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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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ever of angelika graswald is expected to start this summer. we will keep you posted. thank you for watching this saturday night. i'm elizabeth vargas. >> i'm david muir.
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weekend. honored in brooklyn tonight was prince with a tribute from the boss, as family and friends say good-bye to the music legend at a memorial service. but first, mayor bill de blasio defending himself and his team as a newly surfaced memo raises serious questions over fundraising practices. good evening, everyone, i'm sandra bookman. >> and i'm joe torres. the memo obtained by the daily news is from a board of elections investigation. >> it alleges a plan to help democrats take back the state senate in 2014 may have violated election fundraising
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eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim is outside city hall tonight with details. cefaan? >> reporter: well, sandra, it's no surprise that the mayor wants democrats the mower but did power of the state senate but did he break any laws? a bob shep suggests he did and it could be a felony. >> everything we did was legal. and appropriate. and careful. and look. we've said from the beginning, if there's any kind of investigation going on, we'll happily participate. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio on defense, over more questions into his fundraising tactics. speaking on the brian leonard show yesterday. the mayor flatly denying any wrongdoing and vowing to be transparent. >> i'm happy to be a part of solving any outstanding questions but from my vantage point, everything was done legally and appropriately. >> reporter: the mayor
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what may have been an illegal fundraising scheme. the damning eight page memo is posted in full of the neighbor's website. the lead -- newspaper's website. the lead said it revealed a pattern consistent with coordinated fundraising. and the purpose of funneling contributions that exceeded contribution limits. according to the daily news, the memo was delivered to the elections board in january. and recommended to manhattan da investigates city hall for willful and flagrant violations of state election law. but the board of elections chief investigator saying the mayor and team were behind a criminal effort to help elect democrats to the state senate in 2014 in return for contributions deep pocketed donors could be benefits potentially of the de blasio administration. scott levinson says while this will be a distraction for the de blasio -- >> that is a long way between criminal laws being broken and a technical violation.
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and people should just be mindful of that as the story evolves over the next several weeks. >> reporter: now spokesperson for the manhattan da declined comment and we reached out to the senate democratic campaign committee and haven't heard back. reporting live at city hall, cefaan kim, eyewitness news. new at 11:00 police are investigating an attempted robbery that left two teenagers in the bronx. it happened on andrews avenue south in the university heights section. 18 to 19-year-old men both were shot in the leg. a gun was recovered at the scene. so far, no word on a motive or arrests. one person is under arrest tonight charged with a hit and run crash on long island that killed a cab driver. police say duke o dulle was speed -- duke odule was speeding when he ran from the scene. tonight the victim's friends remember the hard working father.
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of has the story. -- mallory hoff has the story. >> reporter: 23-year-old duke odule was arrested about an hour after running from the scene of the deadly morning crash. he was driving a 2016 bmw on the turnpike at a high rate of speed when he hit 2009 chevrolet taxi. the charges include second degree manslaughter, operating a vehicle without a license and dwi. investigators say the crash pushed the hack see from the left -- taxi from the left eastbound lane across two westbound lanes on to the sidewalk at lincoln road and into a power pole. the taxi driver died as a result of the crash. >> i just spoke to him last night. >> reporter: a dispatcher at the taxi and airport service who wasn't working at the time says he was devastated to learn about the death of his friend. >> never had any customer complaints about him you know. he was -- he was a good driver. worked hard and he seemed like he really loved his kids. >> reporter: his friend arrived
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shift when the crash took place. >> the guy is just going into work and his life is ended just somebody else was behind wheel going that fast. >> reporter: the speed limit in this area on hempstead turnpike is 30 miles per hour. witnesses at the scene said it appears the driver at fault was going at least twice that fast. in nassau county, moll mallory hoff, eyewitness news. a hit and run crash involved a church van friday night in queens. surveillance video shows the van at the intersection of shore avenue and princetop street just before 11:00 pam. a sedan ran a stop sign and t- boned the van. the three adults and three children in the van were hurt. but not seriously. >> that's what we are hoping at nyc is a biggal and to know they're all okay that god kept his hand of protection upon them in a terrible thing it could have been so much worse. >> they treated and released the injures victims temperature
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and police are looking for a 2016 ford sedan. new video in the search for two men involved in a shooting in brooklyn that left an innocent bystander wounded. police are looking for two vehicles, a blue suburban and a silver four door mercedes-benz sedan. now officers say a man in that mercedes got out and opened fire on a man in the suburban. neither of them was hurt. but a bullet struck 57-year-old larisa ubita in the face, it broke a bone above her chin. authorities in ohio released frantic 911 calls from family members who had just made a horrific disovary. eight members of the -- discovery. eight members of the same family shot to death execution style. they were found in different homes yesterday in a rural area 8 # miles east of cincinnati.
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had been shot in the head. >> three children were left alive at the crime scenes including a 4-day-old baby. investigators say they have received an overwhelming number of tips but so far, they've made no arrests. an investigationened way tonight into what caused four cars o a csx freight train to derail this morning in jersey city. it happened near newark avenue in a common area shared by csx con rail and norfolk southern railways no. injuries and no hazardous materials were involved. the authorities say that derailment posed no danger to the public. prince's publicist tonight says the remains of the music icon have been cremated. his friends and family members held a private memorial service. among those spotted entering his home in minnesota, was his former percussionist sheila e..
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gather to pay their respects. some clutched purple boxes handed out by prince's relatives and friends. inside are various pieces of clothing and memorabilia. >> so i have -- it looked like it came from his home. i'm just going to keep the that. just a book split then for some reason to -- booklet and then for some reason to me this fits my personality so well. >> this seems like something prince would do. >> there will be a musical celebration of his life when organizers have not yet announced the date for that event. and tonight, here in new york city, the boss paid tribute to a prince. purple rain, purple rain >> bruce springsteen opened his show at the barclays center if brooklyn on -- in brooklyn on a stage bathed in puppable light and broke into -- purple light
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"purple rain" with no introduction. new tonight, a man in connecticut is under arrest after he threatened to bomb donald trump's campaign rally today. that, according to the connecticut state police who arrested sean voorhees in water bury. he posted on twitter he was going to detonate a bomb at the water bury rally. he didn't pose an immediate threat police say. meanwhile at the rally donald trump says he has no intention of toning it down. that's one day after his new chef adviser acured republican -- assured republican officials the gop fronter would show more restraint. as we said trump campaigned today in water bury as well as in bridgeport. authorities once again ejected a raucous protester. al bridgeport police officer appeared of the put a man in a choke hold and then dragged him from that rally. trump told supporters he can be presidential when he needs to be, but when he's out campaigning, he has to be different.
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you know -- i'm going to talk about that in a second because it's interesting. isn't it a nice that i'm not one of these teleprompter guys? >> trump's republican rivals meanwhile are also gearing up for tuesday's primaries in five northeastern states. john kasich held a town hall meeting in rhode island and ted cruz spoke at a rally today near pittsburgh and later moved on to indiana which doesn't have its primary until may 3rd. but polls show he has a better chance of coming near trump's sizable lead there than in the northeast. . on the democratic side, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are focusing this weekend on the states set to vote this tuesday. clinton spoke in rhode island where she accused trump of modifying his positions only to appeal to a broader audience. earlier, she held a round table event in new haven, connecticut. she will campaign in bridgeport tomorrow and attend a fund rayer in stanford and sanders spoke to supporters tonight in
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insisted he has more of a chance of beating trump than clinton does. he'll hold a rally tomorrow night in new haven. and stay with cbs news and eyewitness news for your primary coverage. remember to tune into this week with george stephanopoulos. tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. a man shot and killed outside a party in the bronx. tonight, witnesses describe the chaotic scene as police searched for the gunman. >> a boat belonging to two teenagers who disappeared at sea is found. what was found on board that may help their family learn what happened to them. >> and a skier who survived four days living in a snow cave speaks out of the harrowing experience. >> with north wind out there temperatures beginning to take a little bit of a tumble. could be frost if parts of the
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police on long island have arrested a man in the violent robbery of a teenager. 22-year-old john akeb martinez estrella is charged with first degree murder. detectives say he and others chased down a 14-year-old in free port friday afternoon. one of them hit the teen with a golf club. several times. they got away with the cell phone and wallet. police are looking for other suspects. the justice department dropped its attempt to force apple to break into an iphone linked to a drug case here in new york.
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judge someone provided a pass code to the phone. so apple's assistance is no longer needed. the department also recently dropped a fight to force apple to break into the iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. in that case a third party managed to hack into the phone. the parents of one of two teenagers lost at sea last summer say their boat has been found. crew members on a ship off bermuda discovered that boat last month. the cell phone belonging to one of those boys was on it. now last july, austin stephanos and austin cohen took off from the coast of florida and never returned. but a salvage crew hired to retrieve the vessel couldn't find it. today the south korean military said it appears north korea had fired a missile from a submarine just as the north had claimed.
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foreign minister told the associated press his country would halt nuclear tests if the u.s. suspends military exercises with the south. this year the planned drills with the biggest ever are about 300,000 troops. happening tomorrow, president obama heads to germany. he'll open an industrial fair and meet with chancellor merkel. today in london, he took questions from young people at a town hall style event. asked about his legacy, mr. obama cited act, helping the economy recover from the great recession, and the iran nuclear deal. their chance reunion went viral: tonight you'll see the new development in the case of the judge who recognized a prisoner as her former classmate. >> plus, a firefighter's sweet surprise for his girlfriend. >> and a live look outside. the clear and cool saturday night.
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now take a look at this photo. it might look like a daring fire rescue but actually it's an fdny firefighter proposing to his girlfriend. the department posted this -- sweet picture on twitter today. does he have on his gear? oh my goodness.
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proposed while dangling from the roof on a rapturing family day at the fire acad m -- rope during family day at the fire academy. congratulations to the happy couple. >> he's batman. >> yeah. he's -- [ laughter ] all right, i presume she said yes. >> yes. >> there was no fire escape. so she had to say yes. >> she had to. >> look we're not going to want the escape the weather. we're supposed to have testimony right? great again on monday and we have some much-needed rape in the forecast. a couple of opportunity -- rain in the forecast. a couple of opportunities at that. it's also animating a little bit tonight and dancing around those l.e.d. lights, 58 degrees north win coming in -- wind coming in 12 and gusting up to 21 miles per hour. and that north wind is helping to grab some of the colder air from upstate new york and drag it right down into the tristate region. 71 was our high today. 58 is your current temperature and that's your low so far. 64 the normal high. so we were about seven degrees above that.
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got all the way down to freezing back in 1930. so chilly overnight. there are going to be some 30s north and west of the city. and there could even be some patchy fog in parts of the hudson valley and northwestern new jersey. nice day tomorrow and seasonable sunshine and and we're talking temperatures in the mid 60s except along the coast it's a little cooler. through tomorrow and also again on monday. elevated brush fire risk. very dry recently and we have dry brush out there and dry grasses and that can quick hi ignite in these types of conditions and the wind will be up a little bit on monday as well. helping to enhance that fire danger. 57 right now teterboro. 59 at newark and you're 58 jfk but check out to the north, all the way down to 52 at newburg and sussex and poughkeepsie and all the way down to 43 at monticello and again the wind so coming from -- is coming in from that direction. skies quickly clearing as well.
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down to about 46 in the city. but a lot of 30s north and west even down below freezing at monticello. during the day tomorrow, we're talking 66 in the park and a degree warmer than that in morristown. but a few degrees cooler than that along the coast of new jersey and on to long island. only getting up to about 55 or so at montauk. here's your accuweather forecast. overnight clear can cooler and down to 46 but again some suburbs in the 30s and at 7:00 in the morning sunny skies. 49. it's mainly sunny and it's pleasant during that day and highs in the mid 60s for sunday. partly cloudy tomorrow night down to about 49. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. the warmest day is monday. it's breezy out there. again, the risk of brush fires is pretty high much like it was during the past week. 75 for a high. 65 on tuesday. we have a couple of showers and a thunderstorm around. then we get a break on wednesday and then a couple more showers and storms come into the picture on thursday especially by later in the afternoon. into the evening. 64.
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be a lidgering shower and we should clear out in time for next weekend though. wields have been winners. >> -- the weekends have been winners. >> i can't say i'm happy about the rain but we need it. laura behnke up next with sports. >> all right rangers fans look away. the team knew they were in for a first round challenge against the penguins after falling down 3-1. but what they didn't know is just how bad it could get. though they found out today in another rout. with time with the season -- this time with the son season
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>> this time the mets' [ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn't look good. no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt.
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it's dragging down your fuel economy. [ breaking glass ] but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. [ scrubbing bristles ] so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate...
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put away the hockey sticks? break out the golf clubs. >> not -- at least we've got one team. two years in a row the rangers dug themselves 3-1 hole in a playoff series. and two years in a row, rangers overcame the odds to advance to the next round. but three years in a'? that magic is just hard to keep recreating. this afternoon the rangers in a must win game five against the penguins in pittsburgh. a minute and two seconds in there's rick nash putting the rangers up 1-0. about that? the penguins not backing down. still in the first. on the power play and questions sew makes it 2-2 and the wheels fell off new york for the
11:28 pm
four wheels in the period including sheerry there. lundqvist pulled after two second straight games he was pulled. the rangers' season ends. >> a feeling of embarrassment to give up that in holes but -- many goals but also a sense of hopelessness not being able to come up with saves and the score being the score in the second period. it was not a good feeling. >> the results were the way they were. they played better, simply put. they executed better in pretty much all fashions of the game. well, as for the islanders, we mentioned. it took a little extra work late last knight but the isles took the 3-2 series lead over the panthers in double overtime of gemmative. 16 minutes into the second ot the isles now a win away from the first postseason win in 23 years. they can get that win as soon as tomorrow night negation similar in brooklyn -- game six in brooklyn. also tomorrow the mets will
11:29 pm
mound as jacob degrom returns to make the start in atlanta. he had been away to deal with complications from his newborn son jackson. but now is thankfully healthy. >> it was definitely scary. you know, he had to be checked into the nicu and they had to monitor him in this. but you know, when all the tests came back and nothing was seriously wrong, then we were pretty relieved but at first you know it was a scary time. >> well, meanwhile tonight the mets taking the field in game two of the weekend set in atlanta. now even without cespedes in the lineup, they still put up some runs. in the 4th david wright the double scores a pair. that made it 4-1. in the 9th the game already under control. but the mets just not satisfied because they had not homered yet. well neil walker takes care of that and then the very next batter a repeat performance. cabrera. the amazins' go back-to-back for the fourth time in five games. adding to that home run barrage 8-2 new york rolls. this afternoon, it was the
11:30 pm
straight wins against the rays at the stadium. tanaka seven strong innings in his seventh straight start and striking out brad miller to get out of the jam in the 4th but in the 5th. taking him deep for the home run as the rays take the lead. the yanks had an answer a couple of innings later, brett gardner, the infield single. brian mccann scores. the game is tied. stayed tied until the bottom of the 9th and the tie was broken. it's gardener again this time sends everything home with a -- the bat. 3 #-2 the yankees do win the second in a row. and we have much measure ahead in port -- more ahead in sports, when we return the nba playoffs hit the second weekend of action and we have you covered as the pacers try to turn their home court advantage into another upset against the
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the hornets were doing you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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let's be honest, there hasn't been a lot of party so far in the -- parity so far in the nba's postseason. but this afternoon indiana trying to make it a series by tying things up with toronto in game four. well, that's exactly how the game four script went down in the first half on the three on one. paul george finishing here with the nice dunk. they kept that up after the half. pacers pulling away here, george hill pull up jumper getting the friendly bounce and
11:34 pm
indiana wins and yes the series is tied at 2-2. and the heat and hornets in game three tonight. charlotte was not about to go down three games to none. they made that point in the third. it started out in a 53 all tie. then the hornets wet on the 18- 0 run to make sure this one was in the bag. the heat had no answers, the boss. michael jordan is pleased with the effort. the hornets with the first playoff win in 14 years. in the west tonight, the thunder trying to keep dallas from tying the series up. in the second quarter, kevin durant dialing up the three ball. to stop a dallas #-0 run -- 6-0 run. in the fourth it was more thunder and westbrook, to cantor who pulls up for the layup and plus the foul. 119-108 thunder. and abc is your home for the nor bah playoffs. tomorrow afternoon first it's the spurs looking to sweep the grizzlies. that game starts at 1:00.
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curry making his return as they try to bounce back to take a 3- 1 series lead over the rockets. this is a pretty busy football club. three games in a week can the philadelphia. nyc fc clashed with the union. the night. that's all anybody would get. 2-0. nc fc falls on the road. wednesday. >> wish them well. thank you laura. well, a family's pain back- to-back shootings in the bronx claim a man's life. so how did his grieving loved ones end up in trouble with police? >> plus a bizarre burglary. an autoshop ransacked. it might surprise you what the thief went after. >> and do you remember the
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here's a look now at the top stories tonight. mayor bill de blasio defended himself and his team when asked about fundraising tactics during the 2014 election. a memo from the state board of elections obtained by the daily news alleges a plan to help democrats retake the state senate and may have resulted in violations of election law. a man on long island is charged in a hit and run accident that killed a cab driver.
11:39 pm
speeding when he crashed into the cab in franklin square and tried the flee the -- to flee the scene was arrested. two teenagers shot during an attempted robbery in the bronx. it happened just after 6:30 on andrews avenue south. the victims shot in the leg. no word the nip arrests were -- if any arrests were another shooting outside home in the bronx left a man dead and it happened this morning on clay avenue in the south bronx. >> people were there for a party when suddenly gunfire erupted and eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross talked to witnesses about the chaotic scene. >> i didn't know what happened. i didn't know what happened. it was scary. >> reporter: a small house party quickly turned into a huge crime scene saturday morning when gunfire suddenly erupted inside the clay avenue home. >> music was playing low. it was fine. next thing you know, as i start to go across the street and as soon as i put my key inside the door i see people just running doubt house. just running out the door and it just scattering everywhere. >> reporter: a 30-year-old man was quickly taken to bronx lebanon hospital where he was
11:40 pm
ones didn't take very well. according to police, the large fight broke out at the hospital with the female broking -- breaking a window of a police car and another arrested for assaulting an officer. meanwhile another shooting near the first spilled over here at 169th street and morris avenue and left several others injured. >> i seen them come out with body on the gurney. >> i heard helicopters. give or take -- maybe about an hour after everything happened. >> reporter: police have indicated the two shootings are likely related and they recovered five shell casings at the second scene in addition to the knife discovered not far from the scene on clay avenue. >> like we all have to go with the violent way. it's sad. it's just honestly it's sad. when is it going to stop? i don't know. >> reporter: police have indicated they're still searching for three males and two females that fled the scene earlier today. in the south bronx, i'm a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. also looking for in person
11:41 pm
station in the bronx earlier this month. they say a suspect punched a woman while boarding a southbound 5 train at the third avenue east 19th street station -- 149th street station. the suspect came up behind the victim and hit her in the face and then fled on the train. new at 11:00, new jersey state police are looking for a man who caused hundreds of dollars of damage to a business only to steal $2. surveillance video shows the man inside gary's ez auto repair shop in clinton township last night. he broke in the window and trashed the shop. he also broke the window of a car in the shop's parking lot. a new york bound flight made an emergency landing because of a broken windshield. the american airlines flight left miami last night when the pilot said the windshield was cracked. flight 1048 then we head an marge -- made an emergency
11:42 pm
international airport and 166 passengers and six crew members were on board at the time. the ntsb now says that the crash of a coast guard plane in new jersey last september was probably caused by a maintenance failure. investigators believe a maintenance crew failed to properly install engine cylinder nuts and bolts. two volunteers were on routine observation mission when the cessna sky hawk lost engine power. the pilot managed to steer clear of athletic fields that were in use and land at the edge of some trees in the cresskill. both men were seriously injured. crime writer michelle mcnamara died unexpectedly. the 46-year-old wife of actor patton oswalt died in her sleep at their home in los angeles. the actor's spokesman says the death was a complete shock. machina mara is known as founder of the website truecrimediary and comedian feeted quote -- tweeted quote
11:43 pm
she was an excellent and thoughtful person. i am so sorry patton. the federal government is moving ahead with the plan for a harriet tubman national historical park in upstate new york. that park will include tubman's home and other buildings. just this week the treasury department announced tubman will be on a redesigned $20 bill. well now the attorney general has signed the agreement for the national park service to acquire the land from a nonprofit group. protecting your home, we'll show you how a doorbell could stop intruders in they are tracks. >> -- their tracks. >> an incredible story of survival. how two skiers survived days stranded in remote alaska during massive snowstorm. >> and a live look outside.
11:44 pm
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11:46 pm
a viral video of a woman attacking an ayubi you are driver has -- uber driver has cost that woman her job as a doctor. the "miami herald" reports that she is being terminated by hospital where at least a neurology -- she's a neurology resident and she's been on leave since the video was public in january. it shows her hitting and swearing at an ayubier driver and throwing items from the car as she demands a ride. on gma after the incident, she apologized and acknowledged there was no excuse for her actions. this new high-tech gadget helping people keep their home safe. this doorbell tricks bars into thinking -- burglars into thinking that you're at home even when you're not.
11:47 pm
city have had great results. our lauren lyster has details. >> reporter: the new weapon in home security? >> hello? >> hello. >> can i help you? >> reporter: a doorbell camera ringing right to your phone fooling would be burglars into thinking you're home. the tool catching potential thief on camera. from nevada to california to tennessee. where investigators say this man rang first before breaking in. authorities reportedly using the tape to track him down and charged him with burglary. in los angeles, police revealing a six month mile program using the tool helps reduce burglaries in one neighborhood by more than 50%. robbie o'donnell lived there. >> i can see without exposing myself to the person i'm speaking to what's doing on on my front perch? if i hear a noise i don't have to get there and guess. >> reporter: the camera is activated when i ring the bell but also just by motion around the front door.
11:48 pm
who can see the guests and talk. hey robbie. the device one of several on the market catching all sorts of unwanted vises fors. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. >> a lawsuit may be in the works after a texas restaurant ran out of soup. or place restaurant in the dallas/fort worth area offers a free cup of vegetable soup with a special. the menu says while supplies last and other day, supplies didn't last. one customer wasn't happy and he was not offered a substitute. >> he was upset -- enable a substitute for soup for vegetable or another side item. >> i demand that you pay me $2.25 in damages and $250 in attorney's foes for the cost of this demand letter. >> the soup deprived customer is a lawyer. he wrote the letter himself and it demands a response in ten days tour lawsuit will be -- or the lawsuit will be filed. the restaurant picked up sympathy on facebook but the owner has been forced to contact his lawyer.
11:49 pm
incredible story of survival after being forced to live in a snow cave on an alaskan glacier for several nights. chris hannah and jenny naman were dropped off on the glacier by plane but the pilot couldn't come back because of bad weather. though stranded the two spent their first night in a tent but the next day it was flattened by snow. so hannah dug a small snow cave in which they took shelter. but its ceiling kept sinking lower and lower. >> it was the most terrifying boredom i think i've ever experienced. it's just four days of just laying there. you can't leave. there's really nothing you can do except think about all the things that could go even more wrong at any second. >> their o deal ended after three nights in the cave when a locator beacon led rescuers to them. they were both amazingly in good condition. >> wow. a second chance. >> did you ever wonder what
11:50 pm
judge who recognized the former classmate in her courtroom?
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
we got a pretty great sunday shaping up ahead of us. >> you have the dreary clouds and rainfall today but a pretty nice afternoon. all uphill from here and temperatures back into the 60s during the day tomorrow. so not quite as warm as it was this afternoon. but still a little bit above average for this time of the year.
11:53 pm
and we look over toward mid town from the camera in queens, temperatures 58. that wind is coming in from the north kind of gusty. 12 gusting up to 21 miles per hour. so it's going to start feeling a little bit chilly overnight if you've out during the next few hours out and about. you might want the grab a few extra layers because temperatures are going to be 49 by 3:00 a.m. down to 46 by 6:00 in the morning. right around when the sun is coming up. rainfall today averaged around .16 here in the city. but some places got closer to a half inch from caldwell, new jersey all the way over the white plains. -- to white plains. since march 1st, we've only had 30% of the normal rainfall that we typically get during that time period. we need some more rain and we will get a couple opportunities of that during the next seven days. 57 again right now in the park. but falling down quickly north the city down into the low 50s. pro ken ski and newburg and --
11:54 pm
and here's a couple of systems that will be watching one on tuesday. which is just coming out of the rocky mountains rice now and another one -- right now and another one out over the pacific ocean making lands fall over vancouver that can hit us by say thursday into friday. so we have a couple of opportunities to get some much- needed rainfall out there. lows tonight in the meantime at 46 in the park and a lot of 30s in the suburbs and i wouldn't be shocked to see a little bit of frost well north of the city. parts of hudson valley and maybe northwestern parts of new jersey. into very early tomorrow morning. highs during the day tomorrow nice recovery during the afternoon. lot of sunshine. 66 for a high temperature in the city. similar temperatures off to the west. a little bit cooler down the jersey shore. and on to long island and southwestern connecticut, because you can get the cooler ocean influence in those areas. the rays facing the yankees in the bronx at 1:05 p.m. and temperature around 59 during first pitch and rising into the 60s during the course
11:55 pm
-- of that north and northwest wind ant about 5 to 10. the air quality is not great. uv index a 7. which is high with all that sunshine out there you can definitely get a sunburn and pollen has been a problem for allergy sufferers oak birch and maple. the pollen is high. 7:00 in the morning, your accuweather forecast sunny skies and temperature around 49. it's mainly sunny and it's pleasant during the afternoon. highs getting into the middle 60s a little bit cooler along the coast though. partly cloudy tomorrow night we're down to about 49. here's your accuweather seven day forecast. breezy and warmer on monday. 75. and it's been so dry in general lately that this brush fire risk is going to be kind of high right through tomorrow and especially on monday with the breeze picking up. now we'll have a mix of sun and clouds monday some showers and thunderstorms coming into the picture on tuesday. a break wednesday and then some more needed rainfall by thursday. i'll be back early in the morning. much more on that. >> actually jeff a little bit on what you just said.
11:56 pm
this is burning right now at an apartment complex under construction out in gilbert, arizona. dry conditions jeff that you just talked about along with breeze and winds? blowing the embers, making it extremely difficult for firefighters to get this massive fire under control. >> wow. >> these are live pictures. >> the fact that these embers have ignited surrounding buildings. so they've really got their hands full. out there tonight. >> wow. that's an inferno. >> unbelievable. >> that story we'll watch overnight and have much more on eyewitness news this morning. finally tonight before we do a meeting in a courtroom it went viral. you might remember this video. a judge and a suspect remembering each other from their days in middle school. >> well, now a new chapter in their chance encounter. abc's john donovan has the story. >> reporter: a tale of two encounters. the first one captured on a courtroom camera. the judge her name is mindy glazer, before her arthur booth.
11:57 pm
suddenly she has a glimmer of recognition. see that smile? and then she asks -- >> did you go the nautilus for middle school? >> oh my goodness. >> reporter: yep. they were kids together. here at miami beach's nautilus middle school. two kids in school photos who both showed promise. but then arthur's life went wrong. >> oh my goodness. >> i'm sorry to see you here. i always wondered what happened to sir. this is the nicest kid in middle school. >> reporter: drug addiction, a life in and out of prison. the path his life took, the video was watched millions o time -- of times since then but now we'll see if video also catches on because the other day booth was released from jail and his family was there. and so was judge glazer. and at this, their second encounter. she had a message for him. >> you're going to do something good for somebody else. that's what you can do. >> bet every believe it. >> reporter: call it a pledge to do better.
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
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some three hours ago, president grant was shot. (gunshot) previously on "scandal"... the fbi is issuing a high alert, and they--they do have a description of a suspect. ms. pope? yes. are you-- back? yes. i'm back, for as long as you need me. the vice president is making a play. she spent the last two hours lobbying cabinet members about signing over the presidency to her. she what?


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