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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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then we've seen incredible three-point shooting by cleveland. then we've seen some excellent play under extreme pressure by chicago. >> mike: now we're going to see cleveland with a chance to at worst tie if they secure this rebound. gasol makes it. timeout cavaliers. 1.6 to go. they'll advance to the front court. as the cavs draw that up, i want to remind you about the last few nights of the season and let you know that with the golden state when they are 71-9, so no matter what happens, their game will have history implications with the '96 bulls 72 winces. on wednesday night, we will have that game on one of the espn networks. we're going to have on wednesday night, a great basketball night. i believe we'll have the boston and miami game in the east that
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position. we'll have the warriors game for you as they try to go for that final 73rd or maybe 7 2nd win and hubie and i will have kobe bryant's last game. that's our lineup wednesday night on espn. here we go with the cavs, 1.6 to go. >> hubie: they're putting pau gasol on dellavedova. take away the pass to the corner and take away the pass to the lane. the big thing right now is force them to catch the ball out beyond the three-point line and then let's see what happens. for the tie, j.r. smith. it is blocked. the game is over. >> hubie: once again, a second unit guy, holiday just made a great play. he was up on the shot and got a piece of the shot. j.r. smith thinks he was fouled on the shot. the chicago coaching staff in this building, no way are you
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>> mike: justin holiday gets the block and the chicago bulls stay alive for their playoff hopes. watch the arm of j.r. watch that shooting sleeve. does he get a hand on him? that's why j.r. was looking with good reason. got a lot of arm. the bulls are still alive. here's chris. >> chris: still alive, jimmy. talk about this victory. >> it's big. we're still in the fight. it's never over. we talked about it before the game. we did what we were supposed to do. >> chris: does this type of win, knowing the situation, you're 3-1 against the cavaliers. you swept toronto, the number two seed in the east. is that tough to handle when you know it's a long shot for you to get in the post season? >> definitely. if we would have been playing this way all year, we wouldn't be in this situation. all we can try to do is win these last few games.
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season if you don't make the playoffs, what are you going to talk about as you head home? >> just how hard you have to play. you can never give up and how we got to be together through the good and bad. >> chris: jimmy, thanks. guys, back to you. >> mike: as one of the bulls told me earlier, we want to make sure indiana has to win their way in and we don't hand it to them. the bulls are still alive at 40 and 40. the pacers 42 and 37. indiana will have the chance tomorrow in indianapolis to earn the 8th and final spot. cleveland not locking down the number one seed in the east. they need one more win in one of their two final games. the cavaliers will be playing atlanta on monday and detroit on wednesday in what could be a first round playoff preview. the news is next for many of you except on the west coast. with hall of famer hubie brown and chris broussard, our great
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new york the. >> now that wyoming is behind state. marches on. as the presidential candidates pound the pavement in the five boroughs in hopes of securing a win in the empire state. and a developing story in the bronx. a person in critical condition after a car hits a man as he crossed the street. hello everyone, we'll begin tonight with an accuweather alert. a freeze warning in effect overnight and overthe rain and snow flakes -- after the rain and snow flakes we could see today could create some slick conditions. >> jeff smith is in the weather center with details. >> it can freeze overnight. we have that freeze warning in effect right through 10:00 a.m. and five boroughs of new york city and southwestern coastal connecticut and also down the jersey shore. there goes that storm thankfully exiting off to the east right now. but especially over southern
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burst of snow during the afternoon and even accumulating snow south of the viewing area down toward the atlantic city area. temperatures right now. 40 in the park but closer to freezing down the shore. 34 at brick and toms river. below freezing right now well north and west at monticello down to about 27. where you will eventually go tonight. we go down below freezing in the city and we are in the upper 20s in places like belmar and toms river and upper 20s on the island and into connecticut. so it's a hard freeze overnight. near record cold. again we're going down to 30. the record for tomorrow morning is actually 28. so we're within two degrees of that. protect plants up to bring them in if -- you want to bring them in if you can and watch out for slick spots. some sun returns tomorrow but still below average eventually closer to normal for a change in the accuweather seven day forecast. that's coming up in just a few. sandra? now to the race for president. the candidates packed in the events today here in new york
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an appearance. with stops in queens, hasn't and the bronx -- manhattan and the bronx and the northern suburbs. the events today including a surprise stop by donald trump. and another caucus win tonight for bernie sanders. this one in wyoming. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff has the story. >> all right. news bulletin. we just won wyoming. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: bernie sanders appeared positive after winning the caucuses in wyoming. today he focused his efforts on new york making multiple stops after taking wyoming he told supporters the campaign is moving in the right direction. >> i think that it is very fair to say that weds were way -- we were way way first half of this contest. but we are having to say the least a very strong second half and we are closing very fast and now that wyoming is behind us we are here in new york state.
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also keeping her eye on new york. she stopped at junior's cheesecake in brooklyn and then came to a rally where she talked about the plan to break down barriers holding latino families back. >> we have to do more to make sure that nonenglish speaking children are given the support that they need. >> reporter: john kasich was in rochester this morning. his next stop was new rochelle. at a town hall there, a man asked what kasich would do for people with autism. kasich then learned the man asking the question was autistic. after the two hugged, kasich commented on the decision to stay in the race. >> these people think i'm going to drop out. what are they nuts okay? >> reporter: kasich's last stop county. and donald trump made his first visit to the 9/11 memorial museum while he was there he made a $100,000 donation. ted cruz spent time in colorado today. convention. he made a stop at a brooklyn bakery this week and is expected to be back in new york
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now the countdown to the april 19th primary continues. as each candidate makes a push to claim the new york delegates on the line. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and the campaign on slot will continue tomorrow. bernie sanders will appear again in brooklyn and hillary clinton is expected again in the area as well before going to baltimore. her husband former president bill clinton will appear several times around the city on her behalf. stay with abc news and eyewitness news throughout the campaign and you can much more about the race for president tomorrow morning on "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 10:00 a.m. right here on channel 7. now to that developing story in the bronx. a man in critical condition after he was struck by a car. the driver did stay on the scene to speak to police. it happened near 239th street and white plains road in the wakefield section and that's where eyewitness news cefaan kim is tonight. >> reporter: joe, police just
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after being here for almost four hours. the problem with the intersection as you can see, it's very dark street runs under subway train tracks. anyone knows it can often times be very difficult seeing someone try to cross the road as they pass behind the columns. that pedestrian struck tonight now fighting for his life. at the corner of white plains road and east 139th street. police lights lighting up the dark otherwise dark intersection as investigators try to piece together how a 22- year-old man was critically injured crossing the street in the marked crosswalk. it happened just after 7:30 tonight. police say that man was struck by an suv traveling northbound on white plains road. for several hours, investigators shut down white plains road as the nypd's highway patrol unit reyounged the scene. and -- reconstructed the scene. and interviewed the driver behind the wheel in that suv. that driver remained at the scene and still unclear if he's
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investigation continues. now back here live. there are several businesses here with cameras but all of the businesses are closed so it's unclear if the detectives were able to get any videos off the cameras that can be useful. that victim was rushed to the condition. cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. new at 1, a woman is in the hospital in newark after she was attacked by a pit bull. police say the 51-year-old was attacked in front of her home on leslie street by her neighbor's dog. she suffered a bite and possibly a broken arm. per protocol the humane society will take that dog into their custody. police haven't determined whether charges will be filed against the dog's owner. in new jersey, a man has died after a shootout with police. prosecutors say deollo grant was wounded in the shooting about 1:30 this morning in new brunswick. the 27-year-old died at a
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police recovered his gun and investigators were pursuing grant for violating probation and failing to pay child support. new tonight in the bronx, a family hoping that prayers will bring a missing loved one back to them. now this is a vigil for 35-year- old javier horta. family and friends gathered at the spot in sound view where he was last seen. two weeks ago. he is the father of a 3-year- old daughter and he worked as a librarian's assistant at the new york public library's jerome park branch. >> right now we're working with the same amount of information that we have since day one which is nothing. we have no information. no new leads. basically, it's -- a mystery. we have no idea where my brother could be. >> horta was last seen wearing black jeans and black hoodie and black t-shirt and black sneakers. anyone with information call police. new details out of nassau county where police say a missing teenager has been located.
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young is with relatives in montgomery. that's in orange county. young was last seen at home in west bury sunday night. his mother reported him as a possible run away on monday morning. well, overseas now to brussels. belgian authorities now confirm the so-called man in the hat suspect is in police custody. police say mohammed abrino cornified. he is the man seen in surveillance -- confessed. he is the man seen in the brussels surveillance video. they also identified another man arrested yesterday as a suspect in the subway attack. authorities say he from sweden is you seen in video walking i longside the suicide bomber. today belgian police launched a new operation in a brussels neighborhood. it is not clear if they were looking for suspects, evidence or both. secretary of state john kerry surprise visit to afghanistan came with the major announcement. kerry met with officials there about security,
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and he reassured afghanistan that it has the support of the u.s. and that includes financial incentives designed to promote political reforms and economic growth. his visit followed a similar appearance in iraq this week. and animal cruelty investigation on long island. the search for the person who taped a dog's mouth shut. >> and shocking video. a teacher repeatedly slaps a student. the action by police after the video surfaced. >> and now these people became
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ti caught on camera, a high school teacher slaps a student several times on the back of the head now she is under arrest. this video appears to show mary hastings a teacher in beaumont, texas hit a student five times while yelling at him and calling him an idiot. she then appears to mock the student's crying. investigators have charged hastings with assault and the school has placed her on administrative leave. authorities on long island opened an abuse investigation after a dog was abandoned with its mouth taped shut. the male german shepherd with duct tame around the muzzle was found near a business in lindenhurst today. the dog seems to be in good health. there is a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. investigators are searching tonight for a cause. one day after a massive fire destroyed several businesses and homes along the jersey
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the flames quickly consumed a strip of homes and businesses in downtown key port. at least three of those businesses were destroyed. that same strip was demolished after hurricane sandy. residents and business owners will now focus on rebuilding again. >> our whole lives here, our whole business, gone. >> what's next for you? >> i don't know. find a location and hopefully try to keep going. go on forward. i love this place. love it. >> it's horrible. you know. it's -- sad. because she worked in here, lived in here. and now -- hopefully we can recover. >> half a dozen firefighters suffered minor injuries while battling that blaze. now to a very close call for a tourist in st. bart's, check out the moment shot in 360-degree video.
11:20 pm
hand. look again you can just see how close -- oh. he came to disaster. >> he is lucky. >> wow. new fallout from the nypd corruption probe. the questions now being raised about merchandise merchandise's cam -- mayor de blasio's campaign fundraising. >> a man in new jersey saved by his fit bit. the critical information that the gadget gave his daughters. >> a freeze warning tonight. live look outside. the warmer temperatures are coming.
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well, we're going to assume this is going to be the last freeze of the spring. >> please. >> yeah. i'm pretty sure about it. actually next half hour we'll delve into what's going to be happening during the second half of the month of april but i think tonight -- will do it. >> okay. >> all right. >> we're going to delve. >> you can hold me to that. let's head outside right now and going to be delving into my conscience -- if we get another one of these. here's a live look down toward the empire state building. temperature 40 degrees and look at that winds. this is just miserable. 17 gusting up to 24 miles per hour from the northwest. the high today only got up to 43. that's the typical low for this
11:24 pm
rainfall today just over .1 in the park. almost a third of an inch in toms river and some of that especially over southern ocean county was in the form of snowfall. also areas north and wes of the city in the higher hills of northwestern new jersey. we have enough water -- enough standing water in some areas especially south and west of the city where they can definitely be some slick spots overnight as things freeze over. 39 right now in and around new york city though 39 in newark. but then down to 27 at monticello and just above freezing in places like brick and toms river. low 40s on the island right now and speaking of long island, a couple of sprinkles left over in nassau county and the twin forks. they will be exiting momentarily. as we get this storm system moving off to the east and we get the clearing skies overnight tonight. track it all for you on the future track and check out the temperatures by 6:00 in the morning down to 30 in central park. our record for overnight tonight into tomorrow morning is 28.
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so we're pretty close to that in the city. 20s and all the suburbs even getting potentially down into the upper teens well north and west of the city. now tomorrow afternoon, this is pretty sad that we're going to be celebrating the fact that it's going to be 48-degrees and we're going to have some sunshine but after what we've had it won't feel that bad. so 48 buick 5:00 in the -- by 5:00 in the afternoon and only about 41 monticello and then tomorrow night, clouds increase again. but you see temperatures are mild compared to what they've been the past couple of nights and that means this comes in as just straight old rainfall. don't have to worry about any wintry precipitation with that. and just a few showers at that. no big deal during the day on monday a lot of cloud cover around. might be break or two of sunshine but just a shower or two around. monday night into tuesday some steadier rain develops. accuweather forecast for tonight, decreasing clouds and cold out there. definitely watch for some slick spots as that low gets down to 30.
11:26 pm
brisk and chilly a fair amount of sunshine at 7:00 in the morning. temperature around 31. and as we head into the day tomorrow, 48 degrees. sunshine mixing with some clouds. still kind of breezy and chilly out there. mostly cloudy, a late night shower in spots tomorrow night. we're down to about 39. monday is breezy and milder. it will be mainly cloudy and just a shower or two. doesn't look like a washout by any means and 58 and now steadier rain moves into the night monday night into tuesday. wednesday and thursday pretty nice days here and clouds increase into next week but look at temperatures recovering mark. again, next half hour we'll talk about what the pattern is looking like as we head into the latter half of the month of april. the what? >> the second half is going to be better than the first. >> all right. we're taking you at your word. >> all right. in the meantime we'll delve into sports. laura behnke is next. >> i'm picking up where jeff left off. another cold and raw affair at
11:27 pm
evening as the mets turned to a fan favorite to beat the phillies. that would be bartolo colon who certainly held up his end of the deal. but would the mets' lineup help him turn it into a win? >> and cc sabathia if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely.
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hill for the mets today huh? >> everybody loves bartolo colon. everybody. the mets look to keep up their recent stretch of home dominance over the phillies tonight while keeping an eye on degrom. the pitcher was still feeling some soreness today after leaving yesterday's start as a precaution. the next start could be in doubt. as for tonight new york going for a tenth win in the 11 tries over the phillies at citi field. bartolo colon was cruising until the 5th. ryan howard deep for the solo home run. meanwhile velasquezed shutting down the -- shutting down the mets' lineup. back the colon. just showing that athleticism we've come to know and love. freddy galvis popping it up and he makes the catch behind the mound of course the tab pops off. of course. final chance for the mets here in the bottom of the 9th but flores lines out to end it. so 1-0. not colon's fault but the mets' fault. just over sixth months ago cc sabathia checked himself into
11:31 pm
since then completed the program and arrived at spring training healthier than in years and he won the yankees' fifth rotation spot. well today, he made his first start since all of that. pinstripes and fibers in snow -- tigers in snowy motown. that would be the first home run of the season for alex rodriguez. well sabathia did his job on the mound becoming the first yankees' starter to get through six innings a season. he struck out three and allowed three runs. jacoby ellsbury is a slow start but this should help delivering the triple in the 4th. 6-0 yankees. and a few extra ones though couldn't hurt the cause. beltran takes care of that as he belts a homer of his one. 8-4. cc and the yanks with the win. and it is swisher time again. almost. the yankees look forward to being close to a minor league deal with nick swisher.
11:32 pm
and could be -- out in tampa. with whom he won world series title with the yankees back in 2009. well next up for the rangers and the islanders, will be the playoffs. as the blue shirts wrapped up their regular season today. and then they turn their attention to the isles who control both teams' destinies. with a loss tonight the rangers meet them in round one and otherwise we have to wait until tomorrow night. it's all confusing at this point. first though the rangers taking care of the red wings this afternoon. detroit playing for its postseason life and the power play goal to tie it. still tied in the third. 2-1 rangers and insurance though always a good thing. today was actually necessary. lindberg the empty netter which proves to be the game winner. the wings added another but not enough. the rangers win the second consecutive season with 100 or more points. as for the islanders the second
11:33 pm
buffalo on top in the third. not long. tavares for the equalizer to overtime and in ot ends it. second goal of the night. 4-3 the isles fall. but they still get a point so yes, all of these scenarios will come down to tomorrow's game against philly. and it will devils with their final game of the season. hosting the leafs tonight. hen reek scored a pair of goals to set a career-high with 30 on season. 5-1. the devils end the year with a win. and we have much more ahead in sports, when we return, the jets are wasting no time on the same day ferguson officially announces his retirement. gang green brings in his replacement. we have the latest.
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yesterday, the jets lost a key offensive lineman when d'brickashaw ferguson unexpectedly retired. tonight they appear to have found a replace. according to reports gang green reached deal with the broncos to bring offensive tackle clady to new york. in exchange for the four-time pro bowler as well as a seventh round draft pick the jets are sending a fifth round pick the denver.
11:37 pm
clady worth $6 million plus incentives. spieth already is at -- tomorrow he'll have a shot at making it two in a row. augusta international. jason day to move one under. he finished even. as for spieth his day parted quite well. the birdie here on 15. however, it would end with a bogey followed by a double bogey. he finished it 1 over. but still own it is one shot lead as we head into tomorrow's final round. wins have been hard to come by for the red bulling so far this season -- bulls so far this season. new york returning home to host sporting kc at red bull arena. 17th minute. haber the wide open look. that's a first goal of the game. and it's for kc. they would add another 2-0. the red bulls get shut-out. and it's a woke of national championships in the college ranks with the men's and women's basketball titles on
11:38 pm
the hockey championship is up for grabs. quinnipiac and north dakota but all north dakota, who had little trouble scoring goals as they put this one away. 5-1 the final. north dakota taking title. congrats to them. >> watch that game. it was -- they were the better team. >> they dominated. new questions about mayor de blasio's campaign fundraising, how the corruption probe in the nypd led to this and how the mayor's office is reacting.
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here's a look at tonight's top stories. a freeze warning in effect overnight and into the morning. it could create some slick conditions on the roads. the temperatures will warm up again tomorrow. meteorologist jeff smith will have details in his forecast coming up in just a few minutes. a man is in critical condition after he was struck by a car in the bronx. police say the victim was in the crosswalk at 239th street and white plains avenue when he was hit. the driver stayed at the scene and is being questioned by police. and battle for new york voters. continues to this weekend. both sanders and hillary clinton holding events in the city. for republicans, donald trump and john kasich made local appearances. more of them are planned for tomorrow.
11:42 pm
hour the fbi's probe into nypd corruption leads to some new fallout. fallout directed at mayor de blasio's campaign fundraising. >> the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office have reportedly opened an inquiry into the fundraising activities of two businessmen working on behalf of the mayor. eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim has details. >> this is not a particularly good day for the department. >> reporter: that was on thursday. the city's top cop announcing a shake-up in the nypd. four high ranking officers reassigned. as the fbi's corruption investigation grows larger. at issue did officers exchange special favors from gifts from the -- for gifts from the orthodox jewish community? the latest player caught was hamletperalta. charged with running $12 million ponzi scheme. it was reportedly unrelated to the focus of the corruption investigation.
11:43 pm
jonah rechnid who serves on the committee that planned mayor de blasio's inauguration in 2015. de blasio is now returning that money. a spokesperson for the mayor says we are fully confident that the campaign is conducted itself legally and appropriately at all times. >> as always we'll have to go with we believe the truth as we know it takes it. >> reporter: as for the sandal in the nypd sources say the investigation began in 2013. looking into police community elses in borough park and relationships between two brooklyn businessmen and several high ranking nypd officials whether favors were exchanged for gifts trips and cash. sources say among those under scrutiny. former chief of the department phillip banks and corrections union president norman seabrook. it's unclear if the mayor is being implicated in my wrongdoing but the question now is how wide will this investigation go? in midtown, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news.
11:44 pm
they've arrested a teenager armed with dangerous weapon. officers seized a fully loaded handgun and 79 bullets from a 13-year-old who arrived by bus from virginia. police got a tip and met his bus at the port authority bus terminal. now the boy told police that he wanted the gun for protection and he's now in juvenile detention. a man suspected in 16 armed robberies across two boroughs is now in police custody. the detectives say 30-year-old august-watkins robbed 14 stores in queens and two if brooklyn. they spanned only 11 days. police say? each one he told workers he had a gun and grabbed run and ran off. trouble tonight for three off-duty new york city firefighters after a bar brawl near citi field. police arrested the firefighters last night after a fight broke out at mcfadden's restaurant and saloon in
11:45 pm
michael brafet a and john martin and anthony cardazone face charges. they also charged one with resisting arrest. new details tonight about bruce springsteen's decision to cancel a concert in north carolina. the move in protest of a new law in that state that many call discriminatory. the boss now getting praise and some backlash over the decision. abc's ron claiborne has more. >> reporter: tonight, a growing chorus of support for the boss who's pulling plug on his north carolina concert. >> need to hurt them economically. understand. okay? you have to hurt people economically to have them do the right thing morally. this is spreading like a virus around the country. >> reporter: springsteen and his band accusing the state of transgender people which requires a person to use the public restroom for the gender that's on the birth
11:46 pm
things are more important than a rock show. the payment service paypal had operations center in north carolina. >> 400 new jobs right here in charlotte, north carolina. >> reporter: paypal says not anymore. another company brayburn farm suit calls is reconsidering a major -- pharmaceuticals is reconsidering a major expansion. the governor refusing the back down. >> that's frankly a policy and a standard that i think should remain. >> reporter: but the reactions signal that north carolina's move could sting economically. including possible loss of next year's nba all-star game in charlotte worth millions to local businesses. >> that was ron claiborne reporting. one lawmaker republican mark walker even calls springsteen a bully and said that he's acting like a child who gets upset and takes his ball and goes home. walker says other pop groups scheduled to perform in the state will go on with their
11:47 pm
a new jersey judge orders a pet store to remain closed after accusations of animal abuse. just pups in paramus has been closed since police found 67 puppies and small dogs in a van behind the store at night. the owner denies the dogs were left in unsanitary conditions. he is suing to get the help department's closure order lifted. another hearing is set for next month. nassau county authorities are offering a reward for was shot. the cat's owner says he wandered off from the rockville center home last saturday and gunshot wounds. the bones in a leg were shattered and another leg was broken. the cat named tommy is recovering after surgery. doctors in new jersey say a fit bit may have saved a patient's life. first responders rushed the 42- year-old man to a hospital in seizure.
11:48 pm
app and then discovered he had a more serious problem. the device recorded an episode of atrial fibrillation hours before the seizure. the data helped doctors determine the patient needed an electrical shock get the heart -- shock to get the heart rate back to normal. the case was reported in the journal annals of emergency medicine. >> that's interesting. a woman on the fbi's most wanted list captured. how agents finally nabbed the suspect behind a murder-for- hire plot. >> plus, the phone call that led burger king employees to smash the windows of their own restaurant. >> and we take a live look outside now. meteorologist jeff smith
11:49 pm
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fo the fbi's most wanted woman behind bars tonight. custody friday. she was the mastermind behind a murder-for-hire plot that left a dentist in dallas dead. it came two days after investigators made they are ninth woman ever -- her the ninth woman ever added to the abc's phillip mena has the details. >> reporter: tonight the capture of a fugitive. now under arrest in northern mexico. the suspected mastermind behind the murder of kendra hatcher. a dallas dentist who was gunned down in the garage of her apartment building last september. >> one female is possibly shot in the neck. >> reporter: the motive for the plot investigators say? jealousy. hatcher was dating delgado's former boyfriend. >> it was a murder-for-hire. >> reporter: police say the suspected hit map was promised
11:52 pm
hatcher. that man and a getaway driver arrested but delgado fled shortly after police questioned her. >> what is left to do is to bring her to justice and answer to this crime that shocked the community. >> reporter: investigators believe she was hiding out in her native mexico. by on the top ten list it placed pressure on the mexicans to pick her up and may also partly expedite the extradition process that's probably going to begin very soon. >> that was phillip mena reporting to make a deal for the extradition u.s. officials agreed to take the death penalty off the table. mexico opposes capital punishment but delgado can still fight extradition herself and delay a return to texas for months. horrified workers smashed windows at a fast food restaurant because of a prank. someone called a burger king in minnesota claiming to be from the fire department. the prankster said the restaurant could explode and told employees to smash the windows and they did just that.
11:53 pm
culprit caller. the same thing happened at a few other restaurants around the country in the past few months. well, you could say the next story is an example of love manging you do -- making you do stupid things but we told you this week about the california man who climbed up a 600-foot rock with his dog as part of an elaborate plan to propose to his girlfriend. well, here's the problem, he didn't have any rope to get down. and climbing this particular rock, well, it was illegal. then hours after getting a citation following his helicopter rescue, the guy was arrested for being high on meth. he even had to spend night in jail. after all of this, did the girlfriend say yes to his marriage proposal? >> she said yes, the way she said yes it was emotional -- was the emotional part. of course i'll marry you, you
11:54 pm
o. b. and i can't believe you -- you're either going to die or get arrested. >> well, apparently she got the arrested part right now. now in addition to saving up for the wedding the groom to be will have to use the savings to pay thousands of dollars in fines realed to -- related to his stunt and rescue. [ laughter ] cambridge arrive in india tomorrow for a week long tour of the former part of the british empire. the couple will attend a grand ball in mumbai tomorrow night. in new delhi they will eat lunch with the prime minister and also will visit the himalayan kingdom of bhutan. they will wrap up a tour with the visit to the taj mahal where prince william's mother once famously posed for the cameras. okay, i'm like stuck on the guy -- >> i know that story. it's all right. let that go. >> we got to talk about that later. all right, it's like a scene from a movie. >> people stranded on a remote island. how they managed to survive
11:55 pm
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make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. space exlaunched the un- -spacex launched an unmanned rocket yesterday sending supplies to the international space station. ten minutes later though when for the first time that rocket successfully landed on a barge in the ocean. by salvaging and then reusing this booster, spacex and nasa seayed money.
11:58 pm
the rocket sent 7,000 pounds of experiments, equipment and basic supplies to the space station. >> that's pretty impressive. >> that's more incredible than the rocket actually taking off. fact that it can land that softly. >> kind of like the movies huh? >> i wish i could say the same thing about the weather. but it was like a -- romantic spring comedy. >> i think april will have happy ending though. >> whatever you say. >> that's what the long-range models are showing. [ laughter ] blame it on them if they're wrong. we had -- we head outside right now and you know i was concerned a little bit about some icy spots forming and probably not here in the city because as you see columbus avenue is dry. we have the wind come in and kind of dry things out even though we have the moisture around earlier from that rainfall. 40 degrees mow and that winds coming in northwest at 17 gusting up to 24 miles per hourment but some places south and west of the city still do have some standing water. those areas get a little bit more rainfall and even some snowfall earlier so there could dell be some icy spots there.
11:59 pm
6:00 in the morning. nearing the record. the record was 28 degrees. that was set back in 1997 and we're within two degrees of that. hard freeze overnight. you want to protect plants by either taking them in if you can't do that you cover them up and watch for some slick spots overnight. some sun runs tomorrow -- returns tomorrow. temperature just tick down a couple of degrees in the city down to 38. 34 brick and toms river down to freezing at sussex and below freezing at monticello. freeze warning in effect for five boroughs of new york city and long island down the jersey shore right through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. you see our system finally exiting off to the east still a couple of sprinkles left over parts of long island. but the clearing line is rapidly making progress from the north and west overnight and that's going to allow temperatures the cool down a lot too with the clearing sky and that wind mainly from the north coming in. down to about 30 by early tomorrow morning in the city ands in all of the -- 20s in all of the suburbs in all of
12:00 am
outside of the city upper teens well north and west toward monticello and highs during the day like i said about ten degrees below average but it will be better than today. 48 degrees with a little sunshine out there. then the chill really eases on monday and tuesday. problem is low pressure moving up through the great lakes dragging our front through here. and that means we will have some unsettled weather. cloudy monday maybe a shower or two. steadier rain comes in monday night into tuesday. and as promised, this is what our long-range charts are showing for the second half of april. the arctic air finally retreating as it should this time of the year. pacific air kind of flooding the entire lower 48 states and means a milder second half of april than the first half. so here's your accuweather seven day forecast. looking like this again a high getting up to about 48 during the day tomorrow. brisk and chilly out there. it's breezy and milder on monday and cloudy skies. maybe a shower or two. doesn't look like a washout. 58 some steady rain comes in monday night into the day on tuesday.


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