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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  April 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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fill the streets causing problems in mid town. police are closing streets after a water main and steam pipe leak sent thick vapor over mid town. the big problems, it was centered at 58th near 6th and seventh avenue. >> and you can see it all, what's left, a big mess, and crews are still working to try and get everything back to normal. kemberly richardson is on the ground with the details. >> reporter: folks here say they had no idea what was going on. this is 58th street between 6th and seventh looking west. 6th avenue has re-opened. all the soot covering the trucks is from this incident that officials say started
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>> it was like that high, 7 stories high. >> reporter: people here at west 58th and 7th were track. >> reporter: rocks? >> yes, it was really bad. >> reporter: there were chaotic moments after there was a break in the water main and sent a plume of thick, white steam up above 58th street. >> there was a huge cloud of white smoke and i got like a waxy substance on my glasses, and it was hard to clean off. i got it all over my coat. >> reporter: firefighters were considering evacuating some of the buildings in the area. but still, they didn't know what was going on. >> there was no steam pipe explosion. as you can see, it would be a
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with high pressure steam in the street here in manhattan and water that might surround the pipe and not compromise it. it would create a small steam condition which it did. >> reporter: that's 58th looking west between 6 and 7, and 6th avenue is open to traffic but that block of 58th street is closed. the concern is buckling in the roadway, and again, the officials want to stress that even though people say it sounded and felt like an explosion, it wasn't. no one was hurt and it's not clear what caused that initial break in 58th street. >> thank you very much. and we are following a developing story where fire ripped through a home. scene in hillcrest. you can see how much damage was left behind.
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house at the time. 1 of them was injured. it took more than 50 firefighters from four flames. a woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution. her adult son suffered burns to his face and hands. new a police are continuing rutger's student, 21-year-old shani patel who was shot and killed overnight in newark and another person was also shot. toni yates is live with more. >> reporter: good afternoon. it was in an upstairs apartment in the building where the shooting took place. police are investigating and followed a few leads including finding a weapon that might have been used. take a look at this video, a gun found a block away off halsey street. police have not confirmed that
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21-year-old shani patel was shot around 9:56 last night and his 22-year-old roommate who also graduated in rutgers was shot and survived and is being treated at university hospital. sources are telling eyewitness news that marijuana and cocaine were being sold out of the apartment that the two victims shared. so this may have been a robbery for drugs, money, or both. police have not confirmed that but say two men were seen running from the area and one of them had no shirt on, running down hallsy street in the direction where the gun was pound. no confirmation that it was the gun that was used. most of the restaurants in that area that time of the night are closed. police are looking for any cameras that may have captured the shootage from that.
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also in new jersey, the work week is off for a rough start for commuter who is rely on new jersey transit. a problem with the overhead wires cut off power to one of the tracks and caused massive delays. this was the scene in east orange at 9:00 this morning. commuters were ushered off the train and on to waiting buses. mayor deblasio can expect more questions about the fund raising corruption investigation. they are looking into the mayor and two top donors. four high-ranking officers have been reassigned, and the mayor told myself over the weekend that she unaware any of federal inquiry. he will talk at a news conference later today on the topic. now in the race for the white house, most of the
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ahead of the primary next week. bernie sanders is visiting three cities in upstate and western new york. this is from binghamton. ted cruz, however s not in new york but his wife is making three stops stephanie ramos has more. >> reporter: sandra, you said it. many of the candidates are in new york today and trump is back on the campaign trail after ted cruz swoop inside and took his delegates.
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will be the highest vote total that donald trump receives and we will win the next delegation. >> reporter: trump, sounded like he was comparing presidential candidate bernie sanders's fight to his own. >> every time i turn on your show, bernie wins. bernie wins. bernie wins. it's a rigged system. it's a rigged system. >> reporter: trump taking on the media, going after the boston globe. >> this whole front page is a make believe source which is really no different for the whole paper for the whole thing. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton has trump starring in her latest ad airing in new york this week. >> she's the one tough enough to stop trump. >> reporter: but sanders is
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help in new york. a new poll shows that americans trust hillary clinton over trump, and when asked which would be the candidate to make america great, trump's tag line, they went with clinton. david and sandra, back to you. >> thank you, stephanie. goldman sachs reached a $5 billion settlement with the justice department for the role in the economic disaster. the deal will end the investigation of the mortgage that is led to the housing market collapse. goldman sachs will pay $2.4 as a civil penalty and $1.8 billion for homeowners.
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and killing an iona student will be in court today, accused of opening fire in lincoln park on april 5. 18-year-old brandon lawrence was fatally wounded. police say he was hit by a bullet intended for someone else. he is held without bail. a school security guard is set to appear in court after police say that he recorded a student in the restroom. police say that 24-year-old daniel williams walked into the boy's restroom and videotaped a 16-year-old in the stall and posting it on snap chap. he was charged with unlawful surveillance and endangering the welfare of a child. investigators looking into what caused a plane crash that zeroed two people on long island. shortly after takeoff, the
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tried to circle back when it dropped, hitting trees and a utility pole and crashed on to third street before bursting into flames. >> it didn't hit the utility lines and trees in the road, that's nothing short of a miracle. both occupants of the plane are alive, also a miracle. >> the pilot and apparently were airlifted to stoney brook university medical have and both are expected to recover. the police department and aviation administration are both investigating. if you take a look outside the window, it's 55 degrees and you can see the clouds and wonder when will the sun return, bill? maybe a little later a peek
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it's 54 on long island and rain for tomorrow, and then a warm up on the way for the rest of the week. more on that coming up in just a moment. don't go away. a new report, what's in your water? disturbing levels of lead throughout new york state.
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a new report shows at least once in the last three careers career -- years as many as 82 public and private water
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levels of lead including 16 schools or daycares with their own water supply. lawmakers are hoping to pass legislation to test the lead level every three years. we're learning new details about the deadly terror attacks in belgium. the man in the hat, mohammed abrini, said that brussels was the back-up plan. they had planned to attack paris again but changed the location because of increased security. he is now facing charges of terrorist murder. taiwan-born flight officer edward lin is charged with spying for a foreign nation. lin was arrested 8 months ago and the case only became public to follow a hearing to
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a historic visit for secretary of state john kerry to the site of the world's first atomic bombing. he met in hiroshima with other leaders making him the highest- ranking u.s. official to physical the city since the time days of the war in world war ii. the attack killed more than 140,000 people in the first days of the attack alone. coming up on eyewitness news at noon, this thief didn't exactly crave money but broke into a burger joint after hours. >> and there is no roadside assistance here. a nasa spacecraft needs emergency help, 75 million miles away.
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uh, houston, we got a problem. nasa's kepler spacecraft went into emergency mode 75 million miles away last week. >> oops. >> yep. the spacecraft has been responsible for detecting 5000 planets outside the milky way and is operating in emergency mode meaning just the basics are up and running. [laughter] with that distance, you just can't go up and put a wrench to it.
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they can. >> that's a planet-seeking rocket? and needs its own seeking. [laughter] >> i would say. a little triple triple a for space? >> triple a for space, i want in on that when you come up with it. >> we're in. >> and we're happy because there is some sunment. sun -- sun. yeah. the sun breaking out and there is still a couple more showers off to the north and here at noon time, we are looking at a view downtown. past 1 world trade. lady liberty looks a little gloomy. the southwest winds will help break up the clouds, pressure is still falling but it's above 30.00, fair weather mark. and we will get close to 60 today and we might have a nice sunset coming up at 7:30.
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with highs near 60 and then soaking rain for tomorrow. 51 around white plains and 54 at la guardia and 52 in new earthquake -- newark, and down shore, breaks of sun and it's 6, 61 degrees and a southerly wind is helping things with the winds at 20 miles per hour and you can see the sunny breaks down south and more of those in the afternoon and still a passing shower north but this area of rain back here in the ohio valley, indiana and illinois, that's it tomorrow for the shower. and we'll look at 60, 61 from toms river into bellemare. and then after midnight, showers and rain in the morning commute tomorrow and lunchtime into the afternoon and after school, showers out and the sun is out late in the day tomorrow and it should be pretty nice.
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breezy, a shower or two off to the north and cloudy tonight and a few showers mostly after midnight to the west and will come in early tomorrow morning, cloudy and rain at times tomorrow, 57, and here is the accu-weather 7-day forecast, sunshine returns on wednesday, and that's going to feel nice, 58 and 60 on thursday and 60 for saturday and 67 on sunday, and a taste back in the 70s, a taste of >> i'll have a lemonade, thank you. thinking of the summer. >> all right. thank you. still ahead on the noon, a man accused of fatally the shooting a former new orleans saints player in a road rain
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caught on camera, a goalie who went a little too far to defend her goal. of it all happened in north carolina at a high school game. you can see one player makes her way down the field but the goalie was not having it and runs towards the other player, lunges, and tackles the girl. after the initial shock, the player got up and is not
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the goalie will have to sit out two games and the goalie's team lost. a goat gets into a starbucks in california, and it sounds like a joke, right? but police came in and apprehend today. that alone makes news. the goat was taken to the local animal center until the owner came and picked him up. police in washington, d.c. are looking for a burglar with an appetite for crime. the suspect was in a five guys restaurant firing up a grill and toasting up the buns and cooked two cheeseburgers talking on the phone. talk about making yourself at home. the meal must have made the guy thirsty because he stole a bottle of water on the way out. as grand ma navarro would say, he has some nerve. >> breaking and entering works up an appetite.
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throwing its hat into the ride sharing ring and will offer a service in seattle allowing drivers to rent luxury vehicles. tell then expand to a taxi-like pickup service popularized by uber. gas prices are now up to $2.10 for regular. gas station owners are passing on the wholesale prices to consumers. $1.89 is the lowest in the area. just ahead on eyewitness news at noon, a former employee at a connecticut hospital faces sexual assault charges after an investigation reveals he may have taken advantage of patients. and bruce springsteen's concert cancellation may have been just
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the battle over north carolina's bathroom law intensifies, and a company fires a worker because he didn't have a high school diploma after several years of service, but hundreds of people are helping him to fight for his job. eyewitness news is coming
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midday new york state lottery if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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our top story this afternoon a watermain break leads to a steam leak in mid town manhattan. 58th street at 6th and 7 is shut down. there were luckily no injuries. and a student killed in his off-campus environment. his room made all shot. drugs may have been sold at that apartment. no one is in custody at this point. most of the presidential candidates are in new york, hillary clinton, donald trump, and ted cruz's wife is in long
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all new this half hour, the emergency manager arrested. >> he is accused of assaulting four male patients at bridgeport hospital and taking photos of at least a dozen other patients at the nursing school. tim? >> reporter: sandra, this is a developing story this noon hour at bridgeport, the arrest of the ems coordinator that you pointed out here at the bridgeport hospital nursing school and shocking new details on what police have discovered. bridgeport police have arrested and accused a 62-year-old of sexual assault. he was an ems accord mater and teacher here at the bridgeport hospital school of nursing and came under investigation after a victim claims that barkinski allegedly examined a patient's
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no 1 answered the door here at his apartment where police confirm they found 200 other pictures and videos. bridgeport hospital officials said they were aware of the investigation back in december. and barzinski 2 did not work inpatient care areas is no longer employed there saying it's an inexcusable violation of trust. the suspect will be arraigned on charges april 19th. reporting live in bridgeport, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have learned that a serial robber on long island threatened a woman with a knife last night and got away with
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register in the business. he is suspected in 8 other robberies. police combed the scene for clues outside the jefferson houses in east harlem where a 19-year-old was slashed after 10:30 last night. now, investigators say two men approached the victim, attacked him and ran off. the teen was taken to the hospital and expected to recover. police announced the arrest of a/ing of a tourist in the subway last week. 24-year-old marvin taylor was taken into custody yesterday, accused of slashing a man from taylor is also charged with robbery, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon. a former pro football player gunned down on the street and the reason why remains a history. of it happened over the weekend, and now, questions about a possible link between the victim and the suspect. abc's elizabeth hur has more.
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stunned and saddened by the loss of former new orleans saints player will smith continues to pay tribute, calling his death a huge loss to the city. >> we're a community. we're a family. >> made us feel so good after katrina. it was the super bowl. >> reporter: smith, considered one of the best defensive ends in the nfl helped the saints win its only super bowl in 2010 and on saturday, the 34-year- old was shot and killed. >> i heard pop, pop, pop issue pop. >> reporter: according to police, 28-year-old cardell hayes killed smith in a road rage incident after he bumped his hummer into smith's mercedes suv. what started with an argument allegedly ended with hayes opening fire killing smith and injuring his wife. >> we do not have any they knew one another. >> reporter: but they have an outside connection.
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wrongful death lawsuit against the city over the 2005 police shooting death of his father. one of the officers named in the suit had dinner with smith the night of the shooting as seen in this picture posted by wwl-tv. hayes's attorney is denying revenge was a factor maintaining that hayes was not the aggressivor. and - - aggressor. smith was voted into the hall of payment just last month. >>thank you, elizabeth. overnight closures on the george washington bridge begin tonight. the port authority said that the new york bound lower-level lanes will be closed for repair and repaving. beginning tonight and for the rest of the week, the lanes will close at 9:00 p.m. and re-open the next morning. >> got all that? >> check our website for any questions.
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meteorologist bill evans with the after school accu-weather forecast. after school on the school bus or the cross town bus towards liveningon center and beyond, a couple of showers to the north, and it looks like we'll have brightening skies coming up. it looks like long island and southward, breaks of sunshine and after school, spots get a shower to the north and others, cloudy and sunny breaks and 57 and very nice and tomorrow, it will be raining up until after school time. and we'll talk about that next in the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you, bill. coming up, the fight over north carolina's controversial so-called bathroom bill. it takes another turn. >> and police on long island are looking for a woman who
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>> and a dispute over a the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine.
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and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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the school board in new jersey will vote tonight under a new transgender policy designed to protect the rights of transgender students but is facing opposition from parents and local residents. some felt they were not informed enough about it. dozens of other new jersey districts have passed identical
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and we turn to north carolina's so-called bathroom law. bruce springsteen pulled the plug on his concert there, and others are calling for the nba to move the all star game out of charlotte. >> reporter: the boss is changing everything. brows springsteen, the rock legend who stands up for heros is refunding concert tickets in protest of a north carolina law that rolls back protection for gay families and stopped transgender residents from using the bathrooms they identify with explaining on facebook that some things are more important than a rock show, and it's the strongest means i have in raising my voice in opposition of those who continue to push us backwards than forward.
12:41 pm
>> it will hurt people economically to help them morally. >> reporter: basketball hall of famer charles barkley agrees saying that the nba should move the all star game. >> i think the nba should move the game >> reporter: the game alone is worth $100 million in business. >> you get the direct impact of hotel rooms no longer booked and entertainment, canceled restaurants, and cab spending from one place to the other. >> reporter: the governor and many supporters are fighting back saying that critics were just fine with similar laws in other places. >> they are demonizing the state. >> reporter: lawmakers say they feel like they are bullied.
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concert in mississippi after that state passed a similar law that goes further. support is pouring in for a worker at a recycling have in massachusetts that reportedly got laid off from his job for not having a high school diploma. he said that his employer found him unfit for the role after he was working there for four years. there is a petition to help the father of 5 to get his job back and even the mayor is petitioning on his behalf. >> from now until the scrrt renewed, everyone here especially on the council will make sure that he continues to be a good corporate citizen and take the first step forward by reinstating his job. >> the town council is discussing whether they want to continue doing business with the recycling contractor. there is a permanent memorial in indiana for the
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campaign against cancer. a street in lauren hill's hometown has a street name head her honor, marking one year since she died. she played the season opener for her basketball team while battling cancer and raised $2 million for cancer research. >> so young and made such a difference. surprising details following the hit mini series on the o.j. simpson trial. what they are saying about the decision to make marcia clark
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police in long island try and catch a woman they say stole a donation jar from the speedway on february 22.
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-- this is it -- of the woman they are looking for and they want to talk to. donations were collected for the coney children's medical center. suffolk county police is asking anyone with information to give them a call. a new campaign has launched to make metro cars more affordable. 1 in 4 low-income new yorkers can't afford metro cars and want a new program in which people who live below the federal poverty level could buy them at half price and it could save eligible riders $700 a year. bombshell revelations about the o.j. simpson case from former los angeles da gill garcetti who said mar cia clark wasn't his choice for the lead in the case
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advice of consultants who urged her not to pick african- american women for the jury. well, let's talk golf. players and fans are reeling following an epic collapse. defending master's champion jordan spieth took a 5 shot lead into the back 9 but that's where everything changed, fell apart. this was a disasterous quadruple bogey and ended the day at 1 shot over and tied for 2nd and he had to hand over the green jacket to the winner, danny willett whose wife just had a baby and he wasn't even going to be there, and now, so many stories involved with that. >> i know. >> he was the last guy to sign up. wasn't going to do it. >> i know. i know. >> meant to be. meant to be. >> you gotta understand that to jordan spieth.
12:49 pm
he looked like he was going to run with the in fact. here you go. we have temperatures that are climbing up into the upper 50s, and we had breaks -- just a moment ago, there was a break. you can see the very top of our live shot. the sun is breaking through in that shot. for the afternoon, we'll see more of these areas where the clouds will break up a bit and looking at sunny breaks here. there you go, looking towards staten island, blue skies there and we will be seeing good sunshine now from the city south and out on the left side, that's the socrates sculpture park. we'll see the clouds and southwest winds and clouds breaking up around the wind. the humidity is very dry. the high is 50 and normal is 60, and we'll approach that
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so let's say you to tom's where it was raining and that's continue. the southerly winds keep pushing the showers up from west to east and back to the west around the ohio valley, showers and rain coming in after midnight. you can see this on the futurecast, more breaks of sun in the afternoon and tonight, we'll clear out for a time and clouds increase overnight and we'll get the showers starting west at 4:00 a.m. and rain for the morning commute tomorrow and notice the rain will plow through with the front and it almost is clearing the area by after school time tomorrow except for the far eastern end of long island. we have a couple of showers to the north and clouds and sun and breezy. tonight, cloudy, showers, but mostly after mid night and rain off and on, and in the early afternoon, 57.
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very nice spring weather. temperatures just keep rising. 60 on thursday and 64 on saturday and 67 on sunday and i was looking at next week and just throwing this out there for your consumption, it will be in the 70s next week. >> perfect. >> landed that, 10 points. everything we wanted. >> thank you. a starbucks customer in florida is upset over what he calls a rude message on the cup, health advice that department work. the customer ordered a grande white mocha. and the drink had his name but it had this message, quote, diabetes, here i come. that got the customer upset. >> well, yeah. >> the first words just automatically brought the
12:52 pm
the struggle that my sisters went through in third and fourth grade it. struck a nerve. >> he has diabetes on the family and the customer wrote a note on the cup telling them that the comment was not funny. starbucks said it's trying to offer the customer an apology and the customer wants to make sure it just does not happen again. >> tasteless, really. and here's a look at what's coming up next on the chew. hey, guys. today, we're revealing mind- blowing restaurant secrets. michael is showing you how to make a sizzling restaurant favorite at home, i'm whepping
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here's what's coming up later on eyewitness news. a car deal falls apart after an airbag recall. see what happens when 7 on your
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payment and a star of the hit broadway show "hamilton" offers advice for young actors taking the stage tonight. take a look at what's going on in your feed, the stories that get your start on social media and one of them, it used to be that social media was the place where disgruntled voters launched attacks at political leaders but florida governor rick scott just released his own video after a woman signing the job-killing program. >> who here has a great job? >> well, almost everybody except those sitting around coffee shops commanding public assistance, surfing the internet and cursing at customer who is come in. >> ouch. that's from the governor! the response comes after a former county official berated him for not doing enough to help people, and her video was viewed more than 2 million
12:57 pm
an indiana community is rallying behind a young boy after a big let down. 9-year-old gerald kept a positive outlook on life after undergoing surgeries, but his birthday party left him shaken up. his grandmother took to social media to ask for birthday cards but instead, gifts came in, and he was the center of attention. the family of another boy who has gone through the same surgeries have reached out and they are planning a date together. >> it's the example of the power of social media, and we have stories where it's to the so happy but in this case, happy birthday. maui know. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david navarro. >> i'm sandra bookman and he's bill evans.
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we're back for eyewitness news
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