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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 22, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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finally tonight if you're a prince fan, this has been a difficult day. a reminder that the words of dr. suess who said don't just cry because it's over. smile because it happened. and prince made it happen. we'll leave you tonight with song, that memorable scene in purple rain. good night, america. i never meant to cause you any sorrow i never meant to cause you any pain i only wanted to one time to
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i only wanted to see you
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paying tribute tonight to a music superstar and life force. crowds gathering around our area from brooklyn to harlem to remember prince. plenty of tributes but also an unsettling question tonight. what happened to him? how did a man just 57 years old suddenly die? prince aptly named because for so many he was indeed like music royalty. >> so many new yorkers, including performers tonight, immediately reacting to his death. a van carrying prince's body
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tonight his cause of death remains very much a mystery. but prince's staff says he was seen by a doctor yesterday for an undisclosed illness he had been suffering from. >> so many tributes tonight in brooklyn in front of spike lee's film company, they were jamming until about an hour ago. right now the party still going on in harlem at the apollo theater where prince performed several times. eyewitness news reporter carolina leid is there tonight. >> this party has not stopped since early this afternoon. people still remain here tonight. as you can see there's a crowd of people here surrounding, many of them spending the entire day remembering prince. and thanking him for the music and his influence on their lives. >> reporter: one of many celebrations of prince's life and his mark on music held here in brooklyn tonight.
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police had to shut down the place for hours. >> it's a sad occasion but at the same time it's celebration. >> prince is very much so part of the soundtrack of my life. >> reporter: there was also a tribute in harlem outside the apollo theater this thursday night. hundreds there singing prince's songs word for word. so many that police had to set up barricades here as well. >> it's a major loss because nobody is as original and as inventive and just magical. >> this button is from when i was about 15 years old. i can't believe it happened. >> it means a lot to me and i'm glad that apollo is honoring him in this way. >> reporter: he was born prince rogers nelson in minneapolis, a city he single-handedly put on the map. his album purple rain became a
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in 2004 he was inducted in to the rock and roll hall of fame. praise as a trailblazer musically and socially. his childhood friend kevin fuller says it was obvious even in elementary school that prince was a musical genius. >> you could tell, if you were really looking, that he had a great deal of talent and something big was going to happen. >> because of the sudden news, the apollo theater representatives here didn't have an opportunity to org anything but they didn't have to do much. they put a speaker here on the sidewalk, played prince's music and people just kept coming and coming. reporting live in harlem, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> spontaneous outpouring. the apollo theater not the area people were paying tribute tonight. in brooklyn, borough hall lit up
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tonight at 12:30 nightline devotes its entire show to present. tomorrow at 10:00, 20/20, the full hour honoring prince. tonight on my facebook page, a personal moment when i was on stage with him, introducing prince to good morning america with robin roberts 10 years ago, june 16th. now to the other news of the night. the first ax falling tonight after an embarrassing set of election snafus in tuesday's new york primary. the chief clerk of the new york city board of elections in brooklyn tonight has been suspended during an investigation in to more than tens of thousands of voters who were turned away from polling sites. the city's controller and the state attorney general's office are both investigating. new tonight, video the suspect in a violent home invasion and the hostage taking of an 80-year-old woman in the bronx. cops looking for this man. they say they forced the woman in to her apartment at knifepoint monday and held her there hostage for two and a half hours. she told her story exclusively last night to eyewitness news,
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stole more than $300. another vicious pit bull attack in one community in new jersey. the second in two weeks. folks are worried and angry after a woman and her dog were ring why more isn't being don dog. and luckily a police officer arrived just in the nick of time. >> he's killing my dog. he's killing my dog. >> reporter: those were the only words that could escape yvette king's mouth as she stood paralyzed with fear as her small pomeranian blue bear became prey for a loose pit bull. >> the dog was across the street. as soon as he saw it he took off. it was instantaneous. he latched on to my dog's head. i didn't realize that i was injured until after the fact.
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nearby police officer heard her desperate criticize -- desperate cries for help and managed to pry the dog from the pit's mouth. >> he's injured in his ear. he's injured on his shoulder, under his neck. on the top of his head and on his eye. the doctor said he's fortunate he didn't lose his eye. >> reporter: according to police the same pit had been involved in another biting incident in midland park and had been living in nutley on a trial basis for a week. this pales in comparison to another horrific attack involving a small baby girl mauled by another pit bull in a stroller weeks ago. >> the baby was there. everyone was on the dog. next thing we realize the baby is here screaming, losing all this blood. we got her out of the stroller. >> reporter: the baby girl received more than 70 stitches for her wounds. but now many throughout nutley are questioning if more needs to be done to keep pit bulls on a tighter leash.
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it's generally not the dog. it's generally the owners. >> we also spoke with the mayor of nutley who says he's ordered the police officer to issue summonses to anyone found with a dog off a leash. the owner of that dog who attacked the baby girl is supposed to be in court on may 4th. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. now to vote 2016, and a crowded campaign trail tonight. ahead of five primaries next tuesday. we'll start with democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. taking aim at the powerful gun lobby. clinton leading a discussion about gun violence. she said she'll use everything in her power if she's elected president to push through gun reform laws. meanwhile bernie sanders campaigning in pennsylvania telling supporters he believes he can still win the nomination if enough supporters get out and vote next tuesday. demands by donald trump tonight falling flat for his gop rivals to drop out of the race. ted cruz predicts trump will not have enough delegates to secure
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convention in cleveland in july. john kasich also refusing to drop out. although he's a distant third, kasich, like cruz, pinning his hopes on the possibility of a contested convention. the effort to catch a sexual predator who tried to rape a jogger in brooklyn is intensifying tonight. community leaders and residents helped to pass out sketches of the suspect in prospect park. video shows the man running away after attempting to rape a female jogger at knifepoint in the park wednesday. she was slashed in the hand while struggling to get away. police in westchester county are still searching for a man who stabbed and robbed a livery driver. the victim in his 60s had just dropped the passenger off on cedar place in yonkers when he was attacked. the assailant made out with cash and a tablet. the victim thankfully was not seriously hurt. new details about a horrible accident on long island. the pedestrian was hit while
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shopping district tonight has the nassau county hamlet of carle place. the driver so far not charged. new details about a serious accident in weekawken. the car slamming in to the back of a tractor-trailer this evening, becoming wedged beneath it. rescuers worked to free the car's driver. she's in serious condition. authorities believe speed may have been a factor in this fact. another terrible accident to tell you about. we're learning new details about that tragic ambulance accident on long island that killed a paramedic and a transplant patient. the ambulance slammed in to an overpass yesterday on the southern state parkway. the accident killed both the driver as well as the patient. 36-year-old james larson had survived three transplant surgeries and was just giving a new heart and kidney only to die as he was headed from the hospital to a rehab center to finish his recovery. today we spoke with his sister. >> he was fine. he was great. he was off oxygen. he was eating solids.
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was ready to go home. >> an autopsy is being done on the ambulance driver, 55-year-old larry fuller of queens. an emt riding in the back of the ambulance suffered a broken leg and a concussion. 120 days in jail, that sentence tonight for the man who landed a gyro capital in the wall of the capitol building. douglas hughes from florida sentenced today in federal court. he was caught on camera flying his gyrocopter over the capitol building. lee goldberg is tracking some rain. >> nine straight dry days. now we have rain approaching. a warm dry day has turned in to a mild and humid night. we're still at 68. there's the rain on radar. hasn't been this close in a while. we'll tell you if it lasts in to the end with. accuweather is coming up. >> also ahead, changes could be coming to new york city taxies. we'll tell you what may be
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>> how much does it cost to hack in to an iphone?
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new at 11:00, they were put in to new york taxi cabs more than 20 years ago to protect drivers from getting held up. for passengers, it's like being car. now a big change. cabbies can remove those plexiglass partitions. it's all about keeping up with the competition. thank you, uber. >> reporter: taxies are about to have an option they haven't had in more than 20 years to get rid of the partition between the front seat and the back. some of them will. >> we see these air vents, this is the ac for the passenger. >> reporter: the so-called taxi of tomorrow that the tlc is pushing these days comes equipped with a partition. it can't be removed. >> they do help the driver once in a while. there's a lot of crazy people out there. >> reporter: the partitions were required back in 1994 after
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now in a time when taxies have so much competition -- >> what kind of driver are you? >> uber driver. >> reporter: the partitions may no longer be necessary. in a statement the tlc said studies show in-vehicle camera systems effectively deter would-be criminals. most drivers don't agree. >> i like the partition. it used to be cab drivers killed. i think you know somebody wants to cut with a knife, it will be harder to cut through the partition. >> reporter: passengers aren't sure either. >> you'd want that glass there? >> of course. >> reporter: back to drivers for a second, because they're the ones really affected by this. many do like the idea. they'd like to be able to talk to passengers more easily, to hear them more clearly. and besides, they say, they aren't such cash-rich targets anymore. >> i think it's left over when people used to carry a lot of cash. now we use credit cards. there's no reason for it. >> reporter: in times square,
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also new at 11:00, a major police bust, but it wasn't about drugs. it had to do with illegal hoverboards. investigators found about 4,000 of them during a raid in an industrial suburb of los angeles. they have a total street value of $1.5 million. agents found what looked like counterfeit samsung batteries believed to be responsible for fires in hoverboards. a deadly collapse tonight on an elevated bike path built in preparation for the summer olympics in brazil. a section of the seaside bike path collapsing after a giant wave. water lifting a section of the path and plunging it on to the rocks and sea below. two people were killed. a third person is missing. fbi director james comey is hinting more than a million dollars was paid to a third party to hack in to the phone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. when asked how much the agency paid to get in to the phone,
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make in the remainder of this job. he added he thinks the payment was worth it. the third party was paid to break in to syed farook's phone after apple refused to help. free bikes for every new yorker tomorrow thanks to an offer by city bike. the reason, new york city is promoting its first car-free earth day. sign up online. receive a code to redeem your bike ride. bring your helmets, please. and earth day is tomorrow. big deal too. >> helmet and perhaps an umbrella too. >> that's a great point. because you get caught in the shower, even if you drive on the wet streets in the bikes, it will be extra slippery. >> you're always safety conscious, i love it. >> we've got a good forecast for you. outside tonight, partly cloudy skies and thank you very much for your pictures of the pink moon. the full moon in april is called a pink moon. outside right now we've had partial clearing. at times that moon has been visible. and i posted a couple of great
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one near the statue of liberty. looks beautiful. 68 degrees. the humidity has come up. that's good news. the fire risk is over. now that humidity will bring in more clouds and showers. the pressure is holding steady and the high today, 73 degrees. a full 10 above average. we make a run at 80 with enough sunny breaks tomorrow. there are your sunrise and sunset times on a warm and very summary friday. it's mild and more humid overnight. there can be a spot shower toward sunrise, especially north of new york city. most of us will be dry. there's a thunder threat tomorrow. it's not a washout. don't cancel the outdoor plans. later in the day we get, the better chance for showers. saturday, clouds are going to linger. i think sunday is a sunny and cooler day. a little concerned at the clearing on saturday is a little on the slow side. so you look at the planner for tomorrow, you look for clouds and some sunshine when you wake up. there can be that stray shower. we're starting out at 61. a warm breeze coming in. increasing clouds. and then the shower or thunderstorms scattered during
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you'll still need your umbrella and just a couple heavy downpours. nothing severe by any means. kind of setting the table for everything that's happening tomorrow. so our cool canadian high is now a warm bermuda high. now the showers are coming in. these are reaching the ground near erie, pennsylvania. a tomorrow morning. then you see the showers and thunderstorms working through indiana. our dry spell ends tomorrow after nine days. last stretch like this is back in october, october 14th to 24th. so that front comes through. but see how it limps through and stalls offshore? there's still showers saturday morning then breezy and brighter in the afternoon. here's a closer look at how this all evolves. tomorrow morning, even though there's a stray shower around, there's sunny breaks early and we start mild. if the sun can hold out through midday, we're in the upper 70s to around 80. scattered showers, thunderstorms start to develop late in the day
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scattered storms in to the evening hours. 61, clouds, a little sun early and a stray shower. then the stray morning shower, more numerous showers and storms in the afternoon and evening but a high near 80. mild tomorrow night. still have to have the umbrella. and even on saturday morning, going for a high of 67. look what happens early here. there are still showers, even depicted late morning before the clearing starts coming in from northwest to southeast and the clearing may take much of the day. eastern long island and down the shore. sunday is the sunnier half but also a little cooler. it's an ocean breeze. might not get out of the 50s on the coast. monday looks like a decent day. a decent rain on tuesday and staying seasonable but definitely more rain chances next week. temperatures getting back to normal. bill evans will have an update on the rain timing tomorrow morning. >> we need the rain. and happy passover. up next, a tiger on the
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nobody knows where it came from. >> and changes are coming to prizes in crackerjack boxes. what you'll soon find instead. >> first let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see what's coming up on tonight's show. >> thanks, liz. tonight jordan peel and glen powell, m83. this week in unnecessary censorship.
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police in texas are trying to track down the owner of a tiger found wandering around a small town. police got a report of the animal on the loose early this morning and enlisted animal control officers to help wrangle the tiger. authorities are asking the public to help them find whoever owned the tiger which also had a collar and a leash. new at 11:00, talk about a sign of the times.
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inside boxes of crackerjacks for more than 100 years are disappearing. instead the prize for now on will be a sticker with a digital code for a -- wait for it -- mobile game. these are baseball inspired mobile digital experiences the company says. four games require an app called blipar to work. also styling new packaging. >> that's why you eat crackerjacks, for the prizes. >> is it still crackerjacks? >> yes. rob is up next with sports. >> we've got games, we talked about how big tonight's game was. rangers needed to get something started. if they don't get something started soon, something is going to get finished soon. the stanley cup playoffs. game 4 highlights, reaction.
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experien your choice of the lincoln mkc or mkz for $289 a month, or get 0% apr for 60 months. let's talk stanley cup playoffs. >> said they needed this one. home ice has been anything but kind in the stanley cup playoffs. they tried to change all that tonight.
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win or head to pittsburgh on the brink of elimination. penguins led two games to one. this was game four. let's hope the kid got a stick. the penguins scored early and often. a minute 9 seconds in to the game, scores on the rebound. pittsburgh's malkin had two goals, two assists. scores here made it 4-0. lundquist gave up four goals on 18 shots. 3rd period, this is malkin's second goal. rangers get shut out 5-0. pittsburgh leads the series 2-1. rangers face a must-win situation saturday on the road. let's get you down to the garden. laura behnke is rinkside with what the rangers had to say after a loss. >> not only did the rangers drop a crucial game tonight. they did it in devastating fashion. now this team must find a way to bounce back in the series by bouncing back from a crushing defeat.
1:34 am
point to scrub what happened. really bad game. i need to be better. simple as that. >> picked a very bad night to have a very bad game. right now all we can focus on is getting back to work tomorrow. >> the rangers are no stranger to this situation. the past two seasons they've overcome a 3-1 series deficit in 2014. laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. let's get you out to the bronx now. the yankees against the as lost six of their last seven, struggling to score runs. they can't push runners in scoring position across the plate.hi cks sent it up. had himself a night. 4th inning playing left field. he goes gets one. there's not a whole lot of extra room out there but hicks uses every inch. now to the 6th inning. a hit to left field. hicks has a rocket yard. showed it off last night. he shows it off again tonight.
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unfortunately the as hit four home runs and nobody could make a play on those. yanks lose another one. 7-3. that's three straight. they were swept by the as. in cincinnati cubs-reds. chicago pitcher jake arrieta, six strikeouts, four walks, 119 pitches. no hits. a routine flyball ends the game and arrieta has a no-hitter. his second in 11 months. he threw one last august. cubs win 16-0. arrieta 4-0. the nfl draft opens one week from today. the giants have the 10th pick overall.


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