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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 24, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> a man sucker punched outside
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>> he now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eye witness news. >> a scathing response for mayor de blasio and his team to allegations of illegal fund raising tactics.
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the action legal and the allegations politically motivated. a developing story in brooklyn. firefighters on the scene of a massive fire that destroyed several homes. >> nine people were hurt in that fire including seven firefighters. it started around 6:30 tonight in a home in cprus hill and spread to three houses. >> a church nearby suffered damage. lucy yang is on the scene with this developing story. >> reporter: joe and sandra, firefighters are still dousing the scene behind me to make sure hot spots don't cause problems overnight. this as the fire marshal begins the process of determining what started this blaze, which now left dozens of residents without a home. >> flames. crazy flames. >> reporter: the six alarm blaze was so intense these old wooden
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brooklyn. she came racing back from her she lost everything. >> i was in the hair salon and they called me and told me my house was on fire. my blood pressure went up. all my family members got out. i live on the top floor alone and everything i have was destroyed. i don't feel good but i'm glad i'm alive. >> reporter: firefighters report they arrived within two minutes of the fire breaking out. it quickly spread to the home and garage and reaching to another two houses and a church. spreading. >> reporter: there were injuries and thankfully no lives were lost. one neighbor took this video of the blaze early on which seems suspect. it may have started in the garage behind the homes. despite the devastation and loss, these families were left grateful tonight they didn't
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>> it's hard to watch but the family is okay. that's what's important. >> my house, my insurance will help. >> life is most important and i still have it. >> reporter: in deed so true. you're watching live now parts of this house disengrate under the pressure of the fire hoses. the red cross has been busy trying to find housing for all the displaced residents. a number of them told me they'll be staying with relatives. live in brooklyn, lucy yang for channel 7 eye witness news. >> thank you, lucy. a 4-year-old boy is dead after he was hit by a car in new jersey. it happened this afternoon on north 7 street in patterson. police say the child's mother was trying to put her son inside her car when another driver hit the child. the driver stayed at the scene. the fatal crash remains under investigation. new details in the shooting
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police say the victim is expected to survive. officers responding to a report of shots fired in younkers this afternoon found a 25-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his chest. first responders rushed him to the hospital where he's in serious but stable condition. police say he was outside when he was shot. they're now looking for who shot him. politically motivated. that's what a lawyer for mayor bill de blasio's campaign call it is shocking allegation of an illegal fund raising scheme. the response comes after a memo from the state board of elections accusing the team of flag rant violations of election law. eye witness news reporter mallory hoff has the new information. >> reporter: sandra, this is a letter that really fires back. it's stern and it suggests that mayor de blasio did nothing wrong here. still there are so many that disagree.
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campaign firing back tonight as a corruption scandal engulfs city hall. it comes one day after a bomb shell memo obtained by the daily news suggests the mayor's office broke laws democrats help take control of the senate. they said there's nothing novel after the party to elect democratic candidates to the senate other than your attempt to criminalize it. the leak is certainly a highly prejudicely and motivated act. the eight page memo questions whether de blasio team circumvented laws. this afternoon community activists called for the mayor to step down. >> there are new yorkers who are quite concern in the direction the city is going. the mayor is compromised. he is also compromised the
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>> reporter: the mayor himself hasn't had any public appearances this weekend but said on friday that he denied any wrong doing while speaking on wnyc's the brian lair show. >> we want to get everything out and every fact to be uncovered. i welcome this being done and done properly. i'm happy to be a part of solving any outstanding question. from my vantage point everything was done legally and appropriately. >> appropriately what his campaign is alleged to have done is what is done constantly in campaigns. if he gets into trouble, then the door is open for almost every candidate and political party in the state. >> reporter: mayor de blasi expected to be in brooklyn tomorrow on an unrelated issue.
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mallory hoff channel 7 eye witness news. a knockout punch sent a bronx man to the ground and police want to find the person. surveillance cameras mounted in sound view recorded the assault around 12:45. ramen and his brother just arrived home when the suspect approached, talk today him and then punched him in the face. >> he punched me and he came back again and he told me what time is it now. i said probably 1:00. that's it. then he punched me. >> the suspect leaves with a woman by his side in what appears to be a child. police haven't made an arrest. road rage is under investigation tonight. two drivers got into a fight on east 61 street in manhattan. one stabbed the other multiple times and then fled. the victim tried to drive himself to the hospital but ended up crashing on east 76
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that 45-year-old is in stable condition. investigators say they're searching for a man with dread locks believed to be driving a blue ford with rhode island plates. firefighters had their hands full with brush fires across the area. in new jersey this afternoon, flames threatened a fleet of school buses in bayonne. that fire spread quickly because of dry conditions. firefighters eventually were able to get the blaze under control. they remained on the scene to monitor hot spots. no word on what started it. in ulster county tonight firefighters are containing a fire that moved 300 acres. state helicopters dropped water on the fire and today governor cuomo sent in additional emergency workers. politics now. in the race for president, another key primary day is just two days away now. the results could mean a step
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five states will vote on tuesday, including c connecticut. hillary clinton leads polls in all the states. she campaigned in bridgeport, connecticut. her democratic rival bernie sanders was in new haven. >> a great nation is judged not by how many billionaires it has or how many nuclear bombs it has. a great nation is judged by how we treat the weakest and most vulnerable among us. >> on the republican side now, with polls showing donald trump with double digit leads in connecticut and pennsylvania, a new strategy tonight from his opponent john kasich. a staffer revealed their team will focus their attention on western states where they are polling well and thereby giving
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in indiana where the senator campaigned today. trump campaigned today in maryland. the third state where polls show he's way ahead of his rivals. he criticized ted cruz for the way he's gained delegates through the rules. >> where cruz is going and whining and dining he's bribing people essentially. >> there are two people and only two people that have any plausible path whatsoever to winning the republican nomination. me and donald trump. >> cru indiana even though that state doesn't vote until may 3rd. sad news tonight out of bergen county. we have learned the mayor of teeneck, new jersey, died today. parker was rushed to holy name medical center with respiratory issues. she died at the hospital. she was 44 years old. city flags will fly at half
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the deputy mayor has assumed all duties. frightening moments on the upper west side. robbers terrorize a man. the surveillance video police want you to see. new details in the slaying of an ohio family. what investigators say about the killer or killers and the crime scene itself. royal fortune in deed. the estate belonging to prince is worth $300 million and counting. who will get the money? a little warm up to begin the workweek.
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the nypd is looking for two suspects after a robbery in manhattan this morning. two men held up a 53-year-old man inside his apartment building on the upper west side around 6:45. he followed that man into the building and then one of them pulled out a gun. the suspects got away in what's described as a mid sized black suv. the suspects stole $3400 in cash, a cell phone and two i-pads. the slayings of eight family members were planned. authorities revealed several marijuana growing operations were found at the crime scenes. it's unclear if the marijuana had a roll in the murders. seven adults and a teenage boy
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16 miles south of columbus. the attorney general called them a sophisticated operation. >> they thought this thing through and they executed it. it was well planned out and thought out. >> occupancies on the bodies are expected to be completed tomorrow. president obama is expected to send an additional 250 military personnel to syria to help local forces fighting isis. he's in germany on the last leg of a six day trip to the middle east and europe. he opened a massive industrial trade show. the pair is pushing a transatlantic trade deal. a community in queens hosted a benefit concert to raise money to help the victims of the earthquake in ecuador. lanit nightclub in wood side
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all the proceeds go to unicef. you no longer need chain from the tappen zea bridge. drivers will be able to pay the tolls while driving at highway speeds. it will snap a photo of your license plate and a bill will be mailed to your home. a shooting at a high school prom. two students wounded. what police say stopped it from becoming a massacre. no small steps here.
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so no reason for the monday morning blues tomorrow. >> no, not at all. a great day shaping up for your monday. tuesday we'll have some blues because it'll be raining out there. we do need the rainfall. we have near draught conditions in the area and we've been dealing with brush fires as well. the empire state building is lit up for a particular local hockey team that just won in double overtime. laura behnke will have much more in sports. that temperature is 52 degrees. the wind is calm and the high on the day got up to 68. it was room temperature. absolutely perfect after a chilly morning. got down to 47 earlier. that's pretty much normal for this year. the high was 4 degrees above the norm. headlines are looking like this. warmer tomorrow, probably getting to the low 70s in new york city. still in the 60s with the breeze coming in. showers show up tomorrow night and during the day on tuesday. won't be raining for that whole time.
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showers. there could be a thunderstorm or two during the day on tuesday as we get instability in the atmosphere. sun returns on wednesday briefly and then it does turn cooler and cloudier. might be unsettled in here by later thursday and maybe another period of rain moving in. 55 in newark, 47 at white plains. you get 43 at morris town. some of these outer suburbs cooling down quickly. 48 belmar and upper 40s on the island. the radar and satellite showing clouds streaming into the hudson valley and these will continue moving off to the southeast overnight tonight. you wake up to maybe just a milky overcast. high overcast in the area. during the course of the day we clear things out. it's going to be a nice afternoon tomorrow. temperatures getting in the low 70s for most 60s along the shoreline. as we head into tomorrow night by midnight tomorrow night
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parts of new jersey overspreading the area in tuesday. you wake up to showers tuesday and maybe break out to sunshine midday and more showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. accuweather forecast overnight partly cloudy ask down to 49. 7:00 in the morning temperatures in the low 50s and tons of clouds and sun. a warmer afternoon and more sun later in the day. 71 in midtown and 60s along the coast. a shower tomorrow night late. we're down to 57. showers and thunderstorms becoming more widespread during the day on tuesday. the high maybe managing to get in the low 70s before the front moves through. behind that front abundant sunshine wednesday and upper 60s. clouding up on thursday and could be an afternoon shower. high of 57 by then and remaining cloudy on friday. we'll have to see if the rain lingers.
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next weekend. temperatures in the upper 60s. >> springtime forecast. thank you. >> that guy gave him a hint of what's coming. >> i'll take it from here. you didn't think this was going to be easy, right islander's fans? they were trying to snap a 23-year drought and in true fashion periods was not enough drama. it just ended.
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if you heard a big cheer from nassau and suffolk county tonight she'll tell you why. >> all in brooklyn as well. 23 years. that's how long it's been since the islanders won a playoff series. tonight all that heartbreak could come to an end in front of the home crowd. that would make it sweeter. the isles and panthers clashing. florida striking one.
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and it was a 1-0 game until the third. the puck was loose in front and there's john tevares. second straight in double overtime and tevares ends it. isles rejoice. it's the first win since 1993. 2-1 the isles are moving on and will face tampa bay next. baseball has taken a backseat. with the excitement of the birth of his first child turning into fear as he was placed on family emergency leave. that was then and now jackson is healthy and so is his dad and degrom made his return in atlanta. the lineup was doing just enough. no homers but a run scoring ground ruled double.
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he allowed a run but he got out of the jam. 3-2 the mets pulling off the weekend sweep and this afternoon the yankees going for a sweep of the rays at the stadium. it was one bad outing and tampa capitalized. it went from bad to worse. suza homers twice on his birthday. they were up 5-0 after 1. the rays weren't done yet. the rays blast five homers in this one. 8-1. the yankees fall. we have much more ahead in sports. a tour of the nba playoffs awaits and good news and bad news for the warriors who won their game but once again lost steph curry. how badly is the star injured this time? we'll hear from steve kerr and
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the warriors were as close as unbeatable in the regular season with nine losses to their name. that was with steph curry the reigning league mvp is a difference maker. golden state thought they were getting him back. he rejoined the lineup after missing two games. had some rust to shake off but here's a steal, crossover steal and foul.
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he would limp off to the locker room and wouldn't return. he's having an mri tomorrow. golden state going on without him and doing just fine. klay thompson with the 3. the warriors take the 3-1 series lead but they do lose curry. >> i said are you okay and he said yeah, i'm okay. i said are you sure. you have to be honest with us. he put his head down and he knew it was not a wise thing to do. >> the cavaliers stumbled at times in the regular season but so far they're clicking. they pushed the pistons into a 3-0 hole. cleveland trying to seal the deal in game 4 in detroit. it wouldn't be a cavs' game without a lebron james highlight. kyrie irving had himself a career night. plenty of big shots. this one would seal it. 100-98.
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while in boston rob gronkowski court side. this one brought the drama. isaiah thomas drives and it went to overtime. finished with 28 points. the 3 would ice it. the celtics tie this series up at 2-2. also today the spurs trying to sweep their way past the grizzlies and into round two. there was another foe to deal with. that was the electricity or lack thereof thanks to a power surge in the 2nd quarter. it delayed the game for 20 minutes. the grizzlies may have preferred them to remain off. leonard led the way with 21 points. aldridge with the rainbow jumper and the foul. the route was on. 116-95. the spurs sweep. at first it seemed like a slow start to a long season. the red bulls had one win in their first seven matches. something they would need to
11:34 pm
they met orlando city. they wore the metro stars jersey. new york on a scoring terror. the second goal of the game and the red bull's third goal in nine minutes. new york getting a much needed win. crowd loved that one. >> good stuff. >> congratulations to the islanders. >> thank you, laura. a violent attack caught on camera. still ahead, a man assaults a cab driver knocking him to the ground with an unprovoked punch. police want to find the man who followed a woman inside her lower apartment building and
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here's a look at the top stories. seven firefighters and two other people were injured at a massive six alarm fire in brooklyn. it started in a house in cyprus hills. officials suspect the fire started in a garage behind the home. >> a 4-year-old boy is dead after he was hit by a car in patterson. police say the car struck the boy on north 7 street. the driver remained at the scene. the crash is under investigation. allegations of illegal fund
11:38 pm
the daily news suggested the mayor's campaign team broke laws to help democrats take control of the new york senate. topping the news this half hour, a cab driver assaulted in the bronx, sucker punched right outside his home. >> that attack caught on camera. the driver said it all started when the suspect asked for the time. now he and his family are scared to step outside. >> kemberly richardson spoke to the driver. she has the story from the sound view section. >> i never saw him before. i really had no idea. >> reporter: it's still tough for him to tell me what happened. his severely left eye and broken nose are all indications how violently he was attacked. >> he punched me very close. >> reporter: cameras mounted on his house captured everything. muhammad was with his brother
11:39 pm
their car up to their driveway. his brother opens the gate and you see him walk through and pick up a bag of garbage to put on the curve. he's standing still holding a bag. the suspect then walks up to him. >> he passed me and he back again and he told me what time is it now. i said that's it. and he punched my eyes. >> reporter: a simple question and short answer and without warning a crushing blow to the face. >> i closed my eyes. i'm bleeding my nose and mouth. >> reporter: it's not over. he tells me what happened next. >> yes. he called my brother and said join us, let's go. >> reporter: the suspect didn't make good on his promise. a camera shows leaving a woman by his side and what appears to be a child. police did respond but didn't make an arrest. the entire situation has left the father of four and his wife
11:40 pm
>> i'm not comfortable to go outside with them. i want to go with them because i'm not safe. i think they're not safe also. >> reporter: the suspect didn't rob him or appear intoxicated. he believes because he walked away he lives close by. kemberly richardson, channel 7 eye witness news. police are searching for a suspect in an attempted rape in manhattan. investigators are looking for this man. a woman told officers that a man followed her into the elevator of a building yesterday on the lower east side. once inside, she says the man pushed her up against the wall and groped her. he then tried to follow the victim into her apartment and then ran off when the man came to the door. a scare at a prom in wisconsin. a gunman opens fire with a rifle. the suspect shot and killed by an officer assigned to the dance.
11:41 pm
officer prevented a bigger tragedy. marcy gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: tonight a wisconsin community reeling. a gunman opening fire outside of a high school prom injuring students. >> we have another shooter. the school is going to need to be cleared. >> reporter: the dance was about to end when bullets started flying. jacob wagner armed with a high powered rifle and a large ammunition clip took aim shooting a couple as they left the dance. a young man was hit in the leg. his date grazed by a bullet. students inside forced to take cover. >> i was just shocked and surprised that something like this could happen in a small town. i was completely in disbelief when i heard there was a shooting here. >> reporter: officers patrolling the dance heard the shots and rushed over shooting the suspect and stopping him before anyone else was hurt.
11:42 pm
officers who prevented a disaster of unimageable proportions. wagner died this morning and officials searching his family's home looking for clues that could point to a motive. pictured here in a cap and gown wagner graduated last year and still volunteered in art classes at the school. police haven't said whether wagner targeted the couple. the student shot in the leg is recovering after surgery and his date is home from the hospital. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. authorities in pennsylvania are now questioning a suspect in a deadly shooting at a suburban philadelphia church. police say an altercation escalated into gunfire about 11:30 this morning. one person was rushed to the hospital and died. he's identified as 27-year-old robert braxton. the man being questioned has not been identified nor has he been charged.
11:43 pm
figure out the cause of a fire that badly damaged a building in manhattan. flames spread this morning in the rear of a six story apartment building in soho. the fire moved through the top floor and the roof. more than 100 firefighters responded to the scene. many of the tenants are elderly and needed help getting out. >> when i came out there was a lot of black smoke. so many people and they see the flames and the ashes and the black smoke and then also the fire trucks started coming over. people coming out carrying the dogs. >> everyone got out safely. two firefighters and one tenant suffered minor burns. yet another fire. this one destructive. it displaced tenants in a building in the bronx. flames broke out on the top floor of a three story building of the clay month section. the firefighters brought the
11:44 pm
much of the building sustained water damage. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. a push for lawmakers to get funding for the zika virus. the risk of zika should concern new yorkers since they're in the range of the mosquito that carries the virus. that species isn't expected to be prevalent in the u.s. until june or july but he says with summer approaching now is the time to act. >> they need preparation. they need the dollars. they know what to do. we've been successful at i rat indicate inging -- >> a vote will soon come on the administration request for $1.9 billion. as the world awaits answers into prince's death, some are wondering what will happen to his fortune. prince was not marry and had he
11:45 pm
his sister tyka nelson could be first in line to inherit his money and property. his estate is estimated to be worth $300 million and will likely grow as the music is topping the charts. there's no word on whether he left behind a will. coming up on eye witness news, a government crackdown on one of the most dangerous toys in the country leads to the hover boards. does gravity make it easier or harder to run a marathon? one runner tackles the london marathon but he's nowhere near the city itself. a live look outside on this
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new concerns tonight about hover board knockoffs. authorities seized thousands of fakes in a crackdown. despite the risk of fire dangers, hover boards are still in high demand for those who wanlt to try one out there are ways to spot these fakes. >> guns drawn, handcuffs out.
11:49 pm
counterfeit unit raids a suburban warehouse. it's filled with nearly 4,000 of the hottest and perhaps most dangerous toys on the market. the hover boards. >> this place is packed with counterfeit hover boards. >> reporter: they have confiscated nearly 100,000 of the toys at the border. many imported from china. tus government says hover boards can't be considered safe. they pack not just a thrill but too often a fiery surprise because the batteries can overheat and catch fire. that's what happened to the fox family in chicago. their house badly damaged in a fire when their son's christmas present hover board went up in flames. >> all i could think is there's a good likelihood we'll lose our children today. >> reporter: in this week's raid the sheriff's department brought an inspector. the trusted testing group to look for one telltale sign of
11:50 pm
>> this mark means it's been safety certified and tested. >> reporter: has it been? >> no, it hasn't. >> reporter: so this is bogus? >> it's counterfeit sxun authorized. >> reporter: it's developing safety standards for hover boards. nothing on the market is approved. if you see a ul stamp on the box, it doesn't mean the hover board is certified. stay away from it and call authorities. today as runners took to the streets of london for its marathon a british astronaut did what he could to mimic the race. tim peek ran 26.2 miles on a treadmill on the international space station. his time was 20 minutes slower when he did the real thing 17 years ago. when he was undone he stretched
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florida man. the u.s. coast guard said reza asked to be taken off the homemade hydropod. that pod allows someone to run on water like a hafrp ster in a wheel. he wanted to go to bermuda but he was 7 miles into the 3500-mile journey. he failed in 2014. a sweet treat for beyonce fans. >> the singer's latest project lemonade does anything but hit a sour note for fans who want a make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. all right, jeff. you're hooking us up monday, right? >> i'm taking you to bermuda. >> he'll make it longer than 7 miles, i know that. smarter forms of transportation. >> yes. >> decent day for tomorrow. we have rain.
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late tomorrow night into tuesday. along with a couple of thunderstorms as well. we head outside right now and a look towards midtown. 52 degrees clear skies and the wind has calmed down. as we take a look at the next 7 hours temperatures won't be doing much. it'll be falling in the lower 50s. 51 by 6 in the morning. we will have a patch of high clouds moving over around dawn and we clear out during the day tomorrow. today up to 72 in newark and central park. cooler coastal areas, long island and down the jersey shore. as we head into your day on monday, we're going to be near this frontal boundary. south of the boundary temperatures get in the 80s over parts of virginia. we don't quite get into that warmth. we are talking a few degrees warmer than today. this rain waits until pretty late tomorrow night to move on in.
11:55 pm
plains and 50 at monticello and colder down the jersey shore. 48 at belmar. the reason it's milder in monticello is you're getting clouds moving into that area. here's the rainfall that affects us late tomorrow night into the day tuesday. currently located over the great lakes. lows at 49 in the park and lower 40s and upper 30s areas north and west. tomorrow 71 in central park. mid-70s over interior new jersey. cooler along coastal areas staying in the 60s. weather wellness air quality is moderate. uv index is a 6, which is high. the pollen is high as we sneezers and sniff lers know. partly cloudy and 52. we get up to 71 during the afternoon. late tomorrow night a couple of showers show up. those evolve into showers and thunderstorms tuesday. 71. not an all day washout but a day to grab the umbrella. a break wednesday and maybe
11:56 pm
upper 50s on thursday and maybe rain showing up late in the day. >> rain you say we need. >> we need. >> thanks, jeff. finally, beyonce turning the music world upside down. this weekend she released an hour long video called lemonade. spectacular imagery. >> it offered clues about her relationship with jay-z and an empowering message for women. >> reporter: it's the bomb shell from beyonce that's lighting the internet on fire. lemonade is billed as every woman's journey of self-knowledge and healing. but some believe it's her own
11:57 pm
the album's release was an overnight sensation. more than 1.7 million tweets followed with the hash tag lemonade. from fierce moments like this rampage by a woman scorned to talk of race and gender with a nod to malcolm x's famous speech about black women. the song forward features the mothers of young black men killed by police and others. building on the message of defiance from her super bowl halftime performance. and while lemonade has lots of sour what triumphs is a message of empowerment, redemption and love of family. lindsey davis, abc news, new york. >> beyonce, she's got the golden touch.
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