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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  April 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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it was a voice that inspired generations. prince's huge hit when doves cry. the world remembering prince after his sudden death. here in new york the marquis at the apollo has been changed to pay tribute to the artist. good afternoon, i'm david navarro. >> and i'm liz cho. he was one of the most inventive musicians of his era. one man studio band singer songwriter producer and the consummate show man. prince was found unconscious in his elevator this morning at his estate in minnesota. first responders were unable to resuscitate him with cpr. at this point the cause of his death is still unknown, but his influence and impact on the music industry, it is clearly defined. >> yeah from the costumes to the sound, you never knew what you would get at a prince show, but he had us defining the color purple in all new ways.
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garden in 1988 and then this mass performance in radio city music hall in 1993 fast forward to a performance inside the apollo theater. >> we have several reports this afternoon. carolina lead is at the apollo. but we begin with sandy kenyan and a look back at prince's remarkable career. >> reporter: liz and dave, remarkable is the word. the legacy of prescription is found in his music, of course, but can also be measured among two generations of my sessions and singers that he influenced so deeply. in the 1980s he urged us to party like it was 1999. and he kept reinventing himself until he died at his home, paisley park. his breakthrough was 1999 and
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he won several grammys and sold millions of albums but mere numbers can never measure the impact of the artist known as prince. he was born prince rogers nelson in minneapolis, a city he put on the musical map single handedly. a city where he crafted a rich stew of sounds from the ingredients of r & b, soul, funk and half a dozen others. prince stood 5'2" but cast a giant shadow over the music industry as an artist determined to go his own way and allow others to go theirs. his album, purple rain, became
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earned him an oscar. but his record company balked at his uncompromising positions. >> the world will say prince. >> reporter: prince was legendary. his fall set tow -- his voice among the most distinctive in the music injury. the rocker seemed more relevant than ever, never more so than when he headlined the super bowl half show in 2007. sales of prince's music have soared since news broke of the pop star's death at the age of 57. three are among the top 10 singles right now on itunes. and the very best of prince
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chart this afternoon, dave and liz. no surprise there. >> no surprise there. admittedly i have been downloading all day on my phone too. prince's final public appearance was on saturday in minnesota. he invited people to his estate for a concert, charging only $10 a ticket. he showed up a purple guitar and purple piano and people say he played chopsticks, as well as other classic songs. >> as one of his final performances in new york. he came to the apollo to announce his welcome to america tour. carolina is at the apollo and continues our coverage. >> reporter: prince made many appearances here at the apollo theater over the years. and of course new yorkers, coming right here to pay tribute to the music and the man. arguably, one of the most inventive musicians of his era. at 57 he was found dead in his
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the cause of death unknown. but we do know he was recently ill. fans filtered by the apollo theater remembering the impact of his music. >> this man just takes over my body. it is a spiritual thing with him. he is just unique, the way he moves, his style, the music. he sings. >> that is the impact prince had on generations. >> reporter: prince was inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame in 2004, hailed as a musical and social trailblazer. his body of work inspiring so many of today's artists. >> certainly a musical genius. there are many in the music business that engage in the music business as transactional artists.
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that innovated. he transformed the musical scene. >> reporter: i spoke to a representative at the apollo theater who says they of course will continue playing his music and continue with what you see paying tribute to prince, but so far nothing is organized just yet, but if that happens they will let me know and i of course will pass that along to you on social media. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> carolina thank you. moments ago president obama released a statement saying, in part, quote today the world lost a creative icon. he was an instrumentalist, a brilliant band lead and an electrifying -- leader and an electrifying performer. spike lee said miss my brother, prince was a funny cat. latoya jackson wrote so sorry to hear about prince, we will always love your music forever and forever.
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condolences go out to his family and friends and fans. we remember the life of prince tonight at 11:35 night line devotes its entire slow to the musician and on -- show to the musician and tomorrow a full hour. an eyewitness news exclusive. for the first time we are hearing from a woman struck by a stray bullet. the 58-year-old was hit while standing on 58th and madison in pasaic, new jersey. two teens are charged. >> reporter: david guns and gun fire, it was certainly a dangerous combination for one innocent bystander in this pasaic neighborhood. the victim, shot once, tells me exclusively her story having been shot in her right thigh. this crossing guard coming
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>> they can't be shooting people like that. i could have been killed. >> reporter: she was coming home from work. she just got off the bus at gregory and madison streets. the crack of four shots shattered the quiet of the night. one bullet pierced her thigh as she ran. police responded quickly and with the help of witnesses were able to arrest a 16-year-old on a bike a few blocks away. >> i don't know who fired the shots. i know there were three but i only saw two. >> reporter: police say the alleged gunman was a 17-year- old arrested at his nearby home in clinton. >> parents need to know where the kids are. >> the area is no good. no bueno. >> reporter: the two teenagers have been charged with
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and weapons possession. new at 4:00, brush fires threatening buildings and train tracks this afternoon. firefighters say flames broke out near the tracks on the con rail line sending white smoke billowing into the area. firefighters are still monitoring the area for any possible flare ups. today is considered high-risk because of the high winds and low humidity. a livery cab driver recovering after being stabbed and robbed by a passenger in yonkers. the driver, in his 60s. , had just dropped the customer off. the assailant made off with an unknown amount of cash. the driver is listed in stable but serious condition. police are searching for the suspect. last month another livery driver was stabbed in yonkers. and police have released a sketch of a video of a man wanted for an attempted rape in
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the nearby camera captured the man walking before the attack and running afterwards. a female jogger fought off the attacker and he ran away. 42 residents were forced from nine buildings because of an unstable construction site, but are back home this afternoon. an engineer reported a problem with the second floor of a school. service on the number 2 and 5 trains were temporarily suspended. it has now resumed. crews are showing up the support joints at the construction site. the stocks on wall street ended a 3-day winning streak by taking a triple-digit nosedive. one of the biggest disappointments, a 12% drop in
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the dow closed minutes ago, closing down 113 points at 17982. still to come on eyewitness news first at 4:00. governor christie to the rescue. how he helped a woman who was having trouble at the dmv. and a teacher's aide busted for body slamming a 14-year-old student. plus the future of times square. new rules for the popular tourist destination? before the break we are going to leave you with another prince song, little red corvette, as we remember the
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checking traffic on this thursday, delays at the bridge in brooklyn. shannon, what have you got for us? >> reporter: the accident itself completely unspectacular here on the upswing of the bridge. what we want to do is show you what this is doing to traffic. the delays? those are spectacular. as far as we can with this camera, quite a distance, way off the background you see that road coming into the picture? that is the tail end of a very long delay. reporting live over a jam packed bqe because of a simple accident, 7news. we are going to turn now to politics. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton campaigned in connecticut today
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the democratic front runner led a discussion in hartford. she spoke about common sense gun reform laws she intends to push if she becomes president. >> i am here to tell you i will use every single minute of every day, if i'm so fortunate enough to be your president, looking for ways that we can save lives. that we can save the gun culture. >> reporter: mrs. clinton was joined at the gun violence forum by that woman right there, whose mother was killed in the sandy hook massacre. bernie sanders is campaigning in pennsylvania. sanders led a town hall meeting in scranton this afternoon. he promised supporters if enough of them get out and vote he can still get enough delegates to win the democratic nomination and win the race for the white house. meanwhile on the republican side donald trump is demanding ted cruz and john kasich drop out of the race.
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has been mathematically eliminated from the race and kasich should get out for the same reason. cruz didn't see it that wii. >> i'm not going to reach 1237 and donald trump is not going to reach 1237. >> both united states and kasich are not backing down, they are counting on the possibility of a contested -- cruz and kasich are not backing down they are counting on the possibility of a contested convention. chyna was found dead in california after not returning phone calls for several days. the 46-year-old whose real name is joan marie marie, has raised
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scientists in florida hope genetically modified mosquitoes will target the insects carrying the zika virus and as a result kill them. >> we don't want to be lab rats. to jam this down our throat without our consent is not right. >> i don't think people should be afraid. if anything they should be more worried about things like chikungunya. >> the mosquitoes are reducing the mosquito population in other countries. we are going to head outside right now to lee. lee it is a spectacularly beautiful day out there. >> nine straight dry days, guys. you can feel a little uptick in the humidity, which is good news. and i'm happy to say the red flag warning has actually been canceled because of the increasing humidity and the lighter winds coming in during
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temperatures well up in the 70s. a view of spark showing a nice, crowded meadow this -- of central park showing a nice, crowded meadow this afternoon. a south wind bringing in air from the ocean and the highs current in the lower 70s right now. still 8 degrees above average and we'll probably top out around 72 or 73. record high 90. see how the south wind cooled off hollis queens? tribeca is coming in at 71. so the natural air conditioning of the atlantic going to work today. 64 in islip. relatedtive humidity climbing anywhere from 12 to 40%. so it will go from the cool, crisp feel during the overnights to more of a warm, humid feel. the fire weather warning is out for much of the poconos. so during the overnight, we are going to see more clouds work
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mild, dry as well. by tomorrow morning, a west- southwest wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour and again a mostly cloudy sky. there could be a stray shower early, but a better chance of showers in the afternoon hours. it is not a washout by any means but the later in the day you go you are starting to see more showers. rainy in harrisburg and allentown. that is too dry for now. high pressure is offshore, so we are losing our protective shield of high pressure and there is the rain for tomorrow. see how it is going more south to north rather than headed to the east? we have awhile before we see our first raindrops. and in fact the swirl you see over eastern iowa that is the core of storm system crawling eastward so it is awhile before everything gets going also awhile before it departs the area. tomorrow our dry spell comes to an end. a stray shower in the morning, a better threat of showers in the afternoon and even a rumble of thunder.
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severe. by saturday, early clouds and it should brighten up during thech hours and in fact, it should -- during the afternoon hours. futurecast, you just see clouds thickening tonight. but with the clouds and the southwest wind, it is much milder than over the last couple of nights. other than a stray shower early, thin spots in the clouds the first part of the day, then scattered showers and storms will break out. we get enough sun and 80 degrees is within reach. again a couple of these showers right through the evening hours. 59 with a stray shower late toward morning. tomorrow a high near 80. stray shower early and more showers and storms likely in the afternoon and into tomorrow night. in fact a thunderstorm in the evening hours tomorrow. i think you have to have the umbrella throughout the night. showers could linger into the wee hours of saturday morning. coming up at 4:30, we start focusing on your weekend accu- weather forecast.
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at is a much cooler sunday with the wind coming off the water. before the weekend is outlook into next week as well and talk more about thunderstorm tracking them afternoon. david liz, back to you for now. >> the picture of spark was oh nice -- of central park was so nice. >> i know. a teacher's aide body slams
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disturbing video shows a teacher's aide attacking a student. the 39 aide body slams a 14- year-old student right into a group of desks. the fight inside a milwaukee classroom sent students scrambling and brought security in to break it up. students say what started out as an argument quickly escalated. >> kept on arguing. >> and he slammed him on the floor. >> i was watching like this is unreal. >> the student suffered minor injuries and was treated at a loss. the school district meanwhile says it is cooperating with an investigation by the milwaukee police and the aide may be fired. new york city is moving to
4:25 pm
today mayor de blasio signed a bill into law. the new rules restrict costume characters and others looking for tips to certain areas within times square. officials are concerns about aggressive behavior. >> this bill will allow people to still continue to enjoy their activities, sell their things, be tickled, if they are elmo, on the plaza, but in a safeway, so folks are not harassed. >> the law gives the city's d.o.t. control over pedestrian plazas throughout the city. the exact rules in times square are expected to be out soon. tomorrow is earth day and also the very first car-free earth day in new york city. if you are thinking about celebrating by leaving your car at home and biking to work you are in luck. city bike is offering free rides for every new yorker tomorrow. all you have to do is sign up online and you will receive a
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at any city bike station. still ahead on eyewitness news, a mom from new jersey
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it is coming up on 4:30, and recapping our top story. pop music icon prince was found dead inside his home in minnesota. prince was found unconscious and if the elevator. first responders were unable to resuscitate him with cpr. >> reaction continues to pour in. his music is playing right now in front of the apollo theater and in times square purple rain is playing followed by rest in peace. in just a few minutes we are going to talk about
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our other top story this half hour. a new jersey mother spent months trying to replace her son's driving permit. >> reporter: you know the governor has had his monthly radio program if a little more than seven years now. people calling in, and praising government, some complaining. but he says with some problems a little personal push is needed. >> i'm pretty lucky. >> reporter: isaac is all smiles now after a lesson from his mom and a lesson from his governor. you see them as they walk into the motor vehicles agency in south plain field to settle a 4 month long battle. stacey said the dmv would not give her isn't a new driving permit after he accidentally ran it through the washing >> we have been to five different places trying to get him a duplicate.
4:31 pm
governor met the mother and son at the first office that told her no. they didn't this time with the governor in tow. >> reporter: what was the problem? >> listen the problem was the folks here did not give these folks clear instructions about what they needed to bring in order to replace the permit. and quite frankly, i think they got frustrated in there and didn't remember that these are our customers andner supposed to be helping them after i got the call last night on the radio show i made a couple more calls last night and told them i'm coming to handled the right way this morning and that is what we did. >> reporter: well the governor said one of his main messages today was that government agencies and employees are here to serve the citizens who pay their salaries, their healthcare and pension and his sometimes those employees need to be reminded of that.
4:32 pm
also in new jersey, one person is dead and another seriously injured after being run over by a tractor trailer. this happened this morning inside the global terminal shipping complex, which borders jersey city and bayonne. the first victim was dead at the scene. the second rushed to the approximately center with broken ribs and a broken pelvis. traffic in and out of the busy shipping port was suspended for the day. uber's plan to expand outside new york city is getting support from mayors. they say the car service will create new jobs and reduce drunk drivers in the cities. regulation would be created for uber's expansion. the taxi industry claims uber isn't held to the same standard at cabs. back to today's top story, the death of music icon prince. legendary performer was found dead this morning at his estate
4:33 pm
>> joining us to talk about his impact is our senior entertainment reporter. let's talk about what we foe. he was sick going into this. reporting he maybe had the flu. what do you know? >> fans are shocked. they knew that he had been suffering from the flu. but what we are hearing is it might have been something bigger than that. people close to prince knew he was talking crypticically recently in the final -- cryptically. we knew he was feeling better and more upbeat in his final days, but that he was sick. so as for what that is, no reason to speculate, but i'm sure we'll find out soon enough. we do know they are planning an intimate funeral for him, with
4:34 pm
there will probably be a larger public memorial for him. >> you had mentioned he had awhile. he was notoriously reclusive. his publisher has not said what they are going to do with this memoir, whether they will try to complete it with perhaps the help of his family and friends. it is supposed to be released in 2017. what do you think fans will learn from this? >>ening you are going to learn more about his incredibly private life. in there he talks about the fans and the close people in his life that helped shape him into who he has begun. not many people knew the real prince. there were only a few people he aloud into his perm life. he had, over the years, become a jehovah's witness and he was very careful about who he shared time with. go.
4:35 pm
but i'm not sure how they will finish it. >> i love how he seemed so tied, still, to his hometown in minnesota. >> amazing, isn't it? >> that is where he was found. that is where he wanted to be in the past few days. remember he had an emergency landing on an airplane recently where he was treated in illinois for a few hours and then he went straight home. in the police report he was found in an elevator by someone in his compound. actually there were reports he might have had a performance a few nights ago. >> saturday night. >> and there were some pictures. >> so we knew he wanted to get back out there and tem his fans i'm okay and reassure everybody. but hollywood life said he might have alluded to it might have been something more. we appreciate you making time for us. so many questions to ask on what a legacy he left behind. and still to come on
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a big deal with new york city schools.
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england's longest sever be monarch is -- serving monarch is celebrating a milestone today. >> reporter: britain's first monarch to celebrate her 90th birthday. the united kingdom ramping up the pomp and circumstance to mark the occasion. the bells of westminister abby ringing out in celebration. and a royal gun salute for the queen. one of many events taking place across the country. it is a jam packed day for queen elizabeth, kicking it off with a royal stroll with her husband, prince philip, greeting well wishers who lined
4:40 pm
catch a glimpse of her royal highness. a nation that is reflecting on a life. what do you give the queen on her birthday? >> that is the hardest question ever. harry and i have decided to have a joint present this year. >> having lost my mother at a very young age it's been particularly important to me to have somebody like the queen to look up to. >> reporter: famed photographer annie liebovitz capturing these images of the queen to celebrate her big day. and this image of the queen with prince charles, william and george will be on stamped to mark the queen's life. tomorrow president obama and his wife, michelle, will celebrate the queen's birthday with a lunch at windsor castle i'm stephanie ramos for channel 7 eyewitness news. beyonce is put being
4:41 pm
people of flint, michigan. today she announced she is teaming up with united way to help residents recover from their water crisis. people there unknowingly drank water that caused lead to leach from aging pipes. new york governor cuomo says $150 million is available for renewable energy projects across the state. the money is earmarked for generating 50% of its energy from carbon-free renewable energy sources by the year 2030. lawmakers in connecticut hope to cut back on single use bags, plastic and even paper. a bill requires stores to reduce the use of disposable bags by a third by the year 2021. the legislation now moves to the house.
4:42 pm
deal on the way to world domination here. a 3-year deal to provide ebooks to new york city schools. it is also a major advance for amazon. it is breaking into the lucrative school market with digital textbooks that can be delivered and updated over the internet. in an effort to prevent ties the national spelling bee is getting harder. after ties the last two years organizers are making changes. instead of sticking to a list of 25 championship words final rounds could have as many as 75 words and organizers can choose harder words on the fly if the spellers don't appear to be struggling. some students in wisconsin are volunteering their time to use a new technology to hand. a science teacher tapped into crowd sourcing sites and grants to buy a 3-d printer.
4:43 pm
in a program that matches them with people who need prosthetic hands. the models are aassembled and >> we layer the printing. >> i think it is amazing to be able to help people not only be able to learn along the way but learning. >> the students do all the work on a volunteer basis during their lunch hour and recess. coming up, how much one woman set off a chain of events that allowed these people to receive kidney ambulance plants.
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some small animals are, excuse me, are making a debut at the bronx zoo today.
4:47 pm
they can be seen at the zoo's exhibit. two ring tailed, and one brown colored. >> that is the ring tail right there. >> their eyes are so dramatic. >> it may not be easy to spot them since they blend in. the bronx zoo has six different species i don't a good contrast there. >> that is the brown tailed one. >> it is the orange bearded one. >> he is such an expert. so what have you got for us? >> now i understand. >> why do i have to explain this to you? >> i'm sorry. that is your mad gas car example. >> we saw the jungle book. it was a lot of fun. >> our producer wants us to move on for some reason. >> why? >> that is how we go, news and
4:48 pm
high, thin clouds as we look at lower manhattan right now on a beautiful afternoon. and our ninth straight dry day. 71 degrees. the red flag warning was dropped but it was still on the fringe of a brush fire risk and we are in sort of zone. fire warning is out for pike county and into the poconos. but have to be careful the next few hours. humidity is creeping up but we have winds gusty and warm temperatures and fairly dry conditions. winds will back off later on tonight. unlike the last company of nights, it is a milder night. a nice wind with cloud cover coming in. yankee game, milder at the stadium tonight, 67 first pitch. instead of dropping straight into the 50s quickly it will feel nice did you work the game tonight. a light jacket should do it at worst. tomorrow morning a shower
4:49 pm
clouds, breaking for sunshine at that point. clouds and showers will become more prevalent into the afternoon and evening hours where we could have a rumble of thunder. in between we could flirt with the 80-degree mark during the day tomorrow. here's what the futurecast looks like. fast forward here to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and you can see how the clouds and breaks of sun, most of the showers off to the west. there might be a stray shower around. then as the afternoon wears on, scattered showers and storms. it is not a washout in the afternoon, you have to watch out for a passing, brief downpour and then the sun can come back out. so it is like a summer afternoon. scattered showers and storms will linger into tomorrow night so have the umbrella. but it will be light. not uniform rainfall, because it is scattered showers and you can see through 1:00 this particular model is not printing out any measurable rainfall at this point. it is call all coming in overnight. other spots a couple of
4:50 pm
half inch to an inch of rainfall. as we go into saturday, i think we'll have clouds in the morning. there is some concern this front was slow to move offshore. i think we could wake up to a couple of showers very, very early on and then they should shift offshore and the clouds will break during the afternoon hours. we have to watch out and see if the front gets hung up a little bit. sunday definitely a sunny day but cooler because of the ocean wind. 72 on monday, a couple of showers on the north, more sun to the south. our front sort of straddling the area all week long. as much as this week was so straightforward next week is a complicated forecast with a front and rain threats and cooler numbers but still around normal or so. >> giggles are done now? >> right. >> we are professionals. i don't know what you are talking about. >> yeah sure. seriously, all the news involving the trend today the top of it, the iconic singer songwriter prince who passed away, he is trading on social media as people pay respects. we have been getting tweets all over.
4:51 pm
chris rock tweeted say it isn't so. demi lovato tweeted and katy perry. much more prince news in our 5:00 hour. movies. matt damon bringing back jason. the trailer came out today. scheduled to hit theaters on july 29th. mazey williams from the game thrones pretended to give away free game of thrones swag
4:52 pm
get suspicious. >> are you wanting this one? this is you. you think i'm this. >> yes. >> this is a little boy. >> this is a little boy. >> she fooled no one. not in person. they were all like come on, it is really you. season 6 debuts april 24th, i have a spoiler, i can tell you exactly what happened to john snow. do you want to know? >> stop right there. check out the trend online, and send us your trend ideas using the hashtag the trend. >> come over here. still to come on eyewitness news first at 4:00. we are going to meet the woman who set off a 6-way kidney transplant chain that helped save several lives. and here's a quick check on
4:53 pm
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six people in our area are now connected for life.
4:56 pm
kidney donation chain that started with one woman. our amy freeze has the story. >> reporter: six people all met for the first time that were part of a three-kidney donor exchange. even if you follow closely, it really did take a chart to explain it. once you understand, it's nothing short of a selfless aunt named dawn bates offering to save her niece, nicole johnson. >> this was an opportunity as a human being for me to do something good. >> reporter: even though dawn was not compatible with nicole, she gave up her kidney, believing good karma would come back to them. >> tiffany was the recipient of my kidney. >> reporter: he agreed to give his kidney to a stranger. >> i donated my kidney to elaine. >> reporter: breaking from his wife for elaine richards. that left elaine's original willing donor, her daughter-in-law catherine with an unmatched kidney. but get this.
4:57 pm
catherine was able to donate to nicole which was dawn's original recipient. >> reporter: catherine was a match for nicole johnson. that karma her aunt dawn had been waiting for came right back around. >> catherine, i thank you. you truly are a blessing to me. >> reporter: transplant doctors say this concept of bridgeing and gapping can match a critical gap between supply and demand in transplants. >> the waiting time can be upwards of five to seven years. >> reporter: another twist, all the donors are educators. perhaps offering up the lesson of a lifetime that in giving, there's also receiving. >> i just planted seeds. i just planted seeds. now this is the garden. and it's a beautiful garden. it's a wonderful feeling to see that and to hear this for the first time is overwhelming. >> reporter: amy freeze, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> they were seeds of life. go, dawn. fantastic. >> the gift of life.
4:58 pm
>> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> >> purple rain is falling now as fans around the world mourn the death of the music legend prince. this is a live look at the marquee at the apollo theater where the man who never stopped reinventing himself is being remembered. at paisley park in minnesota, fans mourn as the mystery continues. what led to the death of the musical genius just 57 years old? another star gone too soon. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> and i'm shirleen allicot in for sade baderinwa. we begin with the loss of an icon. prince. he was a multitalented musical genius emerging from minneapolis
4:59 pm
mesmerizing distinctive sound, a mix of funk, r&b and rock. the purple one burned up the charts with classics like 1999, purple rain, little red corvette, and the lust -- list goes on and on. prince died suddenly at his home in minneapolis today. >> we have team coverage of the death of prince. carolina leid is with fans at the apollo theater in harlem. but first we have our entertainment reporter sandy kenyon with a look back. >> prince was found unresponsive in an elevator at his home near minneapolis this morning. according to the local sheriff there, medical personnel tried to revive the 57-year-old entertainer but he was pronounced dead shortly after 10 a.m. his death is now under investigation. he'd been hospitalized last friday, you may recall, but his death still came as a shock. the mourning now a good indication of how lasting his impact.
5:00 pm
entered the rock and roll hall of fame a quarter of a century after his first hit, it was said he rewrote the rule book thanks to a blend of musical genres that produced a sound uniquely his own. by the time prince rocked the super bowl in 2007, he had little left to prove. his legacy secure. >> he was a trendsetter like no other and if you didn't have a prince, then you probably wouldn't have a lady gaga. and in a lot of ways he was the ultimate multitalented performer. >> reporter: he was born prince rogers nelson in minneapolis, a city he put on the musical map single-handedly. prince stood just 5'2" but cast a giant shadow over the music industry as an artist determined


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