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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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homicide, a decision that is infuriating gurley supporters. an emotional reaction to peter liang's sentence outside brooklyn court as supporters of the former cop and akai gurley and the media clashed. no jail time and the brooklyn da's recommendation for six months of house arrest not part of the punishment with the judge saying that liang was not aware of gurley's presence in the stairwell when he fired off the shot and even the da agreeing that prison is not necessary. liang addressed the court before being sentenced, turning to gurley's family and loved ones.
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i shot from my gun and took the life of another person. i apologize to you. >> reporter:liang was convicted of manslaughter for the shooting. prosecutors say that the cop accidentally fired a shot and ricocheted off the wall and struck gurley in the chest. he was unarmed. liang's supporters say he was a scapegoat treated unfairly because he is asian-american. but others disagree. >> you are a murderer. >> reporter: many believe that liang was treated specially because he was a cop. >> you took a piece of me. you took a piece of my heart. >> because of the actions of peter liang, my daughter is
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i am without my partner. a mom with without her son. >> reporter: criminally negligent homicide is a felony and the judge said it would be more productive for liang to do community service, 800 hours of it and five years of probation. the brooklyn da will appeal the reduced charge. this is a long ways from over. reporting from downtown brooklyn, channel 7 eyewitness news. developing in the new york primary, the comptroller scott stringer announcing he will investigate the board of elections after widespread problems at some polling places. thousands of people were removed from voter rolls mainly in brooklyn and no one can figure out why. stacy sager has more. >> reporter: we are talking
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disappeared from voter rolls and officials called the problem widespread. we have had municipalerous -- numerous complaint, and here what they said moments ago. >> the incompetence of the board of elections puts a crowd over these results and it's time to clean up this mess. so i'm going in to investigate, to audit, and to hopefully clean up a process we have accepted for too long. >> reporter: according to the board of elections, it appears at this point that brooklyn fell six months behind on voter rolls. we'll have a lot more on that, but this was not the only problem today. there were hundreds of complaints about poorly trained staff at polling sites and complaints about equipment problems.
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and that meant no ballot for nearly two hours. >> that's right. nearly two hours. >> reporter: workers in bedford- stuy showed up and show did voters. what is your biggest concern about the crowd? >> we want them to vote. all votes count. >> a lot of people outside waiting like why is this happening? >> reporter: no access to supplies nearby. but at this polling site in the atlantic terminal community center, the workers were nowhere to be found and no one could get in for hours. >> the poll site openings being late are unacceptable. we are going to get to the bottom of it, but it's almost impossible to get to the bottom of the cause of issue on the fly. >> reporter: and no worker here
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williamsburg where it was tweeted, two hours after polls are meant to open in brooklyn and our polling place isn't ready. a 73-year-old registered democrat at ps 5 for years was told that her name was not on the list today. >> for a situation to arise like this and i can't vote? it's not fair to me. >> reporter: we are happy to at least report that mrs. albertson a few minutes ago returned her to ps 5, her polling place, with a court order because she was so determined to vote. she could have voted via affidavit but her vote wouldn't have been counted today. you can go get a court order,
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until 9:00 this evening but the comptroller is now monitoring all the events. back to you. >> stacey, thank you. she was devoted. donald trump needs to get 50% of the vote to win all the delegates and for the democrats, 2 none delegates up for grabs and we have been with the candidates all day. we have reports with dave evans in midtown where hillary clinton will hold a rally tonight. dave? >> reporter: when we looked at the primary calendar, no one thought we would be here on april 19th in new york with the race undecided but we are still here and hillary clinton is still fighting for the nomination. a homecoming for hillary clinton this morning with her husband. after three months of watching everyone else vote in the primaries, the clintons get a
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>> it feels great. i am so excited about campaigning here in new york and voting in new york. >> reporter: then, off to a conference in d.c. clinton not saying much about bernie sanders but focusing on donald trump. >> it's not building a wall that you will get the mexican government to pay for which, you know, somehow i don't think will ever happen. >> reporter: clinton has had a more difficult time in new york than anyone expected. this is her adopterred home state, representing new york in the senate for 8 years but sanders is a heck of a campaigner generating huge crowds at his rally. clinton may be glad this primary is almost over. >> we know our neighbors in d.c. and this community has been good to us. it's a beautiful day. >> reporter: i talked to elections officials on sunday
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have time numbers at 10:00 tonight but with the mess going on in brooklyn with the ballots, it may be a long night. hillary clinton, she will be here at 9:00, 9:30 at the sheraton in midtown for what she hopes is a victory celebration, and josh eininger is with the bernie sanders campaign. josh? >> reporter: we are here at the penn state university rec center. this is a very large venue and it's filling up for an event that is not supposed to start until 7:00. we'll do a spin and show you what is behind us. 5700 people it can hold and they are expecting an overflow crowd. sanders had upfinished f inish -- unfinished business in midtown. sand -- sanders with one last
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>> we are afraid she is going to be disappointed. we are feeling very good. >> reporter: hillary clinton is heavily favored to win tonight. sanders has put her in the rear view mirror and moving on. >> next tuesday, let us see pennsylvania having the largest voter turn out in the history of their primaries and see the great state of pennsylvania lead the country into the political revolution. >> reporter: at penn state university, hundreds of college students waited in the hot sun for hours to camp a -- catch a glimpse. senator from new york. >> i feel like his ideals are something that the city should understand but he is not
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>> reporter: you think he will still move forward? >> yeah, all the way to the white house. >> reporter: back live at penn state rec center where the event doesn't start until 7:00, but it's very full at this point, we spoke with students who say they are coming to terms with the concept that he may not get the nomination. we'll tell you what they have to say about that when i see you at 6:00. for now, live, josh eininger. >> thank you, josh. sandra bookman is at trump tower for the latest there. sandra? >> reporter: yes. this is home turf for drumple and -- donald trump and he is hoping that the translate for a big win.
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donald trump just moments after voting for himself at the central synagogue in midtown. >> it was a great moment. it was very special and we are working very hard to make america great again, such an important message. >> reporter: a message resonating with many. >> donald trump, a friend of mine. he is the only one that can turn around the economic problems we have now. >> reporter: the big question is whether he can capture more than 50% of the votes state wide putting him in a strong position to win all 95 gop delegates. >> we'll make america great again. >> reporter: donald trump had words for ted cruz today. coming up at 6:00, what he suggests ted cruz needs to do
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for live in midtown, sandra bookman, eyewitness news. tonight, there will be a watch party in pennsylvania and john kasich is campaigning in pennsylvania and maryland today, hoping to come in a strong second, trailing far behind the other candidates in the delegate count and has only won in his home state of ohio so far. voters will select new state representatives to replace former senate majority leader and assembly speaker. both were convicted of corruption. and stay with eyewitness news as the polls close and results come in. we'll bring you updates all night on air at abc7 and our mobile app.
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the dozens of gang arrests in harlem. also ahead, two massive brush fires sending thick smoke over new jersey. we'll have the latest on how it's impacting a commute and a school superintendent in new jersey killed out on a jog this morning. the driver is one of his students. we'll hear from the community as they remember him. and make it seven straight dry days, this one cooler and windier, lower 70s and upper 60s, and the problem has been the dryness, humidity is low and the winds gusty.
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c1 . police have released video of an suv they are looking for in a deadly hit and run in suffolk county, a blue ford explorer. it likely has significant damage to the hood and drill. grill. the driver kept going after hitting a 64-year-old who died in the hospital. and investigators say it was careless smoking that caused a fatal fire in brooklyn gardens. once they got the fire out, 64- year-old patricia thomas was pound dead and another person injured. there were smoke alarms in the home but they were not functioning.
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dealing with two big brush fires in kearney and seacaucus, so big they were causing delays on the train service. the troubles are making this a top story at abc 7 ny. nj burkett is live with the latest. nj? >> reporter: shirleen, it's still smoldering, 150 acres of the meadowlands, scorched. but the lasting impact is on the evening rush hour, and i want to show you what we are talking about. firefighters needed to get up and on the tracks, so rail service was shut down on the new jersey transit and amtrak service has been restored. but there are delays of 30-45 minutes. >> oh, that's flames. >> reporter: the flames inched
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turnpike as the fire roared across the jersey meadowland that could be seen from office towers in manhattan. it took firefighter professor seacaucus and surrounding communities 2 hours to get the fire under control. a stiff wind fanned the flames scorching 150 acres of the meadowlands that will smolder into the night. >> firefighters will be out here for hours putting out the hot spots. >> reporter: flare ups are a possibility? >> flare ups will be a possibility throughout the evening. i don't think we'll see any rain until this weekend. we are probably going to be responding out here numerous times in the next few days. when we first got here, the wind was the biggest obstacle we were dealing with. >> reporter: and back live again, service has resumed on the jersey transit and amtrak but with delays upon 30 minutes
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minutes on amtrak. no word how the fire started but as the mayor said a moment ago, flare ups can happen any time especially with the wind. nj burkett, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> and you heard nj alluding to that, that the flare ups. >> we saw a huge plume up on the radar, and no clouds so you could see it from jersey city to sandy hook which is pretty crazy. the wind is gusting, but it will thankfully not be as gusty tomorrow. i can't tell you that we have beneficial rain coming for friday. we have clear skies with a couple of patchy clouds over lower manhattan and sandy hook. the wind, it might be just a bumpy ride, 70, but dry with the humidity at 4%. the wind out of the north at 12- 28 and pressure is on the rise. the high, 73 degrees, so
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yesterday and with the breezes, it feels cooler. the average high, 63. we'll have 70 in teterboro and central park and you can see the north wind is bringing the milder temperatures to the shoreline where it was a struggle over recent days. montauk, 59 and upper 60s in poughkeepsie. the air is very dry and dew points are very low and won't climb until thursday night and friday especially with the northwest wind, 38-mile per hour gusts in newberg and 29 in islip and 22 in bellemare. surprised we haven't seen more brush fires this afternoon. the fire weather warning until 8:00 tonight and the winds breezy in the evening hours and the humidity naturally goes up in the nighttime hours so that will help. 53 at midnight, cooler than last night and a chill in the
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47 in the morning and upper 30s in the coldest spots, 57 by noon and mid to upper 60s. ocean county, a couple of clouds and over to new england. we had a few sprinkles but that is now off to the south. look at that, 48 in boston and showers and raw in northern new england but really summery down to the south. that's yesterday's weather for us and supressed down to the mid-atlantic. 8-straight dry days tomorrow, and the high will move aside and clouds increasing on thursday, but still a nice day and maybe late in the day or evening a shower can sneak into the catskills but i think most of us will stay dry. upper 30s to mid-40s and afternoon will feel great with sunshine and wind and 67
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less wind and a beautiful moon- lit night tomorrow night at 47. here's what we're looking at for 5:30. along with the rain threat on friday? let's look into that. we went wet to start and a dry middle and maybe more moisture at the end. that's coming up in the 7-day forecast and beyond coming up. back to you. a soccer coach is the victim of a burglary but it's what the thieves got away with that hurt not only him but the community.
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long . all new at 5:00, the mta is testing engineers for sleep apnea as part of a pilot program since last year. the program will be expanded to other agencies including the long island railroad. the issue was pushed to the forefront after the bronx train derailment in 2013. the engineer who fell asleep was found to have a severe case
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>> all the other railroads, long island, new york city, metio north -- metro north will do it. it's not required bylaw but it's a good thing. >> the crash killed 4 people and injured 60 others. another good day for stocks on wall street fueled by the rise in oil. the dow was pushed back above 18,000 mark and closed above 18,000 yesterday for the first time in 9 months. the dow rose 49 points and the pass dak, lost 19 points. the s&p 500 added 6 points. got a warning about fake tickets for the broadway mega hit "hamilton." anthony huger was allegedly busted for selling bobbing us ticks to the popular musical and in one case allegedly in the a couple and sold them
5:27 pm
sold more to another man whose wife was suspicious and called police and set up another meeting and police showed up and arrested him. big news about our colleague, michael strahan, expanding his role full-time at good morning, america, but he will leave his show with kelly. >>aw. >> yes. he has become part of the morning for millions of viewers, and he is a hometown favorite and a hall of famer that helped the giants win the super bowl and they will look for a new cohost for kelly but he is still in the family. >> we just won't see him in the dressing room as often. we will miss him but good luck to him. a major gang bust in manhattan, more than 30 people rounded up and now, the nypd is
5:28 pm
>> and a community in mourning, a beloved superintendent hit and killed while jogging and the driver was a student.
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we continue to follow breaking news. former nypd cop peter liang will not spend time in prison for killing akai gurley in a stairwell in brooklyn. 800 hours of communities service and 5 years of probation is his sentence. it's a busy day in the race for president. polls will be open for a few hear hours for -- more hours
5:31 pm
>> it hasn't been problem plea with issues in several polling sites, and the comptroller said he will investigate. the polls, by the way, close at 9:00 p.m. this is the first time in decades that the new york primary has mattered in the presidential race. >> three new yorkers running for president and two of them democrats and fighting hard for support of ethnic minority voters. time fleischer has more. tim? >> reporter: shirleen, in this election season, minority voters find there are a number of issues that affect them and on this primary election day we have come to the polls to find which of the issues are important to the voters and which candidates speak to them. >> minority vote is very much feeling that a lot is at stake. >> reporter: as minority voters head to the polls in new york, they believe their vote carries more weight than in previous
5:32 pm
>> i want to make history with the 50 lady president. >> reporter: harry gave his vote to hillary clinton but reverend al sharpton sees another historical difference. >> this is the first time in american history that we are voting for a white to succeed a black president and we've never been there before in american history. so there is a lot on people's minds today. >> reporter: in harlem, mostly black and hispanic voters say that racial, employment, educational and financial issues are important. >> i feel that we need somebody for the people. we gotta see somebody who's been there for the people. >> reporter: this couple are going with sanders. >> i know it will be hard for him and it's going to be a fight. >> something about his character that i like, man, a straight-up guy. >> reporter: lisa johnson voted. >> i am looking for what they
5:33 pm
to take us forward to put us in a better place. >> reporter: their turn out will be closely watched with an eye to the general election. >> tonight is a forecast of what the turnout will be and which it will go in november. >> reporter: polls are open until 9:00. people are starting to show up in greater numbers at this point because they are starting to get off work. so that vote really counts. tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you, tim, and connecticut comes up, and then new jersey, that's two months away. you can look for the latest on our website and complete coverage tonight for you on eyewitness news at 11:00. and now to a story first 7:00, a major gang bust in east harlem. more than 30 people rounded up.
5:34 pm
several housing projects. >> this amid growing signs of gang warfare. this is the most-viewed story of the day on abc 7 ny ever since we first report today this morning. aj ross is live in east arlem -- harlem. aj? >> reporter: shirleen, 32 gang members arrested for narcotics after a year-long investigation with the fbi and nypd, a huge takedown earlier this morning and a short period ago, the mypd brass confirmed some of them arrested were connected to the shooting death of officer randolph holder. >> this is a prime example of precision police being. >> -- policing. >> reporter: it was an extremely tactical force that spread between three housing propertys in east harlem and culminated at a massive raid early on tuesday morning. >> able to take 32 people off
5:35 pm
we're looking for a few more. >> reporter: chief o'neal said that the investigation spread between east river houses, washington houses and metro north plaza that initially began last play but accelerated after the vicious shooting of officer randolph holder in october '92 some of the people involved in that are some of the people involved in the case that started with the shooting. i made a pledge to the people of the east river houses and washington houses and specifically a pledge to the people at psa 5 that we will do our best to get those involved. >> reporter: they may be linked to as many as a dozen murders and 24 shootings. all 32 are charged with conspiracy to distribute narcotics and are prosecuted by the u.s. attorney's office. this is a huge victory but police brass admit they are searching for a handful of others and the work is not done yet. >> whatever level we take out we're working to go the next
5:36 pm
>> reporter: the gang members are expected to be arraigned later today perfect a federal judge. i'm aj ross, channel 7, eyewitness news. computer glitch at connecticut's dmv caused big problems. the department of motor vehicles posted a warning to customers on the website saying not to come today due to intermittent computer outages. anyone with an expiration date of today on a license or a registration will get an extension until tomorrow at midnight. a long island school bus driver is under arrest, accused of selling heroin in north massapequa today and is facing charges of criminal sale and possession. he is a driver for educational bus transportation but has been removed from service pending an investigation. also in new jersey, classes canceled after the
5:37 pm
killed. robbinsville superintendent steven mayer was hit jogging with his job near the high school. the student who was not identified or charged or given any tickets involved. president obama traveling to saudi arabia for a visit with world leaders and is likely to veto a bill that would let 911 families and survivors to sue the middle eastern kingdom. a bill would prevent those with terrorist ties from claiming sovereignty from the u.s. is not getting support from the president. >> we are also opening up the united states to being continually sued by individuals
5:38 pm
>> 911 family members are urging the president to permit the release of classified pages in the 911 report, pages that many believe may have proof that the saudis were involved in the attack. a daring dog rescue. take a look. this is skipper who wanted to enjoy the lovely weather in hoboken, so he broke a screen and walked out an apartment building window and on to a ledge, very scary. when the poor pooch couldn't get down, firefighters extended a ladder and a helping hand. >> they rescued kittens from trees. so all sort was things. coming up, the mta re- thinking repairs to the tunnel
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we've got a commuter alert about the l subway tunnel between manhattan and brooklyn. the shut down will not begin until early 2019. it's not clear if the mts will shut down the entire l tunnel or close one tube at a time. a new campaign is using baseballs to discourage teens from trying chewing tobacco. >> this effort features minor league baseball teams and targets teens in rural areas following another campaign last year aimed at kids in urban areas. nearly 630,000 teens nationwide are at risk for trying chewing
5:43 pm
whole foods plans to take legal action against the man of accusing the chain of writing a gay slur on the cake. he said he asked the employee to write the words "love wins" on the cake. he said that the words were written with an anti-gay term. >> for me, it was humiliating, the feeling that i had just resurfaced a bunch of painful memories. >> whole foods the investigation determined that the employee did not write the slur and that brown's accusations are fraudulent and plan to take legal action against him. jetblue unveils a new way to take a nap at jfk and an update on the deadly earthquake in ecuador, a local organization sending aid to
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out disinfectant spray 72 -- >> that's lovely. >> a little drooling going on. >> give me my leg room back. >> it was lovely. >> where? >> outside. >> i thought you were going to say on the newscast. [laughter] no. wake up. okay. outside we go, a mostly clear sky and high, patchy clouds and look at the george washington bridge. oh, my goodness. asummer traffic pattern. an evening commute in new york city, nice. sunny and 70 and open the windows and have a nice no- stress ride. the fire weather warning is up until 8:00. this is what it looked like until 2:45 this afternoon with a plume of smoke from kearney and seacaucus went over the
5:49 pm
we have blue skies that are rainy patterns and yellow, dry. we have gone bone dry in the middle of the month with a 9- day dry stretch. the end of the month appears to rain threats. i'm not seeing soakers but we are seeing some rain to knock down the pollen and fire danger. the numbers will drop off more quickly than last night with a gusty breeze and cooler than last night and tomorrow morning, 40s and 30s in spots. if you're running out to the yankee game take a jacket, 64 and a gusty breeze and tell feel like it's in the 50s. the coast, cool tomorrow with the on shore wind just to the west and so comfortable, upper 60s with a lot of sunshine. here is the planner, wall to wall sunshine and a bit of a breeze and 5 to 10 in the afternoon and temperatures in the low to middle 70s today and dropping into the mid to upper 60s tomorrow. tomorrow morning definitely a chill in the air and a few
5:50 pm
the upper 30s, the pine barrens, a couple of spots chilly, and then a light spring jacket should do. the air quality is good, uv index at 7 and the pollen count remains high and will continue. clouds are increasing and 72, but that's a dry day. rain later at night and showers off and off on friday and the front is slow to move offshore and a stray shower on saturday and a breezy blend of clouds and sun, a nice dry and a conveniently dry weekend because rain comes back in on monday and it's only about 62. so as you said, we'll end the 9- day dry stretch and go every few days with a rain threat. more balanced going forward. okay? >> being. okay. we need it. thank you, lee.
5:51 pm
texas as flooding continues there. a heavy duty truck had to remove residents from an elderly living center. the death toll has reached 6. tragic, and now, another natural disaster, the deadly earthquake in uke -- ecuador. we have in students there but are fortunately okay. >> and more than 4000 people there will be hospitalized. a lot of people have expressed concern on our social media pages about getting humanitarian aid. >> americares is trying to make that happen. >> reporter: shirleen, diana, the first wave of supplies is
5:52 pm
items that have been requested but americares will have their own people on the ground to determine what is needed and where. the labeling makes it clear that these are emergency supplies, and soon they will be here at earthquake-ravaged ecuador. >> basic things in some cases like bandages, pain medication and supplies for crush injuries because earthquakes result in those types of injuries. >> reporter: two team members there report back what is needed. crews are trying to find people in the rubble that killed hundreds and injured thousands as damage is assessed in rural areas. >> 1 of the challenges of the government is having reached the communities to find out what the devastation is. so when our team is on the ground, they can better report back.
5:53 pm
students in staples high school from westport were already there with the group builders beyond borders. all the students are fine as epicenter. but an american teacher living there had a close call. his building was heavily damaged. >> the entire building was jumping up and down, absolutely traumatized. >> reporter: back here, americares ships to areas in need year round and will buy supplies if necessary. they are in an emergency situation with ecuador, meaning long-term assistance. >> our team will be there from a couple of days to a few weeks but we are prepared to make a long-term commitment to the community to help them recover from the disaster. >> reporter: if you would like to help, the links on how to donate is up on abc 7 ny. marcus solis, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, marcus.
5:54 pm
from a home in new jersey. >> some of that money was for a youth soccer team. coming up, we have the latest on the investigation and it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate, can't sleep. before long it's all you can think about. you feel anxious and uncertain. until one day you realize, this could be it. you've done it, you've quit smoking for good. a little suffering now can save a lot of suffering later. stop before the real suffering starts. you can quit smoking.
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th finally tonight a volunteer youth soccer coach said that a thief doesn't just steal from him but from the community. >> thousands in jewelry and cash were taken from the home
5:58 pm
money belonged to the school soccer club. >> reporter: youth soccer coach chris hankins. s this guy caught, breaking into a window off a sun porch and took almost $20,000 in jewelry and cash and $900 in the kitchen drawer to pay the referees for youth soccer. the man on surveillance found the many trying to crack up the safe in the kitchen. >> he happened to open the draw and found the screwdriver and popped the safe. >> reporter: tracy, his wife, also a youth soccer coach, had antique family jewelry stolen and all her wedding jewelry. >> everything that was of value and he was in and out within minutes. >> reporter: a lot of those who volunteer say this is just a shame and they are already
5:59 pm
>> you know, the people that are familiar with it will figure out at the next meeting how to recoup this and do what they can to help this out. >> reporter: lieutenant mcgee wants any tip on who this man may be and the coach is putting up a $1,000 reward. >> i have no problem giving $1,000 cash. i want this guy off the streets and have the family to feel safe at home. >> reporter: channel 7, eyewitness news. still ahead, controversy in the new york city primary. what happened to more than 100,000 voters dropped from registration rolls? >> will it affect the election?
6:00 pm
voters have three hours left to cast their ballots in the critical new york primary. the results will have a big impact in the presidential contest for both parties. but first, high drama in court, a judge reduces the charge against former police officer peter liang and then sentences him to no prison time for the shooting death of akai gurley. i'm liz cho. >> the prosecutor and defense say they will appeal the ruling. >> the jury convicted liang of manslaughter but the judge reduced the charge to negligent homicide. >> and no principle time just probation and community service. we are at the courthouse with the lead story. >> reporter: bill, this is a


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