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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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breaking news. fire fight, multiple departments tackle a stubborn fire in yonkers. the candidates head to boardwalks. they know to lead the nation, they must win over the empire state. i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. we're going to begin with the breaking news in westchester. firefighters battling a fire at -- it broke out at 53 harriet street. the fire reached four-alarms. >> eyewitness news reporter lucy yang is at the scene in yonkers. lucy. >>reporter: well, joe and sandra, an intense four-alarm fire tore through three homes in yonkers this afternoon. it was a fiery, smoky scene here on harriet street behind me. the blaze was reported at 2:00 this afternoon and quickly took over three houses. all of the houses are described as three stories, structures
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another one is destroyed. the third suffering mostly water damage. neighbors were told to evacuate. some of them in their pajamas at the time. rescue crews worked to keep the flames from reaching more homes. we're told it started at 53 harriet street and spread to 51 and 55. the two houses on both sides. >> we got in front of the building, we had number 53. basically fully involving fire. all three stories of the building had fire. we had no civilian injury and two buildings looks like that are going to be a loss. >> the smoke coming from the second floor and then the third floor and where the burned part is over there, it started -- it was on fire. and then it spread to the second house.
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>> there was a sign -- >> officials report 53 harriet street collapsed. one of the three houses also served as a church. a few firefighters reported minor injuries today. a -- amazingly, no lives lost. those have been taken to st. peters church for help. fire crews are starting to wrap up their gear after battling this four-alarm blaze which ravage three homes, we're told, wind was a problem today, and crews will keep an eye on the smoldering building. live in yonkers, i'm lucy yank, channel 7. we're going to turn it politics. all candidates focused on delegate rich new york. front runners trump and clinton scores close to new york as does sanders. none of them, however, taking support here for granted. eyewitness news reporter
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coney island this evening. kemberly. >>reporter: sanders renascence -- it was down to business, specifically april 19th. sanders told the crowd of several hundred, he's hoping for to have the largest voter turn out in the history of democratic primaries. >> thank you brooklyn. >> from the iconic connie island boardwalk, sanders joked telling a crowd of several hundred, that he had eaten half of the hot dogs that nathan produced. during his one hour street when the brooklyn native says his campaign is experiencing a strong second half. he stress that everyone is focused on april 19th. >> i hope very much that here in new york state you're going to help lead this country toward the political revolution which we need. >> for the second sunday in a row, clinton took to the -- visiting three churches in queens. as president,
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upon obama care, focused on funding education, and taking aim at gun violence. >> people talk about big oil, sure. they are powerful. the most powerful is the gun lobby. they - they intimidate elected officials to doing that will. we can't do that. 290 people a day die from gun violence. >> ted cruz was in las vegas speak to go the coalition. he called trump's pack to secure enough delegates to clinch the gop nod quote, almost impossible. as for the republican front runner, trump was in rochester speaking about among other things, his plan to keep to mexico and china. >> we're going to start winning again, folks. we're going to win with our
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[ cheering ] >> we're going to win at the border. we're going to build the wall and people are going to respect us. we're going to have our country back. we're going to win with education. weaver going to end common core, and we are going to bring it local. we are going to win with education. we're going to repeal and replace obama care. >> republican governor john kasich took to the sunday talk shows today saying he tends to take his run all the way to the convention. >> frankly if we get blown out in the fall, which i think we would with cruz and trump, we could use the united states senate and lose seats from the state house to the courthouse. >> as for second clinton, tonight, she's in mayor rrow owe she's in maryland and that's april 26th. kimberly richardson, thank you. the new york state primary just ten april 19th. we invite you to stay with
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news for complete coverage. a mushrooming federal probe into possible bribes, police favors and campaign fundraising. the fbi is questioning businessmen about how the mayor raises money. but today, mayor deblazio claims he's aware. we're at city hall today. stephon. >>reporter: the mayor wanted to talk about support for clinton, but instead he found himself on defense peppered with questions about the fbi investigation touching his campaign fundraising. at the latino action center in the browns, questions about an fbi -- into the campaign options front and center. the mayor denying knowledge of any such investigation. >> i have no evidence of that fact. we have gotten no inquiry from any office and no one associated with me has gotten that inquiry. i have comment on anything
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>> the chief is looking into the fundraising tactics of the mayor's donors as a corrupt -- the donors allegedly gave gifts to cops in exchange for special treatment. jerry and jona served on -- in 2014. the mayor describing his interaction with them as limited. >> it's not a close relationship. as i said, i met them first around the time of the general election. i had known them previously. >> his wife contributed $9,000 in the mayor's 2013 campaign. he's returning that money. asked if he's unaware of an investigation, the mayor cited last months nypd shake up. four officers reassigned in the corruption probe. >> the internal probe started their investigation and they had enough investigation for the actions to be taken against the officers. that made me
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other step we had was to return the 2013 donations. >> the mayor says he agrees with the tone set by police commissioner brad -- he believes his campaign acted within the law. in city hall, cecfon. a dispute during a party in the bronx turns deadly. washington began arguing with a woman at the st. mary's -- around midnight. they say that is when the woman's 35-year-old brother stepped in and stabbed washington in the neck and stomach killing him. tonight, 35-year-old vernon is charged with murder. an accident turned violent. that's how authorities charactered a road rage that killed a will smith was killed by another driver who rear ended smith's car. police arrested the gunman at the scene.
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charged him with second-degree murder. coming up on eyewitness news, the heroin epidemic. the new numbers that shows drug's shocking toll in our area. also a crook who likes to cook. a real life ham burglar caught on camera. the us -- we have a warmup on the
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police on long island say they've taken a drug dealer off the streets. 30-year-old jason perez of brooklyn is accused of trying to sell bags heroin to an undercover detective when they met in juan ta. the task force says he had 390 bags of heroin with him. meanwhile, authorities in surfer county are warning about the high number of heroin related deaths. >> suffa county out of 62 counties is number one in heroin related overdose deaths. more than any county in new york state. >> state health officials say 337 people in the county died from heroin overdoses in a five-year period. last year, suffa county had the highest number in the street of treatments of the heroin overdose drug naxolon. 274 lives were saved. a bus checked to a violent gas station robbery
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attendant for help with their vehicle. one suspect headed into the gas station and started taking money from the register. when the attendant came back, a knife was pulled on him and the two struggled. another suspect came in and choked the attendant. a coworker called police and stopped one of the suspects from leaving. charges filed against the three men including robbery and grand larson. a so called hand burglar is on the loose. the guy followed a delivery man into a five guys in the early morning hours. he waited until the place was empty and he cooked himself two cheese burgers and treated himself to a fountain drink while he chatted on the phone. he left with bottled water. it doesn't seem like cash or anything else is missing. >> that's a new one. celebration of culture. coming up on eyewitness news, pride operate. flags, floats and hundreds
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the greek independence day march in midtown. a cool morning turns into a crisp, sunny,
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a celebration of greek independence in midtown marchers and floats with blue and avenue. it pays tribute to turkey in 1821.
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thousands of spectators enjoyed the sunny weather and the parade. great day. >> yeah. perfect day, actually, if you got to deal with the return of winder and spring. >> if you have a light jacket, you said sunny. we didn't say warm today, but we have a warmup. it comes with showers as we head into the day. steady rain by tuesday. outside, high clouds are starting to increase and this is ahead of a warm front that will pass through the area overnight tonight. temperatures right now, 47. wind coming from the south at 16. look at the high. it got up to 49 today. but don't go sell celebrating too fast. that's still 10 degrees below average for this time of year. 86 was your report back in 1992. this morning, we got within range of that record low. the record low is 28 setback in 1997. could be a spotty shower late tonight and tomorrow. especially north and west of the city. areas north and west might get a few showers just a spotty
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some afternoon sun could get highs to near normal. we're talking upper 50s by tomorrow afternoon. and then clouds rapidly move back in tomorrow night and we get steady rain on tuesday. right now, 48 in marching town. low 40s on the island. upper 40s down the jersey shore. you see the clouds increasing and rain showing up. air mass near the surface way too dry to support that. here comes rain moving from lower michigan. this will traverse areas west of the city. as indicated, so big midnight, 43 in the city and -- it's the wee areas of tomorrow we get showers north and west of new york city. right through the early daylight hours of tomorrow and then during the afternoon, we might see a few breaks of sunshine. and that can get our temperatures up to 57. how about temperatures near 60
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by tuesday morning, a front approaches from the west. this is connected to moisture all the way down to the gulf of mexico, so there's a slug of rainfall that will move through here starting around day break on tuesday and continuing right into at least the early part of tuesday afternoon. and then late week, we have to watch something. there could be a low pressure system out of the ocean trying to back in toward the coast and with that, at least some cloud cover and perhaps even some rain in the area for friday into saturday. that was a forecast that looked pretty good yesterday. so things have changed a little bit. accu weather forecast for tonight, mostly cloudy with showers towards dawn and north and west of the city. we're down to 41. cloudy and breezy tomorrow. showers in a couple of spots north and west and especially during the morning. during the afternoon, we could see a few peeks of sunshine. that can get our temperatures in the upper 50s. mostly cloudy tomorrow night and showers showing up late with the next front moving in.
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evolves to a steady or soaking rain on tuesday. 54 and it remains cloudy on wednesday. 56. best day of the week looks to be thursday. it's a mix of clouds and sun. it could be cloudier. 58. it does get cloud ier by friday into saturday with that offshore storm, maybe getting too close to shore for comfort. and with that, perhaps even some rainfall. we'll have an update with new information coming in at 11:00 tonight. >> thank you, jeff. laura, thank you. up next with sports. >> the baseball season one week old. the mets have a pitcher who is going to miss a scheduled start. we'll have the latest. finally flashing some of the power, but was it enough to top the phillies this afternoon? and they've been celebrating since tuesday night, but today the national
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks,
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and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. it was a good year the last time the mets wore those uniforms 30 years ago. >> that was then. this is now. with just one week in the books, this baseball season is young. the mets are being careful with -- he missed the game with tightness -- the mets optimistic. he will not have to go on the disabled list. >> i talked to him this morning.
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it's not where we need to have it. we decided to skip him. we're going to hopefully get through today with matt getting deep in the game to where we don't have to use a lot of bullpen. >> matt harvey and the mes in a rubber game against the -- this is the 6th evening. going long, two-run jack. bottom, the mets will cut in. three strikeouts last night, but he hits his first jack to make it a 3-2 game. the gap widens in the 9th. he came under blanco. the mets couldn't recover. 5-2 is your final. mets are 2 and 3 of the season. it has been a rough opening evening for baseball but especially for yank the yankees-- why was this one postponed? here's your answer.
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cold and unseasonable as it seems in our area. it could be worse. they were getting snow all morning. the make this up in appropriate weather. tiger woods may not have hit the masters, but spieth was trying to do his best wood's impression as the -- since the first time -- here's where he stands in the final rounds. spieth had a rough couple of rounds. a couple of holes. he had a draw -- he had a quadruple birdie. the season wrapping up tonight with a pair of games and one has major implications for local teens. the island are hosting the flyers and the rangers will be eagerly watching. the islanders trail the blue shirts. with a win tonight, they would leap frog the rangers for the
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rangers to florida. if philly wins, it's the -- the jets made their trade for ryan official today while giants were active. signing a linebacker. kelvin tweeting he'll join big blue becoming the second defensive player head -- a five-year veteran, sheppard has a career high of 105. he spent time in the colts and the bills. the end is almost here above the knicks. the seasons are winding down. brooklyn is at indiana with two games to play after that, while the knicks are playing the raptures in new york's final home game. they have one road game remaining. the knicks will be without chris. he's missed six straight with a shoulder strain and since the team has nothing to play for, he'll likely miss the season finale on wednesday. all eyes will be on san antonio tonight where the
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season wins mark. this game is the biggest hurtle because the spurs are perfect at hold. golden state can't afford another loss. they have 71 wins with 2 games to play. so they need victories in both to set the record for 73-9. if a team deserves a victory parade, it's the connecticut women's basketball team. the national championships were celebrated in downtown hartford after the huskies captured that unprecedented fourth straight national title and they defeated syracuse on tuesday night. 20,000 fans were there to cheer on. some camped out as early as 7:00 a.m. to get a prime spot. most seniors don't know what it's not like to win a championship. awesome. >> they break thing s down. >> they do. just schedule it for next year. >> thank you, laura.
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