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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 16, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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use #abc2020. tonight. thank you so much for watching. i'm elizabeth vargas. for david and all of us here at "20/20" saturday and abc news, have a great night and a great weekend. . breaking news another deadly earthquake, this (harold) looks like australia. (rob) i'm telling you, it's a western omelette. (jeremy) fellas! (harold) hey! what you got there? (jeremy) a new york lottery scratch-off game. you know, for fun. even here. oh, look. it's carol. (harold) that is how you get to be senior associate supervisor.
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play scratch-off games from the new york lottery. . now, new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. a man hunt underway for a suspect accused of slashing a delivery cab driver. tonight police say he may also be connected to a deadly crime at a homeless shelter. the battle for the democrat presidential nomination heating up bernie sanders focused on voters in his native brooklyn. we're going to begin however with breaking news out of south america, a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit ecuador near a sparsely populated area populated with tourists but shook buildings in the capitol.
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people were killed, the pacific tsunami warning center says waves are possible for some of the coastline there. the government urges people to move to higher ground as a precautionary measure. politics now in the race for president bernie sanders talked faith and equality in a discussion in downtown brooklyn. hillary clinton will be back in the big apple tomorrow both candidates hope to win over the undecided with the new york pry pair days away. our eyewitness news reporter is in downtown brooklyn tonight, lucy. joe and sandra with the new york state primary on tuesday right around the corner hillary clinton went to the west coast this weekend to fill up her war chest while bernie sanders flew to the vatican to meet the pope. did return in time in brooklyn heights. >> we have more people in jail than any other country on earth.
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justice, race and inequality. >> we're all as a society, when some kid gets picked up tonight for possession of marijuana will have a criminal record for his whole life and other people destroy the economy nothing happens to them. raced back after a whirlwind trip to the vatican. >> i wanted him to know howappreciative i was in raising consciousness and levels of incoming wealth and equality. >> pope francis making it quite clear he was simply being courteous. >> it is called good manners not getting mixed up in politics. if anyone thinks that greeting someone in politics think should see a psychiatrist. hillary clinton was on the west coast attending high end
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$350,000. outside. >> i am highly offended by this display of wealth, i think that it represents everything that millions of americans are complaining about, about our elections being bought. just remember, it's not enough to say what's wrong, you got to tell people what you're going to do to make it right! we don't need another diagnosis of the problem, we need solutions. >> now, both candidates will be stopping in new york city, hillary clinton scheduled to hit all five buroughs while bernie sanders has concert rallies in queens in brooklyn. channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you, lucy. stay with channel 7 for all
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morning bernie sanders will join us on eyewitness news at 9:30. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be special guests on this week with george stephanopoulos at 10 a.m.. >> our guests include hillary clinton, john kasich, and mayor deblasio and senator sanders. that's tomorrow morning at 11:00 right here on channel 7. on the republican side john kasich was the only in new york city visited a synagogue and spoke about the importance of israel. later spoke on and gave a light- hearted lesson on eating a pickle. >> when you eat a pickle, you have to put your finger up in
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>> mr. kasich also ate chicken soup. >> donald trump concentrated on other parts of the state attended rallies in syracuse and further up north in watertown at his events took aim at hillary clinton and his closest republican challenger ted cruz. >> as with senator ted cruz he appeared at the wyoming gop convention where he won delegates at state, won delegates in earlier contests which means he'll have 23 of wyoming's 29 delegates at the convention. trump only got one delegate from a county contest. new at 11:00, a three alarm fire left six families without a home in new jersey, flames broke out sortly after 6:00 on charles street, thick smoke could be seen for miles away on the garden state park way, the mayor is asking for people to
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the victims among them. they are five young girls. police are investigating what caused a gas to fall out of the 10th floor of a hotel on the upper west side, happened at the hotel on west 94th street this afternoon, police say the man fell from a 10th floor hall way window, landed on a shed at this hour he is in critical condition. investigators are trying to determine whether he fell by accident, jumped, or was pushed. a police searched for the man who unleashed a violent rampage suspect him of cutting athroat during an attempted robbery also killed a homeless man found dead in a manhattan shelter the day before, our eyewitness reporter has the story. this is the man police say maybe behind the rampage stretching from manhattan to queens 53-year-old william smith, may have had something to do with the death of a man
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30th street friday morning, then around 12:30 a.m. today, saying smith slashed a delivery cabdriver in his neck and back. the new york state federation releasing these photos of his injuries 25 stitches in total. employees at the dispatch service say smith got picked up and headed to a hotel not far away when the cab was pulling up to the destination smith tried to rob the driver and turned violent. >> i'm very nervous like my driver is not there, are they working to support their family, you know, knowing that these things are happening it is crazy. >> that cab sitting outside the precinct with its panic lights still blinking has its camera inside but unclear if it was working around the time of the assault.
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left his wallet and phone in the cab described as 5 feet 7 inches and 160 pounds with hazel eyes the attack putting delivery drivers on edge. >> i got, they hit him right here the knife and everything. >> say he's been working for him for five years, married with kids and this is the first time he was assaulted on the job he is out of surgery in stable condition but rattled. channel 7 eyewitness news. police in the bronx are searching for a suspect at a stabbing investigators say this man 31-year-old anthony got into a fight behind his apartment building in the melrose section on thursday with another man allegedly punched the 22-year-old victim in the face and stabbed him on the back and stomach, police have not found him the victim survived. new tonight a cyber attack targeting the newark police
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say a virus shut down some of their computer systems for 3 days last week. it brought access to a program used to track and analyze crime data and another to dispatch officers police say the attack didn't disrupt the delivery of emergency services and there is no indication that information was compromised. we stay in new jersey's largest city new details on the tentative deal, the mayor's office sid they agreed to pay the city $1 million a year for 10 years to operate at newark airport, also agreed to independent background checks on drivers, driver liability coverage, and a zero tolerance policy on drug and alcohol abuse. no word on when the city council will consider the agreement. a firefighters ambushes coming up two shot, one killed thought they were answering a
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. new details in the shooting of two firefighters in maryland, happened last night
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d.c. suburb of temple hills firefighters were responding to a call from a man who said his brother lived in the home but wasn't answering the door and was worried about his health. when firefighters forced entry the person inside open fire, john was killed and another firefighter is in serious but stable condition. so far, police have not charged the shooter and he's been released from custody. three people are recovering tonight after a helicopter crash near the baltimore airport and railroad tracks, while air traffic wasn't disrupted a brush fire ignited by the crash did briefly delay amtrak and local train service injuries to the pilot and two passengers are described as minor, authorities say that helicopter was flying low inspecting power lines when it went down. today pope francis
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in europe by traveling to greek island off the coast of turkey, blessing children and adults, orthodox and greek church leaders joined for the tour. they threw flowers in the water in memory of refugees who died at sea and brought 12 refugees on his plane and took them to italy. >> on the plane, the pope talked about the drawings the refugee children gave him later in rome the three syrian refugee families were welcomed, they were chosen because they had claims to seek asylum in italy, the vatican said the church will provide support for them.
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cambridge, sat and smiled for photos at the same bench where princess diana sat. arrived last weekend and went onto new deli in the national park also sent two days in the kingdom. paralyzed by a one in a million condition coming up on eyewitness news how a healthy active toddler went from running around in the morning to losing all of his mobility by the afternoon. also a stirring speech how a young girl's frank words are changing hearts and minds about autism. if you enjoy the weather today, you'll be really excited about tomorrow. eyewitness news meteorologist
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. there is a whole lot to smile about weather wise. >> i mean, they don't hear what goes on during the commercial breaks. best stretch of weather since last fall. so just looking amazing. you've been a bad boy that long. lots of coal in the stocking this past holiday season. we head outside right now check out that view down towards the southern end of central park, 48 degrees, temperatures falling off pretty rapidly this is what happens when you have a dry nice air mass in place typically at night gets kind of chilly out there, especially in
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during the afternoon and tomorrow will be no exception we're going to better these temperatures by 4 degrees tomorrow afternoon, 68 this afternoon we're looking at low 70s by sunday afternoon normal high around this time of year 62, 92 is your record back in 2002. temperatures, 49 in newark, 49 down to 44 at white plains some areas well outside of the city actually off to the south getting down into the upper 30s already at toms river. bridge port connecticuit, montauk. and cooler in new york city than the day tomorrow because of that proximity of the cooler waters in the atlantic ocean keeping temperatures in the 50s and 60s. frost advisory in effect over night areas well outside of new york city where you do fall down into the 30s you might just want to take in any tender plants or vegetation or at
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big sprawling area of high pressure in control, blocking all the storminess and keeping it from moving off to the east, that's bad news for denver colorado where they've had a foot of snow around that area, 2 to 3 feet in the mountains west of there because this storm has been stalled because of this area of high pressure eventually that storm makes in roads in here, we're talking friday and friday night the dry spell holds for the time being, tomorrow, 10 to 15 degrees above normal, low 60s so you can do the math there. cooler along the coast with that wind coming in from the north and northeast at times lows 46 in the meantime in central park a lot of 30s in the suburbs again there will be widespread frost the further outside of the city they head down to 37 at toms river around 40 at islip and bridge port.
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morristown right near the coast significantly cooler 60 in belmar, 60s on the island, the east end of the island in the upper 50s, here is your accuweather forecast, clear, 46 in midtown, closer to 40 in most of the suburbs 30s in the coldest spots where you have widespread frost in those areas clear at 7:00, temperature around 47. plenty of sunshine, a warmer afternoon than what we had today, 72 but still a little bit cooler, clear tomorrow night down to 52. here is your accuweather seven day forecast, very warm on monday, 78 degrees some areas making a run at 80 on tuesday, breezy, cooler it is also primary day here in new york state we're not looking for any weather worries with that perhaps an early morning shower in a couple of spots that would be about it as a cold front moves on by. so 65 in the afternoon 65 again on wednesday and back up into the mid-70s on thursday our next shot any widespread rain
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but still 74 degrees by then. so far i haven't heard any complaints. >> nope. hold our tongue for now. where were you for baseball's opening week? that's what we needed, the rangers may have lost game one as well as their goalies open the stanley play offs but today they got both of them back with hendrick lundquist, breaking off the offense in pittsburgh, the mets have work to do in cleveland bu make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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. a little warm to play hockey, but we'll take it. that means it is play off time. it is play off time in the nhl which means not taking a stick to the eye, can keep a player out. after sitting out the final two periods of the rangers game one loss to the penguins the king came right back in after they tried to even up the series the rangers answer rapid file style, keith to tie the game, just 18 seconds later derek passed and just like that, the rangers would take the 2-1 lead, they did not let up from there in the second j.t. miller the nice pass, that made
11:27 pm
lundquist with 29 saves and even at 1-1. we create a complete game and start from defense to offense and everybody felt the momentum shift. get a lead and you'll have to be comfortable being down a goal and up some goals it was a good response after they scored. we'll get ourselves ready for game three. for the islanders they'll debut play off hockey tomorrow night as their first round serious against the panthers shifts to brooklyn, currently tied 1-1, bounce back last night, the puck drops on game three at 8:00. the mets will be without jacob for the next three to seven days after the pitcher placed on family emergency leave as he attends to complications with his newborn son jackson. as for that team this afternoon the mets and indians continue the inner league series, got off to the right start, leading
11:28 pm
for the solo home run, matt harvey perfect into the fifth inning the rb double, there was still time for a come back. spells the three run home run to cut the lead to two at 7-5, david wright the grounder the mets fall. closer to home the yankees hosting the mariners trying to snap, carlos beltran, optimism that could happen in the third delivers the double, beltran would later homer in the game, things got away in the first, first, taking in deep for the solo home run that died the game after the mariners took the lead, nelson cruz extending that lead, extra bases with the rbi double proved to 3-2 the yankees lose fourth in a row. we have much more ahead,
11:29 pm
on with round one today and the defending champion warriors to pick up right where they left off in the regular season, mission accomplished.
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even when the deck is stacked, a new yorker will find a way to break up big banks, create millions of jobs, and rebuild america. some say it can't be done again. but another native son of new york is ready -- bernie. rebuild the middle class, make wall street banks pay their fair share, give every child a chance. new york -- it's our time again to build a future to believe in.
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. yes the warriors already won 73 games this season setting the regular season record in the process but their work some how is not done. golden state still needs 16 more wins to host a trophy. you saw it here on channel 7, the warriors and the rockets steph curry 24 points in the first half, littled in the second after tweaking his ankle clay thompson and company taking care of the rest, easily. 104-78, the warriors to a series, curry questionable for game two game one continuing tonight, led by 19, isaiah thomas the fourth, and millsap throwing on the dunk, atlanta
11:33 pm
hawks take a game one. and two seed in their game, hitting the turn around jump, that cut the lead to two, paul george would not be denied 33 points as the pacerred pulled away, taking one in toronto. play off action continueds tomorrow right here on abc and the watch abc app the cavaliers and pistons beginning their opening round series game one tip offset for 3:00. the mls season is still young the red bulls are already looking to bust out new york lost three in a row as they turn it around in snowy colorado, snapped a score, dominique scoring the big one, the game winner in the 82ed minute, new york city football club visiting a columbus organized minute in new york city leaves him all alone for
11:34 pm
2 is your final as nycfc falls jeff you told us there would be snow in denver. >> there it was. >> break out the orange ball. rescue in recovery on the other side of the world, japan in crisis following back to back earthquakes and the race to save survives. biggest hit how hamilton is divvying up the benjamins.
11:35 pm
he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton.
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. we continue to follow breaking news in ecuador, 28 people are dead, 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck is central coast caused buildings to collapse and roads to buckle at least one local airport had to shut down after it sustained severe damage, the warning center says waves are possible for some coast and residents are being urged to move to higher ground. that earthquake comes a day after two major earthquakes hit japan. the twin quakes hit less than 28 hours apart, rattling homes and knocking down buildings the full scope of the destruction is growing clearer by the moment as rescuers hold out hope they may still reach
11:38 pm
alive. the desperate efforts continue to find life under the rubble were people used to live and work. 1-2 punch in two days has staggered this region that second quake a 7.0 magnitude killing dozens injuring thousands and displaying 100,000. among them an american teacher zachary straus. >> it was really violent, everything fell down everything was breaking. escaped injury and made it to the shelter. >> the moment i thought i was going to die, a moment i thought this was it. the quakes were too quick for others as college dormitory pancaked second floor crushing the first two people were killed and others were trapped inside. this 93-year-old woman had to be cut from the ruins of her home with chain saws wasn't clear whether rescuers had reached her in time. other buildings potential death traps. hundreds of thousands are
11:39 pm
troops have been sent in to hand out food and drink, hundreds lined up here for bags of rice balls if rainfall now setting off mud slides and hampering rescued some of the stranded must be air lifted military helicopter plucking this little girl to safety. the pressing question, how many more are trapped? rescue efforts are pushing forward now time is the biggestenemy. police are looking for a man who open fire inside a brooklyn nightclub, detectives released surveillance images of the man outside the social butterfly on atlantic avenue in clinton hill. pulled out a handgun and fired two rounds in the ceiling at 3:30 this morning everyone ran out of that club, no one was hurt. police hoping someone will recognize a suspect in multiple bank robberies in manhattan. detectives say since last
11:40 pm
than $10,000 from 8 banks the latest robbery was just yesterday afternoon at the bank on broadway on the upper west side. as he usually does handed a note demanding money. the nypd calls today's cash for guns buy back in queens a success. the 105th precinct tweeted this photo of the dozens of working guns taking off the streets 89 in total including two assault weapons and 46 re-- revolvers, they were given from 25 to $200, no questions asked. >> new details now in a deadly tiger attack, the palm beach zoo was closed, staff mourning the death of a zookeeper whose work earned her the nickname the tiger whisperer, eva has the story. tonight a florida zoo remains closed after a tiger
11:41 pm
>> we will never speak with her again, her memory will live on. >> how a tiger fatally injured 38-year-old stacy working behind the scenes in a chosed area. the palm beach zoo, evacuated, many huddling in the gift shop. >> there was no public involved whatsoever the animal is not out in the open. crews waiting for the 13- year-old male tiger to be tranquilized before they could help her who was lifted to a near by hospital. >> seen here in educational talks featured on youtube was passionate about the animals co- workers calling her the tiger whisperer. >> she understood every single day she was putting her life at risk to save the lives of others. >> the tiger is recovering from the tranquilizer the zoo not commenting what will happen
11:42 pm
thesetigers left in the wild. abc news, new york. the defense department says 9 detainees at guantanamo bay are being transferred to saudia rabia, calling a quote humanitarian gesture came ahead of the kingdom next week, now 80 detainees left at guantanamo. fairway may be headed for bankruptcy by the end of may they are trying to keep most of its stores open. fairway reportedly lost millions of dollars in recent months. under a new plan the salt water damaged l train tunnel will have to hold out for years the board quietly announced yesterday that repair work will start in 2019.
11:43 pm
gallons of seawater into the tunnel in 2012, roughly 56- miles of communications and power cabling need to be replaced. the ground breaking musical hamilton enters unchartered territory once again making headlines for a profit sharing deal, have a tentative agreement that allows original broadway and off broad kay cast members to share in the profits that includes retroactive pay. lawyers are ironing out the final details. a country star speaks out about his trouble with the law coming up on eyewitness news, zach brown's regrets and revelations about a hotel room drug bust. also ahead, safety failure. a fan seriously hurt by a foul ball that soared right through a net.
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wi . country singer zach brown says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time when he was in a hotel during a drug bust police say brown was in the room last week when police arrested four people for drug possession at the four seasons hotel in palm beach. brown was not charged or arrested, he says he did not know the people who were and regrets the poor judgment that put himself in that position. >> indiana couple grappling with a living nightmare, once healthy son suddenly paralyzed 2-year-old went from an active toddler to a quadriplegic within an hour, doctors in pittsburgh diagnosed him with a rare one in a million conditions in which a virus
11:47 pm
system to attack the spinal cord. he can no longer walk or stand or sit up without help. >> i wonder what life is going to be like, two months from now, three months from now, what works today, works today, that's how we have to move forward. when he goes home next month, he'll need care around a fund. a disaster at a baseball game in florida a batter hit a foul ball that struck the woman in the stands, apparently sailed through a tiny opening in the protective netting. marci gonzalez has the story. over night a baseball fan carried out on a stretcher after struck by a foul ball stopping the game for several minutes as medics rushed to
11:48 pm
here visibly concerned for the fan's well being. >> the human side of him showing there where he was concerned. >> even walking into the stands to check on her as she was taken away. >> people are just a little more important than that game right there that woman's health is way more important than results in the game. estimated 1750 fans are hurt by run away hits and flying bats every year often in stadiums with little to no protection between the field and the stands. >> back in the seats. last year this fan stretchered off in a neck brace after a foul to the head. at fenway park last june tonya severely injured after a broken bat flew into the stands a month later stephanie struck by a foul ball. >> the fact that i got hit between the eyes kind of reflects that i couldn't have
11:49 pm
after a rash of high profile spectator issuing regulations to extend the protective netting unfortunately wasn't enough to protect this woman last night when the speeding ball went through a small opening and fired into the second row. >> the hospital spokesperson says that woman is in stable condition under going facial surgery today. marci gonzalez channel 7 eyewitness news. the stunning school speech that got lots of people talking. coming up, looking at
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. president obama is team up with nba players to talk about mentoring. >> incredible dancer, i don't know if people are going to believe you, working as an organizer. >> steph curry appears with the president in this new video promoting the my brothers keeper program, it is a spoof, yeah obviously, that shows obama mentoring curry including fixing his resume and teaching him how to shoot a basketball. promoting the mentoring life. glad to see they had their >> yeah. all right. jeff, it's been a wonderful weekend so far, you're saying
11:53 pm
now until forever. >> no, but i was just going to say, you know, might be a few people out there who might develop a little cough or a little sneeze, fit for monday as we get up near 80 degrees we head outside right now and tomorrow in the meantime is going to be in the low 70s. we have a nice really, really nice couple of days coming up. a live look towards the empire state building 48 degrees a little patch of clouds moving across the area right now, that will exit by dawn and have mainly sunny skies plenty of sunshine during the day tomorrow temperatures over night falling gradually into the mid-40s by 6:00 in the morning just with light north wind highs today got up to 68 in the park, stayed quite a bit cooler in the east end of long island, 55 was your high at montauk only up to 63 at tom's river new jersey we'll have a similar pattern tomorrow you can add a few more degrees to all these numbers by your
11:54 pm
49, 44 at white plains 46 in monticello, toms river and the further outside of the city that you head over night tonight in all directions including obviously down in the south where you're in the 30s parts of ocean county you have that possibility of getting frost and we have a frost advisory in effect through 8 a.m. through these areas well outside of new york city that means if you have any plants or flowers out doors and want them to survive might want to bring them in or cover them up over night. there is that patch of clouds moving in from the north, that will exit by dawn, 46 in the park, eventually 30s white plains lower 30s towards mont sellly, 40 at islip. in some cases during the day tomorrow if you get to the 30s, you'll be doubling those temperatures by tomorrow afternoon, 72 at poughkeepsie, 72 at central park, but again
11:55 pm
staying quite a bit cooler because of the cooling influence of the atlantic ocean. first pitch forecast as the yankees face the mariners 1:05 p.m., northeast wind coming at 5 to 10 here is your weather wellness air quality is good, uv index is high in 7 for allergy sufferers, you have to stay away from the maple the juniper and the popular because the pollen is on the high side here is your accuweather forecast, clear skies 47 plenty of sunshine during the afternoon 72, 52 for tomorrow night clear skies as we check out the seven day forecast, look at monday, 80 degrees cold front moves by tuesday perhaps a shower but cooler is 65 on that big election day for the primaries here in new york. sunny. yep. you got et. popular pollen will get you. finally the power of words.
11:56 pm
how to use them, changing minds and hearts when it comes to autism. . >> reporter: for most kids it takes courage to say i'm different kudos for this fourth grader when she said at a school assembly in three words. >> i have autism. >> i have autism. a fact about herself that the 9- year-old has decided to share five years after her mom and dad were first told the diagnosis. i am like you, she said, but i am also different. >> i sam times flap my hands when i get excited or overwhelmed, i don't always make eye contact when i should and i don't always know when someone is being serious or joking. a condition that under today's quite expansive definition of autism includes girls like her or individuals who will never speak at all
11:57 pm
people with autism have brains that work so hard and process so much so fast that they cannot even walk or talk. here is what she says she wants for all of them and herself too, to be accepted and to belong. to be air to share that with her friends and learning with her friends as she goes along i think is incredible. >> calls autism her super power this much is for sure, she is super strong and won't be surprised some day to see her soar. super girl. >> you belong, don't you worry, that is great. that's going to do it for us thanks for staying up with us. for sandra, jeff, laura with us, eyewitness news returns tomorrow morning at
11:58 pm
everyone. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. (mc news special report. reporting live from washington--reed wallace. we have unconfirmed reports that shots were fired outside president fitzgerald grant's birthday gala this evening. and early reports suggest-- what? where is the president? why is he-- i've just been told that the president has gone to james madison hospital.


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