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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the blaze broke out at 2:00 here in yonkers and the blaze took over on harriet street behind me. both homes set to be three stories high. we'll told the displace had been taken two homes destroyed by fire. neighbors tells us they fear for their houses as well along the block. some neighbors believe there's a store front church in one of the homes. we don't have words of injuries or if the fire spread beyond the two homes. we'll follow this through the night as firefighters try to tame this four-alarm four. live in yonkers, i'm lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. politics now in the campaign race intensified here in new york. presidential candidates hope to lurer voters ahead of the state's primary. a battle for the bureau on the democratic side. sanders and clinton aim to rally support in new york city.
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reporter kimberly richardson attended the rally. >>reporter: sanders joked with the crowd of several hundred who gathered here on the coney island boardwalk. the brooklyn native says he's eaten half the hot dogs that nathan's produced. after his event, he sat down and had a hot to go and talked with sauerkraut. he pointed out how different he is from clinton who is in new york city campaigns. sanders say they have different views on foreign policies. we're nine days away from the important new york primary where 291 delegates are up for grabs. each used today's events once again as an opportunity to persuade voters to join their camps. >> in this primary, we're
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establishment. but what i have learned through this campaign, when there's a high voter turn out and we have seen high voter turn outs in wisconsin and many other states, when that happens we win. >> and then i want to be a good partner for our teachers and educator who are doing the job of preparing our youngsters. we're going to make college affordable for middle-class and working and poor families. >> hillary clinton making those remarks as she visited three churches in our area all in queens. back here live tonight, secretary clinton is in maryland. that state's primary on april 6th. much to come on the push from new york. kimberly richardson. with the democrats holding court in and around new york city, the
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trump took his campaign to western new york. he held a rally in rochester. he's hoping for a landslide win in his home state and hoping to avoid sharing the stage at a contested convention with cruz and john kasich. >> i say this to the rnc and i republican party, you're going to have a big problem because there's people that don't like what's going on. >> meanwhile, ted cruz was in las vegas speaking to the republican jewish coalition. he called trump's path to secure path to clinch the gop -- almost impossible. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for full coverage of the new york primary. a body pulled from a pond in new jersey and investigators are working to find out who it was. the discovery was made at the state park in west milford. police have not released information about
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a 30-year-old man is dead after a dispute. washington was stabbed multiple times in neck and torso. it happened during a party at the st. mary's house around midnight. washington was taken to the hospital where he died. no arrests have been made. new details about the murder of a former football store on the streets of new orleans. will smith was apart of the saints who won the superbowl in 2009, but he was killed in what was a road rage attack. >> a father and husband gunned down. >> the father of the wife -- where his husband died. >> there's a male down with six gunshot wounds to the chest. >> the 2009 superbowl championship was near a hummer when they hit him
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>> the hummer and smith exchanged words. and then he produced a hand gun and opened fire -- >> this is haze seen as police took him into custody. he's now facing second-degree murder charges. smith pronounced dead at the scene, his wife shot twice in the leg. hours earlier, the couple snapped this selfie posted on the instagram page. >> we have one gun recovered on the scene. >> our investigation continues as to motive of this shooting and whether or not smith and haze knew each other prior to this incident. >> smith was a first round drift for the new orleans saints back in 2004. he played nine seasons totalled and was apart of the team that brought home the city's first championship. that team now shattered by his death. running back mark ingrim tweeting, devastating. lord please be with the smith's family during this tragic time. the nfl community now in mourning
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a hindu temple became a -- thousands of people were packed inside that temple for a religious festival. more than 100 died and 80 hurt. the fire displayed accidentally ignited other fireworks in storage. they resulted in explosions causing several buildings to collapsed. an arrest in brussels -- the group responsibility for the explosions at the airport and subway were planning to launch a second assault in france. the suspects were surprised by the speed and progress of the investigation. so they backed away from the plans. investigators arrested four men this weekend in connection to the bombings. cash for terror tips on social media. today, senator chuck schumer
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>> today, i'm unveiling new legislation that will offer a minimum cash reward of $25,000 for any social media tip that helps terror planning here in the united states. >> the senator says the see something say something model needs to be extended to social media. thousands of eye s s on social media will help keep the us safer. coming up at 5:00, a fight comes to a deadly end in new jersey. a man is charged with murder and kidnapping. a top rankings official for surfer county, but it's not one that makes community members proud. now, long island leaders address a growing problem. we have a warmup on the way, but the price we pay, some rainfall.
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surfer county leaves -- heroin deaths. state health officials say 337 people in the county die from heroin overdoses in a five-year period. in 2015, surfer county had the highest number of treatments of the heroin overdose treatment naxolone. 234 lives were saved, but investigators say it highlights a growing problem. >> ladies and gentlemen, if that doesn't spell
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we need to do something. >> the bronx had the second highest number of heroin deaths. 216 deaths over the same period. queens had 174, while manhattan had 56. nassau county with 128 deaths. one lawmaker wants to make sure patients are educated about options when having an indoss camacho pee. that's the procedure that june rivers was undergoing when she experienced complications that led to her death. the reform act introduced today by new york assembly man david would require patients to be educated about -- that includes a nasal procedure. the lawmakers say medical professionals ignore it because they do not get a full insurance reimbursement. spacex marks another milestone after it
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barge in the ocean. the aerospace country delivered the first inflatable room for astronauts. it should swell to the size of a small bedroom once filled with air. it would be attached to the space station next weekend. how about that. >> we're really going forward to the future, are we not. >> i wonder what the rent is? >> not as high as [indiscernible]. >> okay. >> that joke is getting old. >> yes. >> true. today, i would pay -- happily pay for another day. >> okay. we're still 10 degrees below average. there's baby steps and growing pains in the form of rainfall which we'll get in parts of the area late tonight into the day tomorrow. just spotty showers. i don't think we get a soaking rain around here until tuesday. a live look off to the south towards the empire state building. 49 right now. that's our high on the day. low humidity at 23 %. look at the wind coming in from
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up to 22 miles-per-hour. a little gusty out there at times. still, 10 degrees below average for this time of year. this morning, getting down to 31. not too far from that record, but not quite clinching it of 28. that was setback in 1997. so there could be a spotty shower late tonight and during the day tomorrow, especially north and west of the city. probably just spotty in and around the city, north and west, it could be steadier batch of rain tomorrow. afternoon sun tomorrow, could get highs to near normal. upper 50s and that steady soaking rain coming into the picture on tuesday. 50 in teeter bar. new york is your warmer spots in the region. temperatures 52 at tom's river. 50 at brook. 43 in the high er elevations up towards monticello. mid-40s on the islands and mid-40s in connecticut. high clouds increasing west of new york city. parts of pennsylvania, up state new york.
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that's going to be arking through the area. they'll be a couple of showers around. here's our future cast overnight tonight, you see by 7:00 in the morning, so after midnight between midnight and 7:00 in the morning, some showers between north and west of new york city. rain showers, i might add because temperatures are going to be above freezing everywhere. during the day tomorrow, just maybe a spotty shower north and west. we could see a break or two of sunshine, and that propel temperatures up to near of 0 south -- near 60 north and west. as their moisture grabbed from the gulf of moisture, they'll be a good amount of rainfall. right around sunrise, heavy rain entering western parts of new jersey and over spreading the entire region into the morning and mid-day hours on tuesday. here's your accu weather forecast. shower in spots towards dawn. a better
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new york city. 41, it does become breezy out there. a shower in a few places. 58 degrees. the best shot of showers during the day tomorrow north and west of the city, and if we see a break or two of sunshine during the afternoon, some spots could hit the 60-degree mark. mostly cloudy. another shower entering the area late tomorrow night. we're down to 52. here's your 7-day forecast. periods of soaking rain developing on tuesday. an early high of 54. temperatures might fall by later on in the day. remaining cloudy, but dry on wednesday. 56. late in the week , there's question marks. thursday right now looking good. upper 50s. it's going to be more clouds around on friday. 55 and there's the remote possibility of getting rain in here friday into saturday. that would be what that little coat off low pressure coming in from the atlantic ocean. it always has to be a fly
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we'll detail the late night shenanigans coming up the next half hour. >> all right. the hockey playoffs around the corner, and we have two teams in our area chasing the stanley cup. >> we want to see who the rangers and islanders will play in the first round. gray steps into the news sports light to fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we are a 100% fiber optic network... and fiber optics move at the speed of light. over the last 10 years, our cable competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more.
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it's the final day of the regular season in the nhl, but we are still waiting to see who the rangers and islanders will play in the first round of the playoffs. >> this evening, adam gray joins laura banker in the sports spotlight to break it all down. >>reporter: here we go again, the nhl playoffs begin this week once again. the rangers will be looking to make a deep run, but it starts differently for the blue shirts this time around. they're going to open up on the road. so let's get down to business and break everything down. we have rangers legend adam graves joining us in today's sports light. always a pleasure to have you. >> always this team of year. it's a pleasure to see you. >> this is the best time for hockey fans. it's different for the rangers and the fans. first two games are going to be on
5:20 pm
what do you think this will be like for a team that's kind of used to maybe being in the driver's seat as they head in. >> it's hard to believe this ranger team has 101 points finish the season in most calendar season, you would think is unbelievable. there's -- they play well away from home and they're a season bunch. i don't think it's going to make a difference. whoever you play, it's going to be a tough round anyway. >> this is a tough time of year no matter what in terms of health. no one is really that healthy this time of year. the rangers facing some potential big losses at least to start. ryan is likely starting the postseason on the bench. just how much is this going to effect the rangers as they have to turn to young guys to step up. >> certainly it's never easy when you take the heart and soul out of your line up and when you talk about ryan m cdune and the way he plays and the type of player he is. he's the top defensive man. you're
5:21 pm
brian is a special player. he'll be missed, but this team is a special team. >> they wrapped up yesterday with the regular season. right now, they're waiting. it depends on what happens with the islanders tonight. how tough is that for a team at this point. is it going to be pittsburgh or florida? right now it could be either. >> we'll tell you what, either way you slice it, two excellent teams. you talk - it has been a break out season and we talk about pittsburgh led by sidney crosby. the second half of the season, he's been the hardest player in the national league. what they say, be careful who you wish for. whoever the rangers play, they're going to be ready to play. to me it's about how the rangers play. it's going to be difficult no matter how they play. if they play at the top of their game, they'll beat anybody. >> fans can experience it. there isn't the hockey house like last year, but
5:22 pm
tell me what fans can expect? >> we have hudson station for viewing party for game one. we're going to have the mobile truck which is going to have a glass back and you're going to be sitting in the stands and it's going to be social media and in madison square garden. we're going to have the pregame show for the network and all the guys are going to have alumi and face painting. >> ranger fans hope it last several weeks this spring. thank you so much for being here. we appreciate it as the rangers get set on a fun time of year. >> i hope to see you later in the playoffs. >> we'll need to break things down. that will do it for now. back to you. face painting. always a good time. >> face painting for hockey players. here's something you probably didn't know. there's a special school that trains animal specialist from all over
5:23 pm
>> i did not know that. they had china's conservation research center for a month-long course. it includes cooking classes for the panda's diet. china has loaned pandas to facilities across the globe to promote research and -- the course is better equipped those facilities to care for the pandas. instagram is more than a place to post yourselfies and video. these day, the social media app launches those into stardom. >> how do you get insta instafame. we spoke with the social media stars and they share their strategies. >> i feel like i have an ascetic to my page. >> his page filled with celebrities. >> people know that it's about fashion for me.
5:24 pm
his ticket to insta fame. he started drawing kim -- kim kardashian. >> someone told me that kim was following me and i said no way. and one day she reposted my picture. >> he jumped from 3,000 to $300,000. kim hired him to do art for her website. >> when she called me, i dropped everything. >> then he got to meet her and her rapper husband kanye west. that sparks more opportunities. but influences on social media isn't of the human variety. [ music ] >> this is from ray charles nyc. >> he's sassy bulldog. >> he has been recognized on the street. >> evan who works for goggle had no idea what he
5:25 pm
but taking on a second job being his pup's paparazzi and coming up with funny captions has paid off. >> people are sending us things for our dog to wear and eat and chew on and play with. >> he was recently offered a publishing deal so soon. you can get your hands on a renae charles book. >> we've been working on photos and captions that will be exclusive to a book that will be out in the fall. >> he says for anyone who wants to use instagram as a launch pad for a career, no matter your passion -- >> the more time and energy you put into it, the bigger you can grow it. >> channel 7, eyewitness news. >> my, oh my. never knew. still ahead, police charges a new jersey man with kidnapping and murder after a fight turns deadly in elizabeth. crews force a man off a flight in new jersey because of his flight. he says it was never a problem before, so why now. community members and
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make
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i'm hillary clinton and i approvethis message. here's a look at tonight's top stories. firefighters battle smoke and flames in afternoon in westchester. the fire spread through two homes in yonkers. no one was hurt. president den shall ial hopefuls spread across the country to fight for votes. democratic runner clinton
5:29 pm
queens while rival sanders had a rally in coney island. police are investigating the death of former saints player will smith shot and killed in an apparent road rage incident. i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. police charged an elizabeth man for kidnapping and murder. >> after police found a 30-year-old man stabbed to death. valerie hoff has the details. mallory. >>reporter: joe, sandra, it happened in this parking lot behind me. investigators say a fight between two men escalated very quickly. now one of them is dead. the other is behind bars. 23-year-old gomez is charged with first-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping and a second-degree weapon's offense. >> somebody getting killed, it's like who did it and get them and to find the
5:30 pm
for murder in elizabeth. >> this is him. >> no. >> have you seen him before? >> yeah. >> the union county prosecutor's office says the police were called to the latino lounge on newport road at 4:00 saturday morning when that's where they found mario ortiz who had been stabbed in the chest. he was pronounced dead. >> it was scary. i was 20 feet away from my home. someone was laying there at 4:30 in the morning. >> the two were argues when gomez stabbed ortiz in the chest. he ordered a woman in a car and took off. on saturday afternoon, gomez was found in an apartment on marshal street a few blocks away from the crime scene. the woman was there unharmed. >> you have these unnecessary beefs and unnecessary gang members and just inside stuff that's been brewing for
5:31 pm
generations that's so lost. >> the suspect's bail is set at $1 million. it's unclear what that initial argument was over. live in elizabeth, mallory hoff, eyewitness news. secretary of state john kerry continues his visit to asia with a stop in japan for the g-7 summit. he's soaking up japanese culture as he prepares for the meeting. the meeting is held where the u.s. drops bombs. while the secretary of state will not apologize for the bombing, he will express sorrow for the 140,000 lives lost and he will share the president's vision for a nuclear-free world. big events for the duchesses of cambridge as they visit india. today, will and kate paid their respects at the sites of
5:32 pm
it's iconic -- then at night, they were back at the hotel for a charity gala attended by bollywood stars. a school security guard recorded a student inside of a restaurant. williams walked into the boy's restroom at roosevelt high school in nassau county while a 16-year-old boy was inside of a stall and video taped him. williams is accused of posting it on snap chat. prosecutors charged him with unlawful -- williams was placed on administrative leave. he got kicked off a flight because of his weight. the book store manager weighs more than 300 pounds and he says he got booted during a flight from las vegas to new york. aj ross has the story. >> it was embarrassing. >>reporter: he's had a fear
5:33 pm
experience above a united flight has taken his anxiety to new heights. after celebrating his 35-year-old birthday in vegas, he was set to return home. those took a detour after another passenger complained. >> because where i was sitting, i could hear what he was saying. he said this is a five-hour flight and he needs to be comfortable. >> weighing in at 385 pounds, he says his weight hasn't been an issue on a plane before. this wasn't his first time flying united, but the first time a supervisor appeared and asked him to leave. >> all this whole week i've been flying united, so i said i'm confused why this is happening. i had never experienced this type of discrimination. this type of -- it's just aggravated. >> in a written statement, a spokesman for united said, united requires that customers purchase a second seat if they can't sit with both armrest lowers without encroaching on their fellow
5:34 pm
he says he has no problem buying extra seat, but the policy wasn't consistent or clearly stated. >> i'm already big and growing up, you always get those big jokes and what have you. 31 years of living with myself, i know how i am. i still look good. >> although united have apologized, eric hopes no one has to go through a similar experience. >> i never wanted to inconvenience anyone. i never asked to be disrespected like this. >> errol believes that weight requirements should be on the home page of airlines at new york international. i'm aj ross. 9 people were gunned down inside of a south carolina church, a university in north carolina is honoring the victim and their families. john c smith university in charlotte north carolina honor community members at their annual arch of triumph gala. they recognized the emanuel nine.
5:35 pm
those killed say they're still learning to live without their loved ones. >> i'm processing it. i'm on the road to understanding. i'm nowhere near forgiveness. >> dylann roof, the man charged with killing all nine victims inside their own church is set to stand trial in state court in july. no date has been set for his trial in federal court. activist come together in a campaign called fair fares. the community service society and the riders alliance says those with the lowest income should get metro cards for less. those who live below the federal poverty level should be able to buy half priced metro cards. snail mail is getting cheaper. it dropped to 47 cents. it's due to an expiring surcharge to help the postal office recover billions of dollars. the
5:36 pm
they say it's estimated to lose $2 billion because of the change. sneaky thieves with good taste. coming up, an iconic art of work disappears without a trace. a long island student has a big decision after she's accepted to all ivy league schools.
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5:38 pm
if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders.
5:39 pm
we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. the fbi and inter poll are on alert after a heist involving one of handy war
5:40 pm
of war halls world famous campbell's soup cans painting was taken from an art museum in missouri. thieves broke in overnight thursday and plucked the art off the gallery's wall. the museum isn't sure how many prints were stolen or whether other artworks were taken. >> usually art is stolen especially high priced art. it's stolen by people that are in the business. >> the burglars gain intelligence as to the types of paintings that are in there, how they're going to get access into the facility and how they're going to get out. >> the wall hall piece which is a collar screen print made by the artist six years after the original work is believed to be worth more than $30,000. families and friends of haggard said their farewells. they had -- two security guards checked names off a list at the
5:41 pm
fans left flowers outside. haggard died from pneumonia on his 79th birthday. brooks took it to another level for a teenage fan living with a rare genetic disorder >> i will save my best until the river runs dry >> that's brooks singing his hit "the river" with 19-year-old nicky. he invited nicky who has -- to his concert in louisville kentucky. when she asked to sing a song with him before the show, you heard it there. he granted her wish. >> a special moment. a big accomplishment, actually a huge accomplishment for a long island student accepted in all eight ivy league schools.
5:42 pm
student about her paths of success. >>reporter: valley victorian had been accepted to every school. there's no secrets and no short cuts to academic success. >> i think the main thing that has shaped me into the individual i am now is to tenacity and persistence. >> agusta is the daughter of nigerian immigrants who instilled in her confidence and humility and respect for education. >> i was born here in america, i visited nigeria many times and my cousins don't have the same opportunities i have, so definitely whatever i do, i want to make sure it has an impact in nigeria. >> science -- science is agusta's passion. michelle flattery is her research adviser. >> is she naturally talented, yes, but she
5:43 pm
excellence. >> agusta takes construction criticism constructively. >> i have struggled with classes in the past, but what allowed me to be successful ultimately in those classes at the end in my persistent and tenacity. >> she's justifiably proud of her gpa. 101.6. >> what's the low est grade you have got? >> i don't want to mention. >> agusta received an invitation to the white house science fair. as for college, she says it's great to have choices, but she hasn't decided and she's going to thrive no matter where she goes. den burke, channel 7. congratulations to her. >> we'll be reading about her. still ahead on eyewitness news, batman and superman are no match for melissa mcarthy who proves she's the boss of the big green. --
5:44 pm
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record rainfall in las vegas turns the street into water waves. vehicles were stuck. 127 accident oz the road. authorities reported more than 40 accidents within injuries. people were stranded in their homes. fortunately water from much of the flash flooding overnight receded. >> we had some strange weather around the country this week. >> we've had strange weather around the country. it has been normalized a little bit as we head into the upcoming week. with that comes rainfall as we warm things up tomorrow and into the day tuesday.
5:48 pm
head outside right now and we look towards a beautiful shot of central park towards the ball fields there. up towards the reservoir. not a bad afternoon. still about 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. we should be in the upper 50s. we're in the upper 40s right now, but we have a lot of sunshine and we have the wind coming in gusty. coming in from the south coming in at 16. temperatures falling into the lower 40s by midnight. clouds will lower and thicken. we'll have a couple of showers moving into the area well after midnight into the morning hours. especially north and west of new york city. 51 right now in new york. 46 in laguardia airport. mid-40s on the eye island. tom's river -- the radar and satellite showing echoes moving into areas well north of the sit other.
5:49 pm
clouds will increase as this warm front moves through the area overnight tonight and there will be a couple of showers showing up well after midnight and north and west of the city. we go down to 41. 10 degrees warmer than it was last night. when we get down to 31 degrees, it's a record. north and west of the a shower or two around into the day tomorrow. it does not look like a washout by any and i included sunshine in there because we could get peeks of sun during the afternoon. 58, that will propel our temperatures up into the upper 50s. close to normal tomorrow afternoon. 62 at tom's river. that won't feel too bad even though we'll have clouds and a couple of showers around. the chilly easing, the problem is this low pressure moving towards our north will drag a front through here during the day on tuesday. with that, there's more steadier sobering period of rain. sober
5:50 pm
it looks nice for a while, now tomorrow, it's showing low pressure over the ocean backing into the coast, and that might provide us with clouds at least and possibly even some rain east of new york city by friday and maybe over spreading other parts of the region by next week. a lot of time to watch that. back here with the forecast for tonight, mostly cloudy and shower in spots towards dawn. down to 41. the best shot of getting showers north and west of new york city. cloudy and breezy and a shower in a few places. a few peeks in the sun. it's mainly cloudy and another shower showing up late tomorrow night. we're down to 52. so we'll have a time period late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening where it's not too bad. periods of soaking rain the day on tuesday. 54, still mainly cloudy on wednesday. we're in the middle 50s. looks like thursday is the best day of the week. upper 50s to 60s.
5:51 pm
clouds and it could get cloudier friday and saturday. we could have to introduce rain into the forecast by late in the week and then sunday we should try to clear things out. 65 by then. >> yeah. >> looking more april-like. >> we're appreciative. >> thank you, jeff. batman, superman have been fired from their spot to top the box office as the boss takes over the top spot. the analytics company com score estimates -- narrowly edging out batman verses superman, dawn of justice which brought in 23.4 million. third place with 14.4 million dollars. an unusual intruder on a hospital campus alludes security. surveillance camera spotted this black bear going through the garbage. security guards chased it away, but the
5:52 pm
hangout and came back, seemingly smarter than the other bear. every time crews got closer, it would slip closer to the hospital. >> my supervisor was watching the camera saying he's in this lot. he kept staying one step ahead of us. we couldn't track him. he was just move ing pretty quick. >> the bear ultimately ran off into the woods and has not been seen since. a buzzing backyard barbecue undone when it was disrupted by thousands of bees. a family just fired up the grill yesterday at their home in arizona when a speaker that ha been attached to a wall of the house fell to the ground and released all those bees. a 15-year-old boy who is training to become a firefighter used a hose to contain the bees as his family ran into the house for safety. a beekeeper was called and ultimately relocated those bees. an annual track to washington dc is well under way. gun control
5:53 pm
to the nation's capitol in honor of the 2012 sandy hook elementary school shooter. what they plan to do when they reach their destination. mexican authorities say it may take months to decide whether to extradite
5:54 pm
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
5:56 pm
riding gun control supports are on their ride from new town connecticut to washington dc. that trip is meant to honor the 20 children and 6 educator killed in the 2012 sandy hook elementary school shooting. it is also meant to call for surfer gun laws. when the team reaches washington dc, it will deliver a petition calling for congress to make it harder for those to carry concealed weapons to college campuses. >> we'll continue this fight for as long as it takes. and work just as these riders do to keep moving forward. >> the ride is expected to last four days. they make stops in new york and new jersey. a woman on the fbi's
5:57 pm
police custody in mexico. officials in mexico released this mug shot of 33-year-old brenda with her eyes blurred. she's arrested for allegedly hiring -- authorities located her by tracking cell phones belonging to her family. couch, the so called affluenza teen will make his first appearance in court. he turns 19 tomorrow and that's when his case will transfer to adult court. he's set to appear in front of a judge on the 18th. he was given probation for killing 2 people for a drunk and driving case. he and his mother disappeared and later arrested in mexico. coming up, the widening probe to officers exchanging gifts in exchange for favors. deadly road rage, a
5:58 pm
in the streets of new orleans. what we learned about the suspect.
5:59 pm
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