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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  April 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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child. >> long island reporter, kristin thorne is there with the developing story. kristin. >> reporter: sandra and dave, skye brunetti's friend tells me she had just put her young son on the school bus and walking back with her dog when she was hit. this happened where you're seeing right now, right in front of her home, so on top of all of this, what we have right now is basically her entire family is inside that house right now. her body was just removed from the scene, so this is something the entire family has had to watch unfold. it was just after 9:00 this morning, when the 26-year-old was walking down union boulevard when this out of control car crashed into a utility pole and then into her and her dog. we're told by her brother, that her dog was killed as well. the driver of the car, taken to
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we've been seeing a number of family and friends on scene, coming to comfort her family members. what breaks her heart was in addition to losing that she leaves behind a young son. >> wonderful mother, did everything for her son. she was always there for her son. she stayed home, she did what she had to do as a parent. she was great. >> reporter: and here, you're taking a look back in east islip. you may have also seen the picture, some of the friends house. the cause of the accident still unclear. as soon as we get that information from police, we will bring it to you. live in east islip this morning, kristin thorne. also on long island, police arrested two stoney brook university basketball players on campus. they are charged with grand larceny and criminal mischief.
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was arrested last wednesday in connection with a theft on campus. right now, a sentencing hearing underway in westchester county to a father who pleaded guilty from charges from her 6- year-old daughter's death. it happened on easter of 2013. investigators say carr died after ingesting a mixture. a young man stabbed and his friend's heartbreaking struggle to try to save him. this happened at east 94th street and 3rd avenue. that's where eyewitness news reporter, darla miles joins us with details. >> reporter: the stabbing happened here between 94th and 95th on third avenue. but we're told after the stabbing happened, the victim's girlfriend ran all way up third
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put him in to rush him to the hospital. >> i live right above the building. right above third. >> did you hear or see anything last night? >> i didn't hear anything what it happened at 1:00. >> reporter: at this point, it's unclear if there was a loud argument or not. police can only say that a 22- year-old man was stabbed to death here on third avenue between east 94th and east 95th. >> i woke up pretty early, about 5:00. there was just a lot of police, a lot of sirens, a lot of everybody outside. >> reporter: nypd officers canvassed the area tuesday morning for a surveillance video. hours earlier, just after 1:00 a.m., investigators say a 22- year-old man was walking with a woman believed to be his girlfriend when he was approached by another man and stabbed multiple times in his chest. police say she ran and flagged down a cab. they made it to metropolitan hospital where she died. >> some people in the
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me that i shouldn't walk my dog late at night. i never really quite imagined this type of violence in this neighborhood. >> reporter: at this point, the name of the victim has not been released, and there's no word on any suspects. reporting live on the upper east side, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. a raging fire ripped through a home in suffolk county. by the time firefighters a arrived, flames were shooting out of the windows. the good news is there was apparently no one home at the time. no one was hurt. there's no word yet on what caused the fire. two lanes remain closed on 6th avenue in midtown at this hour, after yesterday's water main break. 58th street is also closed between 6th and 7th avenues. the utility crews are working to repair problems from that
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yesterday morning, plumes of what looked like smoke could be seen rising as high as seven stories. turning to vote 2016 now. we're just one week away from the new york primary, and a new poll shows presidential front- runners, donald trump, and hillary clinton with double- digit lead here. trump, clinten, as well as john kasich, and bernie sanders stumping across the state. >> reporter: the presidential candidates with new york ties are fighting for bragging rights in the state, as they also try to reaches a many voters as they can before next week's big vote. the countdown is on. we're just one week away from the new york primary and most of the presidential candidates are on the ground, crisscrossing the state. brooklyn born bernie sanders had a town hall this morning in rochester, new york. boasting about his new york roots. >> if there is a large voter turn out a week from today here in new york state, we're going to win here as well.
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clinton on the one year anniversary of her campaign is in new york city, talking equal pay. >> we're here to talk about this pay gap. >> reporter: overnight, clinton, going after not only her primary rival, but also her likely opponent. first, taking aim at the vermont senator, in a not so subtle attack on sanders position on gun control. >> and the state that has the highest per capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in new york come from vermont. >> reporter: to then saying donald trump is a terror recruiting tool. john kasich, in new york, laying out his game plan for victory. kasich, not naming names, but also targeting trump. >> don't let anybody, particularly a politician, tell you that america is not great. >> reporter: native new yorker,
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losing delegates over the cruz. nomination process, anti- democratic. thank you, stephanie. mayor de blasio is facing backlash about an awkward joke that he made with hillary clinton during a charity event saturday night. >> i was running on cp time. i don't like jokes like that. >> cautious politician time. >> this happened at the annual inner circle show. the mayor was responding to why he was slow to endorse clinton. his response, a play on the phrase colored people time, which is based on a racial stereotype about being late. >> it was clearly a staged show, it was a scripted show,
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the counterintuitive, and say cautious politician time. every actor involved thought it was a joke on a different convention. that was the whole idea of this. >> de blasio said people who criticized the joke just missed the point. let's turn to the weather now. we got off to a soggy start today. but meteorologist bill evans says the sun may start to break through. it's on you, bill, what can you tell us? >> let's look at the radar and see where the rain is falling. the last of the showers have left new jersey now. a couple of showers down to philly, that will be gone in a half hour. that rain will keep moving on out. temperatures are in the mid- 40s, we've got a little bit of some wind out there out of the northwest. we'll be talking more about some nice 70-degree weather ahead. just about 6 days away in your accuweather seven-day forecast. so don't go away. back to you.
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also ahead, a speeding crackdown. the new operation to catch drivers who put the pedal down.
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police are searching for a teenage girl involved in a stabbing on the c train in brooklyn. this is the girl police are looking for. investigators say she pulled out a knife last wednesday after arguing with a 13-year- old boy on the train. another teenager has been charged with stabbing the boy in the stomach.
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minnelli's ex-husband, music producer david guest has been found dead in london. the pair divorced five years later after guest accused minnelli of spousal abuse. guest was 62 years old. prosecutors in belgium say three men have been detained in brussels in connection with the terror attacks. belgium authorities have also arrested two other men accused of renting the apartment used as a hideout for the brussels accomplice. we're getting our first look at prison. he survived the attack. the centers for disease control and prevention say the virus is now in 30 states. that's more than double the amount of states where it was previously found.
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damaging than initial studies indicated. new research shows it may cause symptoms still to multiple sclerosis, including trouble with motor skills, vision and memory. president obama is marking equal payday by designating a home pivotal in the women's rights movement as a national monument. the president is at the sea wall bell house and museum on capitol hill today. he's drawing attention to the wage gap between men and women. women who hold the same positions at men still make less money. the president says the gap is even bigger for women of color. >> it's the idea that whether you're a high school teacher, business executive, or a professional soccer player, or a tennis player, your work should be equally valued and rewarded. whether you are a man or a woman.
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the belmont paul women's equality national monument. it's named after two leaders in the women's suffrage movement. alva belmont, and alvis paul. the head of human resources at facebook announced yesterday that both genders there earn the same. this comes as microsoft reports for every dollar a man makes, women make about 99.8 cents within the company. but the global gender report from the world economic forum shows the pay gap between men and women is actually worsening in the u.s. u2 front man bono will be on capitol hill testifying on violent extremism and the role helping other nations can lead to combat it. he will talk about his visit to refugee camps in kenya, jordan, and turkey earlier this month. bono will focus on the
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humanitarian aid, a long term development, and the result of reduction in extremism. a courtroom controversy. a mother kicked out for breastfeeding her baby. did the judge go too far? >> and watch as a sinkhole swallows a street. we'll show you where this crater opened up. now. get ready to say goodbye rain, and hello sunshine.
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turner and i are both ready to say, hello sun. >> what is about to happen is going to be really nice. >> are you going to snap your fingers and part the clouds? >> if i could do that -- >> i've got a list of things. >> we're going to take a look from the east, west to the east with our live camera here on the fort wayne, new jersey side. that's the last of the cloud cover that is really dark with the rain in it. it is starting to leave the city, heading off to the east. the visibility is going to get better as we go through the afternoon. we're going to be seeing a brightening of skies here. let's take a look from our camera in astoria. off on the right side of the picture, that's where you see the sky is starting to brighten a bit. that's going to be our break in the sun. we're going to be getting winds
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to 12 miles per hour, dropping this humidity, breaking up the clouds. it is going to be maybe cooler. the pressure is rising above 30.00. we may be in the mid-up toker 50s as opposed to getting to our normal high, which is 60. we're going to rebound nicely and see 60-degree weather this week. we've had .2 of an inch of rain so far. this noon rain will give way to afternoon sunshine. tonight, is certainly going to be cool, brisk, and colder. with 30 in the suburbs. there is a freeze watch that is issued for the area for tonight north of the city. north and west. so we are about six days away. let's call it five and a half from 70-degree warmth. 46 around 2:00 tomorrow. 45 around the park. 46 poughkeepsie. a little wind out of the northwest and the front itself is sliding eastward, and with a
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this is a good look at what the wind gashes look like. the wind is southwest ahead of the front. the winds behind the front will be coming out of the northwest, and that's what will dry out the atmosphere, and make it a little cooler, and crisp tonight. that's why we have this freeze watch. putnam county, northern central fairfield toward orange county, and you see it in northwest new jersey. down toward somerset and hunter. this is the last of the showers now, eastern hudson river. shelter island, here, south hampton on east toward montauk. in the beautiful lighthouse there. behind that, skies will clear out. this ridge of high pressure will side in. rainfall amounts so far, you can see a couple of tenths of an inch of rain. a quarter of an inch at bridgeport. probably going to be ire higher
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clear, brisk and cold tonight, 30, 32 in the suburbs. 40 around the five boroughs. great weather. right after that. look at thursday and friday. friday 61. saturday 64. and then just take a moment and have a moment of silence, and enjoy 72 on sunday and monday. >> i love it, i love it. >> my gardens are going to love all of this weather too. >> yeah, now is the time to plant. you want to plant the tomatoes now. planting season is underway. >> thank you, bill. moms meltdown in the middle of laguardia airport.
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a woman working at a
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because homefirst, a product of elderplan, is there... helping them with bathing, dressing and meals so they can remain safely at home. homefirst, a product of elderplan continuing the work of the four brooklyn ladies caring in so many ways. call 1-866-386-4180
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well a woman fights back against a robber, a sinkhole swallows up a street right before our eyes, and a fisherman nearly becomes the catch. just some of the stories that were caught on camera. we're going to begin with a bold decision to take on a robber as he flees a sub shop. a female employee grabs him right from behind. that's when the pair get into a violent struggle. the woman knocks the cash box from the robber's hand. it breaks open. the robber grab as fist full of
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police say two men were waiting for him inside a car. all three still on the loose. people still saying what a worker that was. a huge sinkhole in california opens up in the middle of a residential neighborhood. they posted this video of the street. giving way. it now has more than 300,000 views on facebook. police say recent rain could be to blame. and finally, a man narrowly escapes being speared by a marlin and is being reared in by fishermen. it happened off the coast of australia. bill evans is like what? the deck hand was trying to help them bring the giant fish into the boat. when you see it, a blue marlin was coming out of the water. the man twisted away just in time, and as you can see, the fish ran back into the i say fish one, fisherman zero at this point.
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i could watch that a million times. he's all right. >> he was one, lucky, quick fisherman. thanks david. taking a selfie could get a whole lot more high-tech. this is a drone in a phone. the small drone fits right inside your smartphone's case. the device has three cameras that allow for multiple shots and different angles. but you won't be perfecting yourselfy with this little drone yet, because right now it's still a prototype. just what i need. a new starbucks rewards program kicks off today and it has some customers steaming mad. the new system is based on how much customers spend, not how often they make purchases. the new program was the top request from customers, but not all. many complained it will take them longer to earn rewards. a new crackdown on the street, the new target this time? speeders. we're going to tell you where
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plus see what new video reveals about the moments before murder smith. baseball field.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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afternoon, a young mother walking her dog killed by an out of control car. it happened on union boulevard in east islip. the car careened onto the sidewalk killing skye brunetti. she leaves behind a young child. new details in a deadly stabbing on manhattan's upper east side. police have identified the victim of javier olivares. investigator says he was stabbed after an argument with another man on 94th and 95th streets. presidential front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton with double-digit leads in new york. they are stumping across the state today. hello again, i'm david navarro. >> and i'm sandra bookman. all new this half hour, a speeding crackdown in new jersey. specifically focusing on one of
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>> new jersey reporter toni yates talked with officials and joins us live along kennedy boulevard. >> reporter: yes, the message and you see it behind me, is plain and simple. speeding on this road can kill. slow down and not just during these extra patrols. slow down all the time. operation slow down save lives began today. this heightened awareness campaign is going to run through the summer months. this morning, speeding tickets were issued. patrols had radar guns trained on cars. you're supposed to be going no more than 25 miles per hour on jfk from bayonne to north bergen. a major artery that has seened major fatalities from speeding. just last month, a car going more than 70 miles per hour jumped the curb and hit them. law enforcement, local leaders have really taken the speeding problem on as something that must be stopped.
12:32 pm
i was at the scene. it was one of the most horrific scenes i've ever seen in my career. i spoke to the chief from union city right across the street was terrible. as a father you see something like that, and it breaks your heart. for those parents i couldn't through. since these fatal accidents, i -- to go over all the spots in a may be dangerous. this was one of them. we addressed it already. we're going to start from the bottom of bayonne to the top of north bergen and go over the problem spots that we need. whether it be crosswalks or lighting, or whatever it takes to make safety better. >> reporter: as of this morning at least in a north bergen union city area, more than 50 speeding tickets have already been issued. coming up later on eyewitness news, we're going to talk about
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people to slow down on jfk. police are looking for the thieve who is stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from a brooklyn bank. it happened friday night. workers at the bank didn't realize anything was wrong until yesterday morning. that's when they noticed $280,000 in cash missing prosecute the bank's vault. the suspects also target the safe deposit boxes. investigators say the suspects dropped into the bank through a hatch in the roof. street. i didn't see anything. inside job. >> they knew what they were doing. that's scary. >> police sources say there is not a single shot of the suspects on surveillance video, and whoever pulled off this
12:34 pm
parents and residents in passcat valley school district transgender policy. it was the students who pushed for the change. the school superintendent says it is the same policy adopted in several other districts. the change has its critics. >> in trying to make certain people comfortable, we're making others uncomfortable, and maybe i'm wrong. i don't go to the school. >> this says no, you don't have to leave. you don't have to go somewhere else to be yourself. you don't have to keep it in here. you can stay here. >> the board voted 6-1 to approve the policy. it also requires the school staff to address transgender students based on their gender identity. the nypd is cracking down on all all-terrain vehicles and the people who drive them recklessly down city streets. it shows riders doing tricks and weaving out of traffic on
12:35 pm
police say this kind of driving is what is fueling the crackdown and why officers are targeting staten island for illegal atv's. >> i describe this as a big problem in the sense of the danger and risk that they present. that these clowns present in terms of the pack mentality, where they have no concern for public safety at all. >> in the last two weeks along, the nypd has made 65 seizures and 12 arrests. new orleans police are reviewing video that has emerged in the death of an nfl player. what was captured on surveillance moments before smith was killed. >> reporter: this new surveillance video possibly providing some answers of what
12:36 pm
shooting death of former nfl star will smith. the video obtained by abc news shows a hummer matching the police's description of the suspect cardell hayes' video. appearing to stop suddenly, and being bumped by a car. watch as the hummer appears to pull over, the suv keeps driving and seconds later, the hummer apparently following, just blocks away, smith is shot and killed. >> everybody out there -- >> by smith? >> by someone other than mr. hayes. this was not some situation where my client hunted down mr. smith. >> reporter: his attorney claims he was not the aggressor. >> someone hit him. the person failed to pull over. my client trailed behind this person in the effort to get their license plate number.
12:37 pm
he's on the phone with 911, that's when the three accident occurs. >> reporter: police claim hayes shot smith several times in the torso in an argument. smith's wife also injured in the gunfire, screaming out in the scene is expected to recover. >> in response to the new surveillance video, police say they cannot confirm anything at this point because this is still an ongoing investigation. i'm elizabeth hurr for 7 eyewitness news. here we are looking at the upper west side here and the after school buses will be rolling here in a little while. we still have a few sprinkles and 45 degrees. these will be pushing east and out. we see that temperature driving up to 55 degrees. we are off to the races to some beautiful weather the rest of
12:38 pm
weekend, which we will talk about next in your accuweather forecast. back to you. let's talk about some extreme weather from the south from a barrage of tennis ball sized hail in texas, to a church fire in arkansas. we have new video of this storm's aftermath.
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we're following some
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that deadly stabbing on manhattan's upper east side. police now have a person in custody. he got into an argument with another man between 94th and 95th streets. one person is in custody in this case. we'll have updates throughout the day on abc 7ny. severe weather brought dangerous storms to the south. lightning strikes set off a number of fires, including this one, that destroyed a church in arkansas. softball sized hail came crashing to the ground. look at the size of that. smashing windows along the way. a man who posed as an uber driver in california and sexually assaulted his
12:42 pm
the lapd says last week, dartanian smith is accused of choking her unconscious multiple times. as officers responded, they heard her screams and shattered the suv windows. the suspect quickly got into the front seat, and drove off, pushing the victim out of the suv just blocks away. >> today we know the city, and hopefully she can rest easier knowing that that assailant behind bars. >> police are telling people who use ride apps to make sure the person is who they say they are. we are hearing from the teenager who was rescued after spending 8 hours all alone on a kayak off sea. the girl was rescued yesterday off the coast of florida. the wave of a boat nearly knocked her off her kayak. she lost her paddle, and by the
12:43 pm
family was too far away to hear her shouting for help. >> my legs were pretty numb, so it was kind of hard to walk on the boat. i like fumbled onto it as quick as i could. >> her family was panicked, searching for her. they reached out to the coast guard, eventually, the coast guard team used night vision goggles to locate her. in the end, she suffered mild hypothermia, but otherwise, okay. and has an incredible story to tell. that's a long time to be out at sea. she's lucky they were able to find her. a mother's meltdown at laguardia airport goes viral. coming up, we've got the video. >> police officer survives an ambush. but wait until you hear the
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a mother says a battle over breastfeeding her 8-month-old baby in a north carolina
12:47 pm
issuing an order against her. while she was waiting for her case for her mother to be called, she began breastfeeding her baby. five and a half minutes later, the judge snapped and threw rodas out of the courtroom. >> ma'am, you need to cover up. for you not to realize that is absolutely ridiculous. step outside and cover up right now. stand up and go right now. to nurse the child in the courtroom is absolutely inappropriate. step outside and button up. >> she stopped feeding her son and the case continued. the judge issued an order barring her from seeing her in her mom's custody for 6 months. she is appealing the decision. an emergency landing is caught on camera after a small plane reports mechanical issues. the pilot was preparing for landing at glendale airport, when the front wheel appeared to be locked.
12:48 pm
smoothly before the nose tipped down hitting the runway. no one was hurt in that landing. >> that is an amazing video. up to an airport meltdown caught on camera. an enraged mom lashing out after a flight to laguardia she says ruined her family's vacation. >> reporter: angry passengers surrounded the counter. where is their plane? >> if there's no flight just say there's no flight! >> reporter: this shows a frustrated crowd waiting for a 9:00 p.m. flight from laguardia to miami on american airlines. >> because you're all [bleep] >> reporter: the flight wouldn't end up leaving until almost 9:00 the next morning. one woman fearing she and her two children might miss a disney cruise was not going quietly.
12:49 pm
anymore, and you're all going to pay for my disney cruise! >> reporter: the jet had to divert to philadelphia. >> i've been sitting her since 8:00, with a 9-year-old waiting for her vacation. >> reporter: finally, the jet arrive, but the crews worked so many hours, that according to regulations they can't fly to miami. so everyone had to wait until the next morning. even a passenger advocate says you can't blame the airline. >> i hate to defend the airlines as a consumer advocate all the time, but when they've got airline weather related problems, it messes up their entire system. >> reporter: the flight made it to miami a little before noon the next day. disney says everybody booked on its cruise line made it, so apparently the mother and children got their vacation. high point, bill evans. weather related. >> i'm going to do that the next time your forecast isn't as promised.
12:50 pm
i don't mild. everyone else does. >> that's one of those situations where it's better to be safe than sorry. >> i think most people are sympathetic to the airline. >> i was worried to death, same thing with my daughter, she was flying to a college athletics event, and the pilot tried to land twice in that wind, had to go to another airport, and they had to drive three hours. >> i'd like to go back to blaming bill evans. let me show you what's going on here. as we look from our camera. even though our camera lens is wet, this is to wall street. you see that little line of clouds and the brightening back there. that's the blue skies that's going to be coming our way now. west. on the other side, this cloud cover will keep coming across. we're going to be looking at that sun breaking out here.
12:51 pm
45. normally 60. we've been looking at a couple of inches of rain. toward monticello, 48 around lakers. northwest wind is taking over now, and that will dry things out. that means the front is pushing eastward. the last of these rain showers is pushing across coastal connecticut. so if you're already planting a vegetable garden you might want to cover those up. you might want to bring in the plants you can. to the north and central and northern connecticut. there are the showers that we're talking about leaving. here is the sun in western jersey, and toward the catskills. the last of these showers will be gone within an hour. and everybody is going to be clearing out within a few hours. .26 of an inch of rain in bridge port where it will be 50 by 2:00. as we get to sunset, everybody is going to see a beautiful
12:52 pm
tomorrow, we're going to start with chilly numbers, but we warm up quickly. 57 this afternoon. 32 tonight in the suburbs. in the five boroughs and 56 tomorrow. a little cooler than the normal high of 60. but just hold on. look what happens as we get to the weekend. it's going to be great. we've got sunshine on saturday. 72 on monday. >> what time is the barbeque, bill? >> whenever you're ready. >> this is good weather to be out in the backyard, just enjoying it though. >> thank you, bill. we're going to right back. >> first, here's a look at what's next on the chew. >> we're whipping up last minute munchies. turning leftovers into two new
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coming up later on
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deadline is looming. whether you've already filed or started to think about next year's taxes, we have important tips on how to get your money back. and prepaid cards growing in popularity, but the terms are different with each card. "consumer reports" takes a look at the best options for you. those stories and much more starting at 4:00. right now, it's time for the feed. you know those stories that got the start on social media, are getting shared. we're going to begin with the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game like few others. you remember philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett. the crowd got something extra, a front row seat of his proposal to his girlfriend, are you kidding me? gets down on his knees. look at this, the philly phanatic can't take it. the crowd goes crazy, and by
12:57 pm
australia revealed a new design for its $5 bill, they may have to pay people to use it. this is the new $5 bit note. it is the first bill getting a resign and each bill will feature a different species of native plant or birds, but it's the bright design that has drawn mostly negative reactions on twitter. one user called it visual vomit. >> nice. >> another said it looked like monopoly money. >> the queen doesn't look happy. they've got a picture queen. >> because of the amoebas right by her face. >> all right, okay, it spins. >> yes, it does, we open. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. >> make sure you are back afternoon for eyewitness news first at 4:00. enjoy the rest of the day.
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>> see you back at 4:00. he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment.
12:59 pm
they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton.
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