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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  April 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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vote could have a major im-- your primary vote could have a major impact. >> a brushfire shuts down trains and the turnpike. we could see more fires like this in the coming days. >> first, breaking news this afternoon. no jail time for former new york city police officer peter liang who was just sentenced a short time ago. and good afternoon to you on this very busy tuesday afternoon. i am liz cho. >> i am david navarro. the liang sentence came down within the hour. the judge agreed with the d.a.'s recommendation not to sentence to liang to jail time. instead he sentenced him to five years probation and 800 hours of community service. liang's conviction was reduced to criminally neglect homicide, he killed akai gurley who was unarmed in 2014. today liang once again
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eyewitness news corner stefan kane joins us now. >> reporter: not only will peter liang not head to prison, but six months of house arrest that d.a. recommended is not part of his sentence and that is because the judge modified and reduced that manslaughter charge to criminally negligent homicide. the judge says there is no evidence that the defendant was aware of akai gurley's presence in that darkened stairwell that night when he fired off that shot that killed the unarmed man. d.a. thompson had recommended no jail time and six months house arrest along with five years probation. the judge called that an appropriate recommendation and given liang's background and how remorseful he is he did not find it necessary to incarcerate him, saying it would be productive for him to do additional community service. he is sentenced to 800 hours of community service with five years probation. he turned towards the gurley family and his loved ones as he delivered this statement. >> i don't have any words.
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and with respect. november 22, 2014, was devastating. i shot my gun at a person. that was the shot [ inaudible ]. the shot was accidental. i apologize to the public and to the family. i wish i could undo what happened. my life has forever changed. hopefully, it will give me a chance to recover. i have a loving wife and family supported me through the darkest point of my life. >> reporter: criminal negligent homicide is still a felony. liang's attorneys still plan to appeal. this is a long way from over. coming up on eyewitness news at 5 we will tell you what gurley's loved ones had to say in court. reporting live from brooklyn, stephane kim. >> now those large brushfires burning in new jersey. the fires are now out but they are causing problems for the
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new jersey transit trains which were suspended for some time are up and running but there are 60-minute delays between newark and new york. >> the brushfires burned in kearny and secaucus this afternoon. the area now is under a red flag warning, which means a high risk for fire because of winds and dry ground. meteorologist lee goldberg will have more on that. let's get to n.j. burkett. >> reporter: that's right. more than four hours after this fire started it is still smoldering. get a look behind me at 150 acres of scorched meadowlands. you can see the new jersey turnpike to the left. out to the east is the new jersey transit and amtrak northeast corridor line. the railroad is up and running. you can see the trains now moving through the northeast corridor. there are residual delays. at one point this afternoon rail service was suspended
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the smoke could be seen from across the hudson river from office towers in manhattan. the fire ranged out of control for -- raged out of control for nearly two hours. drivers on the turnpike gamed as the flames roared across the jersey meadowlands like a blowtorch. firefighters struggled to reach the fire in the face of stiff winds that kept fanning the flames. secaucus mayor michael ginelli says there were no injuries, but putting the fire out was a challenge. >> when we first got here the wind was the biggest obstacle we were dealing with. these types of fires put out embers. if you look around the ground, you see black embers, which land on the buildings behind us, cause the roofs to go on fire. the firefighters will be out here several hours putting out the hot spots. >> reporter: because flare up is a possibility? >> yes, through the evening. i don't think we will see any rain until maybe this weekend. so we're probably going to be
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times over the next few days. >> reporter: back now to a live picture, rail service on the northeast corridor has been restored for the evening rush hour, but passengers aboard amtrak are advised of residual delays of 30 to 45 minutes and worse on new jersey transit. as liz mentioned a moment ago, delays for the evening rush hour as high as one hour. we will have an update on the situation. more coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00 tonight. for now live in secaucus, new jersey. n.j. burkett. >> thanks. >> let's go to meteorologist lee goldberg and hear about the conditions that are ripe for brushfires. >> dave, you figure on a beautiful day we have no weather worries, right? the problem is the dryness. this is our seventh straight die day. you have abundant sunshine and gusty breeze. well above average. we are at 71 and we have gusting to 20 and some spots higher than that. our fire warning or red flag warning, same thing, will go
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8:00 this evening. humidities are low. in most cases below 30%. then you have winds at 32-mile- per-hour gusts in teterboro, 26 miles per hour at jfk and it's coming out of the northwest here. that's why we were concerned of the smoke going from kearny it jersey city. that brushfire may have dwindled, but we are ripe for some brushfire danger. notice on radar we picked up some of that smoke. the plume going off into the atlantic and no fresh areas of smoke. n.j. talked about the delays on new jersey transit. we are not seeing any delays because of the airborne smoke at the airports right now. in terms. wind speed, the wind speeds are going to continue into the early evening hours. but the humidities come up when the sun sets. that's why that red flag warning will subside at 8:00 tonight. we will let you know if we have to deal with this tomorrow. you also heard about rain down the road. we will let you know if it gets mere by the weekend. it's coming up on accuweather in a few minutes.
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>> so excited about both campaigning here in new york, voting here in new york. i love new york. >> this was just a great honor. i think it's a great honor for new york. nor is a special place. >> reporter: two candidates who call new york home got to cast you are their ballots today. >> and three others candidates are hoping hours of stumping here in the state will translate to votes. >> i spent the first 18 years of my life in apartment 2c. >> reporter: competing and competing hard in new york. >> this is like being solo, being in new york. >> it has been four decades since we have seen primary election in new york. if you are registered and haven't voted yet, you have a little less than five hours to cast your ballot. >> donald trump and hillary clinton will watch the returns tonight in manhattan. we have several reporters covering each of the campaigns. we begin with dave evans in midtown. >> reporter: i think this new york state primary much more competitive than anyone would
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hillary clinton is going to be here at the sheraton this evening, 9 or 9:30 for what she hopes is a victory party. i talked with election officials on sunday and they say they should have good results to call this race no later than 10:00 tonight. after three months of watching everyone else vote in the primaries, hillary clinton could finally vote today for herself in her hometown of chappaqua. >> i love new york, and this has been a joy during the last two weeks to be here all over the state and i hope everybody gets out to vote. >> reporter: bernie sanders was in midtown earlier. reporters asking about sanders' path to the nomination. >> then there was off to the next state voting. pennsylvania next week with a rally this afternoon. >> what this campaign is essentially about is thinking outside of the status quo.
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every day as something that has to exist decade after decade. >> reporter: sanders has won seven of the last eight primaries and clinton is determined to stop him. this afternoon clinton traveled to d.c. for a conference where she seemed to focus more on trump than sanders. >> it's not building a wall thaw get the mexican -- that you get the mexican government to pay for which, you know, somehow i don't think will ever happen. >> reporter: we talked about lot about how breaking news needs to pull off an upset if he wants to democratic nomination in philadelphia. that's because the delegate map favors hillary clinton. she is ahead by 220 delegates. if he is able to pull off that upset, everything will change here in new york. for now reporting live in midtown, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we are going to turn to sandra bookman who is at donald
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>> reporter: yeah, liz, donald trump of course expecting to win big here tonight. that big win important because it will put him one step closer to clenching the gop nomination before the convention in july. republican donald trump stopped into the central synagogue in midtown this morning to do something completely new. vote for himself. >> it was a great honor. who would have thought? this was a great honor. i think it's a great honor for new york. >> reporter: the frontrunner hoping by the end of the night he'll be able to walk away with the 95 delegates at stake here in his home state. >> it would mean a lot. >> reporter: meanwhile, fellow republicans ted cruz and john kasich are already looking forward to next week's primaries in five east coast states. kasich hits maryland tonight, while cruz is watching the new york primary results from pennsylvania. trump supporters, meanwhile, confident their vote will count towards a huge win. >> donald trump is the only
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the integrity to do it. >> reporter: now, nothing would make trump happier than it get his hands on those 95 delegates tonight. but in order to do that, to have a chance of doing that, he has to win at least more than 50% of the vote statewide. mr. trump has already scheduled a news conference at 9:00 tonight here at trump tower. live this evening in midtown, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we shall see. thank you. >> meanwhile, two special elections being held today in addition to the presidential primary. voters will select new state representatives to replace two corruption standers. dean skelos, a republican, and former assembly speaker sheldon silver, a democrat. >> back to the race for president for a moment. in the delegate process, here's how it works for the republicans. they have 95 delegates to distribute. 81 are split among the congressional districts.
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the votes, he takes all the district delegates. another 14 delegates here will be awarded to the winner of the statewide vote. the democrats, they have 291 delegates. like the republicans, they distribute some delegates through congressional districts and some through statewide vote. and some of those delegates are called super delegates. people who can vote the way they want and not necessarily the way the voters choose. hoped that cleared it up for you. again the polls are open until 9:00 tonight. we invite you to stay with eyewitness news and abc7ny through the night. we will bring you the winners and speeches and have a complete wrap up tonight at 11:00. >> a quick look at wall street right now. another good someday for stocks fueled by a rise in the price of u.s. oil. today's gains extended a lucrative winning streak that pushed the dow back above the 18,000 mark. it closed above 18,000 yesterday for the first time in nine months. here is a live look right now. the big board.
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the day at 18,035. and still to come on eyewitness news first at 4, is it art or is it obscene? a local city says one art gallery's display is just too risqui for public viewing, but that gallery owner is now fighting back. and coming up next we are going to take a look at the devastating floods that have
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>> 4:14 right now. a look at the roads and rails on this tuesday afternoon. this is the southern state parkway. look at that sun bearing down on everybody near exit 17. steady but heavy traffic in the eastbound lanes in particular on the right there. at the hudson river crossings at the outbound george washington bridge two lanes are closed for emergency construction. meanwhile, there are 20-minute delays at the inbound lincoln
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back to the brushfire. 60-minute delays between newark and new york after that brushfire suspended services this afternoon. amtrak trains have 45-minute delays. >> new information this afternoon about that fatal fire in brooklyn. investigators say careless smoking was the cause. the fdny was called to the scene on fenimore street after six last night. once they got to the fire out they found 64-year-old patricia thomas dead and another person injured. investigators say there were smoke alarms in the home but they were not operational. >> a controversial bathroom rule for transgender students. in a 2-1 ruling a panel of judges sided with the transgender student in virginia who sued the school board arguing the decision to bar him from using the boy's bathroom is discriminatory. this could have implications for a north carolina law that critics say discriminates against lbgt people.
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the u.s. will do everything it can to support ecuador as it recovers from that devastating earthquake. meanwhile, we are getting this dramatic new video. it shows a man being rescued there. he was working inside a five- hit. the building collapsed on him. he held out for 36 hours, praying that cell phone service would be restored before his phone died. he was able to call his wife and then was pulled from the wreckage shortly thereafter. >> the death toll from the torrential rains and severe flooding that swept through houston, texas has risen to at least six people. a heavy-duty truck was used to rescue elderly and other residents from an assisted living facility that is surrounded by floodwaters. a state of emergency has been declared this nine counties after nearly 18 inches of rain fell in just 24 hours. >> you see this on tv all the time and you don't think it will be you.
4:18 pm
people worked hard for what they got. now they don't have nothing. >> a lot of people jumped in to help. 100 volunteers helped to rescue a team of horses trapped by floodwaters. the horses had to spend the night swimming fighting to keep their heads above the water. they lost a bunch of the horses. i know they were keeping the horses also. a lot of devastation there. >> it's a scary situation to see set up on the weather map. it's difficult to forecast. you can forecast heavy rain in the areas. remember this happened over islip a year ago. 13 inches in the course of 24. this is what happens training pretty nasty. and then the polar opposite here. >> so dry, too. >> yes. that can be problematic. we will tell you when we have some rainfall. i have the map up with the doppler radar estimate.
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for us it's about dryness. you see central park. if the foliage isn't in, you know everything is -- the topsoil is drive. we are at 71 degrees. the humidity very low. a north wind at 8-20. and the pressure is on the rise. the high temperature today 73 degrees. here is your record. it's 92. the average high is 63. so 10 degrees above the average today. remember yesterday we were in the lower 80s. so white plains coolish feel at 65. laguardia at 68. 72 jfk. newark 73. pair of 6's in islip. more of a northwest wind. 61 monticello and 73 in toms river. but again very, very dry with these dewpoints in the 20s and 30s. it's been like that for the better part of a week. winds are gusting out of the northwest. you will notice a gusty breeze into the early evening hours. the fire weather warning will
4:20 pm
gusty breeze early. slowly diminishing. we never totally get rid of it. there is only a breeze north 6- 12, even 5-10 during the day tomorrow. should be fairly light and abundant sunshine. we have a few clouds. remember the front that came through this morning, dropped a couple of sprinkles over the hudson valley, long island, and connecticut. now a few clouds lingering over ocean county. you see low pressure here. there is the cold front to the south. it's showering here in down east maine. it's in the 40s. it's in the 80s in d.c. we are in the sweet spot with comfortable temperatures and that beautiful breeze. only problem is the dry stretch. we are eight straight dry days tomorrow with high pressure over us. the wind is lighter. still out of the north 6-12. then here comes this front from the west on thursday. clouds will be increasing later in the day. but just looking at some of the new indications with this system is that there may be a shower north and west thursday night. i think it will be the pre-dawn
4:21 pm
then off-and-on showers friday, maybe lingering to saturday morning. lows tonight cooler than last night. no patchy clouds. cooler air mass. upper 30s to the north and west. then comfortable tomorrow with temperatures in the mid 60s. clear and chilly tonight. brisk wind early. some high of 67. beautiful day. lots of sunshine and less wind. then tomorrow night clear, moonlit skies, 47 degrees. coming up at 4:30, looking at this friday map the dry streak will come to an end. there are the showers off to the west. we will time that and maybe a threat of a thundershower coming in as we go into friday afternoon. the question now is, is this rain going to hold on and dampen part of your weekend? the front looks a little slower now. we will deal with that in the seven-day forecast accuweather forecast in the next hour. >> julie and money stolen from a home in new jersey. what was really taken was so much more. we will tell you how this heist is impacting an entire group of children. >> a warning for people trying
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even when the deck is stacked, a new yorker will find a way to break up big banks, create millions of jobs, and rebuild america. some say it can't be done again. but another native son of new york is ready -- bernie. rebuild the middle class, make wall street banks pay their fair share, give every child a chance. new york -- it's our time again to build a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. co >> there is a warning about a ticket scam involving the broadway megahit hamilton. investigators busted anthony huger or allegedly using crist list to sell bogus tickets to the musical. in one case he met a couple on the upper west side and sold
4:25 pm
a month later he sold two phony tickets for $300 to a man whose wife got suspicious and called police. she set up another meeting and that's when police arrested him. >> film and tv production is on the rise in new york city. it's importance was underlined when mayor de blasio asked a very important member of his administration to make sure that it continues. >> julie mennen began the year running the city's department of consumer affairs before switching jobs in february. >> reporter: dave, liz, film and tv production here in the city was up 50% in 2015 compared to 2014, and the city's new commissioner of media and entertainment hopes this year will be even better. as the intern robert de niro is funny opposite anne hathaway as his boss. to the city of new york, this was no laughing matter. >> the move "the intern" was
4:26 pm
neighborhoods in brooklyn, supporting the deli, the dry cleaner, lumberyard. so this is really important economically. >> reporter: last year production pumped almost $9 billion into the city's economy. >> that was awesome. >> reporter: not everyone is a fan of film production, as my colleague kimberly richardson discovered when will smith was making "men in black 3". >> this has taken over the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: protests led to the removal of the star's two giant trailers. the number of complaints about filming in the city are very few. >> we want to strike a balance between community needs and production. we don't think they are mutually exclusive. >> reporter: the current mayor expanded the reach of the office. >> it cuts across all different media categories. >> reporter: which is how we came to appear before the lunch
4:27 pm
>> there is a focus on inclusion and increasing access. >> reporter: shows like hamilton have brought a new diversity to what used to be called the great white well. more needs to be done. >> we are working closely with labor on diversification. we have intern programs with the unions in theater in film, in tv. >> reporter: commissioner mennen told me she will be announcing several major initiatives this summer aimed at increasing diversity behind the cameras. an issue very much in the spotlight after complaints about the lack of diversity at this year's oscars. dave and liz. >> thanks a lot. and still to come on eyewitness news first at 4, a painting caught in the center of a legal battle. a gallery owner must remove it or face daily fines and even jail time.
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abc 7 and your tri-state dealers help you for helping to protect our churn. >> breaking news from channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news.
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officer peter liang who shot and killed akai gurley in a darkened stairwell in 2014. he was steps today 800 hours of community service and five years pro base. his conviction reduced from man manslaughter to criminal negligent homicide. they say we respectfully disagree with the judge's decision to reduce the jury's verdict and will fight to reverse it on appeal. we will hear from gurley's family coming up at five. meanwhile, to brushfires in new jersey are out but still causing problems for the commute home. there are 60--minute delays between new york and new jersey transit trains. >> the primary election. if you have not voted yet and you're registered, you still have time. doors remain open for another
4:32 pm
closing at 9:00 tonight. hillary clinton cast her ballot in chappaqua and donald trump voted in midtown today. we are starting to hear about polling problems at certain locations. we have reporters with the campaigns tonight. dave evans is at clinton's headquarters in times square. sandra bookman is at trump tower in midtown. and josh is where bernie sanders is tonight. updates through the evening. a complete wrap-up coming up on eyewitness news at 11. >> this half hour the search is on for a thief who stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and money from a home in new jersey. >> some of that money was collected on behalf after youth soccer team. the thief was caught on surveillance camera. michelle charles has the story. >> reporter: just a shame here. nothing more wholesome than youth soccer. there is also nothing more than
4:33 pm
house broken in. almost $20,000 of jewry and cash was taken including $900 earmarked for a local youth soccer team. the money was supposed to pay for referees during games. the surveillance video shows the suspect walking towards the house. in the end police say he took $12,000 in jewelry and $6,000 in cash. $900 of which was to pay for referees for a neptune, new jersey youth soccer team. >> i am hoping everybody keeps looking at this clip. i am going to keep sharing it every day. >> reporter: that is youth soccer coach chris hankins, whose home was robbed. he is offering a $1,000 reward. >> this guy needs to be caught and put behind bars before he decides to hurt another family. >> reporter: he and his wife tracy had their wedding rings and family jewelry stolen. tracy is also a soccer coach. >> wedding rings. >> reporter: was it your engagement ring? >> yes. everything i was not wearing
4:34 pm
the kids' christening crosses. >> reporter: the hope is somebody recognizes this man and calls police. >> looks like a young male. tough picture. it's kind of grainy. dark clothing. but he looks pretty casual in his approach to the house. >> reporter: the lieutenant says youth soccer teams are one of the best parts about any town. >> it's all volunteer. it's probably the most rewarding thing you do as a coach. >> reporter: meantime, the coach wants as many people as possible to watch this footage. >> i have no problem giving $1,000 cash. i want this guy off the street. i want families to feel safe at home like i want my family to look. please look and do what you can. >> reporter: now, the kids will still play. they are still going to get out there on the field. the neptune soccer association is actually working right now on a way to replace the money. but the hope here at the police station and with the association is that somebody out there sees the video and recognizes the man approaching
4:35 pm
we are live in neptune tonight. michelle charles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> new information about the man arrested for a gun scare at sunni purchase. john pierre filcher faces charges. he was spotted with a gun following a campus event on sunday night. the incident forced students to stay indoors for hours. he is not a student there. >> now to a bipartisan bill in congress that would allow survivors and families of the 9/11 terror attacks to sue saudi arabia. the saudi government is threatening to retaliate if the bill is passed. this comes as the president travels to saudi arabia for important talks. abc's stephanie ramos has the details from washington. >> reporter: a stumbling block for families of the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks. >> the white house is opposed to it. its received opposition here. >> reporter: paul ryan didn't say whether or not he agrees with bipartisan legislation to allow the families of september
4:36 pm
government for compensation, which is now illegal. >> i think we need to review it to make sure that we are not making mistakes with our allies. >> reporter: in an interview with charlie rose on cbs, president obama says if this 9/11 bill becomes law, it could affect u.s. relations. >> if we open up the possibility that individuals in the united states can routinely start suing other governments, then we are also opening up the united states to being continually sued by individuals in other countries. >> reporter: the bill pushed by senator chuck schumer and senate majority whip john cornyn would prevent saudi arabia and other countries with alleged terrorists ties from claiming sovereign immunity in a u.s. court. >> the victims of terrorism in our country should be able to seek justice from people who do fund that terrorist attack. >> reporter: 9/11 family members are also urging president obama in a letter to permit the release of 28
4:37 pm
report that many believe may have proof saudis were involved in the attacks. >> they were not complicit. >> reporter: the white house says the director of national intelligence is the one to consider those 28 pages and determine how much, if any, of those documents can be declassified. as for the 9/11 bill, if passed the white house says president obama is likely to veto. stephanie ramos for channel 7 eyewitness news. well, for the first time we are hearing from a survivor of that deadly uber shooting spree that left six people dead. tie and a carruthers says she saw the accused shooter, jason dalton, pull up to her apartment. within seconds bullets were flying as carruthers was being shot she managed to yell to her seven-year-old daughter and to the other children to run to safety. >> so many people are proud of you for being able to think in that second and tell them get
4:38 pm
>> something just told me to tell the children to run. and, you know, just being a parent you just go off those instincts. >> thanks to carruthers, all of the children escaped unharmed. she spent the last eight weeks undergoing extensive rehab and she is now finally back home. well, still to come on eyewitness news first at 4, firefighters in new jersey taking part in an unusual rescue. a dog trapped on a ledge. and you want to live longer, right? >> yeah. >> we are going to tell you
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>> firefighters saving lives. sometimes it doesn't matter if that life is a dog. skipper broke a screen and wandered out of a window. the fire department was able to extend the ladder. firefighters reached the good natured dog and were able to bring him back to safety. >> a woman wants her parents prosecuted because they did not get her treatment as a child. she was born with a hole in her heart. she says her condition could have been repaired by surgery.
4:42 pm
seek help due this their religious beliefs. they feel the medical condition could have been treated through faith and prayer. she feels they should be facing charges in their home state of idaho. >> my parents deserve to be prosecuted. it's unfair for my parents to throw me into this situation. >> well, doctors say a simple surgery when walton was younger could have prevented her hypertension. her parents now say they regret not getting her medical attention. >> the secret to living longer for woman may be living closer to nature. 12% lower death rate for women living in lush, green regions. when looking at respiratory illnesses, 34% lower and cancer 13%. the author says it could be due to higher personal activity and
4:43 pm
it looked at 100,000 women over eight years. everybody move to central park right now. well, wouldn't it be nice to take a nap? yeah. well, coming up, we have details on the so-called nap pods. >> i love these. >> at local airports. >> plus, royal visitors -the set of the latest "star wars" installment.
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brought a black bear out of hiding in connecticut. the bear climbed a tree. this is in west hartford. bringing neighbors out of hair their homes to see what's going on here. well, animal control agents were able to tranquilize the bear and it was later release neighborhood a wooded area. officials say -- oh! again, the bear is okay. that fall there. it was later released into a wooded area. but they are urging folks to lock up their garbage cans to keep curious bears from coming into your yard. again the bear is okay. >> bear's okay. >> new at four, a new way to relax before a flight. jetblue has installed four nap pods in the terminal at jfk. passengers can snooze in the pods for 20 minutes inside. they play rhythms to help relaxation. it wakes the traveler up with a combination of lights, music and vibrations.
4:47 pm
york-based company metro naps. jetblue says it's the first commercial airline to make them available to travelers. in international airports, they have some of those. >> i think you make a good point. who is cleaning the pod. >> you would like to have them clean. that's one. two, you know, let's take turns. people might move in with their jammies. >> right. and blow off the 20-minute limit. >> right. >> exactly. >> no doubt about it. >> no problem with the weather? >> no. >> it's beautiful. >> not at all. it is gorgeous. beautiful breeze. fire is a worry with this dry weather. camera bouncing a little bit in response to a gusty breeze out of the north-northwest. you see a few high clouds off to the south. we are at 71. sunny. very dry. a north wind 8-20 and the breezes will be noticeable into the early evening hours. fire weather warnings go until the early evening. that will be dropped. last night because we had some cloud cover coming in and the right wind direction, we didn't see the big drop-off in
4:48 pm
during stretch where right after sunset that chilly comes in the air quickly. that returns tonight. we will have a cool breeze. sun goes down. we drop in the 50s after 9:00. definitely be that cool feeling coming in especially with the dryness of the air. yankees stadium, lucky enough to have a ticket, 64 degrees sounds great. with the north-northwest wind and the sun going down, you need the yankee jacket tonight. high pressure is building in tomorrow. there is still a breeze, but nothing like today. 5, 10, 6, to 12 miles per hour. the warmest air inland to the west. upper 60s. very pleasant and still running a few degrees above average. wall-to-wall sunshine. nice wind that's diminishing and a high in the mid-to-upper 60s during the afternoon hours. tomorrow morning definitely a chill in the air. we will have a few pockets. there will be upper 30s in our normally colder spots. generally low and mid 40s in the suburbs. not concerned about frost tomorrow morning. in the afternoon hours
4:49 pm
notice how we get our milder temperatures as always away from the coast. still upper 50s in islip. low-to-mid 50s in montauk. air quality is good now, but the uv index at a high 7. so certainly need the sunscreen. tree pollen and grass pollen through the roof. that continues until we get a little bit of rain. that's not going to come thursday is okay. day. still mild. rain comes in during the pre- dawn areas on friday. off and on rain showers. mostly cloudy. a round of showers and a thunderstorm maybe in the afternoon. this is a slow-moving front to exit. i am a bit concerned on saturday clouds linger and then we dry out. 68 degrees. 66 on sunday. and 62 on monday and rain returns again. so we are getting into a little more frequent rainy pattern through next week. not a washout, but beneficial rains next week. david and liz, back to you for now. >> thanks, lee.
4:50 pm
a newly discovered interview with a young rosy cheeked mark zuckerberg gives us a early view of what was to come. >> the facebook for your school isn't somewhere where people actually go to meet but, like, where you go to see who knows icebreaker. >> he is a dude. >> a cop. >> the interview was recorded in 2005 and it's a peek into zuckerberg's early plans for the social network. he says he wrote that program in nine days. little did he know facebook would grow become a company with a market value of around $300 billion. >> each day worth 40 billion. >> i know, right? tidal led by jay z facing a class-action lawsuit. at the heart tv kanye west. the complaint comes from the fact that kanye west promised his album life of pablo would never be available on any other sites. the promise convinced many
4:51 pm
now the album can be downloaded on apple music and spotify. never came sooner than expected i guess. >> oops. >> the next of "star wars: episode viii" got the royal treatment. this is why it's good to ab prince. take a look. prince william and his brother prince harry treat today a behind the scenes visit of the set and it didn't take long before the brothers were checking out the props, getting into a lightsaber fight. i know we have pictures of these things. they are great. a lightsaber fight. there it is. we have shots of the prince in an x-wing fighter there. this also getting tints from luke skywalker himself. >> harry looks far more excite the. >> i know, right? >> he has flying skills. >> right. they know how to do it. >> finally, children do the craziest things, especially with crayons. a boy learned the best way to get out of trouble, blame it on batman. >> i don't know.
4:52 pm
>> no. >> who was it? >> batman. batman. >> batman did it? >> batman did it. >> of course batman did it. >> oh my gosh! >> too cute for school. >> and glasses. you could just eat him up. >> i know. >> the cheeks are adorable. check out the trend online. use #thetrend. >> we learn to pass the buck right away. >> it's not me. >> all right. very cool. a moment of happiness right there. >> we are following some breaking news right now. early in the broadcast we told you about voting problems on this important primary day. new york city controller scott strippinger is going to audit the city's board of elections because of widespread polling problems. stringer spoke a few moments ago. >> we are going to go in and ask some very tough questions. for example, why is it that
4:53 pm
removed from the voter rolls? why did 60,000 people receive notice toss vote that didn't have the primary date? why were people told that they were in the wrong polling place time and time again? why were voters being told absolute wrong information when they got to vote? some people were told that they didn't have to vote for delegates today. these allegations are very serious. unfortunately, in new york city, this is nothing new. >> again, that is new york city controller stott stringer holding a news conference just a short time ago about some widespread polling problems. a lot of it happening in brooklyn. we will have much more on the voting issues coming up at 5:00. >> . >> and coming up next. a battle over a painting in new jersey. gallery owner is now facing daily fines and even the threat of jail time over a piece of work that she has now hanging. and here is a quick check of the delays on the hudson
4:54 pm
20 minutes inbound lincoln tunnel.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a battle brewing in new jersey over what is art and what is obscene. an art gallery owner is standing her ground over a partially nude participating. >> it can be seen from the outside and if she doesn't move
4:57 pm
day or spend 90 days in jail. toni yates has more. >> reporter: we can't show you the art work how it really is that caught a mother's eye, a woman's nude backside and more than average cleavage. >> my young daughter saw the image in the window, and we don't think it's appropriate the way it portrays women. >> reporter: the code enforcement came and gallery owners were warned nudity on display where the public can see it violents the 1992 englewood ordinance. >> my daughter's school bus goes up the hill in the afternoon and first graders saw it. >> reporter: the gallery owner refused to take it down, $1200 a day in fines and 90 in jail. >> i was shocked. i had many exhibitions in this gallery and down the street. >> reporter: she called her lawyer.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: she and her brothers own art galleries across the country with exhibits, and young artists that deal with nudity. >> we are not talking about obscene but the showing of a bare buttocks. >> reporter: she they are going to court to kill an ordinance. they say it's unconstitutional. >> it's not just the gallery and our gallery. it was something else that they were concerned about, and it was an overly broad statute. >> reporter: you want to win? >> yes, of course. >> reporter: we couldn't get city hall to comment. no doubt that their attorneys are preparing to answer in court. toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. eyewitness news news at 5:00 begins right now. polls are still open in new
4:59 pm
problems around the sea and tonight, the city comptroller said it's so bad he will investigate the board of elections. but first, breaking news, himself froms of appeal after a former nypd police officer avoids jail time and a judge reduces his sentence. >> the judge sentenced peter liang to probation for the shooting of akai gurley and reduced the charge to criminally negligent homicide. both sides say they will appeal. >> have the latest from downtown. >> reporter: not only will peter liang not serve prison time but the probation, that is not part of the sentence because the judge reduced and modified the manslaughter
5:00 pm
homicide, a decision that is infuriating gurley supporters. an emotional reaction to peter liang's sentence outside brooklyn court as supporters of the former cop and akai gurley and the media clashed. no jail time and the brooklyn da's recommendation for six months of house arrest not part of the punishment with the judge saying that liang was not aware of gurley's presence in the stairwell when he fired off the shot and even the da agreeing that prison is not necessary. liang addressed the court before being sentenced, turning to gurley's family and loved ones.


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