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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with joe torres and sandra bookman, laura behnke with
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exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6. killer quake, a rising death toll from a powerful earthquake had ecuador. rescue workers are racing to save survivors. >> and sunday stomping, candidates battle for voters sport. good evening, i'm joe torres. >> and i'm sandra bookman. we begin with the race for president. here's a live look at hillary clinton's rally on staten island. she, donald trump, and bernie sanders all stumping throughout the boroughs borrowed. trump and clinton are hoping to come out as victors in tuesday's primary. sanders, he's looking for an upset. >> we have team coverage of the battle for new york. mallory hoff has more on trump's rallies today. we begin with political reporter dave evans.
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on staten island. hillary clinton began speaking about 15 minutes ago. she is talking to 2 or 300 of her supporters in a get out the vote effort on staten island before we vote on tuesday pretty 19th. the latest polling shows her about 2 points ahead of bernie sanders. today many her remarks she didn't say much about sanders but she did lambaste republicans in what she calls a divisive campaign. >> so when we have candidates running for president on the republican side who are deliberately inciting divisiveness, who are insulting whole groups of americans. when we see that, it really bothers me. >> bernie sanders is holding his own get out the vote effort right now in prospect park brooklyn. a huge crowd, we're told perhaps more than 25,000
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late this afternoon. he toured much of public housing earlier, and earlier today on eyewitness news sunday morning, sanders spoke of his biggest differences with clinton and that she -- and that is the effort to reform wall street. >> the bottom line here, the major difference that we have is can you go out and raise huge amounts of money from wall street and the most powerful special interests and we then go forward and say to the american people i'm going to take them on. i think most people don't really believe that that's the case. >> reporter: and sanders needs to pull off an upset on tuesday if he has any hope of winning the democratic nomination at the democratic convention in philadelphia this summer. this morning he told us he vows to fight on until california and new jersey vote on the final day of the democratic process june 7th. reporting live on staten island, dave evans abc7 eyewitness news. we now turn to the republican race, donald trump's visit to staten island brought
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gathered to hear the front runner speak. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff continues our coverage. she is in bloomfield this evening. mallory. >> sandra, donald trump spoke about every other candidate in this race and those here today said they were incredibly thrilled to see the man they believe is right to be president here in person. >> every american is ready for change. >> i think he's a dwis of hope for america in the -- division of hope for america. >> i love all his ideas, building the wall, the immigration the whole 9 yards. >> donald trump supporters were out in full force on staten island today. >> we know you will make america great again. >> at a news conference at the hilton garden inn in bloomfield, trump received an endorsement from the new york veteran police association. >> you people have done an unbelievable job. >> taking questions he discussed the quickly approaching new york primary. >> i love new york, and a guy like cruz you heard his
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values, and i can't imagine any new yorker voting for cruz, and he can't beat hillary. i'm going to beat hillary. >> trump reacted to losing another state convention, wyoming to ted cruz. >> it's a corrupt and crooked system where you're allowed to take delegates. look, nobody has better toys than i do. i can put them in the best plains and bring them to the best resorts anywhere in the world. it's a corrupt system. you're basically buying these people. >> next on his agenda was the lincoln day brunch at the hilton garden inn. 12,000 guests made for a packed house. they stood and cheered through the candidate's speech. >> we're going to win so much that you're going to say mr. president, please, we're winning too much, we can't take it anymore. >> at one point he was interrupted by a man in the audience who was quickly booed and escorted out by the secret service. trump started and ended his speech by encouraging the crowd to vote on tuesday.
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correct so i hope he wins please. >> trump's saying he will have the 1237 delegates he needs to take the nomination. he says there will be no need for a second ballot. live on staten island, mallory hoff channel 7 eyewitness news. >> channel 7 is your home for coverage of the new york primary. polls open this tuesday april 19th. you can get all the latest updates and information on the candidates at abc7ny ask on our mobile app. 238 people dead, more than 1500 people injured. those are the grim statistics following a powerful earthquake that rattled ecuador on saturday. tonight as rescuers continue their search for survivors, people here in our area are worried about their loved ones back home. eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim is in woodside queens tonight. >> reporter: with more than 100,000 ecuadorians living here
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ecuadorian community of any county in the united states. even though that devastating earthquake struck almost 3,000 miles away its impact is being felt here. >> with two young daughters and sisters and her family in ecuador it was a sleepless night for erica corneo. she was worried and depressed. most of all desperate. she says it was the fear that kept her up. the power was knocked out for several hours, but finally by 2 a.m. she got word her family is safe. they live just 40 minutes from the epicenter. it's not being there with her family unable to do anything for them that has her feeling helpless. corneo was one of more than 100,000 ecuadorians living in queens. the local ecuadorian newspaper in the entryway focused on the devastation.
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with more than 1500 injured. the 7.8 magnitude earthquake the strongest to hit that country in decades flattening buildings and buckling highways. rescuers now struggling to reach survivors trapped in the rubble. corneo's husband saddened to see the devastation. >> i can only help with what i can. whatever they ask for me i'll do. >> reporter: as for how you can help the ecuadorian consolate says it will make an announcement tomorrow. reporting live in woodside, cefaan kim channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. and people in japan are filing into evacuation centers fearing more aftershocks from two powerful earthquakes. 41 people have been killed, 11 people remain missing. disaster officials say some 180,000 people have been evacuated into more than 80 shelters. >> a traffic stop erupts into
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undercover officers shoot and kill a man in queens. tonight we speak exclusively to the victim's family about what happened. >> also a deadly hit and run in the hamptons, now a man hunt underway for the driver. >> and a slithering surprise, police are called to the scene when a huge snake is discovered in queens. >> and after getting over the mid-70s this afternoon, a little bit of a sea breeze is shaping up cooling off our temperature to 69. it's always nice when you see it cooling off into the upper 60s.
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i new details this evening about a traffic stop in queens that turned deadly. plain clothes officers shot and killed a man early this morning. the deadly confrontation at 116th avenue and 135th street in south ozone park, that's where eyewitness news reporter lucy yang joins us this evening. lucy. >> reporter: sandra, the crime scene unit is still out here going over the evidence. detectives still interviewing those involved trying to figure out why a father of five attending a birthday party was gunned down by officers in the middle of the night. >> this is how a family birthday party ended in south ozone park queens. 1:30 sunday morning officials report a 32-year-old man was fatally shot by four police officers. >> he and his sister was raised
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children are very young and they're going to be raised without a father. >> eyewitness news spoke exclusively to the man's uncle at the hospital who identified the deceased as 32-year-old george tillman, a married father of five from maryland, a licensed electrician here in new york for a family celebration only to be shot and killed in the street. it happened near 135th street and 116th avenue. >> i heard at least between five to seven shots. when i came outside blood curdling screams. >> police say tillman was carrying this 40 caliber gun at the time. it began with two officers in an unmarked car noticed tillman standing by an suv and allegedly holding an open bottle of alcohol. they approached. we're told he ran. they gave chase on foot. another unmarked car responded with three more officers as they closed in, they claimed tillman reached for his gun, and that's when four of the officers fired.
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coming together as a family because we're a very strong family. >> reporter: it's not clear if tillman fired any shots. the officers were not injured. again, a 32-year-old man from maryland was killed by police on the street early this morning. we're live in queens, i'm lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you lucy. police in suffolk county are looking for the suv involved in a deadly hit and run this morning. they say 64-year-old warren karstendick was hit on main street in east patchogue. the driver of a ford explorer did not stop. he died at the hospital. the blue ford explorer has noticeable front end damage on its hood and grill. the tenants of a queens apartment building got a slithering start to their sunday after a 7-foot python was found unattended in the building. that snake was found in a
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police say it was inside a cage and left near a garbage shoot. the snake was taken to the bayside animal clinic where it was picked up later by its owner. fortunately no one was injured. springing into sunshine. >> coming up on eyewitness news, lots of people out and about enjoying this beautiful sunday. what's on tap as we head into the workweek. meteorologist jeff smith has the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> first here's abc's tom yamas with a look at what's -- what's coming up on world news tonight. >> for the first time ever reported a drone possibly crashing into a passenger plane. >> plus earthquake outbreak, more than 230 dead in south america. is the big one set to hit the
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alyssa? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. all right, running 13.1 miles is no walk in the park if you will, but under blue skies and budding trees today's half marathon in central park looked quite pleasant. the slogan, women run the world. organizers say women are empowered by the camaraderie of running 13 miles together. good day for a run, too. >> yeah. >> oh, boy. i take my hat off to all of them. i'm empowered by the camaraderie of sitting on the set. >> something about the set potato right? [ laughter ] >> okay. that was my effort at giving a joke.
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>> and how about a repeat tomorrow, except tomorrow will be a few degrees tomorrow. it is going to feel just like june during the day on monday. we head out and look down towards the empire state building. we've shown you enough of central park. temperature now down to 69 a south wind coming in at 9 miles per hour. it was calm before when you have a calm wind it really allows the surface of the earth to heat things up. the air rises and cooler air replace it. it's called the sea breeze and right now. that's why our temperature has gone down 5 degrees during the past hour from that afternoon high of 74. that was after a morning low of 44, so the low was actually a degree below average but the high of course well above average with such a dry air mass in place. you'll have big range between your morning lows and afternoon highs. the record not even close to that. 96 that was set back in 2002. many places getting into the 70s today, even 78 in
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jersey got up to 80. it stayed in the mid-60s long island into southwestern connecticut, even lower 60s to mid-60s down the jersey shore. so, again, that proximity to the cooler waters of the atlantic making its presence felt in those areas. now. you have temperatures well up in the upper 70s still at poughkeepsie, 78 there, 76 at island. it will cool down so much late tonight over eastern long island, especially some of the pine barrens, some of the area with sandier soil out by say west hampton. there could be some scattered frost in those areas overnight tonight. 42 islip. between those two areas some of the really rural locations out there in eastern suffolk county getting down into the 30s overnight. 40 morristown, 41 in monticello. lower 50s in central park. look at the recovery we get tomorrow. 77.
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77 at morristown, 76 at sussex. probably upper 60s and low 70s down the shore. low 70s even on to long island during the day tomorrow, more like june on monday than april, and then we have this front moving on through late tomorrow night into very early tuesday morning. with that there could be a scattered shower, especially north and east of new york city. that would be about it. accuweather forecast for tonight clear, beautiful evening out there, and then cool again overnight outside of the city. 51 in midtown. mostly sunny, very warm tomorrow, cooler near the coast but getting up to 77 in manhattan. partly cloudy, maybe a shower late tomorrow night, especially north of the city. we're down to about 54. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. there's the potential for a lingering shower early on the big primary day early on tuesday. not quite as warm but not as warm as 68 degrees. that's room temperature. i don't think anyone's complaining about that. brilliant sunshine on wednesday. it's a mix of sun and clouds on thursday. a much better shot of showers
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still in the mid-70s and we cool into the upper 60s by next weekend. >> you are coming to work tomorrow right? >> we'll see about that. >> we like 7s. laura has 7 minutes for sports. >> not really. >> thankfully this is baseball weather. it was a beautiful day to snap out of a slump at yankee stadium. we're going to take you to the bronx, plus the second time that was the charm for steven matt who bounced back big time for the mets in cleveland this
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>> and welcome tt2watv# 1t# bt@q#70 tt2watv# 1t# "a@q3;t tt2watv# 1t# bm@q80x tt4watv# 1t#" dztq =i8 tt4watv# 1t#" entq mmx tt4watv# 1t#" gzt& tj tt4watv# 1t#" hnt& ddl tt4watv# 1t#" iztq .-4 tt4watv# 1t#" jntq
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counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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mets and mets, they go together very nicely. yes, they do. and we have a good update. emergency leave. terry collins says degrom's son jackson has improved as the some health complications. meanwhile the rest of the mets in a rubber game against the indians today, michael conforto had himself a nice day. the fist starts with a double, curtis granderson able to score. that made it 1-0 mets. later on in the inning lucas duda starting to heat up delivers his own signal. that scores two more runs. let's take you back to conforto.
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the 2nd. his second at bat smacking his second rbi double of the game. that made it 5-0. stephen mats bouncing back, he struck out nine batters in 7 scoreless innings. 6-0. today's yankees mariners game began at 2 a.m. in tokyo. that did not matter to baseball fans over there who were able to see a live broadcast of the first major league pitching matchup between two exjapanese teammates. as tanaka, and hue cue ma this afternoon at the stadium, a bit of a jam, strikes out adam lynn down 1-0. how about alex rodriguez moving to 6 in the lineup takes hue kemah deep for the 2-run blast. this will bounce out for the ground rule double. it allows jacoby ellsbury to score and the yankees go up 33- 1. after seattle tied it the
6:27 pm
that allows gardner to score the go-ahead run. there's no time for rest in the stanley cup playoffs, especially if you're the islanders or the panthers who tonight will play their third game in four days in this opening round series. this time the action will be in brooklyn as the isles host their first playoff game at barclays center. new york leaving the series tied at 1-1, both teams may be tired but there are no excuses this time of the year. >> this team plays better when we don't have a long layoff. i like our conditioning level. three games in four nights we'll be ready to go. for us it's nothing new. we played 5 and 7 down the stretch, and we're looking forward to it. i know the guys are excited about the first game here at home. >> it's better than not playing this time of the year. as for the rangers they're off before resuming their opening round series against the penguins on tuesday at madison square garden. yesterday the blue shirtings
6:28 pm
playoff performance by henrik lundquist who made 29 saves three days after suffering a scary eye injury. >> probably take it for granted at this point. obviously he stands out for us. he's our best player has been all year. obviously played like it tonight. >> the nets have themselves a new head coach. the team announced kenny atkinson is their man, atkinson spent four seasons before that as an assistant with the knicks under then head coach mike dantony. 16 teams trying to make the count as the playoffs continued today. more first round action including the cavaliers and the pistons clashing. the pistons lead by 5 at the break, kevin love leading a surge in the second half, 13 rebound as cleveland got some separation 106-101. it's the cavaliers taking game one. so far these games have been very entertaining. >> yes, playoff time is good. >> thank you laura. >> that is the news for now.
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stay tuned to abc world news coming up next. >> i'm joe torres. >> american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she.
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new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. welcome to "world news tonight." the sky. for the first time ever reported, a drone possibly crashing into a passenger plane, as the jet was landing.


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