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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  April 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> you can tell, look how threatening that looks with dark clouds. let me take a look at our gorge washington cam. let me see. it's pouring over t he gorge washington bridge as showers and thunderstorms come in slowing down travel in the toll plaza. a thunder near burlington county, but that strong is going into southern ocean over the next half. the rest of new jersey under a watch until 9:00. that doesn't include new york city, points north and east. we have heavy downpours from city island to port washington and oyster bay and more showers in upper manhattan and central new jersey with a large lightning strike not too far from livingston. this is going to move new york city by 4:15 and move along long island around 4:30. brief gusty winds and
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and that's the severe cell over parts -- that's over to stanford. this is a future scan that shows how the radar will look. by 5:00, all the action is over long eye land. a little leftover new york city. an awesome wind gust map because you can see the front and wind gust over 30 miles-an-hour near the stronger storms. here's what you need to know storms south after the next few hours ask a brief heavy downpours and gusty small hail, and it turns cooler tonight. guys, the threat for new york city points north and west is over the next hour, and we'll skip to long island and new jersey. accu weather in a few minutes. liz and dave. >> it got dark out there. >> thanks, lee. we have more from a local home where they
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firsthand coming up at 4:30. a scare on campus. a connecticut university taking steps to protect students after an assault was reported in the area. fairfield university urging its students to stick together as it investigates the sexual assault of a student on the way to the library. reporter aj ross live in fairfield with more. >>reporter: david, this is a small university of a couple of thousand students. students received text and e-mails about last night's assault and they're on heighten alert as police search for the suspect. >> we got the text messages through our phones this morning, and we got a followup e-mail as well. >> it was a nerving message sent to the entire student body at fairfield university early tuesday after a young woman was brutally attacked and sexually assaulted while walking from the library. >> it's scary to have that happen on our campus.
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because this town is nice. my school is so nice, and it's just sad that, you know, this happens. >> the victim called police shortly after the attack around 11:00 p.m. monday night and told investigators she was lured from a path on campus to the woods where she was assaulted by a male in his 40s. >> last evening we had officers, k-9 officers searching the area. unfortunately we were unable to locate the individual. >> they're urging students to use the body camera. >> we encourage students to travel in pair. >> meanwhile, students says they're be on guard and their thoughts remain with the victim. >> you never know what happens so keeping the students informed is the best way to handle it. >> in addition to the
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full time campus 24-hour escort service. aj, ross. a warning for students and children. police in westchester county searching for a man who they say tried to lure a 10-year-old girl. she was playing outside her home in greenberg when a man driving a white suv pulled up. police say he was attempting engage the child with a conversation about his grandson. a man investigator says is the figure in the nypd corruption probe is about to appear in court. hamlet is accused of running a scheme out of the hudson river cafe in harlem. he's accused of obtaining $12 million on false pre-sense--- false pretenses. connecticut are
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it's the fourth multi state tuesday primary in the race for president. 172 republican delegates up for grab while 464 at stake for the democrats. polls in connecticut will remain open until 8:00. our coverage begins with abc elizabeth hur. >> david, first let's talk about that alliance between cruz and kasich, losing steam and running out of time. that alliance isn't looking good. as for the front runners, tonight, they're hoping to widen their delegate leads with big wins. the two republican rivals turned alis sending mixed messages. >> this is the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump and then clinton. >> cruz and kasich who promised to stay out the way of each other in the primary states are
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>> i'm not going to tell anybody how to vote. >> their goal was to collaborate to stop donald trump from clinching the 1237 delegates he'll need to secure the nomination. trump set -- >> they ought to both drop out of the race so we ought to unify the republican party. >> even suggesting in a tweet democratic sanders, run as an independent. sanders is facing an uphill battle with four out of the five states voting today being closed primaries meaning independence cannot vote, and sanders has yet to win a single close primary, but sanders is battling to fight on. >> we're in this race until the last vast is casted. those -- >> i have the greatest respect for senator sanders, but what he
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saying just don't add up. i have 2.7 million more votes than he has. >> in fact, with polls showing clinton and trump favored to do well in the five states voting today, most of the candidates have already moved on. focusing on the next big state to vote, indiana. we're live in philadelphia, i'm elizabeth herd for channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you, elizabeth. the polls in connecticut open until 8:00 p.m. and we'll have complete primary result on eyewitness news at 11:00. . -- police are searching for another suspect for a slashing. a suspect and another man got into an argument on the 6th train. as the suspect pulled a knife, the victim grabbed it and cut in the hand. he got off at grand terminal -- the suspect ran off with a green package. investigators are hoping surveillance video will lead them to a suspect in a violent road rage attack in
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is getting back into his car after the attack saturday night. the two men had pulled over on the upper east side after an incident on the queens bureau bridge. the victim got out of his car to confront the suspect and was stabbed 11 times. right now, he remains in critical condition. a new information and new video this afternoon in the case of a man robbing businesses along rhode island. he struck an 11th time at a subway store in new hyde park. police say his string of robberies began in march, and the reward for his arrests now up to $10,000. >> the 11th establishments robbed consist of two subways, one 7-eleven and two car bells. it's county wide from ocean side to pico park which is 16 miles between the two.
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has been seriously injured in any of the robberies. a search on for a woman in staten island accused of snatching a hockey stick out of a boy's hand and snatching it from him. he boy tells police he and his friend were playing hockey when a woman yelled at them for making too much noise and the woman grabbed the hockey stick and hit him in his leg. new york city mayor de blasio unveiled his plan. it totalled $80 billion and comes -- it includes $70 million to build a police pre-pre-- a police precinct. >> one of the biggest, most praed out police pre-sinks in the city is
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there's been a desire to create a new precinct to allow for faster and better response in the neighborhood. >> the mayor also announced new plans for dealing with the health care of new york. saying he warrants to target health care before they require a trip to the emergency room. his budget is $2 billion to the hospital program. among the changes, the city's aiming to improve funding, part of that plan includes making sure everyone has access to insurance. another part of the overhaul targets local health care centers. city hall wants to see longer operating hours and higher -- this is to curve the massive financial short fall expected in the next four years. stocks are remaining
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closing at 7,990. did he go too far? coming up, we'll tell you what one lawmaker said that's prompting outrage in the bathroom debate. plus new information of prince's estate. why his sister is asking the court for help.
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he it is 4:13, and with thunderstorms threatening parts of the area and gray skies overhead, we have a look at traffic on this tuesday afternoon. this is the brooklyn, queens
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heavy near 45th street. the lincoln tunnel looking at 20 minutes delays. fortunately no big problems at the gorge washington bridge to report at this time. outrage north carolina over a homophobic remark made by the state general. state senator buck newton urged a crowd in raleigh, to quote, keep our state straight. those were his words. it came during a state law that limits limitations to the lbgt community and restricts bathroom room to the sex written to what's written on a person's birth certificate. johnny manziel got the news he was dreading. a grand jury indicting him in the assault case against his ex-girlfriend. the 2012 heisman trophy winner --
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cleveland browns in march for inconsistent play and off the field issues. he could face jail time if convicted. new at 4:00, first lady michelle obama is in manhattan to celebrate the decision by some of the high school seniors to pursue higher education. mrs. obama chose to celebrate her third annual college signing day in new york. it's apart of her reach higher initiative. she's joined by celebrities like ben and melissa mcarthy. the guest of honor are the 4,000 local high school seniors in attendance who have been accepted to college or a professional training program. >> we all know that completing your education passed high school is the most important thing you can do to reach your dreams. while you might be in awe of us, let me tell
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>> definitely true. mrs. obama tweeted out photos of her and her husband and vice president biden wearing shirts to show their college pride. oklahoma bracing for storms that could bring damaging hail and tornado. large chunks of hail predicted to fall in the region known as tornado alley. some schools cancelled classes for the day already. the same storms blew away canopies in southern california. knocked down skaf folding. we have storms moving through our area. not nearly as violent as those, but we have thunderstorms in our area. >> there's a small connection to that system, but it's worse in the middle of the country. we should be
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wind suppressing the thunderstorms. folks gathering their umbrella. it's not terribly windy, but we're following storms. watch new jersey, that will go until 9:00. apart of that likely to be dropped early just because of the way the thunderstorms are moving around the area right now. i do think we'll be talking about showers and storms over central and southern new jersey. there's lightning new berkeley and gorge washington bridge, that's not a fun ride. we're down to 56. normal high in the middle 60s. parts of the area had been near 80. look at the temperature range and we highlighted it yesterday. it's 78 in clinton new jersey. a few miles to the north and closer, it's in upper 50s, so an incredible range of 40s and 50s. the front is
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philadelphia right now. that's incredible. so at 7:00 tonight, showers will be around, but i think it will be south of new york city at that point from the city north and west, we'll dry out. clouds slow to break. a fair amount of sunshine. i think they'll be partially cloudiness over central and southern new jersey. let's get back to the thunderstorms. one now getting into tom's river. lightning light thing. the severe cell has gone strong where they dropped the warning, but a strong cell phone approaching stanford. we move to the north near summits and berkeley heights and another one moving to jersey city. it's a good downpour on the east side. there's downpours along -- over to parts of brentwood new jersey. a big picture shows the front settles to the south and it's a few more hours we have to deal with it. look at the future cast. i want we have long island and new jersey, but north and west is drying out.
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with a front nearby with a heavy downpour through 8:00 on the jersey shore. nicer to the north. more sun to the north. as we go into the day on thursday, a front tries to come back increasing cloudiness and rain could sneak into our southwest suburbs before a front. here's what you need to know. thunderstorms will exit early this evening over it turns brisk and chilly, so have your coats. it's going to feel chilly during the evening. places in the 70s will drop into the 50s. sunny and nice tomorrow. patchy clouds in central new jersey. and then tomorrow night, partly cloudy and cool. 46. coming up at 4:30, that front is nearby on friday. we have to forecast more clouds and do you need your umbrella and will this get out of way for the weekend. david and liz,
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the west side, but severe storms are to south where it's warmer. we'll track it in another few minutes. >> look at the kids behind you playing in the rain. >> it can't be that bad, right. >> exactly. we want you to know we're following breaking news where the white house is on lock down according to the associated press. here's a live picture. limited information about why the lock down was put into place, but associated press reporters say that secret service is keeping them inside the press room. as soon as we learn more information about the situation that is happening there, we will bring it to you. you're looking at live pictures at the white house where there's an apparent lockdown in place. we follow other news of the day. it was supposed to be a fun ride on a roller coaster, but what a dad caught on camera was terrifying instead. we'll tell you what went wrong.
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kelly ripple returned to her morning talk show after speculation in the fire storm. she discussed the up roar over michael -- >> what transpired over a few days have been extraordinary in the sense that it started a
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conversation about communication, and consideration. >> you love this show. you love the fans. you love this staff. i love you. and i'm so happy you're here because you brought me here. this show has been transforming for me. >> we have learned michael's last day on live will be on may 13th before he moves down the street to gma. a new documentary celebrates the 50th anniversary of star trek in a unique way. it's a personal look into the life and career behind the actor who brought us mr. spok. it's call for the love of spock. >> there's only one person who can play mr. spock. >>reporter: he's apart of popular culture and to inspire so many to pursue science. >> one of the things that struck me, i think, the most, was the impact
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of so many people. >> mr. spock has been apart of adams life since childhood. there may be no better place to talk to him than here, next to the prototype of the space shuttle named for the star ship enterprise. >> did your dad get a lot of satisfaction out of the fact this is called enterprise? >> oh, yeah. >> the star was here in 2012 when he shuttle arrived on route docked on the hudson river. by then, the actor had long sense made his peace with his most famous role. >> i think he really had a philosophical point of view, which is that spock created opportunity for him to express himself armor at thises -- he expressed himself artistically. >> he had a role as a family man. >> my father was career oriented early on, and family was really secondary to him and he
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later in life, he was fortunate that his focus was the family. >> father and son with a few months into making for the love of spock, when the star was diagnosed of terminal cancer and died 8 weeks later. >> it was a way for me to work through the mourning process and staying close to him in a way. >> fans will be able to get closer to spock this summer. the star fleet academy experience opens in july. i'm sandy keen on, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> fascinating man. >> great pictures there. so what will happen to prince's assets. we'll tell you why there's questions over who will take over his fortune and estate. plus a family's close call after lightning strikes and ignites a fire in new jersey. and a woman caught on camera driving her car around with a dog on
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frantically trying to keep up, we're going to
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we continue to track severe weather that could be heading our way. >> parts of new jersey under severe thunderstorm watch. let's check with meteorologist lee goldberg planning it out for you. >> thankfully the thunderstorm heads towards new york city weaken. so there's low clouds and the rain clouds. we're a cool 54. you'll need your jacket in some places. other places in the 70s. new severe thunderstorm warning that came out now for southern ocean county near stanford until 5:15. you can see the showers over new york city and nassau county and there's the severe thunderstorm headed toward stanford. that's moving out after that. a few strong storms south this evening. brief heavy downpours and turning cooler later on. i'll have another storm update in a few minutes. >> lee, thanks. we're learning details about a family's close call after
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their home in new jersey. >> lightning hit a tree and igniting a fire. jeff has the story. >>reporter: you know, the odds of this having is higher if you're next to the tallest trees in the area. this huge pine tree and this is a great example of why you should never stand up a tree during a thunderstorm. look at the damage. several millions of vaults -- spreading tree bark across this yard, and all the way across the street here. this is incredible. it exploded the tree and needless to say for the family living in the house was a close call. >> it sounded like a gunshot in your ear. it was the loudest noise ever. i heard static in my ear from the lightning. >> brian was as close as you could get to a lightning strike just before 3:00 this
4:32 pm
>> i started hearing fire alarms and i heard my mom run downstairs and told me to get out of the house. there's a fire. >> the lightning traveled through a tree and -- it caused a fire. >> my neighbor ran over five minutes. he's a fire chief. a real hero. >> that volunteer firefighter is art. we spoke to his wife about the ordeal. >> he was responding to the other fire and saw what was happening here and went in with the extinguisher and went in with that situation. >> the lightning caused damage to the home easy -- it caused damage to the home's electrical system. >> here's more irony about the system. the firefighter who lives next door who responded to the fire was responding to another fire caused by lightning right down the street. look at the amount of
4:33 pm
lightning did to this tree. this huge, huge piece of bark. many layers into the tree just blown out due to this lightning that hit around 3:30 in the morning. this shows you, you hear thunder, you head inside immediately. if you're inside, you're not completely clear from that risk. you got to stay away from electrical systems and electrical appliances. the wires came through the house. stay away from windows and electrical systems. i'm jeff smith for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a good reminder. we want to return to breaking news. the lock down at the white house. there's live pictures. we have been told the lock down has been lifted. secret service stepped up security around 4:00 with k-9 teams and other agency gathering around the north lawn around the media room. the lock down was put in place, but it was listed exactly what prompted it is still unknown.
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soon as we get information, we'll pass it along. police in new jersey hopes surveillance video -- this is him. police say he approached a 71-year-old victim from behind as she walked in silvan avenue. police say he threw her to the ground, and grabbed her purse and ran off before jumping into this dark-colored bmw. the victim suffered a shoulder injury, but refused medical attention. questions are mounting today about the future of prince's estate. the musician sister said he did not have a will. the sister nelson filed papers in court asking the court to appoint a special administrator to protect his assets. the documents don't estimate how much his estate may be worth. prince died last week. you may recall at his home in minneapolis.
4:35 pm
mourning the loss of a 7-year-old. funeral services held for a girl who died over the weekend. classmates, friends and relatives of lilly love are attending a wake at hitchcock presbyterian. there's no cause for the death of the second grader, but it has people worried. they're assuring that greenville in east westchester that the death is an isolated event. there's a peeping tom. the man used a cell phone to record a video of a woman in a dressing room. he's in jc penny. the incident happened earlier this month. according to police, the man stuck his cell phone under the door and recorded the 35-year-old woman as she changed. part of mayor de blasio budget includes an overhaul of health, mental health facilities. the
4:36 pm
the number of intensive care mental -- they hope the additional services will help stem violence and help inmates become productive members of society. the money will be to staff -- here at wabc tv, we're happy to team up with the immigration hotline. for the 14th year, volunteers are answering phone and providing free and confidential immigration information at the gutman community college. the hotline up and running from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. through friday. we've had 3800 people. assistant is available in several languages and the numbers on the screen. we have it at wabcny in the -- we'll tell you how a 12-year-old accidentally ran a half marathon.
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a seatbelt malfunctions as it was holding a 6-year-old boy in a roller coaster. a little boy is
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we have breaking news on first at 4:00. we're learning that donald trump could be called to testify in the case again trump university. today, a judge in manhattan says if both sides fail to resolve the case it will go to trial. eric sniderman said that trump will be called to testify as a witness. several trump graduates are suing. they want their money back after completing their courses. two dozen states have laws requiring that women who receive mammograms receive a followup letter notified them if they have dense breast tissue. the letters may be causing more confusion than good. researchers in boston say they use language that's hard to understand. the letters made some women believe they had cancer. dense breast cancer increases the risk of breast cancer and makes it less
4:41 pm
seen on a mammogram. terrifying moments in -- a seatbelt holding a 6-year-old roller coaster malfunctioned. >> they were at wonderland park in texas where kasen's seatbelt released. his dad held on. he reached over and onto him for the rest of the ride in a panic. >> he said i'm sorry about that. has been happening sometimes. but if an adult wasn't with him, it's not something i want to think about -- i'm thankful i was there. >> in a statement, the amusement park says they are removed the car and checked seatbelts to make sure they're working corporately. wonderland say they perform daily inspections of every ride. a 9-year-old boy is selling lemonade to pay for his own adoption. davis and her family
4:42 pm
jacobson since he was a baby, but the cost of adoption always kept them from going through with it. when the family decided this year they would adopt him, trenton wanted to help. he's selling lemonades and cookies at the yard sale. >> we have been his family unit for so long. there's not a problem with it. it can take so long and the financial aspect of it has really been kind of a stressor on me. >> they have three more yard sales planned and they're hopeful they can raise the $5,000 to make tristan apart of the family officially. >> that's beautiful. a young girl in western new york was excited to run her 5k race. she didn't realize there was a half marijuana -- she didn't realize there was a marathon. she said, go, go.
4:43 pm
something is not right here. >> she said it was 13 when i asked how long. that's when it struck me i was in the half marathon instead of the 5k. >> she decided to keep running. her mom got scared when she didn't show up to the finish line. race officials had to get involved and police got involved. they figured out she was in the half marathon. she has a medal to remember her first half marathon which she finished 2 hours and 43 minutes. >> she said i thought it was a 5 k. i'm going to keep running. >> something you'll never hear me say by the way. i'm done. >> me neither. it is -- it is the video that has outraged animal lovers. a woman driving her car with a dog on a leash frantically trying to keep up.
4:44 pm
you behind the scenes of the latest star wars movie, carly and production. you heard
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changing for good. time warner cable. check out this disturbing scene in california as a driver used her car to walk her dog. another woman saw it, recorded the video and then confronted the driver. >> hi, is there a reason why you're driving your dog by a rope? i'm going to report you. >> although this was
4:47 pm
northern california, the car which had a child inside as well got away. the woman who recorded the video says what she saw was dangerous and lazy, although the driver has not been found. animal services and police are already investigating and she may face animal cruelty charges. >> just dumb. you've been tracking these storms. what do you have >> i thought you were going to talk star wars. >> patience, my dear, son. >> i need to focus on a day like this. tonight, we have the forest and thunderstorms. i'm happy to report there's one warning leftover southern ocean county that will expire by 5:15. that's the one strong cell that's west of new jersey or most of new jersey under a watch and the showers along new york city and long island -- you need your umbrella for the next couple of hours and then things are going to quiet down. it might be the next hour across new york city. it's 56. it has gone cool
4:48 pm
need the jacket as we go into the evening hours, even places in the 70s and near 80 across southern new jersey will cool off. you have rain over new york city and nassau, but that's moderate. there's the cell and we'll go underneath it and went offshore. 12 lightning strikes within the past 15 minutes. i would anticipate that warning being dropped shortly. we'll watch that for you as we go through the next hour. there's big delays on jfk, to an hour and new york, even though we have flight delays, we will not have met delays. she's showers are moving away. although it's chilly, you need your mets jacket. they should start on time at 54 degrees and a brisk northeast wind. the showers and storms -- and then the clouds stick around, but it's a cool night as we drop into the low 50s. 47 by morning. tomorrow, there's a fair amount of sunshine. cloudiness over central and southern new jersey.
4:49 pm
the low and middle 60s. a look at the future cast. offshore after 7:00 and 8:00 and the clouds will break during the overnight hours. look how the numbers in the low 80s go down to the 60s in a few hours. by morning, 40s for most of us. and 30s off to the north and there's cloudiness from the city on south and west. i think south of i-78 will be a partly cloudy day, and north of i-78 will be a mostly sunny day tomorrow, and low to middle 60s. pal and -- here's your 7-day after we go through tomorrow which is the best bet. thursday is trending wetter. friday, a couple of showers. the better half of the weekend is saturday. we're getting gray on that day, 66 degrees on david navarro day. >> take that. >> i'm going to get you
4:50 pm
i'm going to try to ignore that. the worse nuclear accident on the site -- today is the 30th anniversary of the tranobel disaster. it's the same moment -- estimates over the final depth toll from that radiation meltdown range from 9,000 to 90,000. they worked to seal the site from dangerous levels of radiation, still not complete. an australian demonstrated why there's reason to demonstrate fracking near a river. >> let me get the other one. yes. >> wow. >> there's so much gas leaking into the river. he was able to ignite it. the video giving opponents to the process fuel -- the process fuel to argue against the controversial process. amy shoe measure tapped into her marilyn
4:51 pm
they called her vanity affair kid sister. amy provided behind the scene pictures from her shoot. she posted this photo on her instagram account. >> that was not her. >> social media shakes a -- lee gets all kinds of crazy. here's daisy practicing life saver moves for the 8th movie in the franchise. breathe, lee, breathe. this is behind the scene video. >> look at that. >> she's getting it. episode 8 will hit theaters 2017 if we're lucky. finally if you spit water on a dolphin, prepare for the dolphin to spit back. the dolphin is, like, oh, yeah. i have you. this is my home . trending online, abcny and send your trend ideas. >> he's entertaining everyone, the dolphin and the guy. >> yes. >> all right. high school graduation still a few months away, but coming up, we're
4:52 pm
one high school is moving up graduation for a member of the class of 2016. you're going to hear the emotional reason why, coming up. and here's a quick check of the delays at the hudson river crossing. 20 minutes out bound of lincoln and
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
first at 4:00, a special graduation ceremony for one family in connecticut. >> greenwich high school will hold a private ceremony for a student whose father is battling cancer. michelle charlesworth talked to the family. she's in greenwich this afternoon. >> what a great move by this high school. this is a great family and family is led by example. there's going to be an intimate early graduation for this young man, his name is ferris, so his father can see him graduate high school. >> it's a huge milestone. huge. >> reporter: he's been through almost a year of treatments in and out of hospitals. he has gastric cancer which has spread to his liver.
4:56 pm
his days. his son and wife would love nothing more than to give him a chance to see his son graduate so they are doing it with the help of greenwich high school. >> i look at his achievements are my achievements. and i'm so, so proud of him. >> because of his prognosis he might not make it to my actual graduation, june 21st. so the high school agreed to have an earlier graduation this friday to watch me graduate. >> it was actually mom, denise, who made it happen. >> i'm a fixer and so is he. we've always been able to overcome and fix things. i feel help less sometimes. >> reporter: he's packing each day with life and nothing else. >> if i can't see my son walk down the aisle, if i can't see him graduate from college, what if i just can see him graduate from high school, you know? maybe i can't see all of them graduate. but at least one of them. >> reporter: he is fiercely
4:57 pm
the graduating senior, and younger brothers zach and lathe. this is lathe, the youngest, in this priceless shot with his dad. his advice for his sons is the same he'd give to all of us. >> even if they tell you that you only have one week, make that week count. >> greenwich high school was actually closed today because of elections so we didn't get a chance to talk to administrators. this small ceremony, very real early graduation will be happening this friday. we're live in greenwich, connecticut tonight, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> very inspiring. and you look so healthy and strong. you're in our thoughts. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins now. >> you've seen the video. new at 5:00, the police officer in new jersey who saves a man
4:58 pm
talking about how it went down. for the first time we hear from the republican state senator plaguing mayor de blasio. good evening, i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm diana williams. in the past hour we've learned the investigation in to the campaign fundraising scandal is actually widening. it all began with state senator terrence murphy. >> he complained when he learned about a huge influx of cash from new york city is being funneled from his democratic opponent. lucy yang talked to him. she's live in white plains. >> i just spoke with the putnam county district attorney who confirmed for me his office is now examining the allegations so the scope is expanding. this as we hear from the new york state senator who raised the red flag two years ago and who believes the allegations are actually far more widespread. >> mayor de blasio, the hudson valley is not for sale. >> reporter: this is the man responsible for setting to
4:59 pm
engulfing new york city mayor bill de blasio. >> this laundering money was used to dramatically exceed the contribution limits for state senate races. >> two years ago terrence murphy, a and town board member from yorktown ran for his first state race and ran a seat in the senate. what troubled him was a huge influx of cash to his democratic opponent, justin wagner. cash from out of town. >> it's not a pay for play here. >> reporter: so the putnam county republican chairman asked the new york state of elections to investigate and this is the bombshell report from the board, that de blasio and his aides engages in, quote, a violation warranting criminal prosecution. investigators believe de blasio raised funds from those who have business with the city, diverted the money to county democratic committees who gave over a million dollars to local democrats running for state legislature.
5:00 pm
de blasio and business owners in new york city. >> reporter: the putnam county democratic committee usually transferred only a few thousand dollars every year for the five years prior to the 2014 election. that year they transferred more than $600,000, almost all of it to two specific candidates who later lost. with city and federal prosecutors now launching criminal investigations in to team de blasio, the core question is this. did the mayor and his aides willfully break campaign finance laws to try to get more democrats elected? >> this is clearly a statewide corruption scandal engineered by the mayor of new york city. >> the mayor's staff made it clear today he would not take any questions on this issue but since the scandal broke, both the mayor and his attorney have insisted they did nothing wrong. we're live outside the westchester county board of


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