77 million in under payments so far. the wade's next step is arbitration. it is daytime all the time at the new york public library on 5th avenue. a bright ceiling mural of the sky was delivered this week to the catalog room where workers are installing. it's a recreation of a painting created for that
5:38 pm
year the library opened. the original work suffered discoloration and water damage. experts say it could not be restored and resorted. the room is open to the public this fall. >> looks like it should be fabulous. what happen in vegas doesn't always stay in vegas. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, a front man neil lands himself in legal trouble. and why actor nicholas cage
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more legal trouble for a crew front man neil lee. he's accused of grabbing a woman by her hair and pushing her to the ground at a las vegas hotel. actor nicholas cage came to her rescue and held neil until police arrested. his trouble includes a dui crash that killed a man. paul walker's daughter reach a multi-million dollar estate in the deadly crash that killed the actor. publish reports says that
5:42 pm
was reached in 2014. walker's attorney says no one noticed it for a year because the name which it was filed. roger rodus was driving the porsche which walker was riding when they crashed outside of los angeles in 2013. a new jersey woman reinvented herself by entering the shoe industry. she says what she started in dog gives her an unexpected advantage. lauren glassburg introduces us to her. >>reporter: barnes has a thing for shoes. >> i love stiletto. >> so much so she decided to design her own. >> a good shoe, it can transform your day. >> and while she doesn't have a background in fashion, she's on footing with a degree in industry engineering. >> it's about building and i'm not using it the traditional engineering sense, but i'm developing a shoe.
5:43 pm
but she spent most of her post college years in consulting. her divorce sparked her move in a new direction. >> i was in a restaurant eating by myself and starting sketching on a napkin and started showing my friends. >> she took a class in shoe line. >> i love this shoe because it's sexy to edgy. practical. ten styles so far while raising her son and raising full time in consulting. she sells her shoes on her website. this go from $300 to $600 a pair. she's hoping to line up boutiques soon. >> tianna speak was science, engineering and math. >> it's important to show the journey i took and the other options you have
5:44 pm
foundation and your math and sciences. >> as she has learned, you never know where it will take you. >> i'm walking in my destiny. >> lauren glassberg, eyewitness news. 73 for us all to see. what happens when a baby looked at his mother with normal sight for the very first time. also ahead the eyewitness news, we know merrill streak can do it all. she tackles broadway's hit show hamilton." we have precipitation in the form of rain, but have snow fakes over warren county new injures and a
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share.
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and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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take a look bras this is april. the same weather system headed our way dumped snow over the toledo way. it led to several accidents. closer to our area, this is what it looked like today in philadelphia which is getting a light dusting of snow. the snow is not expected to accumulate on the roads, however: >> yeah, that's good news for them and for us. we did get the rain and not much snow at least in our immediate area. >> it was coming down heavily, that's where it made it down to the ground. atlantic city, an inch of snow. atlantic county outside of atlantic city getting 3 inches of snow on grassy surfaces. that's incredible. it's on grassy surfaces because temperatures are above the freezing mark. we head outside. in the city, it has been rain all day. the higher elevations -- some of the sky scraper, it's
5:49 pm
it's melting. 38 degrees. cloudy skies. a little light rain falling here and there. wind coming from the north around 5 miles-per-hour. temperatures falling into the mid-30s by midnight and that rain and snow mixture will be coming to an end around 7:00 or 8:00. 39 in new york and jfk. 43, your warmer spot. you're colder. you head into the higher elevations like -- as you head off to the south, which is kind of -- if if colder to the south that's because the areas are getting heavier precipitation, so it's bringing down colder air from higher altitudes above. freeze warning in effect overnight tonight. 5 bars in new york city, long island, and western connecticut and also the jersey shore. where the freeze warning is issued, the growing system has started based on historical -- but we're going to get a hard freeze overnight tonight.
5:50 pm
precautions to plants or vegetation. bring it indoors or cover it up. the radar picture showing some dryer air working in from the north, so that rain -- the light rain coming to an end, but you're getting snow. heavier precipitation coming down as snow. extreme southern parts of new jersey extending into atlantic county new jersey and the -- wet snow flakes falling there. lows tonight, this is the big story after that precipitation ends around 7:00 or 8:00 this evening from northwest to southeast. lows get down to 23 in semester sick. 20s is the of the city and east of the city along long island, 30. highs tomorrow, getting up to 48 with a mix of clouds. we turn milder as we head into monday and tuesday. the problem is there's an area of low pressure from the great lakes and it will drag a front through here, and that means rainfall
5:51 pm
the forecast for tonight, rain and snow ending early and then clearing skies. we're down to 30. nearing that record low. breezy tomorrow morning. otherwise, a blend of sun and clouds. a high of 48. it's a late night shower tomorrow night. we're down to 39 and a few showers on monday. it doesn't look like a washout. cloudy skies, 58. it looks like steady rain moves in monday night into tuesday. nice days, wednesday, thursday, and even into friday. temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60, clouding up saturday. and maybe rain by saturday night. >> some stuff to look forward to. thank you, jeff. >> good spin it. beautiful eye opening moment as a baby sees normally for the first time. >> hi, sweet pie. >> isn't that great. he lives in seattle with a rare eye condition. he relied on touch as his primary sense to explore until a special pair of
5:52 pm
see the joy on the little boy's face as he sees the world for the very first time. leo's glasses have regular lens, but the frames are made of a rubbery material with no screws or sharp edges. >> a cute story. the women in the world summit here in new york. >> we're in the room where it happens, the room where it happens. women are suddenly in the room where it happens, the room where it happens. i couldn't resist that. >> that's oscar winner merrill streak belting out. the movie hamilton -- >> everything she does is good. a quick clarification -- charlie yard bird at the apollo, there's a performance. the show is closed here, but you can
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a nightmare scenario after what should have been a straight forward -- he went to have four teeth removed. when he woke up all his teeth were gone. worse. had he to be rushed to the hospital. his wife says after five hours into the procedure, she confronted the staff. >> what do you mean all of his teeth. she said she were worried the infection would spread from the one tooth that was abscess. there's blood all over him and all over his shirt and my husband is droopy eyed. he's not responsive. >> i'm so ashamed because i have no teeth now. i wake up with no clothes on and i'm scared. >> the patient says he needs oxygen because he still has blood clots from the botched procedure. he plans on taking legal action. the office responded to one local report saying it cannot comment on specific dues to privacy, but says all
5:57 pm
risk and procedure and sign consent forms. mortgage diet wells fargo agreed to a settlement. a new york judge gave approval to the deal worth $1.2 billion yesterday. a suit was brought against wells fargo for claims going back 15 years. the u.s. attorney for new york says that the company used reckless under writing to draw up loan -- coming up at 6:00, a federal investigation into an alleged nypd bribery shifts to the mayor. brawls erupt after the mets win their home opener. trouble after getting caught on camera slapping a all
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