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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  April 26, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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has done her share of warming hearts. now she has some competition in the cute category. >> hi everybody. >> that's jaden and james. his father is isaiah thomas. it was his two sons who stole the show at the post game press conference. >> isaiah is the greatest basketball player. >> they left the podium for a split second before this little guy decides he has one last thing to say. >> thank you. for your honesties. >> post game kids might be a bit of a thing. the next generation of football starts can be pretty cute as well. this guy left reporters speechless when his dad left for houston. >> i want you to give brady two numbers from 90 to 99 and he's going to multiply them together.
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>> 9,021. can you look at your calculator? does that say 9,021 in boom. thank you. >> they are adorable. it's been said children are one-third of our population and all of our future. thank you for watching abc news. tune to good morning america, and as always we're online at and our pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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first at 11:00, developing news. a cherry picker crashing through abapartment building in manhattan.
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>> the hydraulic lifter was outside the six-story building. neighbors say work on the facade was underway. it failed, sending the platform right in to the window. >> heard not a smash but like a buckle, like a cave in. there must have been -- screwed up a little bit. >> a tenant was inside the apartment at the time but was not hurt. as a precaution the top two floors were evacuated for a brief time. eventually they were able to get the platform out of the window and lower it to the ground. fortunately no one was hurt. also new at 11:00, dramatic video tonight of a police officer in new jersey stopping an attempted suicide. police sergeant from the morris county borough of riverdale responding to reports of a man walking in and out of traffic on route 287. the man upset and crying. then he made a run for it.
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don't [ bleep ] do it. don't do it. >> sergeant greg boger was able to get to the man just in time as you saw the man taken to the hospital. now to an eyewitness exclusive. we're hearing from two of the people inside this church van involved in a frightening crash. the pastor and his pregnant wife. and the driver that hit them with the stolen car took off and is still on the run tonight. sandra bookman is speaking to the victims about what happened. >> i thank jesus that we're alive. without him we wouldn't be here. >> reporter: youth minister daniel levits and his pregnant wife shenae insist their faith is the reason they and others survived a horrific accident last friday night. a stolen rental car broadsided the church van daniel was driving, flipping it. >> i heard him screaming baby, are you okay? baby, are you okay?
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then i start today panic. >> reporter: neighbors who heard the impact of the crash rushed to help, kicking out windows and pulling those inside the van to safety, even before emergency crews arrived. the couple understandably concerned about their unborn child. >> i remember just laying there crying out, praying, i remember feeling her kick and that's when i know she's good. she's good. >> reporter: in fact, everyone in the van, including two young children, walked away with only minor injuries. seatbelts and child safety seats likely one of the reasons. but daniel and shenae who were ferrying young church members home from a night of bible study and games at the church, say divine intervention is the real reason. >> all of us were breathing. all of us was conscious. all of us was alive and i thank god for that.
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intersection of shore and princeton. this is where that accident happened. they say they want to thank all the people in the neighborhood who came out to help them right after the accident. daniel tells us tonight he's been driving that church van for about three years. he says however, after this accident, he has no idea when he'll be able to get back behind the wheel. we're live tonight in jamaica, queens, sandra bookman, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have new video tonight of the man arrested for a series of violent home invasion robberies in new york city. robberies that target elderly women. >> clarence jones was taken in to custody today charged with robbery and assault after detectives received a crimestoppers tip. he's been linked to 5 attacks in brooklyn and queens since january. the eldest victim being 91. new video in the search for this man who cops say sexually assaulted a woman on an elevator on the lower east side. the suspect believed to be 16 to
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in the elevator of her building saturday at stanton and pitt streets. then pushed her up against the wall and groped her. cops say he then tried to follow her in to her apartment but ran off when another resident came to the door. toxic news for folks who love near one of the most toxic waterways in new york. it's taken forever to clean up the polluted gowanus canal in brooklyn. it's now going to take even longer. how did this happen again? >> we just want this water body to be a healthy water body again. >> reporter: 16 years up and down the 2-mile length of the gowanus canal, reserve keeper patrol boat captain john lipscomp has seen the waterway. >> this waterway is waiting
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that's the tragedy. >> reporter: the city and the epa disagreed on the location of the necessary retention tank after a lengthy negotiation, the two sides reached a deal but it pushes back the start date by several years. not the news neighborhood people wanted to hear at the epa public information meeting. >> you came here and promised us a solution to the problem. i think this agreement will allow the city to become a problem to the solution. >> we all have to stop and say is this worth this? are we really getting much for this incredible extra cost that's going in here? i'm not sure that we are. >> every single day for the last several decades the community here has been burdened by this canal. it's the city's open space. it's the people's open space. the quicker we cleanup, the quicker we can restore it to being useful for the community. >> each time the cleanup for the gowanus gets pushed back, the hopes and prayers that it will ever get done take another hit and the worry grows not so much
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it will happen at all. in the gowanus canal, joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. turning now to the race for president. another big super tuesday tomorrow that includes connecticut. this one walled the ocella primaries because voting happens in five states from rhode island to maryland. democratic candidates were in philly tonight. hillary clinton attended a televised town hall where she says she'll aim to have a cabinet that's half women if she's elected. senator bernie sanders was speaking at drexel university. the crowd was so large that thousands of people stood outside the building. he repeated what he sees as his major difference with clinton, including campaign finance, trade, and support for carbon tax. on the republicans side, donald trump also campaigning tonight in pennsylvania where he described himself as handsome
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and rivals ted cruz and john kasich should just quit. he says if they quit the party can unify and beat hillary clinton. he blasted a deal weakening because of pushback to not compete as much as against each other in upcoming primaries hoping to block trump. meanwhile, senator cruz already focusing his attention on indiana. according to his deal with kasich, yoouz -- cruz will focus on indiana. kasich was sending mixed messages about the deal today, saying he's still urging his voters in indiana to vote for him and he only agreed not to spend resources in that state. meanwhile, a new campaign strategy from trump. he's mocking kasich for what he says are the ohio governor's slobbish table manners. >> this guy takes a pancake and shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting. do you want that for your president? i don't think so.
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holding a press conference today in philadelphia. his communication team shot back at trump with a tweet saying we were looking for some trump steaks for the governor but no one seems to sell them anymore. we invite you to watch tomorrow on eyewitness news at 11:00. we'll have results and late reaction from the candidates after the primaries. tonight we now know what caused a small plane to crash in to a neighborhood and left three people onboard now in critical condition. faa says the pilot was practicing takeoffs and landings. this happened at an airport in pompano beach, florida. authorities say the plane hit the roof of one house before crashing near another. fortunately no one on the ground was hurt. emotions boil over in court. an nypd cop whose partner died in a fire testified in the trial of a teenager accused of setting it. surveillance video presented as evidence shows rosa rodriguez
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the elevator in a coney island apartment building. they described being choked by thick smoke when the elevator doors open. marcel dockery is accused of setting a mattress on fire. a wake tomorrow for the second grader whose sudden death over the weekend has left a community in our area in mourning and elementary school parents worried. no official cause of death yet. 7-year-old lily love. westchester county health officials trying to calm nervous parents. students at greenville and eastchester say love's death is an isolated event and no signs of risk to other students exist. new york city hoping new equipment will help solve snow removal problems. we learned tonight the de blasio administrator wants to buy snow plows specifically for narrow streets that are hard to clear after storms. it's budgeting $21 million for smaller plows and other equipment. lee goldberg is tracking
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>> we've clouded over right now but streets are dry for the time being. our temperature is at 58 degrees right now. watching thunderstorms racing over pennsylvania. they'll be here in a few hours. the question is will you need that umbrella for the morning commute? we'll let you know the timing coming up in accuweather. new at 11:00, a snake finside the wall of a local home. what's even more bizarre is how long it might have been living there. >> plus, a truck falls on top of
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ba da ba ba ba new at 11:00, if your dog is sniffing your bedroom wall, pay attention. a family on long island certainly learning that lesson tonight because behind that wall was a snake. a four-foot snake. so what would you do if that were your house? these homeowners doing something rather bold. here's eyewitness news reporter carolina leid. >> it's moving. >> reporter: lauren feinstein
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a 4-foot california kingsnake coiled inside a radiator at their glen cove home. >> my dog maya was at the corner of the room. something caught her attention. i saw the tail end of a snake going in to the heat register. and i freaked out completely. >> reporter: the long island couple moved in to the home back in november, not knowing the previous tenant's snake escaped from its enclosure. because it disappeared more than a year ago, that person figured his pet was long gone. >> this is not a garder snake. this is a very large snake and i was not expecting that at all. >> then you felt bad though. >> i did, i felt bad. >> because i really had the right to freak out. >> reporter: eric managed to capture the snake and set it free in their yard, something they regret now that they know it's not indigenous to this area. so they're asking if anyone comes across it to call the
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>> if anyone does come across it, it really was a harmless snake. although large and long, it's relatively harmless. >> reporter: in glen cove, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. new tonight, sportscaster and dancing with the stars host erin andrews settling her lawsuit with two hotel companies. as you may remember, a jury awarded andrews $55 million. jurors found the hotel shared blame for booking a stalker in a neighboring room. got video of her naked and posted it online. the companies appealed, likely tying up the case in court for years. the terms were not disclosed. a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of tamir rice has been settled for $6 million. the city of cleveland agreed to pay but did not admit to any wrongdoing. a rookie police officer shot and killed the 12-year-old mistakenly thinking rice's toy gun was real. lots of speculation but no official explanation yet about what killed prince.
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secondary interest for folks in harlem who took to the streets to party and celebrate who he was and what he accomplished. fans gathering at the harlem state office building singing, dancing, sharing memories of his music. prince cremated over the weekend. results from an autopsy expected to take several weeks. new tonight, a 9-year-old boy has set up a lemonade stand to raise money for his own adoption. tristan jacobson is selling lemonade and cookies in front of the home he shares with his legal guardians in springfield, missouri. he's been living with the davis family ever since his biological mother left him at the door of a shelter four years ago. >> she's responsible for taking care of me. i think she's going to be a great mother. >> he's already apart of our family. in mine and my husband's hearts, that's our son. nobody can tell us any different. that is our son.
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>> the stand, a yard sale, and an online fundraiser has so far raised $14,000 to assist with the adoption's legal fees. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg watching thunderstorms about a hundred miles to our west. they're moving east pretty quickly. could be at the delaware water gap in a couple hours. a sampling of our computer models would inch of rain in spots over the day tomorrow but it's not raining all day. dry streets right now. you'll need the umbrella in a few spots tomorrow morning. 58 degrees right now. southeast wind at 6. the high today just shy of 70. the average high, 65. be very close to that tomorrow. there's a huge range across the area. there are your sunrise and sunset times. here are your weather headlines. book end showers tomorrow. early and late. middle of the day, fairly quiet. big range in temperatures. wednesday is the best bet of the week. rain is close by thursday and friday. hopefully it stays to the south. terrific timing for the upcoming weekend. settles down with partly sunny skies and temperatures should be in the mid 60s.
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tight now in the middle and upper 50s. anything but during the day tomorrow. we start out with showers at 7 a.m. the heaviest is probably in the predawn hours. a lot of places just cloudy, 57. the clouds trying to thin out midday. that's your best part of the day. then another line of showers tries to come through later in the day but leaves the scene early in the evening hours. we'll top out around 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon in the mid 60s then start dropping. so have the jacket later tomorrow as the numbers start dropping in the 50s. there's that area of showers and thunderstorms right now. 55-mile-per-hour wind gusts. delaware water gap in a couple hours. i think about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning they're approaching new york city. there's another line that tries to move in to the area late morning. then the entire front collapses down on the area later in the day. sort of three opportunities for some showers. notice the temperature difference. 40s to the north of the front. still near 70 to the south of the front. watch the range during the day tomorrow. so as we go through tomorrow morning, you see the predawn showers.
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could be a rumble of thunder. but the good news is by sunrise, even though there will be puddles around the area, a lot of the heavier stuff has moved off to the east but there's another round that tries to come in late morning, especially north. look at the range in temperatures. 48, montauk. 73, toms river. 60 in the city. around 50 north and west. so big difference depending where you are. the last line of showers coming through mid to late afternoon, that affects the early part of the evening commute. then things improve during the evening hours. skies start to clear. the front straddling the area. the high pressure pushes in for wednesday. nicer north of the city where there's more sun. here's your accuweather forecast. mainly cloudy at 7 a.m. scattered showers off to the north. 66 tomorrow. book end showers and storms. early and late, and some midday breaks. tomorrow night, mostly cloudy. here's your 7-day accuweather forecast. unsettled tuesday. pretty nice wednesday. i think distant showers over central and southern new jersey thursday. close to the city. bill evans will have an update
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mostly cloudy friday. the weekend shaping up nicely. >> we need this rain. still to come, are local researchers closer to figuring out what causes alzheimer ? we have important new health information. >> plus, a truck falls on a teenager and pins him. what happens next saves his life. >> but first, let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel who appears to be trying his hand as a marriage counselor. >> thanks, bill. hello, new york. tonight john stamos. music from iggy pop.
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between beyonce and new at 11:00, a teenager rescued from an accident feared by every home auto mechanic. 17-year-old cameron king was working on a truck in the street in front of his san diego home. surveillance video shows the
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the car jack had failed. king was trapped. his head and shoulders in the wheel well. >> that's when the ups guy drove down the street because he heard my screams. he held me with the jack. >> with the driver of the neighbor lifting the truck, king was able to slip out. he figures he would have died if the truck would have come down differently. king says he's happy to be alive. in tonight's health alert, new hope for a reverse in the effects of alzheimer in the early stages of the disease. scientists at the fisher center for alzheimer research here in manhattan finding manipulating a protein pathway linked with alzheimer helped improve memory repairment in mice. they hope to find a way to apply that method to humans. rob powers up next with sports. >> we start with baseball. good baseball. maybe a little role reversal in local baseball tonight. straight ahead, the yankees have the bomber nickname but it's the mets knocking them off like they're going out of style.
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then we get to the yankees. it's the mets that aren't over
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so you said the yankees are pitching and the mets are hitting, it's like alice in wonderland. >> dogs and cats living together. the mets hit 23 home runs on the latest road trip. they come back home, pick up right where they left off. we start with pitching. noah syndergaard is always good. the way things fell, he got an extra couple days recently to which the cincinnati reds must have been saying oh, great. three-game series opens tonight at citifield. there goes cosart, one of nine strikeouts for syndergaard. michael conforto, home run. just keep hitting home runs. the reds are not happy. but back they came. tied the game a couple of times. chased syndergaard in the 7th inning. he's on the hook for the run scoring symbol. no problem. neil walker clobbers a two-run shot. seven home runs in his last 10 games and that was good enough. 5-3 mets win. that's four in a row. the yankees now on the road
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after rough luck at home. they typically don't play real well in texas but that changed tonight. 3rd inning, jacoby ellsbury, first home run of the season. eovaldi, no hitter through six innings. struck out six. his splitter, awesome. and a little insurance here from starlin castro. takes one out of the park. they get a much needed win to start this road 3-1. yankees get this one, 10 hits, couple home runs and good pitching to win one in texas. tom brady's four-game nfl suspension back on after an appeals court ruled today he should take a seat. suspended by the league for his supposed role in the use of deflated footballs in the 2015 afc title game. brady fought the suspension in court and won. the league appealed and won. brady can still battle so this isn't done yet. we will hear more. golden state warriors star
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two weeks with a ligament sprain in his right knee. injured yesterday in the warriors' playoff game with houston. golden state is up in the series three games to one. curry is out the rest of the series. if the warriors advance he's out the next four games of next series. curry the reigning mvp. warriors, reigning nba champs. >> we said two weeks but no guarantee. it might be after two weeks, might be before. but i think it will be somewhere in that range hopefully. at this point it's just a guess. and finally from us, the nhl stanley cup playoffs. chicago on the power play. knocks one in off the defenseman. the game is tied at two. midway through the 3rd period, blues crash the net and keep pounding till they score the goal. st. louis has the lead. st. louis did not give it up. a furious finish. the blues win game 7 3-2.
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defending cup champs are out. isn't that great? >> how exciting. it's interesting, fewer fights in the stanley cup playoffs. >> the games mean so much, every minute is crucial. can't screw it up. >> so they should have playoffs the whole season. [ laughter ]


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